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A Tom Morphey Timeline.

Compiled using public statements by Tom Morphey and his friend Walter Martinek

October 27:

• Drew Peterson shows up at Thomas Morphey’s home, ostensibly to take him to a nearby
Meijer store to interview for job.

• Instead Peterson drives Morphey to the Remington Lakes park.

• Peterson begins to discuss Stacy with Morphey. Peterson says that Stacy is cheating on him
and states he has to take care of the problem. He asks Morphey if he loves him enough to kill
for him. Morphey says that he loves him but that he couldn’t live with himself if he killed
someone. Drew asks if he could live with knowing about it. Morphey says he could – that he
always assumed Drew had killed Kathleen.

• Peterson drives him to storage facility where Morphey attempts to rent a unit, but lacks the
required State ID.

• Peterson drives Morphey home.

• A few hours later Morphey calls Peterson and says he can’t be involved in Peterson’s plan.
Peterson says he can respect that.

October 28:

• Peterson shows up at Morphey’s home. They get coffee at a Starbucks drive-through and then
Peterson drives him to a park off Weber Road.

• Peterson hands Morphey a cell phone, instructing him not to answer it.

• Forty-five minutes later the phone rings and then rings again. The caller ID shows “Stacy”.

• Within an hour of the calls Peterson returns to the park and picks up Morphey. He asks
Morphey to help him move something.

• They drive to Peterson’s house where the childrens’ bedroom doors are closed and Peterson
tells him to be quiet. Peterson pushes a blue barrel out of his bedroom. Morphey helps
Peterson carry the barrel down the stairs, out of the house and into the Denali.

• At some point Peterson gives Morphey some money.

• Peterson then drives Morphey home and tells him “This never happened.”
• 9:45 Morphey calls Martinek and says he needs to talk.

• Shortly before 10:00 Morphey visits his friend, Walter Martinek and tells him that he thinks
he has just helped dispose of Stacy’s body.

October 29:

• Morphey speaks to Peterson on the phone and tells him that he wants to hang himself.
Peterson tells him not to worry.

• That night Morphey begins drinking and calls a brother who advises him to speak to the FBI.
Morphey hangs up and overdoses on prescription pills. The brother calls 911. Morphey is
taken to the Edward Hospital in Naperville.

October 30:

• Peterson shows up at Morphey’s house. Morphey’s girlfriend answers the door. She tells him
about Morphey’s suicide attempt. Peterson drives to the hospital and speaks with Morphey.
(Morphey doesn’t recollect the visit very well.)

• Martineck arrives at Morphey’s house and drives Sheryl Alcox(Morphey’s girlfriend) to District
5 State Police Headquarters in Crest Hill

• State police show up at the hospital after Peterson leaves.

October 31:

• Tom Morphey is offered an immunity deal by Will County State’s Attorney, James Glasgow.

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