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Verbele modale in engleza

Verbele modale in engleza reprezinta o categorie speciala de verbe auxiliare, utilizate pentru a
exprima sugestii, oferte, cerinte, dorinte, intentii, politete, tact. Verbe modale in engleza sunt
considerate urmatoarele: can, could, may, might, must, ought to, would, shall, will, should.
Caracteristicile verbelelor modale in engleza
- Verbele modale in engleza nu sunt precedate de particula "to"
- Verbele modale in engleza sunt urmate de infinitivul scurt al verbelor de conjugat: Smoking
can damage your health.
- Verbele modale in engleza cand sunt urmate de auxiliarul be si un verb la participial
present, indica o actiune prezenta sau viitoare: She must be driving home now.
- Verbele modale in engleza atunci cand sunt urmate de auxiliarul have si un verb la
participial trecut, verbele modale indica o actiune trecuta: She must have gotten home by
- Verbele modale in engleza nu primesc terminatia "s" la persoana a III-a singular si nu au
forma de Past Tense sau participiu prezent: He can speak English.
- Forma interogativa, se realizeaza prin asezarea verbului modal in fata subiectului, fara
ajutorul auxiliarului do: Must I read the book again
- a forma negative, not sta imediat dupa verbul modal: !e must not get home late.
- !e folosesc in intrebarile disjunctive "#uestion tags$: He can drive" can#t he
- %tunci cand se repeta o idee, verbele modale se pot folosi fara auxiliar: I$ they cannot lend
me the money I#ll $ind someone who can.
Verbul modal Can%could pot e&prima in limba engleza'
- o abilitate (fizica sau intelectuala): e can play the guitar
- o posibilitate: !an you "oin us#
- o probabilitate: $t could rain today.
- o permisiune (!ould este mai politicos decat !an).: %ou can have my !& if you want to.
- o sugestie: $f you don't have anything to do now, you can help me coo(ing.
- o imposibilitate, cand avem formele de negative: $t is too late, so it cannot be )ac( (noc(ing.
Verbul modal May%might au urmatoarele sensuri in limba engleza'
- o cerere sau permisiune: *ay $ use your pen#
- o posibilitate: +here is your brother# , e may be playing soccer. , e might be reading a
Verbul modal Must se $oloseste pentru a e&prima in limba engleza'
- o necessitate, uneori un ordin: $ must wash the dishes tonight.
- o certitudine: e must be very pleased with his accomplishments.
- o presupunere: %ou must (now him very well, since you are good friends.
&bservatie: -ipsa necesitatii impune folosirea verbelor do not need to sau do not have to. ad
to se foloseste pentru a exprima o obligatie sau necesitate din trecut.
Verbul modal Shall% should
Verbul modal Shall se $oloseste in limba engleza pentru'
- a exprima o hotarare: $ shall visit you again.
- a cere un sfat: +here shall $ go #
- a face o oferta sau o sugestie: .hall we go to a movie together #
Verbul modal Should se $oloseste in limba engleza pentru'
- a exprima ce e bine si ce e rau in anumite impre"urari: /obody should drin( and drive
- a exprima un sfat: %ou should really go to a doctor
- a exprima o indoiala: $ thin( we should have enough time for this.
- a exprima iritarea: +hy should $ (now where you put your (eys #
- a exprima o posibilitate: %ou should arrive before noon.
- a face referire la un eveniment: $f you should decide to come, let us (now.
- a exprima o dezaprobare cu privire la o actiune: .he shouldn't have driven so fast.
!ill% would
Cu sensul de verb modal" will se $oloseste in urmatoarele cazuri in limba engleza'
- pentru exprimarea unei cereri: %ou'll help me with dinner, won't you#
- pentru a exprima o certitudine cu privire la o situatie din present sau viitor: $'ll be sleeping by this
time tomorrow.
- pentru exprimarea dorintei de a face ceva: $'ll have only tea.
- pentru a exprima un ordin0oferta0invitatie0amenintare: %ou'll turn the 1V of right now20e'll wait for
you in the car01urn the radio off, or $'ll leave the room.
- pentru a exprima un obicei sau o trasatura de character: .he'll read the boo( in the garden, for very
long, every day.
!ould este $orma de trecut a verbului will si se $oloseste ast$el'
- pentru a formula cereri, oferte, invitatii: +ould you li(e some coffee#
- pentru a face o cerere in mod politicos: $ would li(e to use this machine if possible.
Verbul modal (ught to e&prima o probabilitate sau un s$at in limba engleza.