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Interview with Medium Tony Stockwell
Win tickets to see Magic of Motown, Tenors Un Limited & Rock 'n' Roll Paradise
Our new Hero Cheese of the Month
BBC Radio 2s Janey Lee Grace on Be in Balance
We road test the new Mini Countryman
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Interview with Medium Tony Stockwell

Even as a child Tony Stockwell knew he was
different from other children. From an early age he
was aware of seeing people before him that others
could not see. It was common for him to hear his
name being called by someone unseen, and also
common for him to be aware of events before they
actually happened. To him, all this was perfectly
normal. Born in the East End of London, and part of
a close, extended family, much of Tonys early
childhood was the same as any other. All through
his early school years, and into teenagehood the
most amazing paranormal events happened to, and
around, Tony.
When he was 16 years old he was invited by a friend
to attend a local spiritualist church, and from the
minute he set foot inside the door he knew this was
what he wanted to do with his life, and what was
expected of him. This was the beginning of Tonys
journey to becoming one of the countries most well-
known and respected Psychic Mediums.
Over the years that followed, Tony took every opportunity to demonstrate his
mediumistic ability, endeavouring to reunite relatives with their departed loved ones.
He is always striving to push the boundaries of his work, wanting each message from the
other side to be as perfect as possible to prove beyond doubt that our spirits are eternal
and are able to communicate with us. Tony often assists law enforcement agencies and
the police with their investigations.
Tony talks to The Sticks ahead of his 2014 tour
Where are you touring in 2014? Well, its going to be another pretty manic year. Apart
from all over the UK and Ireland, there are a number of dates in the USA, Australia,
Canada and Switzerland, including a teaching event in New York. I am also continuing
with my Spiritual Holidays project which began in 2010 with a cruise on the Nile in
Egypt. Last year we took a group to historic Malta and Gozo on 4 11th November, all
very exciting. Looking forward to the next event in 2015.
In a large demonstration, how do you deal with a very personal message from Spirit?
Its important to be aware of the impact of the information from Spirit to both the
Recipient and to the other members of the Audience. Experience teaches you to wrap
up the crux of the message in such a way that only the recipient knows what you are
referring to. Its often safer to ask to see the Recipient privately after the
demonstration. I am always very conscious not to embarrass people or air their laundry
in public, as I wouldnt like this done to me. As much as a piece of salacious information
makes for a colourful demonstration, Mediums must not forget their responsibilities. I
am also very aware not to drag out the emotion of the message too much. Its easy for a
medium to harp on with statements like she really, really, really loves you...with all
her heart., forever and ever, and this often touches all of the people in the audience
and causes many a tear, but its not always fair on the recipient.
Passing on terms of endearment can be part of any message, but prolonging on that
aspect of the message rather than the evidence is not something I teach my students.
Have you ever been scared by whats happened in a reading? No never. There are a
lot of misconceptions surrounding Mediumship but to me its all very natural and safe.
Its just a part of who I am and what I do. Readings are orchestrated by a love
connection between the living and those in Spirit, so there is nothing to be scared of.
To the contrary its a lovely feeling to be part of that reunion.
Are you always tuned in to the Spirit World or can you disconnect when you need to?
No I am not always tuned in and dread the thought that I could never switch off. I need
to live a physical life with my focus on the here and now the same as anybody. And as
for disconnecting, the natural state for living is being switched off; its having to switch
on to work that is normal. We dont (and shouldnt) go around being receptive to the
Spirit World at all times. My old Tutor used to say that Mediums should not be like a
dripping tap otherwise when you go to use your Gift of Mediumship, the water will have
run out. Linking with the Spirit World is a conscious decision you make, to raise your
awareness, get into the power and to blend with them. This is actually something that is
more difficult than maybe some think, which takes training and development and ability
to still the mind and hear the subtle influences of the Spirit World. If only it were that
easy that we were naturally open all the time and just had to switch off when we
wanted to.
What do you say to people who are sceptical? I dont really say anything; they are
entitled to their opinions and beliefs as I am to mine. It wouldnt do for us all to be the
same, would it? There is a difference between those who are sceptical and those who
are open minded but sitting on the fence. The latter will have an enquiring mind and
will often come along to a demonstration to see for themselves. Some will go away
convinced and some will not, thats just how it is. For the hardened sceptic, no proof
will ever be enough and they will always find a way to explain away what they have
witnessed. Thats fine with me as thats their path in life and this is mine, but I have the
pleasure in knowing they will one day find out the truth about life after death.
To what do you put the great upsurge of awareness down to, in particular these last
years? About 10 years ago there was an upsurge in media interest in Mediums and
Mediumship was suddenly all over our television screens. TV folk are always looking for
the new thing and for some time it was Mediumship. A natural progression of this
exposure is that some people will take what they have seen and want to know more.
They will receive their messages, their proof of life after physical death and want to
explore that further. This often comes in the form of wanting to develop their own
awareness and understanding and finding their own link with the Spirit World.
I recognise we are living in a materialistic world, although tough for many at the
moment. Most things in life come in cycles and I believe that interest in things more
spiritual do too. I am hoping we are at the beginning of a new cycle of Spirituality and a
time when people look more into where they fit in the great scheme of life.
Could you sum up your philosophy in two or three sentences? My philosophy would be
to treat the spirit world with respect, give them credit for their intelligence and be
thankful that they work with me. The love of working with Spirit ALWAYS needs to be
the driving motivation; any thoughts of success, ambition or career are irrelevant.
Accepting I am eternal plays a major part in how I chose to live my life and the decisions
I make. I am ultimately responsible for all the good and bad things I do and take any
consequences that come along with that.
For my own life, I always try to live life being truthful to myself and listening to that
inner voice. Life is about being kind to yourself and kind to others and this simple truth
will help us be a truer expression of the wonderful vibrant spirit that we are.
Holding on to negativity from the past and harbouring resentment is only ever self
destructive and just holds you back. I always try to look forward whilst appreciating
whats around me.
What spurs you on today to continue in your work and do you have any goals over
the coming years? My main motivation is and will always be the love of the work. If I
didnt love it so much and if it wasnt such an intrinsic part of me, I couldnt do it. The
early morning flights, the being away from home, the very erratic hours and shift
patterns, the media criticism that often comes with the job are all things that are more
than outweighed by the joy of actually working with Spirit and the immense pleasure it
brings me. I cant ever imagine a time when I wont work with Spirit on some level.
Also, I always strive to have new challenges and work in varied ways. I am not a Medium
who could teach every day, or sit doing 1-2-1s day in day out, or just work on
television. For me it is the variety of the work thats important. I often accept a work
offer because its something I havent done before, or at a place or in a country I have
never been to.
Equally its important for me to keep a connection with the Churches as this is my
background and where my journey began. I still get just as excited when I work at
Canvey Island Spiritualist Church for just a handful of people as I did all those years ago
at my first demonstration.
I know I am very lucky to have so many opportunities and offers of work come my way. I
also get to work with some of the worlds best Mediums too; people who inspire me like
Mavis Pittilla, Eileen Davies and James Van Praagh.
As for ambitions, I am not really that ambitious anymore and am much more relaxed
about my future goals. I am just happy to relax and see what comes my way.
We know you must love what you do. So, what is the best part of being a Medium?
You just get to meet, work with and help so many amazing and interesting people.
There are always new challenges, new opportunities and new experiences to be had. No
two working days are ever the same.
To still love my work after 20 years is quite an achievement. In the last couple of years
I almost feel my passion and love has been renewed. I think for a few years I had the
balance of a number of things totally wrong and was on a path that left me frustrated,
unhappy which was alien to me and what I am about. I live a calmer, more stress free
and dare I say, appreciative life now.
Do you recall a piece of evidence youve given to somebody thats actually stunned
you? Can I say all the time? That sounds so egotistical doesnt it? Last night I was going
through old emails from weeks back, as Id been travelling. A lady had written to thank
me for the one-to-one reading I did for her. I remembered it well, because she sat there
and I told her about a lady in the spirit world who was 37. She didnt say yes or no.
When I read for someone, Im often in an altered state. My eyes are open and Im
talking, but I very rarely look at my client. I carried on for this lady, and I saw very tall
windows in a space that felt like a hospital, but wasnt. I knew the spirit woman had
been heavily depressed. I knew shed hung herself from the window, but I was still
getting no response from my client. But I was so convinced I needed to follow this
through, so I looked at her and asked if she knew this lady. She said it was her sister-in-
law. So I went through all the information again, and what the client gave me in her
energy was not just yes but Oh my God. And that relief lifts your mediumship higher.
Then I saw the word MicheIle I said this, and the client was so surprised that she was
quite colourful with her language, saying Oh my thats her name! And I thought to
myself My God, how brilliant is that!
And finally, what do you like to do in your free time? Well, we have our daughter,
Marnie and a son, Finn Alexander. Need I say more as they are my free time! I also love
walking and these days I do it with a buggy in front of me and the dogs at my sides,
rather than on my own. A few years ago we bought a very small, modest bungalow in
Gran Canaria and we go out there four or five times a year. Its our private time with
the family. We walk by the ocean that kind of thing. Theres also a gorgeous mountain
view, if people had said to me prior to our becoming parents that having a child changes
you, I might not have understood. But it does change you a lot its certainly changed
me. I find myself getting emotional a lot of the time Im all over the show, you start
to really understand and empathise a lot. So, if I can reconnect people with someone
they thought theyd lost forever, theres nothing better I can do.

Tony Stockwell tour dates

Wednesday 4
June - Gordon Craig
Theatre, Stevenage

Monday 7
July - Waterside,

Thursday 23
October - Hertford

Thursday 27
November -Rhodes,
Bishops Stortford

Win Tickets to The Magic of Motowns Reach Out 2014 Show
on Saturday 14 June, 7.30pm at Wycombe Swan

Celebrating 50 years of UK number one hit singles, The Magic of Motown is coming to
town with its all-new Reach Out 2014 Tour and we have one pair of tickets to see the
show to give away.
In 1964 songs like Dancing in the Street, My Girl, Where Did Our Love Go, My Guy and
Baby Love rocketed Motown to the top of the singles charts. Incredibly, 100 more
Motown No.1s followed worldwide.
The Magic of Motown 2014 Reach Out Tour brings to the stage 36 of these chart toppers
back-to-back in one critically-acclaimed production.
Direct from the USA, The Magic of Motown delivers five-star performances that
authentically revive the style and sophistication of everyones favourite legends from
the famous, Detroit-based record label.
This year more number one songs than ever before feature. Classic hits from the
Temptations, Four Tops, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie and The
Supremes are packed into the two-hour spectacular.
The first correct entry drawn in our exclusive competition will win a pair of tickets
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In which American city was the Motown label based?
Send your answer together with your name, address and daytime phone number
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The prize will go to the first correct entry drawn on Tuesday 10
June. There is no cash
alternative. Usual publication rules apply; the Editor's decision is final.
To buy tickets contact Box office: 01494 512 000 ~ Tickets: 25, 23.50


Recent changes to the rules of our family courts include a requirement that you must
attend a MIAMS before starting most court proceedings regarding children or finances. So
what is a MIAMS ?

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting
You meet with a specially qualified Family Mediator who explains all the alternative routes
available to you to try and resolve the dispute which avoid court proceedings. The aim is to
ensure you are informed about all the options and understand what route would work best
for you.

The assessment meeting is usually between just you and the Mediator, although at some
stage the Mediator would want to meet jointly with you and the other party (i.e. your ex-
spouse or ex-partner). The initial meeting usually lasts around 45 minutes.

