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(Regd. No. 1825/85)
Proceedings of 34th Annual General Meeting of APSRTC Retired Officers Welfare Association held on 05-01-2014
at APSRTC Kala Bhavan, Baghlingampally, Hyderabad.
Meeting commenced at 10.30 hrs with Welcome of office bearers on to the Dias by Secretary Sri N.R. Raghuveer.
He greeted the Members assembled on NEW YEAR & PONGAL. Further, the proceedings were handed over to the President
Dr.S. Nagabushana Rao.
In Chair : Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao
Sri A. Rajesham, Vice President, presented the welcome address. He informed the members that during this AGM,
33 members are to receive felicitations besides two members who have contributed for enrichment of Telugu Literature by
their Short Stories and Novels. He greeted the senior members, who attended the function to receive felicitations.
In his presidential address, Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao, conveyed the members New year greetings and informed that
the Chief Guest Dr. J. Purnachandra Rao, VC & MD, APSRTC could not be able to attend the Annual General Meeting in
view of some emergent official engagements.
The President narrated the activities of the Association and wished all the Retired Officers to maintain contact each
other through the Association. He expressed his happiness on felicitating for the first time, the senior most members who
are above 83 years of age and most fortunate to be blessed to witness THOUSAND FULL MOONS (Sahasra Poorna
Chandra Darshanam). He also greeted the senior members who are born during the year 1941 and are about to receive the
felicitations during the AGM.
The Office Bearers of the Association, President Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao, Vice President A. Rajesham, Secretary
Sri N.R. Raghuveer, Joint Secretary Sri P.L.T.K. Sharma and Sri V.V.S. Sastry Treasurer have felicitated the Senior members.
Sri G. Eeranna, ATM/Retd. had read out the bio-data of the members receiving honours to the delight of the audience.
The members who received felicitations and who have seen 1000 FULL MOONS (Sahasra Chandra Darshanam)
are as follows:
The following five senior most members could not able to attend the function due to health reasons or pre occupation-
The following 14 Senior members who born in 1941 were present, out of 21 members invited to receive the honours.
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
1. Dr.Hamid Hussain E.35538 AS.
2. Sri P. V.Subba Rao E. Secy.CCS
3. Sri P. Anthaiah E.7114 PO
4. Sri K. G. Maruthi Rao E.7919 PO
5. Sri K.S. KameswaraSarma E.50001 CAO
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
1. Sri. T. Narasimha Rao E.50828 Dy.CAO
2. Sri A.M.Valvekar E.3721 PO
3. Sri K. Narasinga Rao E.7704 PO
4. Sri A. Venkateshwarlu E.4333 Dy.CME
5. Sri N.S. Raju E.55429 DM
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
1. Sri PurandaraSarma E.31399 EE
2. Sri G. Murahari Rao E.20716 EE
3. Sri A.Muralimohan Rao E.50053 Dy.CAO
4. Sri V.S.Naidu E.15885 DM
5. Sri Ch. V.Subrahmanyam E.16046 Dy.CTM
6. Sri P. Krishnarjuna Rao E.50133 AO
7. Sri S.Padmanabham E.22431 DVM
8. Sri K. Seetharamaiah E.36444 WM
This year, we have also specially felicitated two of our members S/Sri S.S.Vivekananda and Sri Arige Rama Rao who
enriched Telugu Literature by their Short Stories and Novels. The following Members (born in 1941) could not able to
attend the AGM, to receive the Honours due to health problems and pre-occupation
On conclusion of felicitations, Sri N.R. Raghuveer Secretary had proposed vote of thanks and congratulated the members
who are Honoured and receiving felicitations, more particularly, the members of Sahasra Chandra Darshanam.
The session is adjourned for Tea Break.
The Business Session started with welcome address by Sri A. Rajesham, Vice President, who briefed on the
activities of the Association from last AGM and expressed his satisfaction on the Members response and co-operation to the
activities of the Association. He further handed over the proceedings to Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao, President.
The President welcomed the members to the business session and invited the Secretary Sri N.R. Raghuveer to
present Secretarys Report.
The Secretary informed the gathering that 14 members demised since last AGM and appealed to the members to
observe two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed souls.
The Secretary apprised the members on the following activities of the Association
Membership increased from 767 to 799
Every month, Birthday Greetings are sent to the members on their Birthday.
