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Establishing Competency Index at NRB Introduction: In its journey to become a world-class preferred organization in Needle Roller Bearings business, NRB has adopted several quality improvement processes at its all locations. Human Capital Readiness is one of the key strategic objectives that define NRB’s people capabilities. Developing a Competency Index will help NRB to monitor these capabilities. Objectives: To establish Competency Index for the entire Organization. Approach : The Competency Index will be developed step-by-step, as follows:

1. Defining Core Competencies for different Grade.
2. Creating Skills Dictionary for each position. 3. Mapping each staff for core competencies and skills 4. Calculating Competency Index. In terms of coverage, the Competency Index will first develop for the Management Staff, followed by that for the other staff. Schedule: The Time schedule for carrying out the entire exercise will be based on business plan once sanctioned by the Management of NRB. Competency Model: Base on the existing job Description, a Competency Model for NRB will be designed. This Model would consist of Core Competencies (Leadership Attributes) and Functional Skills. The Leadership attributes will be selected and based on the unique requirements of our type of industry. To start with, we have defined these competencies for every level of management which are as under: The Core Competencies: Effective leaders need to demonstrate behaviors that can be categorized as below: Set Directions Demonstrate personal character Build Organizational capabilities The Competencies for each of these categories have been defined as: Set Directions: Strategic Thinking, Planning & Organizing Customer and Market Focus Drive for results

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-2Demonstrate Personal Character: Values Driven With stand Pressure (Conflict Management) Takes Ownership Communication capability Build Organizational Capabilities: Team Building System Development Problem Solving Innovative Thinking People Development Functional Skills: Apart from the Leadership attributes, each functional position is required to have basic skills necessary for effectively doing the job. While Skills categories will remain same for different grades in a functional family, the required skills levels will be defined separately for each Grade. These levels will fall in the following categories: Level 1- Require /has basic awareness of the Skill Level 2- Require/ has working knowledge of the skill Level 3- Require comprehensive /has comprehensive knowledge, skills do the job Level 4- Require /has mastered the skill and can coach/ guide others NA - Not applicable for the position

(The Skill Dictionary “will be created in consultation with the Functional heads /Top Mgt. team)

Customer and Market Focus
Grade /Level Engineer/ Assistant Manager Behavioral Indicators

* Seeks to understand and include Customer requirements in all operational plans & activities * Ensure effective follow-up, responsiveness and feedback to ensure customer requirements are being met * Ensures customer service standards are taken into account in all operational activities * Works with customers to identify ways to increase customer value of products and service in use.


* Probes for critical information about customer trends & needs and
incorporates into operational plans * Ensure effective relationships with customer at all levels * Establishes long term relationships with customers to ensure sustainability of operations * Integrate team and functional plans base upon new market and growth opportunities for new and existing products

Sr. Manager/ GM

* Anticipate patterns, trends & influence in global customer thinking and
their impact on the strategic intent of the business * Develops alliances and interacts with key influences who affects global customer trends * Be aware of future step changes in industrial demand which will lead to the potential, to create a new business or change the portfolio.

Vice President / Sr Vice President

* Understands the underlying needs of global suppliers and customers &
incorporates these into strategic business development * Develops strategic partnerships and alliances with key customers and Suppliers with a view to enhancing each others business. * Creates an organizational culture which is externally focused and ensures appropriate interaction withy the external world. * Identifies discontinuities in new business opportunities

The term “Customer” focuses on both Internal and External.

Drive for Results
Grade/Level Engineer/ Assistant Mgr. Behavioural Indicators

* Plans and delivers operational activities and project within agreed
Standards of key performance measures and committed time frame. * Monitors output & acts forcefully to maximize value creation and Eliminate inefficiencies and all forms of waste from operations * Manages effective work system which eliminate chaos and enables energy to be focused on delivery. * Continuously maintains and evaluates activities of self and others in order to enable processes to be effectively controlled


* Design the systems and sets the standards & measures which will
ensure that commitments are delivered within agreed time frame * Tests al improvements plans and projects for cost benefits and their contribution to increased value creation. * Creates a high performer work culture within the department, in which individual and teams are closely aligned and focused on delivery * Ensures key projects & business plans continue to meet projected targets by responding decisively to potential opportunities and obstacles.

Value Driven
Grade/Level Engineer/Asst Mgr Behavioural Indicators

* Acts consistently with organizational Values
* Confidently express own beliefs and ideas


* Stands up for convictions and Values in the face of challenges
* Does not compromise on business ethics

Sr Mgr/GM

* Challenges Conventional wisdom in the interest of the business
* Acts consistently with organizational values, even when these conflict with personal interest * Communicate organizational values to encourage appropriate external Interactions * Proactively identifies opportunities for discussion on values with employees and business associates

Vice President

* Takes action based on organizational values even at significant cost or risk to Self * Stands up for beliefs even under intense pressure to do otherwise * Monitors Values violations and demonstrates commitment to values by Punishing violations, as well as rewarding exemplary behaviour

Withstand Pressure ( Managing Conflict at work )

Strategic thinking, planning and organizing
Level Behavioral Indicators * Turns Plans into clear task outcomes * Translate functional strategies into goals & plans which deliver competitive advantage * Thinks ahead and prepares options which will sustain operations * Makes accurate forecast and builds contingencies into operational plans * Scan the environment for information which may be relevant to achievement of operational plan Manager *Translation the vision into a form which enables everybody involved to feel a scene of commitment *Create plans which deliver competitive advantage through the application of best practice * Bench mark functional best practice to ensure state of the art knowledge of the function Senior Manager/Divi sional Manager * Project a Dynamic version of the vision and develops ownership * Sets objectives which create the future whilst sustaining current operations * Determine the best business practices and plans which are designed to meet the competitive strategic challenges for the business * Maintain external focus on industry trends which enables the creation of breakthrough visions * Maintain and applies a wide and current breadth of knowledge of political, economic, social and technological trends to identify new business opportunities

Engineer /Assistant Manager

Vice President

* Create new business paradigm based on forward analysis of developments and trends in a 5-10 years timescale. * Seeks and assimilates knowledge about global trends and developments in Markets, economics, societies , governments , customers and suppliers & vendors * Define the competitive strategy and intent for global business or complex function. * Creates a culture of performance which guides the contribution of people to the delivery of the business vision and purpose

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