Either one of you, or even the Mediator themselves, may decide that Mediation is not
suitable in your particular situation. Sometimes, the other party refuses to even attend a
MIAMS. In either of these situations, the Mediator signs a court form to confirm that you
can start court proceedings.

How does Mediation Work ?
If you agree to try out Mediation, the Mediator will set meetings for you and the other party
to attend. You will get the chance to raise the issues you have, but will also be expected to
listed to the views of the other party (even if you do not necessarily agree with them). If
discussing finances, the Mediator will help you agree on what information and
documentation you each need to provide to assist with the negotiations.

If terms can be agreed between you, the Mediator will provide a written Memorandum of
Understanding. This is not yet legal binding on you but is evidence of what has been
discussed and agreed, and you can then take it to family solicitors to be made legally
binding if you wish.

Who is the Family Mediator ?
Some solicitors train and qualify as Family Mediators. However, often they are people from
a non-legal background. They all have to attain specialist qualifications and to carry out
MIAMS, have to meet further requirements.

They remain independent in the process and therefore cannot provide either of you with
legal advice. You should therefore have your own Family Solicitor in the background to
advise you.

If you would like more information on Mediation, please contact:

Curwens have offices in Royston, Hoddesdon and Enfield.


Do you need a fag-break?

If someone was sat at their desk smoking 30 years ago, no one
would have blinked an eye. Then came the introduction of smoking
rooms and under health and safety employers had a duty to protect
non smokers from the harmful effects of passive smoking. However,
with the introduction of anti-smoking laws in 2007, employees have
not been permitted to smoke in their office building or in company
vehicles. This has led to longer breaks for smokers while they trek
outside in the cold to get their fix, a reduction in socialising down the
pub and an increase in the number of people giving up smoking

Today we have the invention and wide spread use of e-cigarettes.
Are they covered by the smoking ban? Are employees allowed to smoke them at their
desk or in a smoking room or do they need to go outside? Well, the answer is not yet
clear. The original legislation does not cover e-cigarettes as they hadnt been invented.
There is currently no case law in this area, but there will be soon as one e-cigarette
company provides funding for an employee to take their employer to an employment
tribunal in a dismissal case around smoking an e-cigarette in a company vehicle.

So where do you stand, what is acceptable and what will your employer allow? The
answer at the moment is that depends on your employer!

You need to ask. It may well be that your employer hasnt even thought about it most
havent. If in doubt, applying the same rules as applies to cigarette smokers is probably
the safest option. However, an employer who wants to encourage staff to give up
smoking, may feel more lenient towards e-cigarette smokers and lets face it, which
employer wouldnt want employees to spend more time at their desk. All well and good
for office workers perhaps, but would an e-cigarette smoking waitress be acceptable?
Would clients be comfortable with an e-cigarette smoking hairdresser? Society has
moved on and all businesses need to ensure that they develop and communicate policies
which are right for their business, compliant with the law and right for their employees.

To avoid problems with your employer.. if in doubt, ask and get their response in

is an HR practice working with businesses and the education sector
to make the workplace a better place to be.

01923 504100

Dealing with Depression
Jo Coker Clinical Director of LCC

18 months ago, out of the blue, my friend Sam developed an acute depression. While he had no
history of depression, work stress and an illness tipped him into a severe depression. Normally a
gregarious person, he became withdrawn, started to isolate himself and stopped taking care of
his appearance. Thankfully Sam had a good network of friends who recognised he was in
difficulty and stepped in to help him get the help and support he badly needed; but not
everyone is so lucky. It is important to realise that depression affects approximately 1 in 5
people at any one time, and it can affect anyone at any time of their life. Often, like Sam, it is
triggered after a traumatic experience, or when several issues compound each other and build
up. Sufferers often report that the mind focuses on the negative and thoughts become sad. They
may also notice reduced energy and difficulty getting through their normal day-to-day activities
either at home or at work. This in turn may impact on their relationships, jobs and feelings of
self worth. At this stage, like Sam, folk often report feeling isolated and alone. Left untreated a
depressed person can become at risk of self-harm or in extreme cases suicide.
So what can a depressed person or their family do? Firstly do not suffer alone, get help. You are
not alone and seeking help early will limit the extent of the illness and help you to develop
strategies that will help you recover and stop relapse.
What are the symptoms of depression and how do you know if you are depressed? Generally if
you are depressed you feel sad, hopeless and lose interest and enjoyment in things you once
enjoyed. If these symptoms persist and start interfering with work, relationships and social life
you should seek help and advice. Below are some of the symptoms you may experience.
Remember we are all different and you will not necessarily have all these symptoms, and may be
able to continue to function in all aspects of your life, but at a reduced level. So called
functional depression.

Psychological symptoms include:
Low mood or sadness
Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
Low self-esteem
Feeling tearful
Feeling guilty
Feeling irritable and intolerant of others habits
No motivation or interest in things you used to care about
Finding it difficult to make decisions
Getting little enjoyment out of life
Feelings of anxiety
Thoughts of harming yourself and suicide

Physical symptoms may include:

Slowing in affect
Change in appetite and/or weight, this may be increase or decrease.
Physical pains
Lack of energy for physical activities
Lack of interest in sex (loss of libido)
Changes to your menstrual cycle
Poor sleep, for example, finding it hard to fall asleep at night or waking up very early in the

Social symptoms include:
Poor performance at work
Lack of interest in social activities and avoiding contact with friends
No appetite for activities you previously enjoyed
Relationship problems

Antidepressant medicines

Antidepressant medicines are commonly used to treat moderate or severe depression. Obviously
medication cannot alter the issues that may have lead to the depression, but the symptoms can
be eased, allowing you to work on the issues that underlie your depression. Antidepressants
usually take 2-4 weeks before they take effect, so you need to give them time to kick in. A
normal course of an antidepressant lasts for at least six months after symptoms have eased. It is
unwise to stop them without medical advice as the symptoms may return. There are several
types of anti-depressants which differ in their action and their possible side-effects. Your GP will
work with you to find the one that suits you best.

Psychological Therapy

Many people find psychological therapy helps them overcome depression and tackle the
difficulties that may underlie the condition. Research has shown that a combination of an
antidepressant and a psychological treatment potentiate recovery best. There are many types of
psychological therapies and different therapies suit different people. You GP will be aware of
the NICE guidelines and help you find what is available in your area on the NHS, or you can
access therapy through a private service such as Local Counselling Centre (LCC)


Many people also find that exercise improves their mood as it stimulates neurotransmission and
the production of endorphins. So it is wise, even though you may not feel like physical activity,
to try and take some each day.

Sam was lucky his depression was treated effectively and early with a combination of
medication, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and exercise in the shape of a new dog who he
continues to walk twice a day! He returned to work after four months and has been well since.

Local Counselling Centre T: 01462 674671
A chance to win tickets to The Concert That Never Was
at The Stables, Milton Keynes on Thursday 26

Rock 'n' Roll Paradise is a jam packed show, where the music plays the leading role as it takes
audiences on a rock and roll-a ride through those great days of the 50's and 60's. This year we
commemorate the 55th Anniversary of the plane crash that sadly killed Buddy Holly, Big Bopper
and Richie Valens on 3rd February 1959.
The incredibly talented cast bring to life the spirit of the rock 'n' roll era, reminding you why this
music has stood the test of time. Cheltenham performer Peter Gill, who recently joined the
show, brilliantly captures the energy of Jerry Lee Lewis firing on all cylinders, with hits such as
Great Balls Of Fire and Breathless.
The evenings compere is none other than the mighty Big Bopper, witty banter and stunning
versions of Chantilly Lace and of course Helllooooo Baby! As John-Simon Rawlings brings all the
warmth and charisma to the role of J.P. Richardson, The Big Bopper, that one would expect
given his West End pedigree.
Feel the shiver in your spine as Lars Young soars through Roy Orbison classics, Only The Lonely
and Pretty Woman.
Cheer on Gavin Stanley as Eddie Cochran, every teenage girls heart-throb, with Summertime
Blues, Three Steps To Heaven and C'mon Everybody.
Buddy Holly is fondly remembered with Spencer Jordan filling the infamous glasses and taking us
back to Peggy Sue, Oh Boy and That'll Be the Day.
The second half opens with a concert within a concert as we're taken through the years of Elvis'
later tours, complete with Vegas jump-suits, belts and rings with Richard Atkins, who is widely
regarded as the best late-period Elvis there is.
To finish the show we go back to the original guitar heroes as Buddy, Eddie and The Big O once
again take to the stage with Big Bopper, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis building to fever pitch,
leaving the audience demanding more.
This is rock 'n' roll music at its very best played with all the commitment and honesty that the
originals would be proud of.
Behind the front men the Paradise Band are themselves some of the best live musicians you will
see anywhere in the UK. Each has a passion for rock n roll and have worked with many household
names through their careers including; Helen Shapiro, Suzy Quatro, Bee Gees, The Sweet,
Cockney Rebel, Wet Wet Wet, Marty Wilde and The Cavaliers.
Brought to you by Lord Tim Croxford of Accelerator Entertainments, it is a spectacular
celebration of rock 'n' roll music, performed and enjoyed by the cast so that the audience can
participate and take a step back in time to a very special era.
Rock 'n' Roll Paradise is, quite simply, the very, very best.
The first two entries drawn in our exclusive competition will win a pair of tickets to the
show. To enter please answer this simple question: What was the name of Elvis Presleys
Send your answer together with your name, address and daytime phone number
to: Closing date: Noon Monday 23rd June
The prizes will go to the first two correct entries drawn on Monday 23
June. There is no cash
alternative. Usual publication rules apply, the Editor's decision is final.
See Rock n Roll Paradise at: The Stables, Milton Keynes
Thursday 26
June, 7.30pm. Tickets 21 - Call 01908 280800 or visit
To find out more about the show visit

