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Rev date: 2/20/07

Paperwork that must be give to Oxford Apparel by Costco:
I. Receive order confiration !"eet fro Co!tco #$%er
1) Lists prepacks !OA figures out total u"its)
#) $ust fill i" i"formatio" for %elly &reight !address' (ip code)
)) *ig" a"d se"d back to buyer
II. Receive ite detai& !"eet 'I(S !"eet)
1) +eview a"d co"firm i"formatio"' sig" a"d se"d back to buyer
#) ,otify Lyo"s Logistics a"d OP-L of order i" respective "etwork folders
Processes for Oxford Apparel a"d OP-L./e"dor:
I. Si*e S+ecification!, -C Pac.a/e!, PP !a+&e!, and a!ter carton a++rova&
A0 *i(e *pecificatio"s Approval
1) &it sample i" si(e 1$2.medium i" same fabric as bulk !co"te"t' co"structio"'
yar" si(e' wash' etc O+ very close substitute fabric) must be approved by
Costco buyer !receive fit garme"t from ve"dor' have OA tech !3a" O(ca" for
$e"4s *portswear' %imberly *chuler for 5ome"4s *portswear' 6ebbie
5iggi"s i" Lyo"s for all dress shirts) review to e"sure spec measureme"ts are
withi" tolera"ce before se"di"g to Costco)
&it sample is reviewed for *P7C O,L8 but should have all
appropriate trims
#) O"ce si(e 1$2 is approved' a full si(e set !all si(es purchased by Costco) must
be se"t to buyer for full graded spec approval
-"ter"atio"al divisio"s: if a"y i"ter"atio"al cou"try purchases a
program a"d uses the same si(e spec as the 90*0' "o graded si(e spec
approval is "ecessary by that cou"try' but if there is a si(e additio" or
eve" o"e spec cha"ge' a full graded spec must be se"t to that cou"try4s
buyer for spec approval
)) :uyer approves full si(e ru"; we must receive the :987+ *-<,76 copy
of the graded spec sheet => forward to +ose ?hompso"
-"ter"atio"al divisio"s: if a" -"ter"atio"al divisio" purchases the same
item as the 90*0 divisio" a"d uses the exact same spec !"o additio"al
si(es) a separate si(e spec does "ot "eed to be sig"ed by the
i"ter"atio"al buyer; if the i"ter"atio"al divisio" cha"ges o"e spec or
adds additio"al si(es' the i"ter"atio"al buyer must receive full si(e ru"
a"d sig" a full graded spec sheet
@) Colors' patter"s' lab dips' trims' trim text a"d placeme"t' foldi"g' et al'
must all be submitted to Costco buyers for approval before proceedi"g with
PP samples
:0 AC package
1) $ust be filled out a"d tur"ed i"to +ose for testi"g a"d audit process to begi"
&or all divisio"s: OP-L will review a"d pass to OA who will pass
to Costco
#) *cheduli"g !!ee !ection II for -C +ac.a/e inforation)
)) &ollow up with :ecky :erg to e"sure receipt
@) OP-L B please forward the -"spectio" +eCuest &orm Co"firmatio" to OA
o"ce you receive from Costco
C0 PP samples
DD must be approved by buyer #efore +rod$ction #e/in!00
1) All si(es' all colors' each patter"' co"structio"' co"te"t must be represe"ted
!tumbled patter".color i" every si(e)
2) Fa#ric $!t #e fro act$a& #$&.
)) All trim placeme"t must be exact
@) ,ote: PP sample step does "ot have to wait for testi"g for care co"te"t results
E) &or 90*0 divisio":
*portswear: Fave ve"dor se"d PP samples to Oxford Apparel first
for tech desig" to review' the" OA will se"d off to Costco buyer for
6ress shirts: have ve"dor se"d PP samples to 6ebbie 5iggi"s i"
Lyo"s to review' the" she will se"d to Costco
G) &or -"ter"atio"al divisio"s:
*e"d all PP samples directly from factory to each i"ter"atio"al
buyer for approval
H) 7mail approval a"d sig"ed approval of PP spec sheet "eeded for productio" to
60 $aster Carto" Approval for 90*0 . ?OP sample approval for -"ter"atio"al:
1) &or 90*0 6ivisio":
DDO"e master carto" box sample should be represe"tative of fi"al productio"0
?herefore everythi"g must be as bulk: plastic' the box' all carto" marki"gs' all
trims' correct si(e wrapper sticker' etc must be correct; therefore' this box of
samples ca" o"ly be fi"ished after fi"ali(atio" of the care i"structio" . with
correct i"structio" label o"ce PP samples have bee" approved0
DD -" additio"' alo"g with the master carto"' a separate bulk refere"ce set
must be se"t as keep samples for Costco90*0 ?he bulk refere"ce set !?OP
samples) must be a tumbled assortme"t that represe"ts all colors a"d si(es
!does"4t have to be each color i" every si(e)0
O"ce PP samples have bee" approved' o"e bulk' master carto" must be
