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al statement is about
you, it should also be
Part 1: Obtaining a reference let-
ter –– whether for a grad
specifically tailored. school application or a
Find out about things The Basics job opportunity –– is a
like the courses crucial step to making a
offered and whether By Lauren Pelley good first impression.
or not there are place- Yet asking for a refer-
ments or internships, ence can be a nerve-
and then express within refrain from using generalizations wracking experience.
I t ’s your statement why and clichés. Don’t say, “I’m a team Which professors are best
tough these aspects of the pro- player” in lieu of explaining your to ask? Is it rude to ask for
to write gram fit you. leadership role and specific contri- two, three, or even a dozen let- how
about your- butions to a project. In addition, ters? For many applicants, it may m a n y
self. No one wants highlight the most pertinent and be a big relief to know there is stan- letters you will
to sound self-absorbed, yet down- compelling examples of your suc- dard etiquette when it comes to ref- need and when they will be due.
playing your strengths isn’t benefi-
When writing your cesses rather than simply regurgi- erence letters. The crucial step: following up
cial. The truth is, many post-gradu-
personal statement: tating your resumé verbatim. Most Who should be Your job is far from over once
ate programs require some form of DO important, write professionally, but your reference? you’ve asked for a reference. To
• Read the school’s expectations
personal statement –– so it’s good allow your personality to shine Keep in mind a few criteria when make things easier for your profes-
• Write plainly and professionally
to know what to include, and what through. deciding who to approach for a ref- sor be sure to provide them with
• Proofread repeatedly
to avoid. erence. Reputation goes a long way, information. Your resumé, person-
• Discuss concrete experiences
Step 3: Proofread particularly when applying to a al statement/cover letter, academic
Step 1: Do your research Proofread, proofread, proofread. It’s post-grad program, so it’s better to history and contact information are
• Restate your entire resumé
Find out what sort of essay your crucial. One typo can ruin an oth- ask a fulltime professor than a TA. crucial. But think of other helpful
• Discuss your religious or political beliefs
application requires. Length, format erwise good impression, so read The professor should also be some- tidbits, too –– such as portfolio
• Use gimmicks or clichés
and criteria regarding its content are your statement over, show it to your one familiar with your work. Ask- samples if you’re applying to a
all factors you should know. Equal- Mom, send a copy to your signifi- ing your first-year politics profes- media program. You also need to let
ly important is doing some in-depth cant other –– then read it over sor from a 200-person lecture, for your reference know exactly how to
research on the program to which Step 2: Write it (and re-write it) again. Once it’s submitted, there’s instance, might not be the best submit the letter, whether by mail
you’re applying. While your person- When writing your statement, no turning back. idea. Consider the following: Did or online. Sending e-mails regular-
you do well in the professor’s ly checking on the progress might
course? Did they personally mark seem like nagging, but it’s a good
Did you know? Q&A your essays or exams? Did you way to keep your references
If you’re graduating, you can run an on- Q: What’s the difference between a resumé and a CV? show up to their class regularly? If informed and remind them of
line Degree Audit to ensure you have all A: While it’s easy to assume that resumés and CVs, a.k.a. curriculum vitaes, are inter- the answer to one or more of these upcoming deadlines.
the courses necessary for your degree. If changeable documents, there are few key differences. Resumés are short, focused is no, you might want to pick a dif- Saying thank you
you’re short a credit, chances are you summaries of your skills and experience. Traditionally just one page in length, they ferent reference. Professors expect to be asked for
won’t find out until the end of the year –– highlight major academic and professional accomplishments. CVs, on the other hand, How to ask for a references, but that doesn’t mean a
and no one wants that surprise! Check out provide an in-depth account of your life –– so include all applicable classes, awards, reference letter warm thank you isn’t required for
the Degree Audit feature now to be safe. honours, jobs and extracurricular involvement. There is no limit on their length, so use The most important thing when their effort. A sincere e-mail or in-
as much space as needed. Overall, resumés provide a self-promoting snapshot of your asking for a reference is to do it well person thanks is sufficient. Tokens
Head to the Student Services website at experiences, while CVs include comprehensive, detailed background information. and click on “My in advance. It’s part of a professors of your appreciation should only be
Got a question about life after undergrad? job to provide students with refer- given once the letter is completed,
Present” to locate Degree Audit. E-mail us at and we’ll do our best to answer it. ences, but they’re busy people –– so and some professors will not accept
it’s good to give them ample notice gifts due to the appearance of
of at least a month or more before bribery. What often means the most
your deadline. Ask for the letter is finding out if their reference paid
Part 2 Next week either in person or through a pro-
fessional, well-written e-mail. Don’t
off –– so drop them a line to say if
you got your dream job or accep-
Check Tuesday’s paper for med school info forget to include information about tance letter.
P2 ➤ news theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

Sat, Nov. 21 donation is $5. For more information Mon, Nov. 23
• Western’s Fall Preview Day call: 519-433-2665 • Guest Speaker for Humour Writing
When: All day Sun, Nov. 22 2213
Where: All over campus • Museum of Archaeology – “Christ- When: 12:30 – 2:20 p.m.
What: Prospective Western students mas in a Longhouse” Aboriginal Art Where: Talbot College, Rm. 341
will have a chance to tour campus and Craft Sale What: Gemini award winning comedy
and speak to students and staff When: 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. actor and writer Brooks Gray will be
about the Western experience. Where: Museum of Ontario Archaeol- sharing his insights on humour and
• The Fine Print Live Concert — Unit- ogy, 1600 Attawandaron Rd. how to survive in the world of Cana-
ed Way fundraiser What: First Nations artists demon- dian comedy. All arts and humanities
When: 6 – 8 p.m. strations and sales; offering an students welcome. Admission free,
Where: Goodwill Bookstore, 1044 opportunity to purchase unique gifts but seating is limited.
Adelaide St. N for the holiday season. If you have an event you would like to
What: Come listen to local sixties share please send your information
mod band The Fine Print. Suggested to