Sharon Struckman, Gallery Owner of PS Arts focuses this month on:
St Alban's artist Michael Cull
The multi-talented artist, Michael Cull, lives and works in St.
Albans. He has been painting and drawing all his life, and see this as
an evolutionary process. The early work was largely water colour in
the traditional manner together with elements of accident and
Today he have moved from the figurative style towards the abstract
and work more in oils and this journey has been challenging and
exciting. Michael has sought to find and explore the essence of
painting, to ask what gives the work its integrity, unity, and quality of mark. He is also
exploring the more graphic interpretation using wax and dry crayon.
An extended gallery of many works and styles can be seen on his website: -
Over the years he has shown work at many exhibitions including the Royal Academy
Summer Exhibition, the Singer Friedlander/Sunday Times Water colour Competition, and
the Discerning Eye
On 30
May and running until 15th June 2014, Michael will be exhibiting Work on
Paper at PS Arts in Datchworth. A percentage of his sales will be donated to Grove
House in St Albans which offers a friendly, confidential environment for people
diagnosed with cancer or that are affected by cancer.
This exhibition presents a collection of work from
his studio covering both drawing and painting on
paper. All of the work is original and includes
water colour, oil pastel, pencil and crayon.
Drawings, which form the bulk of the show, he
define as dry marks made on paper. They range
from completed works to limited examples from
my sketchbook, ideas, and preparatory work.
Drawing is the most honest of the visual arts
because of its immediacy and the power to expose
the mind of the artist. Much of what the artist produces in terms of ideas remains
hidden however, The paintings are largely water colour, many but not all, from an
earlier period of his work. Water colour also has a wonderful spontaneity with little
scope for correction.
Essentially though this show is about quality of mark, with a touch of mystery, the
beauty of a line and that impulse and need for man to make marks. Something which
predates the word.
PS Arts, Mardleybury Farm, Mardleybury Rd, Datchworth, SG3 6SG
MINI Countryman's Subtle Makeover for 2014
MINI has revised its Countryman with a fresh new
face which will be available in the UK in time for
the summer. Displayed for the very first time at
the New York motor show, as Andrew Merritt-
Morling reports, the revised model promises
improved fuel economy as well as donning a
subtle new look.
With more than 350,000 units already sold
worldwide, the popular crossover brings the
largest model in the MINI range closer to the all-new hatch and confirms its status as an
"important pillar of growth for the brand". On top of the styling tweaks, extra power is
available for selected models whilst lower emissions spread across the range.
The main changes are to the Countryman's face. A new and more prominent hexagonal
grille design is the most obvious feature and lends extra presence together with a more
prominent scoop and new crossbar. The faster versions also wear a sporty 'S' badge
finished in red. For the first time, LED foglights are available as on option alongside a
ring of daytime running lights that provide a contemporary look.
Cooper and Cooper S variants sit on a lighter set of
five-spoke alloy wheels. A power hike has been
given to the Cooper S. Its twin-scroll 1.6-litre
turbocharged petrol unit sees an increase of 6bhp,
taking the new model from 182bhp to 188bhp.
That increase in power manages to shave a tenth
of a second off the sprint to 62mph.
Thanks to better execution of the company's
MINIMALISM technology and lower rolling resistance
tyres, the whole range is more efficient and the Countryman now meets the stricter
Euro6 emission standards. The Cooper S falls to 139g/km and returns 47mpg. The
cheapest version to run remains the Cooper D models that emit just 111g/km and return
an impressive 67mpg.
All 4 of the four-wheel drive versions come equipped with flared side sills and metal
scuff plates integrated into the front and rear bumpers and provide the Countryman
with a more rugged look. Front-wheel drive models can also have the same look if you
are prepared to pay for them as an optional extra. Four new colours are also available
including Jungle Green, as featured on the car in the official MINI pictures.
On the inside, anthracite dials from the MINI JCW model are now standard across the
range. The changes apply to the most potent Countryman too.
Order books will open in June for summer deliveries. The MINI Paceman is also expected
to get similar changes.
Win tickets to join Tenors Un Limited, at Watford Colosseum on
Friday 6
June, for a fantastic musical journey that will move
you and make you laugh in equal measure

Known as the Rat Pack of Opera for their charm, charisma, wit and style, Scott, Paul &
Jem will perform some of their favourite songs in a brand new show that includes hits
from the world of opera, musical theatre and pop, interspersed with some self-penned
original material from their forthcoming album, Viva La Vita'.
This is quite possibly one of the most entertaining shows youll see within the genre
witty and irreverent one moment and heart-felt the next. The combination of powerful
vocals, rich harmony and tender, intimate love songs will give you an evening like no
Were offering the chance to win two tickets to see Tenors Un Limited live at
Watford Colosseum. Simply answer the question below

Q: What is the name of the Tenors forthcoming album?

a) Viva La Vita
b) Vita Le Viva
c) 21
Century Tenors

T&Cs: Not exchangeable for cash or alternative production/performance

Send your answer by email to with your name, address, email
address and daytime phone number. Closing date: Noon on Tuesday 3

The prize will go to the first entry drawn on Tuesday 3
June. Usual Sticks rules apply,
the Editor's decision is final.
Short and Simple Tips to Help You - BE IN BALANCE

Im keen to recommend this excellent book Be In Balance by
Angela Bradshaw, its a simple introduction to the Alexander
Angela Bradshaw is helping to prevent RSI by educating people to
use their bodies well.

She is dedicated to helping
people currently suffering with
a health issue, after her own
career as a radiographer and sonographer was ended
due to RSI. Having tried a number of traditional and
therapeutic methods to improve her condition without
success, Angela had a number of Alexander Technique
lessons and much to her relief, found that her injury was completely healed much to
the surprise of her rheumatologist who believed recovery was not possible due to the
severity of the RSI.

Written as an interactive handbook and guide to allow you to readily bring its principles
into your daily life, you can easily improve your balance, coordination and posture.
Here are some simple tips for you to try
Stay grounded, tune in to your feet often and remember
1. To allow BOTH feet to share your body weight evenly.
2. Keep in mind that ideally EACH foot should be
distributing the weight of your body EVENLY across the
base of the little toe, the base of the big toe and the heel.
Are yours?
3. Feet are elastic and springy. Allow positive contact with the ground to enable
your postural reflexes to work for you.
Check the quality of the contact your feet are making with the ground. It can vary
from moment to moment.
The ground supports you, if you let it! Gravity is your friend. Be receptive to the
surface you are standing on, and the differing textures of the floor.
Having free and easier movement is possible by thinking
about HOW you are using your body. Its also helpful to
know where our body parts are, then we might be sending
a message to the right place!
We have 3 natural hinges in the leg the ankles, knees
and hips. All 3 joints need to be available to you in order
to move in a more fluid way. And by the way, youve moved like this before, when you
were very young. As babies and toddlers this is how we move, naturally!
Ankles are along way in front of the heel. Are you including the full height, width
and depth of your ankle joint in your thinking to ensure a wide range of movement
is available to you?
Knees would prefer to be soft and on the latch. Allow your knees to bend from
the back through to the front. Dont lock your knees!
Hips joints, are along your knicker line. Are you mapping your own hips correctly?
Allow your legs to lengthen away from the pelvis, maximising the available space
in your hip joint. A common problem we all have is to grip onto the legs at the
hip joint. Let them go!

Free up your 3 natural hinges.

The pelvis is part of the spine, and not part of the legs! Let your
pelvis hang in suspension from your head like an anchor.

A long spine is a strong spine.

In any activity, make sure your whole spine is
left alone. Dont interfere or interrupt its
curves. Dont bend at the waist!
More simple tips are included in the book.
Its all about wellness, balance, mindful
attention and structural integrity.

For more information go to

Hero Cheese of the Month - Belp Fruit Roll

This month, Award winning Cheese monger, Toby Archer from The Cheese Plate in
Buntingford is introducing us to a divine soft cheese that will change your taste buds
forever. Made by the Glauser diary in Belp, Bern, Switzerland, this pasteurised cows
milk soft cheese made with seasonally varying fruit flavours, currently lemon. Winter
flavours include apple and mandarin, and in the summer, blueberry, then rolled in
crushed black pepper.

Sounds mad! Yes, it truly is. Once on the
palate this cheese melts tenderly in your
mouth, releasing the intense fruit
flavours and leaves a delicious, long
lasting after-taste of spicy black pepper,
somewhat reminiscent of a savoury
fromage frais.

This exquisite cheese is best served cold, unlike most other cheese. Try with a Pimms,
Lillet Blanc or match the fruit with a flavoured liqueur, in the case of the lemon flavour
try a Lemoncello.
26 High Street, Buntingford, Herts, SG9 9AQ
Tel: 01763 271533

Beef Week

What a great and versatile meat. And a prime example of the difference between buying
a quality local product and a mediocre supermarket commodity.
The trouble is, Beef is complicated; breed, time and
type of hanging/maturing, age, different cuts,
butchery method, type of feed, cooking/resting, are
all factors influencing taste and tenderness. And
why so many people opt for what little they know
and often pay far too much.
A great example is my cousin who bought the finest
fillet of beef from a supermarket only to throw
most of it away because it was so tough. A piece of
well-hung topside would probably have been half
the price and twice as good. Likewise the chopped
shin of a well-hung rare breed animal could be
better and cheaper for stewing, than the more
expensive best stewing steak from the

End of the supermarket power

It seems a growing mass of people have lost trust in the supermarkets and would like to
see the space changed to a park or allotments.
I spent the last few days promoting BigBarn and local food in Oundle (Northants) at the
pre-launch of the womens cycling tour. Everyone I spoke to thought the re-greening of
supermarket space was a fantastic idea!
Last night Oundle streets had been closed for the start of the womens Tour of Britain
and local Green organisations, (like BigBarn), were invited to set up stalls. As usual
Waitrose had muscled in so I stood 2 yards from the centre of their stall handing out
BigBarn leaflets and saying Here is a leaflet about how to find local food so you dont
have to go to Waitrose
Nearly everyone laughed and said well done. But most had the Waitrose bag full of
freebies they had been given. Those that commented about the bag said that they were
not going to miss the opportunity of free food and that they would not be shopping at
Not one person responded to my offer of a leaflet with No thanks I love Waitrose.
Perhaps like me they noted that and all the staff on the Waitrose stand were PR people
from London.
After the Horse meat scandal, foot and mouth, and continual news about corporate
greed it seems we consumers are now looking for an alternative to the supermarket .
People want to source food from places they can trust and probably why butchers and
farm shops are seeing a resurgence.
BigBarn is designed to be the catalyst for this resurgence. We have worked hard for 13
years on continually building our database of local producers and retailers to help
people find great local food, the story behind the food, and often food that is cheaper
than the supermarket.
So, if you want to see change, stop shopping at the supermarkets. Switch to local and
tell your friends. You can use our local food map to find your local suppliers and please
email with any errors or omissions. Every business on our map has a
password to add news, events, offers, join crop for the shop, and even video. Please tell
them to add more to attract customers, call us, or even offer to help if they are
Increased demand for local food will encourage more production and increase
agricultural diversity, all helping build a more sustainable food industry.
Buying local will divert a large slice of the 120b spent with supermarkets to local
communities with massive social benefits for all, and perhaps get more green space to
grow fresh, healthy food.

Herts Listings

Floral Art Show - Saturday 31 May and Sunday
1 Jun Home Counties Area of National
Association of Flower Arrangers is holding its
Area Show. Competition flower arranging from
local clubs with demonstrations of flower
arranging to watch. Riding School Conference
Centre, Hatfield House, Hatfield AL9 5NQ

St. Albans Steam and Country Show - Saturday
31 May & Sunday 1 Jun 2014 marks the 50th
anniversary of Herts Steam traction engine
rallies. Some of the engines present 50 years ago
will be back again, together with photographic
displays of all the other exhibitors. Oaklands
College, just off the A1057 Hatfield Road, St.
Albans AL4 0XR

Hatfield House Garden Show-Saturday 31 May
& Sunday 1 Jun Held in the front of the recently
restored frontage of Hatfield House the Garden
Show will feature Specialist nurseries, a wide
range of plants and seeds, the latest garden
equipment. Hatfield house, Great North Road,
Hatfield AL9 5HQ

Vienna Festival Ballet: Cinderella - Sunday 1
Jun Music by G.A.Rossini Choreography by Sheila
Styles The story of Cinderella is one of the best
known fairy tales, and Vienna Festival Ballets
full length version has all the familiar
ingredients. The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham
Avenue, Radlett WD7 8HL

The Welwyn Drama Festival - Monday 2 to
Saturday 7 Jun Hawthorne Theatre and The
Welwyn Festival Association Limited proudly
presents Welwyn Drama Festival 2013. Founded
in 1929 and as iconic as Welwyn Garden City
itself. Hawthorne Theatre, The Campus, Welwyn
Garden City AL8 6BX

Exhibition of work by Sue Hogg and Angela
Walter - Monday 2 to Saturday 28 Jun Recent
work by these two artists. Sculptural, small
scale, partly abstract, using a mix of clay, fabric,
paper, wire, string and lead. Letchworth Arts
Centre. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City

Beauty and the Beast - Ballet Cymru - Monday
2 and Tuesday 3 Jun Featuring stunning
costumes, breathtaking choreography and
heartbreaking passion, this production is the
most thrilling and entertaining dance event of
the year. Gordon Craig Theatre, Lytton Way,
Stevenage SG1 1LZ