se"t to Costco buyer for approval
Factor% !end! direct&% to Co!tco #$%er, +&ea!e confir addre!! 1it"
N2 office
,ote: if there are more tha" o"e co"figuratio" of prepacks' each
co"figuratio" must be se"t for Costco approval
T"i! a!ter carton /oe! #ac. into #$&. inventor% so OA must track
the shipme"t o"ce the master PP has bee" approved by Costco buyer
Oxford Apparel: as soo" as master carto" has bee" received' se"d
&ed7x A5: label to Costco buyer with %elly &reight address a"d
co"tact:!to be determi"ed); OA must track this package u"til
received by %elly &reight
,eed approval of master carto" to ship B CA,,O? ship without buyer
,eed email approval of master carto" => OA receives email approval'
OA "otifies OP-L' OP-L "otifies Lyo"s a"d factories
#) &or All -"ter"atio"al 6ivisio"s:
6oes "ot matter if specs' factory' etc are the same as 90*0 => fi"al productio"
samples !?OP) must be approved B bu"dled samples that represe"t all colors'
patter"s' si(es with ALL correct labeli"g; these samples must be approved
before shippi"g
Fa"dled directly by OP-L with each i"ter"atio"al divisio"
70 ?rims +efere"ce *et for Costco FA
1) &or every program purchased' Costco "eeds a refere"ce set of all trims for
their records
$ai" label' *I.COO' care co"te"t for 9* a"d all i"ter"atio"al
divisio"s' ha"gtags' butto"s' etc => all trims
#) Please be sure to se"d o"e set for ,8 a"d o"e set for Costco to the
atte"tio" of *a"dra %a"g i" the ,8 office
II. -C +ac.a/e 'Prod$ct S+ecification S"eet, 3endor 4i&&in/ 5 Corre!+ondence
Inforation S"eet, A++are& 5 Te6ti&e! Prod$ction Sc"ed$&e S"eet, Si*e
S+ecification S"eet)
1) All sheets must be filled out by"dor
6ouble check all i"formatio" a"d make sure u"der 1:illi"g2 o" the
/e"dor :illi"g J Correspo"de"ce -"formatio" *heet it is OP-L i"fo' ,O?
Oxford Apparel
#) 9* J -"ter"atio"al 6ivisio"s ca" be o" o"e AC package if the followi"g
Productio" for divisio"s is at the same factory
Productio" for divisio"s is withi" )K days of each other
6ivisio" 7xfactory dates are same
)) -f poi"t # applies but with differe"ces:
-f item "umbers are differe"t' please make sure to list all item "umbers
a"d their correspo"di"g cou"try
-f specs are differe"t' please be sure to i"clude spec sheets for all
cou"tries0 -f some cou"tries have the same spec' please make sure to
list all cou"tries o" the o"e spec sheet
@) O"ce reviewed' Oxford Apparel will the" pass o" the package to Costco AC
to start the scheduli"g of testi"g a"d audit
E) O"ce a AC package has bee" ha"ded over to Costco' OP-L will receive the
1?extile ?est J -"spectio" +eCuest &orm Co"firmatio"2 from Costco with
audit details' i"spectio" i"structio"s' etc => OP-L to forward to Oxford
III. Te!tin/ 'Fa#ric, Garent, a&!o for care content)
1) <arme"ts:
?he factory will receive testi"g sample i"structio"s from Costco o" the 1?extile ?est
J -"spectio" +eCuest &orm Co"firmatio"20 All samples must come from bulk' "ot
bulklike but actual bulk fabric' trims' etc0 Sa+&e! $!t #e !$#itted after PP
a++rova&. All samples must have the proper ide"tificatio" affixed !what type of
sample a"d which cou"try the sample is for)
&irst set: labeled as 1?esti"g *amples2 => submit @ of o"e color PL9* # of each
additio"al color of the largest si(e
-f applicable B additio"al trim compo"e"ts to submit: #K of each si(e butto"s' )K
(ippers per color' a"d EK s"aps per color
*ubmit all fi"al: packagi"g' labeli"g' ha"gtags' belly ba"ds' etc
*eco"d set: labeled 1AA *amples2 => 1 garme"t per color.patter" represe"ti"g
all si(es
?hird set: labeled 1-"spector *amples2 => 1 u"it represe"ti"g all pieces PL9*
1#2x1#2 swatch of each additio"al color.patter"
!?his is the sta"dard sample co"figuratio" but please be sure to check the 1?extile
?est J -"spectio" +eCuest &orm Co"firmatio" for exact reCuest)
#) ?esti"g for i"ter"atio"al divisio"s:
8ou must test i"ter"atio"al bulk separately from 90*0 bulk if:
10 Aua"tities are produced at differe"t factories
#0 Productio" of 90*0 bulk a"d i"ter"atio"al bulk is ,O? withi" )K days
!regardless of differe"t si(e specs B si(e specs does "ot make a differe"ce with
garme"t testi"g)
-f 90*0 order a"d i"ter"atio"al divisio" orders are produced at the same factory a"d
withi" )K days' a separate test is "ot "ecessary
