Saturday, 14 November, 2009
(by Neil Turner, San Diego Christians for Secure Borders, San Diego, CA ANTI-AMNESTY Rally – 14 Nov 2009)


Long ago in 1954, when most of you weren’t even wet behind the ears, we had a President with an easy-to-remember campaign motto: ‘I LIKE IKE’. President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower had a lot of pressure to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens who had invaded our country in violation of our immigration laws. Instead, to make sure there were jobs available to returning WWII and Korean veterans, he launched ‘Operation Wetback’, and physically deported over 1 ½ million illegals back to Mexico. Unfortunately, nothing was done to curb the invasion, and 30 years later, President Ronald Reagan got the same demand to grant Amnesty by the enemy from within, and he caved after first extracting agreements from Congress that they would enforce our Immigration laws this time. The price we have paid for that so-called act of humanitarianism is incalculable, and the insanity continued, building to a tsunami of illegals equivalent to more than a Division of invaders each week. Any sane Sovereign-Nation government of, by, and for the people would have CALLED OUT THE MARINES! Instead we find complacency by the sheeple and the enemy within once again calling for AMNESTY. We stopped it in 2007 when Congress finally listened, but now we have new Congressional and Executive leadership that refuses to listen to even the cries of 2 million marching on Washington on 9/12 (2009). It was back in 2006 that I became an activist against Illegal Immigration when the churches began to support these treasonous acts (in the name of Christianity) - and so I founded San Diego Christians for Secure Borders. Since historians have shown that over 80% of our Constitution was taken from the Holy Bible, I searched for passages and parables relating the this issue that I could confront the lawbreaking churches with: Lev. 24:22 The Lord said, “you are to have the same Law for the Alien and the Nativeborn.” Num. 15:15 “The community is to have the same rules for you and for the alien living among you.” (Welcome the alien into your land, but he must abide by your laws to remain welcome) John 10:1 Jesus said, “… the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber.” Firstly, 1) illegal immigration is worse than theft and robbery – it’s an attack on our Sovereign nation by an enemy; and 2) Amnesty therefore is worse than theft and robbery – it is aiding and abetting the enemy of our Constitution, which is TREASON! So once we get the majority of patriotic ‘Constitutional Republic’ Americans to recognize that, the sooner we can solve the problem. Amnesty rewards the breakers of our laws in violation of Natural Law and our Constitution, leading to the destruction of the Constitution and our sovereignty.


Secondly, another application of that parable could be the entering of our White House to usurp the position of President and Commander in Chief, NOT through the front gate, but through Fraud and Deceit. Barack Hussein Obama has never proven that he is eligible for his lofty position as required by our Constitution (Article II), and has spent over a million dollars trying to hide what each of us provides willingly every day. The burden of proof is on him, not us. And I, like all of you, respect the office of the Presidency. But I, like you, cannot respect anyone who has usurped that office through Fraud and Deceit. Here are some proven facts: • • He has used over 39 different stolen Social Security numbers in his journey to the top. That’s Theft and Robbery! He has failed to register for the draft (making him ineligible for a position in the Executive by current laws, never mind Constitutional law), but has provided forged documents to try to prove otherwise, thereby rendering him doubly ineligible. That’s worse than Theft and Robbery! He has admitted that his parents were not both U.S. Citizens at birth, making him not Natural Born as required by the Constitution to be President and Commander in Chief.

These and many other provable crimes, already presented to all 50 State A/G’s and Governors, make him more than a Thief and a Robber. It makes him a Traitor – chargeable with TREASON! Interestingly, Treason is the only crime against the Constitution actually mentioned in the Constitution. And the Constitution is a contract between We The People and the people we elect to implement it. Those whom we have elected have failed to uphold their oath, and by not challenging his eligibility when certifying the electoral votes on Jan 8th, they all became complicit in that same act of Treason. It would be impracticable to think we could remove all 535 traitors from office, but on election day in 2010 we can remove 469 of them – by voting for ANYONE BUT THE INCUMBENT! The statute of limitations on Treason does not expire by an oath-violating Supreme Court Justice (Roberts) swearing him into our Presidency – it only doubles the Treason. Unfortunately the petitioning of our elected leaders now falls on deaf ears. The voices of 2 million patriots on September 12th, 2009 went unheard. And unfortunately we cannot survive 4 years without our Constitution Without it we will be dead as a Sovereign nation of freedom. All efforts so far by attorneys with CIVIL charges have been rebuffed and delayed, and will continue to be so for years. Therefore, I am announcing today the launch of a new effort to Prosecute Obama with the CRIMINAL charge of TREASON! It is being spearheaded by the American Grand, who has already served over 300 indictments throughout the country, resulting in one District Court (Judge Lamberth in D.C.) GRANTING the Citizen’s Grand Jury their Constitutional right to ‘present’ it’s charges and evidence – just not in his jurisdiction. So now the next step. And that is to retain a capable, accepted, and patriotic Prosecuting Attorney – for a fee of $1,000,000, to successfully prosecute Soetoro-Obama with the charges of FRAUD and TREASON. We have all the evidence. We just need to have it heard in a court of law. So how do we raise several million to get it done? Keep in mind that Ron Paul raised $6 million on a single day, and just raised $4 million in a week, just to fight us.


Consider all the Patriotic Tea Party, 912, Anti-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Amnesty, and Political candidate groups – with 50 or more on their mailing lists – wanting to restore our Constitution. If they put a link on their site to www./, their organization will get 25% of any money raised through that link. Imagine (the next speaker here today) becoming an Affiliate, sending 10,000 supporters with $100 contributions to www./, Her campaign for the Governorship of CA gets $250,000 cash – to help elect a true patriot for governor of Cal-i-for-nee-ya. With just 25,000 contributions of average $100 each, the individual groups get $625,000 for their campaigns, and www./, gets $1.8 million – enough to retain several top law firms with, say, $1/2 million each, and with a second $1/2 million going to the first one to get the job done. Use your imagination, folks, and let’s get to work. And remember this: With the privilege of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Godordained Constitution comes the responsibility of maintaining and adhering to it. May God Bless America once again. Thank you for listening.

Read the charges and evidence here:


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