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Lutterloh System International

Learn Pattern-Making
in minutes!

1. 125 x 90 cm

Lutterloh System International

Cut out the Sizing Scale (on the left) and stick it onto an
ordinary measuring tape (centimetres), in order that the
centimetres on the measuring tape concur with the
centimetres on the Sizing Scale.
Because different PCs use printers with different printing
settings, you must make absolutely sure that the printed versio
the Sizing Scale on the left is the actual size
n of
before you stick it
onto an ordinary measuring tape, else the pattern system
calculations will not work effectivel
Bust measurement: _________________cm

For all patterns above the waist. Measure over fullest part of bust,
and over shoulder blades
Hip measurement: _____________________cm

For all patterns below the waist. Measure over fullest part of hip
and stomach
Lutterloh System International


1 Spread out pattern paper.
Scotch tape the miniature pattern
onto the paper. Find your bust or
hip measurement on the Sizing

2 Push a pin through the
corresponding line on the scale.
Carefully push the pin and scale
into the Centre Cross point of the
Align the edge of the Sizing Scale
to any selected line extending
from the pattern.


3 Extend the measuring tape,
match the CM number of the pattern, and draw a
dot. Once all lines are extended, all dots are joined
with a curved ruler.

Check pattern for correct fit before cutting
material! Dont forget to add seam allowance to a
Lutterloh System International
Shirt & Shorts

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Lutterloh System International

Lutterloh System International