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A g r o V i s i o n

{Code- 2} Cono Weeder

Designed to reduce back st rain
Rugged heavy gauge galvanized steel construction
Tough enough f or farm use
Built to last for decades of hard use

{Code- 4} Wheel Hoe
The Hand wheel hoe is used f or weeding in row crops for removing shallow rooted
weeds. It has been designed ergonomically for easy operat ion. Usef ul i n dryland and
garden land crops and is ideal at a soil moist ure content of 8 to 10 per cent.
It has total three accessories which can help to use to different types of soil. It is also
used f or grass cutting and making f urrow. The accessories can be attached to the
same weeder. It s scooter shaped handle provide easy movement and cont rol over
hand wheel hoe. It consi st s of three attachments (Grass cutter, f urrower and digger).
{Code-5} Hand Wheel Hoe with attachment
{Code 1} Paddy Weeder
The Broadfork is a gardening tool that is widely used in Europe and is growing in popularity
in the USA. Now this has been used in India and well accepted by t he Farmers specially the
women f armers. Broadforks are excellent f or breaking open compacted soils deeper than
with a roto tiller or a spade. This t ool will deeply aerate your soil, increase water percolation,
and preserve soil structure. In comparison, a rototiller pul verizes soi l into a f ine dust that
compacts and hardens af ter the f irst rains. This can be used f or uproot ing of potato,
groundnuts, elephant f oot yam.
{Code-3} Broadfork
Manually operat ed f or weeding between rows of paddy crop. The Cono weeder has two
conical rotors mounted in t andem with opposit e orientation. Smooth and serrated blades
mounted alternately on the rotor uproot and burry weeds because the rotors creat e a back
and f ort h movement in the top 3 cm of soil, t he Cono weeder can sat isfactorily weed in a
single f orward pass without a push pull movement.
{Code-6} Single RowSeed Drill

This high-quality wheel hoe is designed and manufactured in concern wit h
progressi ve farmers. This can also use f or making f urrows or looseni ng compacted
soi ls.
Single Row Seed drill is a simple, light weight, and compact machine to
sow crops like wheat, ground-nut , cotton seed, castor, garlic, maize, cumin
seed, soya been, sunf lower, all types of grains, cereals & pulses seeds etc
in black soil under rainf ed condit ion. This can be operated by a single
person. The teet h are adjustable as per requirement. It is more suitable f or
small f armer. It is operated by less man power. It is made up of one
hopper. It consi sts of eight diff erent rot ors which are used f or different
seeds showing.

Agro Vision, Purulia Road, Ranchi-1, Email:,
Paddy weeder is manually operated widely accepted equipment for weeding and int ercultural
operation in SRI (System of Rice Intensi fication) f ield in all types of soil region. Its long
handled tools operat ed by push and pull technique. The unique size of the weeder helps for
every users to operate freely especially women users.

Paddy Thresher is the mechanical equipment used in manual threshi ng. This is quite
popular among farmers. This uses an eccentric drive mechanism and consists of loop type
threshi ng drum with a supporting f rame. Two cast iron gears quadruples the speed
obtained from t readle movement f or a cylinder speed of about 400 rpm for the drive. Paddy
threshi ng is done by holding the paddy stalk wit h grain against t he teeth of the revolving

{Code-8} Paddy Thresher

Dry land weeder for weeding in row crops f or removing shallow rooted weeds. It has
been designed ergonomically f or easy operat ion. It is usef ul in dryland and garden land
crops and is ideal at a soil moisture content of 8 to 10 per cent.

{Code-9}Dry Land Weeder

Grubber Weeder is a simple and light weight manually operated equipment f or weeding
and int ercult ural upland row crops. It consi st s of long handle, f errule, three types and
sweep type blades. The operator uses pull f orce t o break t he soil crust and uproot t he

{Code-10}Grubber Weeder

{Code-7} Seed DressingDrum
{Code-11}Manual Auger
Manual Auger i s used f or making holes f or garden planting .Thi s kind of auger is
manually turned, hand held device.

