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When you want to begin a business of quick food you should be very patient, specially
at the beginning because it can be very desalentador since is a lot to learn before
being able to begin its business. But if you are willing to put all their zeal, he/she will
be able to be very successful with their initiative.
People will always need food and with the quick rhythm of the modern life, and the
population's projected growth predicted in several countries during next decade, there
has never been a better moment to begin a business of quick food. It is not, without a
doubt an opportunity so that a retailer of feeding independent express to grab a slice
of the earnings like a lot of people are fed up with the frank of traditional quick food.
This segment of the market is already very attended and it will be difficult to improve
the existent points of sale they are already available in the market. There is also a
growing tendency as for restaurants of quick food that you/they not offer fried
allowances healthy. It is for such a reason that we have opted to that our products are
low in calories.
At the moment, the sector of the quick food has gone growing notably with passing of
the time; however, many companies of allowances of low quality and faulty service
exist, and few of good quality, which are dominated by big frank like McDonald's,
Burger King, KFC, Chickens Gus, etc. The main chains of quick food of the Ecuador
report a growth average of 15% in their sales.
In accordance with the study of Pulse Ecuador, the Ecuadorians spend a monthly
average of 48,27 million dollars in quick foods, being Removes with 22 millions, and
Guayaquil with 13 millions, the cities where more he/she wastes away this type of
The concept of quick food arises starting from the consumption society where it is
more important the quantity and the price that the quality; a key point in the creation
of these companies is the necessity to feed economizing time and money, although the
quality is not good.

The idea of a business of quick foods arises of the basic necessity of feeding and
economy, when offering food of quality focusing us but in the hamburgers to the coal
to an accessible price that can be competitive in the market and also to find lucre
which allows to subsist.
Another reason for which is sought to develop the project is that the consumption of
the quick food in the Ecuador is every bigger time, its demand it is growing every day
more and the increase is due at the little time that people that combine the work with
the tasks of the home prepare and to the economy this products are since of under
At the moment we will focus ourselves in a very consumed product in the market THE
HAMBURGERS these we will prepare them since in a more nutritious way they will be
made to the coal this allows them not to have many calories.
Ground meat, hamburger bread, dressing, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato sauce,
Optional ingredients (if the client wants)
Egg, cheese, ham.