Just A Cappella and Kings Langley Community
Choir Concert - Hope for Children Mon. 2 Jun
Just A Cappella and the Kings Langley
Community Choir, two local mixed voice choirs,
are joining together for a special charity
performance in support of Hope for Children at
St Johns Church. St Johns Church, Station
Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1JY

Murder Mystery Dinner - Dead Over Dinner -
Wed 4 June The room is set. The suspects youll
know. The weapons are obvious. Murder is on the
menu! The professors dinner parties are the talk
of the town, but its never a question of what he
serves but rather who he has invited. Tonight,
the VIP list includes an ex-military professional,
a silent movie actress and a celebrated London
chef. Each is instructed to bring an item of
interest, value or charm and the winner will be
the person not caught out by the twist at
midnight! Enjoy a delicious three-course dinner
while the plot twists, turns and finally unfolds!
Tickets: 40.00. There are no booking fees on
this performance. Delivery charges may still
apply. Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road,
Watford, WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993

100 Years Of Jazz - Thursday 5 Jun The first
ever show to encompass the history of jazz from
its Ragtime birth to the present day - in 99
musically brilliant, historically fascinating
minutes. The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham
Avenue, Radlett WD7 8HL

Blofeld & Baxter - Memories of Test Match
Special - Thu 5 June Back by popular
demand! Even more yet untold stories from
behind the scenes at TMS. Henry Blofeld and
Peter Baxter invite you to join them for trip
down memory lane to discover the untold stories
of the Test Match Special commentary box and
beyond. Tall tales from across the globe, with a
few references to cricket, hear the extraordinary
escapades of players and commentators from the
1970s to present day. This is your invitation to
hear the exclusive behind-the-scenes adventures
from Brian Johnson to Tuffers. Anecdotes from
both on and off the pitch, this is a gloriously
funny show for the both the cricket and non-
cricket lover alike. Fresh from their Australian
road trip for the Ashes expect direct from the
booth insights and your chance to quiz these
stalwarts of the cricketing fraternity. Henry My
Dear Old Thing Blofeld is one of Britains most
loved broadcasters and bastion of the Cricketing
community. He is as notorious for his hilarious
observations as he is astute cricket commentary.
Peter Baxter was the brain behind TMS for over
34 years; the man tasked with the unenviable
position of corralling Henry and his cohorts
around the world. Together they deliver a not to
be missed hilariously entertaining evening.
Tickets: 18.50. Watford Colosseum,
Rickmansworth Road, Watford, WD17 3JN0845
075 3993

Flower Festival Hymns in Bloom - Friday 6 to
Monday 9 Jun The church will be filled with
displays and arrangements of flowers
representing the cycle of the year in Hymns.
There will be plants and flowers for sale and a
Craft Stall. St Johns Church, Station Road, Hemel
Hempstead HP1 1JY

Stayin Alive - The Number 1 BeeGees show-
Friday 6 Jun Although the BeeGees had several
huge hits in the 60s, it wasnt until the 1977
movie Saturday Night Fever hit the silver screen
that they became a household name. Cuffley
Hall, Maynard Place, Cuffley EN6 4JA

Tenors Un Limited - The Rat Pack Of Opera -
Show the Suit Whos Boss! Tour- Fri 6 June
Join Tenors Un Limited, the UKs original
classical-crossover man band, for a fantastic
musical journey that will move you and make you
laugh in equal measure. Scott, Paul & Jem will
perform some of their favourite songs in a brand
new show that includes hits from the world of
opera, musical theatre and pop, interspersed
with some self-penned original material from
their forthcoming album. This is quite possibly
one of the most entertaining shows youll see
within the genre witty and irreverent one
moment and heart-felt the next. The
combination of powerful vocals, rich harmony
and tender, intimate love songs will give you an
evening like no other. Tickets: 22.50, 19.50
Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road,
Watford, WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993
St Leonards Fete - Saturday 7 Jun St Leonards
is located midway between Tring, Chesham and
Wendover. The Village Hall will be used for
cream teas and cakes and the 5 acre playing
field will contain a horse show and companion
dog show. The Parish Hall, Jenkins Lane, St
Leonards, Tring HP23 6NW

The Radlett Music Festival: Do You Hear The
People Sing? - Saturday 7 Jun The Radlett
Festival of Music is proud to bring together local
schools and music groups in two amazing
performances. Including popular songs from the
theatre and films. The Radlett Centre, 1
Aldenham Avenue, Radlett WD7 8HL

Letchworth Street Fest - Saturday 7 Jun The
best street festival of the year is back and its
better than ever! Letchworth Town Centre is set
to explode in a riot of colourful street theatre,
live music, comedy, dance demonstrations.
Letchworth Town Centre SG6 3DD

Comedy Club - Saturday 7 Jun Paul B Edwards
hosts another anarchic evening of great comedy,
with Nick Revell and Luke Benson. Licensed bar.
Letchworth Arts Centre. 2 The Arcade,
Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW

Charity Music Concert by Hertfordshire
Philharmonia String Quartet - Saturday 7 Jun
A musical evening taking place during the Flower
Festival, when the church will be full of
arrangements and flower displays. St Johns
Church, Station Road, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1JY

Summer Fair - Saturday 7 Jun A free family
event incorporating craft and charity stalls
alongside entertainment from local
dance/theatre groups which will this year
include: Maypole Dancing & Steels Pans. High
Street, Waltham Cross EN8 7AN

Emily Brown and the Thing - Saturday 7 and
Sunday 8 Jun Tall Stories (the company that
brought you The Gruffalo) present their brand
new show, based on the hugely popular book by
Cressida Cowell (author of How to Train your
Dragon) and Neal Layton. Old Town Hall, High
Street, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE

40th Annual Ayot Art Show - Saturday 7 to
Monday 9 Jun 800 framed and unframed pieces
of art displayed in the romantic surroundings of
the beautiful Palladian Church in the village of
Ayot St Lawrence, near Welwyn. Homemade
cakes, tea and coffee. Palladian Church, Bibbs
Hall Lane, Ayot St Lawrence AL6 9BP

Race for Life Welwyn - Sunday 8 Jun Ladies,
its time to take the fight to cancer at Cancer
Research UKs Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer
doesnt care who it affects. It can ruin
everything without a second thought.
Stanborough Park, Stanborough Road, Welwyn
Garden City AL8 6DQ

Classic Bus Running day - Sunday 8 Jun Classic
buses of the 1950s and 1960s recreating London
Transport routes of the era. Hertford Bus Station
SG14 1DT

Family Fun - Sunday 8 Jun Family fun in St
Leonards Churchyard, Church End, Sandridge, St
Albans AL4 9DL

Community Sports Day and Rafting Race -
Sunday 8 Jun The Castle Raft Race is back by
popular demand! Families and friends are
encouraged to build a raft on the day to race
along the River Lea. Try your hand at Zumba,
football, judo. Hertford Castle SG14 1HR

Cricket Festival - Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 Jun
Sandridge Cricket Week. Spencer Sports Hall,
Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DD

Pepper Foundation Rock Show 2014 Pepper
Fast Forward 1989 - 2013 the story so far.....-
Monday 9 to Saturday 14 Jun The Pepper Voices
and House Band are coming to Tring for the first
time after many years of sell out shows in
Berkhamsted. Do not miss this special show at
The Court Theatre at Pendley, Tring HP23 5QY

Mid Herts Jazz Orchestra Concert - Monday 9
Jun The Mid Herts Jazz Orchestra will put on a
special performance as part of the Sandridge
900+ celebrations in the open air, weather
permitting. Spencer Sports Hall, High Street,
Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DD

Paddy Ashdown: A Cruel Victory - Tuesday 10
Jun From best-selling author of A Brilliant Little
Operation comes the long neglected D-Day story
of the Resistance uprising and subsequent
massacre on the Vercors massif .Hawthorne
Theatre, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City AL8

No Naughty Bits - Friday 13, Sat 14, Mon 16 to
Sat 21 Jun By Steve Thompson. Directed by
Steve Thompson and Danny Swanson. Barn
Theatre, Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Joe McElderry - Set Your Soul Alive Tour -
Friday 13 Jun For fans of Joe McElderry and X
Factor this is one night not to miss! Joe rose to
fame when he won the sixth series of the ITV
show The X Factor in 2009. Alban Arena, Civic
Centre, St Albans, AL1 3LD

The ninth Dragon Boat Regatta - Saturday 14th
June Over 100 people will take to the water.
This event is organised by the Rotary club of
Hertford Shires who are one of the three Rotary
Clubs based in Ware. On the River Lea at Ware.

Grumpy Old Women-Return of The Grumpy Old
Women - Fifty Shades Of Beige - Sun 15 June
By popular demand the Grumpies are back to
knock some sense into the nation. Perrier Award-
winning comedian, writer and original star of
Grumpy Old Women Jenny Eclair will be joined
by fellow recruits Susie Blake (Mrs Browns Boys
BBC One, Coronation Street, ITV1) and actress
and singer Kate Robbins (Where The Heart Is
ITV1, Casualty BBC One) in this brand spanking
new show. This jam-packed spanking new show
includes learning the art of Grumpy
Grooming, the joy of large pants, a free nagging
master class (how to get your own way without
him even noticing), beards for women, which
style will suit you? Complimentary Anger
Management workshop, middle-aged drinking:
the rules, navigating the smorgasbord of worry,
voluntary euthanasia vs. retirement, how to
customise an unwanted pole dancing kit and a
mercifully brief Zumba demonstration. All this
and more! Come and bask in an orgy of fury and
big laughs in this glorious live version of the hit
TV show. Tickets 21.00 Watford Colosseum,
Rickmansworth Road, Watford, WD17 3JN 845
075 3993

Harpenden Choral Society presents Petite
Messe Solennelle - Saturday 14 Jun Performed
as originally scored with Alexander Binns on
harmonium and Vivien Powles on piano, and
conducted by John Andrews, the performance
features soloists Jeni Bern, soprano; Kristin
Finnegan. St. Nicholas Church, Harpenden AL5

Harpenden Common Discovery Day - Saturday
14 Jun 10.00am until 4.00pm and will again be
free for all to attend. Harpenden Common
Hertfordshire AL5 2LX

Talbot House - A Home From Home - Saturday
14 Jun During the First World War Talbot House
in Poperinge, Belgium a few short miles behind
the front line, became a haven for thousands of
allied troops a home from home where they
could enjoy some rest and relaxation. Hawthorne
Theatre, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City AL8

Table Top Sale - Saturday 14th Jun Come and
browse for a bargain. 10am - 1pm. Free
childrens lucky dip. Refreshments. Free parking
1 admission, children free. Batford Memorial
Hall, Tallents Crescent, Batford, Harpenden AL5

Frozen - Saturday 14 Jun Walt Disney Animation
Studios present the fearless optimist Anna as she
sets off on an epic journey teaming up with
rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal
reindeer Sven. Old Town Hall, High Street,
Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE

Music Concert by local Jazz, Blues and Funk
band "Night Train" -Saturday 14 Jun This
fundraising event for All Saints Church, Croxley
Green @ 7.30pm will be an evening of music and
dance. All Saints Church Hall, Croxley Green

Song and Shakespeare: St Albans Chamber
Opera- Saturday 14 Jun An evening of songs
and arias inspired by the bard. St Leonards
Church, Church End, Sandridge, St Albans AL4

Race for Life Watford - Sunday 15 Jun Ladies,
its time to take the fight to cancer at Cancer
Research UKs Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer
doesnt care who it affects. It can ruin
everything without a second thought. Cassiobury
Park, Off Cassiobury Park Avenue, Watford WD18

