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li Exovedes & Li Geurre Nationale

List of Known Residents of the "Rebel" Townships
prior to the Canadian Occupation of 1885
Based upon "The People of the Mtis Nation" by Lawrence Barkwell
Compiled By
Darcy John ouchard! Li Exule
Territoire Du Nord Ouest (Indtermine)
Note - ! desi"nates a known esistance !cti#ist
atoch" Crossin#
The Mtis $outh Branch $ettlement of Batoch %named after &a#ier Letendr dit
Batoch' was established in ()*+, By ())- it numbered -.. people, The Mtis of the
area settled on ri#er lots/ and the community contained se#eral stores as well as the
oman Catholic Church of $t-!ntoine de Padoue at the time of the ebellion, Batoch
was the de facto capital of iel0s Pro#isional 1o#ernment of $askatchewan, Batoch is
situated alon" the east bank of the $outh $askatchewan i#er between $t-Laurent and
2ish Creek/ $askatchewan,
RA Blanger , Ara!am p3re ("#) $ Delorme, %!ilom&ne
RA Belgarde, %ierre (2#)$ 'iddler, (arie
RA Bou)!er, (*4ld Boss*) +!arles ,ugene, (-A (21)$ -etendr, .l&ne (1/) 0 dau"hter
of 2ran5ois-&a#ier Letendr dit Batoch and Mar"uerite Parenteau/ founders of the
#illa"e of Batoch
RA Bo1er, Ale2andr (1/) 0 li#in" with his father 6ean-Baptiste Boyer
RA Bo1er, 3ean0Ba4tiste 0 purchased a lot from &a#ier Letendr and opened a store (50)$
Bous6uet, ,li7aet!
RA +aron, 3ean fils (22) 0 li#ed with his father 6ean Caron p3re
RA +aron, 3ean p3re (82)$ Dumas, (arguerite$ 15 )!ildren 0 home shelled and burnt by
by 1en, Middleton0s in#adin" Canadian troops
RA +aron, %atri)e (19) 0 li#ed with his father 6ean Caron p3re
RA +aron, T!eo4!ile (1/) 0 li#ed with his father 6ean Caron p3re
RA +arri&re, +!arles Toussaint (82)$ (illet dit Beau)!emin, +e)ile (58)$ 3os4!ine
Adla:de (;1#), %atri)e (;18), +1ria) (;15), <irginie (1"), Amanda (arie ("), and
=i>e ot!er )!ildren
RA +arri&re, Damase ("5)$ %arenteau, (arie0%elagie (2/)$ (at!ilde (10), ,lenore (?),
Al=red (#), Damase (5), @ ,milie (2)
RA +arri&re, Na4oleon (29)
RA +arri&re, %atri)e (1?) 0 li#ed with his family - died at Batoch in ())7
RA +a1en dit Boudreau, Ale2andr *Aee0too0Ba10!oB* 0 2ormer Chief Muske" Lake
Band - prisoner0s photo - se#en year prison term
RA Beaugrand dit +!am4agne, Amroise (51)$ 'rederi)C, 3udit! 0 last stand of the
defenders near his house
RA Beaugrand dit +!am4agne, +leo4!as ("2)$ -a=ournaise, ,lise 0 Ri>er -ot 5" (T5"010
RA Beaugrand dit +!am4agne, ,mmanuel (#2)$ -etendr, (arie 0 sister of 2ran5ois-
&a#ier Letendr dit Batoch 0 -ot 52055 east side o= t!e ri>er 0 built a small store on
