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Instructor: Jonathan White, MBU Campus Minister,

Professor of Bible
Contact info: 314-44-!314 email: "hite#$mobap%e&u
'i(ision: )umanities
*erm: +prin, -.14
/ocation: 0iel& 3-1
+ection: *2*3 4 1:3. P%M% 4 -:!! P%M%
RBIB 113: Old Testament History
1% Walter C% 5aiser Jr%, 'uane 6arett. NIV Archaeological Study Bible.
7on&er(an, -..1% 8recommen&e& translation9
Can use an: Bible 8;I< translation is recommen&e&9%
-% Bill *% =rnol& an& Br:an >% Be:er% Encountering the Old Testament. 6ran&
3api&s: Ba?er Boo? )ouse, 1@@A%
3% <arious articles as &istribute& &urin, the semester%
Course Description:
= sur(e: of the Bl& *estament in historical seCuence "ith attention ,i(en to the
most si,nificant e(ents in the eDperience of the people of 6o&, from the
be,innin, to the close of the Bl& *estament% *he non-narrati(e literature,
inclu&in, poetr:, "is&om, prophets, an& apocal:pse, is also stu&ie& in historical
perspecti(e% =ttention is ,i(en to the &istincti(e character of each t:pe of
literature% (A ird!s eye" #ie$ $it% particular insi&%ts' *his course meets part
of the bachelorEs &e,ree reCuirement in )umanities an& is a prereCuisite to all
upper &i(ision reli,ion courses% ;o prereCuisites% *hree cre&it hours%
1% *he stu&ent is intro&uce& to the Bl& *estament from a %istorical
perspecti(e an& "ill ?no" the basic time line of Bl& *estament histor:%
Our goal here is to grasp the big picture of what happened in the Old Testament from the
time of creation through Israel!s formation as a nation and settlement in "alestine the
theocracy the monarchy the e#ile and the restoration to their land ending with the
rebuilding of $erusalem!s walls.
-% *he stu&ent is intro&uce& to the Bl& *estament from a literary perspecti(e
an& "ill be able to reco,niFe an& interpret the (arious ?in&s of literature in
the Bl& *estament%
Our goal here is to get introduced to the basic types of literature in the Old Testament
including the "entateuch the historical boo%s wisdom literature and prophecy and the
way each should be read for comprehension.
3% *he stu&ent is intro&uce& to the Bl& *estament from a t%eolo&ical
perspecti(e an& "ill be able to inte,rate the ma#or themes of the Bl&
*estament into their o(erall rea&in, approach, especiall: as it prepares
the rea&er for the ;e" *estament%
Our goal here is that as we learn the story and sur&ey the literature of the Old
Testament we also get introduced to the basic themes and o&erall message of the Old
Testament including 'what does it mean for your life()
4% *he stu&ent is intro&uce& to the asic content of the Bl& *estament so
that the stu&ent ?no"s "here thin,s are%
*ecogni+ing that there is far too much in the Old Testament to co&er comprehensi&ely in
a three hour class our goal here is to sur&ey representati&e portions of the Old
Testament so you will be able to read the rest of it on your own with greater
Historical )cope:
0rom the creation narrati(es, throu,h the patriarchs, the >Do&us, the conCuest of
the Promise& /an&, the theocrac: un&er #u&,es, the monarch:, the Bab:lonian
capti(it:, an& the rebuil&in, of the temple an& of the "alls of Jerusalem &urin,
