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Shower heads and screens Eczema and Psoriasis INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING &

Encrustation of scale will be reduced. If you suffer from skin complaints such
Shower heads will be cleaner and will as Eczema or Psoriasis you may notice MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS
require little or no de-scaling. Loose an improvement and even a complete
chunks of scale may become trapped cure. In a recent survey, 78% of FOR WATER-KING
in the shower head which will customers with skin complaints
require cleaning. You may find reported improvement in their WK1 - SENTRY - WK2 - WK3
deposits of grit blocking very fine condition after installing a Water-King.
shower heads. Scale particles will LOCATION EVAPORATIVE SYSTEMS
appear on shower screens but MAINTENANCE A Water-King unit is best installed on Where appliances are designed to
should be much easier to wipe away. The Water-King needs no the cold supply to a water heater close work by, or cause evaporation,
Thermostats maintenance or servicing, but do to the appliance. To avoid scaling of provision should be made for
Because of the increased efficiency of check occasionally that the lights are showers and thermostatic blending automatic blow down or regular
the heating system, you may need to flashing or the LCD is functioning. If valves, the cold service also requires cleaning to remove residual deposits.
turn down the thermostat to reduce the Water-King stops working, first treatment. PUMPS
the chance of scalding. You should check that the power socket is The signal generated by Water-King
treats the water irrespective of Booster pumps reduce the
expect energy savings to occur. functioning. If the transformer has effectiveness of treated water. On a
Water softeners failed it will be cold. whether the water is flowing or not
and travels both upstream and re-circulating system, we recommend
If you have been using a conventional If the unit fails to work, or you are not treatment after the circulation pump
salt filled water softener you should happy with the results, then PLEASE downstream wherever there is
continuously connected pipework. A and always after booster sets.
switch over to by-pass. You may CALL US FIRST FOR ADVICE HEAT EXCHANGERS
notice an initial deterioration of BEFORE RETURNING THE Water-King fitted to the cold down
service will treat the water in an Plate heat exchangers, especially the
water quality. Be patient ! Water- UNIT. larger ones, should have treatment
King can reduce the amount of upstream storage tank. On a
dissolved calcium in hot water and it LIFESCIENCE PRODUCTS LTD pressurised system, all the connected applied to both inlet and outlet. If a
will feel softer. The water will not be cannot accept responsibility for pipes will be treated. If only the cold heat exchanger has a close coupled
slippery or as soft as conventionally consequential loss as a result of supply to a storage tank is treated, the pump on the inlet and there is not
softened water but it will be softer the performance or otherwise of treatment in the tank will decay, enough space between the pump and
than normal and safe to drink. Most the Water-King unit. sometimes quite rapidly. the heat exchanger, then treat only
people are perfectly satisfied with To protect individual appliances which the hot outlet.
the level of softening achieved by have an integral cold storage tank or PIPE MATERIAL
Water-King. where the supply is via an air gap, Water-King works on all pipe
solenoid valve or flexible connection, materials except lead. Attachment to
it is preferable to treat the hot outlet. flexible hoses should be avoided if
100 Day Money Back Guarantee 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty If installed on the cold inlet then one
If, for any reason whatsoever, you are dissatisfied Lifescience Products Ltd guarantees to repair or to
with your Water-King product, you may return it at replace the Water-King treatment unit in the event
aerial should be grounded directly to MAIN EARTH BOND
any time during the first 100 days after purchase that it suffers from any manufacturing defect during the heating tank or to the chassis of If there is a main earth bond close to
and the purchase price will be reimbursed in full. the first five years after purchase. The unit should be the appliance.(See section on the point of installation, make sure
Simply return it to wherever it was purchased, returned to us properly boxed and wrapped, together Grounding an Aerial). This is especially the aerials are downstream (after)
together with your full name and address and proof with the proof of purchase, showing the price paid.
of purchase, showing the price paid. This warranty excludes external transformers.
important for water boilers. For more the earth bond.
detailed information please refer to
our commercial products website.
Ranger’s Lodge, Cornbury Park
Oxon OX7 3HL . UK
+44 (0)1608 811707
LSP35 04/09
Company Registration 2829557
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PIPE BENDS & STOP COCKS paint so the bare metal is exposed. POWER SUPPLY WHAT WILL YOU NOTICE?
