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Feature title: New drying technology

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dryer is truly FIFO (First In, First Out) along the multiple continuous screws. Crosscontamination is not an issue, and new process conditions may be set and a second product introduced in less than three minutes.

Continuous cleaning
The Rotante design lends itself to continuous cleaning, as fines drop down the sloped interior of the dryer, for real-time removal via screw conveyor back into the extruder. Maintenance tasks are simplified as the fans, bearings, heat source, More inforMation and drives are strategically Couscous Rotante and cooker positioned on the exterior Aïda Rochas of the unit. Interior access Marketing & Communication Manager is immediate by simply removing the as for pasta and couscous. Pioneer in twin Clextral, 1 Rue du Colonel Riez perimeter panels. screw extrusion applied for the food indusFirminy, F-42700 , France To meet customer requirements, try starting with flat crispy bread, Clextral Rotante technology is modular and built has extended the use of this technology to Tel 33 477 402484 Final Chief adverts:Final Chief +adverts 26/2/09 14:20 Page 10 to specific product/flow rates, with a complete lines for breakfast cereals, savoury Fax + 33 477 403123 range of standard models available, for snacks & pellets up to texturized soya, baby Email: efficient, uniform drying to meet stringent flour, etc…

provides optimal drying for complex cereal products and reduces energy expense
lextral’s Rotante dryer, with new technology achieves uniform drying for a wide range of high value and hard-todry products, while achieving exceptional energy efficiency.

New drying technology


Additional advantages of this innovative design include: product changeover in less than three minutes, real-time recycling of fines generated in the drying process, simplified cleaning, and reduced maintenance. Applications include pasta, couscous, 3-D pellets, cereals, fragile products, starter fish feeds, high oil fish feeds, premium and super premium pet foods and treats, fruit bits, extruded rice and other sticky products.

The Rotante has a unique design that conveys product via continuous rotation to ensure uniform airflow on all product surfaces, thus eliminating product overheating or unequal moisture distribution that can lead to rejected product and lost profits.

Fields of grain? Or fields of gold?
We know exactly how valuable grain is to you and your business. Which is why we never underestimate the importance of how it is handled. If you need a partner with the expertise, technology and manufacturing methods to ensure that your storage plant is second-to-none in terms of quality and processes, then look no further.

High energy efficiency
Several factors contribute to the high energy efficiency of this dryer, rated at 90 percent drying efficiency: product is distributed in thin layers that require lower air velocity; process air temperatures and humidity’s are independently controlled in multiple zones to achieve optimal drying for each product; and the dryer has reduced interior volume to minimizes process air quantities. Improved product quality is achieved by the continuous, homogeneous drying process and uniform residence times that ensure a final product moisture variation of +-0.1 percent. Product changeover is quick, as the product progression through the

You can trust in Chief.

Product in archimede’s screw quality requirements while reducing production costs. Upon request of customers a specific Lab scale Rotante has been designed for R&D purposes and evaluation The new Rotante Dryer is the latest in the evolution of Clextral’s dryer line, of which over 100 units are currently in operation. Clextral supplies complete production lines for extruded cereal products as well

The company is also pioneer and world leader of couscous production lines and a key player in pasta production lines.

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