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Article I(Legislative Article II(Executive Article III(Judicial

Branch) Branch) Branch)

Makes the law Enforce the law Interprets the law

Powers Powers/Duties Justice Selection

-Raise taxes -Commander-in-Chief of -President nominates w/

Army & Navy advice and consent of Senate
-Borrow money
-Make treaties -Senate appoints them
-Regulate interstate and
international commerce -Appoint Vacancies in Office (process applies to high level
-Coin money -Deliver State of the Union
-Establish post offices
-Receive diplomatic relations
-Establish lower Federal
courts -Break diplomatic relations

-Raise and fund an Army -Recognize Foreign Gov’ts

-Organize a Navy

-Organize the Army and Navy

-Pass laws for Washington


House Of Representatives Senate

-Based on Population -Based on Equality

-elected every 2 years - Offers "advice and consent" on many major

presidential appointments
-Initiates all revenue bills -Tries impeached officials
-Initiates impeachment procedures and -Approves treaties
passes articles of impeachment.) -Six-year terms (1/3 up for reelection every
two years)
- Emphasizes tax and revenue policy

-Emphasizes foreign policy

Amendment Process
Step 1: 2/3 of House and
Step 2: 3/4 of the states must
Senate need to vote for

Impeachment Process

House initiates the Senate tries

Checks and Balances

Denied powers to Fed. Denied powers to State Powers reserved for

Gov’t Gov’t States
-Bill of Attainder -? -Intrastate commerce

-Export tax -Regulate marriages

-Habeas Corpus -Establish schools

-Direct taxes -Ratify Constitutional


-Create driving and alcohol


Slavery in the Constitution

3/5th Compromise, denied power of Slave Trade, Fugitive Slave Clause, Article V

– 3/5th of ‘other persons’ are counted for population for representatives

– Congress cannot touch the issue of the slave trade until 1808(except for
taxes under $10)
– Allows slave owners to obtain their slaves back it they escape, even in free
– Restricts an amendment from fixing the denied power of the slave
trade(double protected)
– All written in a way to not mention slavery

-Impeach Judges
-Set Supreme
Legislative Court size Judicial
Declare acts
-Recommend Legislation -Nominate judges
-Veto Bills passed by -Enforce court
-Create agencies and
Declare acts
-Override vetoes (2/3 vote)
-Impeach president Executive

Bill of Rights

1st: Religion, Speech, Press, peaceable assembly, petition redress of grievences

4th: Probable Cause, Specific warrant with judge signature

Checks and Balances

5th: Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, self-incrimination (plead the 5th), due process.

6th: Speedy Trial, Public Trial, Local Trial, Habeas Corpus, Lawyer

10th: power not included in the Constitution or denied, belongs to states + people