Fort Lewis Extrication Team IC Cheat Sheet


do we have? How many vehicles? In what configuration? Resources required? LE, Medic Unit, Second Engine, Airlift on S/B to Mechanism. B. ID a Triage Area, call for INNER and OUTTER Circles, Identify & Mitigate Hazards, “Can this be removed?” LOCATE BATTERY, LOOK FOR HYBRIDALTERNATIVE FUEL BADGING! C. D. Pull 1.75 Exposure Line! Have personnel S/B for Basic Stabilization! NUMBER VEHICLES! Vehicle One contains the patient, Initiate Basic

Stabilization (if more than one then number the vehicles) E. Conduct


Crew works stabilization, stacked vehicles get stabilized

and married (secured) MARRY VEHICLES! Develop Plan A, B, and C F. G. Announce Plan A, B, C- Upon


Stabilization, have battery secured if

possible and check all doors. Get Medic inside and soft protection on patient ASAP. Internal Stabilization, SRS, Keys, Transmission, Parking Brake, Condition of Patient, Passenger compartment intrusion, Impingement or Entrapment to Mitigate? All other members prepare for extrication. H. Have Medic determine if windows can be rolled down, hood and trunk releases can be operated, examine seat release, can seat be reclined? Compare to other front seat, will seat back need to be cut? I. J. Establish “A” Side of Scene, Announce Command Post location! Have “Glass Man” remove glass necessary to carry out plan, ensure soft

protection on patient and Medic, respiratory protection for everyone, proceed with extrication. Establish DEBRIS PILE! K. L. Hard protection between power, pneumatic and hydraulic tools and patient! Conduct


at regular intervals, continually evaluate effectiveness

of plan, look for safety issues, IDENTIFY AND CORRECT! Return to CP and Announce it.

M. Have crews continually re-asses 100% stabilization after each removal of metal and at regular intervals. Clean and police work area, sweep debris, move tools, eliminate tripping hazards.

N. O. etc. P. Q.

Check status of Medic, patient and crew members at regular intervals, Time Checks! *5 Minute Intervals- Stabilization Complete, Patient Access, RECONFIRM PLAN BEING WORKED BY LETTER AND DESCRIPTION! NO FREELANCING! Keep track of time each plan is being worked- If

welfare/PAR checks as needed and Verbalize everything!

progress is stalled longer than R.


minutes, consider moving to next plan.

NEVER be afraid to FREEZE operations and pull crews back in the event

operation becomes disorganized, sloppy or ineffective.

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