Line Marker is used f or line marking.It is basically used f or swi and sri marking.Its
row to row marking distance is 25 cm. It consist of 8 no. of f inger which is used in

{Code-12}Line Marker
Agro Vision , Purulia Road, Ranchi-1, Email:,

Seed dressi ng drum provides f or the dressi ng and t reating of seeds bef ore sowing
making them pest , insects resistant. The seed dressi ng drum is fabricated from a
galvanized iron sheet and is mounted on an angle iron f rame. It has a gate through which
seed and chemicals can be loaded or unloaded. A handle is provided to rotate the drum
manually. Both end of the drum t ied up with bearing f or its smooth operation.

{Code-16}Animal Drawn Potato Digger
Animal drawn potato digger is operated by pair of bullock and used f or digging of
potato. It consist s of f rame, handle, and f urrower shaped digger. Furrower shaped
digger is used f or digging potato.

Power Operat ed Thresher is t he mechanical equipment used in threshing. Thi s
contains a belt drive mechanism and consi st s of loop type threshi ng drum with a
supporting f rame. Two pulley quadruples t he speed obtained f rom treadle
movement f or a cylinder speed of about 300- 400 rpm for the drive. Paddy
threshing is done by holding t he paddy stalk with grain against the teeth of the
revolving cylinder. 0.5-1 hp motor has been suggested f or it s use.
{Code-17}Power Operated Thresher
SWI Weeder is manually operated equipment widely used f or weeding &
intercult ural operation leading t o better soil aeration and plant growt h. It uproots
weeds reaching t o a depth of 2 inches, f our t imes compared t o ordinary hand hoe.
It s duck foot shaped shovel is hardened for tough/ dry terrain.
Salient Feat ures:
1. Ideally suit able f or SRI Wheat & row crops including vegetables.
2. Operated by simple push & pull action and provides for better aeration and
soil mulching.
{Code-18} SWI Weeder

{Code-13}Maize sheller

Maize sheller is a hand operated t ool t o shell maize f rom dehusked cobs. The unit
consi sts of galvanised mildsteel pipe with four tapered f ins rivetted t o it s inner
periphery, the sheller is held i n lef t hand, a cob held in right hand i s inserted into it
with f orward and backward twist, to achieve t he shelling. Octagonal designs are also

{Code-14}Sugarcane Bud Chipping
Sugarcane Bud Chipping i s a device to cut buds of a sugarcane, which can be used
for plant ing; rest of t he sugarcane can also be used.
Conventionally, either the whole cane or sets are sown
The device includes a hemispheric knif e actuated by a hand operat ed lever
One needs to place the cane on the platform and press the hand lever. Af ter every
stroke the cane needs to be rotated by 180 degree by the ot her hand,
The chipped buds can be shown direct ly in the f ield or may be grown in nurseries
One can chip 250 buds/hr (average). The experienced labor can even chip 400
One can work for about 4 hours without much fatigue and after get ting rest of 1
hour again work for about 4 hours
It reduces cost of plantat ion by over 90%.

Agro Vision, Purulia Road, Ranchi-1, Email:,

Agro Vision, Purulia Road, Ranchi-1, Email:,
{Code-19} Manual Ridger
{Code-20} Three teeth Forrow opener

The Manual Ridger is used f or making ridges f or row crops such as Sugercane,
Potato, chillies, tobacco, banana etc. as well as f or openi ng f urrows f or wat er
f low. The ridger should be used when the soil i s slightly moist. The Ridger is
designed as a robust plough to enable ridge to be pulled up in a single pass
without needing any tractors. This also marks out the position f or tram lining the
Three teet h f urrow opener are capable to withst and tough working conditions at
heavy soils. Sharp edged point s t o give easier and deeper penet rations with
eff ective uprooting of crop residue and cutting of heavy soil clods at any soil
condit ions to leave the ground perfectly worked. With t he spacing adj ustments
of tine on t he main f rame can be used f or multiple numbers of applications.
Even it can be used f or paddy cultivat ion requiring shallow plugging. This has
t he provi sion f or spacing adjustments between tines t o be usef ul f or various
soil conditions and various crops.