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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones & R.


A Greek and English Lexicon A Greek and English Lexicon A Greek and English Lexicon A Greek and English Lexicon

A Simplifie A Simplifie A Simplifie A Simplified Edition d Edition d Edition d Edition, by Didier Fontaine , by Didier Fontaine , by Didier Fontaine , by Didier Fontaine
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, not to be injured, inviolable
ooyq, ooyq, ooyq, ooyq, unbroken, not to be broken, hard, strong
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, not to be touched, resistless, invincible
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, insatiate
ooo ooo ooo ooo to hurt, damage
oo|to oo|to oo|to oo|to to be speechless
oo|q, oo|q, oo|q, oo|q, speechless, infantine
oo|_tuo, oo|_tuo, oo|_tuo, oo|_tuo, uninitiated in the Bacchic orgies
ooit ooit ooit ooit O that!
oopq, oopq, oopq, oopq, without weight: not burdensome
oooovioo, oooovioo, oooovioo, oooovioo, not examined by torture, untortured
oooiituo, oooiituo, oooiituo, oooiituo, not ruled by a king
ooo|ovo, ooo|ovo, ooo|ovo, ooo|ovo, not subject to enchantment
oooo|o, oooo|o, oooo|o, oooo|o, not to be carried
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, untrodden, impassable, inaccessible
oo oo oo oo father
oqpiq, oqpiq, oqpiq, oqpiq, a man of Abdera
oqpii|o, oqpii|o, oqpii|o, oqpii|o, like an Abderite
otoio, otoio, otoio, otoio, uncertain, unsteady
otqio, otqio, otqio, otqio, not profane, inviolable
otitpio otitpio otitpio otitpio silliness, stupidity, fatuity
otitpo, otitpo, otitpo, otitpo, good for nothing, silly, stupid, fatuous
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, unforced, without violence
oio, oio, oio, oio, without a living, starving
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, not to be lived, insupportable
oiotio oiotio oiotio oiotio freedom from harm
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, without harm
oitopo, oitopo, oitopo, oitopo, without eye-lids
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, not thrown
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, not hit
oiq_q, oiq_q, oiq_q, oiq_q, without bleatings
oiq_po, oiq_po, oiq_po, oiq_po, weak, feeble
ooqqo, ooqqo, ooqqo, ooqqo, helpless
ooqi ooqi ooqi ooqi without summons
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, not loudly lamented
ooo|qo, ooo|qo, ooo|qo, ooo|qo, ungrazed
oou|oiqo, oou|oiqo, oou|oiqo, oou|oiqo, untended by herdsmen
oouito oouito oouito oouito to be unwilling
oouiio oouiio oouiio oouiio want of counsel, thoughtlessness
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, inconsiderate, ill-advised
oouq, oouq, oouq, oouq, without oxen
opiq, opiq, opiq, opiq, of no weight
opooq, opooq, opooq, opooq, softly
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, living delicately, effeminate
opoyoo, opoyoo, opoyoo, opoyoo, wailing womanishly
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, living delicately
opo|oq, opo|oq, opo|oq, opo|oq, with delicate
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, without Bacchus
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, very noisy, boisterous
opotiio, opotiio, opotiio, opotiio, with soft sandals
opoqvo, opoqvo, opoqvo, opoqvo, of delicate texture
opoiouo, opoiouo, opoiouo, opoiouo, richly luxuriant
opo, opo, opo, opo, delicate, graceful, beauteous, pretty
opooo opooo opooo opooo to miss
opoq, opoq, opoq, opoq, delicacy, luxury
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, delicate and costly
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, immortal, divine, holy
opo_iov opo_iov opo_iov opo_iov in soft tunic, softly clad
opo_o, opo_o, opo_o, opo_o, unwetted, unmoistened
opuvo opuvo opuvo opuvo to make delicate, treat delicately
ouotv ouotv ouotv ouotv from Abydos
ouoi ouoi ouoi ouoi at Abydos
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, Abydos
ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, with no bottom, bottomless, unfathomed
oyootiq, oyootiq, oyootiq, oyootiq, seeming good
oyootpyto oyootpyto oyootpyto oyootpyto to do good
oyootpyio oyootpyio oyootpyio oyootpyio a good deed, service rendered
oyootpyo, oyootpyo, oyootpyo, oyootpyo, doing good
oyoooito oyoooito oyoooito oyoooito to do good
oyoooiio oyoooiio oyoooiio oyoooiio well doing
oyoooio, oyoooio, oyoooio, oyoooio, doing good, beneficent
oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, good
oyooouvq oyooouvq oyooouvq oyooouvq goodness, kindness
oyoiooi oyoiooi oyoiooi oyoiooi to be indignant at
oyo|itq, oyo|itq, oyo|itq, oyo|itq, very glorious, famous
oyo|itvq oyo|itvq oyo|itvq oyo|itvq well-built
oyoio|o, oyoio|o, oyoio|o, oyoio|o, without milk, getting no milk
oyoiiiooi, oyoiiiooi, oyoiiiooi, oyoiiiooi, great joy, exultation
oyoiiioo oyoiiioo oyoiiioo oyoiiioo to rejoice exceedingly
oyoiii, oyoiii, oyoiii, oyoiii, the iris
oyoiio oyoiio oyoiio oyoiio to make glorious, glorify, exalt
oyoio oyoio oyoio oyoio a glory, delight, honour
oyoioooio, oyoioooio, oyoioooio, oyoioooio, a maker of statues, a sculptor, statuary
oyooi oyooi oyooi oyooi to wonder, be astonished
oyotvovto, oyotvovto, oyotvovto, oyotvovto, of
oyotvoviq, oyotvoviq, oyotvoviq, oyotvoviq, Agamemnon's son
oyotvov oyotvov oyotvov oyotvov the very steadfast
oyotvo, oyotvo, oyotvo, oyotvo, with admiration, respect
oyoio oyoio oyoio oyoio celibacy
oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, unmarried, unwedded, single
oyovo|to oyovo|to oyovo|to oyovo|to to feel irritation
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oyovo|qoi, oyovo|qoi, oyovo|qoi, oyovo|qoi, irritation
oyovo|qi|o, oyovo|qi|o, oyovo|qi|o, oyovo|qi|o, irritable
oyovo|qo, oyovo|qo, oyovo|qo, oyovo|qo, irritating
oyovvio, oyovvio, oyovvio, oyovvio, much snowed on, snow-capt
oyovoitopo, oyovoitopo, oyovoitopo, oyovoitopo, mild-eyed
oyovo, oyovo, oyovo, oyovo, mild, gentle, kindly
oyovopoouvq oyovopoouvq oyovopoouvq oyovopoouvq gentleness, kindliness
oyovopov oyovopov oyovopov oyovopov gentle of mood
oyov oyov oyov oyov very, much, very much
oyoooi oyoooi oyoooi oyoooi admiring
oyooo oyooo oyooo oyooo to treat with affection, shew affection to
oyooo oyooo oyooo oyooo to treat with affection, to caress, love, be fond of
oyoqo oyoqo oyoqo oyoqo a delight, darling
oyoqvop oyoqvop oyoqvop oyoqvop loving manliness, manly
oyoq oyoq oyoq oyoq love
oyoqto, oyoqto, oyoqto, oyoqto, to be loved, desired
oyoqi|o, oyoqi|o, oyoqi|o, oyoqi|o, affectionate
oyoqo, oyoqo, oyoqo, oyoqo, beloved
oyoppoo, oyoppoo, oyoppoo, oyoppoo, strong-flowing, swift-flowing
oyooovo, oyooovo, oyooovo, oyooovo, much groaning, howling
oyooo, oyooo, oyooo, oyooo, deserving admiration
oyouo, oyouo, oyouo, oyouo, illustrious, noble
oyoupo, oyoupo, oyoupo, oyoupo, stately, proud
oyyoptuo oyyoptuo oyyoptuo oyyoptuo to press
oyyopqio, oyyopqio, oyyopqio, oyyopqio, post-riding, the Persian system of mounted couriers
oyyopo, oyyopo, oyyopo, oyyopo, a mounted courier
oyytiio oyytiio oyytiio oyytiio a message, tidings, news
oyytiioopo, oyytiioopo, oyytiioopo, oyytiioopo, a messenger
oyytiio oyytiio oyytiio oyytiio to bear a message
oyytio oyytio oyytio oyytio a message, tidings, news
oyytio, oyytio, oyytio, oyytio, a messenger, envoy
oyyo, oyyo, oyyo, oyyo, a vessel
oytipo oytipo oytipo oytipo to bring together, gather together
oytiov oytiov oytiov oytiov without neighbour, neighbourless
oytioio, oytioio, oytioio, oytioio, belonging to a herd, feeding at large
oytiop_to oytiop_to oytiop_to oytiop_to to lead a company
oytiop_q, oytiop_q, oytiop_q, oytiop_q, the leader of a company, captain
oytiooi oytiooi oytiooi oytiooi without laughter
oytiooo, oytiooo, oytiooo, oytiooo, not laughing, grave, gloomy, sullen
oytitiq oytitiq oytitiq oytitiq driver of spoil, forager
oytiqov oytiqov oytiqov oytiqov in herds
oytiq oytiq oytiq oytiq a herd
oytvtoioyqo, oytvtoioyqo, oytvtoioyqo, oytvtoioyqo, of unrecorded descent
oytvtio, oytvtio, oytvtio, oytvtio, beardless
oytvqo, oytvqo, oytvqo, oytvqo, unborn, uncreated, unoriginated
oytvvq, oytvvq, oytvvq, oytvvq, of no family, low-born
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oytvvqo, oytvvqo, oytvvqo, oytvvqo, unbegotten, unborn
oyt oyt oyt oyt come! come on! well!
oytpooo, oytpooo, oytpooo, oytpooo, without a gift of honour, unrecompensed, unrewarded
oytpoi, oytpoi, oytpoi, oytpoi, a gathering, mustering
oytpo_o, oytpo_o, oytpo_o, oytpo_o, high-minded, lordly
oytopoo, oytopoo, oytopoo, oytopoo, host-leading
oytuoo, oytuoo, oytuoo, oytuoo, without taste of, fasting from
oyqioto oyqioto oyqioto oyqioto to drive out a curse
oyqo oyqo oyqo oyqo anything led, a division
oyqvopio oyqvopio oyqvopio oyqvopio manliness, manhood, courage
oyqvop oyqvop oyqvop oyqvop manly, courageous, heroic
oyq oyq oyq oyq wonder, awe, amazement
oyq oyq oyq oyq a fragment, piece, splinter
oyqpoo, oyqpoo, oyqpoo, oyqpoo, not waxing old, undecaying
oyqoiioo, oyqoiioo, oyqoiioo, oyqoiioo, leader of people, conductor of men
oyqoi_opo, oyqoi_opo, oyqoi_opo, oyqoi_opo, leading the chorus
oyqo, oyqo, oyqo, oyqo, admirable, wondrous
oyiooo, oyiooo, oyiooo, oyiooo, consecration, sanctification
oyio oyio oyio oyio to hallow, dedicate
oyivto oyivto oyivto oyivto to lead, bring, carry
oyio, oyio, oyio, oyio, devoted to the gods, sacred, holy
oyiotio oyiotio oyiotio oyiotio holy rites, temple-worship
oyiotuo oyiotuo oyiotuo oyiotuo to perform sacred rites
oyioouvq oyioouvq oyioouvq oyioouvq holiness, sanctity
oy|oooi oy|oooi oy|oooi oy|oooi to lift up in the arms
oy|otv oy|otv oy|otv oy|otv in the arms
oy|oiq oy|oiq oy|oiq oy|oiq the bent arm
oy|oiiooi oy|oiiooi oy|oiiooi oy|oiiooi to embrace
oy|oiioo oy|oiioo oy|oiioo oy|oiioo that which is embraced
oy|oio, oy|oio, oy|oio, oy|oio, an armful, bundle
oy|o, oy|o, oy|o, oy|o, in
oy|iopiov oy|iopiov oy|iopiov oy|iopiov a fish-hook
oy|iopoto, oy|iopoto, oy|iopoto, oy|iopoto, with a hook
oy|iopov oy|iopov oy|iopov oy|iopov a fish-hook
oy|iopoooi oy|iopoooi oy|iopoooi oy|iopoooi to be furnished with barbs
oy|oivq oy|oivq oy|oivq oy|oivq the bent arm
oy|o, oy|o, oy|o, oy|o, a bend
oy|uiq oy|uiq oy|uiq oy|uiq a loop
oy|uiiov oy|uiiov oy|uiiov oy|uiiov ancilia
oy|uioyio_iv oy|uioyio_iv oy|uioyio_iv oy|uioyio_iv with hooked spurs
oy|uioou, oy|uioou, oy|uioou, oy|uioou, crook-toothed: barbed
oy|uioqq, oy|uioqq, oy|uioqq, oy|uioqq, crooked of counsel, wily
oy|uioou, oy|uioou, oy|uioou, oy|uioou, with bent legs
oy|uio, oy|uio, oy|uio, oy|uio, crooked, curved
oy|uiooo, oy|uiooo, oy|uiooo, oy|uiooo, with curved bow
oy|uio_tiiq, oy|uio_tiiq, oy|uio_tiiq, oy|uio_tiiq, with hooked beak
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oy|uio_qiq, oy|uio_qiq, oy|uio_qiq, oy|uio_qiq, with crooked claws
oy|uioo oy|uioo oy|uioo oy|uioo to crook, bend
oy|uioo, oy|uioo, oy|uioo, oy|uioo, furnished with a thong
oy|upo oy|upo oy|upo oy|upo anchor
oy|upio oy|upio oy|upio oy|upio to throw by the hook-trick
oy|upiov oy|upiov oy|upiov oy|upiov a small anchor
oy|ov oy|ov oy|ov oy|ov the bend of the arm, the elbow
oyiottipo, oyiottipo, oyiottipo, oyiottipo, bright-haired
oyioio oyioio oyioio oyioio splendour, beauty, adornment
oyioio oyioio oyioio oyioio to make bright
oyioioo oyioioo oyioioo oyioioo an ornament, honour
oyiooyuio, oyiooyuio, oyiooyuio, oyiooyuio, with beauteous limbs
oyiootvpo, oyiootvpo, oyiootvpo, oyiootvpo, with beautiful trees
oyiooopo, oyiooopo, oyiooopo, oyiooopo, giving splendid gifts
oyioouo, oyioouo, oyioouo, oyioouo, noble-hearted
oyioo|opo, oyioo|opo, oyioo|opo, oyioo|opo, bearing beautiful
oyiooopo, oyiooopo, oyiooopo, oyiooopo, of beauteous form
oyioo, oyioo, oyioo, oyioo, splendid, shining, bright, beautiful
oyioopioivq, oyioopioivq, oyioopioivq, oyioopioivq, god of the bright trident
oyioo oyioo oyioo oyioo bright-eyed, beaming
oyii, oyii, oyii, oyii, a head of garlic
oyioooo, oyioooo, oyioooo, oyioooo, without tongue
oyo oyo oyo oyo a fragment
oyo, oyo, oyo, oyo, a broken cliff, crag
oyvoo, oyvoo, oyvoo, oyvoo, unbending, inflexible
oyvoo, oyvoo, oyvoo, oyvoo, uncarded
oyvtio oyvtio oyvtio oyvtio purity, chastity
oyvtuo oyvtuo oyvtuo oyvtuo chastity
oyvtuo oyvtuo oyvtuo oyvtuo to consider as part of purity, make it a point of religion
oyvio oyvio oyvio oyvio to cleanse away
oyvioo oyvioo oyvioo oyvioo a purification, expiation
oyvioto, oyvioto, oyvioto, oyvioto, to be purified
oyvoto oyvoto oyvoto oyvoto not to perceive
oyvoqo oyvoqo oyvoqo oyvoqo a fault of ignorance, error
oyvoio oyvoio oyvoio oyvoio want of perception, ignorance
oyvopuo, oyvopuo, oyvopuo, oyvopuo, pure-flowing
oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, a willow-like tree
oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, full of religious awe
oyvoq, oyvoq, oyvoq, oyvoq, purity, chastity
oyvui oyvui oyvui oyvui to break, shiver
oyvoovto oyvoovto oyvoovto oyvoovto to act without right feeling, act unfairly
oyvooouvq oyvooouvq oyvooouvq oyvooouvq want of sense, folly
oyvoov oyvoov oyvoov oyvoov ill-judging, senseless
oyvooio oyvooio oyvooio oyvooio ignorance
oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, oyvo, unknown
oyvooo, oyvooo, oyvooo, oyvooo, unknown
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oyovio oyovio oyovio oyovio unfruitfulness
oyovo, oyovo, oyovo, oyovo, unborn
oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, oyoo, unmourned
oyopoo oyopoo oyopoo oyopoo to be in the foreign lang="greek">a)gora//foreign>
oyopoio, oyopoio, oyopoio, oyopoio, in, of
oyopovoi|o, oyopovoi|o, oyopovoi|o, oyopovoi|o, of
oyopovoo, oyopovoo, oyopovoo, oyopovoo, a clerk of the market
oyopoooi oyopoooi oyopoooi oyopoooi to meet in assembly, sit in debate
oyopo oyopo oyopo oyopo an assembly of the people
oyopoooytvtio, oyopoooytvtio, oyopoooytvtio, oyopoooytvtio, will lounge in the
oyopooo oyopooo oyopooo oyopooo that which is bought
oyopooq, oyopooq, oyopooq, oyopooq, the slave who bought provisions for the house, the purveyor
oyoptuo oyoptuo oyoptuo oyoptuo to speak in the assembly, harangue, speak
oyopqtv oyopqtv oyopqtv oyopqtv from the Assembly
oyopqvt oyopqvt oyopqvt oyopqvt to the Assembly
oyopqq, oyopqq, oyopqq, oyopqq, a speaker, orator
oyopqu, oyopqu, oyopqu, oyopqu, the gift of speaking, eloquence
oyopqi oyopqi oyopqi oyopqi in the Assembly
oyo, oyo, oyo, oyo, a leader, chief
oyo, oyo, oyo, oyo, any matter of religious awe
oyooo, oyooo, oyooo, oyooo, the flat of the hand
oypooo, oypooo, oypooo, oypooo, without learning
oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, unwritten
oypo oypo oypo oypo a catching, hunting
oypouito oypouito oypouito oypouito to dwell in the field
oypouio, oypouio, oypouio, oypouio, dwelling in the field
oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, unwritten
oyptio, oyptio, oyptio, oyptio, of
oyptioouvq oyptioouvq oyptioouvq oyptioouvq clownishness, a rude, vagrant life
oyptivo oyptivo oyptivo oyptivo a harrow, rake
oyptuo oyptuo oyptuo oyptuo that which is taken in hunting, booty, prey, spoil
oyptu, oyptu, oyptu, oyptu, a hunter
oyptuq, oyptuq, oyptuq, oyptuq, a hunter
oyptuo oyptuo oyptuo oyptuo to take by hunting
oypto oypto oypto oypto to capture, seize
oypioivo oypioivo oypioivo oypioivo to be angered, provoked, chafed
oypio, oypio, oypio, oypio, wild
oypitioio, oypitioio, oypitioio, oypitioio, of a wild olive
oypiooio, oypiooio, oypiooio, oypiooio, writing wild poetry
oypio, oypio, oypio, oypio, living in the fields
oypioq, oypioq, oypioq, oypioq, wildness, savageness
oypioovo, oypioovo, oypioovo, oypioovo, with wild rough voice
oypioo oypioo oypioo oypioo to make wild
oypioo, oypioo, oypioo, oypioo, wild-looking
oypooq, oypooq, oypooq, oypooq, feeding in the field, dwelling in the country
oypoytiov oypoytiov oypoytiov oypoytiov a country neighbour
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oypooq, oypooq, oypooq, oypooq, a giver of booty
oypotv oypotv oypotv oypotv from the country
oypoi|io oypoi|io oypoi|io oypoi|io rusticity, boorishness, coarseness
oypoi|iooi oypoi|iooi oypoi|iooi oypoi|iooi to be rude and boorish
oypoi|o, oypoi|o, oypoi|o, oypoi|o, of
oypoioq, oypoioq, oypoioq, oypoioq, a countryman
oypovt oypovt oypovt oypovt to the country
oypovoo, oypovoo, oypovoo, oypovoo, haunting the country, rural, wild
oypo, oypo, oypo, oypo, fields, lands
oypotpo, oypotpo, oypotpo, oypotpo, wild
oypoqp oypoqp oypoqp oypoqp rustic
oypoq, oypoq, oypoq, oypoq, a country-man, rustic
oypouio oypouio oypouio oypouio a watcher of the country
oypuvto oypuvto oypuvto oypuvto to lie awake, be wakeful
oypuvqi|o, oypuvqi|o, oypuvqi|o, oypuvqi|o, wakeful
oypuvio oypuvio oypuvio oypuvio sleeplessness, waking, watching
oypuvo, oypuvo, oypuvo, oypuvo, hunting after sleep
oypoooo oypoooo oypoooo oypoooo to catch
oypooi, oypooi, oypooi, oypooi, a grass that mules fed on
oypoq, oypoq, oypoq, oypoq, wild
oyuio oyuio oyuio oyuio a street, highway
oyuioi, oyuioi, oyuioi, oyuioi, of Apollo Agyieus
oyuitu, oyuitu, oyuitu, oyuitu, guardian of the streets
oyuvooio oyuvooio oyuvooio oyuvooio want of training
oyuvooo, oyuvooo, oyuvooo, oyuvooo, unexercised, untrained
oyupi, oyupi, oyupi, oyupi, a gathering, crowd
oyupoo oyupoo oyupoo oyupoo to collect by begging
oyupq, oyupq, oyupq, oyupq, a collector
oyupi|o, oyupi|o, oyupi|o, oyupi|o, fit for an
oy_to_o, oy_to_o, oy_to_o, oy_to_o, fighting hand to hand
oy_ioio, oy_ioio, oy_ioio, oy_ioio, near the sea
oy_ioq, oy_ioq, oy_ioq, oy_ioq, deep near shore
oy_iytiov oy_iytiov oy_iytiov oy_iytiov neighbouring
oy_ito, oy_ito, oy_ito, oy_ito, near the gods
oy_iupo, oy_iupo, oy_iupo, oy_iupo, next door
oy_ioio, oy_ioio, oy_ioio, oy_ioio, coming near
oy_ivtq, oy_ivtq, oy_ivtq, oy_ivtq, near the clouds
oy_ivoio oy_ivoio oy_ivoio oy_ivoio readiness of mind, ready wit, sagacity
oy_ivoo, oy_ivoo, oy_ivoo, oy_ivoo, ready of wit, sagacious, shrewd
oy_i oy_i oy_i oy_i near, nigh, close by
oy_iioo, oy_iioo, oy_iioo, oy_iioo, near by sea
oy_iopo, oy_iopo, oy_iopo, oy_iopo, passing near, always near
oy_ioii, oy_ioii, oy_ioii, oy_ioii, near the city, dwelling hard by
oy_iotio oy_iotio oy_iotio oy_iotio nearness of kin
oy_iotu, oy_iotu, oy_iotu, oy_iotu, closely akin
oy_iotuo oy_iotuo oy_iotuo oy_iotuo to be next or near
Page 7
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oy_ioqp oy_ioqp oy_ioqp oy_ioqp one who brings near, the immediate author
oy_ioivo, oy_ioivo, oy_ioivo, oy_ioivo, close together, crowded, in heaps
oy_ioo, oy_ioo, oy_ioo, oy_ioo, nearest
oy_iopoo, oy_iopoo, oy_iopoo, oy_iopoo, turning closely, quick-wheeling
oy_itpov oy_itpov oy_itpov oy_itpov near the borders, neighbouring
oy_io|o, oy_io|o, oy_io|o, oy_io|o, in the pangs of child-birth
oy_otv oy_otv oy_otv oy_otv from nigh at hand
oy_oi oy_oi oy_oi oy_oi near
oy_ovq oy_ovq oy_ovq oy_ovq a throttling, strangling, hanging
oy_ovio, oy_ovio, oy_ovio, oy_ovio, fit for strangling
oy_ooo oy_ooo oy_ooo oy_ooo nearest, next
oy_otpo, oy_otpo, oy_otpo, oy_otpo, nearer
oy_ou oy_ou oy_ou oy_ou near, nigh
oy_oupo, oy_oupo, oy_oupo, oy_oupo, neighbouring
oy_ooio, oy_ooio, oy_ooio, oy_ooio, nearly equal
oy_o oy_o oy_o oy_o to compress, press tight
oyoyoio, oyoyoio, oyoyoio, oyoyoio, fit for leading by
oyoytu, oyoytu, oyoytu, oyoytu, one that draws
oyoyq oyoyq oyoyq oyoyq a carrying away, carriage
oyoyio, oyoyio, oyoyio, oyoyio, easy to be led
oyoyiov oyoyiov oyoyiov oyoyiov the load of a wagon
oyoyo, oyoyo, oyoyo, oyoyo, leading
oyovop_q, oyovop_q, oyovop_q, oyovop_q, judge of a contest
oyovio oyovio oyovio oyovio a contest, struggle for victory
oyovioo oyovioo oyovioo oyovioo to contend eagerly, struggle
oyoviooi oyoviooi oyoviooi oyoviooi to contend for a prize
oyovio, oyovio, oyovio, oyovio, of
oyovioi, oyovioi, oyovioi, oyovioi, contest for a prize
oyovioo oyovioo oyovioo oyovioo a contest
oyovioo, oyovioo, oyovioo, oyovioo, rivalry
oyovioto, oyovioto, oyovioto, oyovioto, one must contend
oyovioq, oyovioq, oyovioq, oyovioq, a rival
oyovioi|o, oyovioi|o, oyovioi|o, oyovioi|o, fit for contest
oyovotoio oyovotoio oyovotoio oyovotoio the office of
oyovotto oyovotto oyovotto oyovotto to direct the games, exhibit them
oyovotq, oyovotq, oyovotq, oyovotq, judge of the contests, director of the games
oyov oyov oyov oyov a number of people brought together, a gathering, assembly
oyo oyo oyo oyo to lead
ooqovio ooqovio ooqovio ooqovio ignorance
ooqov ooqov ooqov ooqov unknowing, ignorant of
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, unknowing how
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, unknown
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, of which none might eat
oo|pui oo|pui oo|pui oo|pui without tears
oo|puo, oo|puo, oo|puo, oo|puo, without tears
ooovivo, ooovivo, ooovivo, ooovivo, adamantine
Page 8
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooovoto, ooovoto, ooovoto, ooovoto, iron-bound
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, the untamed, unconquerable
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, inflexible
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, unconquered
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, without expense, costing nothing
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, undivided
otq, otq, otq, otq, without fear, fearless
otio otio otio otio freedom from fear
otiovo, otiovo, otiovo, otiovo, fearless, dauntless
otivo, otivo, otivo, otivo, supperless
ot|ooo, ot|ooo, ot|ooo, ot|ooo, unbribed
ot|otuo, ot|otuo, ot|otuo, ot|otuo, not tithed, tithe-free
otiq otiq otiq otiq a sister
otiito, otiito, otiito, otiito, a brother's
otiiq otiiq otiiq otiiq a brother's
otio|ovo, otio|ovo, otio|ovo, otio|ovo, murdering a brother
otio, otio, otio, otio, sons of the same mother
otioq, otioq, otioq, otioq, the brotherhood
otio, otio, otio, otio, left-handed, awkward
otp|q, otp|q, otp|q, otp|q, unseen, invisible
otp|o, otp|o, otp|o, otp|o, not seeing
otoo, otoo, otoo, otoo, unfettered, unbound
otooo, otooo, otooo, otooo, without master
oto, oto, oto, oto, unbound, free
otu|q, otu|q, otu|q, otu|q, not sweet, bitter, cruel
otqo, otqo, otqo, otqo, untanned
oto oto oto oto to be sated
oqio, oqio, oqio, oqio, unassailed, unravaged
oq|o, oq|o, oq|o, oq|o, unbitten, not gnawed
oqito oqito oqito oqito to be in the dark about
oqiio oqiio oqiio oqiio uncertainty
oqio, oqio, oqio, oqio, not seen
oqovto oqovto oqovto oqovto to be sorely troubled
oqovio oqovio oqovio oqovio trouble, distress
oqv oqv oqv oqv to eat their fill
oqpi, oqpi, oqpi, oqpi, without strife
oqpio, oqpio, oqpio, oqpio, without strife
oq, oq, oq, oq, Hades
oqoyo, oqoyo, oqoyo, oqoyo, eating one's fill, gluttonous
oqoo, oqoo, oqoo, oqoo, not ravaged
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, not to be passed
oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, not listening to slander
oioto, oioto, oioto, oioto, intestate
oio|pio, oio|pio, oio|pio, oio|pio, undecided
oioitio, oioitio, oioitio, oioitio, unintermitting, incessant
oioiuo, oioiuo, oioiuo, oioiuo, undissolved, indissoluble
Page 9
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, unwetted
oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, with no way back
oioopio oioopio oioopio oioopio incorruption, uprightness
oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, uncorrupted
oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, untaught, ignorant
oitoo, oitoo, oitoo, oitoo, unable to get out
oitptuvqo, oitptuvqo, oitptuvqo, oitptuvqo, unquestioned
oiqyqo, oiqyqo, oiqyqo, oiqyqo, indescribable
oi|ooo, oi|ooo, oi|ooo, oi|ooo, undecided
oi|to oi|to oi|to oi|to to do wrong
oi|qo oi|qo oi|qo oi|qo a wrong done, a wrong
oi|qto, oi|qto, oi|qto, oi|qto, one must do wrong
oi|io oi|io oi|io oi|io wrong-doing, injustice
oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov a wrong, wrong-dealing
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, wrong-doing, unrighteous, unjust
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, close-packed
oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, not corrected, not set right
oioo|o, oioo|o, oioo|o, oioo|o, not doubted
oio, oio, oio, oio, not suffering from thirst
oq, oq, oq, oq, untamed
oqo, oqo, oqo, oqo, unbroken
oo|qo, oo|qo, oo|qo, oo|qo, unexpected
oo|iooo, oo|iooo, oo|iooo, oo|iooo, untried, unproved
oo|io, oo|io, oo|io, oo|io, not standing the test, spurious
ooito_to ooito_to ooito_to ooito_to to talk idly, prate
ooito_q, ooito_q, ooito_q, ooito_q, a garrulous fellow, idle talker
ooito_io ooito_io ooito_io ooito_io garrulity, idle talk
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, without fraud, guileless
oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, unshaken
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, not matter of opinion
ooto ooto ooto ooto to be held in no esteem, to stand in ill repute
ooio ooio ooio ooio ill-repute, disgrace
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, inglorious, disreputable
oo, oo, oo, oo, satiety, loathing
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, without gifts
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, unattended by slaves
oouqo, oouqo, oouqo, oouqo, noiseless
opovq, opovq, opovq, opovq, inactive, powerless
opootio opootio opootio opootio the Inevitable
opooo, opooo, opooo, opooo, not running away, not inclined to do so
opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, from the Adriatic
opiovo, opiovo, opiovo, opiovo, Adriatic
opio, opio, opio, opio, the Adriatic
opoooi opoooi opoooi opoooi to come to one's strength
opo, opo, opo, opo, thick
opoq, opoq, opoq, opoq, strength
Page 10
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opuvo opuvo opuvo opuvo to make ripe, ripen
ouvoio ouvoio ouvoio ouvoio want of strength
ouvoto ouvoto ouvoto ouvoto to want strength
ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, unable
ouov ouov ouov ouov the innermost sanctuary
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, not to be entered
oovioo oovioo oovioo oovioo those who keep the Adonia
oovio oovio oovio oovio the mourning for Adonis
oovi, oovi, oovi, oovi, Adonis
oopoo|o, oopoo|o, oopoo|o, oopoo|o, incorruptible
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, without gifts, taking none, incorruptible
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, one who gives nothing
otioio, otioio, otioio, otioio, continually thrown
otiytvtq, otiytvtq, otiytvtq, otiytvtq, everlasting, immortal
otiytvq, otiytvq, otiytvq, otiytvq, everlasting
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, without form, incorporeal
otiivqo, otiivqo, otiivqo, otiivqo, ever-revolving
otio otio otio otio to sing
otioov otioov otioov otioov ever-living
otioiq, otioiq, otioiq, otioiq, ever-green
oti|q, oti|q, oti|q, oti|q, unseemly, shameful
oti|io oti|io oti|io oti|io unseemly treatment, outrage
oti|io oti|io oti|io oti|io to treat unseemly, injure, abuse
otiioyio otiioyio otiioyio otiioyio a continual talking
otivqoo, otivqoo, otivqoo, otivqoo, ever to be remembered
otivqoi, otivqoi, otivqoi, otivqoi, ever-fasting
otioptvo, otioptvo, otioptvo, otioptvo, ever a virgin
oti oti oti oti always, for ever
otipuo, otipuo, otipuo, otipuo, ever-flowing
otipo otipo otipo otipo to lift, heave, raise up
otiityq, otiityq, otiityq, otiityq, ever-burning
otipoupo, otipoupo, otipoupo, otipoupo, ever-watching
otiuyio otiuyio otiuyio otiuyio perpetual exile
oti_povio, oti_povio, oti_povio, oti_povio, everlasting
ot|ootvo, ot|ootvo, ot|ootvo, ot|ootvo, against one's will, unwilling
ot|qi ot|qi ot|qi ot|qi against one's will
ot|ouoio, ot|ouoio, ot|ouoio, ot|ouoio, against one's will, involuntary
ot|ov ot|ov ot|ov ot|ov against one's will, unwilling
otiioio, otiioio, otiioio, otiioio, storm-swift
otiio otiio otiio otiio a stormy wind, whirlwind, eddy
otiiq, otiiq, otiiq, otiiq, eddying
otiioo_o, otiioo_o, otiioo_o, otiioo_o, struggling with the storm
otiioo, otiioo, otiioo, otiioo, storm-footed, storm-swift
otiio otiio otiio otiio storm
otito otito otito otito to have no hope
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, unhoped for, unexpected
Page 11
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
otiio otiio otiio otiio an unlooked for event
otio, otio, otio, otio, unexpectedly
otvoo, otvoo, otvoo, otvoo, ever-flowing
otiuiio, otiuiio, otiuiio, otiuiio, nourishing leaves, leafy
otiuo, otiuo, otiuo, otiuo, nourishing plants
oto oto oto oto to increase, enlarge, foster, strengthen
otpyio otpyio otpyio otpyio a not working, idleness
otpyo, otpyo, otpyo, otpyo, not-working, idle
otpqv otpqv otpqv otpqv lifting up
otpio, otpio, otpio, otpio, in the mist
otpooto otpooto otpooto otpooto to walk the air
otpooq, otpooq, otpooq, otpooq, one who walks the air
otpoivq, otpoivq, otpoivq, otpoivq, wheeling in air
otpoovqo, otpoovqo, otpoovqo, otpoovqo, air-tossed, soaring
otpopoto otpopoto otpopoto otpopoto to traverse the air
otpo|opo otpo|opo otpo|opo otpo|opo an air-raven
otpo|ovo otpo|ovo otpo|ovo otpo|ovo an air-gnat
otpoo_io otpoo_io otpoo_io otpoo_io an air-battle
otpotpto otpotpto otpotpto otpotpto to measure the air: to lose oneself in vague speculation
otpovq_q, otpovq_q, otpovq_q, otpovq_q, floating in air
otpooio, otpooio, otpooio, otpooio, roaming in air
otpoioq, otpoioq, otpoioq, otpoioq, high-soaring
otpoiou, otpoiou, otpoiou, otpoiou, lifting the feet, brisk-trotting
otpoo otpoo otpoo otpoo to lift up
otoo otoo otoo otoo to sleep
otoipoouvq otoipoouvq otoipoouvq otoipoouvq silliness, folly
otoipov otoipov otoipov otoipov damaged in mind, witless, silly
oto, oto, oto, oto, an eagle
otoopo, otoopo, otoopo, otoopo, a standard-bearer
otoq, otoq, otoq, otoq, eagle-like
ooito, ooito, ooito, ooito, dry, parched
oovo oovo oovo oovo to dry, parch up
oo oo oo oo drought
oqiio oqiio oqiio oqiio freedom from jealousy
oqio, oqio, oqio, oqio, not subject to envy, unenviable, dreary
oqiouo, oqiouo, oqiouo, oqiouo, free from jealousy, envy
oqioo, oqioo, oqioo, oqioo, not to be envied
oqio, oqio, oqio, oqio, free from further payment: without loss, scot-free
oq_q, oq_q, oq_q, oq_q, unceasing, excessive
oooi oooi oooi oooi to stand in awe of, dread
ouyo, ouyo, ouyo, ouyo, unwedded
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, unleavened
ou ou ou ou unyoked, unpaired, unmarried
oo oo oo oo to dry up, parch
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, ungirt
oqq, oqq, oqq, oqq, unpleasant to the taste, distasteful
Page 12
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oqio oqio oqio oqio unpleasantness, nauseousness
oqovitu, oqovitu, oqovitu, oqovitu, a young nightingale
oqovio, oqovio, oqovio, oqovio, of a nightingale
oqovi, oqovi, oqovi, oqovi, a nightingale
oqov oqov oqov oqov the songstress
oqtio oqtio oqtio oqtio unaccustomedness
oqtooo oqtooo oqtooo oqtooo to be unaccustomed to
oqq, oqq, oqq, oqq, unwonted, unusual
oqo oqo oqo oqo a blast, gale
oqi oqi oqi oqi to breathe hard, blow
oqp oqp oqp oqp the lower air, the air
oqoi, oqoi, oqoi, oqoi, a blowing
oqooqo, oqooqo, oqooqo, oqooqo, unconquered
oqouio, oqouio, oqouio, oqouio, wicked
oqoupo, oqoupo, oqoupo, oqoupo, light as air, small, little
oqq, oqq, oqq, oqq, a blast, gale
oqo, oqo, oqo, oqo, stormy, furious
ooiooooo, ooiooooo, ooiooooo, ooiooooo, unused to the sea, a land-lubber
ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, not verdant, withered
ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, without warmth
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, fearless
oovooio oovooio oovooio oovooio immortality
oovoio oovoio oovoio oovoio to make immortal, to hold oneself immortal
oovoo, oovoo, oovoo, oovoo, undying, immortal
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, unburied
oopq oopq oopq oopq groats
oopoq, oopoq, oopoq, oopoq, discouraged, downhearted
otoo, otoo, otoo, otoo, unseen, invisible
otti otti otti otti without the aid of God
otiooo, otiooo, otiooo, otiooo, uninspired
oti|o, oti|o, oti|o, oti|o, implacable
oti, oti, oti, oti, lawless
otioio, otioio, otioio, otioio, lawless, godless
otioo, otioo, otioo, otioo, lawless, without law
oto, oto, oto, oto, without God, denying the gods
otoq, otoq, otoq, otoq, ungodliness
otpotuoio otpotuoio otpotuoio otpotuoio neglect of
otpotuo, otpotuo, otpotuo, otpotuo, uncared for
otpio otpio otpio otpio to slight, make light of
otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, not heated by strife
otpo, otpo, otpo, otpo, without heat
otooo, otooo, otooo, otooo, beyond even a god's power to express: ineffable, aweful
otto otto otto otto to set aside
oto, oto, oto, oto, set aside
otopqo, otopqo, otopqo, otopqo, without observation
oqiu, oqiu, oqiu, oqiu, unfeminine
Page 13
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oqvot oqvot oqvot oqvot to Athens
oqvoiov oqvoiov oqvoiov oqvoiov the temple of Athena
oqvoio, oqvoio, oqvoio, oqvoio, Athenian, of
oqvoi oqvoi oqvoi oqvoi the city of Athens
oqvqtv oqvqtv oqvqtv oqvqtv from Athens
oqvq oqvq oqvq oqvq Athena
oqvqoiv oqvqoiv oqvqoiv oqvqoiv at Athens
oqvioo oqvioo oqvioo oqvioo to long to be at Athens
oqptuo, oqptuo, oqptuo, oqptuo, not hunted
oqpqioiyo, oqpqioiyo, oqpqioiyo, oqpqioiyo, consumer of ears of corn
oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, without wild beasts
oqp oqp oqp oqp an ear of corn
oiyq, oiyq, oiyq, oiyq, untouched
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, untouched
oituo oituo oituo oituo to contend for a prize, combat, wrestle
oito oito oito oito having contended with
oiqo oiqo oiqo oiqo a contest
oiqoi, oiqoi, oiqoi, oiqoi, a contest, struggle
oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, a prizefighter
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, gaining the prize
oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, suffering, wretchedness
oiotq, oiotq, oiotq, oiotq, one who awards the prize, the judge
oiov oiov oiov oiov the prize of contest
oio, oio, oio, oio, a contest for a prize
oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, bearing away the prize, victorious
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, not turbid, clear
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, untroubled
oopuqo, oopuqo, oopuqo, oopuqo, undisturbed
oopuo, oopuo, oopuo, oopuo, without uproar
opouoo, opouoo, opouoo, opouoo, unbroken, unhurt
opto opto opto opto to look at, gaze at, observe, perceive
opqtov opqtov opqtov opqtov one must consider
opoio opoio opoio opoio to gather together, to muster
opoioi, opoioi, opoioi, opoioi, a gathering, mustering
opoioo opoioo opoioo opoioo a gathering
opoiotov opoiotov opoiotov opoiotov one must collect
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, in crowds
opuo, opuo, opuo, opuo, not broken, not enervated
outo outo outo outo to be disheartened, lose heart
ouqtov ouqtov ouqtov ouqtov one must lose heart
ouio ouio ouio ouio want of heart, faintheartedness
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, without heart, fainthearted
oupo oupo oupo oupo a plaything, toy: a delight, joy
oupoyioo, oupoyioo, oupoyioo, oupoyioo, one that cannot keep his mouth shut, a ceaseless babbler
oupo, oupo, oupo, oupo, without door
oupoooo, oupoooo, oupoooo, oupoooo, ever-babbling
Page 14
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, without thyrsus
oupo oupo oupo oupo to play, sport
oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, never closed
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, not offered
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, of mount Athos
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, unpunished, scot-free
ootuo, ootuo, ootuo, ootuo, not flattered, without flattery
oopo|ioo, oopo|ioo, oopo|ioo, oopo|ioo, without breastplate
oo, oo, oo, oo, mount Athos
oioyo oioyo oioyo oioyo a wail
oioo oioo oioo oioo to cry
oioi oioi oioi oioi ah!
oio|iq, oio|iq, oio|iq, oio|iq, son of Aeacus
oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, bewailed, lamentable
oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, dreary, dismal, direful, horrid
oio, oio, oio, oio, Ajax
oioi oioi oioi oioi bah!
oiyoypo, oiyoypo, oiyoypo, oiyoypo, the wild goat
oiyoio, oiyoio, oiyoio, oiyoio, Aegaean
oiyoiov oiyoiov oiyoiov oiyoiov Aegaeon
oiyovtq oiyovtq oiyovtq oiyovtq a hunting-spear, javelin
oiytio, oiytio, oiytio, oiytio, of Aegeus
oiytio, oiytio, oiytio, oiytio, of a goat
oiytipo, oiytipo, oiytipo, oiytipo, the poplar
oiytioq, oiytioq, oiytioq, oiytioq, a goatherd
oiyto, oiyto, oiyto, oiyto, a goat's skin
oiyioiiq, oiyioiiq, oiyioiiq, oiyioiiq, one who haunts the shore
oiyioio, oiyioio, oiyioio, oiyioio, the sea-shore, beach, strand
oiyiooi, oiyiooi, oiyiooi, oiyiooi, a goat-pasture
oiyioq, oiyioq, oiyioq, oiyioq, feeding goats
oiyioo, oiyioo, oiyioo, oiyioo, browsed by goats
oiyioiio, oiyioiio, oiyioiio, oiyioiio, the titmouse
oiyi|vqo, oiyi|vqo, oiyi|vqo, oiyi|vqo, goat-shanked
oiyi|opti, oiyi|opti, oiyi|opti, oiyi|opti, goatherds
oiyiii oiyiii oiyiii oiyiii destitute even of goats
oiyiio, oiyiio, oiyiio, oiyiio, a herb of which goats are fond
oiyivoiq oiyivoiq oiyivoiq oiyivoiq Aegina
oiyivoio, oiyivoio, oiyivoio, oiyivoio, of Aegina
oiyivo oiyivo oiyivo oiyivo Aegina
oiyivqq, oiyivqq, oiyivqq, oiyivqq, an Aeginetan
oiyivotu, oiyivotu, oiyivotu, oiyivotu, a goatherd
oiyivoo, oiyivoo, oiyivoo, oiyivoo, browsed by goats
oiyivoo, oiyivoo, oiyivoo, oiyivoo, feeding goats
oiyio_o, oiyio_o, oiyio_o, oiyio_o, Aegis-bearing
oiyioq, oiyioq, oiyioq, oiyioq, goat-footed
oiyiupo, oiyiupo, oiyiupo, oiyiupo, a plant
Page 15
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiyi, oiyi, oiyi, oiyi, the aegis
oiyiqti, oiyiqti, oiyiqti, oiyiqti, dazzling, radiant, lustrous
oiyiq oiyiq oiyiq oiyiq the light of the sun, radiance
oiyioovq, oiyioovq, oiyioovq, oiyioovq, radiant
oiyo|tpo, oiyo|tpo, oiyo|tpo, oiyo|tpo, goat-horned
oiyopoooo, oiyopoooo, oiyopoooo, oiyopoooo, goat-faced
oiyuio, oiyuio, oiyuio, oiyuio, a vulture
oiyuioo oiyuioo oiyuioo oiyuioo to speak Egyptian
oiyuio|o, oiyuio|o, oiyuio|o, oiyuio|o, of
oiyuio, oiyuio, oiyuio, oiyuio, Egyptian
oiyuioi oiyuioi oiyuioi oiyuioi in the Egyptian tongue
oiyuoytvq, oiyuoytvq, oiyuoytvq, oiyuoytvq, of Egyptian race
oiyuovt oiyuovt oiyuovt oiyuovt to Egypt
oiyuo, oiyuo, oiyuo, oiyuo, the river Nile
oiyovu oiyovu oiyovu oiyovu goat-hoofed
oitooi oitooi oitooi oitooi to be ashamed to do
oitoio, oitoio, oitoio, oitoio, exciting shame, venerable
oitoi, oitoi, oitoi, oitoi, respect
oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, making unseen, annihilating, destroying
oiqov oiqov oiqov oiqov bashful, modest
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, unseen, annihilated
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, everlasting, eternal
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, unseen, dark
oioiov oioiov oioiov oioiov the genitals, pudenda
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, regarded with reverence, august, venerable
oiopov oiopov oiopov oiopov respectful in mind, compassionate
oiptiq oiptiq oiptiq oiptiq want of knowledge, ignorance
oipi, oipi, oipi, oipi, unknowing, ignorant
oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, unsettled, vagabond
oio, oio, oio, oio, a sense of shame, shame, modesty, self-respect
oitvuvo, oitvuvo, oitvuvo, oitvuvo, lulling in eternal sleep
oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, strong, lusty, vigorous
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, strong, lusty, vigorous
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, terrible, mighty
oioiq oioiq oioiq oioiq soot
oioiiov oioiiov oioiiov oioiiov swarthy, dusky
oioioti, oioioti, oioioti, oioioti, smoky, sooty
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, soot
oioioo oioioo oioioo oioioo to soil with soot
oit oit oit oit would that
oitptoto oitptoto oitptoto oitptoto to walk in ether
oitpio, oitpio, oitpio, oitpio, of
oitpopoo, oitpopoo, oitpopoo, oitpopoo, ether-skimming
oiqp oiqp oiqp oiqp ether, the brighter purer air, the sky
oiioio oiioio oiioio oiioio Ethiopia
oiioi|o, oiioi|o, oiioi|o, oiioi|o, Ethiopian
Page 16
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiio oiio oiio oiio burnt-face
oio, oio, oio, oio, a burning heat, fire
oiouoo oiouoo oiouoo oiouoo the corridor
oio oio oio oio fiery-looking
oipqytvq, oipqytvq, oipqytvq, oipqytvq, born in ether, sprung from ether
oipq oipq oipq oipq clear sky, fair weather
oipio oipio oipio oipio in clear weather
oipioo oipioo oipioo oipioo to be clear
oipio|oito oipio|oito oipio|oito oipio|oito to sleep in open air
oipio, oipio, oipio, oipio, clear, bright, fair
oipo, oipo, oipo, oipo, the clear chill air
oiuio oiuio oiuio oiuio a gull
oiu|qp oiu|qp oiu|qp oiu|qp one that darts swiftly
oiuooo oiuooo oiuooo oiuooo to put in rapid motion, stir up, kindle
oiov oiov oiov oiov fiery, burning, blazing
oio oio oio oio to light up, kindle
oi|oiio oi|oiio oi|oiio oi|oiio to flatter, wheedle, fondle
oi|q oi|q oi|q oi|q rapid flight, rush, impetus
oi|io oi|io oi|io oi|io injurious treatment, an affront, outrage
oi|io oi|io oi|io oi|io to treat injuriously, to plague, torment
oi|ioo oi|ioo oi|ioo oi|ioo an outrage, torture
oiiivo, oiiivo, oiiivo, oiiivo, a plaintive dirge
oiioupo, oiioupo, oiioupo, oiioupo, a cat
oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, oio|o, mingled with blood, of blood
oioito, oioito, oioito, oioito, bloody, blood-red
oio oio oio oio blood
oiooio oiooio oiooio oiooio a wall
oio, oio, oio, oio, a gush
oioooo oioooo oioooo oioooo to make bloody stain with blood
oiot|_uoio oiot|_uoio oiot|_uoio oiot|_uoio shedding of blood
oioqpo, oioqpo, oioqpo, oioqpo, bloody, bloodstained, murderous
oioqopo, oioqopo, oioqopo, oioqopo, bringing blood, bloody
oiooti, oiooti, oiooti, oiooti, blood-red
oiooioi_o, oiooioi_o, oiooioi_o, oiooioi_o, licking blood
oioooq, oioooq, oioooq, oioooq, a blood-drinker
oiooppoo, oiooppoo, oiooppoo, oiooppoo, blood-drinking
oiooppuo, oiooppuo, oiooppuo, oiooppuo, blood-streaming
oiooooyq, oiooooyq, oiooooyq, oiooooyq, blood-dripping
oiooupo, oiooupo, oiooupo, oiooupo, blood-stained
oioo_opq, oioo_opq, oioo_opq, oioo_opq, delighting in blood
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to make bloody, stain with blood
oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, blood-red
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, bloody to behold
oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, bathed in blood
oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, oioopo, blood-sucking, greedy of blood
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, bloodthirsty
Page 17
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oioppoyq, oioppoyq, oioppoyq, oioppoyq, bleeding violently
oioppovo, oioppovo, oioppovo, oioppovo, blood-sprinkled
oioppoto oioppoto oioppoto oioppoto to have a
oioppoio oioppoio oioppoio oioppoio a discharge of blood
oioppuo, oioppuo, oioppuo, oioppuo, blood-streaming
oioopu|o, oioopu|o, oioopu|o, oioopu|o, defiled with blood
oiuiio oiuiio oiuiio oiuiio winning, wily ways
oiuioqq, oiuioqq, oiuioqq, oiuioqq, of winning wiles
oiuio, oiuio, oiuio, oiuio, flattering, wheedling, wily
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, bloody, blood-red
oiov oiov oiov oiov skilful in
oivoptq, oivoptq, oivoptq, oivoptq, terribly brave
oivtoi, oivtoi, oivtoi, oivtoi, praise
oivto, oivto, oivto, oivto, praiseworthy
oivto oivto oivto oivto to tell
oivq oivq oivq oivq praise, fame
oiviyo oiviyo oiviyo oiviyo a dark saying, riddle
oiviyooq, oiviyooq, oiviyooq, oiviyooq, riddling, dark
oiviyo, oiviyo, oiviyo, oiviyo, a riddle
oivi|qpio, oivi|qpio, oivi|qpio, oivi|qpio, in riddles
oivi|o, oivi|o, oivi|o, oivi|o, expressed in riddles, riddling
oiviooooi oiviooooi oiviooooi oiviooooi to speak in riddles
oivoio, oivoio, oivoio, oivoio, awefully strong
oivoyoo, oivoyoo, oivoyoo, oivoyoo, fatally wedded
oivotv oivotv oivotv oivotv from horror to horror, right horribly
oivopuo, oivopuo, oivopuo, oivopuo, sadly enervated
oivoioq, oivoioq, oivoioq, oivoioq, horrid-gleaming
oivoit|po, oivoit|po, oivoit|po, oivoit|po, fatally wedded
oivoitov oivoitov oivoitov oivoitov a dreadful lion
oivoiivo, oivoiivo, oivoiivo, oivoiivo, unfortunate in life's thread
oivoiu|o, oivoiu|o, oivoiu|o, oivoiu|o, a horrible wolf
oivoopo, oivoopo, oivoopo, oivoopo, doomed to a sad end
oivooq, oivooq, oivooq, oivooq, suffering dire ills
oivoopi, oivoopi, oivoopi, oivoopi, unlucky Paris
oivooqp oivooqp oivooqp oivooqp unhappy father
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, dread, dire, grim
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, a tale, story
oivoo|tio oivoo|tio oivoo|tio oivoo|tio unhappy in being a mother
oivoupovvo, oivoupovvo, oivoupovvo, oivoupovvo, a dreadful tyrant
oivuoi oivuoi oivuoi oivuoi to take, take off, take hold of
oi oi oi oi a goat
oioitu, oioitu, oioitu, oioitu, an Aeolian
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to speak Aeolian
oioii|o, oioii|o, oioii|o, oioii|o, of
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to shift rapidly to and fro
oioiopovq, oioiopovq, oioiopovq, oioiopovq, wielder of lightning
Page 18
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oioioopq oioioopq oioioopq oioioopq with glancing breastplate
oioioqi, oioioqi, oioioqi, oioioqi, full of various wiles
oioioipq, oioioipq, oioioipq, oioioipq, with glancing
oioiooio, oioiooio, oioiooio, oioiooio, with quick-moving steeds
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, quick-moving
oioioooo, oioioooo, oioioooo, oioioooo, shifting in speech
oi oi oi oi ha!