lot 88 abo#e Li Belle Prairie alon" the 9umboldt Trail/ which follows ri#er into
Batoch - it was pilla"ed by Middleton0s in#adin" Canadian troops - followers of
Chief 4ne !rrow and Beardy were camped behind his home
+!am4agne, *Noel* Na7aire (1/) 0 did not :oin the ebels
RA Desmarais, 3ean (i)!el *3o!n* (55)$ Dosselin, .elene (51) 0 -ot #8 ((; acres under
RA Dumas, Daniel *Da>id* (52)$ 'erguson, ,lise
RA Aa4ee4iCBaneB dit Dumont, ,douard ("0)$ Eut!erland dit Aa4etaCus Na4ot)!i1is
RA Du$ont% &abriel'(8) * chef Mtis$ FilCie, (adeleine
RA 'agnant, +ut!ert (+orette) (;#2)$ ()Dillis, Isaelle 0 -ots "5 and "8
RA 'lammand, 3ose4! (2?)$ .oule, T!r&se 0 after the 2all of Batoch this family mo#ed
to Pincher Creek
Dareau, -udger ()$ Delorme, (agdeleine 0 left the scene of the fi"ht - the home was burnt
and stock scattered by 1en, Middleton0s in#adin" Canadian troops
RA Der>ais, Ale2is ("1)$ -a4lante, (arie
RA Der>ais, 3ean0Ba4tiste ("")$ Bo1er, +lemen)e
RA Der>ais, Na4oleon (2#)$ %arenteau, ,melie
RA -adou)eur, 'ranGois (21)$ Dumont, %!ilom&ne 0 nei"hbours of 6ean <esmarais
RA -a=ontaine, -ouison ("8)$ %elletier, (arie0(adeleine 0 Hmarried to =melie
<es:arlais sometimes after ())>I 0 a buffalo huntin" family
RA -a4lante, 3ean0Ba4tiste (80)$ %aul, Angeli6ue
RA -a4lante, Toussaint (2/)$ Der>ais, ,lise
-etendr, 'ranGois0Ja>ier (55) 0 operated a store at Batoch$ %arenteau, (arguerite
-etendr dit Bato)!, 'ranGois0Ja>ier (55) 0 storeoBner/founder of Batoch0s Crossin" -
paid for the stolen Bell of Batoch - abandoned family and went to Carrot i#er
re"ion before the fi"htin" - his home was iel0s head?uarters$ %arenteau, (arguerite
()$ )!ildrenKKK
Ness, Deorge 0 3usti)e o= t!e %ea)e$ Delorme, ,lise 0 taken prisoner
RA Ouellette, (o:se Na4oleon (58)$ Dumont, Isaelle (51)
RA %arenteau, Na4oleon (29)$ Duois, Rosalie 0 they li#ed at @u0!ppelle and Batoch
RA %arenteau, %atri)e (1?)$ <alle, %!ilom&ne
RA %arenteau, %ierre fils (55) 0 killed at Coule des Tourond0s0s$ Normand, .l&ne
RA %ilon, 3ose4! (5?) 0 li#ed (A+ mile from Batoch
RA %ilon, Ra1mond Bart!lm1 (25)$ Dumas, +!ristine (2")
RA (ontour, %as)al fils 0 they li#ed on the west side of the ri#er south of town
RA %ilon, (Ra1mond) Bart!lm1 (25)$ Dumas, +!ristine 0 sout! side o= t!e ri>er
RA Et0Dermain, 'rederi) ("")$ %arenteau, (elanie (1/)
<enne, Ealomon 3ean (5?)$ Et0Arnaud, 3os4!te$ )!ildren 0 0 operated a store at Batoch
and a network of posts - ranched southeast of Batoch in the Minichinas 9ills