the secon& temple perio& 8i%e% prime(al histor:, era of formation, era of
theocrac:, era of monarch:, era of restoration9%
Content* )cope and )e+uence:
We "ill be "or?in, throu,h the Bl& *estament canonicall: an& historicall:
for the most part 8eDcept "hen "e co(er the prophets9%
Important ,ote on Textoo-:
=rnol& an& Be:erGs Encountering the Old Testament is &esi,ne& to both
complement an& supplement the classroom presentations% =s :ou rea& :ou "ill
encounter a more in &epth co(era,e of "hat "e co(er in class plus information
an& i&eas "e &o not ha(e time to ,o o(er%
=lso, the chapters in the teDt boo? co(erin, Bible boo?s "ill &eal "ith B%*% boo?s
"e &o not ha(e time to intro&uce in a three hour class% +o, there "ill be some
test material from the teDt boo? chapters on Bible boo?s not intro&uce& in class%
*he teDt boo? is (er: important% *here "ill be Cuestions from the teDt on each
test% (T%e .ro/essor $ill e /air'
In class, "e "ill rea& sections pertainin, to the Unit at han& "hich :ou "ill be
teste& o(er% 0or more in-&epth rea&in, relatin, to the Units:
Unit H1: chs% 1-1 Bac?,roun&, 6enesisI>Do&us
Unit H-: chs% -1- /e(iticusI3uth
Unit H3: chs% 13-1A, -1, -- 1 +amuelI>sther,
Unit H4: chs% -4--A, 3--34 Isaiah, Jeremiah, an& the Minor Prophets
Important Dates:
*est 'ates: *1 J 123. *- J 324 *3 J 421 *4 J 42-4
=ll tests "ill be ta?en in class% >ach test "ill be a total of 1.. points
each% Kou are allo"e& to brin, B;> A%!D11 sheet of HA,D0RITT1,
notes for the tests% =,ain, HA,D0RITT1, notes O,2344 *his &oes
;B* inclu&e teDtboo?s, Bibles, or class han&outs%
*est ;ote +heets 8to be turne& in "ith each test9
MP3 paper: 12-A 8"atch in class on 12-19
MP3 paper: -2- 8at en& of &a: $ 4:3.pm9
B* Character Bio,raph: paper: 421! 8at en& of &a: $ 4:3. pm9
=n: >Dtra Cre&it is &ue 421! b: the en& of the &a: $ 4:3.pm9
1#aluation and 5radin& (677 points total':
1% 4 *ests 4 1.. points each
-% )an&"ritten ;otes 4 1.. pts 8-!pts each9
3% Bible rea&in, sheets- 1..pts 8-!pts each9
4% MP3 papers 8-9: 1.. points each
!% B* Character Bio,raph: 4 1.. points total
,-ate papers . / points deducted per day past the due date.
Tentati#e 5rade )cale: (17 pt scale' (677 point excludin& 1xtra Credit'
@..-A1. J = or 1..L-@.L 1-@-!4. J ' or 1@L-1.L
A.@--. J B or A@L-A.L !3@ - . J 0 or !@L-.L
1@-13. J C or @L-.L
Important points:
Tests% 0our 1.. point tests J 4.. points total% *ests "ill be &one in class%
Kou "ill ha(e the allotte& class time to complete the tests%
All students must ta-e t%e tests9 I/ a test is missed* and not excused
/or ma-eup* t%e student $ill recei#e one less letter &rade /or t%eir
course &rade9 T%e only excuses to miss a sc%eduled test is
ecause o/ a sports team ein& a$ay or sic-ness $%ic% $ill re+uire a
doctor!s note9
***Notes/Textbook/Bible/Electronics are not allowed. However, the
student is more than welcome to use ONE 8.x!! "a#e to
H$N%&'(TE an) notes and use them durin# the test. $*$(N, +TE,T
HE-./ NOTE, 01,T BE H$N%&'(TTEN and be )our own. NO
sharin# notes "lease. This means the unit handout notes are NOT
allowed unless rewritten b) hand.
0int for tests1 E&erything I say in class is fair game for tests. The te#t
boo% is fair game. The "ower"oint is fair game. Any handout2wor%sheet
is fair game.