Conducted 10 Monthly Meetings & 4 Executive Committee Meetings at our Mettuguda Office, and minutes
communicated to members through e-mails.
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
9. Sri R. Rama Rao E.13647 RM
10. Sri Ch.Venkateswarlu E.17514 DM
11. Sri M. Viswanatham E.22301 PO
12. Sri A. Jagadeesa Prasad E.25473 ED
13. Sri M.B.S. Brahamananda Rao E.28993 EE
14. Sri B.S.Prasada Rao E.27188 CE
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
1 Sri K. M. Narasimha Rao E.27342 ED
2 Sri M. Hanumanth Rao E.25467 ED
3 Sri Y. Suryanarayana E.50364 Dy.CAO
4 SriP.Seshagiri Rao E.28075 SO
5 Sri M.Surender Reddy E.19570 COS
6 Sri EVSN Sarma E.19088 PO
7 Sri P. Gurumurthy E.17792 Dy.CME
S.No. Name Staff No. Designation
1 V. Markandeyulu Dy.EE
2 Y.Bhasker Reddy Dy.CTM
3 G.Narahari S.O.
4 B.Sambasiva Rao Principal ZSTC
5 V.Tatabbai AWM
6 K.Narayana AO
7 G.L. Prabhakar Reddy DM
8 C.Pochaiah WM
9 G.ShobhanadraCharyulu E.E.
10 Khasim Khan ATM
11 K.Sridhar Reddy ATM
12 P.V.Krishna Murthy Dy.EE
13 K.Jagannatham DM
14 K.Ammi Reddy Dy. CAO
So far, felicitated 225 members who have crossed 73 years of age, and this year 21 members born during the year 1941
received the honours.
For the first time, this year, we have honoured 10 of our senior most members above 83 years of age who have
witnessed1000 FULL MOONS (Sahasra Chandra Darshanam)
Honoured 2 of our members Sri S.S. Vivekananda and Sri Arige Rama Rao who have enriched the Telugu literature by
their Short stories and Novels.
Celebrated Kartika Vanabhojanalu on 10th November 2013 at Sree Gardens, Gandipet Road, attended by 75 members
with their families.
At the request of our Association, M/s. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Private Limited, Hyd, have extended concessional
tariff on all investigations to the APSRTC Retired Officers at all their Diagnostic centres in the State.
Dr. Mohan Diabetic Speciality Centre, Hyderabad has offered 20% concession on out-patient treatment, 10% on in-
patient to all the Retired Officers of APSRTC. This is at the initiative taken by the Association.
The above two Institutions have agreed to give concessions to the APSRTC Retired Officer and his spouse on
production of ID cards issued by APSRTC.
The Secretary thanked the following for their contribution and co-operation in all the events and programmes undertaken
by the Association from the last AGM.
Sri Srihari, Owner of the Farm House, Sree Gardens at Gandipet Road, is thanked for sparing the Guest House free of
cost to the Association to celebrate Kartika Vanabojanalu.
Management of Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sceinces for providing two buses to transport the members
and their families to the Venue of Vanabojanalu at Gandipet Road.
Dr. Nagabushana Rao, President of the Association is instrumental in organizing the Kartika Vanabojanalu and buses
for transportation.
Sri P.L.T.K. Sharma is thanked for his sincere efforts in Membership enrolment drive. Sri K. Anjaneyulu, Dy. CPM for
his prompt dispatch of Greetings every Month to the Members on their Birthdays.
Sri K. Ramaseshadri Babu for his contribution in communicating the proceedings of monthly meetings and other
information through E-mail.
The house was informed that the following representations given by the Association are pending with the Management
of APSRTC for consideration:-
Enhancement of ceiling amount of REMS Scheme from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs duly deleting the clause 4 and 5 of Circular
No-28 dt. 2.9.2011
Uniform concessional travel to all categories of Retired Officers on 50% fare upto Volvo / Garuda
Extending free travel to all Retired Officers upto A/C services in Twin Cities.
Providing advance reservation facility at all ATB Agents of Twin Cities on 50% fare concession
Incorporation of instructions in MTD-141 cards on availability of 50% concession to Retired Officers with appropriate
training to operating staff.
Allowing free travel in District areas upto Municipal / Corporation Limits.