European slugs […] in 2008.” growing moustaches to raise
invading Canada Karstad noted she is not certain awareness for prostate cancer.
A rare 10 cm slug native to Europe what species these slugs are. How- The moustache is meant raise
was recently found in Etobicoke. ever, at present, the slug is consid- money and provoke conversation
First discovered by Lisa Bendall ered to be closely identified with between participants and strangers
and her daughter Emily, the slug the species Arion rufus or red slug about prostate cancer and other
had never been previously report- — a European slug whose colour health issues affecting men.
ed in Ontario. ranges from black to bright orange. “The event we’re hosting at the
Aleta Karstad is an amateur If proven to be of European end of the month, 100 per cent of
malacologist — a slug and snail descent, the question still remains the profits are going to Prostate
enthusiast. She was the first to whether these slugs arrived recent- Cancer Canada,” said Lisa Caruso,
receive photos and live samples ly or have been here undetected for co-director of the program.
from the Bendalls. a long time. In order to participate, one must
“I was very pleased to see [the After the announcement, Karstad simply grow a mustache for the
slugs] in Toronto,” Karstad said. “I began receiving reports of similar whole month of November.
hadn’t seen one since […] it was slugs in different parts of Ontario. Since Movember’s inception in
shipped to me from Victoria, B.C. “The project is becoming quite 2004, the charity has raised $51 mil-
exciting,” she said. lion globally.
—Aaron Pinto A group of MBA students at Ivey
joined with students from the busi-
‘Stache cash for cancer ness, law and medical programs at
During the month of November, Western to grow moustaches and
students known as “Mo Bros” are raise money.
The Ivey team has collected
about $8,000 so far this year.

“Our school is second to [Uni-
versity of Toronto]. We’re over
$8,000 now raised, without tickets


from the fundraiser,” Caruso said.
To celebrate their achievement,
the “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” are
S ERVICE C ENTRE hosting Mo Night Fever — the
S am e D ay S erv ice largest Movember party in London,
OPEN DAILY 6:30AM–2:30PM F ree diagn osis an d adv ice hosted at Mansion nightclub on
700 Richmond St.

in the same building as 519-672-3443 Nov. 27.

Molly Blooms. 25 O xfo rd Street W est To donate money, please visit
(b etw een th e riv er an d W h arn cliffe R d. b eside th e A lib i R o adh o u se)
091120 — Fadesola Adedayo

Get a start \RXUGHJUHH


The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X
0DNHLWKDSSHQZLWKWUDQVIHUFUHGLWIURP$WKDEDVFD8QLYHUVLW\ equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apos-
trophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.
© 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.
At Athabasca University, our transfer credits can help you expand your academic options. Just ask
with Finally Famous
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theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009 news ➤ P3

Legal issues hindered USC,

admin’s response to strike
Replacement buses would conflict with provincial statute
By Meagan Kashty
Gazette Staff
Ontario Municipal Act, 2001, Bylaw 69 pt 2
As Amalgamated Transit Union
Local 741 enters its fifth day of strik- (2) A municipality that has the authority to establish, operate
ing, rumours are flying around
and maintain a type of passenger transportation system may, FOR REWARD
University administration and
the University Students’ Council are
(a) by bylaw provide that no person except the municipality shall
meeting daily in an attempt to find establish, operate and maintain all or any part of a passenger FINANCIAL PLANNING
some sort of relief, but the process transportation system of that type within all of the municipality GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
has left some students unsatisfied.
“I know they’re kind of in a jam or that area of the municipality designated in the bylaw HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
[…] I feel the [Flag and Tag] pro- INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT
gram is kind of sketchy,” said Daniel INTERNATIONAL MARKETING
Brett, second-year business man- Orest Katolyk, manager of bylaw While negotiations continue to
agement and organizational stud- enforcement for the City, noted a take place, students will be subject MARKETING MANAGEMENT
ies student. “It would be great if growth in the number of bandit to the same academic policies. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
they could offer a full scale bus ser- cabs because of the strike. “The associate deans decided
vice.” “It’s grown because of the strike, there shouldn’t be a blanket accom-
“I think frankly they should out- but the unique thing is the Internet modation […] It’s one thing if you’re
source some metro buses and dri- – there’s so many social networking living a five-minute walk from cam-
vers,” Dan Van Kessel, fourth-year sites where people are offering pus or an hour long walk from cam-
Ivey student, said. rides,” Katolyk noted. pus,” John Doerksen, vice-provost
The USC has explored the James Donnelly, vice-president academic programs and students,
option of a shuttle system, accord- and chief operating officer for said. “It is because of that wide
ing to USC president Emily Rowe; Aboutown Transportation Ltd., range of facts that associate deans
however, City bylaws prohibited acknowledged the increase in ban- want to deal with requests for acad-
anything to that effect. dit cabs. emic accommodation on a case-
“[A shuttle] was our top priority, “As far as these cars that are by-base basis.”
but there’s just no way,” Rowe said. holding themselves out to be ‘for Rowe noted students are now
“There’s a bylaw that says if a city hire,’ […] that is a dangerous thing entitled to some refunds.
[has] a transportation system set up, and […] we do consider [it] some- “We’ll see if [the union and the
no one can shadow that service.” thing to be infringing on the taxi London Transit Commission] go
As a result, many other trans- drivers,” Donnelly said. back to the negotiating table,” she
portation alternatives have gone Katolyk added while websites concluded.
unrealized. simply saying they’re driving to — with files from
“A lot of malls’ and grocery Western and offering rides is fine, Mike Hayes and Cheryl Stone
stores’ properties are unionized, so anyone acting as a taxi without the
they wouldn’t allow shuttles to stop necessary licensing is infringing on
there,” Rowe explained. “They’re a bylaw.
allowing the vans that are available “The whole issue about licens-
now by the university to stop in cer- ing focuses on public safety and


tain areas, but if it were a bus ser- consumer protection,” Katolyk WHITE OAKS MALL BUS SCHEDULE
vice, we absolutely wouldn’t be said. “And when we license taxis we
allowed to stop.” license not only the drivers but 12:00 p.m. Elgin Hall
“We knew from day one what we
had thought about and put into
[also] the vehicles, so we require a
safety check be done, we require a
ON THE WHITE OAKS MALL 12:05 p.m. Delaware Hall

