Inkscape Tutorial

How to create dvd/cd inserts. Step 1. Download Inkscape software at Inkscape.Org website Step II. Run and Open Inkscape software on your computer. Your Inkscape screen would look like this:

Step III. To create your DVD insert, click on File > New > DVD 300 dpi Regular (this is of course optional. If you intend to create a cd insert, point your mouse to a cd project).

Your inkscape screen will now look like this. Notice the lines representing the borders of the front cover, spine and the back cover.

Step IV. Import the image file into your Inkscape desktop by clicking on File > Import > Browse. See screenshot below:

In My case, I selected the following image file that would soon become the face or front cover of my dvd insert.

Now, click on “Open” button.

Clicking the button will put the image on your Inkscape screen:

Step V. Resize the Image file until the edges of the image reach the cover’s borders simply by pulling the arrows to the edges of the border. (See screenshot below)

The front cover of my dvd insert is now finished.

Step VI. Creating the the back cover. To create the back cover, simply locate the website or index.htm or index.html file of the resale rights package and double clicking on it so it will open your browser. What will you do now is to screen capture a portion of the sales page using a screen capture software such as Ultra Snap which is usually the top portion of the sales page. You can get a trial version of Ultra Snap at this website: In my case the website or index.html file is located here:

With my screen capture software, I selected the sales page portion below to create the back cover of my dvd insert. I would be saving this image and import it later on my inkscape program.

Now, after repeating the same steps as in creating the front cover, I am now almost done with my dvd insert with both the front and back cover already finished.

Step VII. Creating the spine. To create the spine, simply choose a portion of the sales page, header or another image file and screen capture it using your screen capture software. In my case I chose a portion of the header.

Now, listen to this very carefully. As you can see the image above which we would be using as spine is positioned horizontally. We need to turn it vertical in order to make it fit for our dvd insert’s spine. To do this, all you have to do is to double click on the image file to open your picture browser.

At the bottom of your picture browser, you’d see a button that would enable you to turn your picture to the left or to the right. Click on the “Turn Right” button to make the header image vertical. Now close your picture browser to save the image’s new vertical position. See screenshot below:

Now, going back to your Inkscape program, import the spine and repeat the same steps as when you created your front and back cover. See screenshot below for the completed dvd insert. Thank you, I hope you’ve learned some new skills in this short manual.

Copyright 2008 Raul R. Bancod. All Rights Reserved

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