The town was founded in ()*- as a fur tradin" post and North-Best Mounted
Police %NBMP' fort, Cts post office opened ()**, Between ()*7 and ());/ Battleford
was the territorial capital of the North-Best Territories and the NBMP 2ort Battleford
located there played an important role in the ())- North-Best ebellion,
Ballenden (Ballendine), Adam (21) 0 m, !n"eli?ue Lemire dau"hter of 2rancois Lemire
and $uDanne Boucher in 4ctober ())- at Battleford
Ballenden (Ballendine), %eter (5/)$ +aroline RoBland
'lammand, -ouis (58)$ Bru)e, (argaret
R+ Capt! Joseph ,alcon Jobin ("#) 0 - iel0s a"ent in the Battleford area - Leader of
the Turtle i#er MtisAPresident of the Cut 9ill Mtis$ Bremner, .arriet
-a=ond, Basil ("/)$ Durand, Isaelle
RA %arenteau, Ale2andr (50)$ %atenaude, %!ilom&ne
i# -oint * near Humboldt
-etendr, Ale2andr (20) 0 compelled to esistance after the Coule des Tourond0s0s
fi"ht/ but did not participate in fi"htin"$ Ein)lair, ,llen
resaylor .ettle$ent
The earliest residents of the Bresaylor $ettlement of ())+ were Taylor/ Bremner/ $pence/ and others
Bremner, +!arles (58)$ Fells, Amelia$ se>en )!ildren
Bird, 3ames ("9)$ 'inla1son, -i7ette
RA Capt! Joseph ,alcon Jobin ("#) 0 school teacher$ Bremner, .enriette$ 1 )!ild
%oitras, 3ose4! BK (51) 0 scout for the Canadians$ Breland, ,lise
RA Ea1er, +leo4!as (Cleophile) ("8)$ +a4lette, (arie
RA Ea1er, .enr1 *'leur1* (55)$ Bremner, (ar1
0 Beau)!am4, ,lise
RA Ea1er, 3ean0Ba4tiste ("2)$ %ruden, ,mma 0 his youn"er brother 1uillaume was with
the Battleford ifles
Li -etit /ille * Coul"e des Tourond0s ',ish Cree1)
Li Coule des Tourond0s was the southern border of the $outh Branch 2rench
Mtis who settled in the $askatchewan Ealley re"ion in the mid to late (>th Century, 4n
+;A+8 !pril ())-/ <umont chose to fi"ht a defensi#e battle as the Canadian troops dro#e
north, <umont had less than siFty Mtis held off the Canadian troops for a day - fi"htin"
took place on +;A+8 !pril ())-,
RA Delorme, 3ose4! ("#) 0 condemned Thomas $cott to death - woundedAcaptured at
Batoch$ ()-eod, -i7ette$ =i>e )!ildren
RA Des)!am4s, (3ean)0Ba4tiste ("#)$ <andal, +at!erine (2/) 0 On t!e +entennial (a4 o=
t!e R( o= 'is! +reeC, Ba4tiste Des)!am4s entered Ri>er -ot 8 in 1??" and 4atented
it in 1/00K
RA 'iddler, +ut!ert (29)$ Ross, ,li7a$ ten )!ildren
RA 1oulet/ o"er $r, (2?)$ <enne, 3ose4!ine 0 abandoned farm and fled
RA .enr1, 3erome .e)tor (2/)$ <ermette, (arie Rose (29)
RA .onor dit 2enry% -ierre (59)$ Beau)!emin, +aroline (55) 0 i#er Lot ;. in Twp 8+
RA .enr10.onor, (auri)e ("?) 0 Ri>er -ot "?
