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The Andorians come from a clan based society in which the dual of honour, the
Ushaan, was introduced to end centuries of clan wars. Their ice bound
homeworld has bred a hardy race who were instrumental in the founding of the
Federation, despite a previously volatile relationship with the Vulcans.
Special Abilities:
Resilient: Andorians are unusually hardy and start the game with a d6 in Vigor.
Antennae: The Andorian antennae serve to grant the members of this race a
kind of e!tra" sense. Andorians receive #$ to all notice rolls involving hearing.
This ability is lost if the antennae are damaged in any way.
Redundant Circulation: Andoria is a cold planet and it%s inhabitants are
somewhat adapted to chilling effects. They get a #$ to Vigor rolls to resist cold
Warlike: #& to attack rolls
Code of Ushaan: An Andorian will seek recompense for any perceived slight
against himself, his clan or his family through, the Ushaan. This is a ritualised
form of personal combat. 'n effect, the Andorians start play with the Vengeful
()inor* hindrance.
Loyal: The Andorians come from a rigidly clan based society and loyalty to their
clan, family and shipmates is deeply ingrained. Andorians begin play with the
+oyal hindrance.
Keth: All Andorians belong to a ,eth (-lan* which often in an area of
e!pertise or particular service.
Aldin: #& level to any /cience /kill 0 choose & specialty (two scientific
Knowledge skill )
Athrun: #& level to /ystem 1peration (2elm or Flight -ontrol* (Astrogate
and Pilot)
Bire: #& level to any 3ngineering /kill 0 choose & specialty (Disable
Device and Repair )
!ara: #& level to either -onceal or /tealth 0 choose & specialty (Hide and
Move Silent )
!ooro: #& level to either Appraise or 3nterprise4 5usiness 0 choose &
specialty (Appraise and one Profession)
"drani: #& level to Fighting (Armed* or 6anged -ombat (choose /pecialty*
(Bonus Feat !eapons Focus")
"disha: #& level to 3ntertain4 7rama 0 choose & specialty (Disguise and
#ntertain $Acting))
Kor: #&level to 8egotiate ()ediate* (Diplo%ac& and Sense Motive)
#$%rell: #& level to either 'n9uire or First Aid 0 choose & specialty ('at(er
)nfor%ation and *reat )n+ur&)
Keth Aldin Social Sciences (Xenoarcheology), World Knowledge (Spec), Arrogant
Keth Anin Social Sciences (Andorian Archeology), +1 Logic or Perception, Spec for
any teplate s!ill
Keth Athr"n Ship#oard Systes ($light %ontrol), &ehicle 'perations (Spec), %lan
Keth A(ola )edical Sciences (Psychology), +1 *pathy, %ontact ($ederation )edical
Keth +ire( )aterial *ngineering (Spec), &ehicle 'perations (,ail &ehicles), Arrogant
Keth %laness Athletics (Karche!), )aterial *ngineering (Spec), +1 Logic or -e.terity,
,i(al (/hore()
Keth -"(ora )erchant (Spec) or Physical Science (Spec), +1 Logic, +1 &itality
Keth -raSpace Sciences (0 Spec), %ontact (Andorian Astronoical S"r(ey)
Keth *ndlie(Artistic *.pression (+rewing), )erchant (Ale), -ar! Secret (Keth1s Ale
Keth /hore(Athletics (Koche!), /aing (2shlin or Spec), +1 -e.terity, ,i(al (%laness)
Keth 2dishaArtistic *.pression (Acting or Playwright), Weaponsith (Spec),
Keth 2draniPriiti(e Weaponry (3risal or Spec) or Sec"rity (Spec), Weapon )aster
(3risal or Spec)
Keth 2(ari)aterial *ngineering (Str"ct"ral4Spacefrae) or Space Sciences (Spec),
Priiti(e Weapon Speciali5ation (2(ar"s3risalnar), Arg"entati(e
Keth 2(osLang"age (Any 0), Any )inor 3indrance
Keth KalethAnial 3andling (Spec) or Life Sciences (Spec relating to Anials), +1
*pathy, +1 &itality
Keth Kor%oand (%lan Leadership) or -iploacy (%hoose Spec), %ontact or 0
$a(ors 'wed
Keth 'rntalaArtistic *.pression (Wea(ing) or )erchant ('nta!i %loth) or 6nared
%o#at (Spec), +1 -e.terity, %ontact
Keth P17rell 8 )edical Sciences (Andorian) or Life Sciences (Spec), +1 2ntellect
Keth ,iosi %op"ter (Spec), Syste *ngineering (%op"ter Systes), Arrogant
Keth 6calnath4%"lnaPriiti(e Weaponry (Spec), 6nared %o#at (Spec), %lan
Keth 6por"Law (Andorian), +1 Logic, %ontact
Keth &etraArtistic *.pression (Adanalnar), 3istory (Andorian -"els), '#ligation ("st
soeties defend the honor of the clan1s acc"racy of presentation)