oi oi oi oi if
oitivo, oitivo, oitivo, oitivo, high, lofty
oioito oioito oioito oioito to tend goats
oioii|o, oioii|o, oioii|o, oioii|o, of
oioiiov oioiiov oioiiov oioiiov a herd of goats
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, a goatherd
oio, oio, oio, oio, a height, a steep
oio, oio, oio, oio, high, lofty
oiuqq, oiuqq, oiuqq, oiuqq, with high thoughts
oiuvoo, oiuvoo, oiuvoo, oiuvoo, high-backed, on a high mountain-ridge
oiu, oiu, oiu, oiu, high and steep, lofty
oiptoio, oiptoio, oiptoio, oiptoio, that can be taken
oiptoi, oiptoi, oiptoi, oiptoi, a taking especially
oiptto, oiptto, oiptto, oiptto, to be taken, desirable
oiptio oiptio oiptio oiptio to choose, select
oipti|o, oipti|o, oipti|o, oipti|o, able to choose
oipto, oipto, oipto, oipto, that may be taken
oipto oipto oipto oipto to take with the hand, grasp
oipo, oipo, oipo, oipo, unhappy Irus
oipo oipo oipo oipo to take up, raise, lift up
oioo oioo oioo oioo the goddess of destiny
oioovooi oioovooi oioovooi oioovooi to perceive, apprehend by the senses, to see, hear, feel
oioqo oioqo oioqo oioqo perception of
oioqoi, oioqoi, oioqoi, oioqoi, perception by the senses
oioqqpiov oioqqpiov oioqqpiov oioqqpiov an organ of sense
oioqi|o, oioqi|o, oioqi|o, oioqi|o, of
oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, perceptible by the senses
oioo oioo oioo oioo to breathe out
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio happiness
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, fatal
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, boding well, auspicious
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, unlike, unequal
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to move with a quick shooting motion, to shoot, dart, glance
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, not to be seen, unseen
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to make unseen, to annihilate
oioop oioop oioop oioop unknowing, unconscious
oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, unseemly, evil
oiouvoo oiouvoo oiouvoo oiouvoo to rule over
oiouvqtio oiouvqtio oiouvqtio oiouvqtio an elective monarchy
Page 19
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiouvqqp oiouvqqp oiouvqqp oiouvqqp a prince
oiouvqq, oiouvqq, oiouvqq, oiouvqq, a regulator
oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, shame, disgrace
oio_pqov oio_pqov oio_pqov oio_pqov shameful
oio_po|tptio oio_po|tptio oio_po|tptio oio_po|tptio base covetousness
oio_po|tpq, oio_po|tpq, oio_po|tpq, oio_po|tpq, sordidly greedy of gain
oio_poioyio oio_poioyio oio_poioyio oio_poioyio foul language, abuse
oio_poqi, oio_poqi, oio_poqi, oio_poqi, forming base designs
oio_pooio, oio_pooio, oio_pooio, oio_pooio, doing foully
oio_po, oio_po, oio_po, oio_po, causing shame, abusive
oio_poq, oio_poq, oio_poq, oio_poq, ugliness, deformity
oio_poupyio oio_poupyio oio_poupyio oio_poupyio shameless conduct
oio_uvq oio_uvq oio_uvq oio_uvq shame done one, disgrace, dishonour
oio_uvto, oio_uvto, oio_uvto, oio_uvto, one must be ashamed
oio_uvqio, oio_uvqio, oio_uvqio, oio_uvqio, bashful, modest
oio_uvqp oio_uvqp oio_uvqp oio_uvqp a dishonourer
oio_uvi|o, oio_uvi|o, oio_uvi|o, oio_uvi|o, shameful
oio_uvo oio_uvo oio_uvo oio_uvo to make ugly, disfigure, mar
oio, oio, oio, oio, a beloved youth, favourite
oito oito oito oito to ask, beg
oiqo oiqo oiqo oiqo a request, demand
oiqoi, oiqoi, oiqoi, oiqoi, a request, demand
oiqtov oiqtov oiqtov oiqtov one must ask
oiqi|o, oiqi|o, oiqi|o, oiqi|o, fond of asking
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, asked for
oiioooi oiioooi oiioooi oiioooi to be accused
oiioo oiioo oiioo oiioo a charge, guilt imputed
oiioooi oiioooi oiioooi oiioooi to charge, accuse, censure, blame
oiio oiio oiio oiio a charge, accusation
oiiotov oiiotov oiiotov oiiotov one must accuse
oiio oiio oiio oiio to ask, beg
oiioioyi|o, oiioioyi|o, oiioioyi|o, oiioioyi|o, inquiring into causes
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, to blame, blameworthy, culpable
oivoio, oivoio, oivoio, oivoio, of or belonging to Etna
oiviio, oiviio, oiviio, oiviio, unforeseen, sudden
oi_oo oi_oo oi_oo oi_oo to throw the spear
oi_oiooio oi_oiooio oi_oiooio oi_oiooio captivity: a body of captives
oi_oiotuo oi_oiotuo oi_oiotuo oi_oiotuo to take prisoner
oi_oioi|o, oi_oioi|o, oi_oioi|o, oi_oioi|o, of
oi_oioo, oi_oioo, oi_oioo, oi_oioo, taken by the spear, captive to one's spear, taken prisoner
oi_qti, oi_qti, oi_qti, oi_qti, armed with the spear
oi_q oi_q oi_q oi_q the point of a spear
oi_qq, oi_qq, oi_qq, oi_qq, a spearman
oi_oopo, oi_oopo, oi_oopo, oi_oopo, one who trails a pike, a spearman
oio oio oio oio quick, with speed, on a sudden
oiqpo|tituo, oiqpo|tituo, oiqpo|tituo, oiqpo|tituo, swift-speeding
Page 20
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiqpo, oiqpo, oiqpo, oiqpo, quick, speedy, in haste
oio oio oio oio to perceive
oio oio oio oio to breathe
oiovio, oiovio, oiovio, oiovio, lasting for an age
oiov oiov oiov oiov a period of existence
oiopo oiopo oiopo oiopo a machine for suspending
oiopto oiopto oiopto oiopto to lift up, raise
oiopqo oiopqo oiopqo oiopqo that which is hung up: a hanging cord, a halter
oiopqo, oiopqo, oiopqo, oiopqo, a hovering
o|oqtio o|oqtio o|oqtio o|oqtio the Academy
o|oopoio o|oopoio o|oopoio o|oopoio uncleanness, impurity
o|oopo, o|oopo, o|oopo, o|oopo, uncleansed, unclean, impure
o|oivo o|oivo o|oivo o|oivo a thorn, goad
o|oipio o|oipio o|oipio o|oipio unfitness of times: unseasonableness
o|oipo, o|oipo, o|oipo, o|oipo, ill-timed, unseasonable, inopportune
o|o|qo o|o|qo o|o|qo o|o|qo guileless, gracious
o|o|io o|o|io o|o|io o|o|io guilelessness
o|o|o, o|o|o, o|o|o, o|o|o, unknowing of ill, guileless
o|oiopptiq, o|oiopptiq, o|oiopptiq, o|oiopptiq, soft-flowing
o|oiqq o|oiqq o|oiqq o|oiqq a nettle
o|oiiq, o|oiiq, o|oiiq, o|oiiq, without charms
o|oiiitpqo, o|oiiitpqo, o|oiiitpqo, o|oiiitpqo, ill-omened
o|oiioioo, o|oiioioo, o|oiioioo, o|oiioioo, unadorned
o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, uncovered, unveiled
o|oovoioy_q, o|oovoioy_q, o|oovoioy_q, o|oovoioy_q, unwearied at the spear
o|oovoo_q, o|oovoo_q, o|oovoo_q, o|oovoo_q, unwearied in fight
o|oovoou, o|oovoou, o|oovoou, o|oovoou, untiring of foot, unwearied
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, untiring, unresting
o|ooo, o|ooo, o|ooo, o|ooo, without sense of toil
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, unbent, that will not bend, rigid
o|ovo o|ovo o|ovo o|ovo a thorn, prickle
o|ovivo, o|ovivo, o|ovivo, o|ovivo, of thorns
o|ovi, o|ovi, o|ovi, o|ovi, the goldfinch
o|ovooq, o|ovooq, o|ovooq, o|ovooq, walking among thorns
o|ovoioyo, o|ovoioyo, o|ovoioyo, o|ovoioyo, gathering thorns
o|ovoq, o|ovoq, o|ovoq, o|ovoq, full of thorns, thorny
o|ovo, o|ovo, o|ovo, o|ovo, without smoke
o|o o|o o|o o|o softly, gently
o|opio, o|opio, o|opio, o|opio, wanting the heart
o|opqvo, o|opqvo, o|opqvo, o|opqvo, headless
o|opq, o|opq, o|opq, o|opq, too short to be cut, very short
o|opioio, o|opioio, o|opioio, o|opioio, momentary, brief
o|opio o|opio o|opio o|opio unfruitfulness, barrenness
o|opioo, o|opioo, o|opioo, o|opioo, where nothing is to be reaped, unfruitful
o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, without fruit, barren
o|opoo, o|opoo, o|opoo, o|opoo, not made fruitful, without fruit
Page 21
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|oo|oio, o|oo|oio, o|oo|oio, o|oo|oio, gentle
o|ooiqo, o|ooiqo, o|ooiqo, o|ooiqo, not to be overthrown, irrefragable
o|ooyvooo, o|ooyvooo, o|ooyvooo, o|ooyvooo, not to be condemned
o|oo|oiuo, o|oo|oiuo, o|oo|oiuo, o|oo|oiuo, uncovered
o|oo|pio, o|oo|pio, o|oo|pio, o|oo|pio, uncondemned
o|ooiio|o, o|ooiio|o, o|ooiio|o, o|ooiio|o, irreconcileable
o|ooiuo, o|ooiuo, o|ooiuo, o|ooiuo, indissoluble
o|ooouoo, o|ooouoo, o|ooouoo, o|ooouoo, that cannot cease from
o|ooooo, o|ooooo, o|ooooo, o|ooooo, unstable, unsettled
o|ooo_to, o|ooo_to, o|ooo_to, o|ooo_to, not to be checked
o|oopovqo, o|oopovqo, o|oopovqo, o|oopovqo, not to be despised, important
o|ootuoo, o|ootuoo, o|ootuoo, o|ootuoo, not fabulous
o|oiov o|oiov o|oiov o|oiov a light boat
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, a light vessel
o|ouoo, o|ouoo, o|ouoo, o|ouoo, unburnt
o|o_io o|o_io o|o_io o|o_io to trouble, grieve
o|o_tvo, o|o_tvo, o|o_tvo, o|o_tvo, sharpened
o|tituoo, o|tituoo, o|tituoo, o|tituoo, unbidden
o|tvqo, o|tvqo, o|tvqo, o|tvqo, needing no goad
o|tvpo, o|tvpo, o|tvpo, o|tvpo, without sting, stingless
o|tooi o|tooi o|tooi o|tooi to heal, cure
o|tpoio, o|tpoio, o|tpoio, o|tpoio, unmixed, pure in blood
o|tpouvoo, o|tpouvoo, o|tpouvoo, o|tpouvoo, not lightning-struck
o|tptio o|tptio o|tptio o|tptio want of gain, loss
o|tpq, o|tpq, o|tpq, o|tpq, without gain, bringing loss
o|tp|ioo, o|tp|ioo, o|tp|ioo, o|tp|ioo, unwoven
o|tp|o, o|tp|o, o|tp|o, o|tp|o, without a tail
o|tpoio o|tpoio o|tpoio o|tpoio want of money
o|tpot|oq, o|tpot|oq, o|tpot|oq, o|tpot|oq, with unshorn hair
o|tpoo, o|tpoo, o|tpoo, o|tpoo, not horned
o|toi, o|toi, o|toi, o|toi, a healing, cure
o|too o|too o|too o|too a remedy, cure
o|toqp o|toqp o|toqp o|toqp a healer
o|toq, o|toq, o|toq, o|toq, menders
o|toopio o|toopio o|toopio o|toopio the healing art
o|too, o|too, o|too, o|too, curable
o|topo o|topo o|topo o|topo a darning-needle
o|topio o|topio o|topio o|topio a sempstress
o|toop o|toop o|toop o|toop a healer, saviour
o|toopo, o|toopo, o|toopo, o|toopo, bringing a cure, healing
o|toouvo, o|toouvo, o|toouvo, o|toouvo, allaying pain
o|toio, o|toio, o|toio, o|toio, without head
o|tov o|tov o|tov o|tov softly, silently
o|qtoo, o|qtoo, o|qtoo, o|qtoo, uncared for, unburied
o|qtuo, o|qtuo, o|qtuo, o|qtuo, unburied
o|qto o|qto o|qto o|qto to take no care for, no heed of
Page 22
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|qq, o|qq, o|qq, o|qq, uncared for, unburied
o|qiqo, o|qiqo, o|qiqo, o|qiqo, to be won by no charms, proof against enchantment, inexorable
o|qo o|qo o|qo o|qo a cure, relief
o|qv o|qv o|qv o|qv softly, silently
o|q o|q o|q o|q a point
o|qpooio, o|qpooio, o|qpooio, o|qpooio, unmixed
o|qpoo, o|qpoo, o|qpoo, o|qpoo, unmixed, uncontaminated, undefiled
o|qpio, o|qpio, o|qpio, o|qpio, unharmed by the
o|qpu|ti o|qpu|ti o|qpu|ti o|qpu|ti without needing a flag of truce
o|qpu|o, o|qpu|o, o|qpu|o, o|qpu|o, unannounced, unproclaimed
o|qpoo, o|qpoo, o|qpoo, o|qpoo, unwaxed
o|iqio, o|iqio, o|iqio, o|iqio, unadulterated, genuine
o|ivo, o|ivo, o|ivo, o|ivo, weak, feeble, faint
o|i|u, o|i|u, o|i|u, o|i|u, powerless, feeble
o|ivo|q, o|ivo|q, o|ivo|q, o|ivo|q, a short straight sword
o|ivuvo, o|ivuvo, o|ivuvo, o|ivuvo, without danger, free from danger
o|ivqo, o|ivqo, o|ivqo, o|ivqo, unmoved, motionless
o|io, o|io, o|io, o|io, not worm-eaten
o|i, o|i, o|i, o|i, a point, the barb
o|i_qo, o|i_qo, o|i_qo, o|i_qo, not to be reached, unattainable
o||iooi o||iooi o||iooi o||iooi to affect indifference
o||o o||o o||o o||o a bugbear
o|iooo, o|iooo, o|iooo, o|iooo, unbroken
o|iouoo, o|iouoo, o|iouoo, o|iouoo, unlamented
o|itq, o|itq, o|itq, o|itq, without fame, inglorious, unsung
o|itio o|itio o|itio o|itio ingloriousness
o|itioo, o|itioo, o|itioo, o|itioo, not closed
o|iqpo, o|iqpo, o|iqpo, o|iqpo, without lot
o|iqpoo, o|iqpoo, o|iqpoo, o|iqpoo, without lot
o|iqo, o|iqo, o|iqo, o|iqo, uncalled, unbidden
o|iivq, o|iivq, o|iivq, o|iivq, bending to neither side, unswerving
o|iuoo, o|iuoo, o|iuoo, o|iuoo, unwashed by waves
o|oo o|oo o|oo o|oo to be in full bloom, be at one's prime
o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, in full bloom, at the prime, blooming, vigorous
o|qvo, o|qvo, o|qvo, o|qvo, full-grown
o|qvo, o|qvo, o|qvo, o|qvo, fasting
o|q o|q o|q o|q a point, edge
o|q, o|q, o|q, o|q, untiring, unwearied
o|otov o|otov o|otov o|otov the anvil-block, smithy
o|ov o|ov o|ov o|ov a thunderbolt
o|vqoi, o|vqoi, o|vqoi, o|vqoi, the spine
o|vioo, o|vioo, o|vioo, o|vioo, without the fat of sacrifices
o|oq o|oq o|oq o|oq a hearing, the sound heard
o|oiqo, o|oiqo, o|oiqo, o|oiqo, sleepless
o|oivovqo, o|oivovqo, o|oivovqo, o|oivovqo, not shared with
o|oiq, o|oiq, o|oiq, o|oiq, a bedfellow, spouse, husband.
Page 23
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|oii, o|oii, o|oii, o|oii, a spouse, wife
o|oiooio o|oiooio o|oiooio o|oiooio licentiousness, intemperance
o|oioooivo o|oioooivo o|oioooivo o|oioooivo to be licentious, intemperate
o|oiooqo o|oiooqo o|oiooqo o|oiooqo an act of
o|oiooo, o|oiooo, o|oiooo, o|oiooo, licentious, intemperate
o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, a bit, morsel
o|oiouto o|oiouto o|oiouto o|oiouto to follow
o|oiouqtov o|oiouqtov o|oiouqtov o|oiouqtov one must follow
o|oiouio o|oiouio o|oiouio o|oiouio a following, train
o|oiouo, o|oiouo, o|oiouo, o|oiouo, following, attending on
o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, unable to swim
o|oioio o|oioio o|oioio o|oioio want of tending
o|oioo, o|oioo, o|oioo, o|oioo, untended
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, without hair, bald
o|oooo, o|oooo, o|oooo, o|oooo, not boastful
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, not boasting
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, unadorned, boorish
o|ovoo o|ovoo o|ovoo o|ovoo to sharpen, whet
o|ovuio, o|ovuio, o|ovuio, o|ovuio, without knuckles:&mdash
o|ovq o|ovq o|ovq o|ovq a whetstone, hone
o|ovii|o, o|ovii|o, o|ovii|o, o|ovii|o, made of aconite
o|ovii o|ovii o|ovii o|ovii without the dust of the arena
o|oviov o|oviov o|oviov o|oviov aconite
o|ovio, o|ovio, o|ovio, o|ovio, without dust.
o|ovio o|ovio o|ovio o|ovio to hurl a javelin
o|ovioi, o|ovioi, o|ovioi, o|ovioi, javelin-throwing
o|ovioo o|ovioo o|ovioo o|ovioo a javelin's throw
o|ovioq, o|ovioq, o|ovioq, o|ovioq, a darter, javelin-man
o|ovioi|o, o|ovioi|o, o|ovioi|o, o|ovioi|o, skilled in throwing the javelin
o|oviou, o|oviou, o|oviou, o|oviou, the game of throwing the javelin
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, without weariness
o|optoo, o|optoo, o|optoo, o|optoo, insatiate
o|opqo, o|opqo, o|opqo, o|opqo, insatiate, unsated in
o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, untiring, ceaseless
o|ooto o|ooto o|ooto o|ooto to be disorderly, to offend
o|ooqo, o|ooqo, o|ooqo, o|ooqo, unarranged, unorganised
o|ooio o|ooio o|ooio o|ooio disorder
o|ooo, o|ooo, o|ooo, o|ooo, without order, disorderly
o|o, o|o, o|o, o|o, a cure, relief, remedy for
o|oooo o|oooo o|oooo o|oooo corn-fed
o|ooq o|ooq o|ooq o|ooq barley
o|ouoooi o|ouoooi o|ouoooi o|ouoooi to hearken
o|oupo, o|oupo, o|oupo, o|oupo, without male heir
o|ouoito, o|ouoito, o|ouoito, o|ouoito, heard of God
o|ouoo o|ouoo o|ouoo o|ouoo a thing heard
o|ouotov o|ouotov o|ouotov o|ouotov one must hear
Page 24
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|ouoo, o|ouoo, o|ouoo, o|ouoo, heard, audible
o|ouo o|ouo o|ouo o|ouo to hear
o|poovo, o|poovo, o|poovo, o|poovo, unfulfilled, fruitless
o|poyq, o|poyq, o|poyq, o|poyq, not barking
o|poq, o|poq, o|poq, o|poq, blowing strongly, fresh-blowing
o|poio, o|poio, o|poio, o|poio, dwelling on the heights
o|poivq, o|poivq, o|poivq, o|poivq, unmixed, pure
o|povo, o|povo, o|povo, o|povo, unfulfilled, fruitless
o|po o|po o|po o|po a headland, foreland, cape
o|pooio o|pooio o|pooio o|pooio bad mixture, ill temperature
o|potio o|potio o|potio o|potio incontinence, want of self-control
o|poq, o|poq, o|poq, o|poq, powerless, impotent
o|poiooi o|poiooi o|poiooi o|poiooi to drink wine unmixed with water
o|poioo o|poioo o|poioo o|poioo a breakfast
o|poioo, o|poioo, o|poioo, o|poioo, having breakfasted
o|pooooio o|pooooio o|pooooio o|pooooio a drinking of sheer wine
o|poooq, o|poooq, o|poooq, o|poooq, a drinker of sheer wine
o|poo, o|poo, o|poo, o|poo, unmixed, sheer
o|po_oito o|po_oito o|po_oito o|po_oito to be passionate
o|po_oiio o|po_oiio o|po_oiio o|po_oiio passionateness, burst of passion
o|po_oio, o|po_oio, o|po_oio, o|po_oio, quick to anger, passionate
o|ptov o|ptov o|ptov o|ptov a branch, twig, spray
o|ptotpo, o|ptotpo, o|ptotpo, o|ptotpo, at eventide
o|pqq, o|pqq, o|pqq, o|pqq, a youth in his prime
o|pqo, o|pqo, o|pqo, o|pqo, in earliest youth
o|pitio o|pitio o|pitio o|pitio exactness, minute accuracy, precision
o|piq, o|piq, o|piq, o|piq, exact, accurate, precise, made
o|pioioytooi o|pioioytooi o|pioioytooi o|pioioytooi to be exact
o|pioioyo, o|pioioyo, o|pioioyo, o|pioioyo, precise in argument
o|pioo o|pioo o|pioo o|pioo to make exact
o|pioq|q o|pioq|q o|pioq|q o|pioq|q a locust-cage
o|pioio o|pioio o|pioio o|pioio want of distinctness
o|pi, o|pi, o|pi, o|pi, a locust
o|pi, o|pi, o|pi, o|pi, a hill-top
o|pioo|pu, o|pioo|pu, o|pioo|pu, o|pioo|pu, shedding floods of tears
o|piouo, o|piouo, o|piouo, o|piouo, recklessly
o|pio, o|pio, o|pio, o|pio, undistinguishable, unarranged, disorderly
o|piouiio, o|piouiio, o|piouiio, o|piouiio, of undistinguishable
o|pioupo, o|pioupo, o|pioupo, o|pioupo, undistinguishably mixed
o|pooo o|pooo o|pooo o|pooo anything heard with pleasure
o|poooi|o, o|poooi|o, o|poooi|o, o|poooi|o, designed for hearing only
o|pooooi o|pooooi o|pooooi o|pooooi to hearken to, listen to
o|poooi, o|poooi, o|poooi, o|poooi, a hearing
o|pooto, o|pooto, o|pooto, o|pooto, one must listen to
o|pooqpiov o|pooqpiov o|pooqpiov o|pooqpiov a place of audience
o|pooq, o|pooq, o|pooq, o|pooq, a hearer
Page 25
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|pooi|o, o|pooi|o, o|pooi|o, o|pooi|o, of
o|pooq, o|pooq, o|pooq, o|pooq, tinged at the point
o|potiq, o|potiq, o|potiq, o|potiq, with a point at the end
o|pooito o|pooito o|pooito o|pooito to sling
o|pooiio o|pooiio o|pooiio o|pooiio a slinging, skirmishing
o|pooiiooi o|pooiiooi o|pooiiooi o|pooiiooi to throw from afar, to fight with missiles, to skirmish
o|pooiioi, o|pooiioi, o|pooiioi, o|pooiioi, a skirmishing
o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, struck from afar
o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, a slinger, skirmisher
o|pouoio o|pouoio o|pouoio o|pouoio the foreskin
o|poyovioio, o|poyovioio, o|poyovioio, o|poyovioio, at the extreme angle
o|poto, o|poto, o|poto, o|poto, bound at the end
o|popuo o|popuo o|popuo o|popuo fruit-trees
o|poiyq, o|poiyq, o|poiyq, o|poiyq, touching on the surface, touching the lips
o|poivioooi o|poivioooi o|poivioooi o|poivioooi to take of the best, pick out for oneself
o|poiviov o|poiviov o|poiviov o|poiviov the topmost part of a heap, the choice part, first-fruits
o|po|tioivioo o|po|tioivioo o|po|tioivioo o|po|tioivioo growing black on the surface
o|po|vtoio, o|po|vtoio, o|po|vtoio, o|po|vtoio, at the beginning of night, in twilight
o|po|oo, o|po|oo, o|po|oo, o|po|oo, with hair on the crown
o|po|opivo, o|po|opivo, o|po|opivo, o|po|opivo, the citadel of Corinth
o|poiio, o|poiio, o|poiio, o|poiio, with the ends made of stone
o|poioyto o|poioyto o|poioyto o|poioyto to gather at top
o|poioiq, o|poioiq, o|poioiq, o|poioiq, a mountaineer
o|poioo, o|poioo, o|poioo, o|poioo, high-crested, peaked
o|poiuto o|poiuto o|poiuto o|poiuto to untie at the ends
o|poovq, o|poovq, o|poovq, o|poovq, on the verge of madness
o|pooiio, o|pooiio, o|pooiio, o|pooiio, leaded at the edge
o|pov o|pov o|pov o|pov the highest
o|povu_i o|povu_i o|povu_i o|povu_i with the tip of the nail
o|povu_o, o|povu_o, o|povu_o, o|povu_o, at night-fall, at even
o|potvq, o|potvq, o|potvq, o|potvq, exceeding sad
o|pooqi o|pooqi o|pooqi o|pooqi on tiptoe
o|pooii, o|pooii, o|pooii, o|pooii, the upper city
o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, o|pooio, high-ranging, lofty
o|poopo, o|poopo, o|poopo, o|poopo, piercing with the point
o|popopov o|popopov o|popopov o|popopov the end of a ship's prow
o|potpov o|potpov o|potpov o|potpov the tip of the wing
o|pooiqpo, o|pooiqpo, o|pooiqpo, o|pooiqpo, pointed
o|poooo, o|poooo, o|poooo, o|poooo, high in wisdom
o|po, o|po, o|po, o|po, at the furthest point
o|poooiiov o|poooiiov o|poooiiov o|poooiiov the gunwale
o|poooiq, o|poooiq, o|poooiq, o|poooiq, apt to trip, unsteady, precarious
o|potituiov o|potituiov o|potituiov o|potituiov the fag-end
o|pooto o|pooto o|pooto o|pooto to lop off, shave the surface
o|pooo, o|pooo, o|pooo, o|pooo, cut off sharp, abrupt
o|pouoiov o|pouoiov o|pouoiov o|pouoiov the snout
Page 26
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o|po_ovq, o|po_ovq, o|po_ovq, o|po_ovq, yawning at top
o|po_tipiooi o|po_tipiooi o|po_tipiooi o|po_tipiooi to struggle at arm's length
o|po_opov o|po_opov o|po_opov o|po_opov a wart with a thin neck
o|puo, o|puo, o|puo, o|puo, unhidden
o|puooiio, o|puooiio, o|puooiio, o|puooiio, free from ice
o|poio o|poio o|poio o|poio the point of the shoulder
o|povio o|povio o|povio o|povio mutilation
o|povu_io o|povu_io o|povu_io o|povu_io the tip of the nail
o|povu_o, o|povu_o, o|povu_o, o|povu_o, with nails at the extremities
o|poptio o|poptio o|poptio o|poptio a mountain-ridge
o|poqpioo o|poqpioo o|poqpioo o|poqpioo to cut off the extremities, mutilate
o|poqpiov o|poqpiov o|poqpiov o|poqpiov any prominent part
o|oivo o|oivo o|oivo o|oivo to lift up, raise
o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, o|oio, on the coast
o|tovo, o|tovo, o|tovo, o|tovo, without property, poor
o|to o|to o|to o|to the elder-tree
o|tvioo, o|tvioo, o|tvioo, o|tvioo, uncombed, unkempt
o|to, o|to, o|to, o|to, one must lead
o|tpioo, o|tpioo, o|tpioo, o|tpioo, unhallowed by funeral rites
o|qov o|qov o|qov o|qov without property, poor
o|q o|q o|q o|q a headland, foreland, promontory, shore
o|qo, o|qo, o|qo, o|qo, not worth getting
o|ivqov o|ivqov o|ivqov o|ivqov like a ray
o|io, o|io, o|io, o|io, haunting the shore
o|i, o|i, o|i, o|i, a ray, beam
o|iq, o|iq, o|iq, o|iq, a dweller on the coast
o|io, o|io, o|io, o|io, untilled
o|op o|op o|op o|op a leader
o|utpvqo, o|utpvqo, o|utpvqo, o|utpvqo, without steersman
o|uio, o|uio, o|uio, o|uio, an acorn
o|uovo, o|uovo, o|uovo, o|uovo, not washed by the waves
o|uo, o|uo, o|uo, o|uo, tranquil
o|uov o|uov o|uov o|uov without fruit, barren
o|upo, o|upo, o|upo, o|upo, without authority
o|upoo, o|upoo, o|upoo, o|upoo, unconfirmed
o|o|q o|o|q o|o|q o|o|q a point
o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, o|oiuo, unhindered
o|ooqo, o|ooqo, o|ooqo, o|ooqo, not ridiculed
o|ov o|ov o|ov o|ov a javelin, dart
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, without oars
oioop_io oioop_io oioop_io oioop_io the office of
oiooooq|q oiooooq|q oiooooq|q oiooooq|q a case for alabaster ornaments
oioooo, oioooo, oioooo, oioooo, a box
oiooopov oiooopov oiooopov oiooopov a box
oiot oiot oiot oiot to
oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, the bounding race
Page 27
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oioovtio oioovtio oioovtio oioovtio false pretension, imposture, quackery
oioovtuo oioovtuo oioovtuo oioovtuo an imposture, piece of quackery
oioovtuooi oioovtuooi oioovtuooi oioovtuooi to make false pretensions
oioovi|o, oioovi|o, oioovi|o, oioovi|o, boastful, braggart
oioov oioov oioov oioov a vagabond
oioivo oioivo oioivo oioivo to wander about
oioioyq oioioyq oioioyq oioioyq a shouting
oioioyo oioioyo oioioyo oioioyo a shouting
oioioo oioioo oioioo oioioo to raise the war-cry
oioiqoi oioiqoi oioiqoi oioiqoi to wander
oioiq oioiq oioiq oioiq a loud cry
oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, the shout of victory
oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, oioiqo, unutterable
oioi|t oioi|t oioi|t oioi|t to ward
oioi|otvqi, oioi|otvqi, oioi|otvqi, oioi|otvqi, the Protectress
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, speechless
oioiu|qoi oioiu|qoi oioiu|qoi oioiu|qoi to be sore distressed
oioto, oioto, oioto, oioto, without light, darksome
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, out of
oioooi oioooi oioooi oioooi to wander, stray
oiooo|oio oiooo|oio oiooo|oio oiooo|oio a blind
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, not seeing, blind
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to blind
oioovo, oioovo, oioovo, oioovo, exhausted, powerless, feeble
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to empty, drain, exhaust
oio, oio, oio, oio, salt
oiooto oiooto oiooto oiooto to be full of wrath
oiooopo, oiooopo, oiooopo, oiooopo, under the influence of an
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, not to be forgotten, insufferable, unceasing
oiooop oiooop oiooop oiooop the avenging deity, destroying angel
oioou, oioou, oioou, oioou, a blinding
oiytivo, oiytivo, oiytivo, oiytivo, giving pain, painful, grievous
oiyto oiyto oiyto oiyto to feel bodily pain, suffer
oiyqov oiyqov oiyqov oiyqov a sense of pain, pain, suffering
oiyqo oiyqo oiyqo oiyqo pain, suffering
oiyqoi, oiyqoi, oiyqoi, oiyqoi, sense of pain
oiyivoti, oiyivoti, oiyivoti, oiyivoti, painful, grievous
oiyiov oiyiov oiyiov oiyiov more
oiyo, oiyo, oiyo, oiyo, pain
oiyuvo oiyuvo oiyuvo oiyuvo to pain, grieve, distress
oioivo oioivo oioivo oioivo to make to grow
oiqo|o oiqo|o oiqo|o oiqo|o to grow, wax
oitoivo oitoivo oitoivo oitoivo to warm, make warm
oito oito oito oito an escape
oitytivo, oitytivo, oitytivo, oitytivo, hard
oityio oityio oityio oityio to trouble oneself about
Page 28
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oityuvo oityuvo oityuvo oityuvo to care for, furnish
oityo oityo oityo oityo to trouble oneself, have a care
oittivo, oittivo, oittivo, oittivo, open to the sun, warm, hot
oittivo oittivo oittivo oittivo to avoid, shun
oitq, oitq, oitq, oitq, in the sun
oitioo oitioo oitioo oitioo wheaten flour
oitio oitio oitio oitio anything used for anointing, unguent, fat, oil
oitiq, oitiq, oitiq, oitiq, an anointer, a teacher of gymnastics
oitioov oitioov oitioov oitioov a cup, goblet
oitiq, oitiq, oitiq, oitiq, one who flees from punishment, a culprit, a sinner
oitiop oitiop oitiop oitiop anointing-oil, unguent, oil
oitio oitio oitio oitio to anoint with oil, oil
oitii, oitii, oitii, oitii, an anointing
oit|opio|o, oit|opio|o, oit|opio|o, oit|opio|o, a cockerel
oit|opoovio oit|opoovio oit|opoovio oit|opoovio cock-crow
oit|po, oit|po, oit|po, oit|po, unbedded, unwedded
oit|puoivo oit|puoivo oit|puoivo oit|puoivo a hen
oit|puov oit|puov oit|puov oit|puov a cock
oit|op oit|op oit|op oit|op a cock
oit|o oit|o oit|o oit|o to ward off
oitovpioq, oitovpioq, oitovpioq, oitovpioq, a partisan of Alexander
oitovpo, oitovpo, oitovpo, oitovpo, defending men
oitovpoq, oitovpoq, oitovpoq, oitovpoq, Alexander-like
oitovto, oitovto, oitovto, oitovto, keeping off the wind
oitqo oitqo oitqo oitqo a defence, remedy
oitqoi, oitqoi, oitqoi, oitqoi, a keeping off, defence
oitqqpio, oitqqpio, oitqqpio, oitqqpio, able to keep off
oitqqp oitqqp oitqqp oitqqp one who keeps off
oitiopq oitiopq oitiopq oitiopq she that keeps off a curse
oitititvo, oitititvo, oitititvo, oitititvo, keeping off darts
oiti|o|o, oiti|o|o, oiti|o|o, oiti|o|o, keeping off evil
oitipoo, oitipoo, oitipoo, oitipoo, protecting mortals
oitiopo, oitiopo, oitiopo, oitiopo, warding off death
oitiopo|ov oitiopo|ov oitiopo|ov oitiopo|ov an antidote, remedy
oito oito oito oito to ward
oitooi oitooi oitooi oitooi to avoid, shun
oitq, oitq, oitq, oitq, a grinder
oito, oito, oito, oito, a grinding
oitptuo oitptuo oitptuo oitptuo to grind
oitpiovo, oitpiovo, oitpiovo, oitpiovo, that which grinds
oitpi, oitpi, oitpi, oitpi, a female slave who grinds corn
oitupov oitupov oitupov oitupov wheaten flour
oituo oituo oituo oituo to remove, keep away
oito oito oito oito to grind, bruise, pound
oitopq oitopq oitopq oitopq avoidance, escape
oiqtio oiqtio oiqtio oiqtio truth
Page 29
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiqtuo oiqtuo oiqtuo oiqtuo to speak truth
oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, unconcealed, true
oiqivo, oiqivo, oiqivo, oiqivo, agreeable to truth
oiqoovi, oiqoovi, oiqoovi, oiqoovi, prophet of truth
oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, of wandering
oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, oiqio, poor in lands
oiqo oiqo oiqo oiqo fine meal
oiqov oiqov oiqov oiqov a wanderer, rover
oiq oiq oiq oiq ceaseless wandering
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, not to be laid hold of, hard to catch
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, assembled, thronged, in a mass, all at once
oiqtio oiqtio oiqtio oiqtio a wandering, roaming
oiqtuo oiqtuo oiqtuo oiqtuo to wander, roam about
oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, a wanderer, stroller, rover, vagabond
oiooi oiooi oiooi oiooi to become whole and sound
oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, a seaman
oiioto, oiioto, oiioto, oiioto, the sea-eagle, osprey
oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, blowing seaward
oiiovq, oiiovq, oiiovq, oiiovq, sea-blooming
oiio oiio oiio oiio an assembly of the people
oiiooo, oiiooo, oiiooo, oiiooo, unshrinking, unabating
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, a dead body, corpse
oiipt|o, oiipt|o, oiipt|o, oiipt|o, washed by the sea
oiiy|io, oiiy|io, oiiy|io, oiiy|io, resembling, like
oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, sea-tossed
oiitio oiitio oiitio oiitio fishing
oiitp|q, oiitp|q, oiitp|q, oiitp|q, sea-fenced, sea-girt
oiitu, oiitu, oiitu, oiitu, one who has to do with the sea
oiitui|o, oiitui|o, oiitui|o, oiitui|o, of
oiituo oiituo oiituo oiituo to be a fisher
oiio oiio oiio oiio to gather together, to muster
oiio oiio oiio oiio to salt
oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, sea-girt
oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, living on
oiiqpq, oiiqpq, oiiqpq, oiiqpq, sweeping the sea
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, without stones, not stony
oii|opvoootu, oii|opvoootu, oii|opvoootu, oii|opvoootu, a Halicarnassian
oii|opvooootv oii|opvooootv oii|opvooootv oii|opvooootv from Halicarnassus
oii|iuoo, oii|iuoo, oii|iuoo, oii|iuoo, sea-washed
oii|uo, oii|uo, oii|uo, oii|uo, groaning at sea
oii|uov oii|uov oii|uov oii|uov surrounded by waves
oiitvo, oiitvo, oiitvo, oiitvo, without harbour, harbourless
oiitvoq, oiitvoq, oiitvoq, oiitvoq, want of harbours
oiiupqti, oiiupqti, oiiupqti, oiiupqti, flowing into the sea
oiiupq, oiiupq, oiiupq, oiiupq, sea-flowing
oiivto oiivto oiivto oiivto to make to roll
Page 30
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiivqpo oiivqpo oiivqpo oiivqpo a sandy place for horses to roll in
oiivq|tipo oiivq|tipo oiivq|tipo oiivq|tipo swimming in the sea
oiivq_q, oiivq_q, oiivq_q, oiivq_q, swimming in the sea
oiivo, oiivo, oiivo, oiivo, of salt
oiivo, oiivo, oiivo, oiivo, without a net
oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, oiiovo, worn by the sea
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, of the sea
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, fruitless, unprofitable, vain, idle
oiioptq, oiioptq, oiioptq, oiioptq, sea-bred
oiioo oiioo oiioo oiioo to make fruitless, frustrate, disappoint
oiiopq, oiiopq, oiiopq, oiiopq, not fit for a suppliant
oiitov oiitov oiitov oiitov a plain by the sea
oiiioy|o, oiiioy|o, oiiioy|o, oiiioy|o, roaming the sea
oiiiovq, oiiiovq, oiiiovq, oiiiovq, sea-wandering
oiiiovio oiiiovio oiiiovio oiiiovio a wandering voyage
oiiiq|o, oiiiq|o, oiiiq|o, oiiiq|o, sea-beaten
oiiioo, oiiioo, oiiioo, oiiioo, covered with water
oiiopo, oiiopo, oiiopo, oiiopo, through which the sea flows
oiiopupo, oiiopupo, oiiopupo, oiiopupo, of sea-purple, of true purple dye
oiippoyq, oiippoyq, oiippoyq, oiippoyq, against which the sea breaks
oiippovo, oiippovo, oiippovo, oiippovo, sea-surging
oiippoio, oiippoio, oiippoio, oiippoio, dashed over by the sea
oiippoo, oiippoo, oiippoo, oiippoo, of the raging sea
oiippuo, oiippuo, oiippuo, oiippuo, washed by the sea
oiioyto oiioyto oiioyto oiioyto to pollute
oiioyqo oiioyqo oiioyqo oiioyqo a pollution
oiio|ooi oiio|ooi oiio|ooi oiio|ooi to be taken, conquered
oii, oii, oii, oii, in heaps, crowds, swarms, in abundance, in plenty
oiioovo, oiioovo, oiioovo, oiioovo, sea-resounding
oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, salted, pickled
oiiopto, oiiopto, oiiopto, oiiopto, sea-tossed
oiioivo oiioivo oiioivo oiioivo to sin
oiitvq, oiitvq, oiitvq, oiitvq, stretching along the sea, level, flat
oiitpov oiitpov oiitpov oiitpov bounded by the sea
oiiqo oiiqo oiiqo oiiqo a sin, offence
oiiqpio, oiiqpio, oiiqpio, oiiqpio, sinning
oiiqpioq, oiiqpioq, oiiqpioq, oiiqpioq, abominable, accursed
oiiotvo, oiiotvo, oiiotvo, oiiotvo, sinning against one's friend
oiiopoouvq oiiopoouvq oiiopoouvq oiiopoouvq a wicked mind
oiipoivo oiipoivo oiipoivo oiipoivo to sin, offend
oiipio oiipio oiipio oiipio sinfulness, mischief
oiipo, oiipo, oiipo, oiipo, sinful, sinning
oiipuo, oiipuo, oiipuo, oiipuo, sea-beaten, sea-worn
oiiuo, oiiuo, oiiuo, oiiuo, sea-beaten
oiiupo, oiiupo, oiiupo, oiiupo, a sort of salt-cheese
oiiopio oiiopio oiiopio oiiopio a disaster at sea, shipwreck
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H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiiopo, oiiopo, oiiopo, oiiopo, destroying on the sea
oi|oio, oi|oio, oi|oio, oi|oio, strong, mighty
oi|op oi|op oi|op oi|op a safeguard, defence
oi|qti, oi|qti, oi|qti, oi|qti, valiant, warlike
oi|q oi|q oi|q oi|q strength
oi|io_o, oi|io_o, oi|io_o, oi|io_o, bravely fighting
oi|io, oi|io, oi|io, oi|io, strong, stout
oi|i oi|i oi|i oi|i might, strength
oi|ipov oi|ipov oi|ipov oi|ipov stout-hearted
oi|qp oi|qp oi|qp oi|qp a protector from
oi|uovit, oi|uovit, oi|uovit, oi|uovit, the 14 winter days during which the halcyon builds its nest, and the sea is calm, the halcyon days
oi|uov oi|uov oi|uov oi|uov the kingfisher
oiioyq oiioyq oiioyq oiioyq a change
oiioyo oiioyo oiioyo oiioyo that which is given
oiiovooito oiiovooito oiiovooito oiiovooito to deal in sausages
oiiovooiq, oiiovooiq, oiiovooiq, oiiovooiq, a sausage-dealer
oiio oiio oiio oiio otherwise, but
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, a sausage
oiioooo oiioooo oiioooo oiioooo to make other than it is, to change, alter
oiio_q oiio_q oiio_q oiio_q elsewhere, in another place
oiio_otv oiio_otv oiio_otv oiio_otv from another place
oiio_oi oiio_oi oiio_oi oiio_oi elsewhere
oiio_oot oiio_oot oiio_oot oiio_oot elsewhither, to another place
oiio_ou oiio_ou oiio_ou oiio_ou elsewhere
oiiqyopto oiiqyopto oiiqyopto oiiqyopto to speak so as to imply something other than what is said, to interpret allegorically
oiiqyopio oiiqyopio oiiqyopio oiiqyopio an allegory
oiiq|o, oiiq|o, oiiq|o, oiiq|o, unceasing, ceaseless
oiiqiooyio oiiqiooyio oiiqiooyio oiiqiooyio an eating one another
oiiqiooyo, oiiqiooyo, oiiqiooyo, oiiqiooyo, eating each other
oiiqioovio oiiqioovio oiiqioovio oiiqioovio mutual slaughter
oiiqioovoi oiiqioovoi oiiqioovoi oiiqioovoi murdering one another
oiiqiov oiiqiov oiiqiov oiiqiov of one another, to one another, one another
oiiq oiiq oiiq oiiq in another place, elsewhere
oiiioo, oiiioo, oiiioo, oiiioo, inexorable
oiiiovtuo, oiiiovtuo, oiiiovtuo, oiiiovtuo, inexorable
oiioytvq, oiioytvq, oiioytvq, oiioytvq, of another race, a stranger
oiioyioooo, oiioyioooo, oiioyioooo, oiioyioooo, using a strange tongue
oiioyvoto oiioyvoto oiioyvoto oiioyvoto to take one for another, not know
oiioyvoo, oiioyvoo, oiioyvoo, oiioyvoo, mis-known, unknown
oiiooo, oiiooo, oiiooo, oiiooo, belonging to another people
oiiotiq, oiiotiq, oiiotiq, oiiotiq, of strange appearance
oiiotv oiiotv oiiotv oiiotv from another place
oiioi oiioi oiioi oiioi elsewhere, in another place, in a strange
oiiopoo, oiiopoo, oiiopoo, oiiopoo, speaking a strange tongue
oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, of another sort
oiioioo oiioioo oiioioo oiioioo to make different, to change, alter
Page 32
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiioiooi, oiioiooi, oiioiooi, oiioiooi, a change, alteration
oiio|oo, oiio|oo, oiio|oo, oiio|oo, of unusual nature
oiiooi oiiooi oiiooi oiiooi to spring, leap, bound
oiiopoooiio, oiiopoooiio, oiiopoooiio, oiiopoooiio, leaning first to one side, then to the other
oiioot oiioot oiioot oiioot to another place, elsewhither
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, alius, another, one besides
oiiot oiiot oiiot oiiot at another time, at other times
oiiopiotio|oo, oiiopiotio|oo, oiiopiotio|oo, oiiopiotio|oo, a busy-body in other men's matters
oiiopioioyto oiiopioioyto oiiopioioyto oiiopioioyto to speak of things foreign to the matter
oiiopiopoyoouvq oiiopiopoyoouvq oiiopiopoyoouvq oiiopiopoyoouvq a meddling with other people's business
oiiopio, oiiopio, oiiopio, oiiopio, of
oiiopioq, oiiopioq, oiiopioq, oiiopioq, alienation, estrangement
oiiopio_po, oiiopio_po, oiiopio_po, oiiopio_po, changing colour
oiiopioo oiiopioo oiiopioo oiiopioo to estrange from
oiiopiooi, oiiopiooi, oiiopiooi, oiiopiooi, estrangement
oiiopovto oiiopovto oiiopovto oiiopovto to think of other things, to give no heed
oiiouio, oiiouio, oiiouio, oiiouio, of another tribe, foreign
oiio_poo, oiio_poo, oiio_poo, oiio_poo, changed in colour
oiio_po, oiio_po, oiio_po, oiio_po, looking strange
oiiui, oiiui, oiiui, oiiui, elsewhither
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, in another way
oio oio oio oio a spring, leap, bound
oiq oiq oiq oiq sea-water, brine
oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, salt, briny
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to thresh, thresh out
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, with a lobe wanting
oioyto oioyto oioyto oioyto to pay no regard to
oioyio oioyio oioyio oioyio want of respect
oioyioio oioyioio oioyioio oioyioio thoughtlessness, rashness
oioyioo, oioyioo, oioyioo, oioyioo, unreasoning, inconsiderate, thoughtless, heedless
oioyo, oioyo, oioyo, oioyo, without
oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, a threshing
oiotv oiotv oiotv oiotv from the sea
oioiopo, oioiopo, oioiopo, oioiopo, not reviling
oioiqqp oioiqqp oioiqqp oioiqqp a thresher, grinder
oioiq oioiq oioiq oioiq anything used for anointing, hog's-lard, grease, unguent
oio|io oio|io oio|io oio|io to trace furrows
oio oio oio oio a furrow
oioouvq oioouvq oioouvq oioouvq Sea-born
oiopi oiopi oiopi oiopi a pestle to pound salt
oioupyq, oioupyq, oioupyq, oioupyq, wrought in the sea, sea-purple
oioupyi, oioupyi, oioupyi, oioupyi, a purple robe
oiouoio oiouoio oiouoio oiouoio a being unwashen, want of the bath
oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, unwashen, not using the bath
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, without crest
oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, a bedfellow, spouse, wife
Page 33
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oivioo, oivioo, oivioo, oivioo, sweetest, loveliest
oioi, oioi, oioi, oioi, a leaping
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, a glade
oi, oi, oi, oi, a lump of salt
oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, oiooq, like a grove
oii|o, oii|o, oii|o, oii|o, good at leaping
oiu|i, oiu|i, oiu|i, oiu|i, a salt spring
oiu|oo oiu|oo oiu|oo oiu|oo to be in distress
oiu|otoi oiu|otoi oiu|otoi oiu|otoi galling bonds
oiui, oiui, oiui, oiui, an escape
oiuqo, oiuqo, oiuqo, oiuqo, not pained
oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, without pain
oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, without the lyre
oiuoi, oiuoi, oiuoi, oiuoi, a chain
oiuoitiq, oiuoitiq, oiuoitiq, oiuoitiq, unprofitable
oiuo|oo oiuo|oo oiuo|oo oiuo|oo to shun, shirk, avoid
oiuo|o oiuo|o oiuo|o oiuo|o to flee from, shun, avoid, forsake
oiu, oiu, oiu, oiu, listlessness, ennui
oiuooo oiuooo oiuooo oiuooo to be uneasy, be in distress
oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, not to be loosed, indissoluble
oiuo oiuo oiuo oiuo to wander in mind
oiovo oiovo oiovo oiovo to bring in, yield, earn
oitoioio, oitoioio, oitoioio, oitoioio, bringing in oxen
oiqoq, oiqoq, oiqoq, oiqoq, working for one's daily bread, laborious, enterprising
oiiooio, oiiooio, oiiooio, oiiooio, a dealer in barley-meal
oiiov oiiov oiiov oiiov peeled
oiiooiio oiiooiio oiiooiio oiiooiio a making of barley-meal
oiiooito oiiooito oiiooito oiiooito to eat barley-bread
oio, oio, oio, oio, whiteness: white leprosy
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, goddess of the threshing-floor
oiotivo, oiotivo, oiotivo, oiotivo, of
oioq oioq oioq oioq a threshing-floor
oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, a thresher, husbandman
oiot|tio, oiot|tio, oiot|tio, oiot|tio, of a fox
oiot|io, oiot|io, oiot|io, oiot|io, branded with a fox
oiot|itu, oiot|itu, oiot|itu, oiot|itu, a young fox
oiot|io oiot|io oiot|io oiot|io to play the fox
oiot|iov oiot|iov oiot|iov oiot|iov a little fox
oiot|i, oiot|i, oiot|i, oiot|i, a foxskin cap
oioq oioq oioq oioq a fox
oiooio, oiooio, oiooio, oiooio, easy to take, win
oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, a taking, capture, conquest, destruction
oio, oio, oio, oio, a threshing-floor
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, to be taken
oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, unremitting
ooovi|o, ooovi|o, ooovi|o, ooovi|o, of
Page 34
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooov ooov ooov ooov the Amazons
oooivo oooivo oooivo oooivo to be untaught, stupid
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, unlearned, ignorant, stupid, boorish
ooio ooio ooio ooio ignorance
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, sandy soil
oouvo oouvo oouvo oouvo to level with the sand, utterly destroy
ooio|to, ooio|to, ooio|to, ooio|to, irresistible
ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo to soften
ooio|o, ooio|o, ooio|o, ooio|o, not to be softened
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio cut corn, a sheaf
ooiiotqp ooiiotqp ooiiotqp ooiiotqp a binder of sheaves
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, soft, weak, feeble
ooou, ooou, ooou, ooou, a vine trained on two poles
ooo ooo ooo ooo a wagon, wain
ootu, ootu, ootu, ootu, for a wagon
ootuo ootuo ootuo ootuo to traverse with a wagon
ooqpq, ooqpq, ooqpq, ooqpq, of
ooioio, ooioio, ooioio, ooioio, large enough to load a wagon
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, a little wagon
ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, of
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, traversed by wagons
oooi|o, oooi|o, oooi|o, oooi|o, dwelling in a wagon
oooqyo, oooqyo, oooqyo, oooqyo, a cartwright
oooiqq, oooiqq, oooiqq, oooiqq, large enough to fill a wagon
oooupyo, oooupyo, oooupyo, oooupyo, cartwrights'
oo oo oo oo at once, at the same time
oopovivo, oopovivo, oopovivo, oopovivo, of amaranth
oopovo, oopovo, oopovo, oopovo, unfading, undecaying
oopo oopo oopo oopo a trench, conduit, channel
oopovo oopovo oopovo oopovo to miss, miss the mark
oopqo oopqo oopqo oopqo a failure, fault, sin
oopq oopq oopq oopq together, at once
oopqi|o, oopqi|o, oopqi|o, oopqi|o, prone to error
oopio oopio oopio oopio a failure, fault, sin
oopivoo, oopivoo, oopivoo, oopivoo, erring in mind, distraught
oopotq, oopotq, oopotq, oopotq, erring in words, speaking at random
oopupqo, oopupqo, oopupqo, oopupqo, needing no witness
oopupo, oopupo, oopupo, oopupo, without witness, unattested
oopoio, oopoio, oopoio, oopoio, sinful
oopuyq oopuyq oopuyq oopuyq a sparkling, glancing
oopuyo oopuyo oopuyo oopuyo a sparkle, twinkle
oopuooo oopuooo oopuooo oopuooo to sparkle, glance
oopo_oo oopo_oo oopo_oo oopo_oo to run together
oopo_io oopo_io oopo_io oopo_io a jostling
ooupoio, ooupoio, ooupoio, ooupoio, living in darkness
ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, dimly seen, dim, faint, baffling sight
Page 35
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo to make dim, faint
ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo obscuration
oo_ti oo_ti oo_ti oo_ti without resistance
oo_qi oo_qi oo_qi oo_qi without battle
oo_qo, oo_qo, oo_qo, oo_qo, not to be fought with, unconquerable
oo_o, oo_o, oo_o, oo_o, without battle
ooo ooo ooo ooo to reap corn
ooo ooo ooo ooo to gather together, collect
oiqqv oiqqv oiqqv oiqqv with sudden bursts
oiio|o oiio|o oiio|o oiio|o to cause to miscarry
oiuvo oiuvo oiuvo oiuvo to blunt, take the edge off
oiu, oiu, oiu, oiu, blunt, dulled, with the edge taken off
oiuq, oiuq, oiuq, oiuq, bluntness
oiuoto oiuoto oiuoto oiuoto to be dim-sighted
oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio dim-sightedness
oiuoooo oiuoooo oiuoooo oiuoooo to be dim-sighted
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, bedimmed, dark
ooioqv ooioqv ooioqv ooioqv bubbling up
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, thrown up
ooiitpyo, ooiitpyo, ooiitpyo, ooiitpyo, putting off a work, dilatory
opooiq opooiq opooiq opooiq ambrosia
opooio, opooio, opooio, opooio, immortal
opoooio, opoooio, opoooio, opoooio, with coursers of immortal strain
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, immortal, divine
otyopo, otyopo, otyopo, otyopo, unenviable
otuoivo, otuoivo, otuoivo, otuoivo, of amethyst
otuoo, otuoo, otuoo, otuoo, not drunken
otio otio otio otio to change, exchange
otiii|o, otiii|o, otiii|o, otiii|o, unsoftened, cruel
otiii_o, otiii_o, otiii_o, otiii_o, implacable, relentless
otivov otivov otivov otivov better, abler, stronger, braver
otipo otipo otipo otipo to bereave of
otii, otii, otii, otii, exchange, interchange
otiyo otiyo otiyo otiyo to milk
otitio otitio otitio otitio indifference, negligence
otiti otiti otiti otiti never mind
otitqoio otitqoio otitqoio otitqoio want of practice
otitqo, otitqo, otitqo, otitqo, unpractised
otito otito otito otito to have no care for, be neglectful of
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, careless, heedless, negligent
otiqto, otiqto, otiqto, otiqto, one must neglect
otiqo, otiqo, otiqo, otiqo, not to be cared for
otiiqo, otiiqo, otiiqo, otiiqo, not to be put off
oto, oto, oto, oto, not to be blamed, blameless
otio otio otio otio freedom from blame
otvqvo, otvqvo, otvqvo, otvqvo, powerless, fleeting, feeble
Page 36
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
otvqvoo otvqvoo otvqvoo otvqvoo to deaden the force
otpyo otpyo otpyo otpyo to pluck
otpo otpo otpo otpo to deprive of, bereave of
otpq, otpq, otpq, otpq, without parts, indivisible
otpivo, otpivo, otpivo, otpivo, free from care, unconcerned
oto|ivqo, oto|ivqo, oto|ivqo, oto|ivqo, immovable
ototiqo, ototiqo, ototiqo, ototiqo, not to be repented of
otovoqo, otovoqo, otovoqo, otovoqo, not to be repented of
otoooo, otoooo, otoooo, otoooo, not to be transposed, unchangeable, unchanging
otoopti otoopti otoopti otoopti without turning, straight forward
otoopto, otoopto, otoopto, otoopto, without turning about
otoopoo, otoopoo, otoopoo, otoopoo, unalterable
oto_o, oto_o, oto_o, oto_o, having no share of
otpqo, otpqo, otpqo, otpqo, unmeasured, immeasurable, immense
otpio otpio otpio otpio excess, disproportion
otpoio, otpoio, otpoio, otpoio, of immensely long life
otpotq, otpotq, otpotq, otpotq, unmeasured in words
otpooq, otpooq, otpooq, otpooq, drinking to excess
otpo, otpo, otpo, otpo, without measure, immense, excessive, boundless
otuooi otuooi otuooi otuooi to conquer
otuoiopo, otuoiopo, otuoiopo, otuoiopo, with interchanging paths
oqvio, oqvio, oqvio, oqvio, not angry
oqv oqv oqv oqv verily, of a truth, so be it
oq oq oq oq a shovel
oq oq oq oq in a certain way
oq, oq, oq, oq, milk-cake
oqqp oqqp oqqp oqqp a reaper
oqo, oqo, oqo, oqo, a reaping, harvesting
oqop oqop oqop oqop without mother, motherless
oq_ovto oq_ovto oq_ovto oq_ovto to be at a loss for
oq_ovio oq_ovio oq_ovio oq_ovio want of means, helplessness, impotence
oq_ovo, oq_ovo, oq_ovo, oq_ovo, without means
oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, undefiled
oiyq, oiyq, oiyq, oiyq, unmixed, pure
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, unmingled, that will not mingle
oiiioooi oiiioooi oiiioooi oiiioooi to compete, vie, contend with
oiiio oiiio oiiio oiiio a contest for superiority, a conflict
oiiiqo oiiiqo oiiiqo oiiiqo a conflict
oiiiqqp oiiiqqp oiiiqqp oiiiqqp a competitor in the race
oiqoio, oiqoio, oiqoio, oiqoio, inimitable in one's life
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, inimitable
oiio oiio oiio oiio want of intercourse
oio, oio, oio, oio, keeping up with horses
oioi oioi oioi oioi without reward
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, without hire
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, bringing in no rent
Page 37
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oi, oi, oi, oi, a chamber-pot
oipo_iovt, oipo_iovt, oipo_iovt, oipo_iovt, wearing no girdle
oi_oioti, oi_oioti, oi_oioti, oi_oioti, inaccessible, inhospitable
oo oo oo oo anything tied
oopio oopio oopio oopio what is not one's fate, bad fortune
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, without share of
oo, oo, oo, oo, sand
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, growing in sand
oovi, oovi, oovi, oovi, of Ammon
oov oov oov oov Zeus-Ammon
ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, a lamb
ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, of a lamb
ovqovtuo, ovqovtuo, ovqovtuo, ovqovtuo, unmentioned, unheeded
ovqovto ovqovto ovqovto ovqovto to be unmindful
ovqoouvq ovqoouvq ovqoouvq ovqoouvq forgetfulness
ovqov ovqov ovqov ovqov unmindful, forgetful
ovqoto ovqoto ovqoto ovqoto to be forgotten
ovqoio ovqoio ovqoio ovqoio forgetfulness of wrong: an amnesty
ovqoo, ovqoo, ovqoo, ovqoo, unremembered
oviov oviov oviov oviov a bowl in which the blood of victims was caught
ovi, ovi, ovi, ovi, a ewe-lamb
ovo|ov ovo|ov ovo|ov ovo|ov sheep-minded
ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, a lamb
ooyqi ooyqi ooyqi ooyqi without toil
ooyqo, ooyqo, ooyqo, ooyqo, unwearied, untiring
ooti ooti ooti ooti without quarrel
ootv ootv ootv ootv from some place or other, from what source soever
ooioi, ooioi, ooioi, ooioi, by turns, alternately
ooioio, ooioio, ooioio, ooioio, giving like for like, retributive
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, for a change of raiment
ooiqi, ooiqi, ooiqi, ooiqi, alternately, in succession
ooiq ooiq ooiq ooiq a requital, recompense, compensation, return, payment
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, one who exchanges
ooipto ooipto ooipto ooipto to have no share in
ooipo, ooipo, ooipo, ooipo, without share in
ooiyoio, ooiyoio, ooiyoio, ooiyoio, of milk, made with milk
ooiytu, ooiytu, ooiytu, ooiytu, a milk-pail
ooiyiov ooiyiov ooiyiov ooiyiov a milk-pail
ooiyo, ooiyo, ooiyo, ooiyo, in the hours before daybreak
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, blameless
oopyivo, oopyivo, oopyivo, oopyivo, made of Amorgian flax
oopyi, oopyi, oopyi, oopyi, fine flax from the isle of Amorgos
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, unlucky, wretched
oopio oopio oopio oopio unshapeliness, unsightliness
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, misshapen, unsightly
oo, oo, oo, oo, our, ours
Page 38
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oo, oo, oo, oo, as, when
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, raging, savage
oou oou oou oou somewhere or other
oouoio oouoio oouoio oouoio want of refinement, rudeness, grossness
oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, without the Muses, without taste, unrefined, inelegant, rude, gross
oo_ti oo_ti oo_ti oo_ti without effort
oo_o, oo_o, oo_o, oo_o, free from toil and trouble
otiivo, otiivo, otiivo, otiivo, of the vine
otii, otii, otii, otii, a vine-plant
otioti, otioti, otioti, otioti, rich in vines
otio, otio, otio, otio, a vine
otioupyto otioupyto otioupyto otioupyto to dress vines