Marsworth Steam & Classic Vehicle Rally -
Sunday 15 Jun Marsworths 16th annual Steam
& Classic Vehicle Rally .A great day out for all
the family. See historic steam engines,
agricultural, classic cars. Startop Farm,
Marsworth HP23 4LL

Letchworth Sinfonia Summer Concert - Sunday
15 Jun We are happy to be performing our
Summer Concert at the Letchworth Free Church
as part of the Letchworth Festival 2014. This
year we welcome Rebecca Maclean (Bassoonist)
who was formally a student. Letchworth Free
Church, Norton Way South, Letchworth SG6 3HS

Festival of Transport - Sunday 15 Jun A large
event for Fathers Day - classic cars and
motorcycles at this popular event. Arena events,
autojumble and trade stands. Knebworth House

Caladh Nua - Tuesday 17 Jun The music of
Caladh Nua is both rousing and captivating,
delivering a crystal vibrancy of sound that is
deeply rooted in the south-eastern counties of
Ireland. Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel
Hempstead HP1 3AE

Watford Philharmonic Society - Gilbert and
Sullivan - Wed 18 June Watford Philharmonic
choir and orchestra present a selection of songs
and music from four popular Gilbert and Sullivan
comic operas.World famous in their lifetimes,
Gilbert and Sullivan are still delighting todays
audiences with their humorous and satirical
music. The evening comprises a selection of
well-known pieces from The Mikado, Iolanthe,
The Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore.
Join Watford Philharmonic Society for a light-
hearted evenings entertainment at Watford
Colosseum. Tickets: 18.00, 17.00, 15.00
Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road,
Watford, WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993

The Trials Of Oscar Wilde - Wednesday 18 Jun
Thursday 14 February 1895 was the triumphant
opening night of The Importance of Being Earnest
and the peak of Oscar Wildes career. Less than
100 days later he found himself a common
prisoner. The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham
Avenue, Radlett WD7 8HL

The Time Machine - Wednesday 18 Jun I have
lived such a day as no man has lived before....
1895. In a surburban garden, beneath a waning
moon, a man lies dazed beside a remarkable
machine. He has a story to tell. Old Town Hall,
High Street, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE

Romeo & Juliet - Wednesday 18 Jun The Lord
Chamberlains Men present their open-air, all
male production of the greatest love story ever
told. The Garden - Broxbourne Civic Hall EN11

Will & Art together and apart - Wednesday 18
to Saturday 21 Jun Abbots Langley Gilbert &
Sullivan Society presents an opportunity to see
some rarely performed G&S works, including
numbers from Utopia Ltd, The Grand Duke,
Sullivans The Rose of Persia. Henderson Hall
Abbots Langley WD5 0AR

The Simon & Garfunkel Story - Thu 19 June
Direct from Londons West End, award winning
actor Dean Elliott (Buddy Holly in Buddy -The
Musical) and a full cast of performers tell the
compelling story of the greatest music duo of all
time. Using both original photos and film
footage, The Simon and Garfunkel Story also
features a full live band performing all their hits
including Mrs Robinson, Cecilia, Bridge Over
Troubled Water and many more. If youre a fan
of beautiful music then this is an evening not to
be missed! Tickets 19.50, 17.50 Watford
Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road, Watford WD17
3JN0845 075 3993

About Time - Thursday 19 Jun From Richard
Curtis, writer of Love Actually, Notting Hill and
Four Weddings. At the age of 21 Tim is told an
incredible family secret by his father. Old Town
Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE

Acoustic Cafe -Thursday 19 Jun Acoustic Caf
provides an opportunity for performers including
poets, spoken word artists, singer-songwriters
and instrumentalists to come and share their
talents with local audiences. The Rose and
Crown, 19 High Street, Hemel Hempstead HP1

Disco Inferno Night-Fri 20 June 8pm 2am.
We're back with a red hot Disco Inferno Night!
Our fantastic DJ, Owen "The Inferno" Andrew,
our amazing compere, Rizzo "The Pimp Daddy"
plus fabulous live vocalist Gemma "Bubble Gum"
Samuels and simply stunning stage dancers "The
Dream Team" are all guaranteed to get you in
the party mood and transport you back to the
decade that taste forgot - the funktastic 70s!
Dance the night away to one classic floor-filler
after another; including Car Wash, I Will Survive,
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel and many more
groovy tunes.If you feel like singing along then
join us in the Forum where we'll be hosting a fab
Karaoke Party, and be sure to check out our
fabulous new Cocktail bar. Our delicious Bistro
menu is also available all evening in the Caf-
Bar. Prepare to have fun! Over 25s only. Tickets:
5.00.Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road,
Watford, WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993

Jethro - The Legend At Large - Friday 20 Jun
Cornish comedy legend Jethro is back, as large
as life, and on tour in 2014 with his very own
unique brand of irresistible West Country tales
for a fun-filled night of adult comedy. The
Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett

Midsummer Gala - Saturday 21 Jun As part of
the Sandridge 900 celebrations the Midsummer
Gala at Jersey Farm will have fun, food, music
and activities for all the family. There will be
Miniature Steam Engine Rides and zip line. Jersey
Farm Woodland Park, Sandridge, St Albans,
Hertfordshire AL4 9LQ

The Tap Dancing Mermaid - Saturday 21 Jun
Its time to hear the Moons story, one you will
never forget... Gather round, gather round for
the Moons magical, mystical story about a
tippetty-top tap dancer who he has been.
Hawthorne Theatre, The Campus, Welwyn
Garden City AL8 6BX

Jackies Drop In Funday - Saturday 21 Jun Join
in the Fun at Jackies Drop-in Centre Funday
11am - 5pm Come and meet the Daleks - get
your picture taken with them, How about a
Glitter Tattoo? Jackies Drop In Centre, St
Michaels House, Letchworth Garden City SG6 1NY

Sandon Village Market - Sat 21 Jun Sandon
Village Market is a friendly farmers/craft market
showcasing locally created products. Our regular
produce stalls include locally reared meat, pork
pies, fruit and veg, cakes and more. Sandon JMI
School, Sandon, Nr Buntingford SG9 0QS

Watford Rural Parish Council Summer Fun-Day
- Saturday 21 Jun Summer Fun-Day, Santas
grotto, Fairground rides for the toddlers, bouncy
castle, candy floss, ball pool, face painting,
bungee fly, balloonist and much more! Prize
raffle, entrance is free! St. Andrews Parade,
South Oxhey WD19 7SB

The Wicker Man (15) - Saturday 21 Jun Come
and celebrate the summer solstice with this
classic British horror film directed by Robin
Hardy, written by Anthony Shaffer and starring
Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee & Diane
Cilento Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel
Hempstead HP1 3AE

Decro Fair - Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 Jun
Decorative antiques, garden and architectural
salvage. Knebworth House SG1 2AX

Chipperfield Choral Society - Songs and Cries of
London Town - Saturday 21 Jun Chipperfield
Choral Society presents Songs and Cries of
London Town as our Summer concert for 2014.
We are delighted to announce that our soloist
will be Rosemary Clifford (Mezzo-Soprano).St
Pauls Church, The Common, Chipperfield WD4

Midsummer Nights Dance for Macmillan Cancer
Support - Saturday 21 Jun Celebrate the
Summer Solstice with Wine, Dinner and Dancing.
An opportunity to dress up and have a dance!
Event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support at the
lovely new clubhouse at Harpenden Common.
Harpenden Common Golf Club Cravells Road
Harpenden AL5 1BL

Hemel Hempstead School Summer Fayre & Fun
Dog Show -Saturday 21 Jun Working with the
Retired Greyhound Trust we are holding our first
Summer Fayre and Fun Dog Show. The Dog Show
classes are 2 and you can enter as many as you
like with no pre-booking required. Hemel
Hempstead School, Heath Lane, Hemel
Hempstead HP1 1TX

Hertford Museum Model Railway Day for
Hertford Carnival - Sunday 22 Jun 1 - 4 pm
Hertford Museum will open on a Sunday
afternoon with Model Railways and Teas in the
Garden to celebrate Hertford Carnival. Free, just
drop in, donations welcome. Hertford Museum,
18 Bull Plain SG14 1DT

Fun on the Field at Watton-at-Stone Playschool
- Sunday 22 Jun Our popular Fun on the Field
event is taking place this year at Playschool and
on the school field from 12pm to 4pm. It is going
to be a fantastic afternoon out with the
family.Watton-at-Stone Playschool, Rectory
Lane, Watton-at-Stone SG14 3SG

One Hot Night in June. Presented by Hitchin
Music Project - Sunday 22 Jun Hitchin Music
Project presents: One Hot Night In June.
Featuring WD Radio exciting 15 piece jazz/latin
band; WD Vocal Project acapella singing group;
Highfield School Soul Band. Letchworth Arts
Centre. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City

The Ashridge Trail Half Marathon - Sunday 22
Jun A fundraising event in aid of Rennie Grove
Hospice Care. Starting at the beautiful Ashridge
House at 9am. Ashridge House, Berkhamsted HP4

The Sistren - Tuesday 24 Jun The Sistren
features three extraordinary players in the fight
for womens rights. Mary Wollstonecraft, seen as
the founder of modern feminism through her
book, A vindication of the Rights of Women. Old
Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead HP1

BBC Concert Orchestra - A Captive Audience-
Words and Music from World War 1-Thu 26
June Johannes Wildner: conductor, Joseph
Shovelton: tenor. As part of the BBCs World War
One centenary season, the BBC Concert
Orchestra looks at life through the lens of
prisoners held in two wartime internment camps;
one in London at Alexandra Palace and one in
Germany at Ruhleben racecourse near Berlin.
Made up of men of fighting age who were in the
wrong place at the wrong time, both camps
formed orchestras. Together they put on
concerts for their fellow captives, maintaining
their sense of self and the spirit of their
homelands. The orchestra perform a selection of
music played and written in the camps alongside
readings of letters and poetry to tell the real-life
story of the prisoners.Tickets: 22.00, 17.00,
12.00.Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth
Road, Watford, WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993

Dickens at Knebworth - Friday 27 Jun Enjoy an
evening of selected readings from Charles
Dickens most enduring works, and a snapshot of
the life of the great man. In the Banqueting Hall.
Guests will be offered a glass of Pimms on
arrival. Knebworth House SG1 2AX

Lets Hang On - Sat 28 June The award-winning
production Lets Hang On takes you on a musical
journey through the prolific career of one of the
most successful bands of all time - Frankie Valli
& The Four Seasons. From their beginnings in the
early 50s, the show takes you through hits such
as Beggin, Grease, Bye Bye Baby, Sherry, Rag
Doll, Take My Eyes Off You, December 1963 (Oh
What a Night!), Working My Way Back To You,
Walk Like A Man, Big Girls Dont Cry and many
more, climaxing with a spectacular finale with,
of course, Lets Hang On! Coming to Watford
Colosseum in June 2014, this recently revamped
production now features brand new sound,
lighting and AV screens. Definitely not a night to
be missed! Tickets 22.50 Watford Colosseum,
Rickmansworth Road, Watford, WD17 3JN 0845
075 3993

D-Day 70th Anniversary Concert - Saturday 28
Jun Adoramus Choir and Orchestra in association
with the Royal British Legion and with compere
Revd Kevin Bell Assistant Chaplain-General
(London Division) British Land Forces. The Alban
Arena Civic Centre St Albans AL1 3LD

Hertford Choral Society Summer concert -
Saturday 28 Jun Voices and Jazz including
Mass in Blue by Will Todd. All Saints Church
Hertford SG13 8AE

