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June Newsletter

LeConte Panda Press
2241 Russell Street, Bereley, C! "4#0$
%tt&'((le)onteonl*ne+)om ,' $10-.44-.2"0

/ear 0am*l*es,
! few more wees unt*l Summer Brea1 ,%an you to t%e ent*re
LeConte Commun*ty for a wonderful year+ 2e %a3e
a))om&l*s%ed a lot and want to ee& u& t%e momentum
t%roug% June and start &lann*ng for ne4t year+ Please )ont*nue
to su5m*t your t%oug%ts and suggest*ons to
6*ner3a+,*rado7gma*l+)om 8 41$-9.0-92:4 or !ngela ;allegos-
Cast*llo at gallegosangela7s5)glo5al+net 8 $10-$01-#"00+
<6P=R,!N, P,! 6eet*ng – June :rd11
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 – 5:30pm dinner | 6pm Meeting
2e need all &ay*ng P,! mem5ers to attend t%*s f*nal meet*ng+ Come
understand w%at funds are 5e*ng re>uested of t%e P,! and g*3e your
o&*n*on+ ,%ere are many areas t%at need fund*ng, *n)lud*ng 0arm ?
;arden, re)ess, )ounselors and tutors+

,%an you, LeConte1
Teacher / ta!! "ppreciati#n $ee%
,%ans to *ndergarten &arents Jenn*fer 6*no and @na !5ats*s for
)oord*nat*ng our ,ea)%er ? Staff a&&re)*at*on wee+ ,%ere was
5reafast e3ery day, a s&e)*al lun)%, )%a*r massages and many
notes, )ards and flowers+ ,%an you to all fam*l*es and students for
s%ow*ng our tea)%ers %ow mu)% t%ey mean to us1
pring "ucti#n
! A@;E ,A!NB C=@ to Neda 2*lson, 0ran)*e 6agu*re, Catar*na Negr*n
and t%e*r au)t*on team for all t%e*r %ard wor on t%e LeConte S&r*ng
!u)t*on+ <t was a fa5ulous e3ent and t%e turnout was fantast*)+
,%ans, too, to all fam*l*es t%at donated, &ur)%ased, attended,
dan)ed and ra*se almost D40,0001

&pc#ming '(ents
May 2) * May 30
=rator*)al E3ent

May 30
Cele5rate LeConte !ssem5ly

June 3
<6P=R,!N, P,! 6eet*ng,

June 6
;rade Bas%, 2':0 – 4&m

June +
LeConte Clean-u& ( ProEe)t
Pea)e /ay, "am – noon

June 10
;rade Promot*on, 4 – $&m

June 11
S;C 6eet*ng, .&m

June 13
Last /ay of S)%ool

"ugust 23
LeConte Clean-u& ( ProEe)t
Pea)e /ay, "am – noon

"ugust 2+
0*rst /ay of S)%ool11

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'nd #! ,ear -e.s
/rade -e.s
Bash, Friday June 6, 2014, 2:30 – 4pm
=n 0r*day, June .
, t%e $
graders w*ll get to )ele5rate all t%e*r %ard wor
t%ey and years at LeConte+ !ll $
graders are *n3*ted to )ome enEoy
mus*) and sna)s to 5*d LeConte farewell+
Grade Promotion, Tuesday June 10, 4 – 5pm
!ll fam*l*es are *n3*ted to a small )eremony to %onor our $
graders and
w*s% t%em 5r*g%t futures+
0etiring Teachers
Please 5e sure to s*gn t%e )ards for 6s+ !w*lda Logan and 6s+ F*rg*n*a
Lou*e t%*s wee+ 2e are %onored to %a3e %ad t%em as edu)ators and
&art of our )ommun*ty and w*s% t%em all t%e 5est *n t%e*r ret*rement+
ummer 0eading 1#ntracts
Remem5er to s*gn your read*ng )ontra)t and &ut *t *n a safe &la)e w%*le
you read and re)ord a m*n*mum amount of m*nutes &er wee t%roug%out
t%e summer+ ,urn *t *n to your new tea)%er *n t%e fall to 5e el*g*5le for a
&*GGa &arty+ Read any 5oos at your le3el+ S*gn-u& outs*de 6s+ !guasH
off*)e and s%e w*ll %el& you )reate a l*st Eust r*g%t for you+
2arents -eeded
LeConteHs su))ess de&ends on a lot of 3olunteer %ours+ ,%ere are
)ountless ways to 3olunteer+ ,%e large e3ents, tae a lot of wor and
%el&*ng %ands+ ,%e o53*ous, )urrent needs *n t%at area are Lat*no
Aer*tage and S&r*ng !u)t*on+ 0or t%e onl*ne l*st of o&&ortun*t*es for t%e
5*gger e3ents, )l*) %ere –I Folunteers
!reas of *mmed*ate need or we want to staff now for ne4t year
Aalloween Carn*3al Coord*nator
S&r*ng !u)t*on Coord*natorJsK
!nnual 0und Coord*nator
B*ndergarten 0a*r Coord*nator
Boo 0a*r Coord*nator
Panda Press Ed*tor
0a)e5oo Page Coord*nator
0or 3olunteer*ng, &lease )onta)t Catar*na Negr*n at
)anoafr*ta7gma*l+)om or $10-4:$-"04:+

3n 4ur 1#mmunity
5em#nade !#r 6arm * /arden7
,%*s LeConte fam*ly set u&
lemonade stand *n =%lone Par
to ra*se money for 0arm ?
;arden+ ;reat *dea for a %ot
/ardening 2r#gram /a8a
0ecepti#n 6undraiser June +