otioupyo, otioupyo, otioupyo, otioupyo, a vine-dresser
otiouop otiouop otiouop otiouop a vine-planter
otiov otiov otiov otiov a vineyard
ot_ovq ot_ovq ot_ovq ot_ovq a fine robe
ot_o ot_o ot_o ot_o to surround, cover
oio|tiv oio|tiv oio|tiv oio|tiv to come short of
oio|qo oio|qo oio|qo oio|qo an error, fault, offence
ou|oo ou|oo ou|oo ou|oo to bind the hair with a band
ou|qp ou|qp ou|qp ou|qp a horse's head-band
ou ou ou ou a woman's head-band, snood
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, a being sucked back, the ebb-tide
ouyoiivo, ouyoiivo, ouyoiivo, ouyoiivo, of almonds
ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, an almond-tree
ouyo ouyo ouyo ouyo a scratching, tearing
oui, oui, oui, oui, together, at the same time
oupo, oupo, oupo, oupo, indistinct, dim, obscure
ouqo, ouqo, ouqo, ouqo, uninitiated
ouqo, ouqo, ouqo, ouqo, unspeakable, unspeakably many
ou|qo, ou|qo, ou|qo, ou|qo, where no herds low
ou|iotv ou|iotv ou|iotv ou|iotv from Amyclae
ou|ioio ou|ioio ou|ioio ou|ioio to speak in the Amyclean
ou|ioiov ou|ioiov ou|ioiov ou|ioiov the temple of Amyclaean Apollo
ou|ioi ou|ioi ou|ioi ou|ioi a sort of shoes
ouio, ouio, ouio, ouio, not ground at the mill
ouov ouov ouov ouov blameless, noble, excellent
ouvoo ouvoo ouvoo ouvoo to defend, assist
ouvio, ouvio, ouvio, ouvio, on its guard
ouvto, ouvto, ouvto, ouvto, one must assist
ouvqpiov ouvqpiov ouvqpiov ouvqpiov a means of defence
ouvqpio, ouvqpio, ouvqpio, ouvqpio, defensive
ouvop ouvop ouvop ouvop a defender, helper
ouvo ouvo ouvo ouvo to keep off, ward off
ouooo ouooo ouooo ouooo to scratch, tear, wound, lacerate, mangle
ouoio ouoio ouoio ouoio to drink deep
Page 39
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouoi ouoi ouoi ouoi without closing the mouth
ouoi, ouoi, ouoi, ouoi, a long draught
ou_q ou_q ou_q ou_q a scratch, skin-wound
ooyooo ooyooo ooyooo ooyooo to embrace warmly, treat kindly, greet warmly
ooytipooi ooytipooi ooytipooi ooytipooi to gather round
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, public
ooov ooov ooov ooov publicly, openly, without disguise
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, discovered, known
ooiooooi ooiooooi ooiooooi ooiooooi to rush on from all sides
oopoto oopoto oopoto oopoto to rattle
oooiq oooiq oooiq oooiq speechlessness
oouto oouto oouto oouto to ring around
oooo oooo oooo oooo to touch
otii|o, otii|o, otii|o, otii|o, coiled round
otiiooo otiiooo otiiooo otiiooo to wrap
otpto otpto otpto otpto to cover up
otp_ooi otp_ooi otp_ooi otp_ooi to come round one, surround
oq|q, oq|q, oq|q, oq|q, two-edged
oqptq, oqptq, oqptq, oqptq, covered on both sides, close-covered
oqpq, oqpq, oqpq, oqpq, fitted on both sides, well-fitted
oqpi|o, oqpi|o, oqpi|o, oqpi|o, rowed on both sides, worked by sculls
oqpioo, oqpioo, oqpioo, oqpioo, contested on both sides
oioo oioo oioo oioo to clothe
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, sea-girt
oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, Amphiaraus
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo a garment
oio_o oio_o oio_o oio_o to fly shrieking about
oioivo oioivo oioivo oioivo to go about
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to throw
oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, a going round, encompassing
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, living a double life
oiiqo oiiqo oiiqo oiiqo something thrown round
oiiqopov oiiqopov oiiqopov oiiqopov anything thrown round
oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, oioqo, noised abroad
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio the state of being attacked on both sides
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, put round, encompassing
oioo|ooi oioo|ooi oioo|ooi oioo|ooi to eat all about
oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, oiouio, half-minded
oipoo, oipoo, oipoo, oipoo, covering the whole man
oipo_o, oipo_o, oipo_o, oipo_o, thoroughly soaked
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, round the altar
oiyqto oiyqto oiyqto oiyqto to rejoice around
oiyvoto oiyvoto oiyvoto oiyvoto to be doubtful about
oiyoqo, oiyoqo, oiyoqo, oiyoqo, bewailed all round
oiyuti, oiyuti, oiyuti, oiyuti, he that halts in both feet, the lame one
oiyuo, oiyuo, oiyuo, oiyuo, pointed at each end, double-pointed
Page 40
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oioio oioio oioio oioio to burn
oio|vo oio|vo oio|vo oio|vo to bite all round
oio|puo, oio|puo, oio|puo, oio|puo, all-tearful
oioou, oioou, oioou, oioou, fringed all round
oitoi oitoi oitoi oitoi things bound round, bracelets
oitio, oitio, oitio, oitio, with two right hands, very dextrous
oitp|ooi oitp|ooi oitp|ooi oitp|ooi to look round about one
oito, oito, oito, oito, bound
oiqpio, oiqpio, oiqpio, oiqpio, disputed
oiioivo oiioivo oiioivo oiioivo to moisten all around
oiivtooi oiivtooi oiivtooi oiivtooi to be put round, fitted closely round
oio|tuo oio|tuo oio|tuo oio|tuo to lie in wait for
oiovto oiovto oiovto oiovto to agitate violently
oioto oioto oioto oioto to be doubtful
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, with doubtful mind
oiopo, oiopo, oiopo, oiopo, quite flayed
oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, as large as can be grasped
oipoo, oipoo, oipoo, oipoo, running round, encompassing, inclosing
oipuq, oipuq, oipuq, oipuq, having torn both cheeks
oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, torn on both sides
oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, two-fold, double
oiuo oiuo oiuo oiuo to put on
oitiiooo oitiiooo oitiiooo oitiiooo rowed on both sides
oitvvui oitvvui oitvvui oitvvui to put round
oito oito oito oito to go about, be all round, encompass
oitoo oitoo oitoo oitoo a garment
oiovo oiovo oiovo oiovo to sit on, settle upon
oitu|o, oitu|o, oitu|o, oitu|o, joined from both sides
oioioooo, oioioooo, oioioooo, oioioooo, with sea on both sides, sea-girt
oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, blooming on both sides
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to be in full bloom
oioio oioio oioio oioio to warm on both sides
oitopov oitopov oitopov oitopov a double theatre, amphitheatre
oito, oito, oito, oito, that will stand on both ends
oito oito oito oito to run round about
oiq|o, oiq|o, oiq|o, oiq|o, sharpened on both sides, two-edged
oipto, oipto, oipto, oipto, clotted round
oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, with double entrance
oi|oiuo oi|oiuo oi|oiuo oi|oiuo to cover all round, enwrap, enfold
oi|too oi|too oi|too oi|too to cleave asunder
oi|tioi oi|tioi oi|tioi oi|tioi to lie round
oi|tipo oi|tipo oi|tipo oi|tipo to shear all round
oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov with pillars all round
oi|iooo, oi|iooo, oi|iooo, oi|iooo, broken all round
oi|iuoo, oi|iuoo, oi|iuoo, oi|iuoo, washed on both sides by the waves
oi|oto oi|oto oi|oto oi|oto to tend on all sides
Page 41
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oi|oo, oi|oo, oi|oo, oi|oo, with hair all round
oi|povo, oi|povo, oi|povo, oi|povo, two headed
oi|ptooi oi|ptooi oi|ptooi oi|ptooi to hang round
oi|ptq, oi|ptq, oi|ptq, oi|ptq, hanging round
oi|pqvo, oi|pqvo, oi|pqvo, oi|pqvo, with cliffs all round
oi|puo oi|puo oi|puo oi|puo to cover
oi|iovt, oi|iovt, oi|iovt, oi|iovt, they that dwell round, next neighbours
oi|uovt, oi|uovt, oi|uovt, oi|uovt, the Amphictyons
oi|uovio oi|uovio oi|uovio oi|uovio the Amphictyonic League
oi|uovi|o, oi|uovi|o, oi|uovi|o, oi|uovi|o, Amphictyonic, of the Amphictyons
oi|uovi, oi|uovi, oi|uovi, oi|uovi, a state in the Amphictyonic League
oi|u|ioooi oi|u|ioooi oi|u|ioooi oi|u|ioooi to encircle, surround
oi|uiivo oi|uiivo oi|uiivo oi|uiivo to roll around, to be pierced by
oi|utiio, oi|utiio, oi|utiio, oi|utiio, double
oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, of double speech
oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, oiioq, taking in on all sides, widespreading
oiio_oivo oiio_oivo oiio_oivo oiio_oivo to dig round
oiityo oiityo oiityo oiityo to dispute about
oiit|o, oiit|o, oiit|o, oiit|o, discussed on all hands, doubtful
oiioytooi oiioytooi oiioytooi oiioytooi to dispute
oiioyio oiioyio oiioyio oiioyio dispute, debate
oiioyo, oiioyo, oiioyo, oiioyo, disputed, disputable
oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, oiioo, encompassing the neck
oiiu|q oiiu|q oiiu|q oiiu|q the morning-twilight, gray of morning
oioooi oioooi oioooi oioooi to wipe all round
oioo_oio, oioo_oio, oioo_oio, oioo_oio, round both arms, two-sleeved
oio_qo, oio_qo, oio_qo, oio_qo, fought for
oio_ooi oio_ooi oio_ooi oio_ooi to fight round
oitio, oitio, oitio, oitio, black all round
oitpiooi oitpiooi oitpiooi oitpiooi to be completely parted
oiqopt, oiqopt, oiqopt, oiqopt, brothers
oiu|oooi oiu|oooi oiu|oooi oiu|oooi to bellow around
oivti|q, oivti|q, oivti|q, oivti|q, contested on all sides, eagerly wooed
oivtooi oivtooi oivtooi oivtooi to feed around
oivtuo oivtuo oivtuo oivtuo to nod this way and that way
oivoto oivoto oivoto oivoto to think both ways, be in doubt
oito oito oito oito to smooth all round
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, polishing all round
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, tossed about, re-echoing
oiooooo oiooooo oiooooo oiooooo to strike on both sides
oi oi oi oi on both sides
oito, oito, oito, oito, surrounded by a plain
oitiooi oitiooi oitiooi oitiooi to float around
oitvooi oitvooi oitvooi oitvooi to be busied about, take charge of
oitpiityqv oitpiityqv oitpiityqv oitpiityqv twined round
oitpiotooi oitpiotooi oitpiotooi oitpiotooi to be put round as a crown
Page 42
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oitpiopooo oitpiopooo oitpiopooo oitpiopooo to keep turning about all ways
oitpipuo oitpipuo oitpipuo oitpipuo to chirp
oitpiivuo oitpiivuo oitpiivuo oitpiivuo to decay all round
oiito oiito oiito oiito to squeeze all round, hug closely
oiio oiio oiio oiio to fall around
oiit|o, oiit|o, oiit|o, oiit|o, intertwined
oiiq|o, oiiq|o, oiiq|o, oiiq|o, beaten on both sides
oiiq oiiq oiiq oiiq striking with both sides, double-edged
oioituo oioituo oioituo oioituo to be busied about, take care of
oioito oioito oioito oioito to attend constantly, to attend on, watch, guard
oioii, oioii, oioii, oioii, encompassing a city
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, busied about, busy
oiovtooi oiovtooi oiovtooi oiovtooi to attend to
oiooooi oiooooi oiooooi oiooooi to fly round and round
oipoooo, oipoooo, oipoooo, oipoooo, double-faced
oiu_q oiu_q oiu_q oiu_q a folding round, embrace
oiuio, oiuio, oiuio, oiuio, with two entrances
oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, oiupo, with fire at each end
oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, oipuo, flowed around, sea-girt
oiooituooi oiooituooi oiooituooi oiooituooi to toss about
oiooivo oiooivo oiooivo oiooivo a kind of serpent, that can go either forwards or backwards
oioqto oioqto oioqto oioqto to stand apart
oioqqo oioqqo oioqqo oioqqo a point in dispute
oioqqoio, oioqqoio, oioqqoio, oioqqoio, disputed, disputable
oioqqoi, oioqqoi, oioqqoi, oioqqoi, a dispute, controversy, debate
oioqqo, oioqqo, oioqqo, oioqqo, debatable
oi, oi, oi, oi, on
oiotiiooi oiotiiooi oiotiiooi oiotiiooi to fold round oneself
oiotovoooi oiotovoooi oiotovoooi oiotovoooi to stand all round like a crown
oioqi oioqi oioqi oioqi to place round
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, with double mouth
oiopooooi oiopooooi oiopooooi oiopooooi to beleaguer, besiege
oioptq, oioptq, oioptq, oioptq, turning all ways
oiopoyyuio, oiopoyyuio, oiopoyyuio, oiopoyyuio, quite round
oiovuo oiovuo oiovuo oiovuo to stretch all round
oiti_q, oiti_q, oiti_q, oiti_q, encompassing the walls
oitvo oitvo oitvo oitvo to cut off on all sides, intercept
oiiqi oiiqi oiiqi oiiqi to put round
oiivoooo oiivoooo oiivoooo oiivoooo to swing round
oiiuio oiiuio oiiuio oiiuio to twitter
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, cutting with both sides, two-edged
oiopvo, oiopvo, oiopvo, oiopvo, well-rounded
oipto oipto oipto oipto to tremble round
oipt_o oipt_o oipt_o oipt_o to run round, surround
oipq, oipq, oipq, oipq, pierced from end to end
oipqo, oipqo, oipqo, oipqo, pierced through
Page 43
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oipoto oipoto oipoto oipoto to tremble for
oiotivo oiotivo oiotivo oiotivo to beam around
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, with double crest
oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, visible all round, known to all
oiotooi oiotooi oiotooi oiotooi to tremble all round
oioptu, oioptu, oioptu, oioptu, a large jar with two handles
oipoooi oipoooi oipoooi oipoooi to consider on all sides, consider well
oi_oo|o oi_oo|o oi_oo|o oi_oo|o to gape round, gape for
oi_to oi_to oi_to oi_to to pour around, to pour
oi_optuo oi_optuo oi_optuo oi_optuo to dance around
oi_piooi oi_piooi oi_piooi oi_piooi to anoint oneself all over
oi_puoo, oi_puoo, oi_puoo, oi_puoo, gilded all over
oi_uo, oi_uo, oi_uo, oi_uo, poured around
oi_oio, oi_oio, oi_oio, oi_oio, lame in both feet
ooov ooov ooov ooov a road round houses, a street
ooptu, ooptu, ooptu, ooptu, an amphora, jar, urn
ootpq ootpq ootpq ootpq in both ways
ootpoioo, ootpoioo, ootpoioo, ootpoioo, sailing both ways
ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, each
ootpotv ootpotv ootpotv ootpotv from
ootpoi ootpoi ootpoi ootpoi on both sides
ootpoot ootpoot ootpoot ootpoot to both sides
ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, in both ways
ooui, ooui, ooui, ooui, off
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, a javelin
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, two-eared, two handled
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, unblamed, blameless
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, without blame, blameless
oo, oo, oo, oo, in some way or other
ov ov ov ov
ovooqv ovooqv ovooqv ovooqv going up, mounting
ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo to go up, mount, to go up to
ovoo|_tuo ovoo|_tuo ovoo|_tuo ovoo|_tuo to rouse to Bacchic frenzy
ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio to throw
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio to dip repeatedly
ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, a going up, mounting
ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo to raise
ovooq, ovooq, ovooq, ovooq, one mounted
ovooi|o, ovooi|o, ovooi|o, ovooi|o, skilled in mounting
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, to be mounted
ovotpu_o ovotpu_o ovotpu_o ovotpu_o gushed
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to make go up, cause to mount
ovoiooto, ovoiooto, ovoiooto, ovoiooto, one must cause to mount
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to come to life again, return to life
ovoiooi, ovoiooi, ovoiooi, ovoiooi, a reviving
ovoioo|ooi ovoioo|ooi ovoioo|ooi ovoioo|ooi to bring back to life
Page 44
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovoiooovo ovoiooovo ovoiooovo ovoiooovo to shoot up, grow up again
ovoito ovoito ovoito ovoito to look up
ovoiti, ovoiti, ovoiti, ovoiti, a looking up
ovoiqoi, ovoiqoi, ovoiqoi, ovoiqoi, a putting off, delay
ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo to spout up
ovoioo|o ovoioo|o ovoioo|o ovoioo|o to go through
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo a loud cry
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo to shout aloud, utter a loud cry
ovooitu, ovooitu, ovooitu, ovooitu, a groom who helps one to mount
ovooiq ovooiq ovooiq ovooiq that which is thrown up, a mound
ovopoooo ovopoooo ovopoooo ovopoooo to boil well, seethe
ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, boiled
ovopuoo ovopuoo ovopuoo ovopuoo to neigh aloud
ovopu_oo ovopu_oo ovopu_oo ovopu_oo to roar aloud
ovoyytiio ovoyytiio ovoyytiio ovoyytiio to carry back tidings of, report
ovoyytio, ovoyytio, ovoyytio, ovoyytio, from which no messenger returns
ovoytioo ovoytioo ovoytioo ovoytioo to laugh loud
ovoytvvoo ovoytvvoo ovoytvvoo ovoytvvoo to beget anew, regenerate
ovoytuo ovoytuo ovoytuo ovoytuo to give
ovoyiyvoo|o ovoyiyvoo|o ovoyiyvoo|o ovoyiyvoo|o to know well, know certainly
ovoy|oo ovoy|oo ovoy|oo ovoy|oo to force, compel
ovoy|oiov ovoy|oiov ovoy|oiov ovoy|oiov a place of constraint, a prison
ovoy|oio, ovoy|oio, ovoy|oio, ovoy|oio, with
ovoy|ooto, ovoy|ooto, ovoy|ooto, ovoy|ooto, to be compelled
ovoy|ooo, ovoy|ooo, ovoy|ooo, ovoy|ooo, forced, constrained
ovoy|q ovoy|q ovoy|q ovoy|q force, constraint, necessity
ovoyvoo ovoyvoo ovoyvoo ovoyvoo to bend back
ovoyvo, ovoyvo, ovoyvo, ovoyvo, impure, unclean, unholy, defiled
ovoyvopioi, ovoyvopioi, ovoyvopioi, ovoyvopioi, recognition
ovoyvooi, ovoyvooi, ovoyvooi, ovoyvooi, recognition
ovoyvooo ovoyvooo ovoyvooo ovoyvooo a passage read aloud, a lecture
ovoyvooq, ovoyvooq, ovoyvooq, ovoyvooq, a reader, a slave trained to read
ovoyvooi|o, ovoyvooi|o, ovoyvooi|o, ovoyvooi|o, suitable for reading
ovoyoptuoi, ovoyoptuoi, ovoyoptuoi, ovoyoptuoi, a public proclamation
ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo to proclaim publicly
ovoypoto, ovoypoto, ovoypoto, ovoypoto, one must register
ovoypoo, ovoypoo, ovoypoo, ovoypoo, inscribed, registered
ovoypotu, ovoypotu, ovoypotu, ovoypotu, a registrar
ovoypoq ovoypoq ovoypoq ovoypoq a registering
ovoypoo ovoypoo ovoypoo ovoypoo to engrave and set up
ovoypuo ovoypuo ovoypuo ovoypuo to keep muttering
ovoyuvoo ovoyuvoo ovoyuvoo ovoyuvoo to strip naked, unveil
ovoyoyq ovoyoyq ovoyoyq ovoyoyq a leading up
ovoyoyo, ovoyoyo, ovoyoyo, ovoyoyo, ill-trained
ovoyovioo, ovoyovioo, ovoyovioo, ovoyovioo, without conflict
ovoyo ovoyo ovoyo ovoyo to lead up
Page 45
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio to light up
ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, re-distribution
ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, divided anew, re-distributed
ovootooi ovootooi ovootooi ovootooi to divide anew, redistribute
ovotiyo ovotiyo ovotiyo ovotiyo a mouthpiece used by public criers
ovoti|vui ovoti|vui ovoti|vui ovoti|vui to lift up and shew
ovotii, ovotii, ovotii, ovotii, a proclamation
ovotio, ovotio, ovotio, ovotio, without brother
ovotp|ooi ovotp|ooi ovotp|ooi ovotp|ooi to look up
ovotpo ovotpo ovotpo ovotpo to strip the skin off
ovotoi, ovotoi, ovotoi, ovotoi, a binding on
ovotoq ovotoq ovotoq ovotoq a band for the hair, a head-band
ovoto, ovoto, ovoto, ovoto, binding up the hair
ovotuo ovotuo ovotuo ovotuo to moisten
ovot_ooi ovot_ooi ovot_ooi ovot_ooi to take up, catch, receive
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto to bind
ovoioo|o ovoioo|o ovoioo|o ovoioo|o to teach otherwise
ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi to hold up and give
ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, tried over again
ovoiioooi ovoiioooi ovoiioooi ovoiioooi to be made double
ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, a distribution: digestion
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, to be given up
ovoo_q ovoo_q ovoo_q ovoo_q a taking up, undertaking
ovouvo ovouvo ovouvo ovouvo to come to the top of water
ovouoi, ovouoi, ovouoi, ovouoi, a drawing back, retreat
ovotvo, ovotvo, ovotvo, ovotvo, without bridal gifts
ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo to lift up
ovotio, ovotio, ovotio, ovotio, unlooked for
ovooo ovooo ovooo ovooo to return to life, be alive again
ovotuyvui ovotuyvui ovotuyvui ovotuyvui to yoke again
ovotui, ovotui, ovotui, ovotui, a marching off, return home
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto to boil up
ovoqto ovoqto ovoqto ovoqto to examine into, investigate
ovooypto ovooypto ovooypto ovooypto to recall to life
ovoovvui ovoovvui ovoovvui ovoovvui to gird up
ovooupto ovooupto ovooupto ovooupto to rekindle
ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio to shoot up again
ovoopoto ovoopoto ovoopoto ovoopoto to regain courage
ovoopouvo ovoopouvo ovoopouvo ovoopouvo to fill with fresh courage
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto anything devoted to evil, an accursed thing
ovotoio ovotoio ovotoio ovotoio to devote
ovotpoivo ovotpoivo ovotpoivo ovotpoivo to warm up, heat again
ovotto, ovotto, ovotto, ovotto, one must attribute
ovoqito ovoqito ovoqito ovoqito to sprout afresh
ovoqo ovoqo ovoqo ovoqo a votive offering set up
ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio to press hard
Page 46
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, without contest, not warlike
ovooputo ovooputo ovooputo ovooputo to cry out loudly, shout in applause
ovopto ovopto ovopto ovopto a nursling
ovopto ovopto ovopto ovopto to look up at, observe closely
ovopoo|o ovopoo|o ovopoo|o ovopoo|o to spring up, bound up, rebound
ovouioo ovouioo ovouioo ovouioo to make to rise in vapour
ovoitio ovoitio ovoitio ovoitio shamelessness, impudence, effrontery
ovoituooi ovoituooi ovoituooi ovoituooi to behave impudently
ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, shameless
ovoiuooo ovoiuooo ovoiuooo ovoiuooo to stir up, rouse
ovoio ovoio ovoio ovoio to light up, set on fire
ovoio|o, ovoio|o, ovoio|o, ovoio|o, unstained with blood
ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, drained of blood
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, without blood, bloodless
ovoiov ovoiov ovoiov ovoiov without blood, bloodless
ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi without shedding blood
ovoivooi ovoivooi ovoivooi ovoivooi to reject with contempt, turn one's back on, spurn
ovoiptoi, ovoiptoi, ovoiptoi, ovoiptoi, a taking up
ovoipto ovoipto ovoipto ovoipto to take up, raise
ovoipo ovoipo ovoipo ovoipo to lift up
ovoioqoio ovoioqoio ovoioqoio ovoioqoio want of feeling
ovoioqto ovoioqto ovoioqto ovoioqto to want perception
ovoioqo, ovoioqo, ovoioqo, ovoioqo, insensate, unfeeling
ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo to use up, use, consume
ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo consumption, expenditure
ovoiooo ovoiooo ovoiooo ovoiooo to start up, rise quickly
ovoio_uvto ovoio_uvto ovoio_uvto ovoio_uvto to be shameless, behave impudently
ovoio_uvio ovoio_uvio ovoio_uvio ovoio_uvio shamelessness
ovoio_uvo, ovoio_uvo, ovoio_uvo, ovoio_uvo, shameless, impudent
ovoiio, ovoiio, ovoiio, ovoiio, not being the cause
ovo|oy_oo ovo|oy_oo ovo|oy_oo ovo|oy_oo to burst out laughing
ovo|ooipo ovo|ooipo ovo|ooipo ovo|ooipo to clear completely:&mdash
ovo|oqoi ovo|oqoi ovo|oqoi ovo|oqoi to sit upright
ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio to set up
ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo to renew, restore:&mdash
ovo|oivooi, ovo|oivooi, ovo|oivooi, ovo|oivooi, renewal
ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio to light up
ovo|oito ovo|oito ovo|oito ovo|oito to call up the dead
ovo|oiuqpio ovo|oiuqpio ovo|oiuqpio ovo|oiuqpio presents
ovo|oiuo ovo|oiuo ovo|oiuo ovo|oiuo to uncover
ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo to bend back
ovo|ovo, ovo|ovo, ovo|ovo, ovo|ovo, without spine
ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo to gulp down
ovo|tioi ovo|tioi ovo|tioi ovo|tioi to be laid up
ovo|tiov ovo|tiov ovo|tiov ovo|tiov the temple of the Dioscuri
ovo|tioo, ovo|tioo, ovo|tioo, ovo|tioo, a loud shout
Page 47
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovo|tpovvui ovo|tpovvui ovo|tpovvui ovo|tpovvui to mix up
ovo|t, ovo|t, ovo|t, ovo|t, the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux
ovo|toioioo ovo|toioioo ovo|toioioo ovo|toioioo to sum up the argument:&mdash
ovo|q|io ovo|q|io ovo|q|io ovo|q|io to spout up, gush forth
ovo|qpuooo ovo|qpuooo ovo|qpuooo ovo|qpuooo to proclaim by voice of herald, publish abroad
ovo|ivuvtuo ovo|ivuvtuo ovo|ivuvtuo ovo|ivuvtuo to run into danger again, to run a fresh risk
ovo|ivto ovo|ivto ovo|ivto ovo|ivto to sway
ovo|ivqoi, ovo|ivqoi, ovo|ivqoi, ovo|ivqoi, a swinging to and fro
ovo|ipvooi ovo|ipvooi ovo|ipvooi ovo|ipvooi to mix well
ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo to cry aloud, scream out
ovo|ioio ovo|ioio ovo|ioio ovo|ioio to weep aloud, burst into tears
ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo to bend back
ovo|iqoi, ovo|iqoi, ovo|iqoi, ovo|iqoi, a calling on, invocation
ovo|iqi|o, ovo|iqi|o, ovo|iqi|o, ovo|iqi|o, fit for exhorting
ovo|iivo ovo|iivo ovo|iivo ovo|iivo to lean
ovo|iio, ovo|iio, ovo|iio, ovo|iio, leaning back
ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo ovo|ioo to undo the
ovo|oy_uiioo ovo|oy_uiioo ovo|oy_uiioo ovo|oy_uiioo to open and counterfeit a seal
ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo ovo|oivoo to communicate
ovo|oipovto ovo|oipovto ovo|oipovto ovo|oipovto to rule
ovo|oiq ovo|oiq ovo|oiq ovo|oiq a carrying away again, recovery
ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio ovo|oio to carry up
ovo|ovio ovo|ovio ovo|ovio ovo|ovio to dart
ovo|oq ovo|oq ovo|oq ovo|oq a beating back: the recoil
ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo ovo|oo to drive back
ovo|ouio ovo|ouio ovo|ouio ovo|ouio to lift up
ovo|ouioi, ovo|ouioi, ovo|ouioi, ovo|ouioi, relief
ovo|poo ovo|poo ovo|poo ovo|poo to cry out, lift up the voice
ovo|pooi, ovo|pooi, ovo|pooi, ovo|pooi, a mixing with others
ovo|pt|ooi ovo|pt|ooi ovo|pt|ooi ovo|pt|ooi to tune up
ovo|ptovvui ovo|ptovvui ovo|ptovvui ovo|ptovvui to hang up on
ovo|pivo ovo|pivo ovo|pivo ovo|pivo to examine closely, to question, interrogate
ovo|pioi, ovo|pioi, ovo|pioi, ovo|pioi, examination of parties concerned in a suit, a preparation
ovo|poto ovo|poto ovo|poto ovo|poto to lift up and strike together
ovo|pouoi, ovo|pouoi, ovo|pouoi, ovo|pouoi, a pushing back
ovo|pouoto, ovo|pouoto, ovo|pouoto, ovo|pouoto, one must check
ovo|pouo ovo|pouo ovo|pouo ovo|pouo to push back, stop short, check
ovo|oooi ovo|oooi ovo|oooi ovo|oooi to regain for oneself, get back again, recover
ovo|opio ovo|opio ovo|opio ovo|opio management
ovo|opio, ovo|opio, ovo|opio, ovo|opio, belonging to a lord
ovo|opov ovo|opov ovo|opov ovo|opov a palace
ovo|u|oo ovo|u|oo ovo|u|oo ovo|u|oo to stir up and mix, mix up
ovo|u|ito ovo|u|ito ovo|u|ito ovo|u|ito to turn round again
ovo|u|ioooi ovo|u|ioooi ovo|u|ioooi ovo|u|ioooi to revolve
ovo|uoiioo ovo|uoiioo ovo|uoiioo ovo|uoiioo to fall rattling over
ovo|uo ovo|uo ovo|uo ovo|uo to lift up the head
Page 48
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovo|o|uo ovo|o|uo ovo|o|uo ovo|o|uo to wail aloud
ovo|o, ovo|o, ovo|o, ovo|o, carefully
ovoioooi ovoioooi ovoioooi ovoioooi to take again
ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo to raise a war-cry, cry aloud
ovoioovo ovoioovo ovoioovo ovoioovo to take up, take into one's hands
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to flame up, take fire
ovoiyqoio ovoiyqoio ovoiyqoio ovoiyqoio want of feeling, insensibility
ovoiyq, ovoiyq, ovoiyq, ovoiyq, painless
ovoiyqo, ovoiyqo, ovoiyqo, ovoiyqo, without pain
ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, not thriving, feeble
ovoityo ovoityo ovoityo ovoityo to pick up, gather up
ovoiti_o ovoiti_o ovoiti_o ovoiti_o to lick up
ovoiqi, ovoiqi, ovoiqi, ovoiqi, a taking up
ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, ovoiq, powerless to heal
ovoiio|o ovoiio|o ovoiio|o ovoiio|o to use up, to spend, lavish
ovoi|tio ovoi|tio ovoi|tio ovoi|tio want of strength, feebleness
ovoi|i, ovoi|i, ovoi|i, ovoi|i, without strength, impotent, feeble
ovoiiooi ovoiiooi ovoiiooi ovoiiooi to leap
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, not salted
ovoioyio ovoioyio ovoioyio ovoioyio proportion
ovoioyiooi ovoioyiooi ovoioyiooi ovoioyiooi to reckon up, sum up
ovoioyioo, ovoioyioo, ovoioyioo, ovoioyioo, reconsideration
ovoioyo, ovoioyo, ovoioyo, ovoioyo, proportionate
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, not to be filled, insatiate
ovoiuoi, ovoiuoi, ovoiuoi, ovoiuoi, a loosing, releasing
ovoiuqp ovoiuqp ovoiuqp ovoiuqp a deliverer
ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo to unloose, undo
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo expenditure, cost
ovoiooi, ovoiooi, ovoiooi, ovoiooi, outlay, expenditure
ovoioq, ovoioq, ovoioq, ovoioq, a spender, waster
ovoioi|o, ovoioi|o, ovoioi|o, ovoioi|o, expensive
ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, not to be taken, invincible, impregnable
ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo to rage through
ovoovovo ovoovovo ovoovovo ovoovovo to inquire closely
ovootuo, ovootuo, ovootuo, ovootuo, impassable for wagons
ovoopqo, ovoopqo, ovoopqo, ovoopqo, without missing, unfailing, unerring
ovooooooi ovooooooi ovooooooi ovooooooi to chew over again, ruminate
ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo to wipe off
ovoo_ooi ovoo_ooi ovoo_ooi ovoo_ooi to renew the fight, retrieve a defeat
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, that one cannot mount
ovotio ovotio ovotio ovotio to begin to sing
ovotvo ovotvo ovotvo ovotvo to wait for, await
ovotoo, ovotoo, ovotoo, ovotoo, in the midland
ovotoo, ovotoo, ovotoo, ovotoo, filled full
ovotooo ovotooo ovotooo ovotooo to fill up, fill full
ovotpto ovotpto ovotpto ovotpto to re-measure the road
Page 49
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovotpqoi, ovotpqoi, ovotpqoi, ovotpqoi, a measurement
ovoqpu|oooi ovoqpu|oooi ovoqpu|oooi ovoqpu|oooi to chew the cud
ovoiyo ovoiyo ovoiyo ovoiyo promiscuously
ovoiyvui ovoiyvui ovoiyvui ovoiyvui to mix up, mix together
ovoivqo|o ovoivqo|o ovoivqo|o ovoivqo|o to remind
ovoii, ovoii, ovoii, ovoii, intercourse
ovoi ovoi ovoi ovoi promiscuously
ovoioopvto ovoioopvto ovoioopvto ovoioopvto to serve again for pay
ovovqoi, ovovqoi, ovovqoi, ovovqoi, a calling to mind, recollection
ovovqoo, ovovqoo, ovovqoo, ovovqoo, that which one can recollect
ovoopupo ovoopupo ovoopupo ovoopupo to roar loudly, boil up
ovoo_ituo ovoo_ituo ovoo_ituo ovoo_ituo to raise by a lever, to force open
ovoio|qo, ovoio|qo, ovoio|qo, ovoio|qo, unerring, unfailing
ovou_iooi ovou_iooi ovou_iooi ovou_iooi to moan loudly
ovoioio, ovoioio, ovoioio, ovoioio, unambiguous
ovoiioyo, ovoiioyo, ovoiioyo, ovoiioyo, undisputed, undoubted
ovoioqqo, ovoioqqo, ovoioqqo, ovoioqqo, undisputed, indisputable
ovovpio ovovpio ovovpio ovovpio want of manhood
ovovpo, ovovpo, ovovpo, ovovpo, husbandless
ovovpoo, ovovpoo, ovovpoo, ovovpoo, widowed
ovovtoo ovovtoo ovovtoo ovovtoo to renew one's youth
ovovto ovovto ovovto ovovto to divide anew
ovovtooi ovovtooi ovovtooi ovovtooi to mount up
ovovtoooi ovovtoooi ovovtoooi ovovtoooi to renew
ovovtuo ovovtuo ovovtuo ovovtuo to throw the head back
ovovtooi, ovovtooi, ovovtooi, ovovtooi, a renewal
ovovqo ovovqo ovovqo ovovqo to return to sobriety of mind
ovovq, ovovq, ovovq, ovovq, without bloom, past its bloom
ovovoyovioo, ovovoyovioo, ovovoyovioo, ovovoyovioo, without a rival, without a struggle
ovovo ovovo ovovo ovovo up-hill
ovovq, ovovq, ovovq, ovovq, up-hill, steep
ovoviit|o, ovoviit|o, ovoviit|o, ovoviit|o, incontestable
ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo to tear open
ovoqpoivo ovoqpoivo ovoqpoivo ovoqpoivo to dry up
ovoio ovoio ovoio ovoio a command, behest
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, unworthy, not deemed
ovoiopiy ovoiopiy ovoiopiy ovoiopiy ruled by the lyre
ovo ovo ovo ovo a lord, master
ovoupit, ovoupit, ovoupit, ovoupit, the trousers
ovouo ovouo ovouo ovouo to scrape up
ovooituo ovooituo ovooituo ovooituo to educate afresh
ovooioo, ovooioo, ovooioo, ovooioo, struck back, rebounding
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio to strike back
ovooiiv ovooiiv ovooiiv ovooiiv back again
ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio to swing to and fro
ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo to sprinkle upon
Page 50
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovoouio ovoouio ovoouio ovoouio repose, rest
ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo a repose, rest
ovoouoi, ovoouoi, ovoouoi, ovoouoi, repose, rest
ovoouoqpio, ovoouoqpio, ovoouoqpio, ovoouoqpio, of
ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo to make to cease, to stop
ovo ovo ovo ovo up, upon
ovo ovo ovo ovo priv
ovotio ovotio ovotio ovotio to bring over, convince
ovotipoooi ovotipoooi ovotipoooi ovotipoooi to try
ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo to pierce through, fix on a spit
ovotioqpio, ovotioqpio, ovotioqpio, ovotioqpio, persuasive
ovotoooi ovotoooi ovotoooi ovotoooi to count again, count over
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto to send up
ovotovvui ovotovvui ovotovvui ovotovvui to spread out, unfold, unfurl
ovotooi ovotooi ovotooi ovotooi to fly up, fly away
ovoqyvui ovoqyvui ovoqyvui ovoqyvui to transfix, impale
ovoqoo ovoqoo ovoqoo ovoqoo to leap up, start up
ovoqpo, ovoqpo, ovoqpo, ovoqpo, much maimed, crippled
ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo to send forth water
ovoiiqi ovoiiqi ovoiiqi ovoiiqi to fill up
ovoio ovoio ovoio ovoio to fall back
ovoioooo ovoioooo ovoioooo ovoioooo to form anew, remodel
ovoit|o ovoit|o ovoit|o ovoit|o to enwreath
ovoito, ovoito, ovoito, ovoito, quite full of
ovoito ovoito ovoito ovoito to sail up, to go up stream
ovoiqpoo ovoiqpoo ovoiqpoo ovoiqpoo to fill up
ovoiqpooi, ovoiqpooi, ovoiqpooi, ovoiqpooi, a filling up
ovoiqpoto, ovoiqpoto, ovoiqpoto, ovoiqpoto, one must fill up
ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, a sailing upstream
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to unfold, open
ovovtuo ovovtuo ovovtuo ovovtuo a resting-place
ovovtuoi, ovovtuoi, ovovtuoi, ovovtuoi, recovery of breath, respite from
ovovtuoo, ovovtuoo, ovovtuoo, ovovtuoo, without breath, breathless
ovovto ovovto ovovto ovovto to breathe again, take breath
ovovoq ovovoq ovovoq ovovoq recovery of breath, revival
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio to make to step back, call back, cross-examine
ovooivo, ovooivo, ovooivo, ovooivo, without ransom
ovooito ovooito ovooito ovooito to turn up
ovooq ovooq ovooq ovooq a sending up
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, sent back
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, one that sends up
ovoovio, ovoovio, ovoovio, ovoovio, unwashen
ovopoooo ovopoooo ovopoooo ovopoooo to exact, levy
ovopqo ovopqo ovopqo ovopqo to blow forth, to let burst forth
ovotpoo ovotpoo ovotpoo ovotpoo to raise its feathers
ovooto ovooto ovooto ovooto to scare exceedingly
Page 51
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovouooo ovouooo ovouooo ovouooo to unfold
ovou_q ovou_q ovou_q ovou_q the expanse
ovouo ovouo ovouo ovouo to spit up, sputter
ovoo ovoo ovoo ovoo to make fast on
ovouvovooi ovouvovooi ovouvovooi ovouvovooi to inquire closely into, ascertain
ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, ascertained, notorious
ovoppo, ovoppo, ovoppo, ovoppo, without joints, not articulated
ovopitooi ovopitooi ovopitooi ovopitooi to enumerate
ovopiqo, ovopiqo, ovopiqo, ovopiqo, not to be counted, countless
ovopio, ovopio, ovopio, ovopio, without number, countless, numberless
ovop|o, ovop|o, ovop|o, ovop|o, not governed
ovoptvo, ovoptvo, ovoptvo, ovoptvo, unequipped
ovopooto ovopooto ovopooto ovopooto not to fit
ovopooio ovopooio ovopooio ovopooio discord
ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, unsuitable, incongruous, disproportionate
ovopoyq ovopoyq ovopoyq ovopoyq re-capture
ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo to snatch up
ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, ovopooo, snatched up, carried off
ovoppqyvui ovoppqyvui ovoppqyvui ovoppqyvui to break up
ovoppqi, ovoppqi, ovoppqi, ovoppqi, breakage
ovoppqoi, ovoppqoi, ovoppqoi, ovoppqoi, a proclamation
ovoppio ovoppio ovoppio ovoppio to throw up
ovoppi_oooi ovoppi_oooi ovoppi_oooi ovoppi_oooi to clamber up with the hands and feet, scramble up
ovoppoito ovoppoito ovoppoito ovoppoito to suck down again
ovoppuoi, ovoppuoi, ovoppuoi, ovoppuoi, rescue
ovoppovvui ovoppovvui ovoppovvui ovoppovvui to strengthen afresh
ovopoio, ovopoio, ovopoio, ovopoio, not fitting, incongruous
ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo to hang to
ovoptooi ovoptooi ovoptooi ovoptooi to be ready, prepared
ovopio, ovopio, ovopio, ovopio, uneven, odd
ovop_oio ovop_oio ovop_oio ovop_oio to make old again
ovop_io ovop_io ovop_io ovop_io lack of a leader
ovop_o, ovop_o, ovop_o, ovop_o, without head
ovoooituo ovoooituo ovoooituo ovoooituo to shake up, stir up
ovootipoo ovootipoo ovootipoo ovootipoo to draw back with a rein, to hold in check
ovootio ovootio ovootio ovootio to shake back, swing to and fro, move up and down
ovootuooi ovootuooi ovootuooi ovootuooi sprang forth, spouted up
ovooiiio, ovooiiio, ovooiiio, ovooiiio, bristling hair
ovoo|oo ovoo|oo ovoo|oo ovoo|oo to dig up, to dig up ground
ovoo|tovvui ovoo|tovvui ovoo|tovvui ovoo|tovvui to scatter abroad
ovoo|tuoo ovoo|tuoo ovoo|tuoo ovoo|tuoo to pack up the baggage
ovoo|qo, ovoo|qo, ovoo|qo, ovoo|qo, unpractised, unexercised
ovoo|oioio ovoo|oioio ovoo|oioio ovoo|oioio to fix on a pole
ovoo|oto ovoo|oto ovoo|oto ovoo|oto to look at narrowly, examine well
ovoooto ovoooto ovoooto ovoooto to scare and make to start up, to rouse
ovooopoooo ovooopoooo ovooopoooo ovooopoooo to tear up
Page 52
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovooooo, ovooooo, ovooooo, ovooooo, drawn up
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo to draw up, pull up
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo a queen, lady, mistress
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo to be lord, master, owner, to rule, in
ovoooov ovoooov ovoooov ovoooov standing up, upright
ovooooi, ovooooi, ovooooi, ovooooi, a raising up
ovoooqp ovoooqp ovoooqp ovoooqp a destroyer
ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, ovoooo, made to rise up and depart, driven from one's home
ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo to unsettle, upset
ovoooupoo ovoooupoo ovoooupoo ovoooupoo to impale
ovootiio ovootiio ovootiio ovootiio to raise up
ovootvoo ovootvoo ovootvoo ovootvoo didst thou groan forth
ovootvo_io ovootvo_io ovootvo_io ovootvo_io to groan aloud
ovootvo_o ovootvo_o ovootvo_o ovootvo_o to groan aloud over, bemoan
ovootvo ovootvo ovootvo ovootvo to groan aloud
ovooto ovooto ovooto ovooto to crown, wreath
ovooqpio ovooqpio ovooqpio ovooqpio to set up firmly
ovoooiq ovoooiq ovoooiq ovoooiq a putting back
ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo ovooooo to furnish with a mouth
ovoopto ovoopto ovoopto ovoopto to turn upside down, upset
ovoopoioyqo, ovoopoioyqo, ovoopoioyqo, ovoopoioyqo, ignorant of astrology
ovoopoq ovoopoq ovoopoq ovoopoq a turning upside down, upsetting
ovoopooo ovoopooo ovoopooo ovoopooo to keep turning about
ovooupooi ovooupooi ovooupooi ovooupooi to pull up one's clothes
ovoooiio ovoooiio ovoooiio ovoooiio to rise from a fall
ovoo_toi, ovoo_toi, ovoo_toi, ovoo_toi, a taking on oneself, endurance
ovoo_io ovoo_io ovoo_io ovoo_io to rip up
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo to recover what is lost, rescue
ovoopoooo ovoopoooo ovoopoooo ovoopoooo to disturb greatly, rouse to frenzy, confound
ovotivo ovotivo ovotivo ovotivo to stretch up, hold up
ovoti_io ovoti_io ovoti_io ovoti_io to rebuild
ovoti_ioo, ovoti_ioo, ovoti_ioo, ovoti_ioo, a rebuilding of the walls
ovotiio ovotiio ovotiio ovotiio to make to rise up
ovotvo ovotvo ovotvo ovotvo to cut open
ovoiqi ovoiqi ovoiqi ovoiqi to lay upon
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to raise in price
ovoivoooo ovoivoooo ovoivoooo ovoivoooo to shake up and down, brandish
ovoi ovoi ovoi ovoi without harm, with impunity
ovoiqvoi ovoiqvoi ovoiqvoi ovoiqvoi to bear up against, endure
ovooiq ovooiq ovooiq ovooiq a rising, rise
ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo to regain courage
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, unharmed
ovoptto, ovoptto, ovoptto, ovoptto, one must overthrow
ovopti|o, ovopti|o, ovopti|o, ovopti|o, likely to upset
ovopto ovopto ovopto ovopto to turn up
ovopto ovopto ovopto ovopto to feed up, nurse up, educate
Page 53
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovopt_o ovopt_o ovopt_o ovopt_o to run back
ovopqoi, ovopqoi, ovopqoi, ovopqoi, a trepanning
ovopio ovopio ovopio ovopio to rub well, rub clean
ovopoq ovopoq ovopoq ovopoq an upsetting, overthrow
ovouiiooo ovouiiooo ovouiiooo ovouiiooo to unroll
ovouoo ovouoo ovouoo ovouoo to impress again
ovoupoo ovoupoo ovoupoo ovoupoo to stir up, confound
ovouyqo, ovouyqo, ovouyqo, ovouyqo, rayless, sunless
ovouqo, ovouqo, ovouqo, ovouqo, not to be spoken, unutterable, ineffable
ovouo, ovouo, ovouo, ovouo, speechless, silent
ovouio, ovouio, ovouio, ovouio, without the flute
ovoupo, ovoupo, ovoupo, ovoupo, a torrent
ovou, ovou, ovou, ovou, without ships
ovouo ovouo ovouo ovouo to cry aloud
ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo ovooivo to make to give light, make to blaze up
ovooiovio, ovooiovio, ovooiovio, ovooiovio, bald in front
ovoovo ovoovo ovoovo ovoovo visibly, openly
ovotpo ovotpo ovotpo ovotpo to bring
ovotuyo ovotuyo ovotuyo ovotuyo to flee up
ovoq, ovoq, ovoq, ovoq, not to be touched, impalpable
ovotyyooi ovotyyooi ovotyyooi ovotyyooi to call out aloud
ovotipooi ovotipooi ovotipooi ovotipooi to be undone
ovoityoivo ovoityoivo ovoityoivo ovoityoivo to inflame and swell up
ovoityo ovoityo ovoityo ovoityo to light up, rekindle
ovoiti, ovoiti, ovoiti, ovoiti, a lighting up
ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo ovoiuo to bubble
ovooto ovooto ovooto ovooto to frighten away
ovoopo ovoopo ovoopo ovoopo a carrying back, reference
ovoopov ovoopov ovoopov ovoopov a pole
ovopoooi ovopoooi ovopoooi ovopoooi to be ware of
ovopoio, ovopoio, ovopoio, ovopoio, without the favour of Venus
ovopovto ovopovto ovopovto ovopovto to come back to one's senses
ovopovio ovopovio ovopovio ovopovio to meditate how
ovouyq ovouyq ovouyq ovouyq escape from
ovoupo ovoupo ovoupo ovoupo to mix up, confound:&mdash
ovouooo ovouooo ovouooo ovouooo to blow up
ovouoioo ovouoioo ovouoioo ovouoioo to blow upwards
ovouo ovouo ovouo ovouo to produce again, to let grow
ovoovto ovoovto ovoovto ovoovto to call aloud, declaim
ovoovqo ovoovqo ovoovqo ovoovqo a proclamation
ovoovqoi, ovoovqoi, ovoovqoi, ovoovqoi, an outcry, ejaculation
ovo_oo ovo_oo ovo_oo ovo_oo to make to recoil, force back
ovo_oiio ovo_oiio ovo_oiio ovo_oiio to throw back the mane, rear up
ovo_oo|o ovo_oo|o ovo_oo|o ovo_oo|o to open the mouth, gape wide
ovo_to ovo_to ovo_to ovo_to to pour forth
ovo_vooivooi ovo_vooivooi ovo_vooivooi ovo_vooivooi to get the first down
Page 54
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovo_optuo ovo_optuo ovo_optuo ovo_optuo to begin a choral dance
ovo_uoi, ovo_uoi, ovo_uoi, ovo_uoi, effusion
ovo_ovtuo ovo_ovtuo ovo_ovtuo ovo_ovtuo to fuse again
ovo_ovvui ovo_ovvui ovo_ovvui ovo_ovvui to heap up into a mound
ovo_opto ovo_opto ovo_opto ovo_opto to go back
ovo_opqoi, ovo_opqoi, ovo_opqoi, ovo_opqoi, a drawing back, retiring, retreating
ovo_opqto, ovo_opqto, ovo_opqto, ovo_opqto, one must withdraw, retreat
ovo_opio ovo_opio ovo_opio ovo_opio to make to go back
ovooo ovooo ovooo ovooo to wipe up:&mdash
ovoqio ovoqio ovoqio ovoqio to put to the vote again
ovou_q ovou_q ovou_q ovou_q a cooling, refreshing: relief, recovery, respite
ovou_o ovou_o ovou_o ovou_o to cool, to revive by fresh air, to refresh
ovovo ovovo ovovo ovovo to please, delight, gratify
ovqpov ovqpov ovqpov ovqpov a raised border, flower-bed
ovi_o ovi_o ovi_o ovi_o asunder, in twain
ovpoyoto ovpoyoto ovpoyoto ovpoyoto brave deeds
ovpoyoqo ovpoyoqo ovpoyoqo ovpoyoqo a brave deed
ovpoyoio ovpoyoio ovpoyoio ovpoyoio bravery, manly virtue, the character of a brave honest man
ovpoyoiooi ovpoyoiooi ovpoyoiooi ovpoyoiooi to act bravely, honestly, play the honest man
ovpoypio ovpoypio ovpoypio ovpoypio the spoils of a slain enemy
ovpo|o, ovpo|o, ovpo|o, ovpo|o, man by man
ovpooio ovpooio ovpooio ovpooio to reduce to slavery, enslave
ovpooioo, ovpooioo, ovpooioo, ovpooioo, a selling free men into slavery, enslaving
ovpooioq, ovpooioq, ovpooioq, ovpooioq, a slave-dealer, kidnapper
ovpooo|oqio, ovpooo|oqio, ovpooo|oqio, ovpooo|oqio, a slave-dealer
ovpooov ovpooov ovpooov ovpooov one taken in war and sold as a slave, a captive
ovpoooq, ovpoooq, ovpoooq, ovpoooq, slavish, servile, abject
ovpopiov ovpopiov ovpopiov ovpopiov a manikin
ovpo_q, ovpo_q, ovpo_q, ovpo_q, loading a man, as much as a man can carry
ovptio ovptio ovptio ovptio manliness, manhood, manly spirit
ovpti|tiov ovpti|tiov ovpti|tiov ovpti|tiov an image of a man
ovpti|tio, ovpti|tio, ovpti|tio, ovpti|tio, like a man
ovptio, ovptio, ovptio, ovptio, of
ovptiovq, ovptiovq, ovptiovq, ovptiovq, man-slaying
ovpqioto ovpqioto ovpqioto ovpqioto to banish from house and home
ovpqioq, ovpqioq, ovpqioq, ovpqioq, he that drives one from home, the avenger of blood
ovpiovio|o, ovpiovio|o, ovpiovio|o, ovpiovio|o, a puppet
ovpiovooito ovpiovooito ovpiovooito ovpiovooito to make statues
ovpiovooiio ovpiovooiio ovpiovooiio ovpiovooiio the sculptor's art, statuary
ovpiovooio, ovpiovooio, ovpiovooio, ovpiovooio, a statue-maker, statuary, sculptor
ovpio, ovpio, ovpio, ovpio, the image of a man, a statue
ovpio ovpio ovpio ovpio to make a man of
ovpi|o, ovpi|o, ovpi|o, ovpi|o, of
ovpiov ovpiov ovpiov ovpiov a manikin
ovpioto, ovpioto, ovpioto, ovpioto, one must play the man
ovpioi ovpioi ovpioi ovpioi like a man, like men
Page 55
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, man-devouring
ovpoouio, ovpoouio, ovpoouio, ovpoouio, of manly counsel, man-minded
ovpopo, ovpopo, ovpopo, ovpopo, man-eating
ovpoyovo, ovpoyovo, ovpoyovo, ovpoyovo, begetting males
ovpoyuvo, ovpoyuvo, ovpoyuvo, ovpoyuvo, a man-woman, hermaphrodite
ovpooi|o, ovpooi|o, ovpooi|o, ovpooi|o, man-slaying
ovpooo, ovpooo, ovpooo, ovpooo, man-taming
ovpoto ovpoto ovpoto ovpoto the man-goddess
ovpotv ovpotv ovpotv ovpotv from a man
ovpovq, ovpovq, ovpovq, ovpovq, murderous
ovpo|q, ovpo|q, ovpo|q, ovpo|q, man-wearying
ovpo|qo, ovpo|qo, ovpo|qo, ovpo|qo, wrought by men's hands
ovpo|ooio ovpo|ooio ovpo|ooio ovpo|ooio slaughter of men
ovpo|ovto ovpo|ovto ovpo|ovto ovpo|ovto to slay men
ovpo|ovo, ovpo|ovo, ovpo|ovo, ovpo|ovo, man-slaying, murdering
ovpoittipo ovpoittipo ovpoittipo ovpoittipo a murderess
ovpoiqio ovpoiqio ovpoiqio ovpoiqio seizure of men
ovpoo_o, ovpoo_o, ovpoo_o, ovpoo_o, fighting with men
ovpoto, ovpoto, ovpoto, ovpoto, of man
ovpoq|q, ovpoq|q, ovpoq|q, ovpoq|q, of a man's height
ovpooi, ovpooi, ovpooi, ovpooi, a man-boy
ovpoiqtio ovpoiqtio ovpoiqtio ovpoiqtio a multitude of men
ovpooivi, ovpooivi, ovpooivi, ovpooivi, hurtful to men
ovpoooytiov ovpoooytiov ovpoooytiov ovpoooytiov a slaughter-house of men
ovpooiy ovpooiy ovpooiy ovpooiy a man-sphinx, sphinx with the bust of a man
ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, manliness, manhood, courage
ovpou_q, ovpou_q, ovpou_q, ovpou_q, getting a husband
ovpooyto ovpooyto ovpooyto ovpooyto to eat men
ovpooyo, ovpooyo, ovpooyo, ovpooyo, eating men
ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, of a slain man
ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, ovpoopo, man-destroying, murderous
ovpoovio ovpoovio ovpoovio ovpoovio slaughter of men
ovpoovo, ovpoovo, ovpoovo, ovpoovo, man-slaying
ovpoo ovpoo ovpoo ovpoo to rear up into manhood
ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, like a man, manly
ovpov ovpov ovpov ovpov the men's apartment
ovtpo_t ovtpo_t ovtpo_t ovtpo_t clashed
ovtyyuo, ovtyyuo, ovtyyuo, ovtyyuo, not accredited
ovtytipo ovtytipo ovtytipo ovtytipo to wake up, rouse
ovtytpov ovtytpov ovtytpov ovtytpov wakeful
ovty|iqo, ovty|iqo, ovty|iqo, ovty|iqo, not accused, without reproach, void of offence
ovtqv ovtqv ovtqv ovtqv let loose, freely, without restraint
ovttiqo, ovttiqo, ovttiqo, ovttiqo, unwished for, unwelcome
ovtiitiuio ovtiitiuio ovtiitiuio ovtiitiuio without the aid of Eileithuia
ovtiito ovtiito ovtiito ovtiito to roll up together:&mdash
ovtitvooo, ovtitvooo, ovtitvooo, ovtitvooo, let go free, released from labour
Page 56
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovtii ovtii ovtii ovtii to go up
ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov without clothing, unclad
ovtitiv ovtitiv ovtitiv ovtitiv to say aloud, announce, proclaim
ovtipyo ovtipyo ovtipyo ovtipyo to keep back, restrain
ovtipo ovtipo ovtipo ovtipo to fasten on
ovtiooo, ovtiooo, ovtiooo, ovtiooo, without entrance
ovtioopio ovtioopio ovtioopio ovtioopio exemption from the
ovtioopo, ovtioopo, ovtioopo, ovtioopo, exempt from the
ovt|otv ovt|otv ovt|otv ovt|otv from above
ovt|o, ovt|o, ovt|o, ovt|o, upwards
ovt|oo, ovt|oo, ovt|oo, ovt|oo, without outlet
ovt|iqyqo, ovt|iqyqo, ovt|iqyqo, ovt|iqyqo, ineffable
ovt|oo, ovt|oo, ovt|oo, ovt|oo, not given in marriage
ovt|poo, ovt|poo, ovt|poo, ovt|poo, inevitable
ovt|ioiqo, ovt|ioiqo, ovt|ioiqo, ovt|ioiqo, unspeakable
ovt|iiqi ovt|iiqi ovt|iiqi ovt|iiqi to fill up
ovt|iq|o, ovt|iq|o, ovt|iq|o, ovt|iq|o, undaunted, intrepid
ovt|to, ovt|to, ovt|to, ovt|to, to be borne
ovt|o, ovt|o, ovt|o, ovt|o, bearable, sufferable, tolerable
ovtity|o, ovtity|o, ovtity|o, ovtity|o, not cross-questioned, safe from being questioned
ovtity_o ovtity_o ovtity_o ovtity_o to convince
ovtitqov ovtitqov ovtitqov ovtitqov merciless, without mercy
ovtito, ovtito, ovtito, ovtito, unmerciful
ovtitutpio ovtitutpio ovtitutpio ovtitutpio illiberality
ovtitutpo, ovtitutpo, ovtitutpo, ovtitutpo, not fit for a free man
ovtiiyo ovtiiyo ovtiiyo ovtiiyo anything rolled up, a ringlet
ovtiii, ovtiii, ovtiii, ovtiii, an unfolding
ovtiiooo ovtiiooo ovtiiooo ovtiiooo to unroll
ovti|o ovti|o ovti|o ovti|o to draw up
ovtii, ovtii, ovtii, ovtii, without hope, hopeless
ovtiioo, ovtiioo, ovtiioo, ovtiioo, unhoped for, unlooked for
ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, inaccessible
ovttoqo, ovttoqo, ovttoqo, ovttoqo, free from blame, without offence
ovtqo, ovtqo, ovtqo, ovtqo, not distributed
ovtiooi ovtiooi ovtiooi ovtiooi to be driven with the wind
ovtopoo, ovtopoo, ovtopoo, ovtopoo, running with the wind
ovtoiov ovtoiov ovtoiov ovtoiov to go through
ovtoo|tq, ovtoo|tq, ovtoo|tq, ovtoo|tq, sheltering from the wind
ovto, ovto, ovto, ovto, wind
ovtooopoyo, ovtooopoyo, ovtooopoyo, ovtooopoyo, echoing to the wind
ovtoptq, ovtoptq, ovtoptq, ovtoptq, fed by the wind
ovtoo ovtoo ovtoo ovtoo to expose to the wind:&mdash
ovtiq|o, ovtiq|o, ovtiq|o, ovtiq|o, intrepid
ovtoioo, ovtoioo, ovtoioo, ovtoioo, unembarrassed
ovto|q, ovto|q, ovto|q, ovto|q, swift as the wind
ovtoiio, ovtoiio, ovtoiio, ovtoiio, windy
Page 57
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovtovq ovtovq ovtovq ovtovq the wind-flower, anemone
ovtvtq, ovtvtq, ovtvtq, ovtvtq, in want of naught
ovtvt|o, ovtvt|o, ovtvt|o, ovtvt|o, impossible
ovtvoiooo, ovtvoiooo, ovtvoiooo, ovtvoiooo, indubitable
ovtoitio, ovtoitio, ovtoitio, ovtoitio, indelible
ovttity|o, ovttity|o, ovttity|o, ovttity|o, unquestioned, impossible to be questioned
ovttpyooo, ovttpyooo, ovttpyooo, ovttpyooo, unfinished
ovttooo, ovttooo, ovttooo, ovttooo, not inquired into
ovttupto, ovttupto, ovttupto, ovttupto, not to be found out
ovti|o|o, ovti|o|o, ovti|o|o, ovti|o|o, enduring evil, forbearing, long-suffering
ovti_viooo, ovti_viooo, ovti_viooo, ovti_viooo, not to be traced, unsearchable, inscrutable
ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, with no outlet, allowing no return