Armed Forces Day Dance - Saturday 28 Jun
Buffet and dance to celebrated Armed Forces
Day Hosted jointly by the WGC branch of the
Royal British Legion and the Royal Naval
Association Club in Welwyn Garden City. WGC
RNA Club, Black Fan Road, (off Mundells) Welwyn
Garden City AL7 1HA

Village Voices Summer Concert - Saturday 28
Jun The local choir, Village Voices, will be
performing in their summer concert at St
Leonards Church, Sandridge. This is a Sandridge
900+ event. St Leonards Church, Church End,
Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DL

Dotty the Dragon - Saturday 28 Jun Adapted for
the stage by Bill Davies, with music and lyrics by
Frank Goodhind. Set & puppet design by Lisa
Kelly. Dotty is a baby fire dragon. Hertford
Theatre, The Wash, Hertford SG13 1PS

Tewin fete - Saturday 28 Jun Traditional village
fete held on the village green. BarBQ, bar,
games, funfair etc. Lower Green, Tewin AL6 0JX

Summer Fayre at St Elizabeths - Saturday 28
Jun To be opened by TV Presenter Dominic
Littlewood. Arena events including
Waterwalkers,Vintage Cars, Zumba and Dance
groups.Stalls and Refreshments & Car Wash. St
Elizabeths Centre, Much Hadham SG10 6EW

Concert of classical music - Saturday 28 Jun
An evening of popular classical music performed
by the Welwyn Garden City Chorus and
Orchestra, leader Kristos Kokinos, conducted by
James Ross. St Johns Church, Monks Rise,
Welwyn Garden City AL8 7NF

Barrio Fiesta In Hertfordshire Festival -
Saturday 28 Jun Barrio Fiesta in Hertfordshire
Festival The first Filipino Barrio Fiesta to be held
in Hertfordshire will showcase the cultural and
religious festivities in the Philippines. Fairlands
Valley Park, showground arena, Broadhall Way
(opp Stevenage FC Stadium) Stevenage, SG2 8RH

Buntsfest 14 - Saturday 28 Jun Charity Music
Festival Raising money for Essex & Herts Air
Ambulance and other local causes. 2x Live stages
with 25+ bands and singers performing
throughout the day. The Bury, 100 London Rd,
Buntingford SG9 9HZ

Call Me Merman - Saturday 28 Jun Rosemary
Ashe, Olivier Award nominated star of Londons
West End, pays tribute to Ethel Merman, the
legendary first lady of the musical comedy stage.
The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham Avenue,
Radlette WD7 8HL

Superhero Snailboy - Saturday 28 Jun Calling
all superheroes... both little and large.
Superhero Snail Boy shows that even the smallest
of superheroes can grow to be bigger than their
fears. Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel
Hempstead, HP1 3AE

Teddy Bears Picnic - Sunday 29 Jun Enjoy a
traditional family afternoon, with live music,
entertainment, activities and much more. Dont
forget to bring your teddy! The Castles doors
will be open for the public. Hertford Castle SG14

WGC FC Summer Fete - Sunday 29 Jun We are
looking for unusual stall holders to join us for the
day, but in particular, home made foods, farm
shops, cream tea suppliers, fruit growers, bee
keepers etc. Welwyn Garden City FC, Herns Way,
Panshanger, Welwyn Garden City AL7 1TA

Beds Listings

Half term fun at Woodside - til Sunday 1 Jun
Half term fun including tractor rides, meet and
feed the animals, animal handling and
demonstrations, chick and bunny cuddling,
indoor play barn, outdoor play areas, crazy golf,
funfair rides. Mancroft Rd, Aley Green, Nr. Luton

Jay Jay The Partyman At Mead Open Farm - til
Sun 1 Jun Every day during May Half Term, as
well as all the usual farm fun, join in the
madness and mayhem with childrens
entertainer, Jay Jay The Partyman included in
entry price, several shows daily. Mead Open
Farm , Stanbridge Road, Billington LU7 9JH

Spring Fair - Sunday 1 Jun The Spring Fair is
set in the grounds of The RSPB headquarters with
lots of exciting and interesting stalls to browse
through. Treat yourself to exciting gifts, crafts,
plants and produce. RSPB, The Lodge Sandy SG19

Sounds of the Glenn Miller Era -
Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of D-
Day - Sunday 1 Jun The lights soften, the mood
settles. An audience waits for that first moment
of sound. The Big Band is poised, relaxed, but
with eyes anxious for the lead. Bedford Corn
Exchange, St. Pauls Square, Bedford MK40 1SL

Brian Conley - Thursday 5 Jun The multi-
talented and irrepressible Brian Conley returns
to the stage in this all-new touring show.
Showcasing his many talents, therell be singing,
laughs, and much, much more. Bedford Corn
Exchange, St Pauls Square, Bedford MK40 1SL

Optics Demo - Thursday 5 Jun Our expert will
be on hand to demonstrate the latest binoculars
and telescopes. Try them out while enjoying the
birds on view as well. RSPB, The Lodge Sandy
SG19 2DL

River Ouse Summer Evening Wildlife Cruise -
Thursday 5 Jun Join us on the Bedford
Community Boat as we cruise downstream along
the River Ouse from Bedford Marina towards
Cardington Lock. A guide from The RSPB will be
on board to help you enjoy the birds. RSPB, The
Lodge Sandy SG19 2DL

Joe McElderry - Set Your Soul Alive Tour -
Friday 6 Jun For fans of Joe McElderry and X
Factor this is one night not to miss! Joe rose to
fame when he won the sixth series of the ITV
show The X Factor in 2009. Grove Theatre, Grove
Park, Court Drive, Dunstable LU5 4GP

Red Cross Open Gardens, Tour of Southill
House - Friday 6 Jun We are lucky enough to
have the opportunity of private tours of Southill
House, a regency hall designed by Henry Holland
in 1795 and has been in the Whitbread family
since then. Southill House Bedfordshire SG18 9LL

Hungarian Gypsy Band and Dancers - Friday 6
Jun This lively group of musicians and dancers
will be putting on an evening of traditional
Hungarian music. Some of these young musicians
came last year as part of the AVIZO String
Quartet. Whipsnade Village Hall, off B4540 LU6

Brass Band Concert - Saturday 7 Jun Ampthill
Town Band present at Brass Band concert at St
Andrews Church in Ampthill. St Andrews Church,
Ampthill MK45 2EL

Regency Ball - Saturday 7 Jun Moggerhanger
Park Friends are hosting a Regency Ball. The
evening will feature live authentic Regency
music and dancing will be led by the experienced
Regency dancers The Rout. Moggerhanger Park,
Park Road, Moggerhanger, MK44 3RW

Woburn Abbey Country Fair - Saturday 7 and
Sunday 8 Jun A visit to this magnificent venue
is a must. With three main show arenas, the
biggest being the Andy Singleton Arena for
performers who need space to showcase their
skills, from dare-devil stunts. Woburn Abbey,
Woburn MK17 9WA

Retro and Classic Show - Saturday 7 and
Sunday 8 Jun Welcome to the new Retro and
Classic Show Held at the prestigious Mansion
House, Old Warden Park next to the
Shuttleworth Collection Open to all types of
retro and Classics vehicles and bikes. The
Mansion House, Old Warden Park Biggleswade
SG18 9DX

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Saturday 7 Jun Come
and have some crazy fun at our Mad Hatters Tea
Party!! Fun for the young and the young at heart
:D Yummy Tea, Coffee, Cakes and More. London
Road Methodist Church, corner of London Road/
Barford Avenue, Bedford MK42 0DS

Reed Cross Open Gardens, The Lodge at
Odell - Sunday 8 Jun A garden for all seasons.
Early June will show the glories of the English
garden; borders, arbours, water features, beds
and shrubberies. The Lodge at Odell MK43 7BB

Open Gardens Festival - Sunday 8 Jun Come to
Eaton Bray Village Hall to collect a roving ticket
(just 5) giving admission to 10 lovely gardens
varying in size and design from a tropical garden
to a home for a dragon. Eaton Bray Village Hall

Barton 10k Run, 5k Run and Summer Fair -
Sunday 8 Jun Come and enjoy our challenging
multi-terrain event in the stunning location of
Barton Hills. The 10k course is along undulating
country paths and roads. Arnold Academy,
Hexton Road, Barton-le-Clay MK45 4JZ

Henry V -Friday 13, Sat 14, Thu 19 to Sat 21
Jun Shakespeares epic tale of a charismatic
young soldier king who led his country to war
with France. Exciting, thought-provoking,
inspiring and disturbing . Tads Theatre Conger
Lane, Toddington LU5 6BT

Odell Fete and Family Dog Show - Saturday 14
Jun 2pm. Entry Adults 1.50, Children Free.
Scout Field , Horsefair Lane, Odell MK43 7AA

Bedford Choral Society and Bedfordshire
Symphony Orchestra - Gala Night at the Opera
- Saturday 14 Jun Programme to include:
Puccini - Intermezzo from Manon Lescaut;
Nicolai - Overture Merry Wives of Windsor.
Bedford Corn Exchange, St Pauls Square, Bedford
MK40 1LE

Trains at Trinity Biggleswade - Saturday 14
June The bi-annual Model Train and Toy event
with model railway layouts and displays from
small scale to G (Garden) scale, vintage toys
including clockwork, Meccano, trade
stands.Trinity Methodist Church, Shortmead
Street, Biggleswade SG18 0AP

Ardley Hill Academy Car Boot Sale - Saturday
14 Jun Car Boot Sale with Refreshments and
Bouncy Castle. Local lower school football
tournament will also be taking place. Lowther
Road, Dunstable LU6 3NZ

Airshow: Featuring LAA "party in the park" -
Sunday 15 Jun The flying display will include
some of our popular aircraft. In addition,
weather and serviceability permitting, visitors
will be treated to a flypast. The Shuttleworth
Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome SG18 9EP

Cancer Research UKs 5k & 10k Race for
Life - Bedford - Sunday 15 Jun Ladies, its time
to take the fight to cancer at Cancer Research
UKs Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer doesnt
care who it affects. It can ruin everything
without a second thought. Russell Park & The
Embankment, Bedford MK40 3PF

Fathers Classic Day Out - Sunday 15 Jun A
great family out with Dad in mind! Classic and
performance vehicles on display with classic
entertainment during the day an a selection of
childrens amusement. Woburn Abbey MK17 9WA

The Conservatory at the Luton Hoo Walled
Garden Wedding Fair - Wednesday 18 Jun The
Conservatory at the Walled Garden, an
impressive marquee situated within the tranquil
setting of the Walled Garden, provides an ideal
venue for both corporate and private events. The
conservatory at the Luton Hoo Walled Garden,
Luton Hoo Walled Garden, Luton Hoo, LU1 4LF

Marston Forest 5k - Friday 20 Jun 5k running
race with free juniors fun run, set in Marston
Forest Visitors centre, fun for all the family. BBQ
& licensed bar afterwards. Marston Forest
Visitors centre

The Big Wild Sleepout RSPB The Lodge-
Saturday 21 Jun Come for a night camping
under the stars and connect with nature as the
nocturnal wildlife comes to life on the reserve.
RSPB, The Lodge Sandy SG19 2DL

Cancer Research UKs Pretty Muddy Race for
Life - Luton - Saturday 21 Jun Ladies, its time
to take the fight to cancer at Cancer Research
UKs Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer doesnt
care who it affects. It can ruin everything
without a second thought. Stockwood Park,
Luton, LU1 5EH

Music at St Marys - Luton Symphony Orchestra
- Saturday 21 Jun Luton Symphony Orchestra
present "This Sceptred Isle" A programme of
English music for a summers evening including
works by Britten, Boyce, Butterworth, Elgar,
Handel and Vaughan Williams. St Marys Church,
Eaton Bray LU6 2DJ

