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Armando Saavedra
January 31, 1994
Raymon Pajarillo
September 19, 1996
The Bicol Region of southeastern Luzon is made up of the Provinces of Albay, Cam
arines Norte, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate. Legazpi City, ca
pital of Albay, is centrally located in the region and is accessible from Manila
in less than a hour by plane or in a few hours by bus.
Natural Attractions
Mayon Volcano
MOUNT MAYON is the central feature and natural attraction of the region. Just no
rth of Legazpi City it's symmetrical slopes dominate the view for miles around.
If you dare to scale it, read the Climbing Guide first then contact the Mayon Mo
untaineers through the Department of Tourism Office. If you change your mind you
can ride to the Mayon Resthouse one-third of the way up. Nearby is the PHILVOCS
Observatory and Museum which showcases Mayon's violent volcanic past.
Mts. Isarog, Iriga and Bulusan
Mayon's "little sisters" these mountain areas are designated National Parks prot
ecting native plants and animals. Take a look at the Climbing Guide then contact
the experts at the DOT office prior to planning any trek.
Tiwi Hot Springs National Park
A highly active thermal area, Tiwi has long been a popular place to "take the me
dicinal waters" and bathhouses abound. The waters are hottest in Naglagbong Lake
, a boiling sulfur pool. Tiwi is also the site of the mammoth Geothermal Electri
c Power Plant, which harnesses steam to generate electricity, and a salt making
Caves and Spelunking
Hoyop-Hoyopan Caves - about 15-km from Legazpi, the name means "blow-blow" in th
e local dialect from the sound of the wind whistling through the main entrance.
Archeological artifacts dating from 50 B.C. were excavated by a Franciscan pries
t and are now housed at the National Museum in Manila and nearby Camalig Church.
Calabidongan Caves - 2-km from Hoyop-Hoyopan, these caves feature an underground
stream and a population of bats. Pottery, human bones, beadwork and other artif
acts believed to be 4,000 years old have been found and can be seen at Camalig C
Del Rosario Caves - located near Jovellar, a grotto-like cavern on a hillside.
Minaroso Caves - on Batan Island located close to the sea and is a haven for sea
birds and swallows.
Waterfalls and Lakes
Busay Falls - one of the highest in the country, it cascades down in seven tiers
from a height of 800 feet into two catchbasins. Accessible by foot trail.
Mataginting Falls - in Jovellar near the Naglaus Underground River.
Palale Falls - in Malinao.
Lake Danao - located 15-km northeast of Polangui, it's nestled in a lovely setti
ng between Mts. Malinao and Masaraga.
Beaches and Islands
Sogod Beach - in Bacaycay it's adjacent to the highway and is popular for its wh
ite sand enclaves.
Buhatan Beach - in Santo Domingo are the remains of a Spanish Galleon five fatho
ms deep in clear water. Scuba divers can explore the wreck, though its relics ar
e now kept at the National Museum in Manila.
Cagraray Island - off the east coast of Albay, it offers many pristine white san
d beaches.
Batan Island - in the same area, it's a sanctuary for many types of wildlife inc
luding monkeys, hornbills, mallards and huge pigeons.
San Lorenzo Beach - commands a panoramic view of Tabaco Bay and the bucolic San
Miguel Island.
Putsan Beach - has black volcanic sands and its local people produce beautiful p
ottery using ancient methods.
Kilayukay Beach - echoes the South Pacific islands.
Ilologan Beach - excellent for skindiving and fishing it has a long stretch of c
oral sands.
Roca Baluarte - a fort-like formation which has been converted to a beach resort
Rizal Beach - about an hour from Legaspi in Sorsogon, pristine white sands becko
Cultural Attractions
Cagsawa Ruins - in 1814, Mayon Volcano erupted and sent lava flows cascading dow
n its sides. The townspeople of Cagsawa fled to the church where they perished w
hen it was engulfed in the fiery flows. Today, only the church tower remains as
a memorial.
Daraga Church - an 18th century baroque church poised on a hill with commanding
views of the sea and Mayon Volcano. Its stone masons suffused the facade with st
atuary, carvings, alcoves and niches at different levels.
Camalig Church - built entirely out of volcanic rocks it has a small museum whic
h houses archeological artifacts extracted from local caves.
Budiao Ruins - like Cagsawa, this town is thought to have been destroyed in the
1814 Mayon eruption.
Sinimbahan Ruins - The remains of a seaside church leveled by a tidal wave.
Japanese Garden - built by Japanese Peace Corps volunteers.
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Naga City Hotels
Villa Caceres Hotel - Naga City
Villa Caceres Hotel is a four star hotel and known as the Gem of Bicolan
dia City that is situated in Naga City, Philippines. It is one of the finest hot
els in Naga City that is close to all Malls in Naga, banks, restaurants, churche
s, bars, Haciendas De Naga, airport, Water Park, and other points of interest. I
t provides shuttle service, entertainment bar, parking lot, laundry service, WiF
i in public areas/LAN-High Speed Internet, Cable TV, coffee shop, hotel restaura
nt, swimming pool, meeting rooms, steam room, and 102 spacious guest rooms.
Villa Caceres Hotel
The Avenue Plaza Hotel - Naga City
The Avenue Plaza Hotel is a 4 star hotel that is located in Naga City, B
icol, Philippines. The hotel provides first class service, friendly and hospitab
le staffs, easy access from banks, malls, churches, bars, restaurants, few minut
es drive away from the airport, and other point of interest. They also offer comp
lete facilities and amenities like hotel restaurant, 24 hour coffee shop, WiFi/h
igh speed internet, swimming pool, salon, tours, shuttle, gym business rooms, ba
llrooms, 64 modern style rooms (Superior Double, Superior Twin, De Luxe Double,
Deluxe Twin Bed, Executive Suite, and many more.
The Avenue Plaza Hotel
Naga Regent Hotel - Naga City
Naga Regent Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Naga City, Bicol. The h
otel is a perfect place to stay while discovering the beauty of Bicol. It is jus
t few minutes away from the airport, coffee shop, banks, bar, fast food chains,
shops, malls, city plaza, museum, churches, schools, and many more. Enjoy their
excellent service and complete hotel facilities and amenities like WiFi/LAN Inte
rnet, hotel restaurant, generator, ATM nearby, salon and spa, business center, c
able TV and telephone, 62 spacious guest rooms, 10 function rooms, and many more
Naga Regent Hotel
CBD Plaza Hotel - Naga City
CBD Plaza Hotel is a newly built hotel in Naga City Bicol, Philippines a
nd it is situated near SM Naga. This is a perfect place for you stay while disco
vering the beauty of Naga City since it is very close to all terminals like bus
and vans, malls, market, churches, restaurants, and many more. They provide 159
guest rooms (Single, Deluxe Queen Bed , and Deluxe Twin Bed), WiFi, Cable TV, AC
rooms, meeting rooms, airport shuttle, hotel restaurant, laundry services, mass
age, car park, and many more.