ovtopo, ovtopo, ovtopo, ovtopo, without festival
ovtoioqo, ovtoioqo, ovtoioqo, ovtoioqo, unperceived, imperceptible
ovtoio_uvo, ovtoio_uvo, ovtoio_uvo, ovtoio_uvo, having no cause for shame
ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, ovtoo, untouched
ovto_q, ovto_q, ovto_q, ovto_q, not burdensome, without offence
ovtiouituo, ovtiouituo, ovtiouituo, ovtiouituo, without plots
ovtiypoo, ovtiypoo, ovtiypoo, ovtiypoo, without title
ovtii|o, ovtii|o, ovtii|o, ovtii|o, not disputed by legal process, undisputed
ovtiti|tio ovtiti|tio ovtiti|tio ovtiti|tio unfairness, unkindness
ovtiti|q, ovtiti|q, ovtiti|q, ovtiti|q, unreasonable, unfair
ovti|iqo, ovti|iqo, ovti|iqo, ovti|iqo, unaccused, unblamed
ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, not open to attack, not censured, blameless
ovtii|o, ovtii|o, ovtii|o, ovtii|o, not mixing
ovtitoo, ovtitoo, ovtitoo, ovtitoo, not polished
ovtiit|o, ovtiit|o, ovtiit|o, ovtiit|o, without connexion with others, isolated
ovtippt|o, ovtippt|o, ovtippt|o, ovtippt|o, not dedicated
ovtio|to, ovtio|to, ovtio|to, ovtio|to, inattentive, inconsiderate
ovtioqoouvq ovtioqoouvq ovtioqoouvq ovtioqoouvq want of knowledge, ignorance, unskilfulness
ovtioqov ovtioqov ovtioqov ovtioqov not knowing, ignorant, unskilful
ovtio|o, ovtio|o, ovtio|o, ovtio|o, subject to no control
ovtiqtio, ovtiqtio, ovtiqtio, ovtiqtio, unserviceable, unfit
ovtiqtuo, ovtiqtuo, ovtiqtuo, ovtiqtuo, made without care
ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, ovtiiqo, not to be censured
ovtiovo, ovtiovo, ovtiovo, ovtiovo, without reproach
ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi to love again, love anew
ovtpooo, ovtpooo, ovtpooo, ovtpooo, not loved
ovtpyooo, ovtpyooo, ovtpyooo, ovtpyooo, unwrought, untilled
ovtpyo, ovtpyo, ovtpyo, ovtpyo, not done
ovtptio ovtptio ovtptio ovtptio to stir up, excite
ovtptiooi ovtptiooi ovtptiooi ovtptiooi to snatch up and carry off
ovtptuvoo ovtptuvoo ovtptuvoo ovtptuvoo to examine closely, investigate
ovtptuvqo, ovtptuvqo, ovtptuvqo, ovtptuvqo, not investigated
ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi to enquire of, question
ovtpo ovtpo ovtpo ovtpo to creep up
Page 58
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovtppo ovtppo ovtppo ovtppo to go quite away
ovtpupioo ovtpupioo ovtpupioo ovtpupioo to begin to blush, blush up
ovtpuo ovtpuo ovtpuo ovtpuo to draw up, haul up
ovtp_ooi ovtp_ooi ovtp_ooi ovtp_ooi to go up
ovtpooo ovtpooo ovtpooo ovtpooo to ask
ovtoi, ovtoi, ovtoi, ovtoi, a loosening, relaxing
ovtoio, ovtoio, ovtoio, ovtoio, without hearth and home, homeless
ovtoo ovtoo ovtoo ovtoo to examine closely
ovtto, ovtto, ovtto, ovtto, one must dismiss
ovto, ovto, ovto, ovto, relaxed, slack, loose
ovtut ovtut ovtut ovtut without
ovtuto, ovtuto, ovtuto, ovtuto, inconvenient
ovtuuvo, ovtuuvo, ovtuuvo, ovtuuvo, not having to render an account, irresponsible
ovtu|o, ovtu|o, ovtu|o, ovtu|o, not wishing, not praying
ovtu ovtu ovtu ovtu without
ovtuptoi, ovtuptoi, ovtuptoi, ovtuptoi, a discovery
ovtupio|o ovtupio|o ovtupio|o ovtupio|o to find out, make out, discover
ovtuqto ovtuqto ovtuqto ovtuqto to shout
ovttio, ovttio, ovttio, ovttio, unclouded, cloudless
ovt_tyyuo, ovt_tyyuo, ovt_tyyuo, ovt_tyyuo, not giving surety
ovt_o ovt_o ovt_o ovt_o to hold up
ovtioou, ovtioou, ovtioou, ovtioou, a first-cousin's son
ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, a first-cousin, cousin
ovto ovto ovto ovto without a sound, in silence
ovqoo ovqoo ovqoo ovqoo to grow young again
ovqqqpio, ovqqqpio, ovqqqpio, ovqqqpio, returning as in youth
ovqo, ovqo, ovqo, ovqo, not yet come to man's estate, beardless
ovqytovtuo, ovqytovtuo, ovqytovtuo, ovqytovtuo, without leader
ovqytooi ovqytooi ovqytooi ovqytooi to tell as in a narrative, relate, recount
ovquvo, ovquvo, ovquvo, ovquvo, not sweetened
ovqivo, ovqivo, ovqivo, ovqivo, made of anise
ovqov ovqov ovqov ovqov anise, dill
ovq|too, ovq|too, ovq|too, ovq|too, not to be healed, incurable, irreparable, fatal
ovq|oo, ovq|oo, ovq|oo, ovq|oo, without hearing
ovq|ouoto ovq|ouoto ovq|ouoto ovq|ouoto to be unwilling to hear, to disobey
ovq|ouoo, ovq|ouoo, ovq|ouoo, ovq|ouoo, unheard of
ovq|o ovq|o ovq|o ovq|o to have come up to
ovqitq, ovqitq, ovqitq, ovqitq, without pity, unmerciful:&mdash
ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, without sun, sunless
ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, unshod, barefoot
ovqti|o, ovqti|o, ovqti|o, ovqti|o, unmilked
ovqtpo, ovqtpo, ovqtpo, ovqtpo, not tame, wild, savage
ovqvto, ovqvto, ovqvto, ovqvto, without wind
ovqvot ovqvot ovqvot ovqvot gushed forth from
ovqvuoo, ovqvuoo, ovqvuoo, ovqvuoo, ineffectual
ovqvuo, ovqvuo, ovqvuo, ovqvuo, endless
Page 59
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovqvop ovqvop ovqvop ovqvop unmanly
ovquo ovquo ovquo ovquo to cry aloud, roar
ovq ovq ovq ovq fulfilment
ovqpoo, ovqpoo, ovqpoo, ovqpoo, unploughed, untilled
ovqp ovqp ovqp ovqp a man
ovqoioo, ovqoioo, ovqoioo, ovqoioo, without real fire
ovoiptooi ovoiptooi ovoiptooi ovoiptooi to choose
ovoiio|ooi ovoiio|ooi ovoiio|ooi ovoiio|ooi to be captured in turn
ovoiiioooi ovoiiioooi ovoiiioooi ovoiiioooi to vie one with another, to race one another
ovoiiio, ovoiiio, ovoiiio, ovoiiio, vying with, rivalling
ovoooi ovoooi ovoooi ovoooi to lay hold of in turn
ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov a flower, blossom
ovt|to, ovt|to, ovt|to, ovt|to, one must cleave to
ovti|o ovti|o ovti|o ovti|o to draw
ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov with flowers
ovtoti, ovtoti, ovtoti, ovtoti, flowery
ovtov ovtov ovtov ovtov costliest
ovtoppuo, ovtoppuo, ovtoppuo, ovtoppuo, flowing from flowers
ovtoupyo, ovtoupyo, ovtoupyo, ovtoupyo, working in flowers
ovtoq, ovtoq, ovtoq, ovtoq, flowery, blooming
ovtptov ovtptov ovtptov ovtptov the chin
ovtpi ovtpi ovtpi ovtpi the beard
ovtoqpio ovtoqpio ovtoqpio ovtoqpio the feast of flowers
ovtoqpiov ovtoqpiov ovtoqpiov ovtoqpiov Anthesterion
ovtoioo ovtoioo ovtoioo ovtoioo to entertain in return
ovtoopo, ovtoopo, ovtoopo, ovtoopo, bearing flowers, flowering
ovto ovto ovto ovto to blossom, bloom
ovq ovq ovq ovq full bloom
ovqpo, ovqpo, ovqpo, ovqpo, flowering, blooming
ovqoooooi ovqoooooi ovqoooooi ovqoooooi to give way in turn
ovio ovio ovio ovio to strew
ovivo, ovivo, ovivo, ovivo, like flowers, blooming, fresh
oviooio oviooio oviooio oviooio a sham-fight of horse
ovituo ovituo ovituo ovituo to ride against
ovioqi ovioqi ovioqi ovioqi to set against
ovooito ovooito ovooito ovooito to bestrew with flowers
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, garlanded with flowers
ovoioio, ovoioio, ovoioio, ovoioio, living on flowers
ovoo|o, ovoo|o, ovoo|o, ovoo|o, holding flowers
ovo|oto ovo|oto ovo|oto ovo|oto to produce flowers
ovo|oo, ovo|oo, ovo|oo, ovo|oo, decked with flowers, flowery
ovo|poto ovo|poto ovo|poto ovo|poto to govern flowers
ovo|po|o, ovo|po|o, ovo|po|o, ovo|po|o, worked with flowers
ovoi|q ovoi|q ovoi|q ovoi|q a pulling in the contrary direction, resistance
ovoioyio ovoioyio ovoioyio ovoioyio a flower-gathering
ovoioyo, ovoioyo, ovoioyo, ovoioyo, flower-gathering
Page 60
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovooioytooi ovooioytooi ovooioytooi ovooioytooi to make a mutual agreement
ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio to arm against
ovopto ovopto ovopto ovopto to lie at anchor opposite to
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, redolent of flowers
ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, a blossom, flower
ovoouvq ovoouvq ovoouvq ovoouvq bloom, luxuriant growth
ovoopto ovoopto ovoopto ovoopto to bear flowers
ovoopo, ovoopo, ovoopo, ovoopo, bearing flowers, flowery
ovouq, ovouq, ovouq, ovouq, party-coloured
ovpo|io ovpo|io ovpo|io ovpo|io a heap of charcoal, hot embers
ovpo|io, ovpo|io, ovpo|io, ovpo|io, a man black as a collier
ovpo|io ovpo|io ovpo|io ovpo|io to make charcoal of, to roast
ovpo|oo ovpo|oo ovpo|oo ovpo|oo to be burnt to cinders
ovpo ovpo ovpo ovpo charcoal, coal
ovpqvq ovpqvq ovpqvq ovpqvq a hornet, wasp
ovpqviov ovpqviov ovpqviov ovpqviov a wasp's nest
ovpoopto|o, ovpoopto|o, ovpoopto|o, ovpoopto|o, a man-pleaser
ovpoopiov ovpoopiov ovpoopiov ovpoopiov a manikin
ovpotq ovpotq ovpotq ovpotq a man's skin
ovpotio, ovpotio, ovpotio, ovpotio, of
ovpotuooi ovpotuooi ovpotuooi ovpotuooi to be
ovpoio ovpoio ovpoio ovpoio to be
ovpoi|o, ovpoi|o, ovpoi|o, ovpoi|o, of
ovpoivo, ovpoivo, ovpoivo, ovpoivo, of, from
ovpoiov ovpoiov ovpoiov ovpoiov a manikin
ovpoooiov ovpoooiov ovpoooiov ovpoooiov a man-god
ovpootiq, ovpootiq, ovpootiq, ovpootiq, like a man, in human form
ovpoouoio ovpoouoio ovpoouoio ovpoouoio a human sacrifice
ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, murdering men, a homicide
ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, ovpoo|ovo, furnished by slaughtered men
ovpooioyo, ovpooioyo, ovpooioyo, ovpooioyo, speaking of man
ovpoooiio ovpoooiio ovpoooiio ovpoooiio a making of man
ovpoooio, ovpoooio, ovpoooio, ovpoooio, making men
ovpoo, ovpoo, ovpoo, ovpoo, man
ovpooooyto ovpooooyto ovpooooyto ovpooooyto to slay men
ovpoooyto ovpoooyto ovpoooyto ovpoooyto to eat men
ovpoooyio ovpoooyio ovpoooyio ovpoooyio an eating of men
ovpoooyo, ovpoooyo, ovpoooyo, ovpoooyo, man eating
ovpoouq, ovpoouq, ovpoouq, ovpoouq, of man's nature
ovupio ovupio ovupio ovupio to abuse one another, abuse in turn
ovuoyo ovuoyo ovuoyo ovuoyo to bring to trial in turn
ovuotuo ovuotuo ovuotuo ovuotuo to be proconsul
ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, proconsular
ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, a proconsul
ovuti|o ovuti|o ovuti|o ovuti|o to yield in turn
ovutii, ovutii, ovutii, ovutii, a mutual yielding
Page 61
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovuqptto ovuqptto ovuqptto ovuqptto to serve in turn
ovuo|pivooi ovuo|pivooi ovuo|pivooi ovuo|pivooi to answer in return
ovuovuoi ovuovuoi ovuovuoi ovuovuoi to make a counter-affidavit
ovuotuo ovuotuo ovuotuo ovuotuo to suspect mutually
ovuoupyto ovuoupyto ovuoupyto ovuoupyto to return a kindness
ovuioooi ovuioooi ovuioooi ovuioooi to undertake to serve
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to grieve, distress
ovioooi ovioooi ovioooi ovioooi to cure again, repair
ovio ovio ovio ovio grief, sorrow, distress, trouble
ovio ovio ovio ovio a rein
oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, grievous, troublesome, annoying
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, incurable
ovio_o ovio_o ovio_o ovio_o to cry aloud
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to grieve, distress
ovipoi ovipoi ovipoi ovipoi without sweat
ovipoo, ovipoo, ovipoo, ovipoo, without having sweated
ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, unholy, unhallowed
ovitpoo ovitpoo ovitpoo ovitpoo to dedicate, devote
oviqi oviqi oviqi oviqi to send up
ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, insufficient, incapable
ovi|ttuo, ovi|ttuo, ovi|ttuo, ovi|ttuo, without prayer, not entreating
ovi|qo, ovi|qo, ovi|qo, ovi|qo, unconquered, unconquerable
oviito, oviito, oviito, oviito, unmerciful
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to draw up
ovio, ovio, ovio, ovio, without horse, not serving on horseback
ovioou, ovioou, ovioou, ovioou, with unwashen feet
ovio, ovio, ovio, ovio, unwashen
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, unequal, uneven
oviooq, oviooq, oviooq, oviooq, inequality
oviooo oviooo oviooo oviooo to make equal, equalise
ovioqi ovioqi ovioqi ovioqi to make to stand up, raise up
ovioopto ovioopto ovioopto ovioopto to make inquiry into, ask about
ovioopqo, ovioopqo, ovioopqo, ovioopqo, ignorant of history
ovioooi, ovioooi, ovioooi, ovioooi, equalisation
ovi_vtuo ovi_vtuo ovi_vtuo ovi_vtuo to trace back
ovviio ovviio ovviio ovviio to side with Hannibal
ovoqyto ovoqyto ovoqyto ovoqyto to guide back
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, having no road, impassable
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, a way up
ovoupooi ovoupooi ovoupooi ovoupooi to set up a wailing
ovoqov ovoqov ovoqov ovoqov without understanding
ovoqo, ovoqo, ovoqo, ovoqo, not thought on, unheard of
ovoio ovoio ovoio ovoio want of understanding, folly
ovoiyvui ovoiyvui ovoiyvui ovoiyvui to open
ovoito ovoito ovoito ovoito to swell up
ovoi|io ovoi|io ovoi|io ovoi|io to remove up the country
Page 62
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovoi|ooto ovoi|ooto ovoi|ooto ovoi|ooto to build up
ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, houseless, homeless
ovoi|to, ovoi|to, ovoi|to, ovoi|to, one must open
ovoi|ipov ovoi|ipov ovoi|ipov ovoi|ipov pitiless, merciless
ovoi|ioo, ovoi|ioo, ovoi|ioo, ovoi|ioo, unpitied, unmourned
ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, pitiless, ruthless
ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, opened
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to wail aloud
ovoio|i ovoio|i ovoio|i ovoio|i without need to wail, with impunity
ovoio|o, ovoio|o, ovoio|o, ovoio|o, unlamented
ovoii, ovoii, ovoii, ovoii, an opening
ovoioto, ovoioto, ovoioto, ovoioto, one must report
ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, referred
ovoiopto ovoiopto ovoiopto ovoiopto to goad to madness
ovo|o_tuo ovo|o_tuo ovo|o_tuo ovo|o_tuo to hold back
ovo|o_q ovo|o_q ovo|o_q ovo|o_q a stay, cessation
ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio ovoiio misery
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, unblest, wretched, luckless
ovoi|q ovoi|q ovoi|q ovoi|q a hauling up
ovoioiuo ovoioiuo ovoioiuo ovoioiuo to cry aloud, shout (with joy)
ovoioupooi ovoioupooi ovoioupooi ovoioupooi to break into loud wailing
ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio to restore to equality, equalise
ovopo, ovopo, ovopo, ovopo, without rain
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto to act lawlessly
ovoio ovoio ovoio ovoio lawlessness
ovoiiqo, ovoiiqo, ovoiiqo, ovoiiqo, having no communion with others, unsociable
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, eyeless, sightless
ovooiotiq, ovooiotiq, ovooiotiq, ovooiotiq, of unlike kind, heterogeneous
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, unlike, dissimilar
ovooioq, ovooioq, ovooioq, ovooioq, dissimilarity
ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo ovooioo to make unlike
ovooioytooi ovooioytooi ovooioytooi ovooioytooi to agree upon
ovooioyqto, ovooioyqto, ovooioyqto, ovooioyqto, one must admit
ovooioyio ovooioyio ovooioyio ovooioyio disagreement
ovooioyo, ovooioyo, ovooioyo, ovooioyo, not agreeing
ovooioyoutvo, ovooioyoutvo, ovooioyoutvo, ovooioyoutvo, not agreeing, inconsistent
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, without law, lawless
ovovqo, ovovqo, ovovqo, ovovqo, unprofitable, useless
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, without understanding, foolish, silly
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio unseen
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, without the
ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo to look up
ovopyovo, ovopyovo, ovopyovo, ovopyovo, without instruments
ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo ovopoo to set up again, restore, rebuild
ovopo, ovopo, ovopo, ovopo, without harbour
ovopvui ovopvui ovopvui ovopvui to rouse, stir up
Page 63
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovopouo ovopouo ovopouo ovopouo to start up, leap up
ovopoo, ovopoo, ovopoo, ovopoo, roofless
ovopoiio ovopoiio ovopoiio ovopoiio to clap the wings and crow
ovopuooo ovopuooo ovopuooo ovopuooo to dig up
ovop_tooi ovop_tooi ovop_tooi ovop_tooi to leap up and dance
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, unholy, profane
ovooioq, ovooioq, ovooioq, ovooioq, profaneness
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, without sickness, healthy, sound
ovooto, ovooto, ovooto, ovooto, boneless
ovooqo, ovooqo, ovooqo, ovooqo, whence none return
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, not returning
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, unreturning, without return
ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo ovoouo to break out into wailing
ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, without ear: without handle
ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, unwounded
ovouqi ovouqi ovouqi ovouqi without wound
ovo_q ovo_q ovo_q ovo_q a holding back, stopping
ovo_oo ovo_oo ovo_oo ovo_oo to hoist, lift up
ovo_to, ovo_to, ovo_to, ovo_to, to be borne, sufferable, endurable
ovoyopoo ovoyopoo ovoyopoo ovoyopoo to buy with money received in payment
ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo ovoyoptuo to speak against, reply
ovoyoviooi ovoyoviooi ovoyoviooi ovoyoviooi to struggle against, prove a match for
ovoyovioto ovoyovioto ovoyovioto ovoyovioto to oppose, be a rival
ovoyovioq, ovoyovioq, ovoyovioq, ovoyovioq, an opponent, competitor, rival
ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo ovotipo to raise one's
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, contending against, rivalling
ovoitooi ovoitooi ovoitooi ovoitooi to respect in return
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, set over against, right opposite
ovoipo ovoipo ovoipo ovoipo to raise against
ovoito ovoito ovoito ovoito to demand in return
ovo|oio, ovo|oio, ovo|oio, ovo|oio, sturgeon
ovo|ouo ovo|ouo ovo|ouo ovo|ouo to hear in turn
ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo ovoioioo to return a shout
ovoiioyo ovoiioyo ovoiioyo ovoiioyo that which is given
ovoiio|to, ovoiio|to, ovoiio|to, ovoiio|to, one must give in exchange
ovoiioooo ovoiioooo ovoiioooo ovoiioooo to exchange
ovotiooi ovotiooi ovotiooi ovotiooi to exchange
ovouvooi ovouvooi ovouvooi ovouvooi to defend oneself against, resist
ovovoioo ovovoioo ovovoioo ovovoioo to make go up in turn
ovovoyo ovovoyo ovovoyo ovovoyo to lead up against
ovovoipto ovovoipto ovovoipto ovovoipto to take away from the opposite sides of an account, to cancel
ovovoiio|o ovovoiio|o ovovoiio|o ovovoiio|o to destroy in return
ovovotvo ovovotvo ovovotvo ovovotvo to wait instead
ovovoiiqi ovovoiiqi ovovoiiqi ovovoiiqi to fill up in return
ovovoit|o ovovoit|o ovovoit|o ovovoit|o to plait in rivalry with
ovovoiqpoo ovovoiqpoo ovovoiqpoo ovovoiqpoo to supply as a substitute
Page 64
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovovpo, ovovpo, ovovpo, ovovpo, instead of a man, as a substitute
ovovtii ovovtii ovovtii ovovtii to rise so as to balance
ovovioqi ovovioqi ovovioqi ovovioqi to set up against
ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, ovoio, worth just as much as
ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo ovoioo to demand as equivalent
ovooito ovooito ovooito ovooito to demand in return
ovootiooi ovootiooi ovootiooi ovootiooi to obey in turn
ovotpu|o ovotpu|o ovotpu|o ovotpu|o to keep off in turn
ovooti|vui ovooti|vui ovooti|vui ovooti|vui to prove in return
ovooioi ovooioi ovooioi ovooioi to give back, repay, tender in repayment
ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo ovoooo repayment, requital
ovooooi, ovooooi, ovooooi, ovooooi, a giving back in turn
ovoo|pivooi ovoo|pivooi ovoo|pivooi ovoo|pivooi to answer again
ovoo|tivo ovoo|tivo ovoo|tivo ovoo|tivo to kill in return
ovooioovo ovooioovo ovooioovo ovooioovo to receive
ovooiiui ovooiiui ovooiiui ovooiiui to destroy in return
ovooio ovooio ovooio ovooio to requite, repay
ovoooivo ovoooivo ovoooivo ovoooivo to shew on the other hand
ovo ovo ovo ovo over against, face to face
ovop|to ovop|to ovop|to ovop|to to hold out against
ovoooooi ovoooooi ovoooooi ovoooooi to welcome
ovouytio ovouytio ovouytio ovouytio reflexion of light
ovouyto ovouyto ovouyto ovouyto to reflect light
ovouoo ovouoo ovouoo ovouoo to speak against, answer
ovouo ovouo ovouo ovouo to sound in turn, answer
ovoiqi ovoiqi ovoiqi ovoiqi to let go
ovoo ovoo ovoo ovoo to come opposite to, meet face to face, meet with
ovtyypoo ovtyypoo ovtyypoo ovtyypoo to insert
ovty|oito ovty|oito ovty|oito ovty|oito to accuse in turn
ovti|oo ovti|oo ovti|oo ovti|oo to compare in return
ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov ovtiov to speak against
ovtiooyo ovtiooyo ovtiooyo ovtiooyo to introduce instead, substitute
ovt||ito ovt||ito ovt||ito ovt||ito to steal away in return
ovt||oo ovt||oo ovt||oo ovt||oo to knock out in return
ovt|to ovt|to ovt|to ovt|to to send out in return
ovt|ito ovt|ito ovt|ito ovt|ito to sail out against
ovt|tivo ovt|tivo ovt|tivo ovt|tivo to stretch out in opposition
ovt|iqi ovt|iqi ovt|iqi ovt|iqi to set forth
ovt|pt_o ovt|pt_o ovt|pt_o ovt|pt_o to sally out against
ovtiouvo ovtiouvo ovtiouvo ovtiouvo to sail against
ovtiio ovtiio ovtiio ovtiio to hope instead
ovtoiio ovtoiio ovtoiio ovtoiio to make an inroad in turn
ovtioo ovtioo ovtioo ovtioo to put on board instead
ovtqyvuoi ovtqyvuoi ovtqyvuoi ovtqyvuoi Pass. to stick right in
ovtiiqi ovtiiqi ovtiiqi ovtiiqi to fill in turn
ovtipqi ovtipqi ovtipqi ovtipqi to set on fire in return
Page 65
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovtooi, ovtooi, ovtooi, ovtooi, difference of appearance
ovtvioi ovtvioi ovtvioi ovtvioi to give way in turn
ovtoyo ovtoyo ovtoyo ovtoyo to export in turn
ovtoito ovtoito ovtoito ovtoito to demand in return
ovttiouvo ovttiouvo ovttiouvo ovttiouvo to drive, ride, sail out against
ovttp_ooi ovttp_ooi ovttp_ooi ovttp_ooi to go out against
ovttoo ovttoo ovttoo ovttoo to try
ovtituo ovtituo ovtituo ovtituo to ride out against
ovtopqoi, ovtopqoi, ovtopqoi, ovtopqoi, a sailing against
ovtoyo ovtoyo ovtoyo ovtoyo to lead against
ovtoivto ovtoivto ovtoivto ovtoivto to praise in return
ovtovoyooi ovtovoyooi ovtovoyooi ovtovoyooi to put to sea against
ovtoiqi ovtoiqi ovtoiqi ovtoiqi to let slip against
ovttii ovttii ovttii ovttii to rush upon, meet an advancing enemy
ovttoyo ovttoyo ovttoyo ovttoyo to go out against
ovtttii ovtttii ovtttii ovtttii to march out
ovtttiouvo ovtttiouvo ovtttiouvo ovtttiouvo to march out
ovtq_to ovtq_to ovtq_to ovtq_to to clamour against
ovtiouituo ovtiouituo ovtiouituo ovtiouituo to form counter-designs
ovtiypoo ovtiypoo ovtiypoo ovtiypoo to write
ovtiti|vui ovtiti|vui ovtiti|vui ovtiti|vui to exhibit in turn
ovtiuto ovtiuto ovtiuto ovtiuto to desire
ovti|oupto ovti|oupto ovti|oupto ovti|oupto to help in return
ovtititooi ovtititooi ovtititooi ovtititooi to attend
ovtiotiio ovtiotiio ovtiotiio ovtiotiio to write an answer
ovtiopotuo ovtiopotuo ovtiopotuo ovtiopotuo to take the field against
ovtioooo ovtioooo ovtioooo ovtioooo to order in turn
ovtiti_iooi ovtiti_iooi ovtiti_iooi ovtiti_iooi to build a fort in retaliation
ovtiiqi ovtiiqi ovtiiqi ovtiiqi to entrust
ovti_tipto ovti_tipto ovti_tipto ovti_tipto to attack in turn
ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi to rival
ovtpovio ovtpovio ovtpovio ovtpovio to contribute in turn
ovtpooq, ovtpooq, ovtpooq, ovtpooq, a rival in love
ovtpoo ovtpoo ovtpoo ovtpoo to love in return
ovtptio ovtptio ovtptio ovtptio to set firmly against
ovtptioi, ovtptioi, ovtptioi, ovtptioi, resistance
ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi ovtpooi to ask in turn
ovtpuooi ovtpuooi ovtpuooi ovtpuooi to make equal in weight with, to value equally with
ovtpo ovtpo ovtpo ovtpo to speak against, gainsay
ovtpo, ovtpo, ovtpo, ovtpo, return-love
ovtpooo ovtpooo ovtpooo ovtpooo to question in turn
ovtutpytto ovtutpytto ovtutpytto ovtutpytto to return a kindness
ovtuvoto ovtuvoto ovtuvoto ovtuvoto to wish well in return
ovt_o ovt_o ovt_o ovt_o to hold against
ovqti, ovqti, ovqti, ovqti, hostile
ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, ovqiio, opposite the sun
Page 66
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovqv ovqv ovqv ovqv against, over against
ovqvop ovqvop ovqvop ovqvop instead of a man
ovqptq, ovqptq, ovqptq, ovqptq, one who rows against
ovqpq, ovqpq, ovqpq, ovqpq, set over against, opposite, face to face
ovqpi, ovqpi, ovqpi, ovqpi, a prop, stay, support
ovqoi, ovqoi, ovqoi, ovqoi, a meeting
ovq_to ovq_to ovq_to ovq_to to sound
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to meet face to face
oviovtipo oviovtipo oviovtipo oviovtipo a match for men
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to go for the purpose of meeting
ovioivo ovioivo ovioivo ovioivo to go against, withstand, resist
ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio to throw against
oviooi, oviooi, oviooi, oviooi, resistance
ovioi|o, ovioi|o, ovioi|o, ovioi|o, contrary, opposite
oviioooi oviioooi oviioooi oviioooi to use force against
oviiqv oviiqv oviiqv oviiqv against, face to face
oviio, oviio, oviio, oviio, opposing force to force
oviitto, oviitto, oviitto, oviitto, one must look in the face
oviito oviito oviito oviito to look straight at, look in the face
oviiti, oviiti, oviiti, oviiti, a looking in the face, a look
oviooo oviooo oviooo oviooo to return a cry
ovioqto ovioqto ovioqto ovioqto to help in turn
ovioito ovioito ovioito ovioito to meet by chance
ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio entreaty, prayer
ovipovoo ovipovoo ovipovoo ovipovoo to rival in thundering
oviytyovo oviytyovo oviytyovo oviytyovo to return a cry
oviytvtqioyto oviytvtqioyto oviytvtqioyto oviytvtqioyto to rival in pedigree
oviyvoovto oviyvoovto oviyvoovto oviyvoovto to be of a different opinion
oviypotu, oviypotu, oviypotu, oviypotu, a check-clerk, controller
oviypoq oviypoq oviypoq oviypoq a reply in writing
oviypoo, oviypoo, oviypoo, oviypoo, copied
oviypoo oviypoo oviypoo oviypoo to write against
ovio|vo ovio|vo ovio|vo ovio|vo to bite in turn
ovitivo, ovitivo, ovitivo, ovitivo, taking another's place at dinner
ovitioooi ovitioooi ovitioooi ovitioooi to salute in return
ovitooi ovitooi ovitooi ovitooi to entreat in return
ovit_ooi ovit_ooi ovit_ooi ovit_ooi to receive
oviqoyoyto oviqoyoyto oviqoyoyto oviqoyoyto to rival as a demagogue
oviiooivo oviiooivo oviiooivo oviiooivo to cross over in turn
oviiooiio oviiooiio oviiooiio oviiooiio to attack in return
oviioit|o oviioit|o oviioit|o oviioit|o to retort
oviioitoi oviioitoi oviioitoi oviioitoi to offer resistance
oviioo|o oviioo|o oviioo|o oviioo|o to teach in turn
oviioi oviioi oviioi oviioi to give in return, repay
oviittii oviittii oviittii oviittii to go through in turn
ovii|to ovii|to ovii|to ovii|to to dispute, go to law
Page 67
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovii|o, ovii|o, ovii|o, ovii|o, an opponent in a suit, defendant
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, of a different opinion
oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, clothed with
oviooi, oviooi, oviooi, oviooi, a giving in return, exchange
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, given in lieu of
oviouituo oviouituo oviouituo oviouituo to serve in place of
oviouio, oviouio, oviouio, oviouio, treated as a slave
oviouo, oviouo, oviouo, oviouo, re-echoing
ovipoo ovipoo ovipoo ovipoo to act against, retaliate
ovioptooi ovioptooi ovioptooi ovioptooi to present in return
oviqto oviqto oviqto oviqto to seek one who is seeking us
ovioypto ovioypto ovioypto ovioypto to save alive in turn
ovioo ovioo ovioo ovioo to bury opposite
ovito, ovito, ovito, ovito, equal to the gods, godlike
ovitpotuo ovitpotuo ovitpotuo ovitpotuo to take care of in return
ovitoi, ovitoi, ovitoi, ovitoi, opposition, resistance
ovito ovito ovito ovito to run against
oviqyo oviqyo oviqyo oviqyo to whet against
ovipoo, ovipoo, ovipoo, ovipoo, echoing
oviupo, oviupo, oviupo, oviupo, opposite the door
ovi|otuo ovi|otuo ovi|otuo ovi|otuo to sleep again
ovi|oqoi ovi|oqoi ovi|oqoi ovi|oqoi to be set over against
ovi|oiooi ovi|oiooi ovi|oiooi ovi|oiooi to sit
ovi|oioqi ovi|oioqi ovi|oioqi ovi|oioqi to lay down
ovi|o|oupyto ovi|o|oupyto ovi|o|oupyto ovi|o|oupyto to damage in turn
ovi|oito ovi|oito ovi|oito ovi|oito to invite in turn
ovi|oovqo|o ovi|oovqo|o ovi|oovqo|o ovi|oovqo|o to die
ovi|ooitio ovi|ooitio ovi|ooitio ovi|ooitio to leave in one's stead
ovi|ooiioooooi ovi|ooiioooooi ovi|ooiioooooi ovi|ooiioooooi to exchange
ovi|ootivo ovi|ootivo ovi|ootivo ovi|ootivo to stretch out
ovi|oqyopto ovi|oqyopto ovi|oqyopto ovi|oqyopto to accuse in turn, recriminate upon
ovi|oov ovi|oov ovi|oov ovi|oov Anticato
ovi|tioi ovi|tioi ovi|tioi ovi|tioi to be set over against, lie opposite
ovi|tituo ovi|tituo ovi|tituo ovi|tituo to command in turn
ovi|tvpov ovi|tvpov ovi|tvpov ovi|tvpov something acting as a goad
ovi|qtuo ovi|qtuo ovi|qtuo ovi|qtuo to tend instead of
ovi|qpuooo ovi|qpuooo ovi|qpuooo ovi|qpuooo to proclaim in answer
ovi|ioo ovi|ioo ovi|ioo ovi|ioo to sound against, to be echoed by
ovi|ioio ovi|ioio ovi|ioio ovi|ioio to weep in return
ovi|vqiov ovi|vqiov ovi|vqiov ovi|vqiov the part of the leg opposite the
ovi|oioooi ovi|oioooi ovi|oioooi ovi|oioooi to be punished in return
ovi|oio|tuo ovi|oio|tuo ovi|oio|tuo ovi|oio|tuo to flatter in turn
ovi|oio ovi|oio ovi|oio ovi|oio to bring back as an answer
ovi|ooo ovi|ooo ovi|ooo ovi|ooo to boast in opposition
ovi|oo ovi|oo ovi|oo ovi|oo to beat back, resist, oppose
ovi|opuooooi ovi|opuooooi ovi|opuooooi ovi|opuooooi to take arms against
Page 68
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovi|poto ovi|poto ovi|poto ovi|poto to hold instead of
ovi|pouoi, ovi|pouoi, ovi|pouoi, ovi|pouoi, a striking against, hindrance: a repartee
ovi|pouo ovi|pouo ovi|pouo ovi|pouo to strike against, to be a hindrance, counteract
ovi|pu ovi|pu ovi|pu ovi|pu over against, right opposite
ovi|pu, ovi|pu, ovi|pu, ovi|pu, straight on, right on
ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, ovi|ovo, in requital for murder
ovi|uto ovi|uto ovi|uto ovi|uto to ring, clash against
ovi|upo ovi|upo ovi|upo ovi|upo to hit upon, meet
ovi|ooto ovi|ooto ovi|ooto ovi|ooto to ridicule in turn
oviioq oviioq oviioq oviioq a thing to hold by, a handle
oviioy_ovo oviioy_ovo oviioy_ovo oviioy_ovo to have a new
oviioooi oviioooi oviioooi oviioooi to take hold of, hold by
oviio|io oviio|io oviio|io oviio|io to kick against
oviioovo oviioovo oviioovo oviioovo to receive instead of
oviioo oviioo oviioo oviioo to kindle a light in turn
oviityo oviityo oviityo oviityo to speak against, gainsay, contradict
oviit|to, oviit|to, oviit|to, oviit|to, one must gainsay
oviit|o, oviit|o, oviit|o, oviit|o, disputably
oviitov oviitov oviitov oviitov lion-like
oviiqi, oviiqi, oviiqi, oviiqi, a motion for a new arbitration
oviiqto, oviiqto, oviiqto, oviiqto, one must take part in
oviiqi, oviiqi, oviiqi, oviiqi, a receiving in turn
oviioyto oviioyto oviioyto oviioyto to deny
oviioyio oviioyio oviioyio oviioyio contradiction, controversy, disputation
oviioyiooi oviioyiooi oviioyiooi oviioyiooi to count up
oviioyi|o, oviioyi|o, oviioyi|o, oviioyi|o, given to contradiction, contradictory, disputatious
oviioyo, oviioyo, oviioyo, oviioyo, contradictory, reverse
oviioiopto oviioiopto oviioiopto oviioiopto to rail at
oviiuto oviiuto oviiuto oviiuto to vex in return
oviiupo, oviiupo, oviiupo, oviiupo, responsive to the lyre
oviiupov oviiupov oviiupov oviiupov a ransom
ovioivooi ovioivooi ovioivooi ovioivooi to rage
oviovovo oviovovo oviovovo oviovovo to learn instead
oviopupto oviopupto oviopupto oviopupto to appear as witness against, to contradict solemnly
oviopupooi oviopupooi oviopupooi oviopupooi to protest on the other hand
ovio_ooi ovio_ooi ovio_ooi ovio_ooi to fight against
ovitti|o ovitti|o ovitti|o ovitti|o to drag different ways
ovitioqi ovitioqi ovitioqi ovitioqi to move from one side to the other, to revolutionise
ovitipo|ituooi ovitipo|ituooi ovitipo|ituooi ovitipo|ituooi to behave petulantly in return
ovitiio ovitiio ovitiio ovitiio to wait and watch against
ovitooi ovitooi ovitooi ovitooi to blame in turn
ovitpiooi ovitpiooi ovitpiooi ovitpiooi to impart in turn
ovittii ovittii ovittii ovittii to compete
ovitpto ovitpto ovitpto ovitpto to measure out in turn, to give in compensation
ovitoo, ovitoo, ovitoo, ovitoo, front to front
oviq_ovoooi oviq_ovoooi oviq_ovoooi oviq_ovoooi to contrive against
Page 69
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oviiqoi, oviiqoi, oviiqoi, oviiqoi, close imitation of
oviioio oviioio oviioio oviioio a requital, recompense
oviioo, oviioo, oviioo, oviioo, as a reward
ovioipti ovioipti ovioipti ovioipti by way of compensation
ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, sounding instead of, differing in sound from
oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, corresponding to
ovivouqyto ovivouqyto ovivouqyto ovivouqyto to build ships against
ovivi|oo ovivi|oo ovivi|oo ovivi|oo to conquer in turn
ovivoio ovivoio ovivoio ovivoio ambiguity in the law
ovioto ovioto ovioto ovioto to set oneself against
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, opposed, adverse
ovioooi ovioooi ovioooi ovioooi to resist, oppose
ovio, ovio, ovio, ovio, set against
ovioooto ovioooto ovioooto ovioooto to be contrary
ovio_tuooi ovio_tuooi ovio_tuooi ovio_tuooi to drive against
ovioq, ovioq, ovioq, ovioq, in return for suffering
ovioio ovioio ovioio ovioio to play one with another
ovioi, ovioi, ovioi, ovioi, like a boy
ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, wrestling against
oviopooiio oviopooiio oviopooiio oviopooiio to hold side by side, to compare
oviopooiq oviopooiq oviopooiq oviopooiq close comparison
oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio competition for a public office
oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio oviopoyytiio to command in turn
oviopoyo oviopoyo oviopoyo oviopoyo to lead the army against, advance to meet the enemy
oviopoto oviopoto oviopoto oviopoto to outflank
oviopo|oito oviopo|oito oviopo|oito oviopo|oito to summon in turn
oviopo|tituooi oviopo|tituooi oviopo|tituooi oviopo|tituooi to exhort in turn
oviopoiuto oviopoiuto oviopoiuto oviopoiuto to annoy in turn
oviopoito oviopoito oviopoito oviopoito to sail along on the other side
oviopoo|tuoooi oviopoo|tuoooi oviopoo|tuoooi oviopoo|tuoooi to prepare oneself in turn, arm on both sides
oviopoo|tuq oviopoo|tuq oviopoo|tuq oviopoo|tuq mutual preparation
oviopooooooi oviopooooooi oviopooooooi oviopooooooi to stand in array against
oviopotivo oviopotivo oviopotivo oviopotivo to stretch side by side
oviopoiqi oviopoiqi oviopoiqi oviopoiqi to contrast and compare
ovioptii ovioptii ovioptii ovioptii to march so as to meet
ovioptoyo ovioptoyo ovioptoyo ovioptoyo to lead on against
ovioptp_ooi ovioptp_ooi ovioptp_ooi ovioptp_ooi to pass by on the opposite side
oviopt_o oviopt_o oviopt_o oviopt_o to supply in turn
ovioo_o ovioo_o ovioo_o ovioo_o to suffer in turn
oviooyto oviooyto oviooyto oviooyto to clatter so as to drown
ovi ovi ovi ovi over against, opposite. c. gen.
ovito ovito ovito ovito to send back an answer
ovitvq, ovitvq, ovitvq, ovitvq, causing grief in turn
ovitpoio, ovitpoio, ovitpoio, ovitpoio, lying over against
ovitpo ovitpo ovitpo ovitpo the opposite coast
ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, over against, on the other side
Page 70
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovitpqtv ovitpqtv ovitpqtv ovitpqtv from the opposite side
ovitpiioovo ovitpiioovo ovitpiioovo ovitpiioovo to embrace in turn
ovitpiito ovitpiito ovitpiito ovitpiito to sail round on the other side
ovitpi_opto ovitpi_opto ovitpi_opto ovitpi_opto to move round in turn
ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, ovitpo, like stone, rocky
oviq oviq oviq oviq a kind of cradle
oviio oviio oviio oviio to fall against, resist
oviito oviito oviito oviito to sail against
oviiq oviiq oviiq oviiq beaten by the opposing waves
oviiqpoo oviiqpoo oviiqpoo oviiqpoo to man
oviiqooo oviiqooo oviiqooo oviiqooo to strike in turn
ovivto ovivto ovivto ovivto to be contrary
ovivoo, ovivoo, ovivoo, ovivoo, caused by adverse winds
ovioto ovioto ovioto ovioto to long for in turn
ovioito ovioito ovioito ovioito to do in return
ovioivo ovioivo ovioivo ovioivo requital, retribution
ovioitto ovioitto ovioitto ovioitto to urge war against
ovioitio, ovioitio, ovioitio, ovioitio, warring against
ovioiiop|to ovioiiop|to ovioiiop|to ovioiiop|to to besiege in turn
ovioii, ovioii, ovioii, ovioii, a rival city
ovioiituooi ovioiituooi ovioiituooi ovioiituooi to be a political opponent
ovioptiv ovioptiv ovioptiv ovioptiv to give instead
ovioptuooi ovioptuooi ovioptuooi ovioptuooi to march to meet
oviopto oviopto oviopto oviopto to ravage in return
oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, over the straits, on the opposite side of the straits
oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, oviopo, on the opposite coast
ovipoi, ovipoi, ovipoi, ovipoi, counteraction, resistance
ovipoooo ovipoooo ovipoooo ovipoooo to act against, seek to counteract
oviptotuooi oviptotuooi oviptotuooi oviptotuooi to send counter-ambassadors
ovipotii ovipotii ovipotii ovipotii to come forward against
ovipoi|o ovipoi|o ovipoi|o ovipoi|o for next to nothing, cheap
ovipo|oitooi ovipo|oitooi ovipo|oitooi ovipo|oitooi to retort a legal challenge
ovipoooyoptuo ovipoooyoptuo ovipoooyoptuo ovipoooyoptuo to salute in turn
ovipootii ovipootii ovipootii ovipootii to go against
ovipoo|oitooi ovipoo|oitooi ovipoo|oitooi ovipoo|oitooi to summon in turn
ovipootpo ovipootpo ovipootpo ovipootpo to bring near in turn
ovipoooo, ovipoooo, ovipoooo, ovipoooo, with the face towards, facing
ovipotivo ovipotivo ovipotivo ovipotivo to offer in turn
ovipopo, ovipopo, ovipopo, ovipopo, with the prow towards
oviuio, oviuio, oviuio, oviuio, with gates opposite
oviupyo, oviupyo, oviupyo, oviupyo, like a tower
oviupyoo oviupyoo oviupyoo oviupyoo to build a tower over against
ovippto ovippto ovippto ovippto to counterpoise, balance
ovippoo, ovippoo, ovippoo, ovippoo, counterpoising, compensating for
oviotvuvooi oviotvuvooi oviotvuvooi oviotvuvooi to meet pride with pride
ovioq|oo ovioq|oo ovioq|oo ovioq|oo to counterbalance, compensate for
Page 71
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovio|tuoooi ovio|tuoooi ovio|tuoooi ovio|tuoooi to furnish for oneself in turn
ovioq|ooi, ovioq|ooi, ovioq|ooi, ovioq|ooi, equipoise, compensation
ovio|oo ovio|oo ovio|oo ovio|oo to mock in return
oviooooi oviooooi oviooooi oviooooi to oppose on equal terms
ovioooo, ovioooo, ovioooo, ovioooo, drawn in the contrary direction: spasmodic, convulsive
oviooo oviooo oviooo oviooo to draw the contrary way, hold back
oviooo, oviooo, oviooo, oviooo, counterpoising: in compensation for
ovioooioo ovioooioo ovioooioo ovioooioo to form a party against
ovioooi, ovioooi, ovioooi, ovioooi, an opposite party
ovioooioq, ovioooioq, ovioooioq, ovioooioq, one of the opposite faction
oviooto oviooto oviooto oviooto to resist, oppose
oviooq, oviooq, oviooq, oviooq, an opponent, adversary
oviooi_to oviooi_to oviooi_to oviooi_to to stand opposite in rows
oviooi_o, oviooi_o, oviooi_o, oviooi_o, ranged opposite in rows
oviopotuooi oviopotuooi oviopotuooi oviopotuooi to make war against
oviopoqyto oviopoqyto oviopoqyto oviopoqyto to be Propraetor
oviopoqyo, oviopoqyo, oviopoqyo, oviopoqyo, the enemy's general
oviopoottio oviopoottio oviopoottio oviopoottio an encamping opposite
oviopoottuo oviopoottuo oviopoottuo oviopoottuo to encamp over against
oviopto oviopto oviopto oviopto to turn to the opposite side
oviopoq oviopoq oviopoq oviopoq a turning about: the antistrophe
oviopoo, oviopoo, oviopoo, oviopoo, turned so as to face one another: correlative, coordinate, counterpart
oviouy|iqo, oviouy|iqo, oviouy|iqo, oviouy|iqo, a counter-senate
oviouiioyiooi oviouiioyiooi oviouiioyiooi oviouiioyiooi to answer by syllogism
oviouvovoo oviouvovoo oviouvovoo oviouvovoo to meet face to face
oviooipio oviooipio oviooipio oviooipio to play at ball against
ovioyo ovioyo ovioyo ovioyo an opposing force
ovioiovtuo ovioiovtuo ovioiovtuo ovioiovtuo to counterbalance, compensate for
ovioi, ovioi, ovioi, ovioi, counter-array
ovioooo ovioooo ovioooo ovioooo to set opposite to, range in battle against
ovitivo ovitivo ovitivo ovitivo to stretch out in return, to offer in return, to repay
oviti_ioo oviti_ioo oviti_ioo oviti_ioo a counter-fortification
ovitvo ovitvo ovitvo ovitvo to cut against
ovit_voooi ovit_voooi ovit_voooi ovit_voooi to contrive in opposition, counterplan
ovit_vqoi, ovit_vqoi, ovit_vqoi, ovit_vqoi, counter-manoeuvring, emulation
ovit_vo, ovit_vo, ovit_vo, ovit_vo, rivalling in an art
oviiqi oviiqi oviiqi oviiqi to set against, oppose
oviioo oviioo oviioo oviioo to honour in return
oviioptooi oviioptooi oviioptooi oviioptooi to avenge oneself on
oviivo oviivo oviivo oviivo to pay
ovioioo ovioioo ovioioo ovioioo to dare to stand against
ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, boldly attacking
ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, ovioo, cut as a remedy for
oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, strained against, resisting
oviotuo oviotuo oviotuo oviotuo to shoot arrows in turn
oviopto oviopto oviopto oviopto to bore right through
Page 72
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovio, ovio, ovio, ovio, paid back, requited, avenged
ovipto ovipto ovipto ovipto to maintain in turn
oviuy_ovo oviuy_ovo oviuy_ovo oviuy_ovo to meet with in return
oviuo, oviuo, oviuo, oviuo, repelled
oviuoo oviuoo oviuoo oviuoo to express as by a figure
oviuo oviuo oviuo oviuo to beat in turn
ovitpio ovitpio ovitpio ovitpio to set oneself against, measure oneself with
ovitpvo, ovitpvo, ovitpvo, ovitpvo, instead of a dower
ovitpo ovitpo ovitpo ovitpo to set against
ovituyo ovituyo ovituyo ovituyo to go into exile in turn
oviqi oviqi oviqi oviqi to speak against, to contradict
ovityyooi ovityyooi ovityyooi ovityyooi to return a sound, echo
ovioyyo, ovioyyo, ovioyyo, ovioyyo, of answering sound, imitative
oviiito oviiito oviiito oviiito to love in return
oviiiqoi, oviiiqoi, oviiiqoi, oviiiqoi, return of affection
oviiioooto oviiioooto oviiioooto oviiioooto to hold contrary tenets
oviiioitooi oviiioitooi oviiioitooi oviiioitooi to be moved by jealousy against
oviiiopovtooi oviiiopovtooi oviiiopovtooi oviiiopovtooi to receive kindly in turn
oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, in return for slaughter, in revenge for blood
oviopiooi oviopiooi oviopiooi oviopiooi to take in a return cargo
ovipoooo ovipoooo ovipoooo ovipoooo to barricade, block up
oviuio|q oviuio|q oviuio|q oviuio|q a watching
oviuio oviuio oviuio oviuio one posted to watch another
oviuioooo oviuioooo oviuioooo oviuioooo to watch in turn
oviovto oviovto oviovto oviovto to sound in answer, reply
oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, oviovo, sounding in answer, responsive to
ovi_oipo ovi_oipo ovi_oipo ovi_oipo to rejoice in answer to
ovi_opiooi ovi_opiooi ovi_opiooi ovi_opiooi to shew kindness in turn
ovi_tipoovto ovi_tipoovto ovi_tipoovto ovi_tipoovto to vote against
ovi_opqyto ovi_opqyto ovi_opqyto ovi_opqyto to be a rival choragus
ovi_opqyo, ovi_opqyo, ovi_opqyo, ovi_opqyo, a rival choragus
ovi_poo ovi_poo ovi_poo ovi_poo to be sufficient
ovi_pioo, ovi_pioo, ovi_pioo, ovi_pioo, Antichrist
ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio ovioiio to play a lyre in accompaniment to
ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, ovioio, responsive, harmonious
oviqiooi oviqiooi oviqiooi oviqiooi to vote against
ovito ovito ovito ovito to bale out bilge-water, bale the ship
oviqo oviqo oviqo oviqo a bucket for drawing water
oviio oviio oviio oviio the hold of a ship
ovio, ovio, ovio, ovio, the hold of a ship
ovoi|tipo ovoi|tipo ovoi|tipo ovoi|tipo to pity in return
ovooi ovooi ovooi ovooi to meet
ovovui ovovui ovovui ovovui to swear in turn
ovovooo ovovooo ovovooo ovovooo to name instead, call by a new name
ovotiio ovotiio ovotiio ovotiio to owe
ovooito ovooito ovooito ovooito to meet face to face, to face
Page 73
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovo_tooi ovo_tooi ovo_tooi ovo_tooi to drive
ovpio, ovpio, ovpio, ovpio, of a grotto
ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, ovpoq, full of caves
ovu ovu ovu ovu the edge
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, singing in answer, responsive
ovoooio ovoooio ovoooio ovoooio an oath
ovovtooi ovovtooi ovovtooi ovovtooi to buy instead
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, with the eyes opposite, facing, fronting
ovotito ovotito ovotito ovotito to assist
ovupioo, ovupioo, ovupioo, ovupioo, not insulted
ovupo, ovupo, ovupo, ovupo, wanting water, waterless
ovutvoio, ovutvoio, ovutvoio, ovutvoio, without the nuptial song, unwedded
ovuvto ovuvto ovuvto ovuvto to praise in song
ovutuo, ovutuo, ovutuo, ovutuo, unwedded
ovuo, ovuo, ovuo, ovuo, not bridal, unwedded
ovutpiqo, ovutpiqo, ovutpiqo, ovutpiqo, not to be surpassed
ovutuuvo, ovutuuvo, ovutuuvo, ovutuuvo, not liable to give account, irresponsible
ovuoqoio ovuoqoio ovuoqoio ovuoqoio a going barefoot
ovuoqto ovuoqto ovuoqto ovuoqto to go barefoot
ovuoqo, ovuoqo, ovuoqo, ovuoqo, unshod, barefoot
ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, ovuoi|o, not liable to action
ovuo|pio, ovuo|pio, ovuo|pio, ovuo|pio, without dissimulation
ovuovoqo, ovuovoqo, ovuovoqo, ovuovoqo, unsuspected
ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, without suspicion, unsuspected
ovuoooo, ovuoooo, ovuoooo, ovuoooo, not to be withstood, irresistible
ovuoo|o, ovuoo|o, ovuoo|o, ovuoo|o, not made subject
ovuoitpyo, ovuoitpyo, ovuoitpyo, ovuoitpyo, finishing work, industrious
ovuoio, ovuoio, ovuoio, ovuoio, efficacious, effectual
ovuoi, ovuoi, ovuoi, ovuoi, accomplishment
ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, ovuoo, to be accomplished, practicable
ovui|o, ovui|o, ovui|o, ovui|o, to be accomplished, practicable
ovuoivo ovuoivo ovuoivo ovuoivo to weave anew, renew
ovuoo ovuoo ovuoo ovuoo to raise up, exalt
ovuo ovuo ovuo ovuo to effect, achieve, accomplish, complete
ovo ovo ovo ovo to accomplish, achieve, finish
ovo ovo ovo ovo up, upwards
ovoyoiov ovoyoiov ovoyoiov ovoyoiov anything raised from the ground
ovoyo ovoyo ovoyo ovoyo to command, order
ovouvo, ovouvo, ovouvo, ovouvo, free from pain
ovotv ovotv ovotv ovotv from above, from on high
ovoto ovoto ovoto ovoto to push up, push off from shore
ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi ovoioi unlooked for
ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, ovoioo, unlooked for, unexpected
ovoitpo, ovoitpo, ovoitpo, ovoitpo, indestructible
ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio ovooiio unevenness
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, uneven, irregular
Page 74
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ovooi ovooi ovooi ovooi without oath
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, unsworn, not bound by oath
ovovoooo, ovovoooo, ovovoooo, ovovoooo, nameless, indescribable, ineffable
ovovuo, ovovuo, ovovuo, ovovuo, without name, nameless
ovopio ovopio ovopio ovopio untimeliness
ovopuooi ovopuooi ovopuooi ovopuooi to howl aloud
ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, ovooo, topmost
ovotpi|o, ovotpi|o, ovotpi|o, ovotpi|o, upper, inland
ovotpo, ovotpo, ovotpo, ovotpo, higher
ovotiq, ovotiq, ovotiq, ovotiq, unprofitable, useless
ovotiqo, ovotiqo, ovotiqo, ovotiqo, unprofitable, useless
ovo_upo, ovo_upo, ovo_upo, ovo_upo, not fortified
otvo, otvo, otvo, otvo, inhospitable
otivo, otivo, otivo, otivo, the Axine
otoo, otoo, otoo, otoo, unhewn, unwrought
oioyooo, oioyooo, oioyooo, oioyooo, worth admiring, admirable
oio|ouoo, oio|ouoo, oio|ouoo, oio|ouoo, worth hearing
oio|pooo, oio|pooo, oio|pooo, oio|pooo, worth listening to
oio oio oio oio the worth
oioqyqo, oioqyqo, oioqyqo, oioqyqo, worth telling
oitoivo, oitoivo, oitoivo, oitoivo, praiseworthy
oitpooo, oitpooo, oitpooo, oitpooo, worthy of love
oivq oivq oivq oivq an axe-head
oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, worth living for
oiotpyo, oiotpyo, oiotpyo, oiotpyo, capable of work
oioqioo, oioqioo, oioqioo, oioqioo, enviable
oioouooo, oioouooo, oioouooo, oioouooo, wonder-worthy
oiotoo, oiotoo, oiotoo, oiotoo, well worth seeing
oiopqvo, oiopqvo, oiopqvo, oiopqvo, worthy of lamentation
oio|oivovqo, oio|oivovqo, oio|oivovqo, oio|oivovqo, worthy of one's society
oio|qo, oio|qo, oio|qo, oio|qo, worth getting
oioioyo, oioioyo, oioioyo, oioioyo, worthy of mention, noteworthy
oioo|opioo, oioo|opioo, oioo|opioo, oioo|opioo, worthy to be deemed happy
oioo_o, oioo_o, oioo_o, oioo_o, a match for
oiovqovtuo, oiovqovtuo, oiovqovtuo, oiovqovtuo, worthy of mention
oiovi|o, oiovi|o, oiovi|o, oiovi|o, worthy of victory
oiotvq, oiotvq, oiotvq, oiotvq, lamentable
oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, trustworthy
oioptq, oioptq, oioptq, oioptq, becoming, goodly
oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, oiopoo, worth seeing
oioo|to, oioo|to, oioo|to, oioo|to, worth considering
oiooouooo, oiooouooo, oiooouooo, oiooouooo, worthy of zealous endeavours
oio, oio, oio, oio, weighing as much, of like value, worth as much as
oioopoqyo, oioopoqyo, oioopoqyo, oioopoqyo, worthy of being general
oiot|opo, oiot|opo, oiot|opo, oiot|opo, worthy of being brought in evidence, credible
oioiiqo, oioiiqo, oioiiqo, oioiiqo, worth loving
Page 75
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oio_pto, oio_pto, oio_pto, oio_pto, worthy of a thing
oioo oioo oioo oioo to think
oioo oioo oioo oioo that of which one is thought worthy, an honour
oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, a thinking worthy
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, without carved images
oovio, oovio, oovio, oovio, belonging to the axle
ouy|poqo, ouy|poqo, ouy|poqo, ouy|poqo, not welded together by the hammer
ouio, ouio, ouio, ouio, with no timber, timberless
oov oov oov oov an axle
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, a servant, attendant
ooiq ooiq ooiq ooiq song, a singing
ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo to sing
ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, sung of, famous in song
ooiotq, ooiotq, ooiotq, ooiotq, a lyric poet
ooioo_o, ooioo_o, ooioo_o, ooioo_o, fighting with verses
ooiooio, ooiooio, ooiooio, ooiooio, one busied with song, a poet
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, a singer, minstrel, bard
ooioo|o, ooioo|o, ooioo|o, ooioo|o, inspiring song
ooi|qo, ooi|qo, ooi|qo, ooi|qo, uninhabited
ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, houseless, homeless
ooivo, ooivo, ooivo, ooivo, without wine
oo|vo, oo|vo, oo|vo, oo|vo, without hesitation, untiring
ooiiq, ooiiq, ooiiq, ooiiq, all together, in throngs, shoals
ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio to gather together
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, without shields
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, unseen, not to be seen, invisible
oopyqoio oopyqoio oopyqoio oopyqoio a defect in the passion of anger, "lack of gall"
oopyqo, oopyqo, oopyqo, oopyqo, incapable of anger
oopioo, oopioo, oopioo, oopioo, without boundaries
oopvo, oopvo, oopvo, oopvo, without birds
oop oop oop oop a hanger, sword
oopto oopto oopto oopto suspended
oopqp oopqp oopqp oopqp a strap to hang
ooooto ooooto ooooto ooooto to help
ooooqqp ooooqqp ooooqqp ooooqqp an assistant, helper, aider
oouo, oouo, oouo, oouo, unwounded, unhurt
oo_iqo, oo_iqo, oo_iqo, oo_iqo, undisturbed, calm
ooyytiio ooyytiio ooyytiio ooyytiio a report
ooyytiio ooyytiio ooyytiio ooyytiio to bring tidings, report, announce
ooyytiqp ooyytiqp ooyytiqp ooyytiqp a messenger
ooyt ooyt ooyt ooyt away! begone! hands off!