>ach *est is o(er the unit #ust co(ere&% 0or the most part *est H4 is onl:
,oin, to co(er unit H4% )o"e(er, there ma: be an essa: Cuestion at the
en& of *est H4 that coul& be consi&ere& comprehensi(e in the sense that
it as?s :ou to re(ie" the "hole semester for some bi, picture lessons :ou
ha(e learne& about the Bl& *estament from the class%
0arnin&: If an:one is cau,ht cheatin, on an: test or assi,nment, :ou "ill
fail that test or assi,nment an& possibl: the course% More action from the
institution is possible%
Turnin& in papers:
o *urn in a har&cop: an& an emaile& cop: t%rou&% )a/eAssi&n in
Blac-oard on or before the &ue &ate% If turnin, in later in the &a:,
place in the clear boD outsi&e the professorGs office labele& MBl&
*estamentN% TH1 HARD CO.3 I) 0HAT TH1 .RO:1))OR 0I22
;)1 TO D1T1R<I,1 I: A, A))I5,<1,T I) O, TI<1 OR
2AT19 A, 1<AI21D CO.3 0I22 ,OT CO;,T9
o 1ac% student must email a copy o/ t%eir paper to t%e
pro/essor t%rou&% )a/eAssi&n in Blac-oard9 *his helps ,reatl:
in ha(in, a bac?up paper in case somethin, happens%
3. 4our paper will only count as on time if a hardcopy of the
paper has been turned in.
5. If an emailed copy is not turned in then 6pts will be
deducted from the paper.
Readin&=.articipation: 0eel free to rea& the material in the teDt to ,ain a
broa&er (ie"% >(er:one is eDpecte& to participate% =s? Cuestions an&
participate in &iscussions% *a?e notes% 8'onGt be a ?not on a lo,%9
Attendance: Kou "ill be allo"e& 3 absences% More than 3 "ill result in a
&e&uction of > points per asence past 3 absences% Kour presence is
(er: important% 8*his class buil&s upon the other% Kou "ill be left behin& if
:ou miss%9
Use :our 3 absences for such eDcuses as sic?ness, etc%
Tardiness: A &race period o/ > minutes past t%e %our $ill e &i#en9
Ho$e#er* any student enterin& class past t%is time $ill e counted as
tardy9 (? e+uals 1 asence'
Blac-oard - OO>(er: stu&ent in this class must re,ister throu,h
Blac?boar& "ith a (ali& email a&&ress throu,h "hich "e can
DO ,OT B1 TH1 O,1 21:T O;T O: TH1 @,O0"9 1specially i/ class
is cancelled9
88<uc% o/ t%e course$or- $ill e done* %andled9 and &raded on
Blac-oard9 T%is is $%y it is o/ utmost importance to re&ister and
%a#e a #alid email9
1xtra credit: Up to !. points maD% ;o eDtra cre&it "ill be ,i(en be:on&
!. points%
)elect Bilio&rap%y:
Baile:, Wa:lon P *om )u&son% Step by Step Through the Old Testament%
;ash(ille, *;: +un&a: +chool Boar&, 1@@1% *he best in&ucti(e
intro&uction to the Bl& *estament for personal or ,roup stu&: IE(e e(er
seen% *his is i&eal for a church small ,roup stu&:
Berlin, =&ele an& Marc Brettler% The $ewish Study Bible% ;e" Kor?: BDfor&
Uni(ersit: Press, -..4% =n eDcellent stu&: Bible usin, the *ana?h
translation an& pro(i&in, commentar: b: Je"ish scholars from a Je"ish
perspecti(e% *his resource is a helpful resource for learnin, ho" Je"s
approach the )ebre" +criptures as their Bible, an& especiall: ho" Je"s
interpret ?e: Bl& *estament teDts, "hich Christians (ie" &ifferentl:%
Butler, *rent, e&% 0olman Bible 7ictionary% ;ash(ille, *;: )olman Bible
Publishers, 1@@1% *he stan&ar& comprehensi(e :et user frien&l: Bible
information resource for our ,eneration%
'illar&, 3a:mon& B% an& *remper /on,man% An Introduction to the Old
Testament. 6ran& 3api&s: 7on&er(an, 1@@4%
0ee, 6or&on an& 'ou, +tuart% 0ow to *ead the Bible for All Its 8orth% 6ran&
