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Victor Jose Benavides Rivera TOEFL, 3rd essay

Earth vs. Human

The Earth, our planet, the place where we live is being destroyed, by ourselves. We are considered
the most intelligent race in the world; however, we are the worst. What is our mission here?
Maybe well never know it, but it seems like our unique mission is to destroy the Earth and its
species at a steady pace, due to our ambition a lot of accidents either nuclear or anthropic have
happened. Even so, we must be aware that the planet care is in our hands. We must change our
way of life, we are on time.
In first instance, for years the human being have been destroying the world without stopping at
any moment to think what are we doing? We are the unique race that kills, pollutes and
extinguishes other species just for ambition. To illustrate, we have been killing a lot of animals and
deforesting entire regions to get benefits and profits, sometimes to get staffs that we even dont
need. The humans have a huge ambition, we care more for getting richer than helping others.
Another example, there are enormous pipes for petroleum transportation that crosses full states,
but we cant afford to build something similar for water transportation to the poorest regions of
Africa. If we were really interested in helping poor people, years ago we would have done it, but
due to our ambition its not possible.
But at the same time, some of us really care about what we are doing. There are some people that
strive to make a change, to enhance because they know that we are killing us, and if we die the
world will continue, like if nothing would have happened, like if we would have never existed, just
as it was before our apparition million years ago, we know this because this already have
happened. For example, Pripyat in Ukraine, it once was the most modern city of the Ex-Soviet
Union, but after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, this city had to be immediately evacuated
because of the high radiation levels. Scientists thought that the vegetable and animal life in the
city and its surroundings would never be found there again, but they were wrong; nowadays, after
twenty years of that disaster, there are a lot of vegetation and animals living there, plants inside
the houses, pigeons and owls in the frames. Indeed, the plants are destroying the buildings,
without no one giving maintenance, the structures are being debilitated and in one day theyll fall.
The human domination over the world is no more than an illusion, nature will win at the end if we
dont change.
In spite of everything, the world is still friendly with us, gifting us the best natural shows, giving us
a home and food, some animals still consider us as their friends. We dont have much time, we are
putting our planet at the limits, but there exist one hope, only a change in our attitude would save
us from ourselves.
In other words, the Earth is ours; however, we must remember that we also share it with animals
and vegetation and we must understand that they cant defend themselves. The future of the
world is in our hands, we already know what we have to do, lets help it, because we are the Earth.