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project ref : 06073

kingconroy architects project title: 26 Brookfield Road

1 bastwick street, clerkenwell

london EC1V 3NU revision: -
T: 020 7553 9290
F: 0870 712 0187 issue date: 20.01.2007
E: issue by: jak
copies: 01.01

Fee Proposal : 26 Brookfield Road, Chiswick

Fee proposal prepared for Martin Burns for the provision of architectural planning services in
connection with the re-development of 26 Brookfield Road, Chiswick.

Fee Structure :

Fee rate based on number of drawings and time required to produce the planning set of drawings for a
lump sum fee charge.

Initial discussions have indicated that we will be required to negotiate the design with the planning
authority prior to formal submission. Fee is based on design review meetings with planning authority
during stages A-D

Fee based on 1 No.client meeting per week during stages A - D.

All additional services required outside of the scope of original agreement to be defined and agreed
prior to commencement of work, and will be charged at the following hourly rates.

Director - £80 / hour

Architect - £50 / hour
Assistant - £40 / hour

Scope of works :

• Survey elevations
• Produce survey drawings
• Produce draft planning set
• Liaise with planning officer prior to submission
• Produce planning set
• Liaise with planning officer during planning process

Schedule :

Item Duration Cost (£)

Survey elevations 0.5 days 209.89
Produce survey drawings 2.0 days 839.56
Produce sketch scheme and liaise with client 2.0 days 839.56
Produce draft planning set 1.5 days 629.67
Liaise with planning department prior to submission 1.0 days 419.78
Produce and submit planning set 1.5 days 629.67
Liaise with planning officer during planning process 1.0 days 419.78

Expenses and Disbursements :

Printing :

A1 B+W £2.50 Colour £35.00 Line print £60.00 Full bleed

A3 B+W £0.50 Colour £2.00
A4 B+W £0.10 Colour £1.00
Document binding £4.00
CD writing £10.00
OS survey £50.00
Reproduction or purchase of all other documents in direct relation to project charged at cost.

Communication :

No charge for faxes, e-mail or telephone calls made in connection with the project.
Postage charged at rate. No surcharge.

Transport :

Mileage rates : Outside M25 boundary @ £0.40 / mile. All other travel costs incurred during
the carrying out of work in connection with the project are reimbursable.

Proposed Fee : Traditional contract procurement route

Project stage Description Percentage of Value

O/A budget (%) (£)

Stage A – C Briefing and Concept Design - 50 - 2,938.46

Stage D Scheme Design (to planning) - 50 - 1,049.45
Stage E – L Client to undertake - 0 - 0

Total fee proposed for Stages A - L 3,987.91

Fee schedule :

Schedule based on a 2-month design process (up to planning submission).

Payments at agreed stages throughout project

All fees quoted are ex VAT, invoice terms 30 days from date of issue.

Acceptance :
I/we agree to the proposed fee and schedule of payments described above. Offer and acceptance of fee remains subject to
agreement of the conditions and terms of the architect’s standard form of appointment SFA 99 drafted and amended in
connection with the project stated above.

Signed Date Client

Signed Date Architect

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