3api&s: 7on&er(an, 1@@3% = ,reat intro&uction to the principles of
interpretin, each ?in& of literature that appears in the Bible%
)am, 5en% The -ie1 E&olution. Colora&o +prin,s, CB: Master Boo?s, 1@A%
)arrison, 3% 5% Old Testament Times% 6ran& 3api&s, MI: >er&mans, 1@.%
=n intro&uction to the ancient near eastern "orl& as it relates to culture
an& times of the Bl& *estament% =lso b: )arrison, Introduction to the Old
Testament 81@1@9, a &ate& an& challen,in, but still stan&ar& conser(ati(e
intro&uction to the Bl& *estament%
)ouse, Paul 3% Old Testament Theology. 'o"ners 6ro(e, I/: Inter<arsit: Press,
1@@A% >Decellent intro&uction to the messa,e of the Bl& *estament that
a&&resses the messa,e of each boo? of the Bl& *estament in canonical
5aiser, Walt% Toward an Old Testament Theology% 6ran& 3api&s: 7on&er(an,
1@A% >Dcellent intro&uction to the messa,e of the Bl& *estament,
follo"in, the theme of the fulfillment of 6o&Gs promises% ;ot an eas: rea&,
but "orth the effort%
/a +or, W% +%, '% =% )ubbar&, an& 0% W% Bush% Old Testament Sur&ey1 The
9essage :orm and Bac%ground of the Old Testament% 6ran& 3api&s:
William B% >er&mans, 1@A-% *hou,h I &o not a,ree "ith all of their
conclusions on bac?,roun& issues of authorship an& historicit:, this is a
,oo& in &epth intro&uction 8less &ifficult than )arrison9%
/on,man, *remper% 9a%ing Sense of the Old Testament1 Three ;rucial
<uestions. 6ran& 3api&s: Ba?er, 1@@A% 6reat -
boo? after the reCuire&
teDtboo?% *his is a Cuic? an& (er: interestin, rea&%
;eusner, Jacob% The ;lassics of $udaism1 A Te#tboo% and *eader% /ouis(ille,
5K: Westminster John 5noD Press, 1@@!% *his is a (er: interestin,
selection of primar: source Je"ish "ritin,s from the *almu& throu,h the
mi&&le a,es that len& a helpful perspecti(e on the Je"ish perspecti(e on
their +criptures 8the Christian Bl& *estement9%
Po:thress, <ern% The Shadow of ;hrist in the -aw of 9oses. Brent"oo&, *;:
Wol,emuth an& ):att, 1@@1% Po"erful &iscussion ho" Jesus Christ is
prefi,ure& an& pointe& to b: the /a" of Moses, especiall: in the sacrifices
at the tabernacle%
+mith, 3alph /% Old Testament Theology1 Its 0istory 9ethod and 9essage%
;ash(ille, *;: Broa&man P )olman, 1@@3% = thorou,h intro&uction to the
uniCue messa,e an& &octrine tau,ht in the Bl& *estament%
Wilson, Mar(in% Our :ather Abraham1 $ewish *oots of the ;hristian :aith. 6ran&
3api&s: William B% >er&mans, 1@A@%
Wri,ht, Christopher 5% )% An Eye for an Eye1 the "lace of Old Testament Ethics
Today% 'o"ners 6ro(e, I/: Inter(artis: Press, 1@A3% 6oo& sur(e: of ho"
the moral principles of the /a" still spea? to&a:%
Koun,bloo&, 3onal&% The 0eart of the Old Testament1 A Sur&ey of =ey
Theological Themes% 6ran& 3api&s: Ba?er, 1@@A = brief, ineDpensi(e
an& (er: rea&able intro&uction to the messa,e of the Bl& *estament% I
"oul& start here to &i, further an& learn more about Bl& *estament
If :ou nee& to ma?e up points for an: reason 8i%e% absence &ue to school e(ent,
lo" test score9 or :ou are #ust a ,lutton for punishment, :ou ma: elect to &o eDtra
cre&it assi,nments% :i/ty points maximum can e earned9 8*his is one letter
,ra&e% *a?e a&(anta,eQ
)ere are a fe" options:
=t the bac? of assi,ne& chapters in =rnol& an& Be:er ans"er R+tu&:
SuestionsN 8:ou can earn as much as T to 1 point per Cuestion9%
=n: in-class (i&eo of -. min or lon,er% *a?e notes an& "rite a - pa,e
response concernin, the (i&eo% 8! to A points9
