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Linh Tran, Thuc Nguyen,

Bella Nguyen
The homes of each class differ in
many ways. The rich lived in luxury
while the lower class had small and
poor homes outside of town. It was
easy to tell where someone stood in
society just by looking at their home.


Unpredictable weather



!o servants

"ar from town and medical attention


!o sewage#drainage systems

Means of sanitation

$ay windows% iron railings% slate

roofs% brickwork patterns

&ust outside of city

'aws% order

(ich neighborhood

)eranda% front hallway% parlor% dining room%

kitchen% ga*ebo% master bedroom% bathroom%
attic% carriage house



+lumbing% separate water closet

,ach class had different
professions available to them.
The richer classes had more
privileges open to them% and the
pay differed as well.

Men% women% children

performed physical labor

'ong hours

+oor working conditions

+aid daily#weekly wages

nly men provide income

-lean work

+aid monthly#annually

Men. teachers% journalists%

shopkeepers% merchants% bankers%

/omen. tend family

Men. no work% army and navy officers%

diplomats% ministers of the crown% 0nglican

/omen. tend family

Inherited land or investments for money

Includes people of church#nobility

/oman1s property considered husband1s

after marriage
ne1s class could be easily
determined by looking at how
they dress. The richer the classes
are% the more sophisticated their
apparel is.

(ough cotton% scratchy wool

Self2made clothes



!ot very revealing

/omen often tailor clothes for


'asting fabrics

3etachable collars%

Several petticoats

$est cloth% jewelry shown off at social


,xpensive premade garments

3resses depend on occasion


3uring this period% eti4uette was considered
to play an extremely crucial role in the
education of young women. +roper conduct
and decorum is not only a measure of social
standing and success% but also looked upon as
means of entering growing upper classes. The
lower class did not possess such manners as
the higher classes did.

$read should be broken into morsels rather than being

eaten as a whole.

-onversation should not be interrupted to finish the

teller1s story. 'adies should wait and speak in turn.

/hen encountered with a puddle% a lady1s dress may be

lifted with only the right hand. Using both hands reveals
too much ankle.

0 young lady1s voice is more important than the content

of her speech.