CBD Plaza Hotel
Naga Land Hotel - Naga City
Naga Land Hotel is located in the heart of Naga City just in front of E-
Mall. Since the hotel is situated at the center of the city, it is very close to
all banks, malls, fast food chains, restaurants, hospitals, churches, schools,
Plaza Rizal and 13 Martires Plaza, terminals, and many more. They provide 51 gue
st rooms (Single, Double, and Queen Standard, King and Queen Deluxe), WiFi, LAN
Internet, 24 hour room service, laundry service, massage, travel bookings, AC, C
able TV, hotel restaurant/coffee shop, meeting facilities, airport transfer, and
so much more.
Naga Land Hotel
Moraville Hotel - Naga City
Moraville Hotel is situated in the heart of Naga City, Philippines and b
een serving for over 20 years. It is newly renovated and since it is located in
the metropolitan of Naga, the hotel is close to all malls, terminals, plazas, re
staurants, fast food chains, bars, schools, hospitals, churches, and other histo
rical and entertainment in Naga. There are some branches of Moraville Hotels sca
ttered in the city and Camarines Sur and they provide spacious guest rooms (Exec
utive Room, Family, Twin, and Standard), hotel restaurants, meeting rooms, execu
tive floor, WiFi/LAN, massage, 24 hr room service, laundry services, and other f
Moraville Hotel
Crown Hotel - Naga City
The Crown Hotel is also situated at the heart of Naga City adjacent of 1
3 Martires Plaza and Plaza Rizal. It is a great hotel if you want to be near the
business and metropolitan section of Naga. The hotel offers 39 rooms (Standard
Twin, Deluxe, Deluxe Twin, Suite A, and Suite B), WiFi, massage, recreational fa
cilities, AC, airport shuttle, meeting rooms, Cable TV, business center, room se
rvice, safe deposit box, and other hotel facilities.
Crown Hotel
Fish Cove Garden - Naga City
Fish Cove Garden Hotel is one of the best accommodations in Naga City lo
cated at Abella St., Bicol, Philippines. Since it is in the heart of the City Na
ga, it is a perfect place to discover Bicol while enjoying the easy access to al
l the lively city has to offer. This contemporary hotel is close to malls, resta
urants, bars, fast food chains, UNC Museum, churches, airport, Naga City Park, b
anks, hospitals, shops, water park, and so on. It also comes with Garden Rooms a
nd Bamboo Rooms, WiFi, bar, restaurant, 24 hour room service, laundry services,
coffee shop, garden with recreational facilities, tree house, AC, TV Cable, bath
rooms, water activities, animal/bird watching, meeting facilities, and many more
Fish Cove Garden
The Naga Manor - Naga City
The Naga Manor sits at Naga City, Bicol and it is the extension of Avenu
e Plaza Hotel. The hotel is very close to all bars, coffee shops, restaurants, b
anks, malls, Avenue Square, Naga City Gym, Basilica Church, and other points of
interest. Naga Manor offers 15 rooms (Single, Twin, Triple, Quad), meeting facil
ities, hotel garden, WiFi, car park, tours, and other facilities.
The Naga Manor
Stonehouse Gardens Resort - Naga City
The Stonehouse Gardens Resort is one of the best hotel resort accommodat
ions in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines. It is a rain forest garden resort that si
ts at the base of Mt. Isarog just 20 minutes away from downtown Naga City and Ai
rport of Pili. The hotel has 9 modern rooms with great room amenities and facili
ties such as LAN Internet Access, WiFi, cable TV, shower with water heater, balc
ony, Jacuzzi, 24 hour room service, laundry service, coffee/tea maker, hotel res
taurant, salon, meeting facilities, infinity pool, tennis court, bicycle rental,
smoking area, shops, and many more.
Stonehouse Gardens Resort Hotel
Spring Valley Garden Resort - Naga City
Spring Valley Garden Resort is a perfect place to spend time with your f
amily. The resort is situated at Del Rosario, City Naga, Philippines and it offe
rs fine guest rooms (Deluxe Single, Deluxe, Executive, and Fan Room), non smokin
g room, bar and restaurant, outdoor pool, garden, coffee shop, 24 hour room serv
ice, shower, family room, airport shuttle, parking lot, and pets are allowed. Sp
ring Valley is just 10 min away from downtown Naga.
Spring Valley Garden Resort
Seor Enrico Bed and Breakfast - Naga City
The Seor Enrico Bed and Breakfast is a 2 star hotel that is located at Sa
n Felipe, Naga City, Bicol. It is just few minutes away from downtown Naga and P
ili Airport. It comes with 18 well equipped rooms (Double Standard, Double Super
ior, Double Executive, and Family Room), WiFi, Cable TV, 24 hour room service, s
hower, AC, garden, Bar/Restaurant, parking lot, private bathroom, recreational f
acilities, and many more.
Seor Enrico Bed and Breakfast
Kayumanggi Resort - Naga City
Kayumanggi Resort is located in the heart of Naga City, Bicol, Philippin
es. Guest can enjoy easy access to all the city has to offer like malls, bars, r
estaurants, fast food chains, banks, churches, park, recreational places, and ot
her land marks in Naga. The resort is just 20 minutes away from the Airport. It
comes with outdoor pool, garden, pool for kids, car park, AC, non smoking rooms,
shower, 24 hour room service, 10 standard rooms, and other room facilities.
Kayumanggi Resort
Flamingo Hostel - Naga City
Flamingo Hostel is one of the hotels in City Naga and it is located alon
g Maharlika Highway, Concepcion Pequea. It has 19 well appointed guest rooms (Del
uxe, Deluxe Twin, Superior, Suite, and Suite Twin) with AC, Cable TV, hair dryer
, shower, non smoking rooms, WiFi/LAN, 24 hour room service, safety deposit box,
car park, shuttle service, tours, smoke detector, telephone, housekeeping, Cafe
/Coffee shop, restaurant, massage treatment, parking lot, wake up call service,
and many more. The hotel is close to all the city has to offer like malls, parks
, restaurants, bars, fast food chains, banks, churches, Water Park, Basilica Chu
rch, Cathedral Church, and other landmarks in Bicol, Philippines.
Flamingo Hostel
Sampaguita Tourist Inn 2 - Naga City
Sampaguita Tourist Inn Hotel is one of the nicest hotels in Naga City wi
th affordable rate of rooms, but with great services and facilities. It is locat
ed along the Naga River in the heart of Naga City, Bicol, Philippines. The hotel
is close to all city has to offer like fast food chains, restaurants, malls, ba
nks, hospitals, schools, coffee shops, and many more. They provide 110 fine room
s, cable TV, hotel restaurant, WiFi, massage, 24 hour room service, laundry serv
ice, function room, bath tub/water heater, coffee shop just beside the hotel, an
d other hotel facilities and amenities. This is the best place to stay while wat
ching the Penafrancia Festival in Naga especially the fluvial procession.
Sampaguita Tourist Inn
Sampaguita Tourist Inn 1 - Naga City
Sampaguita Tourist Inn 1 is one of the most affordable hotels in Naga Ci
ty, but with good quality and well maintained hotel rooms. It is just few steps
away to its extension Sampaguita Tourist Inn 2 with the same location near the r
iver side at Panganiban Bridge. The hotel is close to malls, restaurants and bar
s, Plaza, hospitals, churches, historical attractions, fast food chains, super m
arket, coffee shops, banks, and many more. They offer hotel restaurant, coffee s
hop, WiFi, guest rooms (single, double, triple, and family), AC, Cable TV, showe
r room, and other facilities.