Kou ma: &o another MP3 from the list on Blac?boar&% +ame format but --
4 pa,es% 81.-1! pts9
Kou ma: &o rea&in, pro#ects on other portions of the Bl& *estament%
Ma?e :our selection an& see me before be,innin,% Up to - points for soli&
commentar: on each chapter%
MemoriFe an& recite an: of the follo"in, Bible (erses to me: 'euteronom:
1:4-!U Joshua 1:AU Psalm 1:1-1U -.:U Pro(erbs 3:!-1U 3:11-1-U Isaiah
4.:-@-31U Jeremiah -@:13 81 point per (erse9%
Kou ma: recite e(er: B* boo? in or&er% 812- point per boo?9
Kou ma: summariFe an& "rite :our thou,hts about *he >Do&us 'eco&e&
alon, "ith the article han&out about *he >Do&us 'eco&e&:
1% - pa,es t:pe& '+
-% +ummer:
3% Critical thou,hts
4% Compliments
!% =ns"er: )o" &oes this affect :our faith in 6o&V +tren,thene&,
"ea?ene&, an& &oes not matter either "a:V
Kou ma: choose to &o an: combination of the abo(e, but no more than !. total
eDtra cre&it points ma: be earne&% No extra credit work will be acce"ted a2ter
3/! at 3456 ".m.
A $ord o/ encoura&ement : >Dtra cre&it is &esi,ne& especiall: for stu&ents "ho
are ne" at stu&:in, the Bible or :ou #ust stru,,le "ith un&erstan&in, the ;e"
*estament, an& :ou feel :our test scores &o not reflect the seriousness of :our
8!.pts J Bne letter ,ra&e9
A..1,DIA B: <.3 .apers
<alue: 1.. points each
Kou "ill listen to a sermon2tal?% *he professor "ill post se(eral MP3 sermons on
Blac?boar& concernin, the ;e" *estament sub#ect matter% Kou "ill pic? 1 to
&o"nloa& an& listen for each assi,nment% *a?e notes on the sub#ect matter%
*hen compose a 4-! pa,e response to the sermon2tal? '+%
BC> pa&es D)
Bac?,roun& info about the person tal?in, 4 "ho, "hat, "hen, "here, "h: 8about
a para,raph "orth9
6i(e or,aniFe& an& complete sermon2tal? notes in para,raph form% 8about 1
pa,e or so9
6i(e personal response 8about - pa,es9 T%is is t%e meat" o/ t%e paper9
W 5e: points:
/i?es 8if an:9
Impactful points 8if an:9
'isli?es 8if an:9
Confusions 8if an:9
2i/e applications (t%e main /ocus' 4 "hat :ou reall: ,ot out of
it 4 "hat "ill :ou ta?e a"a:V =n: clearer un&erstan&in,sV What
is 6o& spea?in, to :ou about that :ou ma: not "ant to hearV
)o" can :ou relate these MappsN specificall: to :our lifeV
Here!s a %elp/ul <.3 template:
4-! pa,es '+ 4 )1CTIO,ID1 TH1 .A.1R $it% t%e section titles 4
Bac?,roun&2;otes2Personal 3eflections2/ife =pplications
Bac-&round- info about the person tal?in, 4 "ho, "hat, "hen, "here, "h:
8about a para,raph "orth9
,otes-6i(e or,aniFe& an& complete sermon2tal? notes in para,raph form% 8about
1 pa,e or so9
.ersonal Re/lections-6i(e personal response 8about 1%! pa,es9
W5e: points:
/i?es 8if an:9
Impactful points 8if an:9
'isli?es 8if an:9
Confusions 8if an:9
2i/e applications- 8about 1 pa,e94 *his is the MmeatN of the paperQ What :ou
reall: ,ot out of it 4 "hat "ill :ou ta?e a"a:V =n: clearer un&erstan&in,sV What
is 6o& spea?in, to :ou about that :ou ma: not "ant to hearV
)o" can :ou relate these MappsN specificall: to :our lifeV 8the main focusQQ9
A..1,DIA C: OT :i&ure Bio&rap%y paper
<alue: 1.. points
*he purpose of this assi,nment is to become intro&uce& to the basic contents of
representati(e Bl& *estament literature%
3ea& each portion of +cripture first in or&er to present the o#erall picture% 'o
not ,et bo,,e& &o"n in &etails as :ou "rite so that :ou miss the forest for the
T%e Old Testament readin&s /or t%e Bio&rap%y paper are as /ollo$s:
Choice 1: =braham2Isaac - 6enesis 1---!
