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The Team New Zealand is a International Yachting Team. The team won its first title in 1983, under the guidance of skipper

john Bertrand. TNZ has won many titles but the important one is America’s cup. Team won that cup in 1983, 1995, 2000. The America’s cup for international yachting is the oldest continuously contested international sporting competition in the world. It started in year 1851 .The New York Yacht club winning for 132 years, the longest winning record in international sporting history, thereby cementing the myth that cup actually belonged to United States. Sir Peter Blake said on The Team New Zealand in 1995 America’s cups campaign that “we have taken on the rest of the world at the hardest game available – the America’s cupand won.

ANALYSIS The performance of the team was low in the year 1987 when America won it again but the Team successfully defended its 1995 triumph. The team consists of mainly young players and they were overwhelmed with the task before them. As the dynamics of the game changed so young players will be with so much of enthusiasm and intensity. The main characteristic of the coach was non negotiable. He believes that every person in organization should be

clear about his role, position, lines of communication and significantly interaction with others There was a minicamp organized by the authority up to corporations who either sponsors the 49ers or who might want to invest in a formal association with them. Alan Sefton says “Team New Zealand actually runs as a team”. The team was kept in a very friendly environment and they were made to feel special. Not only players were made to feel special but also the employees of the Team New Zealand also were well behaved.

This include every department i.e. sponsor’s shore crew, the sale maker and many other. They were made feel comfortable in every aspect. Russell Coutts says “Team is a big word. Team New Zealand is not as it may be perceived, with strong directing all the operations. It is actually very much consensus led, and ideas are aired to the group. Peter Blake confirms the importance of the Team New Zealand family, Success comes down to “forward planning, a united team approach and a clearly focused goal”, but to do the planning and make the correct decisions, the people are needed.

Everyone is important .Every person’s input is valued, and all idea’s are welcome. Don’t pamper people too much, and we don’t force them to live in each other’s pockets or impose curfews. These are the policies of TNZ. Team New Zealand emphasizes the importance of continuity for the strength of community, but knows that new blood is always needed to sustain the dreams. In TNZ each person has an area of expertise for which he is totally responsible, but most people have two or three jobs, and can turns their hands to almost anything. Everyone Knows from the start that if they don’t perform they will let the rest of the team down. Every Team member is involved in decision making. It shows how dedicated they are towards their work

Lesson’s from the Book
Feedback – The flow of information trough easy relationship is readily evident throughout the TNZ Work Clarity – Everyone understands why the organization exists and what's important. it is clear to all employees and how they can help to improve performance. Capability Assessment – Understanding our ability to get work done. This includes people, technology, and other resources.

Targets–.The organization sets high, measurable performance goals; it seeks to be effective today and more effective tomorrow. Managing Work and Change for Vitality work environment that energizes people.

Creating a

Continuous Learning – Maintaining a learning environment to achieve changing, evolving goals. Team Readiness – When the organization uses teams, it prepares team members for success and brings solutions to current issues of the organization. Individual Readiness – Creating the environment that encourages self-directed growth.

CONCLUSION: The Team New Zealand was focusing on new techniques and changes for the players and the employees. They continuously evaluate performance level. The environment in the organization is like that everybody feels they have a part in winning races. The main thing was that TNZ is just like as a big family. Winning better than the last win drives the organization. The winning of the TNZ was rediscovered through their method of drafting .The people from all other team were shown that anyone can do it.

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