Salary: £30,000
Reporting to:

Artistic Director/Chief Executive

Visible Fictions is based at 11 Bothell !treet, "las#o$

%ravel across !cotland and internationall& 'a& be re(uired$

Visible Fictions have an international re)utation for creatin# innovative, d&na'ic and accessible theatrical )roductions for both &oun#

)eo)le and adults$ Fro' *e +or,-s .est /0

!treet to schools in the 1i#hlands our or, has ins)ired and entertained audiences all

over, ala&s ai'in# to challen#e, excite and thrill$

*o to Visible Fictions )erfor'ances are ali,e but all #uarantee an e(uall& 'e'orable

and )oerful ex)erience$

Alon#side our criticall& acclai'ed )rofessional )erfor'ances, e have re#ularl& )roduced d&na'ic education and )artici)ation )ro2ects

hich also enthuse all ho connect to the', hel)in# )artici)ants to discover their on artistic )otential and ins)ire their on learnin#$

Both at ho'e and abroad e have collaborated and co3)roduced ith 'an& theatres and arts or#anisations includin# !cottish 4)era, %he

%raverse %heatre and 'ost recentl& the 5enned& Centre for the 6erfor'in# Arts in .ashin#ton DC$ .e have also created or, ith the

BBC and BBC 7adio /$

Visible Fictions has a core tea' of

three$ 8n addition e e')lo& 0 )art ti'e tea' 'e'bers of staff, contract out services and annuall&

recruit c$30 freelance actors, artists, sta#e 'ana#ers and technicians$

%he co')an& has been re#ularl& funded at core level b& Creative !cotland and is currentl& a 6F6 client$ Additional inco'e is #enerated

fro' tourin# 9venue fees:, local authorities, charitable trusts and foundations and s)onsorshi)$
.e are see,in# a d&na'ic and creative leader ith vision, business flair and stron# )ro2ect 'ana#e'ent to 2oin the co')an& as 6roducer

to hel) us deliver )rofessional tourin# theatre )roductions at ho'e and abroad and to e'bar, u)on ne artistic ex)lorations$
.hether fro' the theatre sector or another bac,#round, &ou ill use &our talents and ,noled#e to 'ana#e the co')an&, #enerate

inco'e and build )artnershi)s to secure sustainabilit& and #roth, enablin# Visible Fictions- bold and )ioneerin# artistic )ro#ra''e to


Visible Fictions is co''itted to a )olic& of trainin#, develo)'ent and a))raisal for all e')lo&ed 'e'bers of staff$

E')lo&ees receive 0; da&s holida& )ro rata )er annu' )lus )ublic holida&s$

Visible Fictions is an E(ual 4))ortunities E')lo&er

6lease send

• A CV

• A !u))ortin# !tate'ent ex)ressin# h& &ou are interested in the )ost and detailin# hat s,ills and ex)erience &ou ould

brin# to it
• *a'es and contact details for to referees 3 one of hich 'ust be &our current e')lo&er$ 96lease sti)ulate hether the&

can be contacted )rior to intervie:$
6rivate < Confidential

Dou#las 8rvine, Artistic Director

Visible Fictions, !uite 30;/30=, /

Floor, 11 Bothell !treet, "las#o, "0 >?+
E'ail@ dou#ieAvisiblefictions$co$u,

For an infor'al chat about the role )lease contact Bulie Austin, Chair of Visible Fictions at 2ulieAaustinarts$co$u,

Closing date:

Friday 20

!"ne 20#$% &p'


+onday ,0

!"ne 20#$
Board of Directors
Artistic Director/Chief Executive
CFinancial 4)erationsD

9contracted out:
9Full ti'e:
Ear,etin# < Develo)'ent Eana#er
9Full ti'e:
Ad'inistrative Assistant Boo, ,ee)er 6ro2ect %ea's
96art ti'e: 96art ti'e: 9Artistic and %echnical:

+ain P"rpose
%he 6roducer ill be res)onsible for 'ana#in# the co')an& and its )ro2ects, inco'e #eneration and strate#ic )artnershi) develo)'ent$

%his )ost ithin the or#anisation ill or, closel& ith, and re)ort directl& to the Chief Executive, ho is also the Artistic Director$
1ey Tas2s
• .or, closel& ith the Artistic Director on the deliver& and 'ana#e'ent of the co')an&-s artistic )ro#ra''e, its office s&ste's, staff

and tea's$
• 8n close collaboration ith the Artistic Director, set ex)enditure and inco'e tar#ets for )ro2ect bud#ets and allocate and oversee the

'ana#e'ent of these bud#ets$
• .or, closel& ith the Financial 4)erations to ensure all financial res)onsibilities and co''it'ents of the co')an&-s core activities are

'et and controls are in )lace and adhered to includin#@ )re)aration of 'ana#e'ent )rofit and loss accounts, (uarterl& accounts, cash

flos, &ear3end sub'issions and for'al end of &ear accounts$
• %o collaborate ith the Ear,etin# < Develo)'ent Eana#er to ensure deliver& of fundraisin# tar#ets throu#h a))ro)riate fundin# raisin#

and s)onsorshi) and to advocate, )ro'ote and develo) Visible Fictions at a local, national and international level$
• 8n consultation ith the Artistic Director research, develo) and secure )artnershi)s for artistic, social and co''ercial collaboration,

includin# co3)roducin# o))ortunities and local authorit& relationshi)s$

• Eonitor and ensure co')liance ith all le#al and contractual obli#ations$
• Assist the Board and Artistic Director in ensurin# that the co')an& co')lies ith its obli#ations to 4!C7, Co')anies 1ouse and ,e&

funders < sta,eholders, ensurin# that the co')an& co')lies ith its obli#ations as an Ethical 8%C Eana#er
*This description is indicative of the nature and level of responsibilities associated with this job.

It is not exhaustive and the job holder will

be required to undertake other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the post.

%he 6erson !)ecification of the successful a))licant ill ideall& include@
• 6roven ex)erience in a 'ana#e'ent/)roducin# environ'ent in a senior role
• Excellent fiscal and entre)reneurial s,ills
• De'onstrable ex)erience of buildin# successful and sustained )artnershi)s
• Excellent 'ana#erial s,ills
• !ound inter)ersonal s,ills
• 1i#hl& effective co''unicator both ritten and oral
• 7esourceful and creative thin,er
• Co')uter literate
• Able to or, flexible hours, includin# evenin#s and ee,ends$
• *etor, of national and international theatre contacts F both ad'inistrative and creative
• 5noled#e of industr& re#ulations #overnin# contracts and health and safet&
• "ood 'otivator

• Eulti3tas, oriented ith a ,een abilit& to )rioritise
• De'onstrable co3)roducin# ex)erience
• Clean drivin# licence

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