Bresa1lor Eettlement, in B!at is noB Alerta, Bas near 'ort ,lli)e and Battle=ordKKK
Ln=ortunatel1, (ar1 lost !er one 1ear old daug!ter, (ar1 Ali)e, and T!omas and Ali)e (ar1, !er
neBorn tBins, and t!en died !ersel= all in t!e same 1earK .er gra>e stone sa1s t!at s!e died 1" 3une
1??1 and t!e urial re)ords indi)ate t!at s!e Bas uried 15 3une 1??1, (rat!er t!an 1# August 1??1 0 as
in the Bresaylor book)K
RA Ro)!eleau dit Ri>ard, 3ean0Ba4tiste fils ("5)$ <andal, (elanie 0 died ; 6une ())- at
Batoch$ 8 children
RA Tourond% Da3id '4()$ 'is!er, <irginie
RA <andal dit (at)!as, Antoine 'ranGois 3rK (#0)$ Beau)!emin, Isaelle (89) 0 Ri>er -ot
"8, TB4K 52, Range 1, F"
RA Capt! /andal% 'Jean)*aptiste pre (88)$ %rimeau, (arie
RA <andal, %ierre ("9)$ %oitras, -ouise
Duc1 La1e
!t <uck Lake/ the Prince !lbert Trail/ which ran from e"ina to Prince !lbert/
crossed the Carlton Trail and it marked the halfway point between the Mtis
head?uarters at Batoch and the North-Best Mounted Police at 2ort Carlton,
RA Allard, Antoine ("#)$ ,u4!rosine -edou2 ("")
Birston (Burston), (agnus Bernard (89) 0 worked for 9illyard Mitchell
RA Bourassa, Ale2andr (22)$ Adelaide (Adele) -aro)6ue (19) 0 m, (; May ())8 <uck
RA +a1en dit Boudreau, Ale2andr fils (28) 0 died of tuberculosis in ())7 (a"e +7)$
%i)!, (arie Adeline$ t!ree )!ildren
RA +!arette, 3ose4! ErK (55)$ +ollin, Rosalie
RA Dari41, Daniel 3rK
RA -a=ournaise dit -aou)ane, Dariel (81)$ -andr1, -ouise 0 a buffalo huntin" family
RA Capt! Lafra$boise% +u#ustin (51) 0 killed by CroDier0s troops in the Battle of <uck
Lake on +7 March ())-$ -edou2, -ouise$ ten )!ildren
RA -a4lante, +ut!ert (29)$ %i)!, ,li7aet!
RA -a>alle, -ouis %!ili44e (22) - married his sister-in-law 6ustine Laplante in ())) at
<uck Lake
RA -a>iolette, +!arles (2#)$ Ar)and, (arie
RA -edou2, Ale2is (5#)$ 'leur1, +lemen)e 0 second wife
RA EaCaan dit -eMour, Dregoire (52)$ %ilon, +e)ile
RA (alaterre, -ouis ("/)$ Ro(ert)son, 3ulia +ris
(arion, -ouis (58) 0 farmin" instructor at Beardy0s eser#e$ Ross, (arie0Androni6ue
RA ()Aa1, Duillaume ("0)$ Et0Denis, (arie0Anne
(it)!ell, .ill1ard 0 storeowner
RA (ontour, 3ean0Ba4tiste (2?) 0 killed by CroDier0s troops at <uck Lake on March +7th$
Dumont, +aroline$ tBo )!ildren
RA Ouellette, Ara!am (1?) youn"est of Baptiste 4uellette0s three sons in#ol#ed in the
RA Ouellette, 3ose4! III (81)$ %aul, (adeleine
RA Ouellette, 3ulien ("9)$ (oreau, Angeli6ue 0 dau"hter of Capt, 6onas Moreau
RA %arenteau, -eon ,sdras ("/)$ 'is!er, ,lise
RA %arenteau, *%etit* -ouis (80)$ Drant, Eu7anne 0 buffalo hunters
RA %lante, Basil ("1)$ -a4lante, (adeleine
RA Ross, 3o!n (8")$ Drant, (arguerite
RA Eansregret dit %ontriand, 3ean0Ba4tiste ("#)$ Ross, Bet!s1
RA Eau>, Norert fils ("#) 0 conscript$ Bel!umeur dit (onet, ,li7aet!