12:10 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
action was comfortable [for the driver to have a police check done,
union],” said Gitta Kulczycki, West- we require examination of the dri- 12:15 p.m. London Hall
ern vice-president resources and ver’s knowledge of the rules of the
12:20 p.m. Departs London Hall
operations. road and another exam on knowl-
School bus service, another edge of the city of London.” ttt 12:45 p.m. Arrives at White Oaks Mall
option explored by the USC, also He added the fines for bandit 1:00 p.m. Departs White Oaks Mall
proved to be a dead end. cabs are set by the province and &WFSZ4BUVSEBZTUBSUJOH 1:30 p.m. London Hall
“We looked into getting any may reach a maximum of $500.
buses we could in case of a strike, 4FQUFNCFSUIVOUJM%FDFNCFSUI 1:35 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
and every single option we looked 1:40 p.m. Delaware Hall
at was impossible,” Rowe said. “The
equipment was lacking, and the XJMMSVOSPVOEUSJQTGSPN680UP 1:50 p.m. Departs Elgin Hall
ATU overall supports any specific
union, so getting the drivers was an UIFNBMMGSPNQNUPQN 2:35 p.m. Arrives at White Oaks Mall
issue.” puzzle solution from +VNQPO#PBSEJUTFREE 3:00 p.m. Departs White Oaks Mall
Mike Murphy, secretary treasur- page 6
er of Murphy Bus Lines, confirmed 3:30 p.m. London Hall
it was not an option for his compa- 3:35 p.m. Saugeen Maitland Hall
ny, but noted union solidarity 3:40 p.m. Delaware Hall
played no part in the decision. 3:45 p.m. Elgin Hall
“We’re under contract to the
school board and we don’t have the 3:50 p.m. Departs Elgin Hall
drivers or the equipment to aug- 4:35 p.m. Arrives at White Oaks Mall
ment that service — it’s as simple as 5:00 p.m. Departs White Oaks Mall
that,” Murphy said.
While the USC and University
meet, students are taking matters EXCLUSIVE TO LONDON AT WHITE OAKS MALL:
into their own hands.
Available to all students living H&M, Bath & Body Works, Aerie and Club Monaco
in and around the UWO. Coach and Bath & Body Works Home Fragrance.


Under the weather? Need fast relief?
No Appointment Required
Students Welcome
Hrs. Mon. to Fri. 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sat. 9:00am to 4:00pm , Sun 10:00am to 5:00pm

Conveniently located just minutes from campus at

240 Wharncliffe Rd. N
at Oxford St. West Suite 201
519-435-0111 on-site
P4 ➤ opinions theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

thegazette Volume 103, issue 45

“The difference between school and life?

In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.
In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

Ryan Hendrick Carly Conway Jaela Bernstien

Editor-In-Chief Deputy Editor Managing Editor

Editor -
Deputy -
Managing -
website at
University Community Centre Rm. 263
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, CANADA. N6A 3K7
Editorial Offices: (519) 661-3580
Advertising Dept.: (519) 661-3579

The Gazette is owned and published by the University Students’ Council.

Will I

It’s not unheard of for students to innocently wrap up their

final year, expecting to move on to grad school or a pro-
fessional career, only to find out too late they are a credit
Students deal without buses
short of graduation. There’s nothing worse than receiving Re: “LTC workers to vote on picketing at at best a minor help and realistically a themselves, they should take student
a letter in June, informing you that your summer will be Gates” Nov. 18, 2009 very small response to the problem of safety into account, which, is a little more
spent getting that forgotten credit, rather than earning getting to school, a “strike-breaking important than whether the ATU is the
money for grad school. To the editor: activity.” seventh best paid union or first best paid
How does this happen? Are students being left in the I find it extremely disappointing that both A classmate of mine told me he had to union in Ontario.
dark about their degree status? Who is to blame? the staff association and the faculty asso- leave at 6:30 a.m. to get to class. It took The UWOFA and UWOSA have
It’s easy to fault Western for not offering students ciation at Western are calling for an end him three hours to walk to school — a six- embarrassed themselves by supporting
enough guidance. After all, university is a business — stu- to the so-called “strike-breaking” shuttle hour round-trip isn’t an annoyance, it’s such a move. They have lost respect in
dents are paying big bucks to get the education they vans organized by Western to help stu- psychotic. Forget being able to have a job the eyes of many, and I hope they come
want, and part of that is the guidance and counselling dents get to and from campus safely. outside of school, extracurricular activi- to their senses, abandon blind union
necessary to help them along the way. Why are our staff and faculty choos- ties, volunteering — that time is taken up solidarity and support the school and
With the day-to-day stresses of university life — essays, ing to stand alongside our city’s transit just by walking. the students.
assignments, exams — there is little time left for students drivers rather than our university’s own I realize he is on the far end of the —Ben Singer
to be worrying about their degree statuses. Many students students? spectrum, but if we didn’t have a “reli- Political Science IV
fall prey to tunnel vision — pick classes, complete credits The reason is simple, I presume: able” transit service, nobody would live
and repeat. The problem is, one simple mistake like miss- unions love to blindly support other farther than a 30-minute walk. You’ll
ing the fine print could leave a student a credit short of unions no matter what. have to forgive his audacity of trying to To the editor:
graduation, despite the best of intentions. For staff and faculty, a transit strike is save money and expecting an essential I just wanted to thank the University,
This is where it would seem logical for the University probably a minor inconvenience, since service to run. the Western community and volunteers
to step in. While manpower might be limited, why not most probably have personal vehicles I’d like to see the members of the for making this strike bearable. It’s a
implement a simple red flag system that would auto- and can afford to pay for parking on a UWOFA and UWOSA walk home with really wonderful feeling to look around
matically notify students if they were falling short of their temporary basis. For students, on the him and then still call a van service and see the people of Western come
requirements for graduation? A yearly e-mail update on other hand, a transit strike can be para- “strike-breaking.” With many profs together and support each other in this
the status of their degree could also be helpful. lyzing. It can mean walking 45 minutes to telling us “how you get to class isn’t my difficult time.
Even now, there are many resources out there to help and from school in the rain or it can mean problem,” it’s not only wildly irresponsi- We’ve all got our fingers crossed that
students better understand their degree requirements young females walking alone in the dark, ble of their union to try and shut down a this strike will be over by next week but
and show how close they are to fulfilling them. However, worried about their personal safety. It can service that provides a safe way home, in the meantime I feel like we need to
these are often poorly promoted. mean paying for a cab — $10 each way — but it’s the epitome of a dick move. acknowledge and give our appreciation
For example, students can currently log in to Student just to make sure you can attend classes. —Matt Cloutier to everyone in the community who has
Services and perform a “degree audit” — a process that I certainly hope Western continues to Science III helped out. This week I have really been
will indicate what credits have been finished and what operate the shuttle van program, and I proud to be a Western student.
courses remain for completion. This is an informative further hope the transit union doesn’t I think it might be hard for some
and helpful system — but how many students know decide to picket in protest. It seems To the editor: students to get over feelings of ill will
about it? naive to me to withdraw services from The editorial on the ATU threats to pick- toward bus drivers after the strike is
Even the students who do try to book an appointment paying customers and then go to where et the school is right on. The Western over. A lot of us (myself included) feel
with their counsellors are likely to be turned off by wait those customers work, study and live to shuttle service would only constitute like we were targeted and used as a tool
times and scheduling difficulties. harass them. “strike-breaking” if it were run by the for the bus drivers to get what they
However, a large part of the onus falls on the stu- —Jason Brown LTC, trying to replace lost service. wanted. I don’t think any of us will for-
dents. After all, there are far too many students taking PhD Biology If Coca-Cola workers were to go on get that treatment any time soon, but I
far too many modules to expect academic counsellors strike, would they picket Pepsi? Or Pres- do believe that a lot of positive things
to babysit them. Despite the stressful life of being a stu- ident’s Choice? I doubt it. came out of the Western community
dent, it’s hardly much to expect students to take respon- To the editor: The shuttle service is probably the through this. So, I’d like to say thank
sibility for themselves and at least meet with their coun- It boggles my mind the faculty associa- only part of the University’s plan that has you one more time.
sellors annually to make sure their degree requirements tion and staff association felt the need to the capacity to reduce the dangers faced — Sherry Keddie
are in order. “show solidarity” with the LTC workers by students walking home at night. If the Psychology IV
Ultimately it’s a two-way street — both the University by calling the shuttle service — which is ATU cares about anyone other than
and students should be doing their best to ensure there
are no surprises at the end of final year. While, in an ideal
We know you have you have opinions and you know we want them.
world, the officials would make sure all of our i’s are dot-
ted and t’s are crossed — that’s far from reality. The soon-
Let’s work together.
er students realize that, the better. Send your letters to