In conclusion, the Secretary appealed to Members to adopt and approve the Financial Report presented by the Treasurer
The Treasurer Sri V.V.S. Sastry presented the Financial Report from last AGM upto 30th November 2013.
The House considered the Financial Report and adopted the accounts.
Presentation of Report by Zonal Secretaries.
Sri Venkateshwarlu, Secretary, Vijayawada Zone, requested for increase of Super Specialty Hospitals at Vijayawada
for Treatment duly providing more Doctors at Vijayawada Dispensary.
An amount of Rs. 2,000/- is being paid at Vijayawada to diseased family members towards funeral expenses.
The financial report of the Zone was read out to the gathering.
Sri Ramana Murthy, Secretary, Vijayanagaram Zone in his report had requested for transfer of funds from central
committee. He informed that Rs. 10,000 is being paid to the family member of the deceased at Vijayanagaram Zone. A
Goodwill fund is created in the zone for this purpose.
As per the Agenda and in accordance with the By-laws, Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao announced that elections to the
Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members for the years 2014 and 2015 are to be conducted during this AGM.
Sri K.V. Rami Reddy, ED / Rtd. was invited to be theReturning Officer and conduct the Elections. The Returning
Officer Sri K.V. Rami Reddy conducted the Elections and declared the results as here under.
Office Bearers
President : Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao, ED Retd.
Vice President : S. Nagaraju, ED Retd.
Secretary : A Sadasiva Rao, ED Retd.
Joint Secretary : K. Bapi Raju, DM Retd.
Treasurer : H. Satyanarayana, AO Retd.
Executive Committee Members
1. Dr. Mrs. Girija, SMO, Retd.
2. U. Srinivasa Rao, Dy.CPM, Retd.
3. Dwarakanath, SO Retd.
4. C.H.V.L.N. Murthy, Dy.CPM, Retd.
5. K. RamaseshadriBabu, COS Retd.
6. K. Ramchander Rao, DM Retd.
Zonal Representatives
1. Vijayawada - Sai Bhaskar Prasad, AO Retd.
2. Karimnagar - B.N. Reddy, LO Retd.
3. Kadapah - K.B.M. Shetty, AO Retd.
4. Vijayanagaram - A.V. Ramanamurthy, DM Retd.
During the open forum, the members suggested the following :-
Sri K.V. Rami Reddy, ED Retd. Retired Officers are left in lurch when compare to pensions received by Govt.
employees. Suggested for coverage of Arogya Sree Scheme to the Members.
Sri N Krishna Murthy, Dy. CTM Retd. One more Doctor is required at Retired Employees dispensary at Tarnaka and
appreciated the services rendered by Dr. Chitti Babu to the Retired Officers.
Sri Chandra Reddy Reminded about the Janatha Accident Policy in CCS upto 2014 and hoped for extension of the
same for the new members.
Sri Venkateshwarlu, Vijayawada urged for increase of Referral Hospitals at Vijayawada with enhancement of amount
for chronic diseases like cancer. Increase of funeral expenses from 5,000 to 10,000
G.S. Murthy - Life Certificate to be enclosed along with the Monthly Birth Day Greetings. An amount of Rs. 2000 to
be arranged towards funeral expenses by the Association.
Dr. S. Nagabushana Rao, President replied to the suggestions floated by the Members in the Open Forum as detailed
here under:-
While appreciating the Services rendered by Dr. Chitti Babu, to the Retired Officers at Tarnaka Hospital, the Association
will pursue for posting one more doctor.
Janatha Accident Scheme will be discussed with Secretary, CCS.
Representation will be made for improvement of Medical facilities at Vijayawada.
Scrapping of clause 4 & 5 and for enhancement of amount in REMS will be represented to the New VC & MD
Pursue for free travel in Moffisil areas.
Representation will be made for enhancement of funeral expenses
Revised contact directory will be published in the year 2015.
The President concluding his speech, extended once again New Year and Pongal Greetings.
Vote of Thanks
Sri N.R. Raghuveer, Secretary proposed vote of thanks and expressed his Happiness over the co-operation and
support extended by the Members during his tenure. He also thanked all the members who attended and received Honours
despite of their ill Health and pre-occupations. He requested all the Members to join for Lunch.
The AGM was closed with playing of National Anthem.
Date: 10.1.2014