ooyq, ooyq, ooyq, ooyq, not firm
ooyivto ooyivto ooyivto ooyivto paying tribute
ooyoptuoi, ooyoptuoi, ooyoptuoi, ooyoptuoi, failure of strength, exhaustion
ooyoptuto, ooyoptuto, ooyoptuto, ooyoptuto, one must give up
ooyoptuo ooyoptuo ooyoptuo ooyoptuo to forbid
Page 76
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooypioooi ooypioooi ooypioooi ooypioooi to become wild
ooy_ovio ooy_ovio ooy_ovio ooy_ovio to strangle
ooy_o ooy_o ooy_o ooy_o to strangle, throttle
ooyoyq ooyoyq ooyoyq ooyoyq a leading away
ooyo ooyo ooyo ooyo to lead away, carry off
ooo ooo ooo ooo to sing out of tune, be out of tune
ootipo ootipo ootipo ootipo poet. for
ooovoio ooovoio ooovoio ooovoio to aim at immortality
ootio ootio ootio ootio want of sensation, insensibility
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, not suffering
ooiytipoooi ooiytipoooi ooiytipoooi ooiytipoooi to be changed into a poplar
ooioyoyqo, ooioyoyqo, ooioyoyqo, ooioyoyqo, without teacher
ooituoio ooituoio ooituoio ooituoio want of education
ooituo, ooituo, ooituo, ooituo, uneducated
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio childlessness
ooipioo ooipioo ooipioo ooipioo to clear away
ooivuoi ooivuoi ooivuoi ooivuoi to take away, withdraw
ooioioo ooioioo ooioioo ooioioo to perplex, confound
ooioiq ooioiq ooioiq ooioiq cheating, fraud
ooipo ooipo ooipo ooipo to lift off, carry off, take away, to remove from
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, childless
ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo to spring from
ooio_uvooi ooio_uvooi ooio_uvooi ooio_uvooi to refuse through shame
ooito ooito ooito ooito to demand back, demand
ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, a demanding back
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio to demand back
ooioptooi ooioptooi ooioptooi ooioptooi to hang down from above, hang suspended, hover about
oo|pioooi oo|pioooi oo|pioooi oo|pioooi to be finished off, highly finished
ooioiopo, ooioiopo, ooioiopo, ooioiopo, not trained in the palaestra, unskilled in wrestling
ooioi|t ooioi|t ooioi|t ooioi|t to ward off
ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, without hands, helpless, good for naught
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, helpless
ooioooi ooioooi ooioooi ooioooi to go astray, wander
ooiyto ooiyto ooiyto ooiyto to feel no more pain at
ooitio ooitio ooitio ooitio to wipe off, expunge
ooito ooito ooito ooito to ward
ooiqtuo ooiqtuo ooiqtuo ooiqtuo to speak the whole truth
ooioivooi ooioivooi ooioivooi ooioivooi to heal thoroughly
ooiioyq ooiioyq ooiioyq ooiioyq deliverance, release, relief from
ooiio|to, ooiio|to, ooiio|to, ooiio|to, one must release from
ooiiotio ooiiotio ooiiotio ooiiotio to wish to be delivered from
ooiioooo ooiioooo ooiioooo ooiioooo to set free, release, deliver
ooiiopioo ooiiopioo ooiiopioo ooiiopioo to estrange, alienate
ooiiopiooi, ooiiopiooi, ooiiopiooi, ooiiopiooi, alienation
ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo to thresh out
ooiopi ooiopi ooiopi ooiopi soft-haired
Page 77
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, soft to the touch, tender
ooioq, ooioq, ooioq, ooioq, softness, tenderness
ooioptq, ooioptq, ooioptq, ooioptq, well-fed, plump
ooiopov ooiopov ooiopov ooiopov soft-hearted
ooio_poo, ooio_poo, ooio_poo, ooio_poo, soft-skinned
ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo to soften
oooiuvo oooiuvo oooiuvo oooiuvo to bring to naught
oooo oooo oooo oooo to cut off
ooiio|o ooiio|o ooiio|o ooiio|o to make abortive
ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo to blunt the edge of
ootiooi ootiooi ootiooi ootiooi to reply, answer
ootipo ootipo ootipo ootipo to deprive one of share in
ootitooi ootitooi ootitooi ootitooi to be neglected utterly
ooio|tiv ooio|tiv ooio|tiv ooio|tiv to fail utterly
oouvo oouvo oouvo oouvo to keep off, ward off
oovoivooi oovoivooi oovoivooi oovoivooi to disown, reject
oovoio_uvto oovoio_uvto oovoio_uvto oovoio_uvto to have the effrontery to do
oovoiio|o oovoiio|o oovoiio|o oovoiio|o to use quite up, utterly consume
oovpoooi oovpoooi oovpoooi oovpoooi to become manly, come to maturity
oovtut oovtut oovtut oovtut afar off, far away
oovto oovto oovto oovto to leave off blooming, fade, wither
oovio oovio oovio oovio to pluck off flowers
oovpo|io oovpo|io oovpo|io oovpo|io to broil on the coals
oovpo|oo oovpo|oo oovpo|oo oovpo|oo to burn to a cinder
oovpoo, oovpoo, oovpoo, oovpoo, far from man
oovioqi oovioqi oovioqi oovioqi to make rise up and depart, send away
oovo_q oovo_q oovo_q oovo_q everywhere
oovo_otv oovo_otv oovo_otv oovo_otv from all sides
oovo_oi oovo_oi oovo_oi oovo_oi everywhere
oovo_oot oovo_oot oovo_oot oovo_oot to every place
oovo_ou oovo_ou oovo_ou oovo_ou everywhere
oovoo oovoo oovoo oovoo to move from
oovqo oovqo oovqo oovqo a meeting
oovq oovq oovq oovq everywhere
oovi|pu oovi|pu oovi|pu oovi|pu right opposite
ooviov ooviov ooviov ooviov right opposite
oovito oovito oovito oovito to draw off water from a ship's hold
oovuo oovuo oovuo oovuo to finish entirely
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, all at once
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, in general
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to disclaim as unworthy, disown
oo oo oo oo once, once only, once for all
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, with no grandfather
oopooo, oopooo, oopooo, oopooo, not passing over to
oopoiqo, oopoiqo, oopoiqo, oopoiqo, not to be moved by prayer, inexorable
oopo|oiuo, oopo|oiuo, oopo|oiuo, oopo|oiuo, uncovered
Page 78
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oopo|iqo, oopo|iqo, oopo|iqo, oopo|iqo, unsummoned, volunteering
oopoiio|o, oopoiio|o, oopoiio|o, oopoiio|o, unchanged, unchangeable
oopouqo, oopouqo, oopouqo, oopouqo, not to be persuaded, inconsolable
oopouo, oopouo, oopouo, oopouo, inexorable
oopoo|tuo, oopoo|tuo, oopoo|tuo, oopoo|tuo, without preparation, unprepared
oopoooo oopoooo oopoooo oopoooo to strike off, cut off
oopto|o oopto|o oopto|o oopto|o to be disagreeable to
oopqyopqo, oopqyopqo, oopqyopqo, oopqyopqo, inconsolable
ooptvtuo, ooptvtuo, ooptvtuo, ooptvtuo, unmaidenly, unfitting a maiden
ooptvo, ooptvo, ooptvo, ooptvo, no more a maid
oopito oopito oopito oopito to count over, reckon up
oopiqoi, oopiqoi, oopiqoi, oopiqoi, a counting over, recounting
oop|to oop|to oop|to oop|to to suffice, be sufficient
oopvtooi oopvtooi oopvtooi oopvtooi to deny utterly, deny
oopvo, oopvo, oopvo, oopvo, denying utterly
ooppqoiooo, ooppqoiooo, ooppqoiooo, ooppqoiooo, not speaking freely
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to hang up from
oopio oopio oopio oopio to make even, move regularly
oopiioyio oopiioyio oopiioyio oopiioyio an even number
oopiov oopiov oopiov oopiov a sale of goods by auction
oopi oopi oopi oopi completely
oopioo, oopioo, oopioo, oopioo, completion
oopuo oopuo oopuo oopuo to draw off, skim off
oop_q oop_q oop_q oop_q the beginning of a sacrifice, the primal offering
oop_ooi oop_ooi oop_ooi oop_ooi to make a beginning
ooooipo ooooipo ooooipo ooooipo to gasp away life
oo, oo, oo, oo, quite all, the whole
oooio oooio oooio oooio an abstaining from food, a fast
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, not having eaten, fasting
ooopoo ooopoo ooopoo ooopoo to flash forth
ooo_oito ooo_oito ooo_oito ooo_oito to leave
ooo_oiio ooo_oiio ooo_oiio ooo_oiio detention by business
oooo oooo oooo oooo to cheat, trick, outwit, beguile
ootpt ootpt ootpt ootpt apart, aloof
ootov ootov ootov ootov a cheat, rogue, quack
ooqiio, ooqiio, ooqiio, ooqiio, guileful, wily
ooq ooq ooq ooq a trick, fraud, deceit
ooqi|o, ooqi|o, ooqi|o, ooqi|o, fraudulent
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, untrodden
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to dishonour greatly
oooupio oooupio oooupio oooupio the Apatouria
ooop ooop ooop ooop without father, fatherless
oouyoo oouyoo oouyoo oouyoo to beam forth
oouyooo oouyooo oouyooo oouyooo efflux of light, effulgence
oouoo oouoo oouoo oouoo to forbid
oouoiooi oouoiooi oouoiooi oouoiooi to speak
Page 79
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oouqtpio oouqtpio oouqtpio oouqtpio to return the same day
ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo to take away
oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, unceasing, never-ending
oouooito oouooito oouooito oouooito to go of one's own accord, desert
ooio|o ooio|o ooio|o ooio|o to cheat, beguile
oo_ooi oo_ooi oo_ooi oo_ooi to be grievous
o o o o ah!
otiio, otiio, otiio, otiio, unshod
oto, oto, oto, oto, even, level, flat
otio otio otio otio to disaccustom
otiov otiov otiov otiov to look away from other things at
otitio otitio otitio otitio disobedience
otito otito otito otito to be disobedient, refuse compliance
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, disobedient
oti|oo oti|oo oti|oo oti|oo to form from a model, to express, copy
oti|ooto, oti|ooto, oti|ooto, oti|ooto, one must represent
oti|ovio oti|ovio oti|ovio oti|ovio to represent in a statue
otiito otiito otiito otiito to force back
otiito otiito otiito otiito to hold out
otiiq otiiq otiiq otiiq boastful promises, boasts
otiiqqpio, otiiqqpio, otiiqqpio, otiiqqpio, of
otiiqqp otiiqqp otiiqqp otiiqqp a threatener, boaster
otii otii otii otii to be away
otii otii otii otii to go away, depart
otiov otiov otiov otiov to speak out, tell out, declare
otipoio, otipoio, otipoio, otipoio, Apeiraean
otipooo, otipooo, otipooo, otipooo, incapable of being tempted by
otipyoov otipyoov otipyoov otipyoov to keep away, keep off from
otipyo otipyo otipyo otipyo to keep away from, debar from
otiptoio, otiptoio, otiptoio, otiptoio, boundless, immense, countless
otipqtv otipqtv otipqtv otipqtv from Apeire
otipqo, otipqo, otipqo, otipqo, without making trial of
otipio otipio otipio otipio want of skill, inexperience
otipio otipio otipio otipio infinity
otipopooo, otipopooo, otipopooo, otipopooo, unused to dew, unbedewed
otipo|o|o, otipo|o|o, otipo|o|o, otipo|o|o, without experience of evil, unused to evil
otipo|oiio otipo|oiio otipo|oiio otipo|oiio ignorance of the beautiful, want of taste
otipo|oio, otipo|oio, otipo|oio, otipo|oio, ignorant of the beautiful, without taste, tasteless, vulgar
otipoiou, otipoiou, otipoiou, otipoiou, ignorant of navigation
otipo, otipo, otipo, otipo, without trial
otipo, otipo, otipo, otipo, boundless, infinite, countless
otipoouvq otipoouvq otipoouvq otipoouvq inexperience
otipoo|o, otipoo|o, otipoo|o, otipoo|o, not having brought forth, virgin
otipov otipov otipov otipov without experience, ignorant
otipov otipov otipov otipov boundless, endless, countless
ot|t_ooi ot|t_ooi ot|t_ooi ot|t_ooi to expect anxiously, to look for, await
Page 80
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ot|uvo ot|uvo ot|uvo ot|uvo to strip off from
ot|uoi, ot|uoi, ot|uoi, ot|uoi, a putting off
ot|iovovooi ot|iovovooi ot|iovovooi ot|iovovooi to forget entirely
ot| ot| ot| ot| away out of
ot|qo, ot|qo, ot|qo, ot|qo, uncombed
otiouvo otiouvo otiouvo otiouvo to drive away, expel from
otityo, otityo, otityo, otityo, refutation: disrepute
otity_o otity_o otity_o otity_o to refute thoroughly
otitpo, otitpo, otitpo, otitpo, immeasurable
otitutpio otitutpio otitutpio otitutpio the enfranchisement of a slave
otitutpi|o, otitutpi|o, otitutpi|o, otitutpi|o, in the condition of a freedman
otitutpo, otitutpo, otitutpo, otitutpo, an emancipated slave, a freedman
otitutpoo otitutpoo otitutpoo otitutpoo to emancipate
otitutpooi, otitutpooi, otitutpooi, otitutpooi, emancipation
otiio otiio otiio otiio to give up in despair, to despair
otto otto otto otto to spit up, vomit forth
otoioo otoioo otoioo otoioo to sell
otvoviov otvoviov otvoviov otvoviov the opposite
otvovi otvovi otvovi otvovi opposite, against
otvopio otvopio otvopio otvopio to strip
otvq, otvq, otvq, otvq, free from grief
otviouto otviouto otviouto otviouto to go into banishment for a year
otvvto otvvto otvvto otvvto to forbid
otoipto otoipto otoipto otoipto to take out, remove
otoi|o, otoi|o, otoi|o, otoi|o, unreasonable
otovo, otovo, otovo, otovo, not ripened, unripe
ottipo, ottipo, ottipo, ottipo, unripe, untimely
otio, otio, otio, otio, unrobed, clad in the tunic only
otpovoioyo, otpovoioyo, otpovoioyo, otpovoioyo, talking without end
otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, boundless, infinite
otpyoooi otpyoooi otpyoooi otpyoooi to finish off, turn out complete
otpyooio otpyooio otpyooio otpyooio a finishing off, completing
otpyooi|o, otpyooi|o, otpyooi|o, otpyooi|o, fit for finishing, causing
otpo otpo otpo otpo to bring to an end, finish
otptio otptio otptio otptio to rest, fix, settle
otpti otpti otpti otpti just as if, even as
otptioio, otptioio, otptioio, otptioio, countless
otpiioiqo, otpiioiqo, otpiioiqo, otpiioiqo, not to be out-talked
otpiiqo, otpiiqo, otpiiqo, otpiiqo, uncircumscribed
otpitpivo, otpitpivo, otpitpivo, otpitpivo, free from care
otpioo, otpioo, otpioo, otpioo, unregarding, reckless of
otpio|to, otpio|to, otpio|to, otpio|to, inconsiderate, thoughtless
otpiqo, otpiqo, otpiqo, otpiqo, uncircumcised
otpipoo, otpipoo, otpipoo, otpipoo, not returning
otppo otppo otppo otppo to go away, be gone
otpupioo otpupioo otpupioo otpupioo to put away blushes, to be past blushing
Page 81
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
otpu|o otpu|o otpu|o otpu|o to keep off
otpuo otpuo otpuo otpuo to tear off from
otp_ooi otp_ooi otp_ooi otp_ooi to go away, depart from
otpotu, otpotu, otpotu, otpotu, a thwarter
otpoto otpoto otpoto otpoto to retire
otpoo, otpoo, otpoo, otpoo, loveless, unloving
otoio otoio otoio otoio to eat
otooouo otooouo otooouo otooouo he is gone off
otoo otoo otoo otoo a being away, absence
otqio, otqio, otqio, otqio, leafless
otuq, otuq, otuq, otuq, not inquired into, unknown
otuuvo otuuvo otuuvo otuuvo to make straight again
otu|o, otu|o, otu|o, otu|o, to be deprecated, abominable
otuvoo otuvoo otuvoo otuvoo to lull to sleep
otu_ooi otu_ooi otu_ooi otu_ooi to wish
oto, oto, oto, oto, boiled down
ot_oipo ot_oipo ot_oipo ot_oipo to hate utterly, detest
ot_ovooi ot_ovooi ot_ovooi ot_ovooi to be hated, incur hatred, be roused to hatred
ot_tio ot_tio ot_tio ot_tio hatred
ot_qo ot_qo ot_qo ot_qo an object of hate
ot_q, ot_q, ot_q, ot_q, hateful, hostile
ot_ooi ot_ooi ot_ooi ot_ooi to be hated, incur hatred
ot_o ot_o ot_o ot_o to keep off
oqto oqto oqto oqto to strain off, filter
oqityto, oqityto, oqityto, oqityto, without caring for anything, reckless of consequences, bluntly
oqiiooq, oqiiooq, oqiiooq, oqiiooq, one who keeps away from the
oqiioq, oqiioq, oqiioq, oqiioq, the wind that comes from the rising sun, the east wind
oqovo, oqovo, oqovo, oqovo, unharmed, unhurt
oqoouvq oqoouvq oqoouvq oqoouvq freedom from harm
oqov oqov oqov oqov unharmed, unhurt
oqvq oqvq oqvq oqvq a four-wheeled wagon
oqvq, oqvq, oqvq, oqvq, ungentle, harsh, rough, hard
oqopo, oqopo, oqopo, oqopo, hanging on high, high in air
oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, unmaimed
oq_q, oq_q, oq_q, oq_q, discordant, ill-sounding
oqopo, oqopo, oqopo, oqopo, high in air
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to dispatch
oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, not winning belief, incredible, unlikely, improbable
oiovoq, oiovoq, oiovoq, oiovoq, improbability
oito oito oito oito he disobeyed
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, disobedient
oiiio oiiio oiiio oiiio to bar the way
oivuooo oivuooo oivuooo oivuooo to lack understanding, be senseless
oiov oiov oiov oiov a pear
oio, oio, oio, oio, a pear-tree
oio, oio, oio, oio, far away, far off, distant
Page 82
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oioo oioo oioo oioo to press
oiooo oiooo oiooo oiooo to make equal
oi, oi, oi, oi, Apis
oioto oioto oioto oioto to be
oioio oioio oioio oioio disbelief, distrust, mistrust
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, not to be trusted
oio_upiooi oio_upiooi oio_upiooi oio_upiooi to set oneself to oppose firmly, give a flat denial
oio_o oio_o oio_o oio_o to keep off, hold off
oito, oito, oito, oito, one must go away
oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, oiovq, not wandering, steady, fixed
oiovqo, oiovqo, oiovqo, oiovqo, that cannot go astray
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, not moulded
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, unapproachable, terrible
oit|o, oit|o, oit|o, oit|o, unplaited
oito, oito, oito, oito, boundless, immense
oituoo, oituoo, oituoo, oituoo, not navigated
oiq|o, oiq|o, oiq|o, oiq|o, unstricken
oiqpoo, oiqpoo, oiqpoo, oiqpoo, insatiable
oiqoio oiqoio oiqoio oiqoio insatiate desire, greediness
oiqoo, oiqoo, oiqoo, oiqoo, not to be filled, insatiate
oioio oioio oioio oioio impossibility of sailing, detention in port
oioiooi oioiooi oioiooi oioiooi to deal openly
oioi, oioi, oioi, oioi, simple, single
oio|oo, oio|oo, oio|oo, oio|oo, with unbraided hair
oio|uov oio|uov oio|uov oio|uov a Cynic who wore his coat single
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, not sailing, unfit for sea, not sea-worthy
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, single
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, singleness: simplicity, frankness
oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, without riches
oioo oioo oioo oioo to make single, to unfold, stretch out
oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio filthiness, filth
oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, oiuo, unwashen, unwashed
oio, oio, oio, oio, singly, in one way
ovtuoi ovtuoi ovtuoi ovtuoi to hold one's breath
ovtuoo, ovtuoo, ovtuoo, ovtuoo, breathless
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, without breath, lifeless
ooopo ooopo ooopo ooopo a ladder for disembarking, a gangway
oooivo oooivo oooivo oooivo to step off from
oooiio oooiio oooiio oooiio to throw off
oooo oooo oooo oooo to dip quite
ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, a stepping off, disembarking
oooq, oooq, oooq, oooq, one who rode several horses leaping from one to the other
ooioooi ooioooi ooioooi ooioooi to force away
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to make to get off
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to ruin utterly
ooiooovo ooiooovo ooiooovo ooiooovo to shoot forth from, spring from
Page 83
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooiooqo ooiooqo ooiooqo ooiooqo a shoot, scion
ooito, ooito, ooito, ooito, gazed on by all, admired
ooito ooito ooito ooito to look away from
ooiqto, ooiqto, ooiqto, ooiqto, to be thrown away, rejected
ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, to be thrown away
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio to cut out the comb from
ooiuo ooiuo ooiuo ooiuo to spirt out
oooiq oooiq oooiq oooiq a throwing away
oooiioio, oooiioio, oooiioio, oooiioio, apt to throw away
oooo|ooi oooo|ooi oooo|ooi oooo|ooi to feed upon
ooou|oito ooou|oito ooou|oito ooou|oito to let cattle stray: to lose
oopio oopio oopio oopio to go off to sleep, go sound asleep
oopo_io oopo_io oopo_io oopo_io to strangle
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, far from an altar, godless
ooyoio, ooyoio, ooyoio, ooyoio, from land
ooytiooo ooytiooo ooytiooo ooytiooo to make to jut out like a cornice
ooytuo ooytuo ooytuo ooytuo to give
ooytupoo ooytupoo ooytupoo ooytupoo to bank off, fence with dykes
ooyqpoo|o ooyqpoo|o ooyqpoo|o ooyqpoo|o to grow old
ooyiyvooi ooyiyvooi ooyiyvooi ooyiyvooi to be away from, have no part in
ooyiyvoo|o ooyiyvoo|o ooyiyvoo|o ooyiyvoo|o depart from a judgment, give up a design
ooyvoio ooyvoio ooyvoio ooyvoio despair of
ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, born
ooypoq ooypoq ooypoq ooypoq a writing off: a register, list
ooypoo ooypoo ooypoo ooypoo to write off, copy: to enter in a list, register
ooyuioo ooyuioo ooyuioo ooyuioo to deprive
ooyuvoo ooyuvoo ooyuvoo ooyuvoo to bring into hard exercise, to ply hard
ooyuvoo ooyuvoo ooyuvoo ooyuvoo to strip quite bare
ooo|vo ooo|vo ooo|vo ooo|vo to bite off a piece of
ooo|puo ooo|puo ooo|puo ooo|puo to weep much for, lament loudly
ooopovo ooopovo ooopovo ooopovo to sleep a little
ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, parted from
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, a division, part of a whole
oootooi oootooi oootooi oootooi to portion out to
ootq, ootq, ootq, ootq, wanting much, not fully manned
ootiiooooi ootiiooooi ootiiooooi ootiiooooi to frighten away
ooti|vui ooti|vui ooti|vui ooti|vui to point away from
ooti|to, ooti|to, ooti|to, ooti|to, one must prove
ootiiiooi, ootiiiooi, ootiiiooi, ootiiiooi, great cowardice
ootiiioto, ootiiioto, ootiiioto, ootiiioto, one must flinch
ootiiioo ootiiioo ootiiioo ootiiioo to play the coward, to flinch from danger
ootii, ootii, ootii, ootii, a shewing forth, exhibiting
ootiviio, ootiviio, ootiviio, ootiviio, of
ootipooto ootipooto ootipooto ootipooto to slaughter by cutting off the head
oot|ooo oot|ooo oot|ooo oot|ooo to tithe, pay tithes of
oot|to, oot|to, oot|to, oot|to, one must receive from others
Page 84
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oot|qp oot|qp oot|qp oot|qp a receiver
oot|q, oot|q, oot|q, oot|q, a receiver
oot|o, oot|o, oot|o, oot|o, acceptable
ootvpoooi ootvpoooi ootvpoooi ootvpoooi to be turned into a tree
ootpo ootpo ootpo ootpo a hide stripped off
ootpo ootpo ootpo ootpo to flay
ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, a breastband, girdle
oot_ooi oot_ooi oot_ooi oot_ooi to accept from
ooto ooto ooto ooto to bind fast
ooto ooto ooto ooto to be in want of, lack
ooqto ooqto ooqto ooqto to be away from home, be abroad
ooqqq, ooqqq, ooqqq, ooqqq, one who goes abroad
ooqqi|o, ooqqi|o, ooqqi|o, ooqqi|o, fond of travelling
ooqio ooqio ooqio ooqio a being from home, a going
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, away from one's country, from home, abroad
ooioioo ooioioo ooioioo ooioioo to decide for
ooiopio ooiopio ooiopio ooiopio to wear quite away, to waste utterly
ooipoo|o ooipoo|o ooipoo|o ooipoo|o to run away
ooioi ooioi ooioi ooioi to give up
ooi|tiv ooi|tiv ooi|tiv ooi|tiv to throw off
ooi|to ooi|to ooi|to ooi|to to defend oneself on trial
ooivto ooivto ooivto ooivto to thresh
ooiootooi ooiootooi ooiootooi ooiootooi to avert threatened evils by offerings to Zeus, to conjure away
ooiopio ooiopio ooiopio ooiopio to mark off by dividing, to separate
ooio|o ooio|o ooio|o ooio|o to chase away
ooo|ti ooo|ti ooo|ti ooo|ti it seems good not
ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo to reject on scrutiny, to reject for want of qualification
ooo|iooto, ooo|iooto, ooo|iooto, ooo|iooto, one must reject
ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo to reject
ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, a giving back, restitution, return
oooto, oooto, oooto, oooto, one must give back, refer, assign
ooo_q ooo_q ooo_q ooo_q a receiving back, having restored to one
oopooi, oopooi, oopooi, oopooi, a running away, escape
oopto oopto oopto oopto to pluck off
oopuo oopuo oopuo oopuo to tear off the skin, lacerate
ooupooi ooupooi ooupooi ooupooi to lament bitterly
oouto, oouto, oouto, oouto, one must strip
oouqpiov oouqpiov oouqpiov oouqpiov an undressing room
oouo oouo oouo oouo to strip off
ooti|o ooti|o ooti|o ooti|o to withdraw from
ootpot ootpot ootpot ootpot swept away
oooo oooo oooo oooo to live off
ootuyvuoi ootuyvuoi ootuyvuoi ootuyvuoi to be parted from
ooo ooo ooo ooo to smell of
oooiio oooiio oooiio oooiio to lose the bloom
oooppto oooppto oooppto oooppto to have full confidence
Page 85
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooouoo ooouoo ooouoo ooouoo to marvel much at a
ootv ootv ootv ootv from afar
ootoo ootoo ootoo ootoo to deify
ootpotio ootpotio ootpotio ootpotio regular worship
ootpio ootpio ootpio ootpio to cut off
ootoi, ootoi, ootoi, ootoi, a laying up in store
ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, despised
ootoi ootoi ootoi ootoi a place
ooto, ooto, ooto, ooto, laid by, stored up
ooto ooto ooto ooto to run away
ootopqoi, ootopqoi, ootopqoi, ootopqoi, serious contemplation
ootooi, ootooi, ootooi, ootooi, deification
ooq|q ooq|q ooq|q ooq|q any place wherein to lay up
ooqiuvo ooqiuvo ooqiuvo ooqiuvo to make effeminate, enervate
ooqooupio ooqooupio ooqooupio ooqooupio to store, hoard up
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio to press upon, press, squeeze out
ooiii, ooiii, ooiii, ooiii, a squeezing out of one's place
oovqo|o oovqo|o oovqo|o oovqo|o to die off, die
oopoouvooi oopoouvooi oopoouvooi oopoouvooi to be very bold, dare all things
oopouo oopouo oopouo oopouo to break off
oopqvto oopqvto oopqvto oopqvto to lament much
oopioo oopioo oopioo oopioo to cut off fig-leaves: to cut off, curtail
oopuo oopuo oopuo oopuo to crush in pieces
oopoo|o oopoo|o oopoo|o oopoo|o to leap off from
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, not according to the mind, unpleasant, hateful
oouo oouo oouo oouo to offer
ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, abatement of a swelling
ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, not done, undone
ooi|to ooi|to ooi|to ooi|to to go away from home, to settle in a foreign country, emigrate
ooi|io ooi|io ooi|io ooi|io a settlement far from home, a colony settlement
ooi|io ooi|io ooi|io ooi|io to send away from home
ooi|ioo, ooi|ioo, ooi|ioo, ooi|ioo, the settlement of a colony
ooi|i, ooi|i, ooi|i, ooi|i, a colony
ooi|ooto ooi|ooto ooi|ooto ooi|ooto to cut off by building, wall up, barricade
ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, away from home
ooi|iooi ooi|iooi ooi|iooi ooi|iooi to complain loudly of
ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, unfed, untended
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to bewail loudly
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo a ransom
ooivoo ooivoo ooivoo ooivoo to demand the fine
ooivoi|o, ooivoi|o, ooivoi|o, ooivoi|o, exacting penalty
ooiotuo ooiotuo ooiotuo ooiotuo to kill with arrows
ooi_ooi ooi_ooi ooi_ooi ooi_ooi to be gone away, to be far from
oo|ooipo oo|ooipo oo|ooipo oo|ooipo to cleanse
oo|oopoi, oo|oopoi, oo|oopoi, oo|oopoi, a clearing off, purging
oo|oqoi oo|oqoi oo|oqoi oo|oqoi to sit apart
Page 86
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oo|oioqi oo|oioqi oo|oioqi oo|oioqi to re-establish, restore, reinstate
oo|oivuoi oo|oivuoi oo|oivuoi oo|oivuoi to surpass
oo|oipio, oo|oipio, oo|oipio, oo|oipio, unseasonable
oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio to burn off
oo|oito oo|oito oo|oito oo|oito to call back, recall
oo|oiuo oo|oiuo oo|oiuo oo|oiuo to uncover
oo|oiui, oo|oiui, oo|oiui, oo|oiui, an uncovering, a revelation
oo|ovo oo|ovo oo|ovo oo|ovo to grow quite weary, fail
oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo to turn off
oo|oi, oo|oi, oo|oi, oo|oi, a turning off the road
oo|ouo oo|ouo oo|ouo oo|ouo to breathe away
oo|opoo|io oo|opoo|io oo|opoo|io oo|opoo|io earnest expectation
oo|optpto oo|optpto oo|optpto oo|optpto to kill oneself by abstinence
oo|ooiioooo oo|ooiioooo oo|ooiioooo oo|ooiioooo to reconcile again
oo|ouiio oo|ouiio oo|ouiio oo|ouiio to break off by the stalk: to break short off
oo|ouiioi, oo|ouiioi, oo|ouiioi, oo|ouiioi, a breaking short off, snapping
oo|tioi oo|tioi oo|tioi oo|tioi to be laid away
oo|tipo oo|tipo oo|tipo oo|tipo to clip
oo|tpoivo oo|tpoivo oo|tpoivo oo|tpoivo to have benefit, enjoyment from
oo|tpoio oo|tpoio oo|tpoio oo|tpoio to change for small coin
oo|qtuo oo|qtuo oo|qtuo oo|qtuo to cease to mourn for
oo|qto oo|qto oo|qto oo|qto to put away care, be careless
oo|qpu|o, oo|qpu|o, oo|qpu|o, oo|qpu|o, disinherited
oo|qpui, oo|qpui, oo|qpui, oo|qpui, public renunciation
oo|qpuooo oo|qpuooo oo|qpuooo oo|qpuooo to sell by auction
oo|ivuvtuoi, oo|ivuvtuoi, oo|ivuvtuoi, oo|ivuvtuoi, a venturous attempt
oo|ivuvtuo oo|ivuvtuo oo|ivuvtuo oo|ivuvtuo to make a bold attempt
oo|ivto oo|ivto oo|ivto oo|ivto to remove
oo|ivo, oo|ivo, oo|ivo, oo|ivo, a comic dance
oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo to ring
oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo to bend one's knees
oo|ioio oo|ioio oo|ioio oo|ioio to weep aloud
oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo oo|ioo to break off
oo|itioi, oo|itioi, oo|itioi, oo|itioi, a shutting up
oo|itio oo|itio oo|itio oo|itio to shut off from
oo|iqpo, oo|iqpo, oo|iqpo, oo|iqpo, without lot
oo|iqpoo oo|iqpoo oo|iqpoo oo|iqpoo to choose by lot from
oo|iivo oo|iivo oo|iivo oo|iivo to turn off
oo|iioi, oo|iioi, oo|iioi, oo|iioi, a turning off, declension, sinking
oo|iuo oo|iuo oo|iuo oo|iuo to wash away
oo|voio oo|voio oo|voio oo|voio to wear
oo|vto oo|vto oo|vto oo|vto to shrink from
oo|vqoi, oo|vqoi, oo|vqoi, oo|vqoi, a shrinking from
oo|vio oo|vio oo|vio oo|vio to nip off
oo|vioo oo|vioo oo|vioo oo|vioo that which is nipt off, a little bit
oo|oioooi oo|oioooi oo|oioooi oo|oioooi to sleep away from home
Page 87
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oo|oito oo|oito oo|oito oo|oito to sleep away from
oo|oio, oo|oio, oo|oio, oo|oio, sleeping away from
oo|oiuoo oo|oiuoo oo|oiuoo oo|oiuoo to dive and swim away
oo|oiq oo|oiq oo|oiq oo|oiq a getting away, getting back
oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio to carry away, escort
oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo a splinter, chip, shred
oo|ooo oo|ooo oo|ooo oo|ooo to break with a snap
oo|oq oo|oq oo|oq oo|oq a cutting off
oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo to cut off, hew off
oo|opuoo oo|opuoo oo|opuoo oo|opuoo to bring to a point
oo|ooto oo|ooto oo|ooto oo|ooto to restore order by clearing away, to clear away
oo|ooio oo|ooio oo|ooio oo|ooio to dash out the last drops of wine
oo|ouio oo|ouio oo|ouio oo|ouio to lighten, set free from, relieve
oo|poio, oo|poio, oo|poio, oo|poio, plucked from the fig-tree
oo|poioioo oo|poioioo oo|poioioo oo|poioioo to sleep off a debauch
oo|povio oo|povio oo|povio oo|povio to strike off from the head
oo|poto oo|poto oo|poto oo|poto to exceed all others
oo|ptovvui oo|ptovvui oo|ptovvui oo|ptovvui to let hang down
oo|pqvo, oo|pqvo, oo|pqvo, oo|pqvo, broken sheer off, precipitous
oo|pio oo|pio oo|pio oo|pio a judicial sentence
oo|pivo oo|pivo oo|pivo oo|pivo to separate, set apart
oo|pioi, oo|pioi, oo|pioi, oo|pioi, a separating
oo|pito, oo|pito, oo|pito, oo|pito, one must reject
oo|poo, oo|poo, oo|poo, oo|poo, beaten
oo|pouo oo|pouo oo|pouo oo|pouo to beat off from
oo|puo oo|puo oo|puo oo|puo to hide from, keep hidden from
oo|puo, oo|puo, oo|puo, oo|puo, hidden, concealed
oo|tivo oo|tivo oo|tivo oo|tivo to kill, slay
oo|ivvui oo|ivvui oo|ivvui oo|ivvui to kill
oo|uto oo|uto oo|uto oo|uto to bear young, bring forth
oo|uiio oo|uiio oo|uiio oo|uiio to roll away
oo|o|uo oo|o|uo oo|o|uo oo|o|uo to mourn loudly over
oo|oiuoi, oo|oiuoi, oo|oiuoi, oo|oiuoi, a hindrance
oo|oiuo oo|oiuo oo|oiuo oo|oiuo to hinder
ooioy_ovo ooioy_ovo ooioy_ovo ooioy_ovo to obtain a portion of
ooio|io ooio|io ooio|io ooio|io to kick off
ooioito ooioito ooioito ooioito to speak out heedlessly
ooioovo ooioovo ooioovo ooioovo to take
ooiopuvo ooiopuvo ooiopuvo ooiopuvo to make famous
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to shine
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to lap up
ooiouoi, ooiouoi, ooiouoi, ooiouoi, enjoyment, fruition
ooiouoo ooiouoo ooiouoo ooiouoo enjoyment
ooiouoi|o, ooiouoi|o, ooiouoi|o, ooiouoi|o, devoted to enjoyment
ooiouoo, ooiouoo, ooiouoo, ooiouoo, enjoyed, enjoyable
ooiouo ooiouo ooiouo ooiouo to have enjoyment of
Page 88
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooityo ooityo ooityo ooityo to pick out from
ooityo ooityo ooityo ooityo to decline, refuse
ooitio ooitio ooitio ooitio to let drop off, to pour a libation
ooitio ooitio ooitio ooitio to leave over
ooiti_o ooiti_o ooiti_o ooiti_o to lick clean
ooitii, ooitii, ooitii, ooitii, a forsaking, abandonment
ooit|o, ooit|o, ooit|o, ooit|o, chosen out, picked
ooito, ooito, ooito, ooito, unwarlike, unfit for war
ooito ooito ooito ooito to peel off, flay
ooiqyo ooiqyo ooiqyo ooiqyo to leave off, desist from
ooiqpto ooiqpto ooiqpto ooiqpto to chatter at random
ooiqi, ooiqi, ooiqi, ooiqi, an intercepting, cutting off
ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo to drop off, vanish
ooiiyoivo ooiiyoivo ooiiyoivo ooiiyoivo to scream aloud, be obstreperous
ooiioooi ooiioooi ooiioooi ooiioooi to become stone
ooiiovo ooiiovo ooiiovo ooiiovo to leave
ooiioovo ooiioovo ooiioovo ooiioovo to slip off
ooii, ooii, ooii, ooii, one without city, state
ooiiopyio ooiiopyio ooiiopyio ooiiopyio to pack oneself off
ooiituo, ooiituo, ooiituo, ooiituo, taking no part in public matters, living as a private person
ooii_oooi ooii_oooi ooii_oooi ooii_oooi to lick off
ooiiui ooiiui ooiiui ooiiui to destroy utterly, kill, slay
ooiiovio, ooiiovio, ooiiovio, ooiiovio, of
ooiiov ooiiov ooiiov ooiiov Apollo
ooioytooi ooioytooi ooioytooi ooioytooi to speak in defence, defend oneself
ooioyqo ooioyqo ooioyqo ooioyqo a plea alleged in defence
ooioyqto, ooioyqto, ooioyqto, ooioyqto, one must defend
ooioyio ooioyio ooioyio ooioyio a speech in defence, defence
ooioyiooi ooioyiooi ooioyiooi ooioyiooi to reckon up, give in an account
ooioyioo, ooioyioo, ooioyioo, ooioyioo, a giving account, statement
ooioyo, ooioyo, ooioyo, ooioyo, a story, tale, fable, apologue
ooiouo ooiouo ooiouo ooiouo to wash off
ooioupooi ooioupooi ooioupooi ooioupooi to bewail loudly
ooiuoivooi ooiuoivooi ooiuoivooi ooiuoivooi to wash dirt off oneself, cleanse oneself by bathing
ooiuovqp ooiuovqp ooiuovqp ooiuovqp a destroyer
ooiuoi, ooiuoi, ooiuoi, ooiuoi, release, deliverance from
ooiui|o, ooiui|o, ooiui|o, ooiui|o, disposed to acquit
ooiupoo ooiupoo ooiupoo ooiupoo to release on payment of ransom
ooiupooi, ooiupooi, ooiupooi, ooiupooi, a ransoming
ooiuo ooiuo ooiuo ooiuo to loose from
ooiooooi ooiooooi ooiooooi ooiooooi to be grievously insulted
ooioio ooioio ooioio ooioio to pluck off flowers
oooyoiio oooyoiio oooyoiio oooyoiio the crumb
oooivooi oooivooi oooivooi oooivooi to rave, rage to the uttermost
ooo|pov ooo|pov ooo|pov ooo|pov a strickle
oooio|iooi oooio|iooi oooio|iooi oooio|iooi to show weakness
Page 89
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooovovo ooovovo ooovovo ooovovo to unlearn
ooovtuooi ooovtuooi ooovtuooi ooovtuooi to announce as a prophet
oooi, oooi, oooi, oooi, a wiping off
ooopoivooi ooopoivooi ooopoivooi ooopoivooi to waste
oooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo to wipe clean
ooooiyoo ooooiyoo ooooiyoo ooooiyoo to scourge severely
ooooio ooooio ooooio ooooio to behave in unseemly fashion
ooo_ooi ooo_ooi ooo_ooi ooo_ooi to fight from
ooo_o, ooo_o, ooo_o, ooo_o, past fighting, past service
ootipooi ootipooi ootipooi ootipooi to distribute
ootpio ootpio ootpio ootpio to part
ootpqpio ootpqpio ootpqpio ootpqpio to sleep off care
ootooooi ootooooi ootooooi ootooooi to be filled to the brim
ootpto ootpto ootpto ootpto to measure out
ooq|uvo ooq|uvo ooq|uvo ooq|uvo to prolong, draw out
ooqvio ooqvio ooqvio ooqvio to be very wroth, to perseverere in wrath
ooitooi ooitooi ooitooi ooitooi to express by imitating
ooivqo|ooi ooivqo|ooi ooivqo|ooi ooivqo|ooi to remember fully
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, away from
ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo ooiooo to let out for hire
oovqovtuo oovqovtuo oovqovtuo oovqovtuo a memorial
oovqovtuo oovqovtuo oovqovtuo oovqovtuo to relate from memory, relate, recount
oovqoi|o|to oovqoi|o|to oovqoi|o|to oovqoi|o|to to bear a grudge against
oovui oovui oovui oovui to take an oath away from
oooipio oooipio oooipio oooipio a portion
ooovoooi ooovoooi ooovoooi ooovoooi to be excluded from
ooopyvui ooopyvui ooopyvui ooopyvui to wipe off
ooouoo, ooouoo, ooouoo, ooouoo, away from the Muses, unaccomplished, rude
ooutooi ooutooi ooutooi ooutooi to dissuade
oou|oooi oou|oooi oou|oooi oou|oooi to bellow loudly
oou|to, oou|to, oou|to, oou|to, one must wipe one's nose
oouooo oouooo oouooo oouooo to wipe
oovoio oovoio oovoio oovoio to remove, to send away
oovop|oooi oovop|oooi oovop|oooi oovop|oooi to become quite torpid, insensible
oovtqto, oovtqto, oovtqto, oovtqto, one must assign
oovto oovto oovto oovto to portion out, impart, assign
oovtvoqtvo, oovtvoqtvo, oovtvoqtvo, oovtvoqtvo, desperately
oovtooi oovtooi oovtooi oovtooi to go away, depart
oovtuo oovtuo oovtuo oovtuo to bend away from
oovto oovto oovto oovto to unload
oovqi oovqi oovqi oovqi without fatigue
oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, without toil
oovq_ooi oovq_ooi oovq_ooi oovq_ooi to escape by swimming, to swim away
oovio oovio oovio oovio non-exertion, laziness
oovio oovio oovio oovio wash off
oovivooi oovivooi oovivooi oovivooi to have the use
Page 90
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oovipov oovipov oovipov oovipov water in which the hands have been washed, dirty water
ooviooooi ooviooooi ooviooooi ooviooooi to go away
oovotooi oovotooi oovotooi oovotooi to have lost all sense
oovoio oovoio oovoio oovoio loss of all sense
oovo, oovo, oovo, oovo, without toil
oovooto oovooto oovooto oovooto to return, come home
oovooio oovooio oovooio oovooio to put asunder, keep aloof from
oovooi oovooi oovooi oovooi far apart
oovu|tptuo oovu|tptuo oovu|tptuo oovu|tptuo to pass a night away from
oovu_io oovu_io oovu_io oovu_io to pare the nails
oovoio oovoio oovoio oovoio to make
ootvo, ootvo, ootvo, ootvo, alien to guests, inhospitable
ootvoo ootvoo ootvoo ootvoo to drive from house and home, banish
ootvooi, ootvooi, ootvooi, ootvooi, a living abroad
ooto ooto ooto ooto to shave off, to cut off
ooqpoivo ooqpoivo ooqpoivo ooqpoivo to dry up
oouvo oouvo oouvo oouvo to bring to a point, make taper
ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo ooupoo to shave clean
ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, cut sharp off, abrupt
oouo oouo oouo oouo to strip off
oooiio oooiio oooiio oooiio to hurl
ooooivo ooooivo ooooivo ooooivo to look about one
oooto oooto oooto oooto to retire from the way, to go aside to ease oneself
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, a place out of the way: a privy
ooouo ooouo ooouo ooouo to stop
oo oo oo oo from, away from. c. gen.
ootipoooi ootipoooi ootipoooi ootipoooi to make trial, essay
ootipo ootipo ootipo ootipo a trial, essay
ootit|oo ootit|oo ootit|oo ootit|oo to hew
ooto ooto ooto ooto to send off
ooti, ooti, ooti, ooti, a sending off, dispatching
ootvto ootvto ootvto ootvto to mourn for
ootpoo ootpoo ootpoo ootpoo to carry over
ootpooi ootpooi ootpooi ootpooi to break wind
ootooi ootooi ootooi ootooi to fly off
ootootvo, ootootvo, ootootvo, ootootvo, openly, plainly
ooqyvui ooqyvui ooqyvui ooqyvui to make to freeze, to freeze
ooqoo ooqoo ooqoo ooqoo to leap off from
ooiiqi ooiiqi ooiiqi ooiiqi to fill up
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo to drink up, drink off
ooio ooio ooio ooio to fall off from
ooiotuo ooiotuo ooiotuo ooiotuo to trust fully, rely on
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to lead astray from
ooiovoo ooiovoo ooiovoo ooiovoo to lead astray
ooiovio, ooiovio, ooiovio, ooiovio, a wanderer, fugitive
ooito ooito ooito ooito to sail away, sail off
Page 91
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooiq|o, ooiq|o, ooiq|o, ooiq|o, disabled by a stroke
ooiqpoo ooiqpoo ooiqpoo ooiqpoo to fill up, satisfy
ooiqpooi, ooiqpooi, ooiqpooi, ooiqpooi, a filling up, satisfying
ooiqooo ooiqooo ooiqooo ooiqooo to strike to earth, disable in body
ooiiooooi ooiiooooi ooiiooooi ooiiooooi to trot off
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, a sailing away
ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo ooiuvo to wash away
oovto oovto oovto oovto to breathe forth
ooviyo ooviyo ooviyo ooviyo to choke, throttle
oooitto oooitto oooitto oooitto to fight off from
oooii, oooii, oooii, oooii, far from the city, banished
oooq oooq oooq oooq a sending away: getting rid
oooptuooi oooptuooi oooptuooi oooptuooi to depart, go away
oopouvo oopouvo oopouvo oopouvo to soften matters down
oopioooi oopioooi oopioooi oopioooi to buy off
oopio oopio oopio oopio to saw off
oopooipto oopooipto oopooipto oopooipto to take away from
oopot oopot oopot oopot from afar, afar off, far away
oopoi oopoi oopoi oopoi far away
oopoiqi oopoiqi oopoiqi oopoiqi to send away forward, send on
oopo oopo oopo oopo far away, afar off
oopotvo oopotvo oopotvo oopotvo to cut off from
oopotuyo oopotuyo oopotuyo oopotuyo to flee away from
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, out of sight of, far away from
oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, spat out
oouo oouo oouo oouo to spit out
oouvovooi oouvovooi oouvovooi oouvovooi to inquire
oopty_o oopty_o oopty_o oopty_o to snore to the end
oopto oopto oopto oopto to slink away
ooptuo, ooptuo, ooptuo, ooptuo, not to be travelled
oopto oopto oopto oopto to be without means
oopqi|o, oopqi|o, oopqi|o, oopqi|o, inclined to doubt
oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, not sacked, unravaged
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to make straight, guide aright
oopio oopio oopio oopio difficulty of passing
oopvui oopvui oopvui oopvui to start from
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, without passage
oopouo oopouo oopouo oopouo to dart away
ooppouto ooppouto ooppouto ooppouto to neglect
ooppoivo ooppoivo ooppoivo ooppoivo to spirt out, shed about
ooppoio ooppoio ooppoio ooppoio to bereave
ooppovqpiov ooppovqpiov ooppovqpiov ooppovqpiov a vessel for sprinkling with holy water
ooppoo ooppoo ooppoo ooppoo to sew up again
ooppooto ooppooto ooppooto ooppooto to speak in fragments of epic poetry
ooppto ooppto ooppto ooppto to offer some of
ooppto ooppto ooppto ooppto to flow
Page 92
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooppqyo ooppqyo ooppqyo ooppqyo a fragment
ooppqyvui ooppqyvui ooppqyvui ooppqyvui to break off, snap asunder
ooppqoi, ooppqoi, ooppqoi, ooppqoi, a forbidding, prohibition
ooppqo, ooppqo, ooppqo, ooppqo, forbidden
ooppiyto ooppiyto ooppiyto ooppiyto to shrink shivering from
ooppivoo ooppivoo ooppivoo ooppivoo to file off
ooppio ooppio ooppio ooppio to throw away, put away
ooppoq ooppoq ooppoq ooppoq a flowing off, stream
ooppoito ooppoito ooppoito ooppoito to shriek forth
ooppoto ooppoto ooppoto ooppoto to swallow some of
ooppuo ooppuo ooppuo ooppuo to cleanse thoroughly
ooppuo, ooppuo, ooppuo, ooppuo, running
ooppo ooppo ooppo ooppo broken off, abrupt, sheer, precipitous
oopoviooi oopoviooi oopoviooi oopoviooi to be orphaned
oopupo, oopupo, oopupo, oopupo, without purple border
oop_tooi oop_tooi oop_tooi oop_tooi to dance
ooooituo ooooituo ooooituo ooooituo to lie in the open sea, to ride at anchor
ooooto ooooto ooooto ooooto to make clear
oootvvui oootvvui oootvvui oootvvui to put out, extinguish, quench
oootio oootio oootio oootio to shake off
oootvuvo oootvuvo oootvuvo oootvuvo to make august, glorify
oootuo oootuo oootuo oootuo to chase away
oooqoivo oooqoivo oooqoivo oooqoivo to give notice by signs, give notice
oooqooi oooqooi oooqooi oooqooi to lose by mortification
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo to make flat-nosed
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, abstaining from food
oooiooo oooiooo oooiooo oooiooo to cease speaking, maintain silence
oooioqoi, oooioqoi, oooioqoi, oooioqoi, a becoming silent
ooo|oo ooo|oo ooo|oo ooo|oo to intercept by trenches
ooo|tovvui ooo|tovvui ooo|tovvui ooo|tovvui to scatter abroad, disperse
ooo|tto, ooo|tto, ooo|tto, ooo|tto, one must look steadily
ooo|tuoo ooo|tuoo ooo|tuoo ooo|tuoo to pull off
ooo|qvto ooo|qvto ooo|qvto ooo|qvto to encamp apart from
ooo|qvo, ooo|qvo, ooo|qvo, ooo|qvo, encamping apart, messing alone
ooo|qvoo ooo|qvoo ooo|qvoo ooo|qvoo to keep apart from
ooo|qo ooo|qo ooo|qo ooo|qo to hurl from above
ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo ooo|ioo to cast a shadow
ooo|iooo, ooo|iooo, ooo|iooo, ooo|iooo, the casting a shadow
ooo|ivooi ooo|ivooi ooo|ivooi ooo|ivooi to be dispersed
ooo|iqvoi ooo|iqvoi ooo|iqvoi ooo|iqvoi to be dried up, to wither
ooo|oto ooo|oto ooo|oto ooo|oto to look away from
ooo|oio, ooo|oio, ooo|oio, ooo|oio, far from the mark
ooo|uio ooo|uio ooo|uio ooo|uio to strip off the scalp in Scythian fashion
ooo|uituo ooo|uituo ooo|uituo ooo|uituo to carry off as spoil from
ooo|oo ooo|oo ooo|oo ooo|oo to banter, rally
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to wipe off dirt
Page 93
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oooi|puvo oooi|puvo oooi|puvo oooi|puvo to diminish
ooou_ooi ooou_ooi ooou_ooi ooou_ooi to be consumed by a slow fire, to pine away
ooooto ooooto ooooto ooooto to scare away
ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, torn off
oooopoooo oooopoooo oooopoooo oooopoooo to tear off
oooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo that which is torn off, a piece, rag, shred
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, a slip torn from
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to tear
oootvo oootvo oootvo oootvo to pour out wine
oootuo oootuo oootuo oootuo to be zealous in preventing
ooooto ooooto ooooto ooooto to wear quite off
ooooov ooooov ooooov ooooov standing aloof
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to let fall drop by drop, distil
oooooio oooooio oooooio oooooio defection
oooooiou oooooiou oooooiou oooooiou for having forsaken
oooooi, oooooi, oooooi, oooooi, a standing away from
ooooto, ooooto, ooooto, ooooto, one must stand off from
ooooto ooooto ooooto ooooto to stand aloof from, depart from, be far from
ooooqp ooooqp ooooqp ooooqp one who has power to dissolve an assembly
ooooq, ooooq, ooooq, ooooq, a runaway slave: a deserter, rebel
ooooi|o, ooooi|o, ooooi|o, ooooi|o, of
ooooupoo ooooupoo ooooupoo ooooupoo to fence off with a palisade
oootyoo oootyoo oootyoo oootyoo to uncover: to take off
oootyo oootyo oootyo oootyo to keep out
oooti_o oooti_o oooti_o oooti_o to go away, to go home
oootiio oootiio oootiio oootiio to send off
oootvoo oootvoo oootvoo oootvoo to straiten, block up
oootpyo oootpyo oootpyo oootpyo to love no more
oootpto oootpto oootpto oootpto to rob, despoil, bereave
oootpqoi, oootpqoi, oootpqoi, oootpqoi, deprivation
oootpqq, oootpqq, oootpqq, oootpqq, a depriver, robber
oootpqi|o, oootpqi|o, oootpqi|o, oootpqi|o, of
oooqo oooqo oooqo oooqo distance, interval
oooqpiooi oooqpiooi oooqpiooi oooqpiooi to fix firmly
oooiioo oooiioo oooiioo oooiioo to make to shine
oooiio oooiio oooiio oooiio to be bright from
oooityyio oooityyio oooityyio oooityyio to scrape with a strigil
ooooitu, ooooitu, ooooitu, ooooitu, a magistrate who had to fit out
ooooiq ooooiq ooooiq ooooiq a sending off
ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, a messenger, ambassador, envoy
oooooio oooooio oooooio oooooio to dictate by word of mouth, teach by dictation
ooopoqyo, ooopoqyo, ooopoqyo, ooopoqyo, a retired general
ooopoottuooi ooopoottuooi ooopoottuooi ooopoottuooi to encamp away from
ooopto ooopto ooopto ooopto to turn
ooopoq ooopoq ooopoq ooopoq a turning back
ooopoo, ooopoo, ooopoo, ooopoo, turned away
Page 94
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooouyto ooouyto ooouyto ooouyto to hate violently, abhor, loathe
oooutiio oooutiio oooutiio oooutiio to drive away by force from
ooouo ooouo ooouo ooouo to draw up, contract
ooou|oo ooou|oo ooou|oo ooou|oo to squeeze figs
ooouioo ooouioo ooouioo ooouioo to strip off spoils from
ooouvoyoyo, ooouvoyoyo, ooouvoyoyo, ooouvoyoyo, put out of the synagogue
oooupio oooupio oooupio oooupio to whistle aloud
oooupo oooupo oooupo oooupo to tear away
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to cut the throat of
oooo|tiio oooo|tiio oooo|tiio oooo|tiio to have the limbs frost-bitten
ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio to lead astray, drive away
oooiyyo oooiyyo oooiyyo oooiyyo to compress
ooopoyio ooopoyio ooopoyio ooopoyio to seal up
ooo_oiioo ooo_oiioo ooo_oiioo ooo_oiioo a forked piece of wood for propping hunting-nets
ooo_io ooo_io ooo_io ooo_io to split
ooo_oivio ooo_oivio ooo_oivio ooo_oivio to separate by a cord
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to preserve from, heal from
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, set apart for a special use
oooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo to set apart, assign specially
oooupoooi oooupoooi oooupoooi oooupoooi to be like a bull
oooptuo oooptuo oooptuo oooptuo to fence off with a ditch
ootivo ootivo ootivo ootivo to stretch out, extend
ooti_io ooti_io ooti_io ooti_io to wall off
ooti_ioi, ooti_ioi, ooti_ioi, ooti_ioi, the walling off a town, blockading
ooti_ioo ooti_ioo ooti_ioo ooti_ioo a wall built to blockade, lines of blockade
ootituoo ootituoo ootituoo ootituoo to end
ootito ootito ootito ootito to bring quite to an end, complete
ootvo ootvo ootvo ootvo to cut off, sever
ootui, ootui, ootui, ootui, a failure
ooqit ooqit ooqit ooqit far from
ooqiou ooqiou ooqiou ooqiou far away
ooiqi ooiqi ooiqi ooiqi to put away, stow away
ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio to pluck
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio a piece plucked off
ooioo ooioo ooioo ooioo to put away from honour, to dishonour, slight
ooiqo ooiqo ooiqo ooiqo a mortgage, security
ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, ooiqoi, a mortgaging
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, put away from honour, dishonoured
ooivoooo ooivoooo ooivoooo ooivoooo to shake off
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo to pay back, repay, return
ooioto, ooioto, ooioto, ooioto, one must pay
ooqyo ooqyo ooqyo ooqyo to cut off from
ooqto, ooqto, ooqto, ooqto, one must cut off
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, unhappy, ill-starred
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo to make a bold venture
oooq oooq oooq oooq a cutting off
Page 95
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, cut off, abrupt, precipitous
oootuo oootuo oootuo oootuo to shoot off arrows
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, not drinkable
oopto oopto oopto oopto to turn
oopt_o oopt_o oopt_o oopt_o to run off
oopio oopio oopio oopio to wear out
oopooio, oopooio, oopooio, oopooio, averting evil
oopoq oopoq oopoq oopoq a turning away, averting
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, turned away, banished
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, reared away from home
oopuo oopuo oopuo oopuo to rub away, wear out
oopoyo oopoyo oopoyo oopoyo to bite
oouy_ovo oouy_ovo oouy_ovo oouy_ovo to fail in hitting
oouovio oouovio oouovio oouovio to cudgel to death, bastinado
oouoooi oouoooi oouoooi oouoooi to stamp an impression
oouooi oouooi oouooi oouooi to cease to beat oneself, to cease mourning
ooupio ooupio ooupio ooupio will mark off
ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, far from the boundaries of
oouoio oouoio oouoio oouoio a being away, absence
oou, oou, oou, oou, without foot
oooipuvo oooipuvo oooipuvo oooipuvo to cleanse off
oooivo oooivo oooivo oooivo to shew fort, display, produce
ooovoi, ooovoi, ooovoi, ooovoi, a declaration, statement
ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, a denial, negation
ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, ooooi, a sentence, decision
oooo|o oooo|o oooo|o oooo|o to deny
ootpooi ootpooi ootpooi ootpooi to feed on
ootpo ootpo ootpo ootpo to carry off
ootuyo ootuyo ootuyo ootuyo to flee from, escape
ootu|i|o, ootu|i|o, ootu|i|o, ootu|i|o, useful in escaping
ootui, ootui, ootui, ootui, an escaping, means of getting off
ooqi ooqi ooqi ooqi to speak out, declare flatly
ootyyooi ootyyooi ootyyooi ootyyooi to speak one's opinion plainly
ootyo ootyo ootyo ootyo a terse pointed saying, an apophthegm
ootyoi|o, ootyoi|o, ootyoi|o, ootyoi|o, dealing in apophthegms, sententious
ootipo ootipo ootipo ootipo to destroy utterly, ruin
ooivuo ooivuo ooivuo ooivuo to perish
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo to perish utterly, die away
ooopo ooopo ooopo ooopo utter destruction
ooioupio ooioupio ooioupio ooioupio to treat slightingly, make no account of
ooioioooi ooioioooi ooioioooi ooioioooi to strip off oneself
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo to cease to go to school
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, unnatural
ooopo ooopo ooopo ooopo payment of what is due, tax, tribute
oopoyvui oopoyvui oopoyvui oopoyvui to fence off, block up
oopoi, oopoi, oopoi, oopoi, a blocking up
Page 96
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, not to be mentioned
oouyq oouyq oouyq oouyq an escape
oouooo oouooo oouooo oouooo to blow away
oooiio, oooiio, oooiio, oooiio, empty, vain, idle, useless, fruitless
oo_oooi oo_oooi oo_oooi oo_oooi to withdraw from
oo_oioo oo_oioo oo_oioo oo_oioo to slack away
oo_oiivoo oo_oiivoo oo_oiivoo oo_oiivoo to unbridle
oo_oi|tuo oo_oi|tuo oo_oi|tuo oo_oi|tuo to forge of copper
oo_oi|io oo_oi|io oo_oi|io oo_oi|io to strip of brass
oo_tipoioo, oo_tipoioo, oo_tipoioo, oo_tipoioo, living by the work of one's hands
oo_tipoovto oo_tipoovto oo_tipoovto oo_tipoovto to vote a charge away from
oo_tipoovio oo_tipoovio oo_tipoovio oo_tipoovio rejection by show of hands
oo_to oo_to oo_to oo_to to pour out
oo_q oo_q oo_q oo_q abstinence
oo_qpoooi oo_qpoooi oo_qpoooi oo_qpoooi to be bereft of
oo_poivo oo_poivo oo_poivo oo_poivo to soften away the colour, shade off
oo_poooi oo_poooi oo_poooi oo_poooi to use to the full
oo_poo oo_poo oo_poo oo_poo to suffice, be sufficient, be enough
oo_pqoo, oo_pqoo, oo_pqoo, oo_pqoo, but not of money
oo_povo, oo_povo, oo_povo, oo_povo, enough, sufficiently
oo_upoo oo_upoo oo_upoo oo_upoo to secure by fortifications
oo_oituo oo_oituo oo_oituo oo_oituo to make quite lame
oo_oioooi oo_oioooi oo_oioooi oo_oioooi to be made quite lame
oo_ovvui oo_ovvui oo_ovvui oo_ovvui to bank up
oo_opto oo_opto oo_opto oo_opto to go from
oo_opqoi, oo_opqoi, oo_opqoi, oo_opqoi, a going off, retreat
oo_opio oo_opio oo_opio oo_opio to part
oo_ooi, oo_ooi, oo_ooi, oo_ooi, the damming up
oooo oooo oooo oooo to wipe off
ootuooi ootuooi ootuooi ootuooi to be quite cheated of
ooqiooi ooqiooi ooqiooi ooqiooi to vote away from
ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo ooiioo to strip bare
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, an outlook, view, prospect
oou_o oou_o oou_o oou_o to leave off breathing, to faint, swoon
opoyio opoyio opoyio opoyio idleness, want of energy
opoyoouvq opoyoouvq opoyoouvq opoyoouvq freedom from politics and business
opoyov opoyov opoyov opoyov free from business
opo|to opo|to opo|to opo|to to do nothing
opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, doing nothing, ineffectual, unprofitable
opoio opoio opoio opoio a not acting, inaction
opooio opooio opooio opooio want of purchasers, no sale
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, unsold, unsaleable
opttio opttio opttio opttio unseemly conduct
optq, optq, optq, optq, unseemly, unbecoming, indecent, indecorous
optiq optiq optiq optiq ugliness
opquvo, opquvo, opquvo, opquvo, implacable
Page 97
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opioqv opioqv opioqv opioqv without purchase-money
opi|oiq|o, opi|oiq|o, opi|oiq|o, opi|oiq|o, struck unceasingly
opi opi opi opi with closed teeth
opooipto, opooipto, opooipto, opooipto, without set purpose, not deliberate
opoouituo, opoouituo, opoouituo, opoouituo, not planned beforehand, unpremeditated
opoouio, opoouio, opoouio, opoouio, without premeditation
opouo, opouo, opouo, opouo, not eager
opoiq, opoiq, opoiq, opoiq, unforeseen
opoi|o, opoi|o, opoi|o, opoi|o, without portion
opoqtio opoqtio opoqtio opoqtio want of forethought
opoqq, opoqq, opoqq, opoqq, without forethought.
