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We would like to inform you of the revised service charges to be applicable w.e.f.

August 1,
2013, for your Savings/Salary account, as follows:
Product SB Orange
SB Zwipe & SB
Zwipe Classic
SB Platina & Salary
No. Of free Non-
Only 10 non-ING ATM
transactions (financial
and non-financial) free
per month Free & Unlimited Free & Unlimited
Demand Draft /
Pay Order
10 free per year up to a
value of Rs. 100,000/-
10 free per month
upto a value of Rs.
500,000/- Free & Unlimited
AAA Cash
Deposits (only
2 Free per month upto
value limit of Rs.50,000/-
2 free per day up to
value limit of Rs.
Unlimited transactions per
month up to value limit of
Rs. 15,00,000/-
QAB waiver on
linked ZING
Account No waiver Yes Yes
Locker Fee No waiver
25% waiver on annual
locker rent
50% waiver on annual
locker rent
Please note:
1. SB Orange customers will be able to perform only 10 free non-ING ATM transactions
(financial and non-financial) per month. However, all transactions on ING Vysya Bank
ATMs will continue to be free.
2. Usage of Non - ING ATMs, QAB waiver on linked ZING Account and Locker Rent waiver
benefits mentioned above will be subject to maintenance of the minimum required QAB for
the type of account.
3. Existing unit charges above the free limit for each feature will continue to apply. For further
details, please refer to the Schedule of Charges available on the Banks website.

Debit Card Annual Maintenance Charges applicable to the following Current & Savings Accounts are
being revised to Rs.299 p.a. effective August 1, 2013:

Zwipe Savings Account, Zwipe Classic Savings Account, Orange Current Account & Flexi
Current Account. For all other current / savings / salary accounts, the debit card annual maintenance
charges continue to remain the same.

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15 July 2013. SMS CARD <CIF Number>to 5607099 to know how to get the new card.
Important information regarding your ING Account (for the statement period ended 30th June 2013)
Pre book your ING Credit Card
Revision of Debit Card Service Charges
Revision in Schedule of Charges for Savings & Salary Customers

The existing Java based mobile banking application from ING Vysya Bank is being discontinued with
effect from 31.07.2013. We are in the process of launching a new mobile banking application which
will be made available soon. We regret the inconvenience caused to existing users and hope that you
will sign up for the new mobile application. A revised communication will be sent to you on the same
in during the course of this year.

OTAC (One Time Authorization Code) for Business Internet Banking transactions is now being sent
on Email in addition to SMS. All existing users of the platform will now receive the OTAC message
on their email id (maintained with the Bank at their individual customer id level) in addition to their
mobile phones with immediate effect.

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your FD+instantly!

Depositors who are eligible to claim deposit interest without deduction of tax should file with us Form
no. 15G / 15H at the commencement of financial year. These Forms have been revised by the Income
Tax Department and are available at our branches. Request to submit the filled in Forms in duplicate
at any of our branches, immediately. Alternatively, the Forms can be downloaded from our website.

As per RBI guidelines, Banks are required to periodically update their customer identification
documents, including photograph. In this regard, we request you to contact your Relationship
Manager / Branch to submit a self attested copy of your identity proof, address proof and latest
photograph along with the duly filled Customer Identification form, which is available at all our
branches. Kindly note the original ID and Address proof documents will be required for verification.
This is applicable for all holders in a J oint Account. Please note that submission of these documents is
mandatory for uninterrupted operation of your account.

As per regulatory requirements, under Cheque Truncation System (CTS) clearing, non CTS format
cheques will not be accepted in clearing from 31
J uly 2013. Please call phone banking or contact
your nearest branch to order CTS format cheques.

ING FD+ - get the best rates and no penalty on premature withdrawal
Cheque clearing will now be faster and easier
File your TDS exemption forms early New Form 15G and Form 15H
Discontinuation of the existing Java based Mobile banking Application for ING Vysya Bank
Introduction of OTAC on Email functionality for Business Internet Banking

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life insurance cover or retirement; we have the right plans for you to make your dream come true.
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* ING Vysya Bank is a corporate agent for ING Life Insurance Co.

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a/c: Account; AMC: Annual Maintenance charges; Adj:Adjustment; Amt:Amount; Bal:Balance;
BP:Bills Purchased; BF:Brought Forward; Coll:Collection; Comm:Commission; Cr:Credit;
Chg/chrg:Charge; Chq:Cheque; CP:Cheque Purchase; Dep:Deposit; DD:Demand Draft;
DW:Dividend Warrant; Dr:Debit; EFT:Electronic Fund Transfer; HC:Handling Charges;
Int:Interest; Inop:Inoperative; Ins:Insurance; Ln:Loan; Min:Minimum; NEFT:National Electronic
Fund Transfer; OBC: Outward Bill for Collection; Os:Outstanding; Pr:Principal; Proc: Processing
Charges; Ret/rtn: Return; RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement; RD: Recurring Deposit; SC: Service
Charges; Txn:Transaction; TD: Term Deposit; Tr: Transfer; QAB: Quarterly Average Balance; Wdl:

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