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Our Mission

Investing in
Education and
Empowerment for
a More Peaceful


2013 donations helped MDF provide:
• 250 full scholarships
• 130 U.S. and Pakistani students the opportunity to exchange
letters, photos and videos through Global Kid Connect
• +1,000 women with Vocational Training
An education
directly affects
one’s chance
to earn a living,
allowing one to
provide for their
family. It also
offers an
alternative to
joining extremist
groups. MDF
creates those
Shazia’s Story
My name is Shazia Mansha. My family is
poor but hardworking. We receive our
livelihood from harvesting, and I was
responsible for grazing our cattle,
helping my family with their work, and
serving as a maid in other homes to
increase family income. When I first
started at Sheikhupura school, the
teachers took pity on me and cut my hair
and nails and taught me how to brush
my teeth. I felt like a brand new person. I
could look in the mirror and feel proud of
myself. They were so kind, it’s hard to
keep clean with the type of work I had to
do from the moment I left school. When I
started falling behind because I did not
have time to do homework, the teachers
spoke with my parents. I would not be
able to excel in school if I didn’t also do
my homework and study for my exams.
One day we had a field trip to the
zoo. I was SO happy! I got to see
animals that I had only previously
known of in books. I started reading
aloud all the boards at the zoo and
the other students were surprised by
my reading ability. When I was asked
how I could read some of these
difficult words I replied, “Before I
started school I was a dirty little girl,
now I am confident, smart, and
important.” My parents now excuse
me from most of my responsibilities
so I have enough time to study. They
are proud and happy and now
understand the value of an education.
I have promised them that I will be a
good student and share all that I am
learning so others can benefit from
my education too!

The whole world is watching as revolution
spreads in the Middle East and South Asia.
People are demanding change. They want
freedom, jobs, civil liberties, and schools. They
want opportunity for all, not just the privileged
few. This hope for a better life is precisely what
we see with the “everyman”, “everywoman”,
and “everychild” we have the opportunity to
work with in Pakistan.

Drones attacked parts of northwest Pakistan on
average every three days in 2010. As U.S. drones
and Pakistan’s Army attacks northwestern
regions, extremists move to urban areas of
Pakistan to take cover among the masses. There
they have combined forces with Punjabi
extremists to wage war against civilians,
policemen and politicians on the streets of
major cities. In 2010 alone, terrorists murdered
2,913 Pakistani people and injured 5,824. The
extremist groups continue to do most of their
recruitment in the urban areas. The attempted
attack in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad signals
that Pakistani extremist groups’ ambitions may
be growing.

At our annual Aspen fundraiser at Shelly and
Golda Friedstein’s beautiful home last summer,
His Excellency Ambassador Husain Haqqani
said, "What MDF is trying to do…will be the
guarantee of our security. Young people can
be brought up on the idea of hope. Every
young Pakistani child who gets to go to school,
gets an opportunity in life. This child becomes
one more recruit denied to Al Qaeda and the
Taliban." In 2010 we enrolled nearly 300 children
in school, fed them, clothed them, and gave
them hope. We improved relations between
the people of Pakistan and the U.S. via Global
Kid Connect, our partner classroom project that
served over 100 children in the U.S. and
Pakistan. We partnered with local NGO, IKI
Foundation, to strengthen their vocational
education program and will be working
together to launch morel centers in 2011.

The vocational training programs will focus on
female entrepreneurs in the communities in
which we work. We will provide these women
with job skills, business training, and link them to
financial services and markets with which they
will be able to earn income and help lift their
families out of poverty. A percentage of the
profits from the products they retail will be
dedicated to the schools and training centers
to support long-term sustainability.

I wish to take this moment to thank our
supporters. You are game changers in the field
of international security. Your mission is a
challenging one, but you carry on knowing it is
the only way to build a more just and secure
world. As Hamilton Wright reminds us, all
worthwhile achievements take place in a
challenging environment. It is the challenge,
and the human will to overcome it, that makes
great achievements possible.