opovoqo, opovoqo, opovoqo, opovoqo, unpremeditated
opooiiooo, opooiiooo, opooiiooo, opooiiooo, without preface
opooo, opooo, opooo, opooo, unforeseen
opoooo, opoooo, opoooo, opoooo, unapproachable
opootq, opootq, opootq, opootq, without want of more
opooiovuoo, opooiovuoo, opooiovuoo, opooiovuoo, uncongenial to Bacchus
opooo|qo, opooo|qo, opooo|qo, opooo|qo, unexpected, unlooked for
opooqyopio opooqyopio opooqyopio opooqyopio want of intercourse by speech
opooqyopo, opooqyopo, opooqyopo, opooqyopo, not to be accosted, savage
opooi|o, opooi|o, opooi|o, opooi|o, not to be attained
opooio, opooio, opooio, opooio, unapproachable
opoo|to, opoo|to, opoo|to, opoo|to, unforeseen
opoo|iqo, opoo|iqo, opoo|iqo, opoo|iqo, in support of which no summons has been issued
opoo|oo, opoo|oo, opoo|oo, opoo|oo, not stumbling, void of offence
opooo_o, opooo_o, opooo_o, opooo_o, irresistible
opooi|o, opooi|o, opooi|o, opooi|o, holding no communion with
opoooioo, opoooioo, opoooioo, opoooioo, not to be withstood, irresistible
opoooiio, opoooiio, opoooiio, opoooiio, unsociable
opootiooo, opootiooo, opootiooo, opootiooo, unapproachable
opooooiou opooooiou opooooiou opooooiou an indictment of a
opooopo, opooopo, opooopo, opooopo, unsuitable, dangerous
opooooiqo, opooooiqo, opooooiqo, opooooiqo, not respecting persons
opoooo, opoooo, opoooo, opoooo, without a face
opoiooo, opoiooo, opoiooo, opoiooo, untouched, undefiled
opoooioo, opoooioo, opoooioo, opoooioo, offering no excuse, unhesitating
opouio|o, opouio|o, opouio|o, opouio|o, not guarded against, unforeseen
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, not stumbling
otpo, otpo, otpo, otpo, without wings, unwinged
oqv oqv oqv oqv unfledged, callow
ootq, ootq, ootq, ootq, undaunted in speech
oo, oo, oo, oo, subject to the sense of touch
oo oo oo oo to fasten, bind fast
oo, oo, oo, oo, not liable to fall
ouioo, ouioo, ouioo, ouioo, not secured by gates
oupyoo, oupyoo, oupyoo, oupyoo, not girt with towers
Page 98
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oupo, oupo, oupo, oupo, without fire
oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, oupoo, not yet exposed to fire
ouoo, ouoo, ouoo, ouoo, not heard of
ou, ou, ou, ou, papa
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, out of tune
ootv ootv ootv ootv from afar
ooto ooto ooto ooto to thrust away, push back
ooitio ooitio ooitio ooitio destruction
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, without a lid
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, abjured, declared impossible on oath
oooi, oooi, oooi, oooi, a driving away
oooto, oooto, oooto, oooto, one must reject
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, thrust
oooo oooo oooo oooo furthest from
ootpo ootpo ootpo ootpo further off
opoto opoto opoto opoto to rattle, ring, clash
opoio opoio opoio opoio Arabia
opoi|o, opoi|o, opoi|o, opoi|o, Arabian
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, Arabian
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, a gnashing
opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, a clashing, clattering, rattling
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, prayed to
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, thin, narrow, slight, slender
opoi_tipo, opoi_tipo, opoi_tipo, opoi_tipo, beaten with the hand
opoooi opoooi opoooi opoooi to pray to
opo opo opo opo particle introducing a question
opo opo opo opo then, straightway, at once
opo opo opo opo a prayer
opopio|o opopio|o opopio|o opopio|o to join, join together, fasten
opopoo, opopoo, opopoo, opopoo, compactly, closely, strongly
opoooo opoooo opoooo opoooo to strike hard, smite
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, accursed, unblest
opo_voio, opo_voio, opo_voio, opo_voio, of
opo_vq opo_vq opo_vq opo_vq a spider's web
opo_vq, opo_vq, opo_vq, opo_vq, a spider
opo_viov opo_viov opo_viov opo_viov a spider's web
opoo opoo opoo opoo to pray
opoo opoo opoo opoo to damage
opuiq opuiq opuiq opuiq a strong shoe
opyoti, opyoti, opyoti, opyoti, one of the four old Attic tribes, the workmen, labourers
opyoito, opyoito, opyoito, opyoito, painful, troublous, grievous
opytio, opytio, opytio, opytio, of
opytiovq, opytiovq, opytiovq, opytiovq, slayer of Argus
opytiooi opytiooi opytiooi opytiooi the feet of a sheep-skin
opytvvo, opytvvo, opytvvo, opytvvo, white
opytoq, opytoq, opytoq, opytoq, clearing, brightening
Page 99
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opyto opyto opyto opyto to lie idle, be unemployed, do nothing
opyqti, opyqti, opyqti, opyqti, shining, white
opyq, opyq, opyq, opyq, bright, glancing
opyio opyio opyio opyio idleness, laziness
opyi|tpouvo, opyi|tpouvo, opyi|tpouvo, opyi|tpouvo, wielder of bright lightning
opyiiio opyiiio opyiiio opyiiio an underground dwelling
opyiiio, opyiiio, opyiiio, opyiiio, white clay, potter's earth
opyiiioq, opyiiioq, opyiiioq, opyiiioq, like clay, clayey
opyivoti, opyivoti, opyivoti, opyivoti, white
opyioou, opyioou, opyioou, opyioou, white-toothed, white-tusked
opyiou, opyiou, opyiou, opyiou, swift-footed
opyo opyo opyo opyo the firstlings
opyotv opyotv opyotv opyotv from Argos
opyoiio opyoiio opyoiio opyoiio to take part with the Argives
opyoii|o, opyoii|o, opyoii|o, opyoii|o, of Argolis, a district in Peloponnesus
opyoii, opyoii, opyoii, opyoii, a district in Peloponnesus
opyooio, opyooio, opyooio, opyooio, making idle
opyo, opyo, opyo, opyo, shining, bright, glistening
opyo, opyo, opyo, opyo, not working the ground, living without labour
opyupoy_q opyupoy_q opyupoy_q opyupoy_q silver-quinsy
opyupooii|o, opyupooii|o, opyupooii|o, opyupooii|o, of
opyupooio, opyupooio, opyupooio, opyupooio, a money-changer, banker
opyuptio, opyuptio, opyuptio, opyuptio, silver
opyupto, opyupto, opyupto, opyupto, silver, of silver
opyuptuo opyuptuo opyuptuo opyuptuo to dig for silver
opyupqioo, opyupqioo, opyupqioo, opyupqioo, of wrought silver
opyupi|o, opyupi|o, opyupi|o, opyupi|o, of, for
opyupiov opyupiov opyupiov opyupiov a piece of silver, a silver coin
opyupii, opyupii, opyupii, opyupii, silver-ore
opyupoyvoov opyupoyvoov opyupoyvoov opyupoyvoov an assayer of silver
opyupoivq, opyupoivq, opyupoivq, opyupoivq, silver-eddying
opyupotiq, opyupotiq, opyupotiq, opyupotiq, like silver, silvery
opyupoqio, opyupoqio, opyupoqio, opyupoqio, silver-studded
opyupoq|q opyupoq|q opyupoq|q opyupoq|q a money-chest
opyupo|oo, opyupo|oo, opyupo|oo, opyupo|oo, a silver-smith
opyupoioyto opyupoioyto opyupoioyto opyupoioyto to levy money
opyupoioyio opyupoioyio opyupoioyio opyupoioyio a levying of money
opyupoioyo, opyupoioyo, opyupoioyo, opyupoioyo, levying money
opyupoto opyupoto opyupoto opyupoto silver-footed
opyupooio, opyupooio, opyupooio, opyupooio, a worker in silver
opyupoou, opyupoou, opyupoou, opyupoou, with silver feet
opyupoppuq, opyupoppuq, opyupoppuq, opyupoppuq, silver-flowing
opyupo, opyupo, opyupo, opyupo, white metal
opyupootpq, opyupootpq, opyupootpq, opyupootpq, robbing of silver
opyupooi_o, opyupooi_o, opyupooi_o, opyupooi_o, with silver sides
opyupooo, opyupooo, opyupooo, opyupooo, with silver bow
Page 100
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opyupotyyq, opyupotyyq, opyupotyyq, opyupotyyq, silver-shining
opyupoq, opyupoq, opyupoq, opyupoq, rich in silver
opyupovqo, opyupovqo, opyupovqo, opyupovqo, bought with silver
opyuto, opyuto, opyuto, opyuto, silver-white
opyuo, opyuo, opyuo, opyuo, silver-white
opyoo, opyoo, opyoo, opyoo, of the Argo
opyo opyo opyo opyo the Argo
optio optio optio optio a watering
optuo optuo optuo optuo to water
opqv opqv opqv opqv lifted up, on high
opi, opi, opi, opi, the point of
opo, opo, opo, opo, a watering-place
opo opo opo opo to water
optio optio optio optio menaces, threats
optiovq, optiovq, optiovq, optiovq, full of warlike frenzy
optio, optio, optio, optio, devoted to Ares, warlike, martial
optioio, optioio, optioio, optioio, warlike, bold
optioo, optioo, optioo, optioo, slain by Ares
optiov optiov optiov optiov better, stouter, stronger, braver, more excellent
optooyiq, optooyiq, optooyiq, optooyiq, a member of the Areopagus
opto|tio opto|tio opto|tio opto|tio the character of an
opto|tuo opto|tuo opto|tuo opto|tuo an act of obsequiousness
opto|ovo, opto|ovo, opto|ovo, opto|ovo, agreeably
opto|o, opto|o, opto|o, opto|o, pleasing
opto|o opto|o opto|o opto|o to make good, make up
optoo, optoo, optoo, optoo, acceptable, pleasing
optoo optoo optoo optoo to be fit
optq optq optq optq goodness, excellence
opqyoouvq opqyoouvq opqyoouvq opqyoouvq help, aid
opqyov opqyov opqyov opqyov a helper
opqyo opqyo opqyo opqyo to help, aid, succour
opqioo, opqioo, opqioo, opqioo, swift as Ares, swift in battle
opqi|otvo, opqi|otvo, opqi|otvo, opqi|otvo, slain by Ares
opqiiio, opqiiio, opqiiio, opqiiio, dear to Ares, favoured of the god of war
opqi, opqi, opqi, opqi, help, succour
opq, opq, opq, opq, Ares
opqqpiov opqqpiov opqqpiov opqqpiov a place for prayer
opqqp opqqp opqqp opqqp one that prays, a priest
opto opto opto opto to be united
opio, opio, opio, opio, united
opo, opo, opo, opo, a bond, league, friendship
oppov oppov oppov oppov a joint
oppotq oppotq oppotq oppotq a band for the limbs, fetter
oppoo oppoo oppoo oppoo to fasten by a joint
oppoq, oppoq, oppoq, oppoq, well-jointed, well-knit
opiyvoo, opiyvoo, opiyvoo, opiyvoo, easy to be known
Page 101
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opio|pu, opio|pu, opio|pu, opio|pu, much weeping, very tearful
opiti|to, opiti|to, opiti|to, opiti|to, much shewn
opiqio, opiqio, opiqio, opiqio, very distinct, far seen
opiqio, opiqio, opiqio, opiqio, conspicuous, very distinct
opiqioo, opiqioo, opiqioo, opiqioo, much to be envied
opito opito opito opito to number, count
opiqo opiqo opiqo opiqo a reckoning, number
opiqoi, opiqoi, opiqoi, opiqoi, a counting, reckoning up
opiqi|o, opiqi|o, opiqi|o, opiqi|o, of
opiqo, opiqo, opiqo, opiqo, easily numbered, few in number
opio, opio, opio, opio, number
opioi opioi opioi opioi Arians
opiptq, opiptq, opiptq, opiptq, very distinguished, stately
opioqo, opioqo, opioqo, opioqo, very notable
opi, opi, opi, opi, a carpenter's tool, an auger
opiooio, opiooio, opiooio, opiooio, victorious in the contest
opioop_o, opioop_o, opioop_o, opioop_o, best-ruling
opioouio, opioouio, opioouio, opioouio, rich in grapes
opiooo opiooo opiooo opiooo to take breakfast
opiotio opiotio opiotio opiotio excellence, prowess
opiotio opiotio opiotio opiotio the prize of the best and bravest, the meed of valour
opiotpo, opiotpo, opiotpo, opiotpo, left, on the left
opiotu, opiotu, opiotu, opiotu, the best man
opiotuo opiotuo opiotuo opiotuo to be best
opioio opioio opioio opioio to give one breakfast
opiooouio, opiooouio, opiooouio, opiooouio, best-advising
opiooytvtio, opiooytvtio, opiooytvtio, opiooytvtio, producing the best
opiooyovo, opiooyovo, opiooyovo, opiooyovo, bearing the best children
opioo|potooi opioo|potooi opioo|potooi opioo|potooi to be governed by the best-born, to live under an aristocratical form of government
opioo|poio opioo|poio opioo|poio opioo|poio the rule of the best, an aristocracy
opioo|poi|o, opioo|poi|o, opioo|poi|o, opioo|poi|o, aristocratical
opiooovi, opiooovi, opiooovi, opiooovi, best of prophets
opiooo_o, opiooo_o, opiooo_o, opiooo_o, best at fighting
opioovoo, opioovoo, opioovoo, opioovoo, of the best disposition
opioov opioov opioov opioov the morning meal, breakfast
opioooito opioooito opioooito opioooito prepared for breakfast
opioo, opioo, opioo, opioo, best
opiooo|o, opiooo|o, opiooo|o, opiooo|o, bearing the best children:&mdash
opiooo|o, opiooo|o, opiooo|o, opiooo|o, born of the best parents
opioo_tip opioo_tip opioo_tip opioo_tip won by the stoutest hand
opiooiv opiooiv opiooiv opiooiv bearing the best children
opiooiq, opiooiq, opiooiq, opiooiq, very slippery
opipoq, opipoq, opipoq, opipoq, easy to be known, very distinct, manifest
op|tovo, op|tovo, op|tovo, op|tovo, enough, abundantly
op|toi, op|toi, op|toi, op|toi, help, aid, service
op|to, op|to, op|to, op|to, sufficient
Page 102
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
op|to op|to op|to op|to to ward off, keep off
op|io, op|io, op|io, op|io, sufficient, sure, certain
op|to, op|to, op|to, op|to, one must begin
op|o, op|o, op|o, op|o, a bear
op|oupo, op|oupo, op|oupo, op|oupo, the time of his rising
op|oo, op|oo, op|oo, op|oo, northern
op|u, op|u, op|u, op|u, a net, hunter's net
op|uoooio op|uoooio op|uoooio op|uoooio a line of nets
op|uooo, op|uooo, op|uooo, op|uooo, beset with nets
op|uopo, op|uopo, op|uopo, op|uopo, a watcher of nets
opoiio opoiio opoiio opoiio fitting sustenance, allowance, food
opooo opooo opooo opooo a covered carriage
opo opo opo opo a chariot
opotio, opotio, opotio, opotio, of
opotuo opotuo opotuo opotuo to drive
opoqiooio opoqiooio opoqiooio opoqiooio chariot-driving
opoqioto opoqioto opoqioto opoqioto to go in a chariot, drive it
opoqioq, opoqioq, opoqioq, opoqioq, a charioteer
opoqioo, opoqioo, opoqioo, opoqioo, driven round by a wheel
opoopoio opoopoio opoopoio opoopoio a chariot race
opoo|uo, opoo|uo, opoo|uo, opoo|uo, the rattling
opooqyo, opooqyo, opooqyo, opooqyo, a wheelwright, chariot-maker
opoopoto opoopoto opoopoto opoopoto to keep chariot-horses
opoopoio opoopoio opoopoio opoopoio a keeping of chariot-horses
opoopo_io opoopo_io opoopo_io opoopo_io the wheel-track of a chariot
optvo optvo optvo optvo the tackling
opoio, opoio, opoio, opoio, fitting together
opoo opoo opoo opoo to fit together, join
opoi opoi opoi opoi just, newly, lately
opoioyto opoioyto opoioyto opoioyto to join, pile together
opovio opovio opovio opovio a fastening
opovi|o, opovi|o, opovi|o, opovi|o, skilled in music
opo, opo, opo, opo, the fastenings
opooq, opooq, opooq, opooq, one who arranges
opooop opooop opooop opooop a commander
opvo|i, opvo|i, opvo|i, opvo|i, a sheep's skin
opvtio, opvtio, opvtio, opvtio, a young ram
opvtio, opvtio, opvtio, opvtio, of a lamb
opvtooivq, opvtooivq, opvtooivq, opvtooivq, feasting on lambs
opvtooi opvtooi opvtooi opvtooi to deny, disown
opvtuqp opvtuqp opvtuqp opvtuqp a diver, tumbler
opvtuo opvtuo opvtuo opvtuo to butt like a ram, to dive
opvqoio, opvqoio, opvqoio, opvqoio, to be denied
opvqoi, opvqoi, opvqoi, opvqoi, denial
opviov opviov opviov opviov a sheep-skin
opvo, opvo, opvo, opvo, a lamb
Page 103
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opvuoi opvuoi opvuoi opvuoi to receive for oneself, reap, win, gain, earn
opooio, opooio, opooio, opooio, arable, fruitful
opooi, opooi, opooi, opooi, arable land, corn-land
opoqp opoqp opoqp opoqp a plougher, husbandman
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, a corn-field
opopoio, opopoio, opopoio, opopoio, of corn-land, rustic
opoptu, opoptu, opoptu, opoptu, a ploughman
opopqq, opopqq, opopqq, opopqq, belonging to the plough
opopoiouio, opopoiouio, opopoiouio, opopoiouio, a plougher
opopov opopov opopov opopov a plough
opopoovo, opopoovo, opopoovo, opopoovo, working with the plough
opopoopto opopoopto opopoopto opopoopto to draw the plough
opoupoio, opoupoio, opoupoio, opoupoio, of
opoupo opoupo opoupo opoupo tilled
opoupoovo, opoupoovo, opoupoovo, opoupoovo, working in the field
opoo opoo opoo opoo to plough
opoyq opoyq opoyq opoyq a rake
opoyq opoyq opoyq opoyq seizure, rapine, robbery, rape
opoyio, opoyio, opoyio, opoyio, ravished, stolen
opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, a seizing, booty, a prize
opoo opoo opoo opoo to snatch away, carry off
opo|qp opo|qp opo|qp opo|qp a robber
opo|i|o, opo|i|o, opo|i|o, opo|i|o, rapacious
opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, gotten by rapine, stolen
opoito, opoito, opoito, opoito, greedy
opoiio opoiio opoiio opoiio to catch up, be eager to receive
opoovpo, opoovpo, opoovpo, opoovpo, snatching away men
opo opo opo opo rapacious
opooo opooo opooo opooo robbery
opooo, opooo, opooo, opooo, carried away
optovq optovq optovq optovq a cord
opq opq opq opq a kite
opuioi opuioi opuioi opuioi the snatchers
oppoov oppoov oppoov oppoov earnest-money, caution-money
oppoo, oppoo, oppoo, oppoo, firm, hard, solid
oppoo, oppoo, oppoo, oppoo, without seam
oppt|o, oppt|o, oppt|o, oppt|o, undone
opptvi|o, opptvi|o, opptvi|o, opptvi|o, male
opptvooi, opptvooi, opptvooi, opptvooi, of male children
opptvoio opptvoio opptvoio opptvoio a manly look manliness
opptvoo, opptvoo, opptvoo, opptvoo, masculine-looking, masculine, manly
oppq|o, oppq|o, oppq|o, oppq|o, unbroken, not to be broken
oppqvq, oppqvq, oppqvq, oppqvq, fierce, savage
oppqo, oppqo, oppqo, oppqo, unspoken, unsaid
oppqopto oppqopto oppqopto oppqopto to serve as
oppqopio oppqopio oppqopio oppqopio the procession
Page 104
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oppqopio oppqopio oppqopio oppqopio the festival
oppqopoi oppqopoi oppqopoi oppqopoi two maidens
oppiyqo, oppiyqo, oppiyqo, oppiyqo, not shivering, daring
oppi, oppi, oppi, oppi, without power of scenting
oppi_o, oppi_o, oppi_o, oppi_o, a wicker basket
opputo opputo opputo opputo not to be in rhythm with
oppuio oppuio oppuio oppuio want of rhythm
oppuo, oppuo, oppuo, oppuo, not in rhythm
oppuioo, oppuioo, oppuioo, oppuioo, unwrinkled
oppo oppo oppo oppo without cleft
oppooto oppooto oppooto oppooto to be weak and sickly
oppooqo oppooqo oppooqo oppooqo an illness, a sickness
oppooio oppooio oppooio oppooio weakness, sickness
oppooo, oppooo, oppooo, oppooo, weak, sickly
opotvo|oiq, opotvo|oiq, opotvo|oiq, opotvo|oiq, lying with men
opoqv opoqv opoqv opoqv male
opoiou, opoiou, opoiou, opoiou, raising the foot, active
opoi, opoi, opoi, opoi, a raising
opoq opoq opoq opoq artaba
opoto opoto opoto opoto to cut in pieces, rend asunder
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, a butcher, cook
opovq opovq opovq opovq that by which something is hung up, a rope, noose, halter
opoo opoo opoo opoo to fasten to
optq, optq, optq, optq, safe and sound
optio optio optio optio soundness, recovery
optioiov optioiov optioiov optioiov a temple of Artemis
opti, opti, opti, opti, Artemis
optov optov optov optov a foresail
optooi optooi optooi optooi to be prepared, get ready, make ready
opqo opqo opqo opqo a hanging ornament, earring
opqpio opqpio opqpio opqpio the wind-pipe
opioo opioo opioo opioo to play at odd and even
opiooo, opiooo, opiooo, opiooo, the game of odd and even
opipt_q, opipt_q, opipt_q, opipt_q, just steeped
opiyoo, opiyoo, opiyoo, opiyoo, just married
opiytvtio, opiytvtio, opiytvtio, opiytvtio, with beard just sprouting
opiytvvqo, opiytvvqo, opiytvvqo, opiytvvqo, just born
opiyiuq, opiyiuq, opiyiuq, opiyiuq, newly carved
opiyovo, opiyovo, opiyovo, opiyovo, just born
opioq, opioq, opioq, opioq, just taught
opio|pu, opio|pu, opio|pu, opio|pu, just weeping, ready to weep
opiopo, opiopo, opiopo, opiopo, just stript off
opipoo, opipoo, opipoo, opipoo, ready for plucking, of tender age
opitq, opitq, opitq, opitq, ready of speech, glib
opiuyio opiuyio opiuyio opiuyio a recent union
opio opio opio opio to get ready, prepare
Page 105
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opioiq, opioiq, opioiq, opioiq, just budding
opiovq, opiovq, opiovq, opiovq, just dead
opi|oiio, opi|oiio, opi|oiio, opi|oiio, close-glued, clinging close to
opiio_tuo, opiio_tuo, opiio_tuo, opiio_tuo, just born
opioq, opioq, opioq, opioq, having just learnt
opitiq, opitiq, opitiq, opitiq, sound of limb
opio, opio, opio, opio, complete, perfect of its kind, suitable, exactly fitted
opioyq, opioyq, opioyq, opioyq, just put together
opiiouo, opiiouo, opiiouo, opiiouo, newly gotten
opiou, opiou, opiou, opiou, sound of foot
opi opi opi opi just, exactly
opioi, opioi, opioi, opioi, equipment
opio|oo, opio|oo, opio|oo, opio|oo, just dug
opiooo, opiooo, opiooo, opiooo, speaking in good idiom
opitiq, opitiq, opitiq, opitiq, newly initiated
opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, new-born
opiptq, opiptq, opiptq, opiptq, just nursed
opipoo, opipoo, opipoo, opipoo, just of age, marriageable
opipov opipov opipov opipov sound of mind, sensible
opiuq, opiuq, opiuq, opiuq, just born, fresh
opi_ovq, opi_ovq, opi_ovq, opi_ovq, just opening
opi_vou, opi_vou, opi_vou, opi_vou, with the first bloom on
opi_pioo, opi_pioo, opi_pioo, opi_pioo, fresh-spread
opo|oo, opo|oo, opo|oo, opo|oo, a baker
opoioyuvo, opoioyuvo, opoioyuvo, opoioyuvo, with bread and bottle in it
opooiio opooiio opooiio opooiio a baking
opooio, opooio, opooio, opooio, a bread-maker, baker
opooiiov opooiiov opooiiov opooiiov a baker's shop, bakery
opooii, opooii, opooii, opooii, a bread-woman
opooito opooito opooito opooito to eat wheaten bread
opo, opo, opo, opo, a cake
opooyto opooyto opooyto opooyto to eat bread
opooyo, opooyo, opooyo, opooyo, a bread-eater
opuo opuo opuo opuo seasoning, sauce, spice
opuvo, opuvo, opuvo, opuvo, a magistrate
opuvo opuvo opuvo opuvo to arrange, prepare, devise
opuo opuo opuo opuo to arrange, devise, prepare
opuoiio, opuoiio, opuoiio, opuoiio, a bag
opuooooi opuooooi opuooooi opuooooi to draw for oneself
opuoqp opuoqp opuoqp opuoqp a cup
opuoivo opuoivo opuoivo opuoivo a small pail
opuqoio, opuqoio, opuqoio, opuqoio, fit to drink
opuo opuo opuo opuo to draw
op_oyytio, op_oyytio, op_oyytio, op_oyytio, an archangel
op_oi|o, op_oi|o, op_oi|o, op_oi|o, old-fashioned, antiquated, primitive
op_oioyovo, op_oioyovo, op_oioyovo, op_oioyovo, of ancient race, of old descent
Page 106
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
op_oioioyto op_oioioyto op_oioioyto op_oioioyto to discuss antiquities
op_oioioyo, op_oioioyo, op_oioioyo, op_oioioyo, an antiquary.
op_oiotiioiovopuvi_qpoo, op_oiotiioiovopuvi_qpoo, op_oiotiioiovopuvi_qpoo, op_oiotiioiovopuvi_qpoo, dear honey-sweet old
op_oioiouo, op_oioiouo, op_oioiouo, op_oioiouo, rich from olden time, of old hereditary wealth
op_oioptq, op_oioptq, op_oioptq, op_oioptq, distinguished from olden time, time-honoured
op_oio, op_oio, op_oio, op_oio, from the beginning
op_oiopoio op_oiopoio op_oiopoio op_oiopoio old fashions
op_oiopoo, op_oiopoo, op_oiopoo, op_oiopoo, old-fashioned
op_oiptoioo op_oiptoioo op_oiptoioo op_oiptoioo to hold the assembly for the election of magistrates
op_oiptoio op_oiptoio op_oiptoio op_oiptoio an election of magistrates
op_tiov op_tiov op_tiov op_tiov the senate-house, town-hall, residence of the chief magistrates
op_t|o|o, op_t|o|o, op_t|o|o, op_t|o|o, beginning mischief
op_tioo, op_tioo, op_tioo, op_tioo, leading the people, a chief
op_toii, op_toii, op_toii, op_toii, ruling a city
op_tq, op_tq, op_tq, op_tq, a leader, prince
op_tuov op_tuov op_tuov op_tuov an archetype, pattern, model
op_tuo op_tuo op_tuo op_tuo to command
op_t_opo, op_t_opo, op_t_opo, op_t_opo, leading the chorus
op_qytvq, op_qytvq, op_qytvq, op_qytvq, causing the first beginning of
op_qyttuo op_qyttuo op_qyttuo op_qyttuo to be chief leader
op_qytto op_qytto op_qytto op_qytto to make a beginning
op_qytq, op_qytq, op_qytq, op_qytq, a first leader, the founder
op_qyo, op_qyo, op_qyo, op_qyo, beginning, originating
op_qtv op_qtv op_qtv op_qtv from the beginning, from of old, from olden time
op_q op_q op_q op_q a beginning, origin, first cause
op_iypootu, op_iypootu, op_iypootu, op_iypootu, a chief clerk
op_iiov op_iiov op_iiov op_iiov a petty office, petty officer
op_itpoi|o, op_itpoi|o, op_itpoi|o, op_itpoi|o, of the high-priest
op_itptu, op_itptu, op_itptu, op_itptu, an arch-priest, chief-priest
op_itpoouvq op_itpoouvq op_itpoouvq op_itpoouvq the high-priesthood
op_ioioooo, op_ioioooo, op_ioioooo, op_ioioooo, ruling the sea
op_itopto op_itopto op_itopto op_itopto to be
op_itopo, op_itopo, op_itopo, op_itopo, the chief of a
op_i|o, op_i|o, op_i|o, op_i|o, of
op_i|utpvqq, op_i|utpvqq, op_i|utpvqq, op_i|utpvqq, a chief pilot
op_iio, op_iio, op_iio, op_iio, a chief comedian
op_itipoq, op_itipoq, op_itipoq, op_itipoq, a pirate-chief
op_iiovo, op_iiovo, op_iiovo, op_iiovo, a Nomad chieftain
op_ioiqv op_ioiqv op_ioiqv op_ioiqv a chief shepherd
op_iouvoyoyo, op_iouvoyoyo, op_iouvoyoyo, op_iouvoyoyo, the ruler of a synagogue
op_it|ovto op_it|ovto op_it|ovto op_it|ovto to be the architect
op_it|ov op_it|ov op_it|ov op_it|ov a chief-artificer, master-builder, director of works, architect, engineer
op_itiovq, op_itiovq, op_itiovq, op_itiovq, a chief toll-collector, chief-publican
op_ipi|iivo, op_ipi|iivo, op_ipi|iivo, op_ipi|iivo, the president of a banquet (triclinium)
op_iuooioq, op_iuooioq, op_iuooioq, op_iuooioq, chief of the men at arms
op_ovi|o, op_ovi|o, op_ovi|o, op_ovi|o, of an archon
Page 107
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
op_o, op_o, op_o, op_o, a leader, chief, commander
op_oo, op_oo, op_oo, op_oo, a precentor
op_ov op_ov op_ov op_ov a ruler, commander, chief, captain
op_o op_o op_o op_o to be first
opoyq opoyq opoyq opoyq help, aid, succour, protection
opoyovouq, opoyovouq, opoyovouq, opoyovouq, helper of sailors
opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, opoyo, aiding, succouring, propitious, serviceable
opoo opoo opoo opoo any spice
opoo opoo opoo opoo arable land, corn-land
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, not trodden down
oooioivio, oooioivio, oooioivio, oooioivio, not having been at Salamis
oooituo, oooituo, oooituo, oooituo, not agitated, tranquil
oooivo, oooivo, oooivo, oooivo, a bathing-tub
ooovoio, ooovoio, ooovoio, ooovoio, unsandalled, unshod
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, not to be soothed, ungentle
oooooi oooooi oooooi oooooi to feel loathing
ooop|q, ooop|q, ooop|q, ooop|q, not fleshly
ooop|o, ooop|o, ooop|o, ooop|o, without flesh, lean
oootio oootio oootio oootio indistinctness, obscurity
oooq, oooq, oooq, oooq, indistinct
ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, ootoo, unquenchable, inextinguishable
oottio oottio oottio oottio ungodliness, impiety, profaneness
ootto ootto ootto ootto to be impious, to act profanely, sin against the gods
ootqo ootqo ootqo ootqo an impious
ootq, ootq, ootq, ootq, ungodly, godless, unholy, profane
ootipoo, ootipoo, ootipoo, ootipoo, not drawn by traces
ootiyoivo ootiyoivo ootiyoivo ootiyoivo to behave licentiously
ootiytio ootiytio ootiytio ootiytio licentiousness
ootiyq, ootiyq, ootiyq, ootiyq, licentious, wanton, brutal
ootiqvo, ootiqvo, ootiqvo, ootiqvo, moonless
ooto, ooto, ooto, ooto, unholy
ooqovo, ooqovo, ooqovo, ooqovo, without leader
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, without mark
ootvtio ootvtio ootvtio ootvtio want of strength, weakness, feebleness, sickliness
ootvto ootvto ootvto ootvto to be weak, feeble, sickly
ootvq, ootvq, ootvq, ootvq, without strength, weak, feeble, weakly
ootvoo ootvoo ootvoo ootvoo to weaken
oooivo oooivo oooivo oooivo to breathe hard, gasp for breath
ooo ooo ooo ooo a breath, breathing
ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, Asiatic
ooio ooio ooio ooio Asia
ooiop_q, ooiop_q, ooiop_q, ooiop_q, an Asiarch
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, Asiatic
ooiooytvq, ooiooytvq, ooiooytvq, ooiooytvq, of Asian birth
ooiqpo, ooiqpo, ooiqpo, ooiqpo, not of iron
ooi|_o, ooi|_o, ooi|_o, ooi|_o, not nice as to food
Page 108
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooivq, ooivq, ooivq, ooivq, unhurt, unharmed
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, Asian
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, slime, mud
ooito ooito ooito ooito to abstain from food, fast
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio want of food
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, without food, fasting
oo|oiooq, oo|oiooq, oo|oiooq, oo|oiooq, the spotted lizard
oo|oio, oo|oio, oo|oio, oo|oio, unhoed
oo|ovq, oo|ovq, oo|ovq, oo|ovq, a poor bed, pallet
oo|opou|i oo|opou|i oo|opou|i oo|opou|i without winking, with unchanged look
oo|opou|o, oo|opou|o, oo|opou|o, oo|opou|o, not blinking
oo|tiq, oo|tiq, oo|tiq, oo|tiq, dried up, withered
oo|topvo, oo|topvo, oo|topvo, oo|topvo, without the axe, unhewn
oo|to, oo|to, oo|to, oo|to, inconsiderate, unreflecting
oo|tuq, oo|tuq, oo|tuq, oo|tuq, without the implements of his art
oo|tuo, oo|tuo, oo|tuo, oo|tuo, unfurnished, unprepared
oo|to oo|to oo|to oo|to to work curiously, form by art, fashion
oo|qq, oo|qq, oo|qq, oo|qq, unhurt, unharmed, unscathed
oo|qo oo|qo oo|qo oo|qo an exercise, practice
oo|qvo, oo|qvo, oo|qvo, oo|qvo, without tents
oo|qoi, oo|qoi, oo|qoi, oo|qoi, exercise, practice, training
oo|qto, oo|qto, oo|qto, oo|qto, to be practised
oo|qq, oo|qq, oo|qq, oo|qq, one who practises any art
oo|qo, oo|qo, oo|qo, oo|qo, curiously wrought
oo|io, oo|io, oo|io, oo|io, unshaded
oo|iqiooi oo|iqiooi oo|iqiooi oo|iqiooi physicians
oo|iqitiov oo|iqitiov oo|iqitiov oo|iqitiov the temple of Asclepius
oo|iqitio, oo|iqitio, oo|iqitio, oo|iqitio, of, belonging to Asclepius
oo|iqio, oo|iqio, oo|iqio, oo|iqio, Asclepius
oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, inconsiderate, heedless
oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, aimless, random
oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, a leathern-bag, a wine-skin
oo|oiioo oo|oiioo oo|oiioo oo|oiioo to dance as at the
oo|oiio oo|oiio oo|oiio oo|oiio the 2nd day of the rural Dionysia, when they danced upon greased wine-skins
oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo oo|oo the leather padding of
ooo ooo ooo ooo a song, a lyric ode
oooo|oq, oooo|oq, oooo|oq, oooo|oq, twister of song
ootvio ootvio ootvio ootvio to be well-pleased
ootvo, ootvo, ootvo, ootvo, well-pleased, glad
oooio oooio oooio oooio unwisdom, stupidity
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, unwise, foolish, silly
oooooi oooooi oooooi oooooi to welcome kindly, bid welcome, greet
oooipo oooipo oooipo oooipo to pant, gasp, struggle convulsively
oooioo, oooioo, oooioo, oooioo, aspalathus
ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, unsown, untilled
ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, welcome, gladly welcomed
Page 109
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo a greeting
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, a greeting, embrace, salutation
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, welcome
ootioo, ootioo, ootioo, ootioo, to be appeased by no libations, implacable
ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, ootpo, without seed
ootp_t, ootp_t, ootp_t, ootp_t, hastily, hotly, vehemently
ooto, ooto, ooto, ooto, unspeakable, unutterable, unspeakably great
ooiooiq, ooiooiq, ooiooiq, ooiooiq, one that throws away his shield, a runaway
ooiqopo, ooiqopo, ooiqopo, ooiqopo, shield-bearing
ooiioq, ooiioq, ooiioq, ooiioq, shield-bearing, a warrior
ooioouo, ooioouo, ooioouo, ooioouo, clattering with shields
ooioqytiov ooioqytiov ooioqytiov ooioqytiov the workshop of a shieldmaker
ooiou_o, ooiou_o, ooiou_o, ooiou_o, a shield-bearer
ooiotpov ooiotpov ooiotpov ooiotpov living by the shield
ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, without spot, spotless
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, a round shield
ooioq, ooioq, ooioq, ooioq, one armed with a shield, a warrior
ooioop ooioop ooioop ooioop of shielded warriors
ooioy_vo, ooioy_vo, ooioy_vo, ooioy_vo, without bowels
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, without drink-offering
ooouooo, ooouooo, ooouooo, ooouooo, not to be zealously pursued, not worth pursuing
oooui oooui oooui oooui without zeal, without a struggle, ignobly
oooov oooov oooov oooov nearer, very near
oooupio oooupio oooupio oooupio Assyria, the country of the Assyrians
oooupioi oooupioi oooupioi oooupioi the Assyrians
oooq, oooq, oooq, oooq, unsteady, unstable
oooqo, oooqo, oooqo, oooqo, unsteady, unstable
ooo|i ooo|i ooo|i ooo|i not in drops
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, not in drops, gushing
oooio|o, oooio|o, oooio|o, oooio|o, not dripping
ooovq, ooovq, ooovq, ooovq, a courier
ooooiooo, ooooiooo, ooooiooo, ooooiooo, not disturbed by faction
oooto oooto oooto oooto to be unstable
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, unstable
oooiiq, oooiiq, oooiiq, oooiiq, of raisins
oooi, oooi, oooi, oooi, dried grapes, raisins
ooo_u, ooo_u, ooo_u, ooo_u, an ear of corn
ootyooo, ootyooo, ootyooo, ootyooo, uncovered
ootiooi ootiooi ootiooi ootiooi to talk cleverly
ootio, ootio, ootio, ootio, of the town
ootq, ootq, ootq, ootq, unmoved, unshaken
ootvo|o, ootvo|o, ootvo|o, ootvo|o, without sigh
ooto, ooto, ooto, ooto, one must sing
ooto, ooto, ooto, ooto, uncrowned
ootpyovop ootpyovop ootpyovop ootpyovop without love of man, shunning wedlock
ootpyq, ootpyq, ootpyq, ootpyq, without love, implacable, hateful
Page 110
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ootpoti, ootpoti, ootpoti, ootpoti, starred, starry
ootpoq ootpoq ootpoq ootpoq lightning
ootpoqq, ootpoqq, ootpoqq, ootpoqq, the lightener
ootpoo, ootpoo, ootpoo, ootpoo, star-faced, bright-shining
ootovo, ootovo, ootovo, ootovo, without crown, ungarlanded
ootovoo, ootovoo, ootovoo, ootovoo, uncrowned, not to be crowned
ooqio, ooqio, ooqio, ooqio, without tombstone
ooqpi|o, ooqpi|o, ooqpi|o, ooqpi|o, not steady, unstable
ooqp ooqp ooqp ooqp a star
ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, ooiq, untrodden
ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, of a city
ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, ooi|o, not marked with
ooityyioo, ooityyioo, ooityyioo, ooityyioo, not scraped clean
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, unequipped
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, without mouth
ooovo_qo, ooovo_qo, ooovo_qo, ooovo_qo, without sighs
ooopyo, ooopyo, ooopyo, ooopyo, without natural affection
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, a townsman, citizen
ooo_to ooo_to ooo_to ooo_to to miss the mark, to miss, fail
ooo_o, ooo_o, ooo_o, ooo_o, missing the mark, aiming badly at
oopoq oopoq oopoq oopoq a mule's saddle, an easy padded saddle
oopoq, oopoq, oopoq, oopoq, not twisted, straight
oopoyoiio oopoyoiio oopoyoiio oopoyoiio to play with
oopoyoiioi, oopoyoiioi, oopoyoiioi, oopoyoiioi, a playing with
oopoyoio, oopoyoio, oopoyoio, oopoyoio, one of the neck-vertebrae
oopoq oopoq oopoq oopoq a flash of lightning, lightning
oopoqopto oopoqopto oopoqopto oopoqopto to carry lightnings
oopoqopo, oopoqopo, oopoqopo, oopoqopo, lightning-bearing, flashing
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to lighten, hurl lightnings
oopotio oopotio oopotio oopotio exemption from service
oopotuo, oopotuo, oopotuo, oopotuo, without service, never having seen service
oopto, oopto, oopto, oopto, unbending, inflexible
oopoytiov oopoytiov oopoytiov oopoytiov near the stars
oopoto, oopoto, oopoto, oopoto, astronomical
oopoioyio oopoioyio oopoioyio oopoioyio astronomy
oopovoto oopovoto oopovoto oopovoto to study astronomy
oopovoio oopovoio oopovoio oopovoio astronomy
oopovoi|o, oopovoi|o, oopovoi|o, oopovoi|o, skilled in astronomy, pertaining to astronomy
oopovoo, oopovoo, oopovoo, oopovoo, an astronomer
oopov oopov oopov oopov the stars
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, without turning away, unturning
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, starry
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, without bed
oouovo oouovo oouovo oouovo lord of the city
oouooq, oouooq, oouooq, oouooq, crying through the city
oouytiov oouytiov oouytiov oouytiov near
Page 111
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oout oout oout oout into, to
ooupotooi ooupotooi ooupotooi ooupotooi to have the streets filled with fugitives
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, without pillar
oouvi|o, oouvi|o, oouvi|o, oouvi|o, the victorious city
oouvoto oouvoto oouvoto oouvoto to be
oouvoio oouvoio oouvoio oouvoio the office
oouvoi|o, oouvoi|o, oouvoi|o, oouvoi|o, of
oouvoo, oouvoo, oouvoo, oouvoo, protecting the city
oouo_o, oouo_o, oouo_o, oouo_o, protecting the city
oou oou oou oou a city, town
ooutii|o, ooutii|o, ooutii|o, ooutii|o, unshaken, undisturbed
ooutio, ooutio, ooutio, ooutio, not rugged
oouyyvoov oouyyvoov oouyyvoov oouyyvoov not pardoning, relentless
oouy|tpooo, oouy|tpooo, oouy|tpooo, oouy|tpooo, unmixed
oouy|oioo, oouy|oioo, oouy|oioo, oouy|oioo, not gathered in
oouy|pio, oouy|pio, oouy|pio, oouy|pio, not to be compared, unlike
oou|oovqo, oou|oovqo, oou|oovqo, oou|oovqo, not plagued by informers, not calumniated
oouioio, oouioio, oouioio, oouioio, of an asylum
oouiqo, oouiqo, oouiqo, oouiqo, not inviolate
oouiio oouiio oouiio oouiio inviolability
oouiioyioo, oouiioyioo, oouiioyioo, oouiioyioo, not reasoning justly
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, safe from violence, inviolate
oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, not coming to terms
oouiqo, oouiqo, oouiqo, oouiqo, not to be guessed, unintelligible
oouoio, oouoio, oouoio, oouoio, not paying one's scot
ooutpio ooutpio ooutpio ooutpio want of proportion
ooutpo, ooutpo, ooutpo, ooutpo, having no common measure
oouoyq, oouoyq, oouoyq, oouoyq, not compact
oouoq, oouoq, oouoq, oouoq, without sympathy with
oouopo, oouopo, oouopo, oouopo, inconvenient, inexpedient, useless
oouovo, oouovo, oouovo, oouovo, not agreeing in sound
oouqo, oouqo, oouqo, oouqo, not agreeing with
oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, unconnected
oouvqio, oouvqio, oouvqio, oouvqio, not manifest
oouvtoio oouvtoio oouvtoio oouvtoio want of understanding, stupidity
oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, void of understanding, stupid
oouvqtio oouvqtio oouvqtio oouvqtio want of experience
oouvqq, oouvqq, oouvqq, oouvqq, unaccustomed, inexperienced, unacquainted
oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, oouvto, uncompounded
oouvoo, oouvoo, oouvoo, oouvoo, not easily perceived
oouvo|o, oouvo|o, oouvo|o, oouvo|o, not ranged together
oouvovo, oouvovo, oouvovo, oouvovo, not strained, slack
oouo|tuooo, oouo|tuooo, oouo|tuooo, oouo|tuooo, not arranged, not ready
oouooo, oouooo, oouooo, oouooo, having no cohesion
oouqio, oouqio, oouqio, oouqio, insolent, degrading
oooooo, oooooo, oooooo, oooooo, without convulsion
Page 112
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, unslaughtered
oooio oooio oooio oooio a mole
oooitio oooitio oooitio oooitio security against stumbling
oooitio, oooitio, oooitio, oooitio, securer
oooiq, oooiq, oooiq, oooiq, not liable to fall, immoveable, steadfast, firm
oooiiooi oooiiooi oooiiooi oooiiooi to make safe, secure
oooio, oooio, oooio, oooio, asphalt, bitumen
ooopoyto ooopoyto ooopoyto ooopoyto to resound, clang
ooopoyo, ooopoyo, ooopoyo, ooopoyo, the throat, gullet
ooopoyo, ooopoyo, ooopoyo, ooopoyo, asparagus
oootiivo, oootiivo, oootiivo, oootiivo, of asphodel
oootio, oootio, oootio, oootio, asphodel, king's-spear
oou|o, oou|o, oou|o, oou|o, without pulse, lifeless
oo_oioo oo_oioo oo_oioo oo_oioo to be distressed, grieved
oo_oiio oo_oiio oo_oiio oo_oiio to be vexed at
oo_to, oo_to, oo_to, oo_to, not to beheld in
oo_qoioo, oo_qoioo, oo_qoioo, oo_qoioo, without form
oo_qovto oo_qovto oo_qovto oo_qovto to behave unseemly, disgrace oneself, to be put to shame
oo_qoouvq oo_qoouvq oo_qoouvq oo_qoouvq want of form, ungracefulness
oo_qov oo_qov oo_qov oo_qov misshapen, unseemly, shameful
oo_oito oo_oito oo_oito oo_oito to engage, occupy
oo_oiio oo_oiio oo_oiio oo_oiio an occupation, business, want of leisure
oo_oio, oo_oio, oo_oio, oo_oio, without leisure, engaged, occupied, busy
oo_u oo_u oo_u oo_u the inspissated juice of a Scythian tree
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, unembodied, incorporeal
oootuooi oootuooi oootuooi oootuooi to lead a profligate, wasteful life
oooio oooio oooio oooio prodigality, wastefulness
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, having no hope of safety, abandoned, profligate
oo|to oo|to oo|to oo|to to be undisciplined, disorderly
oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, not in battle-order
ooioiopo, ooioiopo, ooioiopo, ooioiopo, without pains
ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, equal in weight, equivalent
ooiopov ooiopov ooiopov ooiopov tender-minded
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio to skip in childish glee, gambol
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, tender, delicate
ooiou_o, ooiou_o, ooiou_o, ooiou_o, soft-hearted
ooio ooio ooio ooio want of discipline, disorderliness
ooooi ooooi ooooi ooooi to suffer greatly, be in dire distress
oopo|o, oopo|o, oopo|o, oopo|o, not disturbed, without confusion, steady
oopq, oopq, oopq, oopq, unfearing, fearless
oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, fearless, undaunted
oopu|o, oopu|o, oopu|o, oopu|o, unwincing, unflinching
oop oop oop oop but, yet
oopqpo, oopqpo, oopqpo, oopqpo, mischievous, baneful
ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio presumptuous sin, recklessness, arrogance
ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio ooooiio acting presumptuously, in arrogance
Page 113
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, ooooio, presumptuous, reckless, arrogant
ooupoo, ooupoo, ooupoo, ooupoo, unwedded, virgin
ooio ooio ooio ooio want of burial
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, unburied
oty|o, oty|o, oty|o, oty|o, not to be wetted
otipq, otipq, otipq, otipq, not to be worn away, indestructible
oti_ioo, oti_ioo, oti_ioo, oti_ioo, unwalled, unfortified
ot|opo, ot|opo, ot|opo, ot|opo, not to be guessed, obscure, baffling
ot|vio ot|vio ot|vio ot|vio childlessness
ot|vo, ot|vo, ot|vo, ot|vo, without children, childless
ot|voo ot|voo ot|voo ot|voo to make childless
otitio otitio otitio otitio exemption from public burdens
otitoo, otitoo, otitoo, otitoo, without end
otituqo, otituqo, otituqo, otituqo, not brought to an end
otituo, otituo, otituo, otituo, endless, eternal
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, without end
oto oto oto oto to maltreat, to afflict, perplex
otvq, otvq, otvq, otvq, strained tight, clinging
