64. Lord Goldsmith’s policy of “quiet diplomacy” concerning this place ended with a 200 !

ann lecture "y
Lord #teyn. !alcolm $ance’s #%&% course predicated the acti'ities held at this location. (n the )**0’s+
the most common conditions here were fe'er+ malaria+ and middle ear infection in ,amp -.ray. /an0sy
smuggled a model of a person from this site into 1isneyland. (guanas here ha'e always "een protected
"y the %#2+ "ut prisoners weren’t until Hamdan v. Rumsfeld promised them Gene'a ,on'ention rights.
3risoners here ha'e "een rewarded for information with 4appy !eals or 5win0ies. ,amp 1elta here has
)2 guards per prisoner. 6or )0 points+ name this 7# na'al "ase in ,u"a+ famous for water"oarding and
also 0nown as “Gitmo.”
Answer: 7nited #tates $a'al #tation Guantanamo Bay 82ccept GTMO or GIT-mo9
6:. 5he Gukuruhundi+ or “pacification” of the $de"ele people in this nation+ was led "y its ;
%limination of the 3rime !inister position followed this country’s first 3resident’s death. 5he 3atriotic 6ront
here was a merger of its $ational and 3eople’s 7nions. <osua $0omo led that front until his e=pulsion.
5he Lancaster 4ouse 2greement saw ,hristopher #oames reta0e control of this polity "efore a transitory
period. 2 precursor of this country and $yasaland were once united in a ,ommonwealth federation. (an
#mith was 3! of this polity when it was named after ,ecil &hodes. !organ 5s'angirai later led the !1,
of this nation against &o"ert !uga"e. 6or )0 points+ name this southern 2frican country with a capital at
Answer: &epu"lic of Zimbabwe 8do not accept or prompt on Rhodesia9
>>. 2 te=t authored "y #.!. 4arrington of this entity states that fleeing cargo.carrying animals should "e
shot. #medley /utler supported 2dolfo 1ia? for the /rown /rothers’ /an0 "y ta0ing them to $icaragua.
5hese people responded to the Eclipse massacre with attac0s on !uc0ie and @uallah /attoo. (srael
Green led :6 of these men to attac0 a certain location "ecause the local militia were drun0. 2 ;00.mile
march in the desert saw this group ta0e 1erne from /ar"ary pirates. 5his unit nota"ly stormed
,hapultepec to sei?e !e=ico ,ity and later defeated <ohn /rown’s raid. 2mphi"ious and highly mo"ile+
this unit was founded in )>>; as marine infantry. 6or )0 points+ name this 7# 2rmed 6orces di'ision with
a motto of “#emper 6idelis”.
Answer: 7nited #tates Marine Corps
**. 5his man in'aded !alta and defeated Grand !aster 4ompesch+ losing only three men. 2n 2lisal
painting modeled after The Surrender of Breda shows a defeated pro=y of this leader. Ane of this leader’s
nota"le re'ersals came at 2spern.%ssling where "oth sides too0 hea'y losses. 2rchdu0e ,harles would
later lose to this leader at Bagram. 5he ,ongress of %rfurt saw this leader and 2le=ander ( form an
alliance on the 5ilsit &i'er. 4e later "ro0e that alliance and infamously in'aded &ussia+ losing 600+000
men. 6or )0 points+ name this man e=iled to %l"a+ a 6rench %mperor and “3etit ,orporal” who lost at
AnswerC Napoleon
4. ,arsten $ie"uhr wrote “5ra'els of” and a “1escription of” this land. 5he Dingdom of 2=um occupied
4imyar in this region "ut failed to ta0e religious cities and was e=pelled "y the La0hmids. 5he Ghassanids
helped <ustinian control this land region. 5he %mirate of 1iriyah was the first polity to attempt
independence in this region from the Attomans. Ean?i"ar split off from a state in this area after the death
of #a’id i"n #ultan. #ultan @a"oos of the 2l #aid dynasty rules a nation here. 5he Attoman."uilt 4eFa?
railway connects two important religious cities in this 3eninsula. !ecca and !edina. 6or )0 points+ name
this !iddle %astern peninsula containing Gemen+ Aman+ and a namesa0e with a capital at &iyadh.
Answer: Arabian 3eninsula
))*. Ane man with this gi'en name won the "attle of 5agliaco??o and controlled 2chaea for the 4ouse of
Hillehardouin. 2nother signed the 5reaty of /ene'ento and saw his admiral !aio of /ari assassinated
after centrali?ing power. 5he "attle of Hara'ille saw a man with this first name defeat 4enry (. 5he
watergeuen were sponsored "y this man who stopped the Beeldenstorm. 2nother man with this name
s0ipped the 1u0e of 2l"a’s !ouncil of Blood and led the 1utch in the :0 Gears’ Bar. Ane man with this
name would rule %ngland after the Glorious &e'olution and win the "attle of the /oyne. 6or )0 points+
gi'e this first name shared "y a “,onqueror” who won at 4astings+ one of the 4ouse of Arange+ and a
“#ilent” one.
Answer: William 8accept any answer with William in it "efore the gi'eaway9
)20. 6laying in an iron cage was a penalty for adultery in this ruler’s !onstitutio criminalis. 5his monarch
remo'ed Ro"ot la"our dues from the peasantry and authored a #olitical Testament. 2""ott 6el"iger
reorgani?ed schools at this ruler’s request+ and the 6reemason lodges were dis"anded. 2 treaty at
4u"ertus"erg saw this leader lose a mineral.rich pro'ince. #he would regret the 3olish 3artitions in spite
of controlling Barsaw. 5he 5reaties of /reslau and /elgrade were organi?ed "y her minister Daunit?. 5his
ruler was helped "y the 3ragmatic #anction of )>) which altered #alic Law and lead to the Bar of
2ustrian #uccession as well as the #e'en Gears’ Bar after the 1iplomatic &e'olution. 6or )0 points+
name this 4a"s"urg %mpress.
Answer: Maria Theresa

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