Sampaguita Tourist Inn 1
Travel Suite - Naga City
Travel Suite is located at Almeda Road, San Felipe, Naga City with 2 typ
es of guest rooms (Queen Room and Twin Double). The hotel is just few min away f
rom Magsaysay Strip, banks, malls, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, souvenir sho
ps, churches, water park, Haciendas De Naga, fast food chains, hospitals, school
s, and other recreational and historical landmarks in Bicol Naga. It also provid
es WiFi, AC, 24 hour room service, car park, Cable TV, shower, private bathrooms
, hotel restaurant, garden, meeting facilities, and a swimming pool soon to open
Travel Suite
Starview Hotel - Naga City
Starview Hotel is situated at the heart of Naga City just in front of 13
Martires Plaza. The hotel is just few minutes away from bars and restaurants, f
ast food chains, malls, banks, and other tourist spots in Naga. They provide WiF
i, Cable TV, hot and cold shower, 24 hr room service, massage, shuttle service,
auto lock system, safety deposit box, meeting rooms, and other facilities and ro
om amenities. This is the perfect place to stay while exploring the city of Naga
Starview Hotel
JoMckayl Apartelle - Naga City
JoMckayl Apartelle is situated in the City Naga, Bicol that has an easy
access to all the city has to offer. The hotel is close to SM City Naga, banks,
bars and restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains, Plaza Rizal, Quince Martir
es, churches, Bicol Science and Tech. Centrum, Naga City Gymnasium, and many mor
e. It offers WiFi/High Speed Internet, AC, Cable TV, laundry services, room serv
ices, kitchenette, refrigerator, 38 guestrooms (Deluxe Matrimonial, Deluxe Twin,
Fully Furnished Apartelle, Family Room, and Fan Room), and other facilities.
JoMckayl Apartelle
Magic Square Inn - Naga City
Magic Square Inn is located at Taal Street, Naga City, Bicol and it just
few minutes away from malls, banks, churches, library, Science Centrum, Naga Ci
ty Hall, Naga City Gym, and many more. It has 15 clean fine rooms (Standard and
Family Room) and can hold 42 guests. The hotel is designed for private gathering
s like wedding, reunion, and birthday for relatives. Magic Square provides free
use of kitchen and hall, extra beds, water heater, WiFi, car park, meeting facil
ities, AC, TV, restaurant, and other faculties.
Magic Square Inn Hotel
White Dahlia Apartelle - Naga City
The White Dahlia Apartelle is located at Naga City, Bicol, Philippines.
It is close to all the city has to offer like malls, bars and restaurants, fast
food chains, plazas, churches, Naga City Gymnasium, Raul Roco Library, Bicol Sci
ence and Tech Centrum, shops, and other recreational and historical places. The
hotel comes with WiFi, 24 hour room service, coffee shop, massage, AC, non smoki
ng rooms, Cable TV, shared bathroom, En Suite, and 20 fine guestrooms (Deluxe Ma
trimonial, Deluxe Twin and Deluxe Family).
White Dahlia Apartelle
Hotel Mirabella - Naga City
Hotel Mirabella is located in Naga City, Bicol and it has 24budget rooms
which are very affordable, but nice accommodation. The hotel is just few minute
s away from all banks, restaurants, fast food chains, malls, churches, market, t
erminal, bars, and many more. Mirabella Hotel offers smoking area, car park, hot
el restaurant, 24 hr room service, WiFi, AC, shower, cable TV, balcony, and othe
r facilities.
Hotel Mirabella
Legazpi Hotels
The Oriental Legazpi - Legazpi City, Albay
The Oriental Legazpi sits on Taysan Hill overlooking the attractive city
scape and the newly built hotel in Legazpi. They offer hotel restaurant located
inside, pool bar, WiFi/LAN Internet, complete facilities and amenities, and supe
rb rooms. Enjoy the majestic Mayon Volcano and blue waters of the Gulf of Albay.

The Oriental Legazpi
Hotel Venezia - Legazpi City
Hotel Venezia is one of the nicest hotel in Legazpi City and it is surro
unded by the perfect cone, Mayon Volcano. The hotel is a combination of home sty
le and modernd business hotel. Hotel Venezia is located near the Legazpi City Ai
rport that offers 40 rooms, caffe restaurant, WiFi/LAN Internet, laundry service
s, and many more.
Hotel Venezia
Hotel St. Ellis - Legazpi City
Hotel St. Ellis is close to the Airport of Legazpi and close to Kapuntuk
an Hill, Embarcadero, Magayon Art Gallery, Legazpi City Museum, and other points
of interest. It has a hotel restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner
. Hotel Amenities include outdoor pool, WiFi/LAN Internet, fitness facility, mee
ting rooms, and many more.
Hotel St. Ellis
LKY Mayon Imperial Hotel - Legazpi City
LKY Mayon Imperial Hotel is a four star hotel that is situated at Taysan
Hills, Legazpi City, Philippines. It is just 10 minutes away from the Town Cent
er, Legazpi Airport, malls, hospitals, and other tourist spots. The hotel offers
hotel restaurant, AC rooms/Non-Smoking rooms, Cable TV, Tea Maker, Gym, Swimmin
g pool, Fitness Facilities, Business Center, Conference Rooms, Deposit Box, Ball
room, Meeting Rooms, airport shuttle, and many more.
LKY Mayon Imperial Hotel
La Piazza Hotel - Legazpi City
La Piazza Hotel and Convention Center is situated in the heart at Legazp
i, Albay Philippines. It is just 2 kilometers away from city center and 10 minut
es away from the Legazpi Airport. Guests will enjoy citys attractions like SM Savem
ore, Mayon Volcano, Our Lady of Fatima, and many more. La Piazza Hotel offers 49
rooms, caffe restaurant, meeting rooms, WiFi in public areas, LAN Internet in e
ach rooms, airport transfer, and other hotel facilities and amenities.
La Piazza Hotel & Convention Center
Casablanca Suites - Legazpi City
Casablanca Suites is a modern hotel that is located in Legazpi, Albay Ph
ilippines. Enjoy easy access to all points of interest like St. Gregory Great Ca
thedral, Mayon Volcano, Legazpi Airport, and many more. The hotel offers first c
lass facilities/amenities and services. It provides 19 hotel rooms, meeting faci
lities, WIFI and LAN unlimited Internet access, restaurant/coffee shop, and etc.

Casablanca Suites
Alicia Hotel - Legazpi City
Alicia Hotel is one of the hotels in Legazpi City, Bicol with easy acces
s to all the lively city has to offer. The hotel is close to the Legazpi Airport
and Lignon Hills Natures Park. They offer restaurant, WiFi/LAN Internet, outdoor p
ool, laundry services, bar, coffee shop, and other hotel facilities and amenitie
Alicia Hotel
Tyche Boutique Hotel - Legazpi City
Tyche Boutique Hotel is located in Legazpi , Albay that can hold busines
s travel and leisure for the hotel customers. The hotel is close to hotel, churc
h, Cagsawa Ruins, Mayon Volcano, Legazpi banks, shopping areas, entertainment ce
nters, bars, and a minute drive to the airport. They provide goos services like
dining restaurant, airport transfer, business center, tours, 24 hotel rooms, WiF
i/LAN Internet, 24 hr room service, massage, and other facilities.