,%e ne4t fundra*s*ng e3ent *s
s)%eduled for Saturday, June #

from .-"&m at t%e <nternat*onal
Aouse on t%e @C Bereley
)am&us+ ,o &ur)%ase t*)ets
%ere' Brown Paper Tickets
ummer 5unch 2r#gram
Start*ng June 1.
, )%*ldren 19
years old or younger are *n3*ted
to eat free+ ,%e C*ty of Bereley
? Cal*forn*a /e&artment of
Edu)at*on, w*ll offer free summer
lun)%es and sna)s to all
Bereley )%*ldren at lo)at*ons
a)ross t%e C*ty+
2014915 :&; 1a8endar
Cl*) t%*s l*n to a))ess t%e
)alendar 2014-201$-s)%ool-

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tayed 3n!#rmed – s*gn u& at for one or all of t%ese on t%e we5s*te
o 1#nstant 1#ntact – 2eely !nnoun)ements ? urgent *nfo are
sent t%roug% t%*s ema*l ser3*)e
o 5e1#nte 2T" 4!!icia8 8ist =8ec#ntepta>yah##gr#ups?c#m@ – low
traff*) l*st t%at *s used 5y t%e P,! to send off*)*al P,! or t%e
Pr*n)*&alHs announ)ements
o 5e1#nte ;iscuss A -e.s 5ist =8ec#nte‐ ‐‐ ‐
discuss>g##g8egr#ups?c#m@ – l*st *s used 5y LeConte &arents to
d*s)uss d*fferent to&*)s of *nterest to fam*l*es, as >uest*ons of
ot%er fam*l*es, or send out announ)ements a5out non‐s)%ool
e3ents *n t%e )ommun*ty, fun a)t*3*t*es for *ds, et)+
6r#m 2rincipa8 Ba8eri#
Aello LeConte fam*l*es1

2e are at t%e end of t%e 201:-14 a)adem*) year and < wanted to
)ongratulate all of our students, staff and fam*l*es for a fantast*) f*rst year1
< wanted to t%an you all as we refle)t on our &rogress as a learn*ng

1+ Language La5 - 2e %a3e )om&leted a year of Language La5+ !ll of
our tea)%ers &ro3*ded oral language *nstru)t*on for 100L of our students
and adm*n*stered t%e !/EP, J! de3elo&mental Engl*s% &rof*)*en)y testK
to measure student growt%+ 2e e4&e)t to see growt% *n all studentsH
oral language &rof*)*en)y *n t%e )om*ng year+

2+ Common Core State Standards – =ur tea)%ers and students %a3e
em5ra)ed t%e gradual trans*t*on to tea)% t%e )ommon )ore State
Standards for l*tera)y *n 5ot% Engl*s% and S&an*s% w%*)% fo)uses greatly
on read*ng and wr*t*ng non-f*)t*on te4t+ 2e %a3e also fully laun)%ed *nto
&*lot*ng t%e Common Core State 6at% standards w%*)% fo)uses on fewer
standards 5ut *n mu)% greater de&t%+ !s you now t%e new standards
*ntegrate mat%emat*)al )om&utat*on w*t% read*ng, wr*t*ng and %*g%er
order t%*n*ng+

:+ Lastly, as a &rofess*onal learn*ng )ommun*ty, our tea)%ers %a3e
ref*ned t%e*r &ra)t*)e of analyG*ng all student data *n 3ar*ous )ontent
areas to determ*ne t%e *nstru)t*onal and so)*al emot*onal needs of ea)%
)%*ld+ =ur goal as a learn*ng )ommun*ty *s to ensure t%e safety and t%e
%a&&*ness of ea)% )%*ld so t%ey )an rea)% t%e*r %*g%est &otent*al at
LeConte+ ,%erefore, as a s*te we ma*nta*n our goal to %a3e 100L of
students attend s)%ool da*ly and on t*me+ E3ery m*nute of a )%*ldHs t*me
at s)%ool *s *m&ortant+ ,%an you for your su&&ort and < loo forward to
grow*ng toget%er *n t%e years t%at )ome+

6s+ Feron*)a Faler*o, Pr*n)*&al, LeConte Elementary

4ng#ing 6undraisers

:er%e8ey :#.8, $h#8e 6##ds
and 2eetCs crip
E3ery 0r*day on t%e yard Jor at
)offee on f*rst ? t%*rd 0r*daysK,
g*ft )ards are a3a*la5le to
&ur)%ase for t%e Bereley
Bowl, 2%ole 0oods and PeetHs+
! &er)entage )omes 5a) to
our P,!+ Loo for ,as%a 0e*le
w*t% t%e 5*rt%day )ae %at or
ema*l tas%aEul*et7gma*l+)om+

/enera8 Mi88s :#D T#ps
Bo4 ,o& )olle)t*on *s lo)ated
at t%e P,! 5ullet*n 5oard+ Cl*&
t%em from your fa3or*te
&rodu)ts JBleene4, ;eneral
6*lls )ereal, M*&lo), et)+K and
turn t%em *n to 5e redeemed
for money to our s)%ool+
,%ey loo l*e t%*s'

h#p at "maE#n
@se LeConteHs we5s*te
w%ene3er you 5uy !maGon,
and LeConte re)e*3es a
&er)entage of &ur)%ases+
6ae *t easy to remem5er,
add t%e s*te to your fa3or*tes
and rename *t N!maGonO+

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