Aerials can be wound either side of a Never ground more than one Within three to four weeks, existing
bend or either side of a stop cock. aerial. The load for all units is less than scale should become softer and be
(For a WK1 or Sentry the minimum Do NOT ground aerials on the one Watt. easy to break off or wipe away. You
12 windings plus grounding requires WK3 may notice cloudy water coming from
about 45 mm of pipe run) WK1 and some WK2 and WK3 the hot taps and some loose scale
INSTALLATION WK2 and WK3 MODELS 230/9V ac plug transformer with integral deposits, sometimes even sand may
Locate the Water-King control box Each of these units have two adjacent fuse. The low voltage lead from the plug appear in the bath or basin. This is an
close to the pipe where the aerials pairs of aerials. These can be fitted to a transformers can be extended by up to indication that de-scaling is taking
are to be wrapped. The length of single pipe, to two adjacent pipes or 10 metres by splicing in extra cable. place. This process will last for about
free wire between the unit and the either side of a heat exchanger. Each European two pin plugs or 110V six weeks and the water may feel
wrapped portion of the pipe should pair of aerials operates independently transformers are available on request. harder during this period.
not exceed 45 cm. The WK1 and but never ground more than one If the system was severely scaled, an
Sentry have fixing holes on the back aerial on the WK2, do NOT Sentry, and other WK2 and WK3
230V mains (3 amp fuse). increase in hot water flow may be
plate. The WK2 and WK3 are ground aerials on the WK3 observed. You may notice the water
supplied with fixing lugs. For the becoming hotter more rapidly, with
WK2, remove two of the screws LED’s
WK1 and Sentry One light will flash. better lathering and the water feeling
from the backplate and attach the softer with more foam in the bath.
fixing lug to the backplate with the
same screws. WK2 The two orange lights will flash De-scaling existing systems
AERIAL WINDING independently You may find that chunks of scale
Aerials on all Water-King units are ALL MODELS break away from within the pipe work
paired. They must be wound in Don’t allow gaps between windings or WK3 The LCD indicates the test status. and these, in rare circumstances, can
opposite directions from a central between the aerials and the pipe. block pipes and heat exchangers. Be
point. When facing the pipe, one Windings must be tight and close All units have a built in “Guard chip” aware that this may happen and can
aerial should start by passing behind together. which senses any irregularity in the reduce flow until the blockage is
Do maximise the number of windings micro-chip performance and re-sets the cleared. Filters and strainers on
the pipe and the other aerial should system automatically. No manual
pass in front. Secure each end of the per aerial, a minimum of 12. (WK3 intervention or re-setting is required in appliances and blending valves
aerials with a cable tie. All four minimum is 15). You do not need to the event of surges or outages. should be checked on a regular
aerials of the WK2 and WK3 must have the same number of windings on basis. Direct fired water heaters
be wrapped around the pipe. both aerials. should be checked for loose scale
BMS on WK3 within three months of a Water-
The WK3 has an outlet jack to King being fitted.
If there is going to be surplus aerial connect to a Building Management
wire, arrange for it to be at the end System which indicates power supply
with the cap rather than the end Kettles
failure. The isolated BMS contact is Occasionally you should empty the
nearest the Water-King. Surplus wire rated for signal levels only. The
at the end can be cut off. kettle and brush away soft or loose
maximum rating is 24V and 100mA. scale.
GROUNDING AN AERIAL The contact remains closed during
The Water-King performs better Make sure the two aerials are not normal operation (fail-safe) and opens
when one aerial is grounded to a touching each other, a gap of 2-3 cm is Dishwashers
upon fault. You should still operate the
metal pipe. To ground an aerial, sufficient.
dishwasher as if no softener has been
remove the black end cap and strip COMMISSIONING installed. Salt, rinse aid and detergent
one cm of insulation leaving the wire You can wind the aerials either side Connect the unit to the power source must be used as normal.
exposed. Secure it with a cable tie to of a “T” junction or elbow, on a and switch it on. Check the lights are
the pipe ensuring that there is good horizontal or vertical pipe. flashing or LCD display. No other
electrical contact by scraping off any action is required.
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