Tyche Boutique Hotel
Ellis Ecotel - Legazpi City
Ellis Ecotel is a modern hotel that is situated at Embarcadero de Legazp
i, Albay, Philipines and ideal spot to discover Bicol. The hotel has 132 modern
style guest rooms and provides friendly and accommodating staffs, complete facil
ities and amenities like Wifi/Lan Internet, Hot and Cold Shower, AC rooms, Cable
TV, lounge/restaurant, bar, spa, massage, door keeper, tours, flat screen TV, s
moking rooms, and many more. Visit and enjoy luxury Cruise ship, spectacular pan
oramic view of Pacific Ocean, Mayon Volcano, Sleeping Lion/Kapuntukan Hill, Head
less Statue, and other point of interest.
Ellis Ecotel
Legazpi Airport Hotel - Legazpi City
Legazpi Airport Hotel sits on Legazpi Philipines near airport and it was
renovated last 2011. They provide 24 rooms (Single/Twin/Matrimonial/Victoria Su
ites), laundry services, shop, WiFi, hotel restaurant, massage, hotel garden, ca
r park, flat screen/cable tv, and other facilities and amenities. The hotel is a
perfect place for you to enjoy your stay in Bicol.
Legazpi Airport Hotel
La Roca Veranda Suites & Restaurant - Legazpi City
La Roca Veranda Suites & Restaurant was built last 2010 and it is found
in Legazpi , Albay, Philippines. The hotel is close to LCC Expressmart, SM Savem
ore, Our Lady of Fatima, and 2 kilometers away from the heart of the city Legazp
i. La Roca Veranda Suites offers hotel bar/restaurant, fine amenities, shower, b
athtub, terrace, garden, WiFi in public areas, meeting facilities, massage, room
services, coffee shop, and 10 comfortable rooms (twin and queen).
La Roca Veranda Suites
Magayon Hotel - Legazpi City
Magayon Hotel is one of the affordable hotels in Legazpi City that is ne
arby the city center and some points of interest in Bicol. The hotel is just few
min away from Embarcadero, Battle of Legazpi Monument, Plaza Rizal, Churches, s
plendid Mayon Volcano, hospitals, Expressmart, and many more. They provide 74 gu
estrooms (Premium Room, Deluxe, and Executive), cable TV, shower, AC rooms, coff
ee shop, laundry services, car park, meeting facilities, 24 hour room service, a
nd pets are allowed inside.
Magayon Hotel
Vista Al Mayon Pensionne - Legazpi City
Vista Al Mayon Pensionne is a two star hotel that is located at F. Aquen
de Drive, Legazpi City, Philippines. It is just few minutes away from Legazpi Ai
rport, malls, churches, banks, parks, food chains, and other things that city ca
n offer. The hotel provides 26 guestrooms (Deluxe, Executive, and Annex), Cable
TV, AC, Satellite, Coffee/Tea Maker, 24 hour room service, Laundry Services, Par
king Area, Hotel Restaurant, Garden, Swimming Pool, Leisure Area - Billiard Tabl
e, WiFi, Massage, Smoking Rooms, Shuttle Service, and many more.
Vista Al Mayon Pension
Legazpi Tourist Inn - Legazpi City
Legazpi Tourist Inn is a 2 star hotel that is located at Lapu-Lapu Stree
t, Legazpi City, Philippines. The hotel is within the city district which is clo
se to all Legazpi malls, Metro Gaisano, hospitals, park, Headless Statue, banks,
and other points of interest. Legazpi Tour Inn offers 24 guestrooms (Standard A
ir Conditioning, Standard Non Aircon, and Deluxe Aircon), AC, hotel restaurant,
Non Smoking rooms, Cable, Shower, Safety Box, 24 hour room service, laundry serv
ices, parking lot, WiFi, fans, and many more.
Legazpi Tourist Inn
Hotel Villa Angelina - Legazpi City
Hotel Villa Angelina is a stylish and cozy hotel found inLegazpi City, A
lbay, Philippines. The hotel is just 5 minutes away from the Legazpi Airport and
very close to all Cities point of interest. It also provides stunning view of th
e Magnificent Mayon Volcano, 20 rooms with fine room amenities, WiFi in public a
reas, room massage, laundry services, car park, meeting facilities, airport tran
sfer, Jacuzzi, and other hotel facilities.
Hotel Villa Angelina
Pepperland Hotel - Legazpi City
Pepperland Hotel is sited along the Legazpi City Airport Road and 15 min
utes away from downtown. The hotel offers practical price with complete room ame
nities, room massage, bar/restaurant, WiFi, unlimited Internet access in each ro
oms, coffee shop, function rooms, spacious rooms, standby generator, and many mo
Pepperland Hotel
Sorsogon Hotels
Villa Isabel Hotel - Sorsogon City
Villa Isabel Hotel is a great place to stay in Sorsogon. This modern hot
el is in the vicinity of popular city attractions such as Sorsogon Provincial Ca
pitol Park and Building, Sorsogon National High School Main Building, Rompeolas/
Sorsogon Pier. This modern hotel provides laundry service/dry cleaning, 24 hour
room service, car park, free WIFI access at the lobby, outdoor pool, garden, res
taurant and Banquet Hall that is equipped with the latest audio visual and light
ing facilities for big and small occassion like weddings, birthdays, seminars an
d conference. All rooms are spacious and air conditioned with refrigerator, free
Wifi, hot shower and balcony for smoking rooms.
Villa Isabel Hotel
Elysia Beach Resort - Donsol
Elysia Beach Resort is situated in the heart of Donsol, Sorsogon. Donsol
is home to some of the Phiilippines greatest and most unique underwater attract
ions. This resort is set in a Zen like garden and the 15 rooms are built around
the swimming pool. Visitors to the hotel can take pleasure in touring the city\'
s top destinations such as the Donsol Whale Shark/ Butanding Interaction, Astill
ero of Donsol and Dancalan Beach. This very nice resort offers access to a vast
array of services and amenities such concierge, meeting rooms, airport transfer,
pool, pool beds, hammocks, garden, pool deck, cocktail bar, ocean and pool view
cottages. International cuisines are also available at the restaurant. There ar
e two room options, the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Rooms. All rooms are air-conditi
oned, bathroom with hot shower and terrace.
Elysia Beach Resort
Sirangan Beach Resort - Sorsogon City
Sirangan Beach Resort is 4 Star Hotel and considered to be one of the ni
cest beach resorts in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. It is located near on
the beach just 14 Kilometers North of Sorsogon City and offers many activities
and attractions. All Rooms come with Satellite/Cable TV, Coffee Tea Maker, Air C
onditioning, WIFI, and 24 Hour Room Service. Hotel Amenities and Services includ
e a Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Garden, Meeting Facilities, Swimming Pool / Poolside
Bar, Tours, Family Room, Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Baby Sitting, SPA/Massage, Water
Sports, Free Parking and much more. Sirangan Beach Resort Hotel allows pets and
offers Airport Transportation upon request.