RA EaCaan dit -eMour, Dregoire 0 see supra/ Le:our
RA Et0Denis, *-ouis* 3ose4! ErK (;"0)$ %i)!, +!arlotte
,ort Carlton
2ort Carlton was a 9udson0s Bay Company fur trade post from ()(. until ())-,
RA %rimeau, 'ranGois (21) 0 conscripted
5us1e# La1e ,a$ilies
Cayen dit Boudreau/ Lafond/ Laframboise/ and LedouF families
RA +a1en dit Boudreau, Isidore *%ete6uaCe1* (50) 0 Chief Muske" Lake Band 0 Marie
Cardinal died on 7 !pril ())8 - he was subse?uently married to Marie Tskakwemesit
RA +a4tK -a=ond, 3ean0Ba4tiste *T)!e!asaso* ("2) (+!ie= o= (usCeg -aCe Band =rom
1/00 to 1/15) 0 escaped to the Laboucane $ettlement after the defeat
! LedouF/ Csidore (12)
One +rrow Reser3e
RA Dumas, (i)!el 0 farm instructor
RA Dumont dit +a1ole, <ital (88) 0 Band Member G -7$ -edou2, .l&ne 0 his second
-rince +lbert '6sbister .ettle$ent)
The <istrict of $askatchewan was formed on ) May ())+ - Prince !lbert was the capital
Bird, +!arles Deorge ErK (58)
+!ie= 'a)tor +larCe, -aBren)e (8") 0 incited the 2rench-speakin" oman Catholic Mtis
with rumours of the impendin" Canadian "o#ernment in#asion$ ()Beat!, +at!erine
Isister, (3o!n) 3ames (82) 0 founder of the settlement H leader of the =n"lish 9alf-
Breeds - he was imprisoned for - weeks until esistance was crushed$ Bear, (argaret
(5") 0 (8 children 0 -ots #2 @ 19
()Aa1, Ale2ander (8/) 0 remained neutral - would not resort to arms$ ()+orrester,
()Aa1, T!omas, (-A ("#) 0 he became the first Mayor of P! - bro-in-law Lawrence
Clarke$ (a)et!, Aate
E)!midt, -ouis dit -a=ert, (-A (51) 0 arrested in March ())-
.t*6sidore de elle3ue
RA +a4tK Blanger , Ara!am ("#)$ Delorme, %!ilom&ne
RA Blanger , Bernard (20)
RA Blanger , Norert (28)
RA +!arette, Daniel ErK (58)$ Blanger , (arie0Anne
$t-Laurent de 1randin/ part of the $outh Branch $ettlement/ is an area of Mtis
settlement alon" the $outh $askatchewan i#er :ust east of <uck Lake/ and downstream
from Batoch, Ct is also a short distance upstream from $t-Louis,
RA Ar)and, 3ean0Ba4tiste (58)4$ ()Aa1, Nan)1
RA Ar)and, 3ose4! (82)$ ()Aa1, 3os4!te
RA oyer% Jean*aptiste '(7) 0 fled to @u0!ppelle after the battle of duck lake$
Bous6uet, ,li7aet! 0 he later married Marie Boudreau - his store was used as a
prison for iel0s hosta"es 0 -ot #
RA Breland, Dilert (59)$ Bo1er, 'ele)ite
RA +ardinal, Ale2andr *%etit0-ou4* (58)$ (oreau, ,lise
RA Capt! eau#rand dit Cha$pa#ne% +$broise (51)$ 'rederi)C, 3udit!
RA Delorme, Norert *(anCa)!ee* .nault (5?) 0 Far +!ie= o= t!e (tis at +ut Ani=e
.ill$ Der>ais, +!arlotte (58)
Dumont, 3ean dit +!aCasCa (?0) 0 brother of Csidore "!i-caw-pow %the $tander'" <umont
Dumont, Isidore *Ai0)aB04oB (t!e Etander)* 0 died shortly after the defeat at Batoch$
-andr1, Angele
RA 'agnant, 3o!n$ -etendr, .l&ne 0 -ot "#
'agnant, Filliam 0 -ot "#
RA Dari41, %ierre (8/)$ Drant, Rose (arie 0 west side of the ri#er
RA +a4tK -a=ontaine, Antoine dit 'aillant ("#)$ Delorme dit -eret, (arie ()$ )!ildren 0
Lafontaine0s second wife 0 a buffalo huntin" family - they escaped to $iouF Ealley and
then mo#ed to Turtle Mountain
RA +a4tK +ali2te -a=ontaine ("?)$ Der>ais, -ouise
RA Dari41, %ierre (8/)$ Drant, Rose (arie 0 settled on the west side of the $outh
RA (ontour, Ara!am p3re (8")$ %age, (arie 0 Ri>er -ot 20 (west side of the ri#er) 0
a=ter 1??8, t!e1 mo>ed to Eel1 3un)tion, (ontana
RA (ontour, Bernard Bien ("0)$ Emit!, (arguerite 0 Ee)tion "1 NF 6uarter (T5"010")
on the west side of the ri#er
RA Nault, Na4olon (29) 0 fled to Montana$ <andal, (lanie
RA Ouellette, 3os (3ose4!) (/") 0 killed at Batoch$ .oule, T!r&se ,li7aet!