otvio otvio otvio otvio to look intently, gaze earnestly
ot ot ot ot just as, so as
otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, otpovo, unsoftened
otpov otpov otpov otpov without bounds
otp otp otp otp without
otpq, otpq, otpq, otpq, unpleasing, joyless, melancholy
otpio otpio otpio otpio unpleasantness
otu|to otu|to otu|to otu|to to fail in gaining
otu|o, otu|o, otu|o, otu|o, not gaining
otu_q, otu_q, otu_q, otu_q, unequipped, unarmed
ot_vio ot_vio ot_vio ot_vio want of art
ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, without art, ignorant of the rules of art, unskilled, empirical
ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, simply
ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, ot_vo, without rules of art, empirically
oto oto oto oto fool-hardy, reckless
oq|o, oq|o, oq|o, oq|o, not melted
oqtiq, oqtiq, oqtiq, oqtiq, neglected
oqtiqo, oqtiqo, oqtiqo, oqtiqo, unheeded, uncared for
oq oq oq oq bewilderment, infatuation, reckless impulse
oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, oqpo, blinded by
oi, oi, oi, oi, Attic
oito, oito, oito, oito, unhonoured
oio oio oio oio not to honour, to hold in no honour
oiootuo, oiootuo, oiootuo, oiootuo, untamable, wild
oioytito oioytito oioytito oioytito to forsake the herd
oioytiq, oioytiq, oioytiq, oioytiq, despising the herd
oioo oioo oioo oioo to hold in no honour, to esteem lightly, dishonour, slight
oiooto, oiooto, oiooto, oiooto, to be despised
Page 114
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiooqp oiooqp oiooqp oiooqp a dishonourer
oioo oioo oioo oioo to dishonour, treat lightly
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, unhonoured, despised
oiio oiio oiio oiio dishonour, disgrace
oiotvq, oiotvq, oiotvq, oiotvq, sorrowing for dishonour incurred
oio, oio, oio, oio, unhonoured, dishonoured
oioo oioo oioo oioo to dishonour
oiopqo, oiopqo, oiopqo, oiopqo, unavenged
oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, a dishonouring, dishonour done to
oioiio oioiio oioiio oioiio to rear up
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, unpunished
oio, oio, oio, oio, unhonoured, unavenged
oioytvq, oioytvq, oioytvq, oioytvq, sprung from Atlas
oiovi|o, oiovi|o, oiovi|o, oiovi|o, of Atlas, Atlantic
oiovi, oiovi, oiovi, oiovi, the Atlantic ocean
oio, oio, oio, oio, Atlas
oiqto oiqto oiqto oiqto to be unable to bear
oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, oiqo, not to be borne, insufferable
otvio otvio otvio otvio slavery, servitude
oqv oqv oqv oqv a slave, servant
oqo, oqo, oqo, oqo, not cut up, unravaged
oio oio oio oio to smoke
oo, oo, oo, oo, steam, vapour
ooi_o, ooi_o, ooi_o, ooi_o, unwalled
oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, having never yet brought forth, never having had a child
ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, ooiqo, not to be endured, insufferable
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio want of daring, cowardice, backwardness
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, daring nothing, wanting courage, spiritless, cowardly
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, uncut, unmown
oovto oovto oovto oovto to be relaxed, exhausted
oovo, oovo, oovo, oovo, not stretched, relaxed
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, without bow
ooio ooio ooio ooio a being out of the way
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, out of place
opoyoqo, opoyoqo, opoyoqo, opoyoqo, not treated tragically
opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, a spindle
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, a path with no turnings
opoou, opoou, opoou, opoou, orach
opo_qio, opo_qio, opo_qio, opo_qio, without neck
opt|tio opt|tio opt|tio opt|tio reality, strict truth, certainty
opt|q, opt|q, opt|q, opt|q, real, genuine
opto, opto, opto, opto, without trembling, without motion
optto optto optto optto not to tremble, to keep still
optq, optq, optq, optq, not trembling, unmoved
optio optio optio optio a keeping still
optio optio optio optio to keep quiet
Page 115
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opto, opto, opto, opto, unmoved, immutable
optoo, optoo, optoo, optoo, not trembling, unfearing, fearless
opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, opio|o, unconquered
opiq, opiq, opiq, opiq, not rubbed
opio, opio, opio, opio, not worn by work
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, intrepid, dauntless
opoio opoio opoio opoio inflexibility
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, unchangeable, eternal
opoto opoto opoto opoto to pine away, suffer from atrophy
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, not fed, ill-fed
opuyto, opuyto, opuyto, opuyto, yielding no harvest, unfruitful
opuov opuov opuov opuov not worn out
opuo, opuo, opuo, opuo, not worn away, untiring, unwearied
opuovq opuovq opuovq opuovq the unwearied
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, unwounded
ooyo, ooyo, ooyo, ooyo, partridge
ooyqv ooyqv ooyqv ooyqv grouse, attagen Ionicus
oo oo oo oo father
oooi oooi oooi oooi a cry of pain
otioo, otioo, otioo, otioo, locust without wings
oi|io oi|io oi|io oi|io to side with the Athenians
oi|ioo, oi|ioo, oi|ioo, oi|ioo, a siding with Athens, attachment to her
oi|ioi oi|ioi oi|ioi oi|ioi in the Attic dialect
oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov oi|iov my little Athenian
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, Attic, Athenian
ouo ouo ouo ouo to be distraught from fear, mazed, bewildered
outuo, outuo, outuo, outuo, without burial
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, without a tomb
oupovvtuo, oupovvtuo, oupovvtuo, oupovvtuo, not ruled by tyrants
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, without pride
ou_to ou_to ou_to ou_to to be unlucky
ou_qo ou_qo ou_qo ou_qo a misfortune, mishap
ou_q, ou_q, ou_q, ou_q, luckless, unfortunate
ou_io ou_io ou_io ou_io ill-luck:&mdash
ou ou ou ou again, anew, afresh, once more
ou ou ou ou bow wow
ouoivo ouoivo ouoivo ouoivo to dry
ouoito, ouoito, ouoito, ouoito, dry, parched
ouyoo ouyoo ouyoo ouyoo to view in the clearest light, see distinctly, discern
ouyq ouyq ouyq ouyq the light of the sun, sunlight
ouoooi ouoooi ouoooi ouoooi to cry out, speak
ouoo ouoo ouoo ouoo to utter sounds, speak
ouqti, ouqti, ouqti, ouqti, speaking with human voice
ouq ouq ouq ouq the human voice, speech
outpuo outpuo outpuo outpuo to draw back
ouotio ouotio ouotio ouotio self-will, wilfulness, stubbornness, contumacy, presumption
Page 116
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouoq, ouoq, ouoq, ouoq, self-willed, wilful, dogged, stubborn, contumacious, presumptuous
ouoiooi ouoiooi ouoiooi ouoiooi to be self-willed
ouoioo ouoioo ouoioo ouoioo an act of self-will, wilfulness
ouooooo, ouooooo, ouooooo, ouooooo, self-willed in speech
ouoiov ouoiov ouoiov ouoiov of the same blood, a brother, sister, kinsman
ouoipto, ouoipto, ouoipto, ouoipto, self-chosen, self-elected
out|ooo, out|ooo, out|ooo, out|ooo, one who calls each thing by its name
outvto outvto outvto outvto to have full power over
outvq, outvq, outvq, outvq, one who does
ouqtpo, ouqtpo, ouqtpo, ouqtpo, made
ouiytvq, ouiytvq, ouiytvq, ouiytvq, born on the spot, born in the country, native
oui oui oui oui on the spot, here, there
oui, oui, oui, oui, back, back again
ouio_o, ouio_o, ouio_o, ouio_o, loud-shouting, noisy
ouio|tpyoq, ouio|tpyoq, ouio|tpyoq, ouio|tpyoq, tracing furrows
ouio ouio ouio ouio a furrow
ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, of
ouito ouito ouito ouito to play on the flute
ouiqo ouiqo ouiqo ouiqo a piece of music for the flute
ouiq ouiq ouiq ouiq the court-yard
ouiqoi, ouiqoi, ouiqoi, ouiqoi, flute-playing
ouiqq, ouiqq, ouiqq, ouiqq, a flute-player
ouiqi|o, ouiqi|o, ouiqi|o, ouiqi|o, of
ouiqpi, ouiqpi, ouiqpi, ouiqpi, a flute-girl
ouiiot, ouiiot, ouiiot, ouiiot, protecting cattlefolds
ouiiooi ouiiooi ouiiooi ouiiooi to lie in the court-yard
ouiiov ouiiov ouiiov ouiiov a country house, cottage
ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, of
ouiio|o, ouiio|o, ouiio|o, ouiio|o, a small reed, pipe
ouii, ouii, ouii, ouii, a place for passing the night in, a tent, roosting-place
ouiiopi, ouiiopi, ouiiopi, ouiiopi, a house-mate
ouioo|q ouioo|q ouioo|q ouioo|q a flute-case
ouiotto ouiotto ouiotto ouiotto to make flutes
ouiooii|q ouiooii|q ouiooii|q ouiooii|q flute-making
ouiooio, ouiooio, ouiooio, ouiooio, a flute-maker
ouio, ouio, ouio, ouio, a flute
ouiov ouiov ouiov ouiov a hollow way, defile, glen
ouioi, ouioi, ouioi, ouioi, with a tube in front
ouovo ouovo ouovo ouovo to make large, increase, augment
ouqoio ouqoio ouqoio ouqoio the Goddess of growth
ouqoi, ouqoi, ouqoi, ouqoi, growth, increase
ouio, ouio, ouio, ouio, promoting growth
ouootiqvov ouootiqvov ouootiqvov ouootiqvov the waxing moon
ouovq ouovq ouovq ouovq dryness, withering
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, dry
ouvio ouvio ouvio ouvio sleeplessness
Page 117
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouvo, ouvo, ouvo, ouvo, sleepless, wakeful
oupo oupo oupo oupo air in motion, a breeze
oupiov oupiov oupiov oupiov to-morrow
ouooito, ouooito, ouooito, ouooito, sunburnt, squalid
ouoqpo, ouoqpo, ouoqpo, ouoqpo, making the tongue dry and rough, harsh, rough, bitter
ouoqpoq, ouoqpoq, ouoqpoq, ouoqpoq, harshness, roughness
ouoyytio, ouoyytio, ouoyytio, ouoyytio, carrying one's own message, bringing news of what oneself has seen
ouoypto, ouoypto, ouoypto, ouoypto, self-chosen, left to one's choice
ouotio, ouotio, ouotio, ouotio, related as brother
ouovpo, ouovpo, ouovpo, ouovpo, together with the men, men and all
ouovtio, ouovtio, ouovtio, ouovtio, an own cousin, cousin-german
ouop|tio ouop|tio ouop|tio ouop|tio sufficiency in oneself, independence
ouop|q, ouop|q, ouop|q, ouop|q, sufficient in oneself, having enough, independent
outouoio, outouoio, outouoio, outouoio, in one's own power
outoyytio, outoyytio, outoyytio, outoyytio, offering of oneself, of free will
out out out out again
outovuo, outovuo, outovuo, outovuo, of the same surname with
outptq, outptq, outptq, outptq, one who rows himself
outo outo outo outo to cry, shout
ouq|oo, ouq|oo, ouq|oo, ouq|oo, one who has himself heard, an ear-witness
ouqop ouqop ouqop ouqop on the self-same day
ouq ouq ouq ouq a cry, shout
oui|o oui|o oui|o oui|o forthwith, straightway, at once
ouq ouq ouq ouq breath
ouoovpoo, ouoovpoo, ouoovpoo, ouoovpoo, the ideal man, the form of man
ouooti ouooti ouooti ouooti by a mere shout, at the first shout
ouoouio, ouoouio, ouoouio, ouoouio, self-willing, self-purposing
ouoytvvqo, ouoytvvqo, ouoytvvqo, ouoytvvqo, self-produced
ouoyvoovto ouoyvoovto ouoyvoovto ouoyvoovto to act of one's own judgment
ouoyvoov ouoyvoov ouoyvoov ouoyvoov on one's own judgment, at one's own discretion
ouoyvoo, ouoyvoo, ouoyvoo, ouoyvoo, self-determined, self-willed
ouoyuo, ouoyuo, ouoyuo, ouoyuo, having the share-beam of one piece with the pole
ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, self-taught, unpremeditated
ouooi|o, ouooi|o, ouooi|o, ouooi|o, self-slain
ouoo ouoo ouoo ouoo with the very teeth
ouot|o ouot|o ouot|o ouot|o just ten
ouoqio, ouoqio, ouoqio, ouoqio, self-evident
ouoio|o, ouoio|o, ouoio|o, ouoio|o, self-taught
ouoi|o, ouoi|o, ouoi|o, ouoi|o, with independent jurisdiction, with one's own law-courts
ouoiov ouoiov ouoiov ouoiov straightway
ouot|ooo, ouot|ooo, ouot|ooo, ouot|ooo, the ideal
ouotvq, ouotvq, ouotvq, ouotvq, a murderer
ouotti ouotti ouotti ouotti in the same year
ouotq, ouotq, ouotq, ouotq, in
ouooi, ouooi, ouooi, ouooi, Thais herself
ouotiti ouotiti ouotiti ouotiti voluntarily
Page 118
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouotiq, ouotiq, ouotiq, ouotiq, of one's own will
ouotv ouotv ouotv ouotv from the very spot
ouoi ouoi ouoi ouoi on the spot
ouo|ooio, ouo|ooio, ouo|ooio, ouo|ooio, wrought
ouo|ooiyvqq ouo|ooiyvqq ouo|ooiyvqq ouo|ooiyvqq an own sister
ouo|ooiyvqo, ouo|ooiyvqo, ouo|ooiyvqo, ouo|ooiyvqo, an own brother
ouo|oo|pio, ouo|oo|pio, ouo|oo|pio, ouo|oo|pio, self-condemned
ouo|tituo, ouo|tituo, ouo|tituo, ouo|tituo, going one's own road
ouo|tituoo, ouo|tituoo, ouo|tituoo, ouo|tituoo, self-bidden
ouo|ioo, ouo|ioo, ouo|ioo, ouo|ioo, branches and all
ouo|iqo, ouo|iqo, ouo|iqo, ouo|iqo, self-called
ouo|oo, ouo|oo, ouo|oo, ouo|oo, with natural hair, shaggy
ouo|poq, ouo|poq, ouo|poq, ouo|poq, ruling by oneself, absolute, autocratic
ouo|poopi|o, ouo|poopi|o, ouo|poopi|o, ouo|poopi|o, of
ouo|poop ouo|poop ouo|poop ouo|poop one's own master
ouo|io, ouo|io, ouo|io, ouo|io, self-produced
ouo|ovto ouo|ovto ouo|ovto ouo|ovto to slay one another
ouo|ovo, ouo|ovo, ouo|ovo, ouo|ovo, self-slaying
ouo|utpvqq, ouo|utpvqq, ouo|utpvqq, ouo|utpvqq, one who steers himself
ouo|oo, ouo|oo, ouo|oo, ouo|oo, together with the hilt, up to the hilt
ouoiq|uo, ouoiq|uo, ouoiq|uo, ouoiq|uo, one who carries his own oil-flask, a shabby fellow
ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, having learnt of oneself, self- taught
ouoopu, ouoopu, ouoopu, ouoopu, oneself the witness, an eyewitness
ouooio ouooio ouooio ouooio to act of oneself, act unadvisedly
ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, acting of one's own will, of oneself
ouotov ouotov ouotov ouotov self-ruler
ouotiivvo ouotiivvo ouotiivvo ouotiivvo Melinna herself
ouooito ouooito ouooito ouooito to desert
ouooiio ouooiio ouooiio ouooiio desertion
ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, going of oneself, without bidding
ouovotooi ouovotooi ouovotooi ouovotooi to live by one's own laws, be independent
ouovoio ouovoio ouovoio ouovoio freedom to use one's own laws, independence
ouovoo, ouovoo, ouovoo, ouovoo, living under one's own laws, independent
ouovoo, ouovoo, ouovoo, ouovoo, self-willed
ouovu_i ouovu_i ouovu_i ouovu_i that very night
ououio, ououio, ououio, ououio, of mere wood
ouooyq, ouooyq, ouooyq, ouooyq, self-joined, self-built
ouootio ouootio ouootio ouootio one's own feeling
ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, speaking from one's own feeling
ouooi, ouooi, ouooi, ouooi, an own child
ouoqov ouoqov ouoqov ouoqov for one's own woes
ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, self-produced
ouooii, ouooii, ouooii, ouooii, free as a state, independent
ouooiiq, ouooiiq, ouooiiq, ouooiiq, citizen of a free state
ouoovqo, ouoovqo, ouoovqo, ouoovqo, self-wrought
ouoou, ouoou, ouoou, ouoou, on one's own feet
Page 119
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouoptvo, ouoptvo, ouoptvo, ouoptvo, together with the root, root and branch
ouopoooo, ouopoooo, ouopoooo, ouopoooo, in one's own person, without a mask
ouoq, ouoq, ouoq, ouoq, seeing oneself, an eyewitness
ouooiq, ouooiq, ouooiq, ouooiq, selling one's own goods
ouooii|o, ouooii|o, ouooii|o, ouooii|o, of an
ouoppio, ouoppio, ouoppio, ouoppio, roots and all
ouoppuo, ouoppuo, ouoppuo, ouoppuo, self-flowing, flowing unbidden
ouoot ouoot ouoot ouoot thither, to the very place
ouooiqpo, ouooiqpo, ouooiqpo, ouooiqpo, of sheer iron, with stroke of sword
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, self
ouooouo, ouooouo, ouooouo, ouooouo, self-sped
ouoooiq ouoooiq ouoooiq ouoooiq a stand-up fight, close fight
ouoooio, ouoooio, ouoooio, ouoooio, self-sent, going
ouooovo, ouooovo, ouooovo, ouooovo, lamenting by
ouoooyq, ouoooyq, ouoooyq, ouoooyq, slain by oneself
ouoo_tioo ouoo_tioo ouoo_tioo ouoo_tioo to act
ouoo_tiooo ouoo_tiooo ouoo_tiooo ouoo_tiooo an impromptu
ouoo_tiooq, ouoo_tiooq, ouoo_tiooq, ouoo_tiooq, one who acts
ouoo_tio, ouoo_tio, ouoo_tio, ouoo_tio, hand to hand
ouoo_tov ouoo_tov ouoo_tov ouoo_tov near at hand, hand to hand
ouotitoo, ouotitoo, ouotitoo, ouotitoo, self-accomplished, spontaneous
ouotiq, ouotiq, ouotiq, ouotiq, ending in itself, complete in itself, supporting oneself
ouoo|o, ouoo|o, ouoo|o, ouoo|o, young and all
ouopoyi|o, ouopoyi|o, ouopoyi|o, ouopoyi|o, arrant tragic
ouopoqoo, ouopoqoo, ouopoqoo, ouopoqoo, to turn straightway
ouou ouou ouou ouou at the very place, just here, just there
ououpyto ououpyto ououpyto ououpyto to work with one's own hand
ououpyqo, ououpyqo, ououpyqo, ououpyqo, self-wrought, rudely wrought
ououpyio ououpyio ououpyio ououpyio a working on oneself
ououpyo, ououpyo, ououpyo, ououpyo, self-working
ouoi ouoi ouoi ouoi the very spot
ouoioio, ouoioio, ouoioio, ouoioio, with the bark on
ouoovo, ouoovo, ouoovo, ouoovo, self-murdering, murdering those of one's own family
ouoovq, ouoovq, ouoovq, ouoovq, a murderer
ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, bearing one's own baggage
ououq, ououq, ououq, ououq, self-grown
ououo, ououo, ououo, ououo, self-caused
ouoovo, ouoovo, ouoovo, ouoovo, self-sounding
ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, self-detected, caught in the act of theft
ouo_tipio ouo_tipio ouo_tipio ouo_tipio murder perpetrated by one's own hand
ouo_tip ouo_tip ouo_tip ouo_tip with one's own hand
ouo_ovo, ouo_ovo, ouo_ovo, ouo_ovo, country and all
ouo_ov ouo_ov ouo_ov ouo_ov sprung from the land itself
ouo_oioo, ouo_oioo, ouo_oioo, ouo_oioo, angry at oneself
ouo_oovo, ouo_oovo, ouo_oovo, ouo_oovo, rudely cast, massive
ouo_pqo ouo_pqo ouo_pqo ouo_pqo in very deed, really and truly
Page 120
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouoio ouoio ouoio ouoio a seeing with one's own eyes
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, in this very manner, even so, just so, as it is
ou_tvio ou_tvio ou_tvio ou_tvio to cut the throat of
ou_tvio, ou_tvio, ou_tvio, ou_tvio, of the neck
ou_to ou_to ou_to ou_to to boast, plume oneself
ou_qti, ou_qti, ou_qti, ou_qti, braggart, proud
ou_qo ou_qo ou_qo ou_qo a thing boasted of, a pride, boast
ou_qv ou_qv ou_qv ou_qv the neck, throat
ou_qoi, ou_qoi, ou_qoi, ou_qoi, boasting, exultation
ou_to ou_to ou_to ou_to to be squalid
ou_qpo, ou_qpo, ou_qpo, ou_qpo, dry, dusty, rough, squalid
ou_o, ou_o, ou_o, ou_o, drought
ou_oq, ou_oq, ou_oq, ou_oq, looking dry, squalid
ouo ouo ouo ouo to burn, light a fire, get a light
ouo ouo ouo ouo to shout out, shout, call aloud
ooyvio ooyvio ooyvio ooyvio to purify
ooiptoi, ooiptoi, ooiptoi, ooiptoi, a taking away, carrying off
ooiptto, ooiptto, ooiptto, ooiptto, one must take away
ooipto, ooipto, ooipto, ooipto, to be taken away, separable
ooipto ooipto ooipto ooipto to take from, take away from
ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, ooioo, Hephaestus
ooiiooi ooiiooi ooiiooi ooiiooi to spring off
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, without the
ooopovo ooopovo ooopovo ooopovo to miss
ooopotq, ooopotq, ooopotq, ooopotq, random-talking
oovovo oovovo oovovo oovovo to displease, not to please
oovtio oovtio oovtio oovtio obscurity
oovq, oovq, oovq, oovq, unseen, invisible, viewless
oovio oovio oovio oovio to make unseen, hide from sight
oovioi, oovioi, oovioi, oovioi, a getting rid of
oovioto, oovioto, oovioto, oovioto, to be suppressed
oovo, oovo, oovo, oovo, made invisible, blotted out, forgotten
ooo ooo ooo ooo to fasten from
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to tear off
oop oop oop oop straightway, forthwith, at once, quickly, presently
ooptpo, ooptpo, ooptpo, ooptpo, more fleet
oooio oooio oooio oooio speechlessness
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to handle, feel
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, not uttered, nameless
ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, ooupo, feeble, powerless
oouo oouo oouo oouo to dry up, parch
ooo ooo ooo ooo to handle, rub, polish
otyyq, otyyq, otyyq, otyyq, without light
otpov otpov otpov otpov a privy
otito otito otito otito to be unsparing
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, unsparing
Page 121
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
otiio otiio otiio otiio profuseness
ot|to, ot|to, ot|to, ot|to, one must abstain from
otiq, otiq, otiq, otiq, without a stone, even, smooth
oti|o oti|o oti|o oti|o to drag away
otioq, otioq, otioq, otioq, simplicity
otvo, otvo, otvo, otvo, riches, wealth, plenty
otp|o, otp|o, otp|o, otp|o, shut out from
otpqvtuo otpqvtuo otpqvtuo otpqvtuo to interpret, expound
otpo otpo otpo otpo to creep off, steal away, retire
otpo, otpo, otpo, otpo, insufferable, intolerable
otoi, otoi, otoi, otoi, a letting go, dismissal
otoqo otoqo otoqo otoqo I shall be absent, away from
otto, otto, otto, otto, one must dismiss
otqpio, otqpio, otqpio, otqpio, for letting go
oto, oto, oto, oto, let loose, at large, ranging at will
otuo otuo otuo otuo to singe off
oto oto oto oto to refine by boiling off
oqytooi oqytooi oqytooi oqytooi to lead from
oqyqo oqyqo oqyqo oqyqo a tale, narrative
oqyqoi, oqyqoi, oqyqoi, oqyqoi, a telling, narrating
oqyqqp oqyqqp oqyqqp oqyqqp a guide
oquvo oquvo oquvo oquvo to sweeten
oq|o oq|o oq|o oq|o to arrive at
oqii oqii oqii oqii beyond youth, elderly
oqoi oqoi oqoi oqoi to sit apart
oq oq oq oq a lighting, kindling
oqop oqop oqop oqop the archer
oopoio oopoio oopoio oopoio incorruption
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, uncorrupted, incorruptible
oty|o, oty|o, oty|o, oty|o, voiceless
oio, oio, oio, oio, not liable to perish, imperishable
ooyyo, ooyyo, ooyyo, ooyyo, voiceless, speechless
oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, unenvied
oovio oovio oovio oovio freedom from envy
oovo, oovo, oovo, oovo, without envy
oopio oopio oopio oopio incorruption
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, uncorrupt
oipuo oipuo oipuo oipuo to remove to another settlement
oitpoo oitpoo oitpoo oitpoo to purify, hallow
oiqi oiqi oiqi oiqi to send forth, discharge
oi|ovo oi|ovo oi|ovo oi|ovo to arrive at, to have come to
oi|vtooi oi|vtooi oi|vtooi oi|vtooi to come to
oiioyoo, oiioyoo, oiioyoo, oiioyoo, not loving the good
oiiopyupo, oiiopyupo, oiiopyupo, oiiopyupo, not loving money
oiiqo, oiiqo, oiiqo, oiiqo, unloved
oiioooo, oiioooo, oiioooo, oiioooo, unphilosophic
Page 122
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, without friends, friendless
oiiooo_uo, oiiooo_uo, oiiooo_uo, oiiooo_uo, without ears of corn, starving
oiioiio oiioiio oiioiio oiioiio want of due ambition
oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, oiioio, without due ambition
oiio_pqoio oiio_pqoio oiio_pqoio oiio_pqoio contempt for riches
oii, oii, oii, oii, an arrival
oioooi oioooi oioooi oioooi to ride off
oituo oituo oituo oituo to ride off, away
oiio oiio oiio oiio awkwardness in riding
oio, oio, oio, oio, unsuited for cavalry
oioqi oioqi oioqi oioqi to put away, remove
oit|o, oit|o, oit|o, oit|o, unburnt, unconsumed by fire
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, without bark
oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, oioioo, spluttering
ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, ovtio, rich, wealthy
oviio, oviio, oviio, oviio, unforeseen, sudden
ovo ovo ovo ovo unawares, of a sudden
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, without fear of
ooio ooio ooio ooio fearlessness
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, without fear
ooooioy_vo, ooooioy_vo, ooooioy_vo, ooooioy_vo, fearless of heart
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, a going away, departure
ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, ooiovo, uncleansed, unclean
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo to make like
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo a resemblance, copy
ooiio ooiio ooiio ooiio to strip of arms
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to look away from
oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, oopqo, intolerable, insufferable
oopio oopio oopio oopio a not bearing
oopio oopio oopio oopio to mark off by boundaries
oopioto, oopioto, oopioto, oopioto, one must put aside
oopoo oopoo oopoo oopoo to make to start from
oopq oopq oopq oopq a starting-point
oopi|o, oopi|o, oopi|o, oopi|o, without the lyre
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, departing from
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, not bearing, barren
oopu|o, oopu|o, oopu|o, oopu|o, unspotted, unstained
oooioo oooioo oooioo oooioo to purify from guilt
oooiooi, oooiooi, oooiooi, oooiooi, expiation
opoto opoto opoto opoto to be senseless, act thoughtlessly
opoq, opoq, opoq, opoq, insensate, reckless
opoio opoio opoio opoio folly, thoughtlessness
opoov opoov opoov opoov without sense
opoivo opoivo opoivo opoivo to be silly, senseless
opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, opo|o, unfenced, unfortified, unguarded
opooo, opooo, opooo, opooo, unutterable, inexpressible
Page 123
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opto opto opto opto to befoam, cover with foam
opqioyo, opqioyo, opqioyo, opqioyo, gathering froth, skimming
opqoq, opqoq, opqoq, opqoq, the foamer
opqop opqop opqop opqop without brotherhood
opio opio opio opio to foam
opioti, opioti, opioti, opioti, foamy
opoytvq, opoytvq, opoytvq, opoytvq, foam-born
opoioioo opoioioo opoioioo opoioioo to indulge lust
opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, sacred to Aphrodite
opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, opoioio, belonging to Aphrodite
opoiq opoiq opoiq opoiq Aphrodite
opovto opovto opovto opovto to be silly, act foolishly
opovioto opovioto opovioto opovioto to have no care of, pay no heed to
opovioo, opovioo, opovioo, opovioo, thoughtless, heedless, taking no care
opo, opo, opo, opo, foam
opoouvq opoouvq opoouvq opoouvq folly, thoughtlessness, senselessness
opoupo, opoupo, opoupo, opoupo, unguarded, unwatched
opouq, opouq, opouq, opouq, foam-producing
opoq, opoq, opoq, opoq, foamy
opov opov opov opov without sense
oupio oupio oupio oupio to give loose
oupoivo oupoivo oupoivo oupoivo to wash clean from
ouq ouq ouq ouq anchovy
ouq, ouq, ouq, ouq, without natural talent, witless, dull
ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, not to be shunned, from which none escape
ouio|to ouio|to ouio|to ouio|to to bark out
ouio|to ouio|to ouio|to ouio|to to be off one's guard
ouio|o, ouio|o, ouio|o, ouio|o, unguarded, unwatched
ouiio ouiio ouiio ouiio to strain off
ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, leafless
ouvio ouvio ouvio ouvio to wake one from sleep
ouvoo ouvoo ouvoo ouvoo to wake from sleep
ouoyto, ouoyto, ouoyto, ouoyto, the mud and filth
ouooo ouooo ouooo ouooo to draw
oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, oovqo, voiceless, speechless
oovo, oovo, oovo, oovo, voiceless, speechless, dumb, silent
o_oio o_oio o_oio o_oio Achaia
o_oii|o, o_oii|o, o_oii|o, o_oii|o, of
o_oii, o_oii, o_oii, o_oii, the Achaian land
o_oivq, o_oivq, o_oivq, o_oivq, with single points to his horns, a young deer
o_oio, o_oio, o_oio, o_oio, Achaian
o_oiivo, o_oiivo, o_oiivo, o_oiivo, unbridled
o_oiivoo, o_oiivoo, o_oiivoo, o_oiivoo, without bridle
o_oi|to, o_oi|to, o_oi|to, o_oi|to, penniless
o_oi|tuo, o_oi|tuo, o_oi|tuo, o_oi|tuo, not forged of metal
o_oi|to o_oi|to o_oi|to o_oi|to to be penniless
Page 124
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o_oi|o, o_oi|o, o_oi|o, o_oi|o, without brass
o_oi|oo, o_oi|oo, o_oi|oo, o_oi|oo, not brasened
o_ovq o_ovq o_ovq o_ovq a Persian measure
o_ovq, o_ovq, o_ovq, o_ovq, not opening the mouth
o_opo|oo, o_opo|oo, o_opo|oo, o_opo|oo, not palisaded
o_opi, o_opi, o_opi, o_opi, without grace
o_opioto o_opioto o_opioto o_opioto to be thankless, shew ingratitude
o_opioio o_opioio o_opioio o_opioio thanklessness, ingratitude
o_opioo, o_opioo, o_opioo, o_opioo, ungracious, unpleasant, unpleasing
o_opio, o_opio, o_opio, o_opio, ungrateful, thankless
o_opvoi o_opvoi o_opvoi o_opvoi Acharnae
o_opvtu, o_opvtu, o_opvtu, o_opvtu, an inhabitant of Acharnae
o_opvi|o, o_opvi|o, o_opvi|o, o_opvi|o, belonging to
o_tiovo, o_tiovo, o_tiovo, o_tiovo, not vexed by storms
o_tipooiqo, o_tipooiqo, o_tipooiqo, o_tipooiqo, not wrought by hands
o_tipo, o_tipo, o_tipo, o_tipo, without hands
o_tipoo, o_tipoo, o_tipoo, o_tipoo, untamed, unconquered
o_tioit, o_tioit, o_tioit, o_tioit, islands at the mouth of the Achelous
o_tioo, o_tioo, o_tioo, o_tioo, Achelous
o_tpo, o_tpo, o_tpo, o_tpo, a wild prickly shrub, a wild pear
o_tpovio, o_tpovio, o_tpovio, o_tpovio, of Acheron
o_tpoi, o_tpoi, o_tpoi, o_tpoi, the white poplar
o_tpov o_tpov o_tpov o_tpov Acheron, river of woe
o_tuo o_tuo o_tuo o_tuo grieving, sorrowing, mourning
o_qvio o_qvio o_qvio o_qvio need, want
o_qv o_qv o_qv o_qv poor, needy
o_tivo, o_tivo, o_tivo, o_tivo, burdensome, oppressive, wearisome
o_qov o_qov o_qov o_qov a weight, burden
o_io o_io o_io o_io to load
o_ooi o_ooi o_ooi o_ooi to be loaded
o_o, o_o, o_o, o_o, a weight, burden, load
o_oopto o_oopto o_oopto o_oopto to bear burdens
o_oopo, o_oopo, o_oopo, o_oopo, bearing burdens
o_iiitio, o_iiitio, o_iiitio, o_iiitio, of Achilles
o_iiitu, o_iiitu, o_iiitu, o_iiitu, Achilles
o_iov o_iov o_iov o_iov without tunic
o_ioivio o_ioivio o_ioivio o_ioivio want of a cloak
o_ioivo, o_ioivo, o_ioivo, o_ioivo, without cloak
o_ioo, o_ioo, o_ioo, o_ioo, without herbage
o_iuoti, o_iuoti, o_iuoti, o_iuoti, gloomy
o_iu, o_iu, o_iu, o_iu, a mist
o_iuo o_iuo o_iuo o_iuo to be
o_vq o_vq o_vq o_vq anything that comes off the surface
o_voo, o_voo, o_voo, o_voo, without down
o_oio, o_oio, o_oio, o_oio, allaying bile
o_optuo, o_optuo, o_optuo, o_optuo, not attended with the dance, joyless, melancholy
Page 125
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o_opo, o_opo, o_opo, o_opo, without the dance
o_o, o_o, o_o, o_o, pain, distress
o_povo, o_povo, o_povo, o_povo, undefiled, immaculate
o_ptio, o_ptio, o_ptio, o_ptio, useless, unprofitable, good for nothing
o_pqoio o_pqoio o_pqoio o_pqoio want of money
o_pqoo, o_pqoo, o_pqoo, o_pqoo, without money
o_pqoouvq o_pqoouvq o_pqoouvq o_pqoouvq want of money
o_pqov o_pqov o_pqov o_pqov without money, poor, needy
o_pqoio o_pqoio o_pqoio o_pqoio uselessness
o_pqoo, o_pqoo, o_pqoo, o_pqoo, useless, unprofitable, unserviceable
o_pi o_pi o_pi o_pi to the uttermost, utterly
o_pooo, o_pooo, o_pooo, o_pooo, colourless
o_po, o_po, o_po, o_po, colourless
o_pooo, o_pooo, o_pooo, o_pooo, untouched
o_upio o_upio o_upio o_upio a heap of chaff
o_upov o_upov o_upov o_upov husks, chaff, bran
o_upo, o_upo, o_upo, o_upo, a chaff-heap
o_upopi o_upopi o_upopi o_upopi threshing out the husks
o_opioo, o_opioo, o_opioo, o_opioo, not parted, not divided
oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, oouoo, untouched, not to be touched, sacred
otyq, otyq, otyq, otyq, unblamed, blameless
otutio otutio otutio otutio truthfulness
otuto otuto otuto otuto not to lie, to speak truth
otuq, otuq, otuq, otuq, without lie and deceit, truthful, sincere, trusty
oqioo, oqioo, oqioo, oqioo, not having voted
oioooi oioooi oioooi oioooi to be encircled
oi|opo, oi|opo, oi|opo, oi|opo, satisfied with touching
oio_to oio_to oio_to oio_to to skirmish with an enemy, lead on to fight
oio_io oio_io oio_io oio_io a skirmishing
oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, oio_o, skirmishing
oiviov oiviov oiviov oiviov wormwood
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, wormwood
oi, oi, oi, oi, a juncture, loop, mesh
ooppoo, ooppoo, ooppoo, ooppoo, backflowing, refluent
ooppo, ooppo, ooppo, ooppo, going back, backwards
oo, oo, oo, oo, a joint
ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, ooqo, noiseless
o o o o backwards, back, back again
ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, not capable of being cooled
ou_io ou_io ou_io ou_io want of life: want of spirit, faint-heartedness
ou_o, ou_o, ou_o, ou_o, lifeless, inanimate
oo oo oo oo to blow
oo oo oo oo to hurt
oo oo oo oo to satiate
oopio oopio oopio oopio a wrong time
oopi oopi oopi oopi at an untimely hour, too early
Page 126
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oopovu|o, oopovu|o, oopovu|o, oopovu|o, at midnight
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, untimely, unseasonable
oopo, oopo, oopo, oopo, pendulous, waving about
ooto ooto ooto ooto to sleep well
ooov ooov ooov ooov fine wool, flock
ooi ooi ooi ooi bless me
oyo oyo oyo oyo a speech
oqv oqv oqv oqv step by step
oio oio oio oio to go slowly, to walk
oioi, oioi, oioi, oioi, a walking, going
oioo oioo oioo oioo walk, gait
oioto, oioto, oioto, oioto, one must walk
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, a goer
oioi|o, oioi|o, oioi|o, oioi|o, good at walking
oo, oo, oo, oo, a walk
oo oo oo oo to speak, say
oi, oi, oi, oi, a step
oo, oo, oo, oo, a step
oo, oo, oo, oo, depth
opov opov opov opov that on which anything stands
ouoy|q, ouoy|q, ouoy|q, ouoy|q, with deep dells
ououio, ououio, ououio, ououio, deep-counselling
ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, with deep soil, productive
ouyqpo, ouyqpo, ouyqpo, ouyqpo, in great old age, decrepit
ouivq, ouivq, ouivq, ouivq, deep-eddying
ouovo, ouovo, ouovo, ouovo, deep-girded
oupi oupi oupi oupi with thick wool
ou|oq, ou|oq, ou|oq, ou|oq, strongly curved
ou|qq, ou|qq, ou|qq, ou|qq, deep yawning
ou|itq, ou|itq, ou|itq, ou|itq, illustrious
ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, with dress falling in deep folds
ou|pqvo, ou|pqvo, ou|pqvo, ou|pqvo, with high cliffs
ou|tovo, ou|tovo, ou|tovo, ou|tovo, with great possessions, plenteous
ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, with deep, rich meadows
ouiqio, ouiqio, ouiqio, ouiqio, with deep crop, very fruitful
ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, of deep mind
ouvo ouvo ouvo ouvo to deepen, hollow out
ouuio, ouuio, ouuio, ouuio, with deep wood
outio, outio, outio, outio, thick-soled
ouiouo, ouiouo, ouiouo, ouiouo, exceeding rich
ouoito, ouoito, ouoito, ouoito, plunged deep in war
ouppqvo, ouppqvo, ouppqvo, ouppqvo, with thick wool
ouppio, ouppio, ouppio, ouppio, deep-rooted
ouppoo, ouppoo, ouppoo, ouppoo, deep-flowing, brimming
ouo|oq, ouo|oq, ouo|oq, ouo|oq, deep-dug
ouo|io, ouo|io, ouo|io, ouo|io, deep-shaded
Page 127
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ou, ou, ou, ou, deep
ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, ouoopo, deep-sown, fruitful
ouotpvo, ouotpvo, ouotpvo, ouotpvo, deep-chested
ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, with deep, full robe
ouopoo, ouopoo, ouopoo, ouopoo, deep-strewn, well-covered
ouo_oivo, ouo_oivo, ouo_oivo, ouo_oivo, deep-grown with rushes
ouq, ouq, ouq, ouq, depth
ouuiio, ouuiio, ouuiio, ouuiio, thick-leafed
ou_oiq, ou_oiq, ou_oiq, ou_oiq, with deep, thick hair, Hes
oivo oivo oivo oivo to walk, step
oio, oio, oio, oio, little, small, scanty
oi, oi, oi, oi, a palm-branch
oiq oiq oiq oiq a shepherd's
o|tio, o|tio, o|tio, o|tio, an eunuch in the service of Cybele
o|io o|io o|io o|io to prophesy like Bacis
o|qpio o|qpio o|qpio o|qpio a staff, cane
o|ptuo o|ptuo o|ptuo o|ptuo a staff
o|ptuo o|ptuo o|ptuo o|ptuo to lean on a staff
o|popoooiq, o|popoooiq, o|popoooiq, o|popoooiq, going about begging with a staff
o|_oo o|_oo o|_oo o|_oo to be in Bacchic frenzy, to rave
o|_to|_ov o|_to|_ov o|_to|_ov o|_to|_ov the song
o|_tio o|_tio o|_tio o|_tio the feast of Bacchus, Bacchic frenzy, revelry
o|_tiov o|_tiov o|_tiov o|_tiov the temple of Bacchus
o|_tio, o|_tio, o|_tio, o|_tio, Bacchic, of
o|_tuo o|_tuo o|_tuo o|_tuo Bacchic revelries
o|_tuoio, o|_tuoio, o|_tuoio, o|_tuoio, Bacchanalian, frenzied
o|_tuoi, o|_tuoi, o|_tuoi, o|_tuoi, Bacchic revelry
o|_tuq, o|_tuq, o|_tuq, o|_tuq, a Bacchanal
o|_tui|o, o|_tui|o, o|_tui|o, o|_tui|o, disposed to Bacchic revels
o|_tuo o|_tuo o|_tuo o|_tuo to keep the feast of Bacchus, celebrate his mysteries
o|_q o|_q o|_q o|_q a Bacchante
o|_o, o|_o, o|_o, o|_o, Bacchus
oiovoypo oiovoypo oiovoypo oiovoypo a key
oiovtiov oiovtiov oiovtiov oiovtiov bathing-room
oiovtu, oiovtu, oiovtu, oiovtu, a bath-man
oiovtuo oiovtuo oiovtuo oiovtuo to wait upon
oiovqoyo, oiovqoyo, oiovqoyo, oiovqoyo, acorn-eating
oiovqopo, oiovqopo, oiovqopo, oiovqopo, bearing dates
oiovio oiovio oiovio oiovio to shake acorns from
oioviooo oioviooo oioviooo oioviooo a bathing-woman
oiovoo|q oiovoo|q oiovoo|q oiovoo|q the socket in a door-post to receive the
oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, oiovo, an acorn
oiovoo oiovoo oiovoo oiovoo to fasten with a bolt-pin
oii, oii, oii, oii, the rope drawn across the race-course
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, dapple
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, spotted, dappled
Page 128
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiioviov oiioviov oiioviov oiioviov a bag, pouch, purse
oiioviooto oiioviooto oiioviooto oiioviooto to cut purses
oiioviooo, oiioviooo, oiioviooo, oiioviooo, a cut-purse
oiiqv oiiqv oiiqv oiiqv a king
oiio oiio oiio oiio to throw
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo to chatter with the teeth
oo oo oo oo that in which a thing is dipped, dye
ovouoio ovouoio ovouoio ovouoio handicraft, the practice of a mere mechanical art
ovouoi|o, ovouoi|o, ovouoi|o, ovouoi|o, of
ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, ovouoo, mechanical
ovouooupyio ovouooupyio ovouooupyio ovouooupyio handicraft
oi, oi, oi, oi, a saying
oio oio oio oio to dip in
oioo oioo oioo oioo baptism
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, a dipping in water, ablution
oioq, oioq, oioq, oioq, one that dips: a baptizer
oo, oo, oo, oo, dipped, dyed, bright-coloured
oo oo oo oo to dip in water
o o o o king
opopov opopov opopov opopov a gulf, pit
opopio opopio opopio opopio to behave like a barbarian, speak like one
opopi|o, opopi|o, opopi|o, opopi|o, barbaric, foreign, like a foreigner
opopioo, opopioo, opopioo, opopioo, barbarism
opopoooi opopoooi opopoooi opopoooi to become barbarous
opopo, opopo, opopo, opopo, barbarous
opopoovo, opopoovo, opopoovo, opopoovo, speaking a foreign tongue
opio, opio, opio, opio, a musical instrument of many strings
opto opto opto opto to weigh down, depress
opi, opi, opi, opi, a flat-bottomed boat
opo, opo, opo, opo, weight
opuoiyqo, opuoiyqo, opuoiyqo, opuoiyqo, very grievous
opuo_q, opuo_q, opuo_q, opuo_q, heavy with woe
opupttq, opupttq, opupttq, opupttq, loud-thundering
opupoo, opupoo, opupoo, opupoo, loud-roaring, loud-sounding
opupo, opupo, opupo, opupo, gnawing, corroding
opuyouvo, opuyouvo, opuyouvo, opuyouvo, heavy-kneed, lazy
opuyuio, opuyuio, opuyuio, opuyuio, weighing down the limbs, wearisome
opuoiovto opuoiovto opuoiovto opuoiovto to be grievously unlucky
opuoiov opuoiov opuoiov opuoiov pressed by a heavy fate, luckless
opuo|pu, opuo|pu, opuo|pu, opuo|pu, weeping grievously
opui|o, opui|o, opui|o, opui|o, taking heavy vengeance
opuotipo opuotipo opuotipo opuotipo giver of ill gifts
opuouo, opuouo, opuouo, opuouo, loud-sounding
opuqio, opuqio, opuqio, opuqio, exceeding jealous
opuq_q, opuq_q, opuq_q, opuq_q, deep-voiced
opupoo, opupoo, opupoo, opupoo, deep
Page 129
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opuuto opuuto opuuto opuuto to be weighed down: to be heavy at heart
opuuio opuuio opuuio opuuio sullenness
opuuo, opuuo, opuuo, opuuo, heavy in spirit: indignant, sullen
opuo opuo opuo opuo to be weighed down
opu|oo, opu|oo, opu|oo, opu|oo, heavy in wrath
opu|uo, opu|uo, opu|uo, opu|uo, heavy-sounding, loud-thundering
opuqvi, opuqvi, opuqvi, opuqvi, heavy in wrath, exceeding wrathful
opuioo, opuioo, opuioo, opuioo, largely paid
opuo_o, opuo_o, opuo_o, opuo_o, very toilsome, painful
opuvo opuvo opuvo opuvo to weigh down, oppress by weight, depress
opuopyqo, opuopyqo, opuopyqo, opuopyqo, exceeding angry
opuoioo, opuoioo, opuoioo, opuoioo, heavy-handed
oputvq, oputvq, oputvq, oputvq, causing grievous woe
oputvqo, oputvqo, oputvqo, oputvqo, mourning heavily
oputoq, oputoq, oputoq, oputoq, heavy-falling
opuoo, opuoo, opuoo, opuoo, grievous
opuou, opuou, opuou, opuou, heavy at the end
opuoiqpo, opuoiqpo, opuoiqpo, opuoiqpo, heavy with iron
opu, opu, opu, opu, heavy
opuooo, opuooo, opuooo, opuooo, weighing heavy
opuoovo, opuoovo, opuoovo, opuoovo, groaning heavily, bellowing
opuoopoyo, opuoopoyo, opuoopoyo, opuoopoyo, loud-thundering
opuq, opuq, opuq, opuq, weight, heaviness
opuio, opuio, opuio, opuio, very costly
opuiqo, opuiqo, opuiqo, opuiqo, bearing a heavy weight
opuovo, opuovo, opuovo, opuovo, deep-sounding
opuoyyo, opuoyyo, opuoyyo, opuoyyo, loud-sounding, roaring
opupoouvq opupoouvq opupoouvq opupoouvq gloominess, indignation
opupov opupov opupov opupov weighty of purpose, grave-minded
opu_tiio, opu_tiio, opu_tiio, opu_tiio, thick-lipped
opu_opo, opu_opo, opu_opo, opu_opo, deep-toned
opuu_o, opuu_o, opuu_o, opuu_o, heavy of soul, dejected
ooovio ooovio ooovio ooovio to rub
ooovioto, ooovioto, ooovioto, ooovioto, to be put to the proof
ooovioq, ooovioq, ooovioq, ooovioq, questioner, torturer, tormentor
oooviopio oooviopio oooviopio oooviopio an examiner
ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, ooovo, the touch-stone
ooiitio ooiitio ooiitio ooiitio a queen, princess
ooiitio ooiitio ooiitio ooiitio a kingdom, dominion
ooiitiiov ooiitiiov ooiitiiov ooiitiiov a petty king
ooiitiov ooiitiov ooiitiov ooiitiov a kingly dwelling, palace
ooiitio, ooiitio, ooiitio, ooiitio, of the king, kingly, royal
ooiitu, ooiitu, ooiitu, ooiitu, a king, chief
ooiituo ooiituo ooiituo ooiituo to be king, to rule, reign
ooiiqi, ooiiqi, ooiiqi, ooiiqi, royal
ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio ooiiio to be of the king's party
Page 130
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooiii|o, ooiii|o, ooiii|o, ooiii|o, royal, kingly
ooiii, ooiii, ooiii, ooiii, a queen, princess
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, passable, accessible
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, a stepping, step
oo|oivo oo|oivo oo|oivo oo|oivo to slander, malign, belie, disparage
oo|ovio oo|ovio oo|ovio oo|ovio slander, envy, malice
oo|ovo, oo|ovo, oo|ovo, oo|ovo, slanderous, envious, malignant
oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, duck
oo|o oo|o oo|o oo|o speed thee! away!