Editorials appearing under the ‘opinions’ heading are decided upon

by a majority of the editorial board and are written by a member of the
Section Editors 2009-2010 e-mail Gazette Staff 2009-2010
editorial board but are not necessarily the expressed opinion of each News Senior News - Ryan Abreu, Tara Athar, Katherine Atkinson, Erin
editorial board member. All other opinions are strictly those of the Sports -
Meagan Kashty Mike Hayes Baker, Mary Ann Boateng, Jordan Brown, Dylan Clark,
author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the USC, The
Gazette, its editors or staff. Abid-Aziz Ladhani Lauren Pelley A&E - Julie-Anne Cleyn, Caitlin Conroy, Sari Rose Conter,
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copy and online archives. Mark Ritchie, Karen Savino,
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Courtesy of David Willekes

UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER SEEN. Le Cyc, a show consisting of hundreds of drawings like these accompanied by music, comes to the Arts Project this Sunday night.

Le Cyc peddles through town UWOpera stages

Unusual performance depicts dystopian future
mash-up musical
energy available other than the doing we could power a city,”
By Mark Fillipowich power created by the population Willekes explains. “That was the ini- By Ora Morrison Many of the students involved
Gazette Staff constantly peddling their bicycles. tial feed for the idea. Eihab and Gazette Staff are aspiring performers and Musi-
The city’s leader is determined by a some of our friends wrote some cal Stage Favourites represents a
Whether due to an influx of science bike race. The city’s champion songs based on the idea.” Bored of the bar scene? UWOpera’s component of their course work.
fiction literature or the advance- cyclist, however, eventually abuses From there, the show developed Musical Stage Favourites may be Opera performance provides a
ment of technology, there has been his power and another cyclist rises into a performance piece, and was the perfect alternative evening unique fusion of music, words,
a cultural fascination with watchful to challenge him. fully rounded out on the road. entertainment. dance and costume, giving these
and oppressive governments. How- London’s Open House Arts Col- Performances take place students and their audience an
ever, few thought experiments are lective (Oh!) is responsible for tonight and tomorrow evening at opportunity to experience many
as artistically interesting as Le Cyc, a bringing Le Cyc to the city. “When the Paul Davenport Theatre. The aspects of performance art at once.
70-minute multimedia perfor- “[It’s] almost like we first got together as a group we production involves roughly 40 Theodore Baerg, director of
mance about a dystopian bicycle- all wanted to bring in as many dif- undergraduate and graduate stu- UWOpera, has been performing
powered city.
you’re watching the ferent art forms as possible,” says dents in both on and off-stage professionally for over 30 years. His
Le Cyc will be performed at the
Arts Project Sunday evening. It will
comic in a way. There Paterson Hodgson, one of Oh!’s
UWOpera is a group of faculty
career took him across North
America, Asia and Europe before
be the last showing for some time are no words on the “Theatre, or multimedia, was and students in the music pro- he decided to teach performance
according to illustrator David always something we wanted to get gram that has produced at least at Western. Baerg cites a desire to
Willekes, as the group is going back images — the words into,” Hodgson says of Le Cyc’s two events each year since 1994. share information with students,
to the literal and figurative drawing atypical performance. “It just kind Its purpose is to provide a perfor- just as it was shared with him, as
board to create another similarly come through in the of worked out that we wanted to mance opportunity for opera and his reason for beginning a teach-
structured piece. bring them in. It’s a really cool thing voice students and to show them ing career.
Trying to classify the show is dif- music through the and we were able to [find a venue how opera is performed profes- Sophie Roland will direct this
ficult — Willekes calls it a “graphic for the show].” sionally. Since its inception, the week’s performance with Mark
novel bike opera.” The show con-
lyrics.” Whether the show’s protean UWOpera program has quadru- Payne acting as music director.
sists of 380 drawings on silkscreen — David Willekes approach will prove successful this pled in size. Miranda Wickett is the choreogra-
painted with coffee and wine, dis- Le Cyc illustrator weekend or its unfocused medium This fall’s performance is a pher with Sarah Neiman as the
played in a series to a seven-piece will send it over the handlebars, Le mash-up of stage favourites, from stage manager.
band that tells the story. Cyc is a piece so strange and unique Cinderella to Macbeth. Musical Stage Favourites will
“[It’s] almost like you’re watch- The unique project began about at a distance that it begs one to The performance promises to be performed tonight and tomor-
ing the comic in a way,” Willekes two years ago when Willekes and approach it and take a closer look. tempt the audience to sing-along row night at 8 p.m. at the Paul
says. “There are no words on the his band, Special Purpose, went on See Le Cyc this Sunday at the Arts with familiar tunes, including Davenport Theatre. Student tick-
images — the words come through a cross-Canada bicycle trip. Project. Doors open at 7 p.m. and those from West Side Story. The ets are available for $10 in advance
in the music through the lyrics. The “My friend Eihab [Boraie] was the show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are show will also expose listeners to at Orchestra London’s box office or
music and the lyrics tell the whole actually in Egypt at the time. When $6 at the door and the event is all popular opera songs such as by cash at the door. They can also
narrative essentially.” he came back he and some of our ages. Arts Project is located at 203 Beethoven’s “Fidelio” and Han- be purchased over the phone at
The story takes place in the other friends came up with the idea Dundas St. Visit for del’s “Giulio Cesare”. 519-679-8778.
future when there is no source of that with all the peddling we were more information.

