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Course Times: TTh 4:00-5:15 Course Location: MH-380
Professor: Todd CadwalladerOlsker Phone: 657-278-3741
Email: Web Site:
Ofce: MH-390B Ofce Hours: TTh 1:30-3:00pm, or by appointment
Text: Mathematics for High School Teachers- An Advanced Perspective by Usiskin, Peressini, Marchisotto, and
Prerequisites: You should have completed at least 12 units of upper-division mathematics coursework,
including Math 302, 335, and 350 before taking this course.
Course Description: This course is part of a two-course series (with Math 402) designed for secondary
(high-school) mathematics teachers. This course will focus on topics fromalgebra, probability, and trigonom-
etry. This course will not simply be a review of high school mathematics, nor is this a methods course on
how to teach algebra and probability instead, this course will look at high school mathematics from an
advanced perspective, and allow you to use the mathematical knowledge and habits you have developed
in your college career to become a better teacher.
Learning Goals
By the end of this course, you will . . .
understand high school mathematics more deeply, and connect your advanced mathematical knowl-
edge to high school mathematics,
be able to draw connections between topics in high school mathematics,
be able to use your advanced perspective on mathematics to become a better teacher.
Assignments and Exams: Assignments and exams will be announced in class on a regular basis. If for any
reason you cannot attend class, it is your responsibility to ask me or your classmates if any assignments or
exams were announced.
Written Homework (20%): Homework will be assigned on a regular basis, and is generally due once a week.
You must type your homework using L
X, and return homework using Titanium.
Presentation Problems (5%): Presentation problems to be presented and discussed by students in class will
be assigned. You are required to present one presentation problem to the class during the semester, and
to participate in class discussions. These problems will be challenging; you are welcome to discuss these
problems with me during ofce hours.
Exams (50%): There will be two midterm exams, whose dates will be announced in class at least one week
in advance.
Final Exam (25%): The nal exam for this course will be cumulative. The nal exam is scheduled for Tues-
day, May 13, 5:00-6:50.
Make-up Exams: Exams can be made up ONLY in the case of an emergency, and ONLY if you request a
make up exam before the scheduled time of the exam.
Evaluation: Final course grades will be based upon the percentage of total points earned throughout the
course. Grades will be distributed according to the following (after rounding to the nearest percent):
A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C D F
98-100% 92-97% 90-91% 87-89% 82-86% 80-81% 77-79% 70-76% 60-69% 0-59%
Attendance Policy: Students who miss an excessive number of classes before the drop deadline may be
dropped from the course. However, if you intend to drop this class, it is your responsibility to do so.
Attendance will not be taken on a regular basis, however, failure to attend class will almost certainly result
in a lower grade as you will miss lectures, class discussion, and quizzes.
Email Policy: Email is my preferred method of communication. Emails will usually be answered by the
next weekday. Emails must contain the words Math 401 in the subject line. All emails must contain your
name, and must be written in a professional manner. You may also contact me by phone, but any messages
left by phone may take signicantly longer for me to respond to.
Classroom Policies: Students are expected not to distract or disrupt their fellow classmates. All mobile
phones, pagers, or other noisemaking devices must be turned off before the beginning of class. Laptop
computers are not permitted to be used during class. If you need to leave the classroom during class for
any reason, please do so quietly without disturbing your classmates. You are encouraged to participate in
classroom discussion, however, any other talking is not permitted during class, even if you are whispering.
Any questions during class should be directed to the instructor. Students who talk without permission in
class will be asked to leave.
Important Dates:
February 3 (Monday): Last day for students to ADD with a permit. All permits expire at midnight.
February 3 (Monday): Last day for students to DROP without a grade of W, using Titan Online.
February 28 (Friday): Last day the Math Department will be exible on the approval of late with-
drawal requests. Beginning Monday, March 3, students must have a serious and compelling reason
for withdrawing (e.g. medical reason) and must provide supporting documentation for their reason.
April 18 (Friday): Last day to withdraw with a truly serious and compelling reason that is clearly
beyond the students control. Students must document their reason.
Students with Disabilities: Students who would like to request accommodations for disabilities are en-
couraged to talk to me as soon as possible. Students must register with Disability Support Services before I
can make any accommodations.
Academic Integrity: Students who violate university standards of academic integrity are subject to disci-
plinary sanctions, including failure in the course and suspension from the university. Since dishonesty in
any form harms the individual, other students and the university, policies on academic integrity are strictly
enforced. I expect that you will familiarize yourself with the academic integrity guidelines found in the
current student handbook.
Students are encouraged to help each other during class discussion and on homework assignments. How-
ever, any work turned in must be your own. During exams or quizzes, no discussion or any form of outside
help will be allowed.
Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency such as earthquake or re:
Take all your personal belongings and leave the classroom (or lab). Use the stairways located at the
east, west, or center of the building.
Do not use the elevator. They may not be working once the alarm sounds.
Go to the lawn area towards Nutwood Avenue. Stay with class members for further instruction.
For additional information on exits, re alarms and telephones, Building Evacuation Maps are located
near each elevator.
Anyone who may have difculty evacuating the building, please see the instructor.
Please read additional emergency information at:
Tentative Class Calendar
Week of 1/21: Chapter 1, L
1/28: Chapter 3
2/4: Chapter 3
2/11: Mathematical Modeling
2/18: Review, Exam 1: 2/20
2/25: Chapter 4
3/4: Chapter 4
3/11: Chapter 5
3/18: Chapter 5
3/25: Review, Exam 2: 3/27
4/1: Spring Break - No classes.
4/8: Chapter 2
4/15: Chapter 2
4/22: Chapter 9
4/29: Probability
5/6: Review
5/13: Finals week: No class. Final Exam on 5/13 (Tuesday), 5:00 to 6:50pm.