7 p.m., Tuesday, June 3, 20!
C"n#e$en%e R""m & Adm'n's($a(')e O##'%es
I. Call to Order
A. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Agenda Changes
III. Board President’s Comments
A. Recognition of the Salutatorian for the Class of 2014.
B. Recognition of the aledictorian for the Class of 2014.
I. isitor’s Comments
. Communications
I. Board and Staff Re!orts
A. "istrict Re!ort Card Presentation #$ %ar$&%argaret 'ehr.
B. Polic$()egislation Committee %eeting* %a$ 22 + Beth )inderman*
Chair!erson, Cind$ Bufalini, and Peter %onaco
II. Items for Consent Agenda-
A. A!!ro.al of the %inutes of the Board of /ducation meetings on %a$ 0* 20
and %a$ 21* 2014.
B. A!!ro.al of the %onthl$ 1reasurer’s Re!ort and Ban2 Reconciliation
Statement for A!ril 2014.
C. A!!ro.al of the %onthl$ 3inancial Re!ort for A!ril 2014.
". A!!ro.al of the %inutes of the Committee on Pre&School S!ecial
/. A!!ro.al of the %inutes of the Committee on S!ecial /ducation.
III. Items for Board Action-
A. Recognition of an Indi.idual.
B. A!!ro.al to /sta#lish a Reser.e for 1a4 Certiorari 56700*0008.
C. Personnel Re!ort
I9. Items for "iscussion(Information-
A. Su!erintendent of Schools’ Re!ort
B. 3irst Reading of Board of /ducation Policies- 0022* 1o#acco and :icotine
;se Polic$, 7101* /.aluation of Su!erintendent, 7102* Buildings and
<rounds %anagement, 4000* ;se of Phones, =707* %eal Charge Polic$,
000=* /.aluation of Su!!ort Staff, 0200* >ealth Insurance, 0700* )ea.es
of A#sence for Serious >ealth Conditions or 3amil$ Care, 0701* ?ur$
"ut$* 0702* )ea.es of A#sence, 0400* 3inger!rinting and Criminal >istor$
Record Chec2s for Pros!ecti.e /m!lo$ees, 0401* Bus "ri.er
@ualifications and 1raining, 0402* "rug and Alcohol 1esting
51rans!ortation8, 0=00* RecogniAed /m!lo$ee Collecti.e Bargaining
Agents, 0=01* Board :egotiating Agents, 0=02* Com!ensation and
Benefits, 0=02.1* Com!ensation and Benefits /m!lo$ment Status
"etermination, 0=07* Professional OrganiAations, and B102*
ImmuniAation and "ental >ealth of Students.
9. ;!coming "ates-
 ?une = 51hursda$8 C>S 3ashion ShoD* B-00 !.m.
 ?une 0 53rida$8 Personnel Committee %eeting* 12 noon E ".O.
 ?une 0 53rida$8 Ohio /lementar$ Ice Cream Social 0&F !.m.
 ?une 0 53rida$8 Case Boat "ance B&10 !.m.
 ?une G 5%onda$8 Hnic2er#oc2er /lementar$ Hindergarten Concert E 0 !.m.
 ?une 10 51uesda$8 Polic$()egislation Committee %eeting* 12 noon E ".O.
 ?une 10 51uesda$8 Case %iddle School ADards Ceremon$ E B !.m.
 ?une 11 5Cednesda$8 :orth /lementar$ %ilitar$ A!!reciation Concert E
0-70 !.m.
 ?une 12 51hursda$8 Pu#lic Relations(1rans!ortation Committee %eeting* 12
noon E ".O.
 ?une 12 51hursda$8 S!ring S!orts BanIuet* 0-1= !.m. E C>S.
 ?une 12 51hursda$8 </" <raduation* CatertoDn >igh School )i#rar$ E B-00
 ?une 17 53rida$8 >all of Achie.ement Induction at Case %iddle School
Auditorium E B !.m.
 ?une 1G 51hursda$8 Case %iddle School %o.ing ;! "a$* 11-70 a.m.
 ?une 24 51uesda$8 BO/ %eeting* 4 !.m. E ".O.
 ?une 2= 5Cednesda$8 )ast "a$ of School H&0
 ?une 20 51hursda$8 Staff "e.elo!ment "a$* )ast "a$ for 1eachers
 ?une 2F 5Saturda$8 C>S Commencement* 11 a.m.

9I. AdJournment

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