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No Spelling test this week. We’ll practice our word wall words!

A Look Back
What a great week we had! I am so proud of how the students worked to all kinds of new material. We introduced multiplication with arrays. We also learned what factors and products are. Your child should be able to explain to you what those are. I certainly have a brilliant group of students this year! During reading we read Molly’s Pilgrim. We focused on what a pilgrim really is, comparing and contrasting, and summarizing in a letter format. The students now know that a pilgrim is a historical, as well as a modern term. They learned that pilgrims traveled to others countries to have religious freedom. The students found that even though Molly’s family didn’t sail on the Mayflower, they were still pilgrims because they moved from Russia to America for religious freedom. I hope you had a chance to glance at their work in the reading section of their portfolio. During writing, we continued to work on our hero prompt. Our mini-lessons this week concentrated on using strong verbs and descriptive words. The students really enjoyed using these words in their papers! I plan on painting some of our favorites on our class windows to help us remember to use them. We completed our science unit on matter this week with an experiment for chemical change. I’ll attach the recipe for the Oobleck on the back of this newsletter. Have a great weekend with your children!

Classroom Rule:

11/25 Early out for Thanksgiving vacation 11/26-1127 No School—Thanksgiving vacation 11/19 Luigi’s Pizza night Book Orders due 12/1 We’ll have them for Christmas this wayr

A Peek to Next Week
Even though our week will be short, we’ll have plenty to keep us busy. We will watch Molly’s Pilgrim the movie on Monday and then do some Thanksgiving reading to celebrate the upcoming holiday. We’ll revisit a couple of things in math for a review and continue practicing multiplication facts. We will be starting multiplication timed tests

While someone is talking to the teacher, don’t interrupt...simply wait your turn.
after Thanksgiving. The students will make flashcards to practice at home. We will have tests each Friday. A reminder will be sent home after Thanksgiving. We won’t do a spelling test next week, but instead



Next Week Cont.
we will practice our word wall words. We will learn about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving next week. We’ll compare the way we live now to how they lived. We’ll discuss how our cultures are different and how their choices changed the way we live now. This is always an exciting unit to do! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

Ask Me, I Know!
Children need models rather than critics. -- Joseph Joubert
Is combining the glue and detergent to make Oobleck a chemical or a physical change? How do you? Make an array with the dimensions 6 x 3. What is the answer to a multiplication problem called? (product) Is this array, which is a row and which is a column? What are the dimensions of that array? How can the array help you find the answer to a multiplication problem?

Appreciation and Reminders
Thank you to everyone who could be sending in cleaning wipes! We try to keep our room clean and these help out a lot! Please remember to sign your child’s assignment book each night. Don’t forget to sign and return the math check-ups that come home each Friday. Thank you for helping your child be successful in third grade!




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