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Variable Frequency Sinewave Generator | Free Circuit Diagram
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Variable Frequency Sinewave Generator
Advertisement: This sine wave generator is adjustable between 15 Hz to 150 kHz. The circuit is basically a Wien-bridge oscillator, with multiple capacitor selection. Here is the schematic diagram: (2 of 4)10/19/2009 2:02:02 PM

Variable Frequency Sinewave Generator | Free Circuit Diagram

A stereo 10k potentiometer is used to control the frequency. The dashed line connecting these two potentiometers show that both potentiometer has single axis.

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Variable Frequency Sinewave Generator | Free Circuit Diagram



are available from... Pulse Generator (Oscillator) With Adjustable On-Off Period Using CA3130 Op-Amp One of the interesting features of CA3130 op-amp is its high input resistance, because using such high input resistance, we can build an astable multivibrator with high R/C ratios. The... Frequency To Voltage Converter: Change Your Voltmeter To Frequency Meter Frequency meter can be used in speed sensor, tachometer, or any measurement of repetitive signals. This frequency to voltage converter (FVC) can be used to turn your analog or digital...

June 21, 2009 | Basic Function Circuits

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