Silbi Stainton
Founder and Executive Director
Message From The Founder
“Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against,
not with the wind.” – Hamilton Wright


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Program Director $22,660.00
Travel $2,948.71
General Program Expenses $114,335.11
Total Program: $139,943.82

Fundraising Fees $4,725.76
Advertising & Fundraising Expenses $6,013.51
Total Fundraising $10,739.27

Accounting $1,575,00
Operations $7,990.45
Marketing $963.04
Total Admin $10,528.49

2013 Contributions/Expense Budget Report
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$25 provides new uniforms, a warm sweater and a pair of shoes for a growing child
$50 provides a month of vocational training for a female entrepreneur
$100 pays for a deserving child’s tuition for one year
$200 trains a teacher on best practices
$250 provides start-up capital and vocational training for female family members
$300 provides classrooms with desks & chairs so every child has a spot from which to learn
$400 allows an entire classroom in Pakistan to correspond with their peers in the U.S. for a year
$500 provides shoes and uniforms for an entire class of 20
$600 sponsors a child from grade 1 to grade 5
$1,000 provides high quality books to an entire school of 100 children
$2,000 sponsors a classroom of 20 eager classmates and friends for one year
$2,200 sponsors a female student in top 15% of her class for 5 years of secondary school
$2,500 provides uniforms and shoes to an entire school of 100 deserving students
$5,400 feeds 100 hungry students with a nutritious lunch during the school year
$12,000 sponsors construction of the science lab and provides supplies

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Board Of Directors
Ms. Sana Ali
Ms. Wendy Divenere
Ms. Sacha Hinderberger
Mr. Mubashar Mizra Bashir
Ms. Dawnette Smith
Ms. Shehrbano Taseer
Ms. Chelsea Vanvleet

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National Council Founders
Caine, Terri & Toni
Edelstein, Marcy & Leo
Friedstein, Golda & Shelly
Hurst, Soledad & Bob
Lewis, Melony & Adam
Lord, Karen & Courtney
Potamkin, Lexie & Robert
Reagan, Catherine & Tom
Scanlan, Mary & Patrick

Presidents $10,000+
Bucksbaum, Melva & Raymond Learsy
Lewis, Melony & Adam
Scanlan, Mary & Patrick

Secretary of State $5,000 – $9,999
Caine, Terri & Tony
Freedman, Anna & Matt
Gordon, Andi & Jim
Hurst Family Foundation
Reagan, Catherine & Tom
Walton Family Foundation
The Woods Fine Jewelry

Ambassadors $2,500 – $4,999
Edelstein, Marcy & Leo
Gargasz, John
Learsy, Raymond & Melva Bucksbaum
Linnell, Renee
Phelan, Amy & John
Smith, Dawnette

*Donors of $2,500+ annually become
members of the National Council and are
invited to attend National Council events.

Diplomats $1,000 – $2,499
Ahmad, C. Naseer
Alexander, Pam
Andlinger, Jeanne & Gerhard
Azar, Natasha
Baker, Lisa & George
Bone, Allison & Randall
Bright, Mary
Budinger, Jessica & Bill
Haqqani, Husain & Farah Ispahani
Kelly, Howard
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Korologos, Tom & Ann
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Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan Foundation
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Reagan, Catherine & Tom
Rose Community Foundation
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Schlein, Leah
Thomas Lemons Foundation
The Thrift Shop of Aspe
Walton, Tillie & Sam

Envoys $500 – $999
Ali Friedman Advised Fund
Allen, Brooke & Jake
Applebaum, Shari
Baker, William & Deborah Mayer
Baldwin, Constance
Bone, Randall
Brunini, Katey
Budinger, Jessica & Bill
Childs, Ziska
Eggleston, Tracy & Bubba
Ernemann, Ashley & Andrew
Hamill, Robin & Shelly
Hecht, Jody & Andy
Hitchcock, Samantha
Jacobson, Chris & Heidi Zukerman
Kaegebein, Nathan & Mindy
Lloyd, Jr., Charles
Lockhart, Clare
Porter, Charlynn
Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs-Sunrise
Russell, Scott
Sherman, Anthony Jon
Sherman, Chris & Brad
Smith, Kenneth
Stolz, Billy
Thompson, Trudie
Weber, Karin & Bob

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Brown, Kelly
Butler, Jollene
Chaudry, Nabeela
Clauson, Stan
Clement Hill
Cook, Dan
Coppock, Seth
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Ford, Kendra
Fullerton, Sandy & Tom
Gercke, Sarah
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Harless, Elizabeth & Ananda Mason
Harrod, Andrew
Hopkins, Laureen R.
Jewell, Rachel
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Kelly, Carol & Nick
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Kilby, Lisa & Tom
Klose, Larry & Joan
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Sherman, Anthony Jon
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Officers $10 – $99
Alam, Muhammad
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Boyd-James, Zach
Commito, Linda
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Goss, Janet R
Groover, Wendy
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