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Survey Questionnaire
Topic: The Impact of Safety procedure taken up by Nestle Bangladesh
Limited in Productivity and Management of the company
[The following survey is conducted to study the research topic Safety Impact of Nestle Bangladesh
Limited in Production and Management. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as the collected
information will be kept confidential. All the information will be used for the sole purpose of research
work of the internship]
Demographic Characteristics
Serial No: 01 Department: .
Shift: General Shift Evening Shift Night Shift
Employment Type: Permanent Contractual
Age (Years): 20 or less 21-30 31-40 41 and above
Gender: Male Female
Marital Status: Unmarried Married Divorced Widowed
[Use () mark to identify your response]
Part- A (Organization Information)

Q.1 Do you have prior job skill training, factory rules and regulations and environment,
health and safety training before joining in Nestle Bangladesh?
, ?
Yes. No. . If yes Please specify how many years .
Q.2 Which job function/functions are you involved in Nestle Bangladesh limited?
Line Operator Maintenance Technician Packaging Member Forklift Driver
Production Member QA Member Administration Boiler House Member
Q.3 How many years have you been doing the job function of Nestle Bangladesh Limited?
Nestle Bangladesh Limited ?
< 1 Year (< ) 1-3 Year (- ) 3-5 Year (- ) >5 years (> )

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Q.4 The Company requires mandatory trainings to be performed before conducting the job
functions? ?
Yes. No. . If yes Please specify .

Q.5 Which on the job training have you received after joining Nestle Bangladesh?
Neslte Bangladesh ?
BBS/ MSAR Officer Safety Machinery Guarding PPE Fire training
Forklift Training LOTO Training HIRA Training others

Q.6 Which training should company improvise to strengthen the overall safety excercise?
BBS/ MSAR Officer Safety Machinery Guarding PPE Fire training
Forklift Training LOTO Training HIRA Training others

Q.7 How content and motivated are you with department in which you are delegated by the
Very High High Neutral Low Very Low

Part B (Perception of Employees)

Q.8 Do Management and Non-Management Employees consistently commit to SH&E
programs & Rules ? ?
Yes. No. Neutral

Q.9 Are you familiar with all the rules of Safety, health & Environment (SH&E) of Nestle
Bangladesh Limited?
Nestle Bangladesh Limited ?
Yes. No.
Q.10 In which area do you practice your safety training in the organization every day?
Safety walk in Pathway BBS around factory LOTO in Production Line
Hygiene Safety QA department PPE in work field Forklift Training in Warehouse
Forklift Training for Incinerator Others.

Q.11 There is strong communication or contact exists between management, the SH&E
department and employees?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

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Part C (Value Creation & Productivity)
Q.12 Which location of the organization do you think is the most hazardous place which
may create safety concern?

Noodle Line Chiller Boiler Room Packaging Warehouse
Incinerator Roller Taste-Maker Others..
Q.13 By being compliant to SH&E rules and regulation what are the current privilege
provided by the company that an employee can enjoy?
SH&E ?
Salary Increment Annual Bonus Certificate of Gratitude Promotion

Q.14 To increase employee motivation for safety compliance what other initiative that the
company can execute?
Insurance Benefit Retirement benefits Health-Plan benefit Flexible time
Transport by Company car Interest free loans Others.

Q.15 How many probable days were you absent in the workplace?
<10 days 10-15 days 20-25 days 30+ days
Q.16 What was cause for your absence in the workplace?
Sickness Injury/ Accident Vacation Others..

Q.17 Safety rules has boosted productivity, profits and employee morale?
, ?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Part D (Investment & Resources)
Q.18 Does following SH&E instruction provide better-quality products and services,
Yes. No. Neutral
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Q.19 The Safety procedures and rules are the remarkable result of Lost Time Incident
(LTI) for Nestle Bangladesh which was 417 days ago? LTI
Yes. No. Neutral
Q.20 Nestle Bangladesh limited needs more investment and focus upon SH&E department?
Nestle Bangladesh limited SH&E ?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Q.21 There are adequate amount of equipments and resources in factory to cope up with
any safety related discrepancies?

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Your comments/recommendations upon the safety department of Nestle Bangladesh
limited based on evaluation of safety assessment. /

Thank You