RA Ouellette% 5o8se 9apoleon (58)$ Dumont, Isaelle
RA %arenteau, 3ean0Ba4tiste p3re (8") 0 fled to Montana$ Dumont, %elagie 0 Ri>er -ot "0
RA %arenteau, (o:se ("/)$ Et0Dermain, <eroni6ue
RA Ouellette, 3ulien ("#)$ (oreau, Angeli6ue
RA Ra)ette, 3erome (29)$ Nolin, +aroline 0 his wife$ Ra)ette, .l&ne (Bo1er) 0 his mother
- lot -
RA Capt! Ja$es "Ti$eous" .hort (81)$ ()Dillis, (at!ilde 0 -ot / (T58010")
RA T!omas, +!arles *+!allius* (2")$ -etendr, .l&ne 0 sout! !al= -ot 5? (T5"010")
.t*Laurent de &randin 5ission
Near Batoch
RA Bous6uet, Ba4tiste (1/)
RA Bous6uet, +1rille ("1)
RA Bous6uet, -ouis ("#)
RA +a1en dit Boudreau, Ale2andr *Aee0too0Ba10!oB* (81) 0 2ormer chief Muske"
Lake Band$ ()Dillis, (arie$ ten )!ildren
RA +a4tK Du$ont% :douard (50)$ -etendr, Eo4!ie
RA 'erguson, Antoine (5")
RA 'erguson, -eon (25)
RA -etendr, Andr *%et)!is* ()$ Dodon, +at!erine () 0 (8 children - the last one born
four months after his father0s death at the Battle of Batoch
RA Emit!, Dariel (29)
RA +a4tK Bou)!er, 3ean0Ba4tiste p3re (59)$ -es4ran)e, +aroline ()$ unmarried )!ildrenN
+aroline (1#)$ (1#), ,mma (15), 'rederi)C (1"), ,lise (1"), Al>ina (12), Eara! (#),
3ose4! Ale2andr (8), Delima ("), @ %ierre -ouis ,rnest 0 orn on "0 A4ril 1??8K
NOT,N .is older )!ildren Bere ReelsN 3ean0Ba4tiste fils 0 married to (arie Bremner$
Eolomon 0 married to Rose Ouellette (in 1?##)$ +!arles0,ugene 0 married to .l&ne
-etendr$ Rose 0 married to (o:se Bremner$ and, (arie0(arguerite 0 married to
(a2ime -4ine fils,
NOT,N +aroline and ,mma entered t!e Order o= Dre1 Nuns$ +aroline, !oBe>er, le=t t!e
order and marriedK
RA Bou)!er, Eolomon (2") 0 li#ed with his parents
.t*Louis de Lan#e3in
RA Capt! oucher% Jean*aptiste pre (59)$ -es4ran)e, +aroline
RA Bo1er, Dregoire (1/) 0 li#ed with his father Csidore Boyer
RA Bo1er, Isidore (8#)$ Aller1 dit .enr1, (arguerite
RA Bo1er, (agloire (2")$ Bremner, (arguerite 0 Ri>er -ot 2/ (T5802902)
RA Bo1er, Na4oleon (29)$ Anderson, Nan)1 Eo4!ie 0 Ri>er -ot 2# (T5802902)
RA +a4tK Bo1er, Filliam (58)$ Bous6uet, 3ulienne ("?)$ Ra4!ael (1?), Ale2ander (1#),
3ulienne (15), (arie O)ta>ie (12), (arie Lrsule (?), +!r1sostome (9), @ Amroise
(8) 0 Ri>er -ot 1# (T55010")
RA Bremner, Ale2andr (2?) 0 Best !al= Ri>er -ot "" @ east !al= Ri>er -ot "5 (T5"0290
RA Bremner, 3ose4! (25)$ Ouellette, (arie Anne 0 m, +8 No#, ())8 0 Ri>er -ot 20 (T580
RA Bremner, (o:se (2") 0 m, ose Boucher after ())- 0 Ri>er -ot 19 (T5802902)