Sirangan Beach Resort
Fernandos Hotel - Sorsogon City
Fernandos Hotel is the ideal place for your excursions in Bicol. Located
in the heart of Sorsogon, here you are just a few minutes away from the provinc
e's incomparable ecotour destinations such as the Whaleshark Interaction, the my
stical Bulusan Mountain Lake and volcano climbing, scuba-diving, kayaking and ot
her deep-sea adventures in white sand beaches. The hotel offers access to a vast
array of services and amenities including Laundry Service/Dry Cleaning, Tours,
Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Airport Transportation, Massage, and much more. All roo
ms have Air Conditioned, Cable TV, WIFI, Safety Deposit Boxes, and Hot Water Sho
Fernandos Hotel
AGM Beach Front Resort - Donsol
AGM Beach Front Resort is located in Dancalan, Donsol, Sorsogon, the Wha
le Shark haven of the Philippines. It can be reached by plane, about 55 minutes
from Manila to Legaspi City Airport and one hour from Legaspi City by car. This
resort is just a few minutes walking distance from the Tourism Office where tour
ists register and attend the orientation on Whale Shark Watching. The rooms have
air conditioner, your choice of twin or full bed, a mini refrigerator and bathr
ooms with shower. The resort provides facilities and amenities such as 24-hour r
oom service, laundry service/dry cleaning, restaurant, function hall, Island hop
ping tours, baby sitting, meeting facilities, garden dining, picnic kiosks, smok
ing rooms ,bar and Airport transportation upon request.
AGM Beachfront Resort
Santa Clara Park Hotel - Sorsogon City
Santa Clara Park Hotel is located in Pangpang, Sorsogon, a quaint villag
e in Bicol. The hotel is situated away from the main street avoiding the bustlin
g noise of day-to-day traffic. It is on a tranquil park like setting with ponds,
refreshing spring water stream, and a gazebo. They provide the best in-services
and amenities such as complimentary WIFI, room service, coffee shop, car park a
nd massage are just a few of the facilities that set Santa Clara Park Hotel apar
t from other hotels in the city. It is a perfect venue for family getaways or co
rporate retreats. All rooms are air conditioned with cable TV, WIFI access, sofa
, eating area and refrigerator. All the hotel bathrooms have hot shower and bide
Santa Clara Park Hotel
Selvinas Hotel & Restaurant - Sorsogon City
Selvinas Hotel & Restaurant is a popular choice amongst travelers in Bic
ol, whether exploring or just passing through. The hotel offers a wide range of
amenities and facilities such as Restaurant, Bar and Lounge, function/meeting ro
oms, car park, high speed internet, massage, laundry service, bike rental, garde
n, airport transfer and room service. Each guest room has a terrace, a plasma TV
with satelllite channels. a DVD and CD player, separate shower and queen or twi
n bed upon request. No matter what your reasons are for visiting Bicol, Selvinas
Hotel & Restaurant will make you feel instantly at home.
Selvinas Hotel and Restaurant
Ingko Hotel Gabao - Sorsogon City
INGKO hotel Gabao is situated in Sorsogon City, Sorsogon. It is in the p
roximity of the citys main attraction such as Tolong Gapo Beach, Sorsogon Provinc
ial Capitol Park and Building, Sorsogon National High School Main Building and t
he Town Center. Facilities at this contemporary hotel include dry-cleaning and l
aundry service, a Restaurant, room service, housekeeping, garage and a garden. A
ll the rooms at the Ingko Hotel Gabao have plasma TV with satellite/cable channe
ls, desk, complimentary bottles of water, air conditioner and bathrooms with sho
wer. Legazpi Airport (LGP) is within a 80 minute drive from the Ingko Hotel Gaba
Ingko Hotel
Fritz Homestay - Sorsogon City
Fritz Homestay is located in the heart of Sorsogon City. The hotel lies
2.5 kilometer from the city center and provides accessibility to important town
facilities. All 17 guest rooms are well appointed with necessary amenities for a
satisfactory stay. Each guest room is air conditioned with satellite TV, free W
iFi access and shower. The hotel offers services and amenities such as laundry s
ervice/dry cleaning, coffee shop, tours, meeting rooms, restaurant, bicycle rent
als, airport transfer, swimming pool, garden and a poolside bar.
Fritz Homestay
Tentyard Hotel - Sorsogon City
Tentyard Hotel is ideally situated in Sorsogon City, Sorsogon. Guests ca
n enjoy easy access to all the lively city has to offer. With the city's main at
tractions within close reach, hotel guests will just love its location. The hote
l offers services and amenities such as laundry service/dry cleaning, meeting ro
oms, car park, garden, house keeping, and Wireless Internet available throughout
the entire hotel. All rooms are air conditioned with satellite/cable tv. If you
're looking for affordable yet comfortable accommodations in Sorsogon, make Tent
yard Hotel your home away from home.
Tentyard Hotel
Villa Jolee Lodging Inn - Donsol
Villa Jolee Lodging Inn is only a few meters away from the Donsol Touris
m Office where visitors register for the well-known Whale Shark Interaction. The
Inn consists of six rooms, with your choice of Deluxe or Standard room. Guestro
oms come with air-conditioning, a dresser with mirror, desk and bathroom with ho
t shower. Villa Jolee Lodging Inn has a restaurant, garden and car park. They al
so offer services such as nighttime boat cruise at the Donsol River for fireflie
s watching, Island hopping Tours, massage, room service and housekeeping.
Villa Jolee Lodging Inn
Shoreline Beach Resort - Donsol
Shoreline Beach Resort of Donsol, Sorsogon is within a 5 minute to the T
ourism Office. If you are looking for affordable beach accommodation, Shoreline
Resort is the right place for you. It is conveniently located near the departure
point to the whale shark tours. The resort consists of six spacious guest rooms
. All the rooms come with air conditioning, mini refrigerator, bathroom with hot
water shower and porch with table and chairs. They provide various services and
amenities such as airport transfer, dry cleaning and laundry service, restauran
t, tours, room service, garden and massage.
Shoreline Beach Resort
Aguluz Home Stay - Donsol
Aguluz Home Stay is a short walk from Municipal Hall and Rizal Park. It
is only a few minutes drive from The Tourism Center, which is the meeting point
for various tours. It is in the vicinity of popular city attractions such as Ast
illero of Donsol, Donsol Whale Shark Interaction, and Ruins of Panlatuan. Rooms
come with air conditioning or a fan, cable TV and free WIFI. Bathroom facilities
can be private or shared. They stay offers babysitting, massage, airport tours,
ironing and laundry services. Guests can request home cooked meals at very low
cost. Aguluz Home Stay is truly your home away from home.
Aguluz Home Stay
Masbate Hotels
Greenview Hotel - Masbate City
Greenview Hotel is located on Nursery Street a few kilometers from the M
asbate Airport. They offer single and double rooms with Air Conditioning / Hot a
nd Cold Shower, Cable TV, WIFI Internet. They have a nice Restaurant / Bar and s
ometimes Live Entertainment, Function Room, and 24 hour Security. Greenview Rest
aurant / Bar is one of the locals weekend favorite night spot.
MG Hotel - Masbate City
MG Hotel is one of the nicest hotels in Masbate City and located on the
coast line on Nursery Street. They have a restaurant/bar located inside the hote
l and function room for weddings or private events. MG Hotel has a very scenic g
arden swimming pool and offers ground floor rooms near the pool.