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P6 ➤ arts&entertainment theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

Local band anything but broken after rocky recording

Chasing Arcadia debuts new CD after three attempts at hiring a drummer
By Maddie Leznoff tinct British pop sound. term. It might seem like our title
Gazette Staff Broken is a fresh start for the explores a pretty bleak outlook on
band that has finally solidified. the world,” says Hughes, who has
Chasing Arcadia have long antici- Chasing Arcadia actually began been studying music at Western for
pated the release of their album with McCarty and Clemence in the past two years. “One of the
Broken, and after a few lineup 2002, and they released a self-titled alternate ways the word gets used is
changes, they are ready for their CD in 2005. The group broke up when we say that ‘morning has bro-
official release party and concert at because of internal problems, but ken.’ This is a new album, a new
Call the Office tonight. has since regrouped and now band and only the start of [a] new
The band — currently composed includes Hughes on guitar and key- beginning.”
of Darryl McCarty, Stan Clemence, board and Wakem on drums. It has been a long journey for
Patrick Hughes and Jeff Wakem — The title of their album is reflec- Chasing Arcadia, one that included
has been compared to groups like tive of the band’s fresh start. trouble finding a drummer. It took
Radiohead and Keane due to its dis- “Broken sounds like a negative the band three tries to find the right
“Luckily, we hooked up with
Now Playing Nov 20 -26 Wakem, whose drumming is
incredibly consistent and direct,”

4 24 $3 00
$ regular
admission Tuesdays
Hughes says. “We were able to re-
record the drums a third time.” Courtesy of Patrick Hughes
Though the recording process NEW AND IMPROVED. Although Chasing Arcadia has faced some obsta-
didn’t go as smoothly as the band cles in the past, they are excited for their new album release tonight.

FOOD INC. CAPITALISM: had hoped, they’re happy with the

A LOVE STORY end result.

“In the end, the album has taken
release party and concert tonight at
the Call the Office makes all their
feedback from people that have
heard the material so far, so we are
Rated PG 104 minutes Rated PG 136 minutes a lot longer than we thought it was hard work worthwhile. really hoping to have a great crowd.”
going to, but I think the extra time “In many ways we feel that this See Chasing Arcadia and openers
7:00 NIGHTLY 9:00 NIGHTLY has allowed us to really refine the show marks the beginning of Chas- The Rest and Josh Geddis tonight at
CD and weed out any weak ing Arcadia — at least this version of 9 p.m. at Call the Office. Tickets are
moments,” Hughes says. Chasing Arcadia,” Hughes $5 at the door. Call the Office is
Chasing Arcadia is hoping their explains. “We’ve had a lot of great located at 216 York St.
University of Western Ontario, UCC, 2nd floor (McKellar Room) 519-661-3616 ON DISC

improvement over their earlier
efforts. However, it still remains dif-
ficult to differentiate the band from
Student Harvest Special the horde of indie rockers the Unit-
ed Kingdom produces every year —
The Cribs don’t quite measure up to
4 Pizza’s
similar groups like the Arctic Mon-
The album showcases the tal-
ents of The Smiths’ Johnny Marr,
NOW PLAYING Rated PG 2 toppings on each who became the band’s guitarist in
2008. Marr has filled the instru-

only $ 99
3-169 Wharncliffe Rd. S
19 The Cribs
Ignore the Ignorant
mental aspects of The Cribs’ tracks
with impressive guitar riffs and
well-constructed melodies that are
noticeably absent on previous
For Delivery CALL Wichita Recordings Lyrics remain a problem — in
songs like “City of Bugs” and “Hari
519-438-9999 The newest album from British Kari,” phrases seem randomly

alternative quartet The Cribs, thrown together without much


Rated PG
Starts TODAY Delivery hours from 11am daily
Ignore the Ignorant, is definitely an thought. Lead singer Ryan Jarman’s
voice, though strong, isn’t good

GAZETTE enough to draw attention away

from the weak lyrics.
M AR K ET P LA C E Ignoring this issue, some tracks
are easy to listen to. “We Share the
Call 519-661-3274 or email Same Skies” and “Save Our Secrets”
HOW TO PLAY are enjoyable, bordering on bril-
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theGazette • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2009 sports ➤ P7

