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Sam Willett

SEC 384
Classroom Management Plan

Seating arrangement (include a seating chart as an attachment):

Establishing of behavioral expectations and consequences for not meeting those

How I will be taking attendance:

On the first day, I will allow my students to pick their own seat. From this, they will feel
comfortable when they come into my class. Also, when I present group projects to the
class, they will able to work comfortably. Even though socializing is inevitable to come
up within classroom time, I feel that the discussion-based structure implemented in my
curriculum will less the severity of the situation.

After they pick their seats on the first day, they will mostly stay that way for the rest of
the semester. I would only change them if a problem occurred in class or upon student
I expect that my students act as professionals when they discuss in my classroom. When
I am teaching a lecture, I expect them to listen, take notes, and participate if it is
required. If this requirement is not met, which can be found through sleeping,
socializing, etc., I will either stop the behavior when I see it. Though, if they are not
disrupting the class, I will let it go. If a student doesnt learn the information that they
need to know, their grade will suffer, and it will be their fault.

On top of this, I also expect everyone to treat their fellow classmates with respect. This
rule is presented in their handbook, so I will abide by the consequences that are detailed
in that description. Though, I would attempt to solve the conflict myself (if possible and
not becoming involved) before visiting drastic measure.

I also expect the majority of my students to participate during classroom discussion. If
they dont, they will not be awarded participation points, which will ultimately affect
their final grade.

For homework, I can be pretty lenient. If a student, who regularly turns in their work on
time, turns in a late assignment, Ill still accept it for full credit it. If it become a regular
occurrence, late work will start to become unacceptable. Realistically, we all run into
things that require our time, and, sometimes, we cant get around to some things. I hope
my students dont feel too pressured about making mistakes, and accepting late work
when needed should help achieve that.

As soon as the bell rings, I will take attendance silently from my desk. If a student
walks in late, they are responsible for telling me that they came in late so I can mark it
on my attendance sheet.

For the first couple weeks, I will most likely take attendance aloud in order to learn my
students names.

How students should get the teachers attention to answer a question or ask one:

Expectations when there is a substitute teacher:

Procedures for collecting student work:

Procedures for returning student work:

If a student wants to get my attention during a lecture, I expect them to raise their hand
and wait until I call on them to answer/ask a question.

During a discussion, it depends on the atmosphere. Most likely, I will allow them to
speak without raising their hand in order to create natural flow within the classroom.
Though, if two students begin to speak at the same time, I will assign them a number in
order in which they are allowed to speak. If another student wants to add to the
discussion, they can raise their hand, and I will give them permission to speak next.
If I had to have a substitute teacher, I would most likely give him/her a quiz to give the
students about the reading, ask them to collect all of the homework due for that day, and
tell them to tell the class that the rest of the day would be used to read any assigned
readings, do anything assigned work, or do work for other classes. This would only be
used if I were out of the classroom for one day.

If I were out of the classroom for about a week, I would give the sub a lesson plan
focusing on a couple of short stories or writing activities. If it landed in the middle of a
lesson on a novel, I would revisit the novel by doing a summarizing what was covered
the last time we discussed the novel and they proceed with the planned reading
I plan on collecting my students work in the beginning of class. I will instruct them to
place all of their homework on my desk in its prospective pile for the first couple of
weeks, but as time passes, I will expect to do it as a part of their routine.

For essays, I expect their essays to be turned in on the day they are due at the beginning
of class, but if a student runs into an issue and talk to me, I will allow them to email it to
me by the end of the day.
On regular assignments, I plan on returning most of their work by the end of the
week. If I receive the work towards the end of the week (on the downhill of the
hump), I will try my best to grade it over the weekend.

For essays, I plan on giving my self a couple of weeks to completely grade them.

Procedures for getting work missed when absent:

Procedures to follow in the event of either a disaster drill or real emergency:

Procedures for going to an assembly:

How parents can contact the teacher:

How grades will be determined:

Procedures for helping new students assimilate to the class:

If a student is absent, I will prepare an absent packet with details about what was
discussed in class. It will include any handouts that were handed during class and
assignments. I will make this packet available for parent pickup, but if they dont
pick it up, they will receive upon their first day back. The student and I will
negotiate in order to find the appropriate number of class days to complete absent
work. They are required to retrieve the notes of that class from one of their
Most likely, I will directly follow the directions that the school provides me. If
anything, I would ask my students to keep calm, form a single file line, and direct
them to the safest place in the building, whether that is inside or outside of the
In a high school, going to an assembly in extremely casual; well, it was at my old
high school. When the announcement is made for the students to be dismissed, I
would release them to go the assembly with the rest of the students. Hypothetically
I were assigned to make sure everyone made it to the assembly, I would walk
behind the pack of students to make sure everyone is in attendance.
I will provide my email in the class syllabus, but I will provide my phone contact
through parental request.
I would make an appropriate measurement between essays, regular assignments,
quizzes, group work, and participation. This would depend on how much
information is packed into a unit/ how much the class spends on the unit.
On their first couple of days, I could hold a couple of icebreakers in order for my
students to reintroduce themselves to the class. This way, the new student is
learning who everyone is, and my current students are learning more about their
fellow classmates!

Procedures for holiday parties:

Field trip expectations and procedures:

Holiday parties will most likely be held at the end of the days planned activities.
During this time, students are allowed to share food, which may be brought in or
requested and paid for the students (I would pick it up), socialize, and play
games, which may be provided by the school or approved by myself.
On field trips, students are expected to act professionally, which requires them to
be respectful to the place they are visiting and the people assisting them, coming
prepared to learn and have fun, and coming properly dressed for the event. I
would plan on using at least one other chaperone to assist me in watching over
everyone and making sure that all of the students are together.

The most important procedure would be attendance, which will be taken before
we leave each location of the field trip. By doing this, I will be sure that all of my
students are present on every part of the trip.