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Dear Joost C.F. de Winter and

Riender Happee

My name is Santy (originally from Indonesia). I got my masters in Engineering Design and
Manufacture Departement from University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2011 and my B.Eng. from
Industrial Engineering, Andalas University in Padang, Indonesia. I consider applying to PhD
program and would be interested joining your " Human Factors of Automated Driving"
research project. I was fascinated by your research interests as it was so close to my
interests and my researches during my studies in bachelor and master's degree.
I have been interested in human factors since i knew it in my undergraduate. Because of my
interest in this field, i was applied for assistant in Ergonomics Laboratory at Andalas
University. Being responsible for laboratory session on several moduls (anthropomethry,
biomechanis, time and motion study, physiology and psychology work load, etc) made me
deep in understanding of human factors research areas. With high interested and
understanding of this field, i decided to do my final project with a redesign of ergonomic
handtruck to minimize the risk of Muscoloskeletal Disorders (MSD). This research is a case
study of material handling workers at tradisional market in Padang, Indonesia. REBA (Rapid
Entire Body Assessment) and biomechanic were used to analized the risks of MSD during
they works. The preliminary study showed that the jobs is in higher risk of MSD. The
examination of the new design of handtruck by REBA and biomechanics showed that the
design can be used to minimized the risk of MSD.
My masters degree was taken fully by research. I did an investigation of upper limb muscles
fatigue during a light assembly task.Simulated a light assembly task, wich is common in
electronic Industry, was done by the subject in two hours. The Root Mean Square(RMS) and
Mean Power Frequency (MPF)of the Electromyography(EMG) signals were used to
investigated the muscles fatigue. The results showed that different muscles had different
times to fatigue, and right and left upper trapezius muscles was being the first muscles to
fatigue after 90 minutes work.

Beside all these, regarding my characteristics, I am a reliable, organized, and so enthusiastic
to learn, I am sure that I will carry over the same enthusiasm and skill in doing this PhD. As I
know that my background will prove to be an effective match for your demands. Therefore, I
would like to have the opportunity to develop my abilities, for which I am confident that I have
the skills, knowledge and competence.

Thank you for your attention and consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,