Mustangs squash still perfect Mustangs give up nine

Team chasing 27th straight OUA title point lead, win silver
By Arden Zwelling CONTINUED FROM P8 Despite twice holding nine-
Gazette Staff point leads, the Mustangs could not
Mitchell and Conor Trainor. put the stingy Gaels away.
Ever the humanitarians, the Mus- Matthew Barrett converted both “A lot of our guys feel that we
tangs men’s squash team was kind Mustang tallies, while Scott Kyle controlled our destiny in that
enough to put on a squash clinic for and Zach Pancer responded with game,” Roes said. “A couple little
a host of other Ontario University trys for the Gaels. lapses and some strong defence by
Athletics teams this weekend. “Western got on us early,” Gaels Queen’s in the final five minutes of
The team won every single head coach Peter Huigenbos said. the game was the difference.”
match at the OUA’s West sectional “They were well prepared and you The Gaels defence had to be
competition at Fanshawe College could tell they really wanted it.” stout as the Mustangs threw every-
on Friday and Saturday, not allow- The Mustangs took a consider- thing they had at the Gaels line, try-
ing any of their opponents to even able 19-10 lead after fullback ing to win the game in the dying
muster a point against them. Matthew McLeod scored a try early minutes. The Mustangs chose to
“We don’t want to get ahead of in the second half. It was the first rumble the ball directly at the Gaels
ourselves but we are really excited time Queen’s had been down by defence with their forward pack,
with how this season is going so far,” more than a try since 2007. instead of sending the ball out wide
Mustangs head coach Jack Fairs said. “Until that point, we hadn’t and trying to run a play with their
The Mustangs played Waterloo played comeback rugby for two backs.
on Friday, coming away with an years. It was a spot that the guys just “We wanted to try to grind it in
easy 6-0 victory over the Warriors, haven’t been in before,” Huigenbos with our forwards,” Mitchell said.
before continuing their strong play said. “It may have been predictable and
the next day, defeating the Brock The unfamiliar circumstances we could have used some decisive-
Badgers and the McMaster hardly bothered the Gaels as they ness in attack. At the end of the day
Marauders, both 6-0. scored three times in the next 10 we made a choice — they don’t
“They performed in first class minutes with a penalty goal from always work out.”
fashion,” Fairs said of his team after Ryan Kruyne and trys from Patrick Roes supported his squad’s deci-
the tournament. “McMaster is a Richardson and Chris Barrett to sion making late in the game.
really strong team and we knew it seal the victory. “Hindsight is always perfect —
was going to be a competitive “It would have been easy for the when you’re looking back at it
match but our guys came out on guys to just fold,” Huigenbos said. maybe we should have spun it
top and looked really great.” “I was really proud to watch them wide,” Roes said. “I don’t want to
Kimesh Chetty and Ryan Her- Gazette File Photo rise to the occasion like that.” question the decisions the guys
den led the way for Western, both The Gaels scored most of their made. We just couldn’t get it across
winning all of their games 3-0. points after exploiting Western’s and that’s it.”
Chetty was quick to turn the OUA Men’s Squash Standings defence with strong counter- The end of the season sees the
attention from himself to his team- Matches attacks on Mustang kicks that did Mustangs lose many of the key
mates. Team Played Wins Losses Points not find touch. Roes was unhappy players who helped engineer their
“This is an extremely strong with his team’s kicking game on the recent string of success. The team
team that trains hard and it has
Western 18 18 0 18 day. has won three OUA silver and two
paid off,” a modest Chetty said. “We McGill 12 9 3 9 “We definitely made their full- bronze medals over the past five
are an OUA powerhouse with McMaster 18 9 9 9 back Mike Wong look good,” Roes years.
nationally ranked players that not Queen’s 12 8 4 8 said. “Some of our kicks weren’t great “I’ve made some of my best
only play hard for their school but Waterloo 18 8 10 8 and in some cases our chase wasn’t friends on this team — leaving this
also play juniors outside of the uni- Toronto 12 1 11 1 even existent. A kick’s only as good as team is tough,” Mitchell said. “I’d
versity circuit.” Brock 18 1 17 1 its chase and we weren’t really doing rather be an alumni here than play-
This year’s squad boasts a either as well as we could.” ing anywhere else.”
healthy crop of rookies looking to
make their mark on the team, INTRAMURAL STANDINGS
including Yeshale Chetty, Brett Hill,
MacDonald, Mike
Andrew Silvestri and Bryan Hong. Tuesdays - 10:30pm - 1:20am Mondays - 8:30pm - 1:20am COED REC A Ferguson, Tyler 4 2 6
Haimovitz, Mike 3 3 6
“We’ve lost nine players off of Dimitry, Alex 1 5 6
Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Sundays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Finn, Alex 5 1 6
last year’s team but we’re hardly No Mercy Hockey 5 0 0 0 24 6 10 Gongshow 4 0 0 0 26 10 8 Rosen, Ian 4 2 6
Disasters 3 2 0 0 14 9 6 Yoshi 3 1 0 0 21 6 6 Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT
concerned with the depth of talent Hockey Night @ Western 3 2 0 0 13 18 6 Regina Pounders 3 1 0 0 12 4 6 The Sea Men
Barski Beauties 2 2 1 0 11 11 5 Shoulda` Beens 3 1 0 0 8 10 6 and Women 6 0 0 0 173 73 12 MEN’S CONTACT B OVERALL LEADERS
on our team this year,” Fairs said. THE SOCIETY 1 3 1 0 6 13 3 Whiskey Water Bottles 2 2 0 0 16 10 4 Wet Shots To The Head 5 0 0 0 114 42 10 G A P
“The rookies are excellent players. Kings 0 5 0 0 4 15 0 Prom Kings 2 2 0 0 15 12 4 BIG TUNA 4 3 0 0 123 110 8 Rollo, Scott 4 2 6
Channel 4 News Team 1 2 1 0 9 17 3 The SERT armada 3 4 0 0 131 137 6 Quintos, Aaron 2 4 6
They give our team the quality and Fridays - 12:00pm - 3:50pm The Broners 1 3 0 0 10 20 2 Super Fun Flying Fish 3 3 0 1 95 79 6 Frey, Michael 2 4 6
The Pink Bunnies 0 3 1 0 10 17 1 The Better Wilson 2 5 0 1 101 139 4 Goertzen, Cameron 1 4 5
the standard that we’ve been used Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT The Dusty Pucks 0 4 0 0 0 21 0 X-H20 0 2 0 1 0 40 0 Austin, Jon 4 1 5
The White Russians 5 0 0 0 19 5 10
to over the years.” Jets 3 1 1 0 29 15 7
The Squirtle Squad 0 6 0 1 43 160 0 Waddell, Allan 5 0 5
Thursdays - 10:30pm - 1:20am Waelz, Ryan 1 3 4
This weekend the team travels Leyton`s Finest 3 1 1 0 21 10 7 Tuesdays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Newman, Kristopher 4 0 4
X-Leafs 3 2 0 0 9 13 6 Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Maister, Jake 4 0 4
to Ithaca, New York where they will No Jersey Devils 2 2 1 0 18 20 5 The Free Agents 4 1 0 0 21 8 8 Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Risen, Sam 2 2 4
Misfits 1 3 1 1 9 15 3 Nashville Sexua Tube-Idites 5 2 0 0 91 55 10
take on schools from the NCAA, Marginal Contribution 0 4 1 1 8 21 1 Predators 3 0 2 0 19 8 8 Fanshawe Waterpolo 1 4 2 0 0 79 51 8
Rosen, Neil 1 3 4
Burke, Michael 2 2 4
including Princeton, the University The Mighty Dusts 0 4 1 2 5 19 1 Down to Puck 2 2 1 0 13 16 5 Matzah Balls 4 1 0 1 74 56 8 Smith, Marc 1 3 4
Super Toe Drags 1 2 2 0 11 16 4 Better in B.Ed, Garbuz, Michael 4 0 4
of Pennsylvania, and Cornell. ICE HOCKEY, MENS CONTACT B The Prodigies 0 2 3 0 11 15 3 Amazing in Water 3 3 0 0 84 72 6 Walden, Ross 3 1 4
Varsity Commons 1 4 0 0 7 19 20 Gibbons 3 4 0 0 90 93 6
“I know they’re fired up to play Polskie Parowki 3 4 0 1 65 79 6
against that competition,” Fairs Sundays - (11:30am-12:30pm) - (9:30pm - 1:20am) ICE HOCKEY, WOMENS COMP Inna Tube with
Wet Balls 1 5 0 0 48 85 2
said. “We’ll be very competitive but X-Redwings 4 0 0 0 14 5 8
ENG 0 2 0 1 0 40 0
Tuesdays - 7:30pm - 10:30pm
they’re playing top-notch experi-
enced teams. They’re going to have
Western Law
The Big Mada Beechys
Puck Bunnies
Iceland 2 2 0 0 13 14 4 Fanshawe Comp Hockey 4 1 0 1 20 6 8 COED REC B Join
their hands full — no question.” Chiefs 1 3 0 0 12 14 2 X-Oilers 3 1 1 0 17 8 7
The Mustangs will welcome the The Flying-V`s 1 3 0 0 8 14 2 Beeno 2 3 0 0 22 11 4 Sundays - 9:00pm - 11:00pm Im prove yourresum esby having
Forest Bill 0 4 0 1 8 20 0 Power Rangers 1 3 1 0 26 17 3
challenge, as this year’s OUA com- Skater Girls 0 5 0 0 1 56 0 Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT
pilateson it.
Wet and Ready 6 0 0 0 167 56 12
petition has been a cakewalk for the ICE HOCKEY, MENS NON-CONTACT Squirters 5 1 0 0 129 64 10
ICE HOCKEY, WOMENS REC Hair By Lori 4 2 0 0 137 89 8 E asy and afford able certification
squad that currently sits in first Sundays - 8:30am - 12:20pm
place with two times as many points Mondays - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Team Badass
6 coursesnow available.
Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Elgin 5W 1 5 0 1 67 107 2
as the second place McGill Redmen. 5 Hole Fillers 4 0 1 0 28 7 9 Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT 8 Lower 1 5 0 1 49 111 2
Ivey Elite 3 1 1 0 15 10 7 Scissor Me Timbers 4 0 0 0 18 1 8 Off in the shower 1 5 0 1 41 126 2
“We’re still going to work hard.
Nobody thinks too much about
The Camel Toews
The Chiefs
X-Canucks Team 1
X-Rangers Team 2
Thursdays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sessions
what we’ve done. We’re just looking Puck You 1