MG Hotel Website
Bituon Beach Resort - Mobo Masbate
Bituon Beach Resort in Masbate Philippines is one of the nicest resorts
in Masbate. They are located about 10 kilometers from Masbate and provide transp
ortation to and from the resort from Masbate Airport. Experience the scenic whit
e sand and blue water at one of the nicest beaches in the Bicol area. Bituon Res
ort has a 24 hour Restaurant / Bar, large variety of rooms, Function Rooms for w
eddings or events, swimming pool, bowling alley, and many indoor / outdoor activ
Bitoun Beach Resort Website

Cebu City
Metro Manila
Cebu Cebu City Cebu City tourist spots cebu tourist spots Fort Santiago Honda Ba
y hundred islands Intramuros Luneta Luzon magallanes street Magellan's Cross Man
ila Ocean park Manila zoo pangasinan philippines philippine tourist spots places
to visit in cebu places to visit in the Philippines Puerto Princesa Subterranea
n RIver National Park Puerto Princesa Underground River Quiapo rizal park touris
t spots in luzon Tourist spots in Manila Tourist Spots in Palawan Tourist spots
in the Philippines
Tourist Spots in Palawan: Honda Bay
Palawan Honda BayPalawan Honda Bay is one of the tourist spots in Palawan that a
ny traveler should go to. Famous for its clear water and the different islets sca
ttered around it, you can experience the best of Honda Bay by going in an islan
d hopping day trip adventure. The islets that comprise of Honda Bay Palawan ha
ve their own specialties and all of them are perfect for water sports such as di
ving, swimming and snorkeling.
Continue reading Tourist Spots in Palawan: Honda Bay
July 4th, 2011 | Tags: Honda Bay, Tourist Spots in Palawan, Tourist spots in the
Philippines | Category: Luzon, Palawan | Leave a comment
Tourist Spots in Palawan: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National ParkYou can find a lot of beautiful
and exciting tourist spots in Palawan and among these, the Puerto Princesa Subte
rranean River National Park tops the list. Popularly known as the Puerto Princes
a Underground River, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is said to
be the longest navigable subterranean river in the world. The Puerto Princesa U
nderground River is the official finalist of the Philippines to the search for t
he New 7 Wonders of Nature? So do I think it deserves a spot in the New 7 Wonder
s of Nature? Definitely yes! Continue reading Tourist Spots in Palawan: Puerto P
rincesa Subterranean River National Park
July 4th, 2011 | Tags: Puerto Princesa Subterranean RIver National Park, Puerto
Princesa Underground River, Tourist Spots in Palawan, Tourist spots in the Phili
ppines | Category: Luzon, Palawan | Leave a comment
Tourist Spots in the Philippines: Hundred Islands
Among all the tourist spots in the Philippines that Ive been to, Hundred Islands
is one of my favorites. Located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, the Hundred Islan
ds are scattered along Lingayen Gulf and cover an area of 18.44 square kilomete
rs. This National park is made up of 124 islands at low tide and 123 islands at
high tide. Among these Islands only 3 were developed for tourists and these are
the Governors Island, Quezon Island, and Childrens Island.

Quezon Island is the biggest among the 124 islands. It is one of the most-develo
ped and is ideal for picnicks and campings. It has dining areas, nipa huts, tabl
es & cottages. Tables can be rented at P200 and there are also a lot of kayaks f
or rent here for P150.00.
The Governors Island keeps a Guesthouse which is also popularly known as the pino
y big brother house. It has this magnificent 360 degrees view of the Hundred Isl
The Childrens Island are for budget travellers as it consists only of small scree
ned cottages with kerosene lighting, a drum of fresh water and linens.
How to get there:
For public vehicles from Manila it will be a 4 hour trip via Camiling thru SCTEX
or a 5 hr ride through Tarlac.
Public bus lines such as Victory Liner, Five Star, and Philippine Rabbit have sc
heduled rides from Manila, Baguio, Dagupan, Subic, Tarlac, and Zambales bound st
raight to Alaminos City and vice versa.
From the terminal, you then go to the Lucap Wharf which is only 10 to 15-minute
ride away either by private vehicle or tricycle. There are plenty of boats boun
d for the islands docked near the Wharf. There is also a Tourism Kiosk with a Hu
ndred Islands National Park Center staff eager to assist you with information an
d other things youll need for your island adventure.
March 18th, 2011 | Tags: hundred islands, Luzon, pangasinan, tourist spots in lu
zon | Category: Luzon | Leave a comment
Tourist Spots in Manila
There are plenty of tourist spots in Manila that local and foreign travelers wou
ld love to see. Let me enumerate some of the must see tourist attractions in Man
ila that you shouldnt miss if you are in the capital of the Philippines.
1. Rizal Park or Luneta
Rizal park is located at the northern end of Roxas Boulevard and overlooking Man
ila bay. Formerly called as Luneta it has been a site to some of the most signif
icant moments in Philippine history. It was where national hero, Jose Rizal was
executed, and so as fathers Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora. It is also where Philippi
ne independence from the Americans was declared. Aside from the Rizal shrine fam
ous attractions within the park are the chinese and japanese garden, Philippine
National Library, the Orchidarium and Butterfly pavilion, a giant Philippine map
, and a diorama of Rizals martyrdom.
2. Intramuros
Just beside Luneta is Intramuros or the Walled City. During the Spanish sovereig
nty threats of invasion from other nations prompted the construction of defenses
consisting of high stone wall, bulwarks, and moats. The walls stretched to 4.5
kilometers in length, enclosing a pentagonal area of approximately 64 hectares.
Within the walls are residences, churches, 6alaces,, schools, and government bui
ldings. There are colorful horse-drawn calesas or carts reminiscent of the Spani
sh time that bring tourists around the restored walls and stop at each historic
spot. The calesa drivers are also expert tourist guides.

3. Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago is a defense fortress that is part of Intramuros. It is where Jose
Rizal was imprisoned before he was executed. Metallic footsteps can be seen tod
ay from the prison cell of Rizal in Fort Santiago to Luneta to mark where the he
ro was said to have walked during that fateful morning. Fort Santiago also featu
res dungeons, cells, ruins, and a museum for Rizal, among many others.

4. Quiapo Church
Every year thousands of devotees flock to Quiapo church to see the Black Nazaren
e, a much venerated statue of Jesus Christ. It is fficially known as Minor Basil
ica of the Black Nazarene. Located in plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila, it is one
of the most popular churches of the country.

5. Manila Zoo
With the right mix of education and entertainment purposes, Manila Zoo will appe
al to both children and adults. Located at Adriatic St. Manila, the zoo has a la
nd area of 5.5 hectares and has a current population of about 500 animals. Manil
a Zoo also houses several endemic and indigenous species of animals like the bea
rcat, long-talied macaques and crocodiles. It also has a kinder zoo where childr
en can pet animals.

6. Manila Ocean Park
The Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium located behind Quirino Grandstand at Riza
l Park. It is the largest aquarium facility in the Philippines. Inside you can f
ind a variety of marine creatures such as sharks, rays, and other fishes that is
found in the Philippine waters. The main attraction of the park is the 25 meter
long walkway tunnel with 220 degree curve acrylic walls. It is such a great exp
erience to walk by that tunnel and just seal all the fishes swimming around you.

