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mom[tcd] Print description of MO classes, CM/FM attributes, actions, enumerations and structures
lt/ltc[1-9] Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.
lc[1-9]/lcc Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.
lu/llu Unload MOs from MO tree.
pr/lpr Print MO L!s and proxy ids for all or part of t"e MO tree currently loaded in mos"ell.
ma/lma #dd MO(s) to an MO $roup.
mr/lmr %emo&e an MO $roup or remo&e MOs from an MO $roup (MOs 'ill !O( be deleted, only t"e $roup).
mp Print all defined MO $roups.
get/lget %ead CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s).
hget[c]/lhget[c] %ead CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s), print "ori)ontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute).
kget/lkget isplay CM/FM attributes in exportable printout format.
fro/lfro[m] %ead M#O data of an MO and/or froid of t"e MO. ata read from *+L tables motype,r- and modata,r..
t/lt Print state of MOs (operational*tate and administrati&e*tate '"en applicable).
prod Print productata of MO(s).
lk/llk /ie' all MO0s lin1ed to an MO, and t"eir states (adm*tate and op*tate).
lko/llko ("e old l1. Messier t"an l1 but supports a 'ider ran$e of MO classes.
et[m]/let[m] *et an attribute &alue on one or se&eral MO0s.
ret/lret *et attribute &alue on a restricted attribute or c"an$e t"e MOid of an MO.
!l[]/l!l[] Loc1 or soft2loc1 MO(s).
de!/lde! Unloc1 MO(s).
acl/lacl Lists a&ailable MO actions.
acc/lacc 3xecute an MO action.
cr Create an MO.
del/ldel elete MO(s).
rdel/lrdel elete MO(s) to$et"er 'it" c"ildren and reser&in$ MOs.
u"[]/u-/u#/u$ 4andlin$ of undo mode (for undo of del/rdel/set commands). Can be used for $eneration of MO scripts as 'ell.
ru% %un a command file in mos"ell format.
tru%[&] %un a command file in 3M#*/Mo(ester format.
ctrl-' #bort an MO command or a 5for5 loop. (ype 5touc" /tmp/6stopfile78f$5 to resume t"e mos"ell session.
pol[][h][c][u] Poll t"e node until t"e MO ser&ice is up or until an operation "as completed.
re[&] isconnect and reconnect to t"e CM ser&ice (mobro'ser) and/or t"e PM ser&ice (pmtester).
getmom C"ec1 t"e MOM &ersion currently stored on t"e node.
paremom Parse an xml MOM file.
flt/fltc Load proxys for an MO type t"at is not defined in t"e MOM. (5Force5 lt/ltc).
ld Load one MO from t"e tree and add to t"e proxy table.
fget/lfget %ead attributes t"at are not described in t"e MOM (5Force5 $et).
get/lget %ead CM/FM attributes from MO(s), one by one (5*lo'5 $et).
fet/lfet *et an attribute t"at is not described in t"e MOM (5Force5 set).
facc/lfacc Perform actions t"at are not defined in t"e MOM (5Force5 action).
c,l/c,mk/c,m/c,et/c,rm/c,cu/c,get/c,l1/ c,put C/ bac1up "andlin$9 list, create a local c& bac1up, create a c& and ma1e it startable(combination of c&m1 and c&set)
remo&e, c& information only, ma1e a remote bac1up of a c& to t"e 'or1station
t"e 'or1station to t"e node
&%,[hr] Complete 4:/*: in&entory. ;ncludes information about %PUs, licensin$, </M, de&ices, =Ps, ;*L, etc.
ca![l-radgtm] isplay of miscellaneous COL; printouts relatin$ to "', s', restarts, leds, cpu load, errors, dis1/ram usa$e
tc[p][r] isplay state and confi$uration of #tmCrossConnections.
td isplay state and confi$uration of de&ices (%!C and M>: only).
t,[!][r] isplay state, user, and band'idt" usa$e for #(M ports and c"annels.
tt[r] isplay state and user of P"ysical Ports and s?@undles.
hc %un a $eneral "ealt"c"ec1 on t"e node.
dcg[m&e] Fetc" data for C*%s, accordin$ to t"e ata Collection >uidelines.
d&ff/ld&ff Parameter auditin$ or MO dump comparisons.
tr[1.ft] Print status of t"e ;ubLin1s/#bisLin1s and t"eir associated Cells and C"annels (%!C/@*C only).
lk& %esource usa$e and confi$uration of ;ubLin1s (%!C only).