Wednesdays - 8:30pm - 1:20am

4 0 1 6 14 2 Falcon`s Rec Hockey
Fanshawe Rec Hockey
Have a Splashing
Start T h is
forward to the future,” Fairs said.
“The guys are playing for the enjoy- Team
Mothers Against
Good Day!
The Water Dogs
The X Presidents
W eek
ment of the game.” Drunk Drivers 4 0 1 0 31 15 9 COED COMP Lost at Sea 3 3 0 0 69 78 6
Off Constantly 2 4 0 1 51 72 4
It’s certainly easier to enjoy the Chaz Trae 4 0 1 0 22 8 9 doggie paddlers 2 4 0 2 64 101 4
Tuesdays - 9:00pm - 11:00pm
M at Certification Course
Fanshawe Hockey 4 1 0 0 29 15 8 X-Bubbles 1 5 0 2 42 120 2
game when you do nothing but The Flames 2 1 1 0 14 5 5
Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT Sue Johanson 0 6 0 2 19 138 0
The Gentleman 2 2 1 0 18 14 5
win. The squash team has won 26 The Mighty Dents 2 2 1 0 14 14 5 The Legends 5 1 0 0 129 61 10 Jan.9th & 10th 9-4pm both d ays
Prosecutors 1 2 1 0 13 14 3 Multiple Scoregasims 5 1 0 0 113 58 10 MEN’S SUPER COMP OVERALL LEADERS
OUA championships in a row, and

X-Canadiens 1 4 0 0 9 25 2 Tubular 2 4 0 0 52 100 4 G A P

is currently undefeated through 18 Dirty Dan 1 4 0 0 10 29 2
Beached Whales 0 6 0 0 53 128
Easter, Patrick 10 5 15
Obiter 0 5 0 0 3 24 0 Camastra, Julian 3 7 10
matches this season. Geoffrey, Taylor 5 3 8 VA R SIT Y
“We don’t think about the Saturdays - 9:30am - 12:50pm INNERTUBE WATERPOLO, Stein, Aaron 3 5 8 stud entsjoin
Dean, Kevin 2 5 7
streak,” Fairs said. “The guys don’t Team W L T DFLT PF PA PT COED COMP April, Andrew 4 3 7
for $75
Swamp Donkeys 4 1 0 0 18 16 8 Beavers, Chris 5 2 7
think about it — they just don’t Jagr Bombs 4 1 0 1 23 8 8

want to be the team that ends it.”

