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Jordan University of Science and Technology

Faculty of dentistry
Department of preventive dentistry
2nd Semester 2007
Dent Course Syllabus
Course nformation
Course Title Pediatric Dentistry 561,562
Course Code
Dent 561
Dent 461, 462, 463
Course #ebsite
nstructor Dr Feda Zawaideh
$ffice %ocation Health Center
$ffice !hone & Extn 293
$ffice 'ours !esday 1"3#$4"3#
Course Description
his is an !nder%rad!ate c&!rse, which has tw& c&'(&nents, the&retical )* credit h&!r+, and
(ractical )1 credit h&!r+"
he the&retical c&'(&nent is in the ,&r' &, - lect!res that c&.er '&re ad.anced t&(ics in
(ediatric dentistry"
he (ractical c&'(&nent is in the ,&r' &, clinical sessi&ns that st!dents attend, and are
res(&nsi/le ,&r treatin% (atients acc&rdin% t& a set &, re0!ire'ents
Title Pediatric Dentistry
*uthor+s, Pin1ha' 2, Casa'assi'& P, 3cti%!e D, Fields H, 4&wa1 5"
!ublisher Else.ier 6a!nders
/ear 2##5
(dition 4
0oo. #ebsite
$ther references 3cD&nald, 5.ery and Dean" Dentistry F&r the Child and 5d&lescent" 3&s/y7 2##4,
Ca'er&n 5, 8id'er 9" Hand/&&1 &, Pediatric Dentistry" 3&s/y7 2##5, 2
*ssessment (-pected Due Date !ercentage
First (-am 11/12/2006 20%
Second (-am
Final (-am 3 and 4/6/2007 60%
*ssignments 20% 20%
6t!dents are ex(ected t& attend all '&re
than 9#: &, lect!res and clinics.
Course $b1ectives !ercentage
1$& %!ide the st!dents thr&!%h a cascade &, clinical s1ills that will ena/le
the' t& (r&(erly exa'ine, dia%n&se and 'an%e c&''&n &ral (r&/le's and
disease in children"
2$ & train st!dents t& deal with c&''&n /eha.i&ral (r&/le's in children at
the dental &,,ice
3$ & teach st!dents (r&,essi&nal c&nd!ct in the clinics and & i'(le'ent
in,ecti&n c&ntr&l (&licies in the dental settin%"
4$ & train st!dents h&w t& deal with (arents, ta1in% int& a c&!nt the 1$3
relati&nshi( !ni0!e t& (ediatric dentistry
5$& ena/le st!dents t& rec&%ni;e %eneral health (r&/le's in children and h&w
t& (r&(erly re,er the'
6$& %!ide st!dents &n sit!ati&ns and c&nditi&ns that re0!ire re,erral t&
s(ecialists and train st!dents t& write re,erral letters and re(&rts"
Teaching 2 %earning 3ethods
!ractical Component4
Duration: 16 wee! in the "ir!t term
Theoretical component4
#n the "orm o" $ %ecture!
%earning $utcomes4 &'on !ucce!!"u% com'%etion o" thi! cour!e( !tudent! wi%% )e a)%e to
*e%ated +),ecti-e.!/ *e"erence.!/0ha'ter
De-e%o' c%inica% !i%%! that wi%%
ena)%e them to 'ro'er%y
e1amine( dia2no!e and man2e
common ora% 'ro)%em! and
di!ea!e in chi%dren.
3o e""ecti-e%y and e""icient%y
'ro-ide denta% treatment and at
the !ame time in!ti%% a 'o!iti-e
denta% attitude throu2h 'ro'er%y
mana2in2 chi%dren4! )eha-iour
3o )e a)%e to reco2nize 2enera%
hea%th 'ro)%em! in chi%dren and
how to 'ro'er%y re"er them
5e a)%e to write a 'ro"e!!iona%
%etter o" re"erra%
3o !ucce!!"u%%y communicate
with 'arent! in the 'ediatric
denti!try !ettin2
Useful 5esources
www.aa'd.or2 Clinical guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Course Content
Chapter in Te-tboo.
6 Minimal approach to dentistry
10 Relative analgesia and advances in LA
11 Management of medically compromised
patients I
12 Management of medically compromised
patients II
13 Management of emergencies in the dental
14 Drug use and prescription in dentistry
*dditional 6otes
Clinical 5e"uirements for pediatric dentistry 7
year course 2008)2007
*ll students must finish at least the follo9ing clinical re"uirements during their 7
: !ulotomy; pulpectomy <
2 Stainless steel cro9n <
Trauma evaluation 2;or Treatment
: case :
2 discussion :
Space management
: 3aintainer :
= !revention
: Fissure sealant <
2 !55 2
> Fluoride 2
< $' 2
7 Diet analysis :
= (mergency including e-traction 2
= Comprehensive case :
= %etter of referral 2