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Austin Hicks 4B

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, today my client, Giaus Cassius, is being put on trial for
degree murder and treason. I am here to tell you that my client is innocent on terms of a
mental illness, one of which causes multiple personalities and many more. The Prosecution will
try to convince you that my client is manipulative, cruel, and maybe even ruthless but myself
and the defenses witnesses are here to tell you what is true. Truth that can be known as savior,
noble, smart, and friendly.
Our witnesses will have many things to say about the defenses client. Brutus will testify
on Cassiuss friendship and kindness. Cassius will testify on his own behalf of his nobility and of
himself being a savior. Our other witnesses will also speak on behalf of Cassiuss nobility and
The prosecution will have witnesses come and speak on the behalf of the fallen Caesar
and detest Cassius and his exceptional traits. The prosecutions witnesses might tell you Cassius
is manipulative. They may also tell you Cassius is a liar and a murderer. The Prosecution itself
may say Cassius was the brains of the operation and the leader of the conspiracy. They may
also tell you he is selfish and cares about no one elses wishes but himself.
Your honor, members of the jury, how could one man be put on trial for the murder that
many more committed. Cassius was simply swayed by the actions and decisions Caesar had
made to Cassius himself and to the people of Rome. Lets keep an eye out for the real criminal
of Rome. Still if you are to blame Cassius you must blame everyone else. He is only one piece of
the puzzle.

Austin Hicks 4B
Cassius is innocent. He knew not of what actions and decisions may cost him. If Caesar
were still alive would we put him on trial for the murder of hundreds of Roman and Italian
citizens, including the provoking of Catos suicide and Pompeys death in Egypt when he fled
from Caesar? If Cassius is found guilty and is not justified to this crime then what made Caesar
justified to do so to hundreds and thousands other Roman and Italian Citizens? If my client is
found guilty, dont think Caesar was guilty as well and got what he deserved? So if you say
Cassius is guilty then you are guilty for murder for putting a murderer to death that killed one of
the biggest murderer in Roman history.
I hope the right decision is made in this court room this afternoon and all possible traits
testimonies are considered highly is Cassiuss favor. No further statements your honor.