RA Bremner, Filliam p3re (#")$ Dari41, (arie 0 Ri>er -ot 1# (T5802902)
RA Bru)e, Filliam (25) 0 Ri>er -ot 2# (T5802902)
RA Dumas, (i)!el ("#)$ <roni6ue Ouellette
RA 'iddler, 'ranGois0Ja>ier$ Eansregret, (arie0Rose 0 Ri>er -ots 1" and 15 (T55010")
RA 'iddler, Deorges AndreB ("5)$ Bo1er, (arguerite 0 Ri>er -ot "0 (T5802902)
RA Capt! -hilipe :l;"ar &ari"py (5#)$ %arenteau, Rosalie 0 -ots ", 5 and # (T58010")
RA Der>ais, Et0%ierre (21)$ -etendr, 3ulienne 0 -ot "2 (T5"010")
RA -4ine, (a2ime p3re (-A ("/)$ -a>alle, 3os4!te 0 -ot 8 (T5802?02) 0 operated a
ferry from his ri#er lot and farmed - opposed iel
RA -4ine, (a2ime fils (1/) 0 he married Marie-Mar"uerite Boucher
RA -4ine, %atri)e Toie (19) 0 li#in" with his father MaFime Lpine p3re - he married
Lucie Nolin (dau"hter of the traitor Charles Nolin)
RA -etendr, -ouis ,ugene (8") 0 +nd marria"eN Dumas, Angeli6ue 0 Ri>er -ot 9 (T580
RA ()Dougall, Ale2andr ErK (55)$ IrBin, (aria$ # )!ildrenN (arie (arta (1?), 3ose4!
(15), %ierre (12), Eamuel (10), and .enr1 Andre (#)K
RA ()Dougall, Ale2andr %eter 3rK (1#) 0 li#ed with his parents
RA Regnier, O)ta>e Antoine Ni)olas ('rK +anK) 0 school teacher$ -4ine, +elestine 0
Ri>er -ot ? (T5802?02)
RA Ri)!ard, Antoine ("5)$ ,li7aet! *Bets1* 'iddler
.tri1e*2i$*On*the*ac1 Reser3e * near attleford
()Aa1, 3ose4! (51) 0 farmin" instructor$ %oitras, (arguerite 0 they mo#e to P! after the
.weet &rass Reser3e
Ballenden (Ballendine), Eamuel (81) 0 farmin" instructor$ 'lora +!atelain 0 (istaBasis
Turtleford '2orse utte) 5"tis
RA 3oin, Amroise 3rK ("5)$ Bremner, Annie ("5)
Other -laces
RA Bou)!er, 'ranGois p3re (#1) 0 CarltonAMuske" Lake #icinity
RA +arri&re, +!arles Toussaint (82) 0 children born in $t-Norbert/ Coule des Tourond0s/
and Batoch
RA eaure#ard dit Cha$pa#ne% Jean*aptiste '5()$ <alle, (adeleine 0 his third wife
(m, ())8) 0 a buffalo huntin" family li#in" on the plains when not at Turtle Mountain
- <e#il0s Lake/ $t-2ran5ois-&a#ier/ Lebret/ 2ort @u0!ppelle/ Bood Mountain and
Cypress 9ills
RA +!arette, Daniel 3rK (20)$ %arenteau, (arie Ale2andrine 0 they had four children born
at $t-Laurent/ <uck Lake/ Batoch/ and 6ackfish Lake - he was married a second
time in ())* to 6ulie 9oule at <uck Lake
RA +!arette, 3ose4! p3re (55) 0 a huntin" family li#in" at $t-Norbert/ Cypress 9ills/
Bood Mountain/ and <uck Lake - 6oseph p3re died at <uck Lake in March ()>.