remod[u][.] %emodule an ;ubLin1 (%!C only).
tg[r][c][d] Print %esource ObAect information for all MOs in LmCell (%!C only).
uer[d][t] Print U3 context data (ser&in$ or driftin$) for all acti&e calls (%!C only).
ced[h][r] Print dynamic cell data or capacity usa$e (%!C only).
al[atkc] Print t"e list of acti&e alarms. #c1no'led$e/Unac1no'led$e an alarm.
lg[ae,/uoldhm&rcf] Fetc"in$ and/or processin$ of node lo$s (alarm, e&ent, a&ailability, system, etc)
u, Print or c"an$e mos"ell confi$uration settin$s (also called 5user &ariables5).
p, Print scriptin$ &ariables.
$/l 3xecute a unix command on t"e PC/'or1station.
l"[m][m][][o]/l-/l# Open/close mos"ell lo$files.
oe/col& comma%d *end a COL; command to t"e node0s O*3 s"ell. (ype 5" ose5 for syntax "elp and 5B5 to &ie' a&ailable commands.
!o[r]/!a[0dp]/!r[0d]/!e[1-21]/!p Mana$e board $roups t"at can be used for runnin$ COL; commands on multiple boards.
lh %un COL; commands on all boards of a board $roup.
mo%/mo%"/mo%-/mo%# *tart/stop/c"ec1 t"e tar$et monitor ser&er on t"e node and/or start t"e monitor client for one or more board >roup(s).
3l"/3l-/3l# *tart/stop/c"ec1 t"e *+L client on t"e node (C=C-C.DE?F).
pgu[c][f][r] Pro$ram Up$rade. For *(P use only, e$, to load blac1 LMs.
ftree[f] %ecursi&e listin$ of a directory on t"e file system of t"e node or t"e 'or1station.
ftget[c]/ftput[c] (ransfer files or directories to/from t"e node, usin$ ftp or sftp
htget (ransfer files from t"e node usin$ "ttp.
ed&t 3dit a file on t"e node.
fclea%[f4ff4d4e] %emo&al of obsolete loadmodules O% recursi&e remo&al of a directory on t"e node.
h& Print "istory of mos"ell commands entered durin$ t"e current session.
lm&d[c] Print translation of loadmodule product number or (G3 error codes.
p/0/p0/! C"an$e mos"ell prompt and/or 'indo' title.
pro- (o$$le display of proxy identities in printout of $et 6mo7 6attribute7 command.
col (o$$le display of colors.
ul (o$$le display of userlabel in st/lst and p$et/lp$et printout.
co%f[!ld] (o$$le confirmation on &arious MO commands.
g/gg (o$$le display of old/ne' attribute &alue in set/bl/deb commands.
&p.d/d.&p Con&ert an ;P address into t"e format used in t"e f%O (sHl database) or &ice2&ersa.
h.d/d.h Con&ert an inte$er to "exadecimal or &ice&ersa.
h.!/!.h Con&ert a binary to "exadecimal or &ice&ersa.
0a&t *pecify a delay in "rs, mins, secs, or rops. *imilar to t"e unix 5sleep5 command (scriptin$).
retur% 3xit from a command file 'it"out exitin$ from mos"ell (scriptin$).
pr&%t Print a line or &ariable (scriptin$).
al&a/u%al&a Print or define command aliases.
3/!//e-&t/3u&t 3xit mos"ell.
pmom[acd]/lmom[c] Print description of PM counters (pmom) or lo$ attributes (lmom, CM# only).
pget/lpget %ead PM attribute(s) from MO(s).
pget/lpget %ead PM attribute(s) one by one (5slo' p$et5).
hpget[c]/lhpget[c] %ead PM attribute(s) from MO(s), print "ori)ontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute).
pd&ff/lpd&ff Print incrementation of PM attributes.
pm-[hfd%] isplay counter &alues, extracted from t"e statistics %OP files.
pmr[ag] Produce PM IP; reports, based on counter &alues in statistics %OP files and formulas in CP; documentation.
pme[fd][cgu] Fetc"/decode e&ent %OP files (%!C/%@* only).
pt List all PM scanners and t"eir state.
pget[%] Print scanner contents.
pcr[cfd]/lpcr[cfd] Create a statistics scanner.
p!l *uspend a scanner.
pde! %esume a scanner.
pdel elete a scanner.
emom isplay list of e&ents a&ailable for eac" 1ind of e&ent2based scanner.
pet[d] *et t"e contents of an e&ent2based scanner (%!C/%@* only).