Cancer Research UKs P 5k Race for Life -
Luton- Sunday 22 Jun Ladies, its time to take
the fight to cancer at Cancer Research UKs Race
for Life. Lets face it. Cancer doesnt care who it
affects. It can ruin everything without a second
thought. Stockwood Park, Luton LU1 5EH

Howard Goodall conducts Danesborough Chorus
- Saturday 28 Jun The well-known composer and
presenter Howard Goodall will be the guest
conductor for Danesborough Chorus summer
concert. Music will include Goodalls own
composition "Eternal Light" Woburn Parish
Church, Park Street, Woburn MK17 9PG

Meppershall Summer Fair - Spitfire flypast
confirmed - Saturday 28 Jun This popular event
will have many of your favourites and New for
2014 - The Great Meppershall Bake Off! Fosters
field behind Meppershall Village Hall SG17 5LX

Indoor car boot sale - Saturday 28 Jun Come
along and spend a few hours browsing the stalls
at our popular Indoor car boot sale. We are
anticipating a lot of stall holders so there will be
a wealth of goodies to buy! Ashton St Peters
Lower School, Leighton Court, Dunstable LU6

Haydn - The Seasons -Saturday 28 Jun Luton
Choral Society will be performing Haydn - The
Seasons, with Conductor Crispin Lewis and the
Musicall Compass. Priory Church of St Peter,
Church St., Dunstable LU5 4NA

Summer Fayre - Saturday 28 Jun Craft, bric a
brac, cakes, raffle, tombolas, games, books and
much more. St Anne Church, Crawley Green Rd
Luton LU2 0RB

Blunham Playing Fields Assoc Party In the Park
- Saturday 28 Jun Live bands and entertainment
for all the family. Bring your own picnics
gazebos welcome. BBQ - Bar Refreshments.
Blunham Playing Field, 36a Barford Road,
Blunham MK44 3ND

Military Pageant Airshow - Sunday 29 Jun As
part of the nations Armed Forces Day
celebrations, Shuttleworth is proud to present its
Military Pageant. There will also be a super
display of visiting aircraft. The Shuttleworth
Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome SG18 9EP

Bucks Listings

Friars Music Club Exhibition - Rock Memories of
the 70s & 80s - Tue 3 Jun to Sat 7 Jun, Tue 10
Jun to Sat 14 Jun, Tue 17 Jun to Sat 21 Jun,
Tue 24 Jun to Sat 28 Jun Exhibition runs until
5th July Celebrating the famous Aylesbury music
club that rocked the world. A must-see for
everyone interested in music. Buckinghamshire
County Museum and Roald Dahl Childrens
Gallery, Church Street, Aylesbury HP20 2QP

Sheep Racing Returns To Odds Farm Park - til
Monday 30 Jun The ever popular Sheep Racing*
returns to Odds Farm Park from May Half Term!
With a specially built mini race track with jumps
and bends, eager sheep with miniature jockeys.
Odds Farm Park, Wooburn Common, High
Wycombe HP10 0LX

The Unfeathered Bird Exhibition - Tue 3 Jun to
Sat 7 Jun, Tue 10 Jun to Sat 14 Jun, Tue 17
Jun to Sat 21 Jun, Tue 24 Jun to Sat 28 Jun A
fascinating exhibition that combines art and
wildlife. A selection of exquisite, life-sized,
limited edition prints of bird skeletons by artist.
Buckinghamshire County Museum and Roald Dahl
Childrens Gallery, Church Street, Aylesbury
HP20 2QP

Toy Zone - Family Exhibition -Tue 3 Jun to Sat
7 Jun, Tue 10 Jun to Sat 14 Jun, Tue 17 Jun to
Sat 21 Jun, Tue 24 Jun to Sat 28 Jun This
interactive exhibition contains toys to play with
and childhood toys to bring back memories for
mum and dad. Buckinghamshire County Museum
and Roald Dahl Childrens Gallery, Church Street,
Aylesbury HP20 2QP

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Miniature
Traction Engine Rally - Saturday 31 May and
Sunday 1 Jun Miniature Traction Engine Rally
organised by the VAMES Miniature Railway, with
ride-on traction engines all faithfully built
smaller versions of the real thing.
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road
Station, Quainton, Aylesbury HP22 4BY

Danceathon in aid of the British Red Cross -
Sunday 1 Jun A fun, 12-hour 1940s and 1950s
dance extravaganza in support of the British Red
Cross. All lovers of Jive, Rock and Roll, Lindy
Hop, Ballroom and Latin are invited to dance the
day. Milton Keynes Dance Centre, 132 Newport
Road, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes MK13 0AA

Arsenal Ladies v Everton Ladies FA Womens
FA Cup final -Sunday 1 Jun stadium:mk home
of Milton Keynes Dons will host Arsenal Ladies v
Everton Ladies in The FA Womens Cup Final
(kick-off 4.30pm). Grafton St, Milton Keynes,

Family History Talk: Turning Your Tree Into A
Tale - Wednesday 4 Jun Researching family
history is only half the battle - writing it up so
that family members and maybe others will want
to read it is the other half. Methodist Church
Hall, Queensway, Bletchley, MK2 2HB

Garsington Opera at Wormsley 2014 Season -
Friday 6 Jun 2014 to Mon 9 Jun, Sat 14 Jun,
Sun 15 Jun, Wed 18 Jun, Thu 19 Jun, Sat 21
Jun, Sun 22 Jun, Tue 24 Jun to Sat 28 Jun The
2014 season marks Garsington Operas 25th
anniversary and in keeping with the companys
ethos they celebrate with two masterpieces and
one undiscovered gem. Wormsley Estate,
Stokenchurch HP14 3YE

Bucks Open Studios - Saturday 7 Jun The
Chiltern MS Centre, Wendover, is hosting a group
of nine artists and makers whose work is really
wide ranging, during the first week of Bucks
Open Studios. Chiltern MS Centre, Oakwood
Close, Wood Lane, Wendover HP22 5LX

MK Handmade & Vintage Weekend
Extravaganza - Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 Jun
Forget Brighton or Camden! Milton Keynes has
one of the biggest handmade and vintage events
in the country, where we transform the huge
indoor area in front of John Lewis in Central
Milton Keynes. In front of John Lewis, Middleton
Hall, the centre:mk, Central Milton Keynes
Shopping Centre MK9 3ES

The Great Creature Caper - Saturday 7 Jun
Free arts workshop for families, with artist Jonny
Boatfield. Come and make mystical and mythical
creatures out of cardboard boxes and the like,
then RACE them! York House Centre, London
Road, Stony Stratford MK11 1JQ

Kidzstuf childrens nearly new sale - Saturday
7 Jun Excellent condition pre loved toys, clothes
and equipment 0-12 years for a fraction of the
high street price. Amersham Common village hall
White lion road Amersham HP7 9JD

Broughton Infant Summer Fayre - Saturday 7
Jun There will be lots of stall holders selling a
varied selection of goods including Books, Cards,
Jewellery, Handbags etc. Broughton Infant
School, Narbeth Drive, Aylesbury HP20 1NX

A Rather Pointless Quiz for RNLI - Saturday 7
Jun Light-hearted general knowledge quiz for
teams of up to six brains. Lowest score wins!
Ticket price is 6.00 per person, which includes
a special "Life-Jacket-Potato" with hot filling.
York House Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford
MK11 1JQ

Bucks Open Studios - Saturday 7 to Sunday 22
Jun Bucks Open Studios is an annual event held
in June every year where artists and makers all
over the County open their studios or hold
exhibitions showcasing and demonstrating their
work. Various locations around Buckinghamshire
HP22 5XJ

Summer Ruby Fair and Family Fun Day -
Saturday 7 Jun Stantonbury Arts and Leisure will
be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the
theatre and leisure centre with a ruby summer
fair and a family fun day. Stantonbury Leisure
Centre and Theatre MK14 6BN

Art Exhibition by Cathy S R Read and Alexandra
Buckle - Saturday 7, Sun 8, Wed 11 to Sun 15 ,
Wed 18 to Sun 22 Jun Artistic collaboration for
Bucks Open Studios 2014 Coming from opposite
backgrounds, Artists Alexandra Buckle and Cathy
Read view the world in different ways. Old
Congregational Chapel, Church Lane, Tingewick,
Buckingham MK18 4QZ

Cancer Research UKs 5k & 10k Race for Life -
Milton Keynes - Sunday 8 Jun Ladies, its time
to take the fight to cancer at Cancer Research
UKs Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer doesnt
care who it affects. It can ruin everything
without a second thought. Campbell Park, Milton
Keynes MK9 4AP

Heath Quartet at Jordans Music Club Summer
Festival - Sunday 8 Jun Three quartets
composed in highly contrasting circumstances!
The death of his princely employer in 1790 left
Haydn to go his own way. Quartet No. 6, Op. 64.
Jubilee Hall, School Lane, Seer Green,
Beaconsfield HP9 2QJ

StonyVoices! 2 a Cappella Choirs - Sunday 8
Jun Another delightful afternoon of a cappella
singing, with the wonderful No Strings, this time
joined by Michele Welborn, Pat Allati, The
Harmanics, and a ukelele band! York House
Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford MK11 1JQ
Motorama 2014 - Sunday 8 Jun The historic
town of Olney near Milton Keynes, Northampton
and Bedford, plays host to Motorama 2014 when
we expect well over 100 classic cars to arrive on
the Market Place and surrounding streets. Olney
Town Centre MK46 5EA

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - Vintage
Train Steaming Open Day -Sun 8 Jun A chance
to ride on our historic Vintage Stock dating from
the 1890s with no extra charge. Buckinghamshire
Railway Centre occupies an extensive site in
rolling Buckinghamshire countryside.
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road
Station, Quainton, Aylesbury HP22 4BY

Eastwood Polo Club Midsummer Charity Cup -
Sunday 8 Jun Eastwood Polo Club in
Stokenchurch will be holding its annual Charity
Cup, which this year will raise funds for Ibstone
School, 11am-5pm. Eastwood Polo Club,
Stokenchurch HP14 3XJ

Family History Talk: Bucks Machine Breakers -
the Story of the 1830s Riots - Tuesday 10 Jun
Jill Chambers investigates the Swing Riots in
Buckinghamshire, talks about the Special
Commission trials of the rioters, and looks at
examples of the records used to identify the
rioters. Community Centre, Wakeman Road,
Bourne End SL8 5SX

Joe McElderry - Set Your Soul Alive Tour -
Wednesday 11 Jun For fans of Joe McElderry
and X Factor this is one night not to miss! Joe
rose to fame when he won the sixth series of the
ITV show The X Factor in 2009. Swan Theatre, St
Mary St, High Wycombe, HP11 2XE

As You Like It Open Air Theatre - Wed 11 to
Sat 14, Wed 18 to Sat 21 Jun Performed in the
glorious parkland setting of Hall Barn, Old
Beaconsfield, by the Chiltern Shakespeare
Company. Hall Barn Beaconsfield HP9 2SG

Grease the musical Weds. 11 to Sat. 14 Jun
Holmer Green Village Centre, The Common,
Holmer Green, High Wycombe HP15 6XG

Extreme stunt show in Milton Keynes -
Thursday 12 Jun check out the monster action
where our very own trucks Extreme and Lil Devil
compete to prove theyre the best car crushing
monsters in Europe. Campbell Park, Avebury
Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 4AT

