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1. People who have a university degree: graduates
Ex : Students who have graduates try for looking the lucrative job
2. The biggest disadvantages: The main drawback
Ex: The main drawback to teach student in secondary school is pupil
disobey with their teachers
3. Well paid : very lucrative
Ex: after I learnt this job opportunity rightly, nursing isnt very
lucrative job these days.
4. Have respect to teachers : look up to our teachers
Ex: When I was in senior high school I always look up to my teacher
and obey with teachers told
5. Refuse to do what your teacher tells you : disobey the teachers
Ex: These days, teaching in secondary school is a demanding job
because pupils tend to disobey with their teachers.
6. A tiring and difficult job : a demanding job
Became nurse in a demanding job actually furthermore u have to be
able make good communication with patient and partner with simple
sentence and clearly
7. Cut the amount of work teachers have to do : reduce the burden of
works on teachers
Ex: nurse can reduce the burden of work on doctor
8. Staff who help the teacher in the class : teaching assistants
Ex: teaching assistants is very helpful for teachers to reduce the
burden of work .
9. I have to much work to do : I always snowed under with paperwork
Ex: as student, I always snowed under with paperwork and strict
10. The balance between how much time you spend at work, and how
much free time you have : work-life balance
Ex: making timetable management for myself is very important to
find work-life balance.
11. Give teachers a large salary increase: rise teachers pay significantly.
Ex: Nowadays, the graduates tend to not became teachers, in
particularly teaching the secondary school because it doesnt
lucrative job, so that government should rise teachers pay
B. Collocation with word in bold
1. Go to/ do/leave/skip school
2. Suffer from a/ rack up a big/ get into/ be burdened with debt
3. Make/ sit/ resit / pass/ fail/ take an exam
4. Take out a/ get a student/ borrow a/ pay back a loan
5. Cram for/ write/ do badly in/ revise for an exam
C. Example for collocation
1. University fees are very expensive these days, so many student rack
up a big/get into debt when they are studying
2. Its a really bad idea to cramp for an exam, because its impossible to
learn everything in short time. Its much better to start working a few
weeks before.
3. If you dont have enough money to pay for everything when you go
to university you can get student/take out a loan from the
government to help you
4. In the first year, universities normally let you resit /revise for an
exam if you fail in the first time.
5. Student who borrow a lot of money to study at university can be
burdened with debt for many years afterwards. It can take five or ten
years to pay back all the money.
D. f
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