?esti"g for i"ter"atio"al divisio"s ca" be performed o"ce if:
o &actories are the same
o Productio" for each i"ter"atio"al order at the same factory is withi" )K
)) &8-: ?esti"g is o"ly performed by Costco "omi"ated testi"g compa"ies !at the
mome"t' o"ly :ureau /eritas B :/ a"d *<*)
@) <arme"t testi"g is reCuired for care co"te"t label => care co"te"t labels
CA,,O? be ordered by ve"dor without results from testi"g ce"ter
E) ?est results are give" directly to OP-L a"d Costco
G) *ubmit 7"glish.*pa"ish care label tra"slatio" !*pa"ish give" by Lyo"s) for Costco
approval' the" to place label order
-"ter"atio"al 6ivisio"s:
Costco $exico &O: items: label ,O$KK@ !*pa"ish tra"slated COO label) B
must give Costco $exico 1K busi"ess days to tra"slate' so OP-L must tur" i"
label to Costco $exico for approval a"d give Costco $exico' 1K busi"ess
days to retur" with approved *pa"ish tra"slatio" before orderi"g COO labels0
?he label must be exact to what Costco $exico give to us' if "ot' they will
All other divisio"s: submit 7"glish care co"te"t to each buyer for tra"slatio"
DD ,O?7: 7"glish tra"slatio" is reCuired o" the foreig" la"guage care co"te"t; ca" be
o" the back side of foreig" la"guage care co"te"t label DDD
-A (EPT:
&or 90*0 orders: Oxford Apparel must ack"owledge outcome of report a"d "ote better
efforts i" meeti"g reCuireme"ts for future products
&or -"ter"atio"al orders: OP-L must ack"owledge outcome of report a"d "ote better
efforts i" meeti"g reCuireme"ts for future product with cc: to Oxford Apparel
*e"d ack"owledgeme"ts to +ose <ordo": +<ordo"Ncostco0com
*i(e *trip a"d :utto" Label *i(e *tickers:
1) ?esti"g performed at Apparel Label -"ter"atio"al i" 9tah
#) +eCuireme"ts:
,eed mi"imum of @K B EE days for results
O"e week for prelimi"ary test
)K B @E days for actual sticker test
)) +eCuest fabrics i" both dark colors a"d white !"ot every patter" or color "eeds to be
tested' but all differe"t co"te"t' washes' co"structio" must be tested)
@) *e"d i" either full garme"t or #) yards of actual bulk fabric O+ fabric of same
co"structio"' co"te"t' yar" si(e' wash' treatme"t etc to *a"dra %a"g at ,8 office
E) Co"tact i"formatio":
*a"dra %a"g from Oxford Apparel will be the co"tact betwee" Oxford.OP-L a"d
Apparel Label
G) All results will come through *a"dra' please email *a"dra arou"d the @K
day to
follow up for results
&ailure result => ?odd will recomme"d a si(e wrap sticker "ot be used must
co"vey message to Costco buyer
*ticker *i(i"g:
All cou"tries except $exico: $exico o"ly:
*.P *.C
$.$ $.$
L.< L.<
I3. A$dit
?esti"g lab "eeds # weeks adva"ce "otice to schedule a" audit !AC packages
must be ha"ded i" e"ough time to give # weeks for audit a"d e"ough time for
&actory should expect two audits: o"e performed at #KP completio"' seco"d at
QKP completio" => if both audits pass' fi"al spec check is "ot "eeded
'+&ea!e note t"at t"e a$dit date! 1i&& #e deterined #% Co!tco and t"at 1e
1i&& fo&&o1 in!tr$ction! fro Co!tco on t"e 8Te6ti&e Te!t 5 In!+ection
Re:$e!t For Confiration9 doc$ent!.)
,eed to ask OP-L for estimated productio" dates for #KP a"d QKP completio"
for Oxford Apparel ?JA cale"dar tracki"g
OA must pla" to check with OP-L o" audit date ) weeks from exfactory date to
e"sure audit appoi"tme"t
3. Factor% Co+&iance '!ocia& co+&iance)
-f the chose" factory fails first audit for social complia"ce co"ducted by the Costco
"omi"ated audit compa"y' the factory must:
10 *ubmit a" actio" pla" with a time li"e that addresses each failed issue a"d outli"e
each solutio"
#0 9po" #
factory social complia"ce audit: factor% i! e6+ected to +a!!
3I. Re;order Proce!!
-" the eve"t Costco reorders a" item' please "ote the followi"g:
10 -f the reorder productio" begi"s withi" )K days of a"y divisio"s
productio" time' "o retesti"g is "ecessary
#0 All that is "ecessary is to se"d PP samples that represe"t each patter"
a"d each si(e !"ot all patter"s i" every si(e)' first to Oxford Apparel
who will the" se"d to Costco AA0 All PP samples must be labeled'
1PP samples from reorder2
)0 A "ew AC package must be filled out for audit scheduli"g purposes0
@0 -f the master carto" assortme"t is exactly the same as the origi"al
order' a"other master carto" approval is "ot "ecessary0