Choice -: Jacob2>sau 4 6enesis -!:1@ to chapter 3!
Choice 3: Jacob 8inclu&in, /eah an& 3achael9 6enesis -!:1@ to chapter 3!
Choice 4: Joseph- 6enesis 3-!.
Choice !: Moses 4 >Do&us 1--.
Choice 1: Joshua 4 Joshua 1-1. an& ----4
Choice : 'a(i& - - +amuel
Choice A: +olomon -1 5in,s
Choice @: >sther 4 >sther
Choice 1.: 3uth - 3uth
Choice 11: 'aniel 4 'aniel
Choice 1-: =n: of the Ma#or Prophets 4 Isaiah, Jeremiah, >Fe?iel, 'aniel
C%ec-list /or io&rap%y paper:
>ach paper "ill be A pa,es or more '+
1% 5i#e o#erall picture=Bac-&round: ConteDt 4 WhoV WhatV WhenV
WhereV Wh:V )o"V >tc%
8*eDtboo? or a commentar: "ill be useful9 8Cite :our sourceQ9
Timeline 4 Create a simple timeline on "hen this person li(e& an&
in the Bl& *estament stor:% 8Place "ithin the paper9 8about a pa,e9
-% 2i/e content summary 4 In chaptersX=brahamXetc% 8follo" this
personGs life%9 8'onGt necessaril: ,et cau,ht up on tri(ial &etails9
8about - pa,es9
3% 2i/e si&ni/icance 4 What "as si,nificant about themV What impact
&i& the: ma?e: ,oo& an& ba&V What ,reat thin,s &i& the: &oV What
mista?es &i& the: ma?eV Wh:V 8about 1%! pa,es9
4% O#erall OT narrati#e si&ni/icance - What "as their 6o& stor:V
)o" &i& 6o& use themV What importance &i& the: pla: in the B*
narrati(eV 8about a pa,e9
!% O#er all .ersonal t%ou&%ts 4 :our thou,hts% )o" is this
meanin,ful to
:ouV What impacte& :ouV /i?esV Suestions that are raise&V >tc%
8about 1%! pa,es9
1% )peci/ic 2i/e Applications 4 *hin? "hat :ou can appl: to :our
lifeV What speciall: can :ou chan,eV >ncoura,ementsV 8about a
I ha(e rea& all papers carefull:, so please do your o$n $or-9 If the
paper is har& to &o, please see me an& I "ill help :ou% I "oul& rather
ta?e the time to "or? "ith :ou than :ou ris? the #u&,ment of 6o& for
cheatin, "hile "ritin, on a portion of )is )ol: Wor&%
OOKour paper "ill be ,ra&e& for or,aniFation, neatness, accurac:,
spellin,2,rammer, an& thorou,hness%
,OTIC1: B: submittin, this assi,nment, :ou a,ree to ha(e +afe=ssi,n soft"are chec? the
ori,inalit: an& intellectual inte,rit: of :our "or?% Kou ac?no"le&,e an& un&erstan& that upon
submission, :our paper "ill be a&&e& to the Missouri Baptist Uni(ersit: &atabase an& compare&
a,ainst a ,lobal &atabase of submitte& papers% Kou further reco,niFe that the &etermination of
aca&emic &ishonest: rests "ith the instructor of this course an& that pla,iarism "ill be &ealt "ith
accor&in, to the polic: set forth in the MBU +tu&ent )an&boo?%