Haniza Binti Rahmat
School Librarian
Fairview International School Penang

1. What is expected as IB Librarian and IB Library?
I believe that IB Librarian should be able to provide suitable resources for the students as well as
teachers as to support the inquiries, help in students’ personal projects and also exhibition. As
an IB Librarian, he/she should also reflect the 10 learner profiles, not only as guidance for the
librarian to perform his/her task, but also as guidance on how to fully support inquiry from the
students or teachers.

In order to support the inquiries, I believe it is important for the library to be equipped
with resources that support the inquiry. Therefore, the resources should be continuously up-to-
date and balanced as to cater the needs of the students or teachers in school. As an IB Library, I
believe the use of library system is a must and students or teachers should know how to use the
system as it will facilitate them in finding the suitable resources as well as saves time. Apart
from that, IB Library should be well organized through proper labeling as it will ease the users to
locate the book as well as to verify the suitability of the books to them.

2. Which activity, module, part you think you learnt the most and why?
From the training that I have gone through, I think the activity that caught my attention the
most is the “Placemat Activity: Library and Librarian Implications to the Learner Profile”. To be
honest, before this I really don’t understand about IB Learner Profile and I really don’t know
how to relate library with learner profile. However, throughout the training, I began to
understand and able to relate library functions to learning profile. I believe librarian should not
only manage the library but also need to manage the resources as to support the inquiries and
also act as resource librarian where students or teachers can depend on when they have any

3. What can you considered the most interesting learning experience you have gained?
The most interesting learning experience that I have gained throughout my training is when we
learnt about library destiny manager. There were so many things to do in library destiny
manager. The system is not only designed for circulation purposes only but also other things as
well. It is quite interesting to know that we can communicate with the users in the system, we
can listed down the collections that we have for our branch libraries, we can suggest the titles to
the users and many more. During the training on library destiny manager also, we librarian also
been recommended to organize collections in a very systematic way. Since all the libraries are
sharing the system, so it will be easier to locate our own collections by classifying the resources
according to branches through call number. Therefore, whenever we need to list down our own
collections, it will be easier and saves times as well.


4. Reviewing your action plans, what can you do in order to facilitate a more structured Inquiry
In order to facilitate a more structured inquiry support, I am planning on labeling those
resources according to UI. To differentiate the UI, I will use the color labeling. This labeling will
only differentiate between Crèche & Reception to Grade 6. However, in order to differentiate
different topics in UI for each grade, this color labeling will be printed with numbers. Teachers
and students will be informed about the color classification, so that they know which color
belongs to which grade. Therefore, it will be easier for the teachers to find the books that they

Apart from that, I also plan on classifying the resources in the system according to UI.
Whenever students or teachers search for resources related to the topic in UI, they can
straightaway get the list of resources that support the UI. This will make the search more
effective and efficient.

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