Jane Eyre - Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 Jun
The Charlotte Bronte novel of romance brought
to life for the stage by the Tread the Boards
Company thanks to the adaption by Willis Hall.
Chrysalis Theatre, Japonica Lane, Willen Park
Sth, Milton Keynes MK15 9JY

Tiny Talk Time: Faster, Faster, Nice and Slow -
Friday 13 Jun Please book as there are limited
places. A special time at Wycombe Museum for
the under fives. Enjoy stories, trails and craft
activities, inspired by the Museum collection and
gardens. Wycombe Museum, Priory Avenue. High
Wycombe HP13 6PX

Project:Opera : An Evening at the Opera -
Saturday 14 Jun After a successful debut
concert last September, Project:Opera, The
Peoples Opera Company returns to Marlow with
another medley of arias and duets. All Saints
Church, The Causeway, Marlow SL7 2AA

Little Chalfont Farmers Market - Saturday 14
Jun Great selection of quality, locally produced
food at this monthly market. Buy rare-breed
pork, bacon and sausages, buffalo meat, lamb,
game and poultry. Plus seasonal fruit and
vegetables. Village Hall car park, Cokes Lane,
Little Chalfont HP8 4UD

Art in the Woods - Saturday 14 Jun Join our
unique woodland workshop led by Keith Dunford,
local art teacher - learn how to improve your
watercolour painting and drawing techiniques.
Clue Hill Farm, near Brill HP18 9UZ

Beaconsfield Now 2014 - Saturday 14 Jun The
Beaconsfield Society is holding Beaconsfield Now
between 10am and 1pm. This annual event
showcases local not for profit organisations. The
Town Council Green, Beaconsfield

Great Kimble School Summer Fayre - Saturday
14 Jun Fun for all the family! BBQ, Bar,
Homemade Ice Cream, Cake Stall, Bouncy Castle,
Face Painting, Pony Rides, Raffle, Tombola,
Stalls, Tractor Rides, Refreshments, Music and
lots more. Great Kimble C of E School, Church
Lane, Great Kimble HP17 9TU

Music for a Summers evening - a concert by
Heart & Music - Saturday 14 Jun a concert by
the talented singing group Heart & Music. All
Saints Church, Loughton MK5 8AT

Ride High Barn Dance - Saturday 14 Jun
Announcing the community event of the summer,
The Ride High Barn Dance! It will be a boot
stomping, brilliant night out for all. Birchmoor
Farm, Aspley Lane MK17 9HY

Bucks Open Studios at Wycombe Museum opens
Sat. 14 to Sun. 22 Jun Bucks Open Studios is
the largest visual arts event in the county. Over
500 artists and makers are opening their studios
and exhibiting in over 200 different venues
across Buckinghamshire. Wycombe Museum,
Priory Avenue. High Wycombe HP13 6PX

The Vintage Crafty Flea Fayre @ Marlow -
Saturday 14 Jun An exciting mix of Craft,
Vintage, Flea Market Type Stalls and more awaits
you at The Vintage Crafty Flea Fayre. An eclectic
array of unique and original treasures, including
vintage and hand Liston Hall, Chapel Street,
Marlow SL7 1DD

Lets Groove Tonight -Saturday 14 Jun Come
and join us for a fab night out. A world class
Madonna tribute live on stage, featuring Debbie
Nunn, supported by 2 fantastic DJs. Stantonbury
Leisure Centre MK14 6BN

Commercial Vehicle Rally at Buckinghamshire
Railway Centre - Sunday 15 Jun An incredible
variety of beautifully restored vehicles will
arrive at the railway centre after their annual
Ridgeway Run. The vehicles will be displayed
within the Centre - Vintage Buses and
Taxis.Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton
Road Station, Quainton, Aylesbury HP22 4BY

Dash for Dad - Sunday 15 Jun An event for the
whole family this Fathers Day morning, you and
your family can take part in either a 1K, 2K or 5K
run for Child Bereavement UK. West Wycombe
Park HP14 3AJ

Grease - The Musical - Tuesday 17 to Saturday
21 Jun Grease is the word! Its 1959 and Rydell
High is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving
students. Sandy Dumbrowski is the new girl in
school. Stantonbury Campus Theatre,
Stantonbury, Milton Keynes MK14 6BN

Art, Science and the Unfeathered Bird -
Saturday 21 Jun 2pm-3pm. An exclusive talk by
author and artist Katrina van Grouw on the
making of The Unfeathered Bird - a beautifully
illustrated book on bird anatomy.
Buckinghamshire County Museum and Roald Dahl
Childrens Gallery, Church Street, Aylesbury
HP20 2QP

Owls of The Swamp - Saturday 21 Jun Christ
Church URC, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 2NL

Sense and Sensibility - Saturday 21 Jun Join
Chapterhouse Theatre Company this summer for
an evening of Regency wonderment as Elinor and
Marianne Dashwood make their first forays into
the exquisite world of eighteenth-century
society. Claydon House MK18 2EY

Family History Talk: Black Propaganda Radio -
Britains Biggest Hoax - Saturday 21 Jun We
broadcast to the German public. We broadcast to
the German forces, to the U-boats, to the airmen
on leave. They tuned in their radios and thought
the programmes were coming from Germany.
Prebendal Farm Community Centre, Somerville
Way, Fowler Road, Aylesbury, HP19 7QT

Family Fun Day & Mascot Olympics at the
Theatre District, CMK - Saturday 21 Jun The
Mascot Olympics attracts mascots from football
clubs & other organisations countrywide.
Between 25 - 30 compete in 6 fun, chaotic
events through the day to win the Olympic title.
Theatre District, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3PU

Wooburn Fete - Saturday 21 Jun A fun event for
the whole of the community and open to the
public free of charge. Event includes:
Maidenhead Concert Band playing throughout,
Thames Valley Exotic Reptiles will be there to
educate. Wooburn Green HP10OEF

Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival - Sunday 22
Jun is one of the largest corporate events in the
region attracting up to 60 teams made up of
local companies, organisations. Willen Lake,
Milton Keynes MK15 0DS

Red Kite Ramble - Sunday 22 Jun The Red Kite
Ramble, will see the 5th annual Red Kite Ramble
at Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton. Wycombe
Road, Saunderton HP14 4BF

Freddy Kempf (piano) at Jordans Music Club
Summer Festival - Sunday 22 Jun Our third
Beethoven work this season, one of the shortest
of his piano sonatas, has just two movements.
Jubilee Hall, School Lane, Seer Green,
Beaconsfield HP9 2QJ

PEPPA PIG is Visiting Quainton Road! - Sunday
22 Jun Peppa will make appearances at
intervals during the day, and theres sure to be
great excitement each time she appears!
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road
Station, Quainton, Aylesbury HP22 4BY

Tell Them of Us cemetery tour, High Wycombe
- Sunday 22 Jun Join Sally Scagell on a cemetery
tour with a difference. With help from the boys
of John Hampden Grammar School you will hear
the stories of WW1 soldiers buried in High
Wycombe Cemetery. Priory Road Entrance, High
Wycombe Cemetery HP13 6PF

WW1 Cemetery Tour - Sunday 22 Jun Discover
the stories beyond the graves of a lost
generation - through a costumed tour of the
cemetery. Researched and presented by local
historian Sally Scagell and pupils from John
Hampden School. Wycombe Museum, Priory
Avenue. High Wycombe HP13 6PX

Forgotten Marlow Walk - Sunday 22 Jun Off the
beaten track in Marlow: a guided history walk
around parts of this attractive Thames-side town
which visitors do not normally see. The walk will
take approximately 2 hours. Liston Hall, Chapel
Street, Marlow SL7 1DD

Summer Fair for Leos Appeal - Sunday 22 Jun
Raising funds for the Childrens wards of MK
Hospital We have something for everyone with
Over 50 stalls including Bags, Beads, Books,
Cakes, Garden access, Mosaics, Perfumes. City
Discovery centre, Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey,
Milton Keynes MK13 9AP

Cancer Research UKs 5k Race for Life - High
Wycombe - Sunday 22 Jun Ladies, its time to
take the fight to cancer at Cancer Research UKs
Race for Life. Lets face it. Cancer doesnt care
who it affects. It can ruin everything without a
second thought. The Rye, High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire HP11 1QX

Summer Concert -Thursday 26 to Saturday 28
Jun A concert performance of Franz Lehars The
Merry Widow.Village Hall Longwick HP27 9QY

Tiny Talk Time: Old MacDonalds Farm -Friday
27 Jun A special time at Wycombe Museum for
the under fives. Enjoy stories, trails and craft
activities, inspired by the Museum collection and
gardens. Wycombe Museum, Priory Avenue. High
Wycombe HP13 6PX

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Last Night of
the Proms in High Wycombe - Friday 27 Jun To
kick start your summer, the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra will be returning to High Wycombe for
a Proms extravaganza full of pomp and
circumstance. Wycombe Swan, St. Mary Street,
High Wycombe HP11 2XE

Bellingdon and Asheridge VIllage Fete -
Saturday 28 Jun Family day out, brass band,
bar, BBQ, vintage cars, dog show, childrens
stalls, bouncy castle, bric a brac, ice cream stall,
teas and cake in hall. Bellingdon Village Hall and
recreational grounds, Chesham Rd, Bellingdon

Togfest 2014 - Saturday 28 Jun Bradwell Abbey,
Milton Keynes provides the back drop for one of
Milton Keynes premier live music events.
Togfest 2014 has two stages and 11 hours of non-
stop live music of all genres. Alston Drive,
Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes MK13 9AP

Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular show - Saturday 28
Jun Its fun all the way as the "Purveyors of Cool"
swing into town. Milton Keynes Theatre, 500
Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes MK9

Ibstone School Summer Fair - Saturday 28 Jun
Ibstone C of E Infant School is holding its annual
Summer Fair on Saturday 28th June from 12-
3pm. There will be lots of activities for all the
family including traditional fun and games wet
sponge. Ibstone CE Infant School, Ibstone, High
Wycombe HP14 3XZ

The Sea - Saturday 28 Jun The Sea; Parables Of
Soul. Christ Church URC, Marlow SL7 2NL

Craft Fair - Saturday 28 Jun A Fabulous
collection of curated stalls awaits you behind
Antiques of Wendover on the High Street. *Mini
Farm with animals to pet! * Potted herbs and
garden goodies The Barn Courtyard, 25 The High
Street, Wendover HP22 6DU

Medieval Banquet in aid of Florence
Nightingale Hospice and Willen Hospice -
Saturday 28 Jun A spectacular Medieval Banquet
in aid of Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity &
Willen Hospice. As part of the John Schorne 700
celebrations, a traditional medieval banquet
serving hog roast St John the Evangelist Church,
Whitchurch HP22 4JZ

Misbourne Symphony Orchestra concert -
Sunday 29 Jun The Misbourne Symphony
Orchestra, Nick Zagni (trumpet), Conductor -
Richard Jacklin. Weber: Der Freischutz overture,
Arutiunian: Trumpet concerto in A flat major,
Brahms: Symphony no. 4 in E minor. The
Amersham School, Stanley Hill, Amersham HP7

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - Steaming
Open Day - Sunday 29 Jun Buckinghamshire
Railway Centre occupies an extensive site in
rolling Buckinghamshire countryside. Exhibits
range from large express passenger locomotives
to the humble shunting engine together.
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road
Station, Quainton, Aylesbury HP22 4BY

Moonrakers Celtic Music - Sunday 29 Jun
Oxfords much-toured band Moonrakers (Celtic
harp, fiddle, stringed instruments, whistles,
female/male vocals) give a full concert of songs
and tunes Downley War Memorial Hall, High
Street, Downley, High Wycombe HP13 5XJ