March 16th, 2011 | Tags: Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Luneta, Manila Ocean park, M
anila zoo, Quiapo, rizal park, Tourist spots in Manila, Tourist spots in the Phi
lippines | Category: Metro Manila | Leave a comment
Top Tourist Spots in the Philippines: Natural Wonders
Here is a list of the top most beautiful natural tourist spot attractions in the
Most of the top tourist spot attractions in the Philippines are natural wonders.
There is no doubt that the Philippines is blessed with such beautiful places th
at makes it one of Asias favorite vacation place.
1. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River
Declared as one of the United Nations World Heritage sites, the Puerto Princesa S
ubterranean River National Park features a spectacular limestone karst landscape
with an underground river. The rivers distinguishing features is that it emerges
winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. Major fo
rmations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers are also a h
ighlights in the river. The stalactites and stalagmites formation resembles amaz
ing images shapes like banana blossom,bell pepper, corn, mushroom, and the nativity.
ea also represents a significant habitat for biodiversity conservation. The site
contains a full mountain-to-sea ecosystem and has some of the most important fore
sts in Asia.
2. Banaue Rice Terraces
Considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, the Banaue Rice Terraces are 2,000
-3,000 year old terraces that were carved from the hillside by the tribes people
of Ifugao. The tribes people did this with their bare hands to level the steps
where they plant their rice, which is what makes this wonder so attractive, asid
e from the fact that the rice terraces are still used today. The rice terraces a
re like stepping stones stretching towards the sky, where some of them reach alm
ost 5,000 feet in altitude and cover about 4,000 square miles of land.
This is considered to be one of the greatest engineering feats of mankind, becau
se if each one were connected end to end, then they would reach halfway across t
he globe or be 10 times as long as the Great Wall of China. On 1995 the Banaue R
ice Terraces were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
3. Chocolate Hills
Spread over the municipalities of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan, the Chocolate Hil
ls is Bohols signature attraction. It consists of approximately 1,268 cone shaped
hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters. Formed centuries ago by tidal
movements, the hills are considered as a National Geologic Movement. During the
dry season, the grass covering the hills dry up and the brown earth is exposed,
transforming the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate Hersheys kisses
4. Taal Volcano
Reputed to be the worlds smallest active volcano, it is a volcanic island at the
middle of a lake in the Southern Tagalog province of Batangas. Inside the volcan
o is the Crater Lake, and inside this lake is yet another volcanic island called
Vulcan Point. A magnificent view of Taal Lake and volcano can be seen from the
nearby Tagaytay highlands. Visitors need a boat ride from the shores of the big
lake to get to the volcano, and horses are available for rent to explore the isl
5. Hundred Islands
The Hundred Islands are a group of 124 islands scattered along Lingayen Gulf cov
ering an area of 4,557 acres in the northern Philippine province of Pangasinan.
They are believed to be about two million years old. Only three of them have bee
n developed for tourists: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Childrens Island. T
he islands are actually ancient corals that extend well inland, in an area previ
ously comprising the seabed of an ancient sea
6. Tubbataha Reef
Measuring 99,600 hectares in size, the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park is ma
de up of 2 atolls rising in the middle of the Sulu Sea. A Study by Conservation
International has confirmed what Scientists long theorized, that it is the nurse
ry for fish and coral larvae that populates the Sulu-Sulawesi Triangle an area t
hat not only covers the most important and productive fishing grounds of the Phi
lippines but extends as far south as Malaysia and Indonesia. So important is thi
s submerged structure in the balance of the underwater eco- system that UNESCO d
eclared it a world heritage site as far back as 1993.
7. Pagsanjan Falls
Considered as the Philippines most popular waterfalls, it is situated in the rug
ged highlands of Cavinti in the Tagalog province of Laguna. The base of the Pans
anjan falls is a natural pool, allowing great swimming and diving. There are som
e caves to explore around the area which are known for their acoustics. Behind t
he waterfalls there is also a small cave which you can enter. To reach the water
falls, visitors ride upstream on bancas (local canoes) handled by skillful boatm
en. Many smaller waterfalls are visible on the way to the main falls especially
during the rainy weather. The ride downhill is a swift one where visitors get to
shoot 14 roaring rapids in less than an hour.
8. Mayon Volcano
Famous for its almost perfect conical shape, Mayon Volcano is one of philippines
top tourist destination. Even with the fact that it is the most active volcano i
n the country does not stop tourist from taking a glimpse on this majestic volca
no. Towering 2,462 meters above sea level with a jagged crater, the Mayon Volcan
o have unleashed its power and fury in almost 50 recorded eruptions since 1616.
Its volcanic activity is regularly monitored by the Philippine Institute of Volc
anology and Seismology at their provincial headquarters.
March 14th, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Magellans Cross Cebu City
The Magellans Cross is the most famous tourist spot in Cebu City because of its gr
eat historical significance. The Magellans Cross is housed in a chapel next to Ba
silica Minore del Sto. Nio in Magallanes St, and in front of the City Hall of C
ebu. It is considered to be the most important landmark of Cebu and in fact i
t s image can be found in the official seal of Cebu City.
The original wooden cross was erected by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers, a
s ordered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 at this location where Cebus Rajah Humabo
n, his wife Juana and their followers were baptized and the first catholic mass
in Cebu and in the Philippines was celebrated. This site was then improved in 17
35 by Reverend Juan Albarran and 1834 by Ret. Reverend Santos Gomez-Maraon, Bisho
p of Cebu.
A sign below Magellans Cross says that the original cross is cased inside the Tin
dalo wooden cross which is found in the center of the chapel to protect the orig
inal cross from people who gradually remove parts of the cross as souvenir or in
belief that the cross possesses providential power.

How to get there:
Getting to Magellans Cross is very easy. It can be reached by availing a taxi, y
ou can be assured that all drivers know how to get there. You can also ride a je
epney with a City Hall / Sto. Nio signboard.

March 14th, 2011 | Tags: Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu City tourist spots, cebu tourist
spots, magallanes street, Magellan's Cross, places to visit in cebu | Category:
Cebu City | Leave a comment
Welcome to Philippine Tourist Spots!
Welcome to Philippine Tourist Spots .net! This website will be all about the mus
t see tourist spots in the Philippines. We will explore the beautiful historical
landmarks of different cities and provinces, breathtaking natural resources, se
rene beaches exciting hang out places that every tourist and Filipinos must visi
t. Not only that, I will also be sharing some personal experiences and travel ti
ps for you to make sure that youll have a great time as you explore the beautiful
tourist spots in the Philippines.
March 12th, 2011 | Tags: philippine tourist spots, philippines, places to visit
in the Philippines, Tourist spots in the Philippines | Category: Uncategorized |
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Banaue of Painterly Dreams
Because of its high altitude, Banaue is often described as "where land merges wi
th the clouds to meet the heavens" with the rice terraces as "the stairway to th
e sky."
Banaue is a place for nature adventures and cultural immersion. Days are for ind
ulging in such activities as strolling, biking, and trekking. Evenings are for c
ampfire chats at a village or warm indoor cosseting at the lodges and inns.