RA +!arette, 3ose4! fils (1?) 6oseph fils died at <uck Lake in No#ember ()>.
RA Delorme dit Bidou, 3ean0Ba4tiste (8")$ %e4in, (arguerite 0 a huntin" family and
mo#ed a "reat deal/ althou"h most of their children were married at <uck Lake
RA Delorme, Filliam 3o!n (29)$ DesMarlais, 3os4!te 0 his second wife 0 li#ed at
Battleford/ 2ort =llice/ and Batoch
RA Duois, (a2ime ("2)$ -edou2, +at!erine 0 they were a plains huntin" family and
li#ed at $t-!lbert/ 2ort @u0!ppelle/ $wift Current/ and Batoch
RA Dumont, Ale2is (21)$ AiBanis, Bets1 0 <uck LakeA$t-Laurent area
RA +a4tK Dumont, Olie ("?) 0 tra#eled from 2ort I la Corne$ Ouellette, 'ranGois
RA Dumont, 3ean *%etit* (82) 0 <uck LakeA$t-Laurent area
RA Dumont, -ouis dit +a1ole ("2) 0 they were a buffalo huntin" family and li#ed at $wift
Current/ Maple Creek/ Cypress 9ills/ 2ort !ssiniboine/ and Batoch
RA +a4tK 'al)on, At!anase ("#)$ %arisien, Nan)1 0 li#ed at Medicine 9at/ <uck Lake/
and Batoch
RA 'a>el, Basil (5?) li#ed at the base of Cut Jnife 9ill
RA 'iddler, 3o!n Filliam (28)$ Delorme, 3ulie 0 li#ed at Coule des Tourond0s and
RA 'lammand, Ale2ander (9) 0 from Bo""y Creek
RA 'lammand, (a2ime (2") 0 from Bo""y Creek
RA -a=ontaine, -ouison ("8)N %elletier, (arie (adeleine 0 first wifeN children born at
@u0!ppelle/ Lebret/ Cypress 9ills/ Bood Mountain/ and Batoch
RA EaCaan dit -eMour, Ba4tiste *+!a0Ca04an*$ Braant (Et0Denis), Dene>i&>e
(arion, -ouis (58) 0 deserter - farm instructor Beardy0s eser#e$ Ross, (arie0
Androni6ue 0 ranged as =ar Best as Bla)C=oot +rossing and Bu==alo -aCe (Boss .ill)
RA (oreau, 3onas (55)$ DesMarlais, +e)ile 0 the family li#ed at $t-Norbert/ =dmonton/
<uck Lake/ and Battleford
RA ()Dillis, (odeste ("/)$ %oitras, Isaelle 0 mo>ed etBeen Et0'ranGois0Ja>ier, Food
(ountain, -eret, Bato)! and FilloB Bun)!
RA Ouellette, 3ean0Ba4tiste fils (2#)$ %arenteau, +aroline 0 a buffalo huntin" family who
roamed widely on the plains west of ed i#er
RA %arenteau, Na4oleon (29)$ Duois, Rosalie 0 they li#ed at @u0!ppelle and Batoch
RA Emit!, .enr1 ErK (#1)$ Fells, (arguerite$
RA Emit!, .enr1 3rK (2/)$
RA Emit!, Dariel (29)
+fter the Con<uest of atoch"
Laboucane .ettle$ent * on attle !iver
The 4ld <uhamel $ettlement
<urin" the last days of fi"htin" many women and children from the Muske" Lake
Band took refu"e at the Laboucane $ettlement,
RA -a=ournaise dit -aou)ane, Dariel (81) 0 a buffalo huntin" family - see <uck Lake
RA -a=ournaise dit -aou)ane, Duillaume (58)$ Dari41, +aroline