E C and Data Structures course
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21-01-08 TO 28-01-

1. (a) What is the purpose of break statement? (b) Suppose a break statement is included within the innermost of several nested control statements. What happens when break statement is executed? LAB EXPERIMENT 13 A c) Explain the purpose of continue statement. LAB EXPERIMENT NO 13 B (d) Write a program to print the multiplication table up to with proper format. LAB EXPERIMENT 12 D. 2. (a) What do you mean by functions? Give the structure of the functions and explain about the arguments and their return values. b) Distinguish between the following: LAB EXPERIMENT 19 (i) Actual and formal arguments (ii) Global and local variables (iii) Automatic and static variables c) Explain in detail about pass by value and pass by reference. LAB EXPERIMENT 20 3) LAB EXPERIMENT NO 21 TO 27 AND 30 TO 45. 2nd DESCRIPTIVE EXAM 08 21-02-08 TO 03-03-

1) LAB EXPERIMENT NO 32 TO 61. 2. ( a ) Write a program to demonstrate passing an array argument to a function. Consider the problem of finding the largest of N numbers defined in an array. (b) In what way array is different from an ordinary variable? (c) What conditions must be satisfied by the entire elements of any given Array? (d) What are subscripts? How are they written? What restrictions apply to the Values that can be assigned to subscripts? (e) What advantages is there in defining an array size in terms of a symbolic constant rather than a fixed integer quantity? 3. (a) What is a structure? How it is declared? How it is initialized? (b) Explain the advantages of structure type over the array type variable. (c) What is a structure within structure? Give an example. Write a C program to illustrate the concept of structure within structure. (d) Explain the different ways of passing structure as arguments in functions . (e) Write a C program to illustrate the use of structure pointer f). Distinguish between an array of structures and array within a structure. Give an example of each. (g) How are structure elements stored in memory? 4. Explain the way of defining, opening and closing a file. Also explain the different

MALLAREDDY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE The calendar for 1year B.Tech E.C.E C and Data Structures course
modes of operation. OR Define a file and elaborately discuss about reading, opening and closing of a file. OR Explain in detail about file handling functions in C. 2nd LAB INTERNAL EXAM 28-04-08 TO 03-05-08

1) LAB EXPERIMENT NO 32 T0 61 2. The annual examination is conducted for 50 students for three subjects. Write a program to read the data and determine the following: (a) Total marks obtained by each student. (b) The highest marks in each subject and the Roll No. of the student who secured it. (c) The student who obtained the highest total marks. 3. (a) Write a ‘C’ program to compute the sum of all element stored in an array Using pointers. (b) How to use pointer variables in expressions? Explain through examples. (c) Write a ‘C’ program to illustrate the use of pointers in arithmetic operations. Visit us at :

4(a) Distinguish text mode and binary mode operation of file. (b) Write a program to open a pre-existing file and add information at the End of a file. Display the contents of the file before and after appending. (c) Write a C program to read data from the keyboard, write it to a file called INPUT, again read the same data from the INPUT file, and display it on the screen. (5) Explain the effect of the following statements: (i) int a, *b = &a - variable is declared as an integer variable. Variable b is declared as a pointer variable which is assigned to the address of the variable a (ii) int p, *p – this will give an error while compiling since the same variable name cannot be used as a normal and pointer variable (iii) char *s – this will create a pointer to string variable and name it as s. The variable s points to a string (iv) a=(float*)&X – this will take the address of the variable X and assign it to the variable a. The contents of the variable is casted with float. Hence the contents of variable a is a float 6.a) Write a C program to read the information from the keyboard in which the “Employee” structure consists of employee name, code, designation and salary. Construct an array of structures that stores n employees information and write a program to carry out operations like inserting a new entry, deleting entry. (b). Write a C program using structure to create a library catalogue with the following fields: Access number, Author’s name, Title of book, Year of publication,

MALLAREDDY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE The calendar for 1year B.Tech E.C.E C and Data Structures course
Publisher’s name, Price. c). Write a program to detect error while opening a file that does not exist. 3rd DESCRIPTIVE EXAM 08-05-08 TO 14-05-08 1) BOTH THEORY AND PROGRAMS ON LAB EXPERIMENT NUMBER 25 TO 31 AND 62 TO 68 2) LAB EXPERIMENT NO 19 TO 23 3) LAB EXPERIMENT NO 48 TO 60 LAB END EXAMS LAB EXPERIMENT NO 1 TO 68 YEAR END THEORY EXAMS 15-05-08 TO 24-05-08 26-05-08 TO 07-06-08

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