A leading tourism destination in Asia, the Banaue rice terraces start from the b
ase of the Cordilleras and reach up to several thousand feet high. Its length, i
f stretched from end to end, could encircle half of the globe.
The rice paddies are fed by mountain springs and streams that are channeled into
an irrigation canal that runs downhill through the terraces.
In the village of Batad, the terraces take the shape of an amphitheater and can
be reached by a 12-kilometer ride from Banaue Hotel and a 2-hour hike through mo
untain trails.
After trekking through the terraces, cool retreats indeed are the spring-fed str
eam of Guihob and the magnificent Tappiya Waterfalls which has an enormous basin
for swimming.
Shopping takes a different twist in Banaue. While souvenir items are offered by
curio stores, the more exciting way to shop, however, is to go on a village visi
t, watch a family demonstrate their native craft and then haggle for a better pr
ice on their product.
Awesome Hills
Chocolate Hills is a series of 1,268 perfectly symmetrical, haycock-shaped hills
that rise some 30 meters above the ground. A National Geologic Monument, these
unique, rock formations were cast after million years of evolution.
Spread out in the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan, the hills are so-called
because they resemble chocolate bonbons when their grass cover turns to brown at
the onset of summer. Two of the hills have been developed and provided with fac
ilities, including a viewdeck, a youth hostel and a restaurant.
Other hills with a commanding view of the surrounding islands include Banat-I an
d Elly in the capital city of Tagbilaran, Himontagon in the town of Loay, Sampoa
ngan in Calape and Ilihan in Jagna.
Barefoot in the Beach
The code in Boracay is strictly informal.
There is an undeniable easy atmosphere in Boracay where walking barefoot than sh
od is the rule rather than the exception. White Beach is so, soooo fine, it feel
s like treading on miles of baby powder! No wonder, even swinging discos have th
e beach for a floor, giving dance a new twist.
There are no hang-ups either in this island. At daytime, tourists having a sooth
ing massage under the shade of a coconut tree beside the shoreline is a common s
ight. And from dusk to dawn, Boracay turns into one big party place where everyo
ne is welcome to join inBut first, let's toast that sunset cocktail!
Diversions are certainly no problem in this tropical eden with leisure activitie
s calendared throughout the year and amenities offered by some 350 tourist estab
The Isle of Your Tropical Dreams
Cebu is the traveler's fantasy of a tropical island come true - balmy weather, p
ristine beaches, crystalline waters, and luxurious resorts with all the frills o
f modern living.
The island-province of Cebu was where the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magella
n planted the Cross of Christianity in the name of Spain in 1521. But even befor
e Cebu became the Occidental gateway to the Orient, it was already a popular ent
ry point among Asian merchants.
Cebu has since blossomed into a choice tourist destination, with many leisure es
tablishments taking full advantage of its sea-valley-and-mountain location.
Metropolitan Cebu, the country's second biggest metropolis, is the political, ec
onomic, educational and cultural center of the Visayas. Hotels, shopping malls,
entertainment halls, casinos and golf fairways are ever present in the metro to
cater to every tourist's whim.
The rest of Cebu's 166 islands and islets are fringed with sandy beaches and sap
phire-clear waters teeming with marine life, perfect for divers.

Land of Plenty
"Kadayawan sa Dabaw" is Davao City's premier festival and showcases the natural
and cultural bounty of the land.
A movable feast in August, the week-long merrymaking highlights the manifold tri
bal cultures of the region which are vividly expressed in traditional songs, dan
ces, games and crafts. It is also on this occasion when a lively trade fair, cap
ped by a flower-and-fruit float parade, takes place. Street dancing and popular
entertainment complete the celebration.
Agriculture-based industries thrive in the Davao region. A major exporter of ban
anas, citrus, mangosteen and other tropical fruits, it is also the biggest produ
cer of cultured flowers in the country. Its surrounding waters are rich sources
for commercial fishing.
The world's largest city in terms of land area, Davao covers all of 244,000 hect
The capital of the Philippines - its heart and soul -- is Manila. It sets the rh
ythm of life in this archipelago and is a pulsating hub that blends the Oriental
with the Occidental, the quaint with the modern, the mundane with the extraordi
Manila was born out of the ashes of a once flourishing Malay settlement by the b
anks of the Pasig River. In 1571, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi established the Ever L
oyal City of Manila which, until 1898, was the seat of Spanish colonial rule in
Asia. He built the city within walls and called it Intramuros.
An anchor tourist destination, Manila is the very core of the 7,000 times more i
slands that make up the Philippines. It is a center for the performing arts in A
The Last Frontier
Unique to Palawan is its megadiversity.
For a long time, Palawan's bountiful resources, abundant wildlife and extraordin
ary natural beauty are known only to the many ethnic communities that thrive in
these islands and a few other daring settlers who wanted to live in unpolluted s
The island-province first attracted foreign attention in the 1970's when it beca
me a United Nations Vietnamese Refugee Center. At this time, a disturbance in Ke
nya also saw the transport of endangered animals from its savannas to the plains
of Calauit Island.
However, it was only a sea accident in 1979 that eventually led to the opening o
f Palawan into tourism big time.
As the story goes, a tuna line disabled a dive boat's propeller in the middle of
the night forcing it to drop anchor in an inlet. The following morning, the div
ers woke up to an amazing scenery of skyscraping dark cliffs, thick green forest
, white-sand beach, sparkling water and, rising above it, a series of magnificen
tly sculpted jade islands. And thus was how El Nido was discovered.
Ecology awareness is at a high level throughout the province. Puerto Princesa pr
ides itself as the cleanest city in the Philippines. To protect its megadiversit
y, only eco-friendly programs are adhered to by tourist establishments. And ther
e are strict ordinances against dynamite fishing, with only net and line fishing
Palawan may have opened itself to tourism but it has also taken serious efforts
to preserve this last frontier.
Old World City
Vigan, with its centuries-old edifices, is a breathing reminder of what was once
a royal city.
One of the earliest Spanish settlements in the country, Vigan was founded in 157
2 by Juan de Salcedo who patterned its design to that of Intramuros (Old Manila)
. It became the seat of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia and was called Ciudad F
ernandina in honor of King Ferdinand.
Today, Vigan retains much of the patina of 18th century Castillan architecture a
s seen in some 150 stone houses which stand in the town's Mestizo District, nota
bly Mena Crisologo Street. Many of these ancestral homes are still in good condi
tion and some have been turned into cozy inns, museums, and souvenir shops.
Along with the homes are other vestiges of the town's colonial past:
The majestic St. Paul's Cathedral was built by the Augustinian friars along the
distinct "Earthquake Baroque" style of the Ilocos region and features Neo-Gothic
and pseudo Romanesque motifs. Standing on an elevation west of the cathedral is
Plaza Salcedo, the oldest monument in Northern Luzon. The Archbishop's Palace i
s a rich repository of religious artifacts from the Ilocos region. Plaza Burgos
was built in honor of Fr. Jose Burgos, one of three Filipino priests who were ga
rroted by the Spaniards for espousing church reforms.
But it is not only edifices which are preserved in this town inscribed in the Wo
rld Heritage List. Viganos also remain steadfast in their traditional crafts, no
tably pottery (burnay) and handloom weaving (inabel).
The horse-drawn calesa (rig) is as much a presence in the streets as motor vehic
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