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Victor Jose Benavides Rivera

21st Century
The 21
Century, a new era who has excellent resources from the 20
Century to develop more
and better technology. This century will certainly be incredible due to the discoveries and
technologies that have already been done, which are the base of the coming technologies and we
have the available materials to develop them.
Although this century is practically in pampers, lots of new technologies have been developed. To
illustrate, there have been a lot of advances in all the scientific areas like in Medicine, with the use
of Mother cells to create some organs for humans, retinal implants, incubators, detection of
prenatal problems, robotic arms and legs, etc. In Engineering, 3D technology, robots, Nano
motors, planes and cars that break the sounds barrier, cars that fly, etc. In architecture, a
translucent concrete that allow light pass but also maintain the resistance of the normal concrete,
etc. In Electronics, Smartphones, wireless technology, supercomputers, laser keyboard, etc. These
are some of the technologies that have been developed and there are a lot more coming. These
are the opening of this century.
Furthermore, the things that are new today, are the base for tomorrows invention. Progress will
never finish, since the beginning of societies there have been a huge amount of inventions,
discoveries and enhancements that have opened us a wide door of opportunities, the image of the
futurist home is every time nearer than we think. To illustrate, the smartphones are relatively
new, they have only eight years old and using them we can surf on the internet, call everywhere,
records videos, take pictures, they can work as modems, they can be connected to a projector,
they can sync their information with our social networks and other devices and share photos and
videos, they remind us what to do and where, we can play with them, etc.
In addition, scientist have discover some materials that are the promise of coming inventions. An
example, the graphene, is a crystalline allotrope of carbon, is said the this material is the promise
for future inventions, due to its unique qualities like its hardness, almost the same as diamonds,
indeed if a lamina of graphene is damaged, it takes the particles of carbon that are in the air to
repair the damage, so it self-heals; also, its lightness and flexibility, its huge capacity as an electric
conductor, radioactive absorption, transparency almost complete and an incredibly high density,
so high that neither helium particles (the smallest that exists) can pass through it, electricity
generation when it is reached by light rays; and last, can do the same as silicon, but with minor
consume of electricity.
In conclusion, future have awesome surprises for us. Nearer than we could think, the new devices
that we have today, will be the museum of tomorrow. Last, we should remember what Steve Jobs
once said: Sometime when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and
get on with improving on your other innovations