Northern Dynasty
12 Inch Pianists
Thursdays - 9:00pm - 11:00pm
McCarron, Glen
Oliver, Greg
6 and watch
X-Senators 2 3 0 0 17 28 4
—With files from We Look Hotter In Our MEN’S CONTACT A OVERALL LEADERS ath leticism
The Bulldogs 0 5 0 0 10 29 0 Bathing Suits Than You 5 2 1 0 125 68 11
1135 A d elaid e St.N soar!
Alexandra Pozsonyi Team Gregs 5 0 1 0 91 39 11
Panno, Michael 6 4 10 519‚439‚3838
Fanshawe Waterpolo II 0 8 0 3 37 146 0

Sports ON DECK:
Men’s Basketball... Tuesday


Rookie swimmer
takes home Pipe
17-year-old blowing stiff OUA
competition out of the water
By Grace Davis think I’m training nine times a week
Gazette Staff right now. On a Saturday we do a lot
practicing and weights, so we’re
In a dominant 101-47 win over the there for hours. We do doubles
University of Toronto on Friday by [train twice a day] a lot. I don’t mind
Western’s women’s swim team, first- training. Sometimes in the morning
year science student Jennifer Trung it’s hard to get going, but for the
won the women’s 100m backstroke most part it helps me with school
final in 1:03.48, a gold in the women’s stress and I feel better after practice.
200m medley relay and finished sec- What’s the atmosphere like on the
ond in the 200m backstroke. Trung’s team this year?
impressive time of 1:03.48 would It’s really competitive. Because
have placed her in the final at last we have such a big rookie year, all of
year’s Canadian Interuniversity Sport the girls are competing to get on the
championships. [Ontaro University Athletics] team,
Because of her outstanding per- and there’s only 18 spots. I think it’s
formance, the 17-year-old was good that it’s competitive ‘cause it
awarded with this week’s Purple brings out the best in all of us.
Pipe. Trung took some time out of Being only 17 and competing
her day to sit down with the Gazette against people that are several
to discuss being a rookie, waking up years older than you, how did it feel
at 4:40 a.m. and Wendy’s Frosties. to win female swimmer of the meet
How long have you been swim- last weekend against U of T?
ming competitively and why did I never really thought about it. I
you start? don’t know, I think swimming is dif-
Since age 11 I think. My mom ferent than most sports in the sense
put me in ‘cause she was scared I that most girls mature fairly early.
was going to drown I think. She They stop growing around 17, so
thought it was good exercise and it age doesn’t have as much as a factor
was just a fun thing to do. as it may for guys. The difference
What’s it like being a rookie for between a guy who’s 17 and a guy
Western? Initiation? who’s 20 is huge. At nationals you’re
The girls are really nice and still competing with adults because
friendly. I get along with them pret- it’s open, so I’ve done it before. I
ty well. It was intimidating meeting don’t really notice age among girls. Laura Barclay/Gazette
new people and being a rookie, but It’s a very mental sport though so
initiation wasn’t that bad. We had age helps in that sense. We train a
fun team bonding activities at the lot, and unfortunately you can’t do (laughs). a varsity swimmer. know them, so they’ll be telling a
beginning of the season. well in the sport unless you train as Is your diet similar to Michael It’s not really that interesting. We joke and I’m like laughing in the
What does the team do to prepare much as everyone else, which is a Phelps’? wake up to go to practice in the background. It’s really awkward
for meets? lot. So attending practices and Okay, I do not eat as much as morning at around 4:40. Our prac- actually. I think everyone’s pretty
Apparently we have pasta par- focusing can be challenging men- him. I’ve had coaches tell me I tices are at 5:30. We train for about funny on the team, no major
ties before our meets. I guess we tally, and then it’s also a very chal- should eat healthy, and I try to, but two hours, then go to classes, then a standouts.
load up on carbs. To get into racing lenging sport when you’re racing. for the most part I just eat whatev- lot of the time in the afternoons we What are your goals for this year?
mode we do a lot more short Any athletic role models? er I want. So if I want a Wendy’s go back and practice for another I don’t like thinking about things
sprints and stuff that mimics the Not really. I’m not a huge fan of Frosty, I’ll have a Frosty. I figure I’ll two hours, do some homework, too far away. I’m the type of person
race, so we work on our turns going Michael Phelps. There are definite- burn it off…or at least that’s the then go to bed. that takes it one day at a time. Some
to the wall and stuff like that. We ly people I look up to though. Ryan excuse that I use. I just kind of eat Who’s the class clown on the team? people are like “Jen are you going to
practice our race strategy too. Lochtey, but that’s not based on his whatever I want; whatever makes As a rookie I don’t really know be in the Olympics?” and I always
How often do you practice? swimming; it’s just ‘cause he’s good me happy. most of the guys. A lot of the guys say I’m just focusing on this year,
There are different groups. I looking so it doesn’t really count Describe a typical day in the life of are really funny but I don’t really what’s happening right now.

Mustangs fall to
Queen’s in finals
Gaels win first title since 2001
By Arden Zwelling they beat the Mustangs 13-12 at
Gazette Staff Western’s Homecoming in October.
“Five points separated us in the
In rugby, sometimes a few lucky whole season and that’s really just a
bounces is all it takes. couple bounces here and there,”
The Queen’s Gaels won their first Mustangs head coach Tony Roes
Ontario University Athletics men’s said. “It really could have gone
rugby title since 2001 on Saturday, either way.”
after a 23-19 come-from-behind The Mustangs went into half-
victory over the Western Mustangs. time on Saturday with a 14-10 lead
It was the second time this sea- after first-half tries from Marcus
son the Gaels narrowly escaped
with a victory against Western after PLEASE SEE MUSTANGS P7
Brett Higgs/Gazette