The Millburn &> Short Hills ITEM

I A,.; '4. 1939]

Hills, for William A. Conway, 52, Mr. Conway loaves a son, Wilvice-president of the Hudson County National Bank and. resi- liam A., who is with the main office of the Hudson County Nadent of this community. He died Saturday at, Jersey City Medical tional a daughter. Miss Mary Center of peritonitis following of Short Hills; and three sisters, an emergency appendicitis oper- Mrs. Eugene J. Mulvaney and ation. The body was brought Mrs, John Donnelly oJ: Easl bacli tu the Short Hills home at Orange, and Miss Mary Conway 33 Grosvenor road, Easter Sun- of Newark. Mrs, Conway died in 1937. Burial was in Holy Seday. pulchre Cemetery, East Orange. A native o.f Newark, Mr. Conway received his education in the Newark school system, beinft1 A MEETING of the Garden graduated in 1902. That same year he was employed by the Study Club of Short Hills will be held' April 17 at 10 A. M. at the Western National Bank of New York, serving in various capaci- homo, of Mrs. Clifford Dunn. ties until the organizaLio 11 o£ the Topic: "Sand Culture" by Mrs. Ironbound Trust Co, in Newark M. D. Paitoute. in 1908. In 1G15 he was made asYes, 1 really am worksistant secretary and assistant ing my way thru college. treasurer of the Ironbound and But not by .selling subwas placed in charge of the scriptions. With a comFerry street branch. petent staff of college students and high school Eleven years later lie was inseniors, I am capable of vited by Frank C. Ferguson, doing any eomnmnity Job such as: minding chilpresident, to join Lhe employees dren, h o u s e - cleaning, of the Union Trust Co., of Jermowing lawns, simonizsey City. When the Union Trust lag and cleaning cars, and (iUtoi'ing, was merged with the Hudson County National under the "Lei, George Do ItM presidency of Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Cull S. O. 2-5SS9 Conway became vice-president (iKOltlil; «viniSi:ii and was given supervision of

During his residency in Short Hills, Mr, Canway was a member ol the Huly Name Society of St. Rose of Lima Church. lie Funeral services were held was also a member of the New Tuesday at 10:00 A. M. in St. Jersey and American Bankers' Rose oil Lima* C huuc h, Sho r t Associations.

W. A. C

the Journal Square and Bayonne branches,

Banker Dies

1st vicr-president; Mrs. H. Har- avenue, Springfield, and Conn- ' rison Chamberlain Jr.. 2nd vice- oilman Edmund A. Smith, son I president, and continuing in of- of Ml-, and Mrs. Arthur Smith of fice are, Miss Jane A. Durand, North avenue, Garwood, were treasurer; Mrs. Muncure Car- married Monday a t St. Stephen's pender, assistant treasurer: and Episcopal Church, Millburn. Rev Mrs. Clarence Lattin, .secretary. HiiSh W, Dickinson, rector, ofThe annual meeting and elecOn Monday, Mrs. Campbell ficiated at the ceremony. The tion of officers, was held last entertained the executive of- bride Is French instructor at the Tuesday by the Women's Guild i'ieers and heads of committees Regional High School, Springof Christ Episcopal Church, re- of the Snort Hills Guild and the field. T h e couple will live in ports, showed a great amount of executive officers of the Dio- Gar wood. work was accomplished for tho pess at Lea In honor of Mrs, year. Mrs. Worthington Camp- Monroe. Presiding at the tea bell, having served the Guild as Uible were Mrs. Erniwt K. HalCANDLELIGHT SHOP President for three years, re- bach and Miss Jane A. Durand. tired, GIFTS MISS A. MARIAN PHILLIPS, New officers ol" the Guild are Mrs, Andrew P. Monroe, Presi- daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. 816 Millburn Avenue dent; -Mrs, Ernest K. Halbach, Charles Phillips of Battle Hill

Women V Guild


nmvs most about

Ford has built more than one-third of all the automobiles evet built in the world



Established 1907


March 29th, 1939
ASSETS Cash on Hand, in Federal Reserve Bant and Due lrom Banks . United Stales Government Bonds Other Bonds ' ' Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Short Term Municipal Loans Mortgage Loans Loans and Discounts Real Estate .,.'Z.Z Vaults, Furniture and Fixtures Other Assets __.

875,661.72 1,494,496.96 .199,080.00 9,750.00 47,875.24 414,372.56 149,173.00 91,878.00 23,667.72 i 0,706.91

$3,316, (3(32.20

Capital $ 300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits 54,243.92 Deposits 2,95o!eO5.O8 Interest, Taxes, Dividends and Expenses Accrued .11,723.20 $3,316,862.20 DIBEOTOBS
JOHN It. JUrNNI'JLL, t'lKiirmnJi at Board ••1M! ClIiPllAN, K t ea ° "' Hhiloliouo ami Co.
CART. [I. |.|.l.U|..i.\

4 HERE are more Ford cars in use today than any other make. And there arc more Ford V-8s than any other 8-cylinder car. The 1939 Ford V-8 represents the broadest experience in building cars any manufacturer ever had. You will find values in it far beyond what any other maker can put into a car at the low Ford price. Ford performance, traditional for a generation, has reached new heights in the 1939 V-8. And now Ford style leadership is equally outstanding. "The smartest cars on the road" is the way ownersdescrihetheirnew Fords. Smartest in action. Smartest in appearance. Leaders, as. they deserve to be.

Look a t these FORD FEATURES
• STYLE UAO£RSHIP-Tbe luxury car in tlie low-price field. • V-WPE 8-CYLINDER 5WGINEEight t e n d e r s five smootho e 6 B . Small cylinders giv= • HrDRAVUC BRAKES-E**racting—quick, straight stops. • TRIPLE-CUSHIONED COMFORTNew flexible roll-edge s o t cushions, soft transverse draillic shock absorbers.

• STABILIZED CHASSIS - No front-end bobbinff or dippi"SLevel starts, level fitops, level ride. • SCIENTIFIC SOVNDPrtOOflNGNoisct, hushed (orfliiictBOB. • LOW P priccs in desirable


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IWHiNAIill J. HARRISON, Ualstud ntirt H/irrtson WAMTO B. H I M , V i P I 1 VW

Pulflum, r. * R ffuimta AMUEr, ii, VKUcilTMMf, O

Your Ford—Mercury—Lincoln-Zephyr Dealer
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