oooopo oooopo oooopo oooopo a fox
oooopiov oooopiov oooopiov oooopiov a little fox
oooyo oooyo oooyo oooyo that which is borne, a burden
oooo oooo oooo oooo to lift, lift up, raise
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, to be borne
oto oto oto oto to tread, cover
oqpi, oqpi, oqpi, oqpi, a mounting
oioo|oo, oioo|oo, oioo|oo, oioo|oo, looking after skates
oi, oi, oi, oi, the skate
oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, oopoo, pulling berries off
oo, oo, oo, oo, a bramble-bush
oo, oo, oo, oo, bath
oo, oo, oo, oo, passable
opo_tio, opo_tio, opo_tio, opo_tio, of
opo_i, opo_i, opo_i, opo_i, a frog-green coat
opo_ouoo_io opo_ouoo_io opo_ouoo_io opo_ouoo_io the battle of the frogs and mice
opo_o, opo_o, opo_o, opo_o, a frog
oopio oopio oopio oopio to stutter
ooioyto ooioyto ooioyto ooioyto to speak stammeringly, say the same thing over and over again
oo, oo, oo, oo, stammerer
ouo ouo ouo ouo to cry
ou|oii, ou|oii, ou|oii, ou|oii, a wine-cooler
ou|oovoupyo, ou|oovoupyo, ou|oovoupyo, ou|oovoupyo, a paltry braggart
ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, ou|o, prudish
oq oq oq oq a dipping
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, fit for dyeing
oiio oiio oiio oiio to milk
tiio tiio tiio tiio a leech
tiuyo tiuyo tiuyo tiuyo an abomination
tiuyio tiuyio tiuyio tiuyio nausea, disgust
tiu|o, tiu|o, tiu|o, tiu|o, disgusting, abominable
tiuptuooi tiuptuooi tiuptuooi tiuptuooi to behave in a brutal manner
tiupio tiupio tiupio tiupio brutal conduct, want of shame and decency, brutality
tiupo, tiupo, tiupo, tiupo, loathsome, disgusting, brutal
tiuooooi tiuooooi tiuooooi tiuooooi to feel nausea, to be sick
to to to to to break wind
uiio uiio uiio uiio to be afraid of
Page 131
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toio, toio, toio, toio, firm, steady, steadfast, sure, certain
toioq, toioq, toioq, toioq, firmness, steadfastness, stability, assurance, certainty
toioo toioo toioo toioo to make firm, confirm, establish, secure, warrant, make good
toiooi, toiooi, toiooi, toiooi, confirmation
tqio, tqio, tqio, tqio, allowable to be trodden, permitted to human use
tqioo tqioo tqioo tqioo to profane
toiqoi toiqoi toiqoi toiqoi to be stricken
touitutvo, touitutvo, touitutvo, touitutvo, advisedly, designedly
t||totiqvo, t||totiqvo, t||totiqvo, t||totiqvo, superannuated, doting
t|o, t|o, t|o, t|o, bread
titqopo, titqopo, titqopo, titqopo, bearing darts
titvov titvov titvov titvov a dart, javelin
titooi_opq, titooi_opq, titooi_opq, titooi_opq, in darts
tiovq tiovq tiovq tiovq any sharp point, a needle
tiovooiq, tiovooiq, tiovooiq, tiovooiq, a needle-seller
tio, tio, tio, tio, a missile
tiootvovq tiootvovq tiootvovq tiootvovq a dart wrapped with pitch and tow, and thrown while on fire
titpo, titpo, titpo, titpo, better, more excellent
tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, best
tiiov tiiov tiiov tiiov better
ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo to spin like a top
ti|io ti|io ti|io ti|io to set a spinning
tvitio tvitio tvitio tvitio the festival of Bendis
tvitiov tvitiov tvitiov tvitiov the temple of Bendis
tvi, tvi, tvi, tvi, the Thracian Artemis
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, the depth
tooi tooi tooi tooi I shall live
tpto_to, tpto_to, tpto_to, tpto_to, a booby
qio, qio, qio, qio, that on which one treads, the threshold
qo qo qo qo a step, pace, stride
q q q q a cough
q q q q baa
qooo qooo qooo qooo a wooded comb
qooqti, qooqti, qooqti, qooqti, of
qooo qooo qooo qooo to cough
qo qo qo qo (mortalis)
qopov qopov qopov qopov a dancer
ioo ioo ioo ioo to constrain
ioioo_o, ioioo_o, ioioo_o, ioioo_o, fighting violently
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, forcible, violent
io io io io bodily strength, force, power, might
iop|q, iop|q, iop|q, iop|q, supplying the necessaries of life
iooto, iooto, iooto, iooto, one must do violence to
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, one who uses force, a violent man
ioo ioo ioo ioo to constrain
ioo ioo ioo ioo to make to mount, to lift up, exalt
Page 132
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iooo iooo iooo iooo striding
ioo ioo ioo ioo to stride
iqi iqi iqi iqi to stride
iiivo, iiivo, iiivo, iiivo, , Biblian wine
iiio|oqio, iiio|oqio, iiio|oqio, iiio|oqio, a dealer in books
iiiov iiiov iiiov iiiov a paper, scroll, letter
iio, iio, iio, iio, the inner bark of the papyrus
ipoo|o ipoo|o ipoo|o ipoo|o to eat, eat up
i|o, i|o, i|o, i|o, a wine-jar
ivto ivto ivto ivto coire
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, giver of life
ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, life-giving
iooiio, iooiio, iooiio, iooiio, lively, strong, hale
ioptov ioptov ioptov ioptov supporting the life
io, io, io, io, a bow
io, io, io, io, life
iootpq, iootpq, iootpq, iootpq, reft of the means of life
iotio iotio iotio iotio a way of life
iotuo iotuo iotuo iotuo to live
ioq ioq ioq ioq a living, sustenance
ioiov ioiov ioiov ioiov a scant living
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, life
iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, penurious
ioo ioo ioo ioo to live, pass one's life
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, to be lived, worth living
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, manner of life
ioo|ooi ioo|ooi ioo|ooi ioo|ooi to quicken, make
ioto, ioto, ioto, ioto, one must live
ioi|o, ioi|o, ioi|o, ioi|o, of
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, to be lived, worth living
iotpo, iotpo, iotpo, iotpo, hurtful, noxious, disadvantageous
ioq ioq ioq ioq hurt, harm, damage
ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, having the knees bent inwards, bandylegged
ioioooi, ioioooi, ioioooi, ioioooi, distortion, retortion
io|tio io|tio io|tio io|tio laziness, stupidity
io|tuo io|tuo io|tuo io|tuo to be slack, lazy
io|i|o, io|i|o, io|i|o, io|i|o, lazy, stupid
io|oq, io|oq, io|oq, io|oq, lazy-like, lazy
io io io io slack
ioo ioo ioo ioo to disable, hinder, stop
iooovo iooovo iooovo iooovo to bud, sprout, grow
iooqo iooqo iooqo iooqo offspring, an offshoot
iooq iooq iooq iooq birth from
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, a sprout, shoot, sucker
iooqto iooqto iooqto iooqto to drop evil
iooqio iooqio iooqio iooqio a profane speech
Page 133
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, evil-speaking
iouq iouq iouq iouq a kind of slipper
ioi, ioi, ioi, ioi, a harming, damage
ioipov ioipov ioipov ioipov mad
ittoivo ittoivo ittoivo ittoivo to look fiercely, glare around
ito ito ito ito a look, glance
ito, ito, ito, ito, a look
itto, itto, itto, itto, one must look
iti|o, iti|o, iti|o, iti|o, of
ito, ito, ito, ito, to be seen, worth seeing
ito ito ito ito to see, have the power of sight
itopi, itopi, itopi, itopi, an eyelash
itopov itopov itopov itopov mostly in pl. the eyelids
iti, iti, iti, iti, sight
iqo iqo iqo iqo a throw, cast
iqto, iqto, iqto, iqto, one must put
iqpov iqpov iqpov iqpov a fastening, a band
iq_oooi iq_oooi iq_oooi iq_oooi to bleat
iq_q iq_q iq_q iq_q a bleating
iq_po, iq_po, iq_po, iq_po, weak, faint, slight
iq_oq, iq_oq, iq_oq, iq_oq, bleating, sheepish
iq_ovio, iq_ovio, iq_ovio, iq_ovio, prepared with pennyroyal
iq_ov iq_ov iq_ov iq_ov pennyroyal
iioqpi, iioqpi, iioqpi, iioqpi, honey-taking
iiooo, iiooo, iiooo, iiooo, a booby
iio iio iio iio to cut out the comb of bees, take the honey
iooupo, iooupo, iooupo, iooupo, grim, fierce
iooupoi, iooupoi, iooupoi, iooupoi, grim-looking
iuo iuo iuo iuo gush forth
iuoi, iuoi, iuoi, iuoi, a bubbling up
iopo, iopo, iopo, iopo, tall, stately
ioo|o ioo|o ioo|o ioo|o to go
ooypiov ooypiov ooypiov ooypiov a shield of wild bull's hide
ooypo, ooypo, ooypo, ooypo, a wild bull
ooo ooo ooo ooo a shriek, cry
oouio, oouio, oouio, oouio, an ox-stall
ooo ooo ooo ooo to cry aloud, to shout
otiq otiq otiq otiq an ox-hide, ox-hide shield
oti|o, oti|o, oti|o, oti|o, of
otio, otio, otio, otio, of an ox
otu, otu, otu, otu, a rope of ox-hide
oqytvq, oqytvq, oqytvq, oqytvq, born of an ox
oqpoto oqpoto oqpoto oqpoto to run to a cry for aid, haste to help
oqpoio oqpoio oqpoio oqpoio the succour given
oqpoiov oqpoiov oqpoiov oqpoiov the third Attic month
oqpoo, oqpoo, oqpoo, oqpoo, running to a cry for aid, giving succour, a helper
Page 134
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oqtio oqtio oqtio oqtio help, aid, rescue, support
oqto oqto oqto oqto to come to aid, to succour, assist, aid
oqqto, oqqto, oqqto, oqqto, one must help
oqoo, oqoo, oqoo, oqoo, hasting to the battle-shout, hasting to battle
oqo, oqo, oqo, oqo, assisting, auxiliary
oqiooio oqiooio oqiooio oqiooio a driving of oxen, cattle-lifting
oqioq, oqioq, oqioq, oqioq, one that drives away oxen, a cattle-lifter
oqioi|o, oqioi|o, oqioi|o, oqioi|o, of
oq oq oq oq a loud cry, shout
oqq, oqq, oqq, oqq, clamorous
oqu, oqu, oqu, oqu, a shouting, clamour
opo, opo, opo, opo, any hole
oioop_to oioop_to oioop_to oioop_to to be a Boeotarch
oioop_q, oioop_q, oioop_q, oioop_q, a Boeotarch
oioop_io oioop_io oioop_io oioop_io the office of Boeotarch
oioioo oioioo oioioo oioioo to play the Boeotian, speak Boeotian, side with the Boeotians
oioio oioio oioio oioio Boeotia
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, Boeotian
oioioupyq, oioioupyq, oioioupyq, oioioupyq, of Boeotian work
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, a Boeotian
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, violent
oio, oio, oio, oio, a bulb
oiq oiq oiq oiq a throw, the stroke
oiio oiio oiio oiio to heave the lead, take soundings
oii, oii, oii, oii, a javelin
oiiivo, oiiivo, oiiivo, oiiivo, of cow-dung
oiiov oiiov oiiov oiiov cow-dung
oio|uiq oio|uiq oio|uiq oio|uiq the rattling of the dice
oio, oio, oio, oio, a throw with a casting-net, a cast
oouiio, oouiio, oouiio, oouiio, a bagpiper
oto oto oto oto to make a booming, humming noise, to sound deep
oqti, oqti, oqti, oqti, humming, buzzing
oqq, oqq, oqq, oqq, a hummer, buzzer
oo, oo, oo, oo, a booming, humming
ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, an insect that hums
ooooyio ooooyio ooooyio ooooyio slaughter of oxen
opo opo opo opo eatage, meat
opopouo, opopouo, opopouo, opopouo, muddy-minded
opopo|oiq, opopo|oiq, opopo|oiq, opopo|oiq, mudcoucher
opopo, opopo, opopo, opopo, mud, mire
opopoopoi, opopoopoi, opopoopoi, opopoopoi, a mud-stirrer, mudlark
opopoq, opopoq, opopoq, opopoq, muddy, miry
opto, opto, opto, opto, the North wind
optio, optio, optio, optio, from the quarter of the North wind, northern
opqio, opqio, opqio, opqio, a Boread, daughter of Boreas
opo, opo, opo, opo, devouring, gluttonous
Page 135
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opuotvtiq, opuotvtiq, opuotvtiq, opuotvtiq, an inhabitant of the banks of the Borysthenes
opuotvq, opuotvq, opuotvq, opuotvq, the Borysthenes
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, food
oo|qo oo|qo oo|qo oo|qo that which is fed
oo|q oo|q oo|q oo|q fodder, food
oo|qto, oo|qto, oo|qto, oo|qto, one must feed
oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, oo|o, a herdsman
oo|o oo|o oo|o oo|o to feed, tend
ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ox-ford
oopu_qov oopu_qov oopu_qov oopu_qov like curls
oopu_o, oopu_o, oopu_o, oopu_o, a curl
ooio ooio ooio ooio pastures, meadows
oovq oovq oovq oovq grass, fodder
oqpi|o, oqpi|o, oqpi|o, oqpi|o, of
oqp oqp oqp oqp a herdsman, herd
oov oov oov oov a beast
opuov opuov opuov opuov like a bunch of grapes, in clusters
opuio, opuio, opuio, opuio, of grapes
opuoopo, opuoopo, opuoopo, opuoopo, grape-producing
opuoti, opuoti, opuoti, opuoti, clustering
opuooi, opuooi, opuooi, opuooi, grape-born, child of the grape
opuo_oiq, opuo_oiq, opuo_oiq, opuo_oiq, with clustering hair
opu, opu, opu, opu, a cluster
opu_oq, opu_oq, opu_oq, opu_oq, like curls, curly
opuoq, opuoq, opuoq, opuoq, like a bunch of grapes
ouoii, ouoii, ouoii, ouoii, antelope
ouoo, ouoo, ouoo, ouoo, grazed by cattle
oupooi, oupooi, oupooi, oupooi, eating enormously
ouovioo ouovioo ouovioo ouovioo to suffer from swellings in the groin
ouov ouov ouov ouov the groin
ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, ouyoio, a great bully
ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, flaying oxen
outpq, outpq, outpq, outpq, affording summer-pasture
ouoivq, ouoivq, ouoivq, ouoivq, beef-eater
ouuoio ouuoio ouuoio ouuoio a sacrifice of oxen
ouuto ouuto ouuto ouuto to slay
ouuo, ouuo, ouuo, ouuo, of
ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, cowherd
ou|tpo, ou|tpo, ou|tpo, ou|tpo, horned like an ox
ou|toio, ou|toio, ou|toio, ou|toio, bull-headed
ou|oito ou|oito ou|oito ou|oito to tend cattle
ou|oiqo ou|oiqo ou|oiqo ou|oiqo a beguilement
ou|oiioooi ou|oiioooi ou|oiioooi ou|oiioooi to sing
ou|oiio ou|oiio ou|oiio ou|oiio a herd of cattle
ou|oiiooq, ou|oiiooq, ou|oiiooq, ou|oiiooq, a pastoral poet
ou|oii|o, ou|oii|o, ou|oii|o, ou|oii|o, pastoral
Page 136
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ou|oiiov ou|oiiov ou|oiiov ou|oiiov a herd of cattle
ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, ou|oio, a cowherd, herdsman
ouioio, ouioio, ouioio, ouioio, of the council
ouiop_to ouiop_to ouiop_to ouiop_to to be a
ouiop_o, ouiop_o, ouiop_o, ouiop_o, chief of the senate
ouituo ouituo ouituo ouituo a deliberate resolution, purpose, design, plan
ouituoi, ouituoi, ouituoi, ouituoi, deliberation
ouituto, ouituto, ouituto, ouituto, one must take counsel
ouituqpiov ouituqpiov ouituqpiov ouituqpiov a council-chamber, senate-house
ouituqpio, ouituqpio, ouituqpio, ouituqpio, advising
ouituq, ouituq, ouituq, ouituq, a councillor, senator
ouitui|o, ouitui|o, ouitui|o, ouitui|o, of
ouituo, ouituo, ouituo, ouituo, devised, plotted
ouituo ouituo ouituo ouituo to take counsel, deliberate, concert measures
ouiqti, ouiqti, ouiqti, ouiqti, of good counsel
ouiq ouiq ouiq ouiq will, determination
ouiqoi, ouiqoi, ouiqoi, ouiqoi, a willing
ouiqo, ouiqo, ouiqo, ouiqo, that is
ouiqopo, ouiqopo, ouiqopo, ouiqopo, counselling, advising
ouiiio ouiiio ouiiio ouiiio ravenous hunger
ouiiioo ouiiioo ouiiioo ouiiioo to suffer from
ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, sage
ouiooi ouiooi ouiooi ouiooi to will, wish, be willing
ouioo_o, ouioo_o, ouioo_o, ouioo_o, strife-desiring
ouiuovt ouiuovt ouiuovt ouiuovt towards even, at eventide
ouiuo, ouiuo, ouiuo, ouiuo, the time for unyoking oxen, evening
ouoiyo, ouoiyo, ouoiyo, ouoiyo, cow-milking
ouviq, ouviq, ouviq, ouviq, a dweller on the hills
ouvooto ouvooto ouvooto ouvooto to walk the hills
ouvotiq, ouvotiq, ouvotiq, ouvotiq, hilly
ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, grazed by cattle
ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, ouvoo, of oxen at pasture
ouvo, ouvo, ouvo, ouvo, a hill, mound
ouoi, ouoi, ouoi, ouoi, a big boy
ouoitio, ouoitio, ouoitio, ouoitio, like Bupalus
ouoii, ouoii, ouoii, ouoii, wrestling like a bull
ouoov ouoov ouoov ouoov rich in cattle
ouiooq, ouiooq, ouiooq, ouiooq, cow-modeller
ouiq|po, ouiq|po, ouiq|po, ouiq|po, goading oxen
ouiq ouiq ouiq ouiq an ox-goad
ouoiqv ouoiqv ouoiqv ouoiqv a herdsman
ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, ox-piercing
oupopo, oupopo, oupopo, oupopo, with the face of an ox
ou ou ou ou huge
ou, ou, ou, ou, cow
ouooov ouooov ouooov ouooov an ox-stall
Page 137
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ouopoo, ouopoo, ouopoo, ouopoo, ox-guiding
ouooyto ouooyto ouooyto ouooyto to slaughter oxen
ouq, ouq, ouq, ouq, a herdsman
ouoov ouoov ouoov ouoov butomus, the flowering rush
ouoyo, ouoyo, ouoyo, ouoyo, ox-eating
ouovto ouovto ouovto ouovto to slaughter oxen
ouovio ouovio ouovio ouovio sc
ouovo, ouovo, ouovo, ouovo, ox-slaying, ox-offering
ouopto ouopto ouopto ouopto to tend cattle
ouopio ouopio ouopio ouopio a herd of oxen
ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, ouopo, ox-feeding
ou_ovq, ou_ovq, ou_ovq, ou_ovq, holding a whole ox
oovq, oovq, oovq, oovq, an officer who bought oxen for the sacrifices
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, ox-eyed
ooto ooto ooto ooto to plough
ooq, ooq, ooq, ooq, a ploughman
potio potio potio potio arbitration, judgment
potiov potiov potiov potiov a prize in the games
potu, potu, potu, potu, the judge who assigned the prizes at the games
potuo potuo potuo potuo to act as a judge
pouiov pouiov pouiov pouiov a wild plum
poy_o, poy_o, poy_o, poy_o, hoarse
poy_o, poy_o, poy_o, poy_o, hoarseness
pouvo pouvo pouvo pouvo to make slow, delay
poutiq, poutiq, poutiq, poutiq, slow to believe
pouioto pouioto pouioto pouioto to sail slowly
pouou, pouou, pouou, pouou, slow of foot, slow
pouo|tiq, pouo|tiq, pouo|tiq, pouo|tiq, slow of leg
pou, pou, pou, pou, slow
pouq, pouq, pouq, pouq, slowness
po|o, po|o, po|o, po|o, a rich woman's-garment
poooo poooo poooo poooo to shake violently, throw up
po_to po_to po_to po_to shallows
po_tiv po_tiv po_tiv po_tiv to rattle, clash, ring
po_iovioqp po_iovioqp po_iovioqp po_iovioqp an armlet
po_iov po_iov po_iov po_iov the arm
po_uio, po_uio, po_uio, po_uio, short-lived
po_uoio, po_uoio, po_uoio, po_uoio, with small
po_uyvoov po_uyvoov po_uyvoov po_uyvoov of small understanding
po_upoo, po_upoo, po_upoo, po_upoo, running a short way
po_u|oio, po_u|oio, po_u|oio, po_u|oio, with short limbs
po_uioyio po_uioyio po_uioyio po_uioyio brevity in speech
po_uioyo, po_uioyo, po_uioyo, po_uioyo, short in speech, of few words
po_uvo po_uvo po_uvo po_uvo to shorten, to use as a short syllable
po_uopo, po_uopo, po_uopo, po_uopo, with a short passage
po_u, po_u, po_u, po_u, short
Page 138
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
po_uouoio, po_uouoio, po_uouoio, po_uouoio, bringing a small contribution
po_uq, po_uq, po_uq, po_uq, shortness
po_uovo, po_uovo, po_uovo, po_uovo, reaching but a short way
po_upo_qio, po_upo_qio, po_upo_qio, po_upo_qio, short-necked
po_uuiio, po_uuiio, po_uuiio, po_uuiio, with few leaves
ptyo ptyo ptyo ptyo the front part of the head
pt|t|t|t pt|t|t|t pt|t|t|t pt|t|t|t the croaking of frogs
pto pto pto pto to roar
pti, pti, pti, pti, a wetting
pto, pto, pto, pto, a wooden image of a god
pto, pto, pto, pto, the babe in the womb
pt_o, pt_o, pt_o, pt_o, the top of the head
pt_o pt_o pt_o pt_o to be wetted, get wet
piopto, piopto, piopto, piopto, Aegaeon
piopo, piopo, piopo, piopo, strong, stout
pioo pioo pioo pioo to make
pio pio pio pio to be sleepy, to slumber, nod
piquo, piquo, piquo, piquo, loud-shouting
pio, pio, pio, pio, weight
pioouvq pioouvq pioouvq pioouvq weight, heaviness
piuvoo, piuvoo, piuvoo, piuvoo, grave-minded, thoughtful
piu, piu, piu, piu, weighty, heavy
pio pio pio pio to be heavy
pioooi pioooi pioooi pioooi to snort with anger, to be indignant
piq piq piq piq strength, bulk
pioopoo, pioopoo, pioopoo, pioopoo, chariot-loading
poto poto poto poto to buzz
poio, poio, poio, poio, sounding, boisterous
poio, poio, poio, poio, Bacchic
poo, poo, poo, poo, crackling
povoo povoo povoo povoo to thunder
povqo povqo povqo povqo a thunder-clap
povq povq povq povq thunder
povqoi|tpouvo, povqoi|tpouvo, povqoi|tpouvo, povqoi|tpouvo, sending thunder and lightning
povq, povq, povq, povq, thunderer
potio, potio, potio, potio, mortal, human, of mortal mould
poooov poooov poooov poooov trampling on men
pooyqpu, pooyqpu, pooyqpu, pooyqpu, with human voice
pooti, pooti, pooti, pooti, gory, blood-boltered
poo|ovto poo|ovto poo|ovto poo|ovto to murder men
poo|ovo, poo|ovo, poo|ovo, poo|ovo, man-slaying, homicidal
pooioiyo, pooioiyo, pooioiyo, pooioiyo, plague of man, bane of men
pooooi pooooi pooooi pooooi to be stained with gore
pooo|oo, pooo|oo, pooo|oo, pooo|oo, taking note of man
poo, poo, poo, poo, blood that has run from a wound, gore
poo, poo, poo, poo, a mortal man
Page 139
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
pooouyq, pooouyq, pooouyq, pooouyq, hated by men
pootyyq, pootyyq, pootyyq, pootyyq, giving light to men
pooopo, pooopo, pooopo, pooopo, man-destroying
po_to, po_to, po_to, po_to, a wetting, rain
po_q po_q po_q po_q rain
po_o, po_o, po_o, po_o, the throat
po_i, po_i, po_i, po_i, an ink-horn
po_o, po_o, po_o, po_o, a noose
po_o po_o po_o po_o to gulp down
pu|o pu|o pu|o pu|o to eat with much noise, to eat greedily
puiio puiio puiio puiio to cry for drink
puv puv puv puv bryn
puov puov puov puov a kind of mossy sea-weed
pu_oooi pu_oooi pu_oooi pu_oooi to roar, bellow
pu_qov pu_qov pu_qov pu_qov with gnashing of teeth
pu_qo pu_qo pu_qo pu_qo bellowing, roaring
pu_qq, pu_qq, pu_qq, pu_qq, a bellower, roarer
pu_io, pu_io, pu_io, pu_io, from the depths of the sea
puo puo puo puo to be full to bursting
pooooi pooooi pooooi pooooi to bray
poo poo poo poo that which is eaten, food, meat
poooiooq poooiooq poooiooq poooiooq the false pleasure of eating made dishes
poq poq poq poq food
pooio, pooio, pooio, pooio, eatable
pooi, pooi, pooi, pooi, meat
poqp poqp poqp poqp eating
poo, poo, poo, poo, to be eaten
uiivo, uiivo, uiivo, uiivo, made of byblus
uio, uio, uio, uio, the Egyptian papyrus
uqv uqv uqv uqv close pressed, closely
uio uio uio uio to sink
uio, uio, uio, uio, in the deep, sunken
uo, uo, uo, uo, the depth
u|q, u|q, u|q, u|q, swelling, blustering
uvto uvto uvto uvto to stuff
upooito, upooito, upooito, upooito, leather-eagle
upoo upoo upoo upoo the skin stripped off, a hide
upotu, upotu, upotu, upotu, a tanner
upoivq upoivq upoivq upoivq a leathern thong
upootto upootto upootto upootto to dress
upootq, upootq, upootq, upootq, a tanner
upoooyq, upoooyq, upoooyq, upoooyq, made of hides
upoooioyov upoooioyov upoooioyov upoooioyov leather-Paphlagonian
upoooiq, upoooiq, upoooiq, upoooiq, a leather-seller
upootvq, upootvq, upootvq, upootvq, with skin stretched over it
uooivo, uooivo, uooivo, uooivo, made of
Page 140
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uooootuo uooootuo uooootuo uooootuo to build in the deep
uoootv uoootv uoootv uoootv from the bottom
uoootpq, uoootpq, uoootpq, uoootpq, measuring the deeps
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, the depth of the sea, the bottom
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, a fine flax
uooopov uooopov uooopov uooopov deep-thinking
uoooo uoooo uoooo uoooo nets, which stopped the passage
uo uo uo uo to stuff
oio, oio, oio, oio, a lump of earth, a clod
oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, oiooo, clod-breaking
oio, oio, oio, oio, of an altar
oi, oi, oi, oi, a step
ootiq, ootiq, ootiq, ootiq, like an altar
ooio_tuo ooio_tuo ooio_tuo ooio_tuo a piece of low flattery
ooio_tuooi ooio_tuooi ooio_tuooi ooio_tuooi to use low flattery, indulge in ribaldry
ooio_io ooio_io ooio_io ooio_io buffoonery, ribaldry
ooio_i|o, ooio_i|o, ooio_i|o, ooio_i|o, inclined to ribaldry
ooio_o, ooio_o, ooio_o, ooio_o, one that lurked about the altars for the scraps that could be got there, a half-starved beggar
oo, oo, oo, oo, any raised platform, a stand
oopto oopto oopto oopto to call on
oiovtipo oiovtipo oiovtipo oiovtipo man-feeding, nurse of heroes
yoyyoov yoyyoov yoyyoov yoyyoov a small round net
yotipotv yotipotv yotipotv yotipotv from Cadiz
yotipoio, yotipoio, yotipoio, yotipoio, of Gibraltar
yoouio|iov yoouio|iov yoouio|iov yoouio|iov a treasury
yoouio yoouio yoouio yoouio a treasurer
yoio yoio yoio yoio a land, country
yoiqio, yoiqio, yoiqio, yoiqio, sprung from Gaia
yoiqo_o, yoiqo_o, yoiqo_o, yoiqo_o, earth-upholding
yoio, yoio, yoio, yoio, on land
yoio yoio yoio yoio to exult
yoioqvo, yoioqvo, yoioqvo, yoioqvo, sucking, young, tender
yoio|ivo, yoio|ivo, yoio|ivo, yoio|ivo, milky, milk-white
yoio|ooyq, yoio|ooyq, yoio|ooyq, yoio|ooyq, like curdled milk
yoio|ooq, yoio|ooq, yoio|ooq, yoio|ooq, a milk-drinker
yoio|ooyo, yoio|ooyo, yoio|ooyo, yoio|ooyo, milk-fed
yoio yoio yoio yoio milk
yoitq yoitq yoitq yoitq a weasel, marten-cat
yoitpo, yoitpo, yoitpo, yoitpo, cheerful
yoitoq, yoitoq, yoitoq, yoitoq, a spotted lizard
yoiqvq yoiqvq yoiqvq yoiqvq stillness of the sea, calm
yoiqvioo yoiqvioo yoiqvioo yoiqvioo to be calm
yoiqvo, yoiqvo, yoiqvo, yoiqvo, calm
yoioo, yoioo, yoioo, yoioo, a husband's sister
yopo, yopo, yopo, yopo, any one connected by marriage
yotq yotq yotq yotq a married woman, wife
Page 141
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
yotq, yotq, yotq, yotq, a husband, spouse
yoti, yoti, yoti, yoti, a wife
yoto yoto yoto yoto to marry
yoqiio, yoqiio, yoqiio, yoqiio, belonging to a wedding, bridal
yoqiiov yoqiiov yoqiiov yoqiiov the seventh month of the Attic year
yoio yoio yoio yoio to give in marriage
yoi|o, yoi|o, yoi|o, yoi|o, of
yoo yoo yoo yoo three, third
yoo|ioo, yoo|ioo, yoo|ioo, yoo|ioo, adulterous
yoo, yoo, yoo, yoo, a wedding, wedding-feast
yooooio, yooooio, yooooio, yooooio, preparing a wedding
yoqioi yoqioi yoqioi yoqioi the jaws
yoo, yoo, yoo, yoo, curved
yoovu yoovu yoovu yoovu with crooked talons
yovoo yovoo yovoo yovoo to shine, glitter, gleam
yovo, yovo, yovo, yovo, brightness, sheen: gladness, joy, pride
yovoo yovoo yovoo yovoo to make bright
yovuoi yovuoi yovuoi yovuoi to brighten up
yooo, yooo, yooo, yooo, to be drunk up by Earth
yopyoiio yopyoiio yopyoiio yopyoiio to tickle
yopyopo yopyopo yopyopo yopyopo heaps, lots, plenty
yop yop yop yop for
yooqp yooqp yooqp yooqp the paunch, belly
yoopo yoopo yoopo yoopo the lower part
yoopio yoopio yoopio yoopio to punch
yoopiopyio yoopiopyio yoopiopyio yoopiopyio gluttony
yoopiopyo, yoopiopyo, yoopiopyo, yoopiopyo, gluttonous
yoopi, yoopi, yoopi, yoopi, a glutton
yoopoopq, yoopoopq, yoopoopq, yoopoopq, heavy with child
yoopotiq, yoopotiq, yoopotiq, yoopotiq, paunchlike, round
yoopoopto yoopoopto yoopoopto yoopoopto to bear in the belly
yoopoq, yoopoq, yoopoq, yoopoq, pot-bellied
Page 142
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
yoopov yoopov yoopov yoopov
gato/moj;cleaving the ground
gaulo/j;a milk-pail
gau=loj;a round-built Phoenician merchant vessel
gauri/ama;arrogance, exultation
gauria/w;to bear oneself proudly, prance
gauro/omai;to exult
gau=roj;exulting in
gauro/thj;exultation, ferocity
gau/rwma;a subject for boasting
gau/sapoj;rough cloth
ge/gwna;to call out so as to be heard
gegwne/w;to tell out, proclaim
gegwni/skw;to cry aloud
geiaro/thj;a plougher of earth
gei/nomai;to be born
gei=son;the projecting part of the roof, the eaves, cornice, coping
geitni/asij;neighbourhood: the neighbours
geitnia/w;to be a neighbour, to border on
geito/nhma;neighbourhood: a neighbouring place
gei/twn;one of the same land, a neighbour
gelasei/w;to be like to laugh, ready to laugh
to, to, to, to, one must discourse
ioit|i|o, ioit|i|o, ioit|i|o, ioit|i|o, skilled in logical argument
ioit|o, ioit|o, ioit|o, ioit|o, discourse: discussion, debate, arguing
ioiti, ioiti, ioiti, ioiti, discourse, arguing
ioitoioytooi ioitoioytooi ioitoioytooi ioitoioytooi to discourse subtly, chop logic
ioiqto, ioiqto, ioiqto, ioiqto, one must distinguish
ioiioyq ioiioyq ioiioyq ioiioyq interchange, exchange
ioiioyo ioiioyo ioiioyo ioiioyo a substitute, changeling
ioiio|qp ioiio|qp ioiio|qp ioiio|qp a mediator
ioiioooo ioiioooo ioiioooo ioiioooo to change one with another, interchange
ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi to leap across
ioioyiooi ioioyiooi ioioyiooi ioioyiooi to balance accounts
ioioyioo, ioioyioo, ioioyioo, ioioyioo, a balancing of accounts
ioioyo, ioioyo, ioioyo, ioioyo, a conversation, dialogue
ioioioptooi ioioioptooi ioioioptooi ioioioptooi to rail furiously at
ioiuoivooi ioiuoivooi ioiuoivooi ioiuoivooi to maltreat shamefully, undo utterly
ioiuoi, ioiuoi, ioiuoi, ioiuoi, a loosing one from another, separating, parting
ioiuto, ioiuto, ioiuto, ioiuto, one must dissolve
ioiuq, ioiuq, ioiuq, ioiuq, a dissolver, breaker-up
ioiuo, ioiuo, ioiuo, ioiuo, capable of dissolution
Page 143
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioiuo ioiuo ioiuo ioiuo to loose one from another, to part asunder, undo
ioiioo ioiioo ioiioo ioiioo to fill full of barley meal
ioouvo ioouvo ioouvo ioouvo to grind to powder, utterly destroy
ioovtuooi ioovtuooi ioovtuooi ioovtuooi to determine by an oracle
ioopovo ioopovo ioopovo ioopovo to go astray from
ioopio ioopio ioopio ioopio a total mistake
ioopupto ioopupto ioopupto ioopupto to use a
ioopupio ioopupio ioopupio ioopupio evidence given to prevent
ioopupooi ioopupooi ioopupooi ioopupooi to protest solemnly
iooooo iooooo iooooo iooooo to knead thoroughly, knead well
ioooiyoo ioooiyoo ioooiyoo ioooiyoo to scourge severely
iooopotuo iooopotuo iooopotuo iooopotuo to pander
ioo_qto, ioo_qto, ioo_qto, ioo_qto, one must deny absolutely
ioo_ooi ioo_ooi ioo_ooi ioo_ooi to fight
iooo iooo iooo iooo to cut through
iotiqi iotiqi iotiqi iotiqi to let go, give up, leave off
iotio iotio iotio iotio to exchange
iotipo|ituooi iotipo|ituooi iotipo|ituooi iotipo|ituooi to strive hotly with
iotii, iotii, iotii, iotii, an exchange
iotioivo iotioivo iotioivo iotioivo to make quite black
iotitioi iotitioi iotitioi iotitioi limb by limb, limb-meal
iotiiqoi, iotiiqoi, iotiiqoi, iotiiqoi, a being on the point
iotiio iotiio iotiio iotiio to be always going
iotooi iotooi iotooi iotooi to blame greatly
iotvo iotvo iotvo iotvo to remain by, stand by
iotpio iotpio iotpio iotpio to distribute
iotpioo, iotpioo, iotpioo, iotpioo, division, dissension
iotpto iotpto iotpto iotpto to measure through, out
iotpqo, iotpqo, iotpqo, iotpqo, measured out
iotpov iotpov iotpov iotpov a measured allowance, rations
iotpo, iotpo, iotpo, iotpo, the diameter
ioq_ovoooi ioq_ovoooi ioq_ovoooi ioq_ovoooi to bring about, contrive
ioi|poioytooi ioi|poioytooi ioi|poioytooi ioi|poioytooi to deal meanly
ioiiioooi ioiiioooi ioiiioooi ioiiioooi to contend hotly, strive earnestly
ioivqo|ooi ioivqo|ooi ioivqo|ooi ioivqo|ooi to keep in memory
ioioto ioioto ioioto ioioto to hate bitterly
ioiouiio ioiouiio ioiouiio ioiouiio to cut up piecemeal
iovqovtuo iovqovtuo iovqovtuo iovqovtuo to call to mind, remember
iooipoo iooipoo iooipoo iooipoo to divide, rend asunder
ioo ioo ioo ioo right through, through and through
iotpt, iotpt, iotpt, iotpt, through and through, right through, clean through
iouoito, iouoito, iouoito, iouoito, drenching
iouoioyto iouoioyto iouoioyto iouoioyto to communicate by word, to express in speech
iouiioivo iouiioivo iouiioivo iouiioivo to make mouths
ioiio, ioiio, ioiio, ioiio, utterly different
ioioqto ioioqto ioioqto ioioqto to dispute
Page 144
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioioqqoi, ioioqqoi, ioioqqoi, ioioqqoi, a disputing, dispute
iovoyiyvoo|o iovoyiyvoo|o iovoyiyvoo|o iovoyiyvoo|o to read through
iovoouooi iovoouooi iovoouooi iovoouooi to rest awhile
iovoooo iovoooo iovoooo iovoooo to stop chinks: to caulk ships
iovouo_to iovouo_to iovouo_to iovouo_to to maintain a sea-fight
iovoo iovoo iovoo iovoo to flow through, percolate
iovi_o iovi_o iovi_o iovi_o two ways
iovtqoi, iovtqoi, iovtqoi, iovtqoi, a distribution
iovtqto, iovtqto, iovtqto, iovtqto, one must distribute
iovtqi|o, iovtqi|o, iovtqi|o, iovtqi|o, distributive
iovtoooi iovtoooi iovtoooi iovtoooi to flutter in the wind
iovto iovto iovto iovto to distribute, apportion
iovtooi iovtooi iovtooi iovtooi to go through
iovto iovto iovto iovto to swim across
iovio iovio iovio iovio to adorn with flowers
iovioooi iovioooi iovioooi iovioooi to stand aloof from, depart from
iovotooi iovotooi iovotooi iovotooi to be minded, intend, purpose
iovoqo iovoqo iovoqo iovoqo a thought, notion
iovoqi|o, iovoqi|o, iovoqi|o, iovoqi|o, of
iovoio iovoio iovoio iovoio a thought, intention, purpose
iovoiyo iovoiyo iovoiyo iovoiyo to open
iovotu, iovotu, iovotu, iovotu, a distributer
iovoq iovoq iovoq iovoq a distribution
iovoio, iovoio, iovoio, iovoio, extending throughout, right through
iovito iovito iovito iovito to drain out, exhaust
iovu|tptuo iovu|tptuo iovu|tptuo iovu|tptuo to pass the night
iovuo iovuo iovuo iovuo to bring quite to an end, accomplish, finish
ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi to fight to the death
iooioyoyto iooioyoyto iooioyoyto iooioyoyto to attend children
iooituooi iooituooi iooituooi iooituooi to go through a course of education
iooioio iooioio iooioio iooioio to continue wrestling, go on wrestling
iooiq iooiq iooiq iooiq a hard struggle
iooiio iooiio iooiio iooiio to distribute by lot
iooiuvo iooiuvo iooiuvo iooiuvo to shiver, shatter
ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, throughout.
ioooivo ioooivo ioooivo ioooivo to look timidly round
ioopopiq ioopopiq ioopopiq ioopopiq violent contention
iooptvtuo iooptvtuo iooptvtuo iooptvtuo to deflower a maiden
ioooooituo ioooooituo ioooooituo ioooooituo to stretch out by nailing the extremities
iooooo iooooo iooooo iooooo to sprinkle
ioouo ioouo ioouo ioouo to make to cease
iotiito iotiito iotiito iotiito to threaten violently
iotivoo iotivoo iotivoo iotivoo to hunger one against the other, to have a starving-match
io io io io through c. gen. through, by means of c. acc.
iotipo iotipo iotipo iotipo an experiment, trial
iotipoooi iotipoooi iotipoooi iotipoooi to make trial
Page 145
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iotipo iotipo iotipo iotipo to drive through
ioto ioto ioto ioto to send off in different directions, send to and fro, send about
iotvto iotvto iotvto iotvto to mourn through
iotpoivo iotpoivo iotpoivo iotpoivo to bring to a conclusion, discuss thoroughly
iotpoioo iotpoioo iotpoioo iotpoioo to take across, ferry over
iotpoo iotpoo iotpoo iotpoo to go over
iotpo iotpo iotpo iotpo to destroy utterly, sack, lay waste
iotp_ooi iotp_ooi iotp_ooi iotp_ooi to slip away one by one
iotooi iotooi iotooi iotooi to fly through
ioqyvui ioqyvui ioqyvui ioqyvui to fix thoroughly
ioqoo ioqoo ioqoo ioqoo to leap across
ioioivo ioioivo ioioivo ioioivo to make very fat
ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi ioiiooi to be quite full of
ioivo ioivo ioivo ioivo to drink one against another, challenge at drinking
ioipoo|o ioipoo|o ioipoo|o ioipoo|o to sell off
ioio ioio ioio ioio to fall away, slip away, escape
ioiotuo ioiotuo ioiotuo ioiotuo to entrust to
ioioto ioioto ioioto ioioto to distrust utterly
ioioooo ioioooo ioioooo ioioooo to form completely, mould
ioiouvo ioiouvo ioiouvo ioiouvo to make very wide, dilate
ioit|o ioit|o ioit|o ioit|o to interweave, to weave together, plait
ioito ioito ioito ioito to sail across
ioiq|iooi ioiq|iooi ioiq|iooi ioiq|iooi to spar with, skirmish with
ioiqooo ioiqooo ioiqooo ioiqooo to break
ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, sailing continually
iovto iovto iovto iovto to blow through
iooi|iiio iooi|iiio iooi|iiio iooi|iiio to variegate, adorn
iooitto iooitto iooitto iooitto to carry the war through, end the war
iooitqoi, iooitqoi, iooitqoi, iooitqoi, a finishing of the war
iooiiop|to iooiiop|to iooiiop|to iooiiop|to to besiege continually, to blockade
iooiituooi iooiituooi iooiituooi iooiituooi to be a political rival
iootuo iootuo iootuo iootuo to carry the procession to an end
iooq iooq iooq iooq a sending to and fro, interchange of messages, negotiation
ioovto ioovto ioovto ioovto to work out with labour
ioovqo ioovqo ioovqo ioovqo hard labour, exercise
ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, exercised
ioovio, ioovio, ioovio, ioovio, beyond sea
iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo to carry over, set across
ioopto ioopto ioopto ioopto to be quite at a loss
ioopto ioopto ioopto ioopto to be utterly ruined
iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo to carry over
ioootiio ioootiio ioootiio ioootiio to send off in different directions, dispatch
iopoyotuooi iopoyotuooi iopoyotuooi iopoyotuooi to examine thoroughly
iopoi, iopoi, iopoi, iopoi, dispatch of business
iopoooo iopoooo iopoooo iopoooo to pass over
ioptq, ioptq, ioptq, ioptq, eminent, distinguished, illustrious
Page 146
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iopto iopto iopto iopto to appear prominent
ioptotuooi ioptotuooi ioptotuooi ioptotuooi to send embassies to different places
iopio iopio iopio iopio to saw quite through, saw asunder
iopo iopo iopo iopo right through
iopuoio, iopuoio, iopuoio, iopuoio, going through, piercing
iooio iooio iooio iooio to stutter much
iooto iooto iooto iooto to scare away, startle and strike with panic, fear
iouooo iouooo iouooo iouooo to open and spread out, to unfold, disclose
iou_q iou_q iou_q iou_q a fold, folding leaf
iouo iouo iouo iouo to spit upon
iou|tuo iou|tuo iou|tuo iou|tuo to spar, fight with
iouvovooi iouvovooi iouvovooi iouvovooi to search out by questioning, to find out
ioupo, ioupo, ioupo, ioupo, red-hot
ioupoo ioupoo ioupoo ioupoo to set on fire
ioupotuo ioupotuo ioupotuo ioupotuo to throw a light over
iooito iooito iooito iooito to sell publicly
iopoooo iopoooo iopoooo iopoooo to strike through
iooio iooio iooio iooio to go across
iopyto, iopyto, iopyto, iopyto, fleckt with white
ioppoo ioppoo ioppoo ioppoo to divide by joints, to articulate
iopito iopito iopito iopito to reckon up one by one, enumerate
iop|to iop|to iop|to iop|to to have full strength, be quite sufficient
iop|q, iop|q, iop|q, iop|q, quite sufficient
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to distribute in various places, dispose
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to tear in pieces
ioppoivooi ioppoivooi ioppoivooi ioppoivooi to flow all ways
ioppoio ioppoio ioppoio ioppoio to dash in pieces, destroy
ioppto ioppto ioppto ioppto to flow through
ioppqyvui ioppqyvui ioppqyvui ioppqyvui to break through, cleave asunder
ioppqqv ioppqqv ioppqqv ioppqqv expressly, distinctly, explicitly
ioppio ioppio ioppio ioppio a casting about
ioppio ioppio ioppio ioppio to cast
ioppii, ioppii, ioppii, ioppii, a scattering
ioppoq ioppoq ioppoq ioppoq that through which something flows, a pipe
ioppoto ioppoto ioppoto ioppoto to roar through
ioppoio ioppoio ioppoio ioppoio diarrhoea
ioppoito ioppoito ioppoito ioppoito to whizz through
ioppuov ioppuov ioppuov ioppuov flowing away, vanishing
ioppuo, ioppuo, ioppuo, ioppuo, intersected by streams
ioppo ioppo ioppo ioppo rent asunder
iopoto iopoto iopoto iopoto to cut limb from limb
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to suspend, interrupt
ioooivo ioooivo ioooivo ioooivo to fawn upon
ioooipo ioooipo ioooipo ioooipo grinning like a dog, sneering
ioooituo ioooituo ioooituo ioooituo to shake violently: to reduce to anarchy
ioooto ioooto ioooto ioooto to make quite clear, shew plainly
Page 147
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioooqvio ioooqvio ioooqvio ioooqvio to make quite clear
iootioo, iootioo, iootioo, iootioo, shaken about
iootio iootio iootio iootio to shake violently
iootuooi iootuooi iootuooi iootuooi to dart through, rush across
iooqoivo iooqoivo iooqoivo iooqoivo to mark out, point out clearly
iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, clear, distinct
iooqooi iooqooi iooqooi iooqooi to putrefy, decay
iooio iooio iooio iooio the festival of Zeus
iooio iooio iooio iooio to hiss
iooiooo iooiooo iooiooo iooiooo to remain silent
ioo|ovi|io ioo|ovi|io ioo|ovi|io ioo|ovi|io to dose with chervil
ioo|oo ioo|oo ioo|oo ioo|oo to dig through
ioo|tovvui ioo|tovvui ioo|tovvui ioo|tovvui to scatter abroad, scatter to the winds, disperse
ioo|tuoo ioo|tuoo ioo|tuoo ioo|tuoo to get quite ready, equip
ioo|tuoptooi ioo|tuoptooi ioo|tuoptooi ioo|tuoptooi to set all in order
ioo|to ioo|to ioo|to ioo|to to deck out
ioo|qvoo ioo|qvoo ioo|qvoo ioo|qvoo to disperse and retire each to his quarters
ioo|qvqto, ioo|qvqto, ioo|qvqto, ioo|qvqto, one must take up one's quarters
ioo|qpio ioo|qpio ioo|qpio ioo|qpio to prop on each side, to prop up
ioo|ipoo ioo|ipoo ioo|ipoo ioo|ipoo to leap about
ioo|oto ioo|oto ioo|oto ioo|oto to look at in different ways, to examine
ioo|oioooi ioo|oioooi ioo|oioooi ioo|oioooi to watch as from a
ioo|opio ioo|opio ioo|opio ioo|opio to scatter abroad
ioo|oooi ioo|oooi ioo|oooi ioo|oooi to jest one with another, pass jokes to and fro
ioooo ioooo ioooo ioooo to wipe
iooq_o iooq_o iooq_o iooq_o to rub well
iooiituo iooiituo iooiituo iooiituo to polish off with the chisel
ioooiooi ioooiooi ioooiooi ioooiooi to quibble like a sophist
iooooo iooooo iooooo iooooo to squander away
iooopo|o, iooopo|o, iooopo|o, iooopo|o, torn to pieces
iooopoooo iooopoooo iooopoooo iooopoooo to rend in sunder
iooooo iooooo iooooo iooooo a gap
ioooo ioooo ioooo ioooo to tear asunder, part forcibly
iootipo iootipo iootipo iootipo to scatter abroad, throw about
iooopo iooopo iooopo iooopo dispersion
iooouoo iooouoo iooouoo iooouoo to do zealously
iooooooi iooooooi iooooooi iooooooi to order by rule, regulate
iooooioo iooooioo iooooioo iooooioo to form into separate factions
iooooi, iooooi, iooooi, iooooi, a standing aloof, separation
ioooi|o, ioooi|o, ioooi|o, ioooi|o, separative, causing discord
ioooupoo ioooupoo ioooupoo ioooupoo to fortify with a palisade
iooti_o iooti_o iooti_o iooti_o to go through
iootiio iootiio iootiio iootiio to put asunder, tear open
iootvo, iootvo, iootvo, iootvo, very narrow
iootpo, iootpo, iootpo, iootpo, starred
iooqo iooqo iooqo iooqo an interval
Page 148
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iooqpio iooqpio iooqpio iooqpio to make firm
iooiio iooiio iooiio iooiio to gleam through
ioooioo ioooioo ioooioo ioooioo to stuff in between
ioooi_iooi ioooi_iooi ioooi_iooi ioooi_iooi to arrange for oneself regularly, regulate exactly
ioooiq ioooiq ioooiq ioooiq a notch
ioopoqyto ioopoqyto ioopoqyto ioopoqyto to serve as a general, assume his duties
ioopto ioopto ioopto ioopto to turn different ways, to twist about, distort
ioopoq ioopoq ioopoq ioopoq distortion
ioopoo, ioopoo, ioopoo, ioopoo, twisted, distorted
iooupo iooupo iooupo iooupo to tear in pieces
ioooipio ioooipio ioooipio ioooipio to throw about like a ball
iooo|qp iooo|qp iooo|qp iooo|qp murderous
ioooiio ioooiio ioooiio ioooiio to overturn utterly
iooo iooo iooo iooo any opening made by violence, a cleft, rocky gorge
iootvovoo iootvovoo iootvovoo iootvovoo to scatter as by a sling:&mdash
iooq|oooi iooq|oooi iooq|oooi iooq|oooi to be made like a wasp, be pinched in at the waist
ioo_qoio ioo_qoio ioo_qoio ioo_qoio to form completely
ioo_io ioo_io ioo_io ioo_io to cleave
ioooo ioooo ioooo ioooo to preserve through
iooytuo iooytuo iooytuo iooytuo to arrange
iooyq iooyq iooyq iooyq an ordinance
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, disposition, arrangement
ioopoooo ioopoooo ioopoooo ioopoooo to throw into great confusion, confound utterly
ioooi, ioooi, ioooi, ioooi, tension
iooooo iooooo iooooo iooooo to appoint
iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo iooptuo to fortify by a ditch
iotivo iotivo iotivo iotivo to stretch to the uttermost
ioti_io ioti_io ioti_io ioti_io to cut off and fortify by a wall
ioti_ioo ioti_ioo ioti_ioo ioti_ioo a place walled off and fortified
iot|oipooi iot|oipooi iot|oipooi iot|oipooi to mark out
iotituoo iotituoo iotituoo iotituoo to bring to fulfilment
iotito iotito iotito iotito to bring quite to an end, accomplish
iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, continuous, incessant
iotvo iotvo iotvo iotvo to cut through, cut in twain, dissever
iotpoivo iotpoivo iotpoivo iotpoivo to bore through, make a hole in
ioq|o ioq|o ioq|o ioq|o to melt, soften by heat
ioqpto ioqpto ioqpto ioqpto to watch closely, observe
ioiio ioiio ioiio ioiio a portion plucked off
ioioo ioioo ioioo ioioo to continue to dishonour
ioivoooo ioivoooo ioivoooo ioivoooo to shake asunder, shake to pieces
ioqyo ioqyo ioqyo ioqyo to cut in twain
ioiqi ioiqi ioiqi ioiqi to place separately, arrange
iooq iooq iooq iooq a severance
iootuoio, iootuoio, iootuoio, iootuoio, that can be shot across
iootuo iootuo iootuo iootuo to shoot through.
ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, piercing, galling
Page 149
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iopto iopto iopto iopto to turn away from
iopto iopto iopto iopto to sustain continually
iopt_o iopt_o iopt_o iopt_o to run across
iopto iopto iopto iopto to flee all ways
iopiq iopiq iopiq iopiq a way of spending time
iopio iopio iopio iopio to rub between, rub hard, rub away, consume, waste
iopito, iopito, iopito, iopito, one must spend time
iopi_o iopi_o iopi_o iopi_o in three divisions, three ways
iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, various in dispositions
iopoq iopoq iopoq iopoq sustenance, support
iopo_oo iopo_oo iopo_oo iopo_oo to trot
iopuyio, iopuyio, iopuyio, iopuyio, bearing grapes in succession
iopoyo iopoyo iopoyo iopoyo to gnaw through
iouoo iouoo iouoo iouoo to form perfectly
iouooi, iouooi, iouooi, iouooi, configuration
iouyoo iouyoo iouyoo iouyoo to shine through
iouyq, iouyq, iouyq, iouyq, transparent
iouiopoq, iouiopoq, iouiopoq, iouiopoq, a runner in the
iouio, iouio, iouio, iouio, a double pipe
iooytiv iooytiv iooytiv iooytiv to eat through
iooivo iooivo iooivo iooivo to shew through, let
ioovtio ioovtio ioovtio ioovtio transparency
ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, seen through, transparent
ioouo|o ioouo|o ioouo|o ioouo|o to shew light through, to dawn
iotpovo, iotpovo, iotpovo, iotpovo, differently from, at odds with
iotpo iotpo iotpo iotpo to carry over
iotuyo iotuyo iotuyo iotuyo to flee through, get away from, escape
iotui, iotui, iotui, iotui, an escaping, means of escape
ioqio ioqio ioqio ioqio to spread abroad
iotipo iotipo iotipo iotipo to destroy utterly
ioopo ioopo ioopo ioopo destruction, ruin, blight, death.
iooptu, iooptu, iooptu, iooptu, a corrupter
ioiqi ioiqi ioiqi ioiqi to dismiss, disband
ioiiovti|to ioiiovti|to ioiiovti|to ioiiovti|to to dispute earnestly
ioiioitooi ioiioitooi ioiioitooi ioiioitooi to strive emulously
ioityo ioityo ioityo ioityo to burn through
iooioo iooioo iooioo iooioo to drive mad
iooioo iooioo iooioo iooioo to wander
ioopo ioopo ioopo ioopo difference, distinction
ioopto ioopto ioopto ioopto to spread abroad
ioopqoi, ioopqoi, ioopqoi, ioopqoi, a plundering
ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, different, unlike
ioopoq, ioopoq, ioopoq, ioopoq, difference
iopoyo iopoyo iopoyo iopoyo a partition-wall, barrier
iopoyvui iopoyvui iopoyvui iopoyvui to barricade
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to speak distinctly, tell plainly
Page 150
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iopto iopto iopto iopto to let through, let pass
iouyq iouyq iouyq iouyq a refuge, means of escape
iouq iouq iouq iouq any natural break, a joint, suture, division
iouio|to, iouio|to, iouio|to, iouio|to, to be watched, preserved
iouioooo iouioooo iouioooo iouioooo to watch closely, guard carefully
iouooi iouooi iouooi iouooi to intervene
iouooo iouooo iouooo iouooo to blow in different directions, disperse
iouooo iouooo iouooo iouooo to draw off
ioovto ioovto ioovto ioovto to be dissonant
ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, ioovo, discordant
iooio iooio iooio iooio to clear completely
io_oooi io_oooi io_oooi io_oooi to withdraw
io_oioo io_oioo io_oioo io_oioo to loosen, unbar
io_oo|o io_oo|o io_oo|o io_oo|o to gape wide, yawn
io_tioo io_tioo io_tioo io_tioo to pass the winter
io_tipio io_tipio io_tipio io_tipio to have in hand, conduct, manage, administer
io_tipioi, io_tipioi, io_tipioi, io_tipioi, management, administration
io_tipoovto io_tipoovto io_tipoovto io_tipoovto to choose between two
io_tipoovio io_tipoovio io_tipoovio io_tipoovio election
io_to io_to io_to io_to to pour different ways, to disperse
io_oo io_oo io_oo io_oo to complete
io_poooi io_poooi io_poooi io_poooi to use constantly
io_puoo, io_puoo, io_puoo, io_puoo, interwoven with gold
io_uoi, io_uoi, io_uoi, io_uoi, diffusion
io_opto io_opto io_opto io_opto to go through, pass through
io_opio io_opio io_opio io_opio to separate
io_opioo io_opioo io_opioo io_opioo a cleft, division
iooipo iooipo iooipo iooipo to brush
iotuo iotuo iotuo iotuo to deceive utterly
ioqiooi ioqiooi ioqiooi ioqiooi to vote in order with ballots
ioqioi, ioqioi, ioqioi, ioqioi, a voting by ballot
ioq_o ioq_o ioq_o ioq_o to cause to crumble away
ioiupio ioiupio ioiupio ioiupio to whisper among themselves
iou_o iou_o iou_o iou_o to cool, refresh
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, on two legs
ioiio ioiio ioiio ioiio a double-edged lance, halbert
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, two-pointed
iyiqvo, iyiqvo, iyiqvo, iyiqvo, with two eye-balls
iyioooo, iyioooo, iyioooo, iyioooo, speaking two languages
iyovo, iyovo, iyovo, iyovo, twice-born
ioyo ioyo ioyo ioyo a lesson
io|to, io|to, io|to, io|to, one must teach
io|i|o, io|i|o, io|i|o, io|i|o, apt at teaching
io|o, io|o, io|o, io|o, taught, learnt
ioi, ioi, ioi, ioi, teaching, instruction
ioo|oitiov ioo|oitiov ioo|oitiov ioo|oitiov a teaching-place, school
Page 151
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioo|oiio ioo|oiio ioo|oiio ioo|oiio teaching, instruction, education
ioo|oii|o, ioo|oii|o, ioo|oii|o, ioo|oii|o, fit for teaching, capable of giving instruction, instructive
ioo|oiiov ioo|oiiov ioo|oiiov ioo|oiiov a thing taught, a science, art, lesson
ioo|oio, ioo|oio, ioo|oio, ioo|oio, a teacher, master
ioo|o ioo|o ioo|o ioo|o to teach
iqi iqi iqi iqi to bind, fetter
ipoo|o ipoo|o ipoo|o ipoo|o to run away
ipo_o, ipo_o, ipo_o, ipo_o, worth two drachms: with pay of two drachms a day
iuovop iuovop iuovop iuovop touching both the men
iuoo|o, iuoo|o, iuoo|o, iuoo|o, bearing twins
iuoov iuoov iuoov iuoov twin-brothers, twins
iuoytvq, iuoytvq, iuoytvq, iuoytvq, twin-born
iuo, iuo, iuo, iuo, double, twofold, twain
ityyuoo ityyuoo ityyuoo ityyuoo to give bail for
ioi ioi ioi ioi to give
ityyuqoi, ityyuqoi, ityyuqoi, ityyuqoi, a giving of bail
itiov itiov itiov itiov to see thoroughly, discern
itiiqtvo, itiiqtvo, itiiqtvo, itiiqtvo, distinctly
itii itii itii itii to go to and fro, roam about
itiov itiov itiov itiov to say through, tell fully
itipyo itipyo itipyo itipyo to keep asunder, separate
itipooi itipooi itipooi itipooi to question closely
itipuo itipuo itipuo itipuo to draw across
itipo itipo itipo itipo to pass
itipovotvo, itipovotvo, itipovotvo, itipovotvo, dissembling with one's guests
it|uoi, it|uoi, it|uoi, it|uoi, an evasion
it|to it|to it|to it|to to run through
it|oio it|oio it|oio it|oio to break
it|tpoivo it|tpoivo it|tpoivo it|tpoivo to go through with
it|tpoo it|tpoo it|tpoo it|tpoo to pass out through, pass quite through
it|ito it|ito it|ito it|ito to sail out through
it|ioo, it|ioo, it|ioo, it|ioo, a sailing across
it| it| it| it| through and out of
it|uooi it|uooi it|uooi it|uooi to slip out through
it|poo, it|poo, it|poo, it|poo, a passage for the stream to escape
it|tuyo it|tuyo it|tuyo it|tuyo to escape completely
itiooi, itiooi, itiooi, itiooi, a driving through: a charge
itiouvo itiouvo itiouvo itiouvo to drive through
itity_o itity_o itity_o itity_o to refute utterly
iti|o iti|o iti|o iti|o to draw asunder, widen
itoioo itoioo itoioo itoioo to sell to different buyers
itoivo itoivo itoivo itoivo to shew through
itoi itoi itoi itoi to flee, speed
itvt|to, itvt|to, itvt|to, itvt|to, one must excel
itviouio itviouio itviouio itviouio to live out the year
itvtptuo itvtptuo itvtptuo itvtptuo a looking through entrails
Page 152
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
itoiooo itoiooo itoiooo itoiooo to rush forth
ittii ittii ittii ittii to go out through, pass through
ittiouvo ittiouvo ittiouvo ittiouvo to drive, ride, march through
ittity_o ittity_o ittity_o ittity_o to refute utterly
ittiiooo ittiiooo ittiiooo ittiiooo to unroll, untie
ittptooi ittptooi ittptooi ittptooi to learn by close questioning
ittp_ooi ittp_ooi ittp_ooi ittp_ooi to go through, pass through
itiqi itiqi itiqi itiqi to let pass through
itoi|o, itoi|o, itoi|o, itoi|o, detailed
itoo, itoo, itoo, itoo, a way out through, an outlet, passage, channel
ituoivo ituoivo ituoivo ituoivo to finish the web
itopoo itopoo itopoo itopoo to keep the feast throughout
ito ito ito ito to manage
itpyoooi itpyoooi itpyoooi itpyoooi to make an end of, kill, destroy
itptiooi itptiooi itptiooi itptiooi to lean upon
itptooo itptooo itptooo itptooo to row about
itptuvoo itptuvoo itptuvoo itptuvoo to search through, examine closely
itptuvqq, itptuvqq, itptuvqq, itptuvqq, a scout
itpio itpio itpio itpio to strive with one another
itpqvtuq, itpqvtuq, itpqvtuq, itpqvtuq, an interpreter
itpqvtuo itpqvtuo itpqvtuo itpqvtuo to interpret, expound
itpo, itpo, itpo, itpo, fresh, active, nimble
itpo itpo itpo itpo to creep
itpu|o itpu|o itpu|o itpu|o to keep off, to hinder
itp_ooi itp_ooi itp_ooi itp_ooi to go through, pass through
itpo itpo itpo itpo to say fully, distinctly, expressly
itpooo itpooo itpooo itpooo to cross-question
itoio itoio itoio itoio to eat through
ito|ttvo, ito|ttvo, ito|ttvo, ito|ttvo, prudently
itqoio, itqoio, itqoio, itqoio, lasting through the year
itq, itq, itq, itq, of
itio itio itio itio a space of two years
ituuvo ituuvo ituuvo ituuvo to set right, amend
itu|pivto itu|pivto itu|pivto itu|pivto to separate accurately, arrange carefully
ituiotooi ituiotooi ituiotooi ituiotooi to take good heed to, beware of, be on one's guard against
ituioqto, ituioqto, ituioqto, ituioqto, one must take heed to
ituvoo ituvoo ituvoo ituvoo to lay asleep
ituo_qovto ituo_qovto ituo_qovto ituo_qovto to preserve decorum
ituu_to ituu_to ituu_to ituu_to to continue prosperous
it_o it_o it_o it_o to keep apart
ittuotvo, ittuotvo, ittuotvo, ittuotvo, altogether falsely
iqoi iqoi iqoi iqoi to seek out, look for
iu iu iu iu double-yoked
io io io io to be in doubt, at a loss
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, with two lives
iqytooi iqytooi iqytooi iqytooi to set out in detail, describe in full
Page 153
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iqyqoi, iqyqoi, iqyqoi, iqyqoi, narrative, statement
iqto iqto iqto iqto to strain through, filter
iq|o iq|o iq|o iq|o to extend
iqtptuo iqtptuo iqtptuo iqtptuo to stay through the day, pass the day
iqvt|q, iqvt|q, iqvt|q, iqvt|q, continuous, unbroken
iqvto, iqvto, iqvto, iqvto, blown through, wind-swept
iqtipoo iqtipoo iqtipoo iqtipoo to make dry land of
iqpq, iqpq, iqpq, iqpq, double
iq_to iq_to iq_to iq_to to transmit the sound of
ioioooo, ioioooo, ioioooo, ioioooo, between two seas, where two seas meet
iq|o, iq|o, iq|o, iq|o, two-edged
ipovo, ipovo, ipovo, ipovo, two-throned
iupooytvq, iupooytvq, iupooytvq, iupooytvq, Bacchus-born
iupooioo|oio, iupooioo|oio, iupooioo|oio, iupooioo|oio, the dithyrambic poet who taught his own chorus
iupoo, iupoo, iupoo, iupoo, the dithyramb
iupo, iupo, iupo, iupo, with two doors
iupoov iupoov iupoov iupoov a double thyrsus
iiqi iiqi iiqi iiqi to drive
iiuvo iiuvo iiuvo iiuvo to direct by steering
ii|vtooi ii|vtooi ii|vtooi ii|vtooi to go through, penetrate
iio, iio, iio, iio, of Zeus
iitq, iitq, iitq, iitq, fallen from Zeus
iitq, iitq, iitq, iitq, hovering in air
iioto, iioto, iioto, iioto, one must learn
iioqi iioqi iioqi iioqi to set apart, to place separately, separate
iio_upiooi iio_upiooi iio_upiooi iio_upiooi to lean upon, rely on
iito, iito, iito, iito, one must go through
i|oo i|oo i|oo i|oo to judge, to give judgment on
i|oio|pioio i|oio|pioio i|oio|pioio i|oio|pioio righteous judgment
i|oioioytooi i|oioioytooi i|oioioytooi i|oioioytooi to plead one's cause before the judge
i|oiooii, i|oiooii, i|oiooii, i|oiooii, strict in public faith
i|oiopoyto i|oiopoyto i|oiopoyto i|oiopoyto to act honestly
i|oiopoyqo i|oiopoyqo i|oiopoyqo i|oiopoyqo a just
i|oiopoyio i|oiopoyio i|oiopoyio i|oiopoyio just
i|oio, i|oio, i|oio, i|oio, observant of custom and social rule, well-ordered, civilised
i|oioouvq i|oioouvq i|oioouvq i|oioouvq righteousness, justice
i|oioo i|oioo i|oioo i|oioo to set right
i|oioo i|oioo i|oioo i|oioo an act by which wrong is set right
i|oiooi, i|oiooi, i|oiooi, i|oiooi, a setting right, doing justice to: punishment
i|oioqpiov i|oioqpiov i|oioqpiov i|oioqpiov a house of correction
i|ovi|o, i|ovi|o, i|ovi|o, i|ovi|o, skilled in law, versed in pleading, lawyer-like
i|opqvo, i|opqvo, i|opqvo, i|opqvo, two-headed
i|oooio, i|oooio, i|oooio, i|oooio, one who administers law, a judge
i|ooqpiov i|ooqpiov i|ooqpiov i|ooqpiov a court of justice
i|ooq, i|ooq, i|ooq, i|ooq, a judge
i|ooi|o, i|ooi|o, i|ooi|o, i|ooi|o, of
Page 154
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
i|oopio i|oopio i|oopio i|oopio a she-judge
i|tiv i|tiv i|tiv i|tiv to throw, cast
i|tiio i|tiio i|tiio i|tiio a mattock, a two-pronged hoe
i|tiiiq, i|tiiiq, i|tiiiq, i|tiiiq, a digger
i|tpoio, i|tpoio, i|tpoio, i|tpoio, two-horned, two-pointed
i|tpo, i|tpo, i|tpo, i|tpo, two-horned
i|q i|q i|q i|q custom, usage
i|qopo, i|qopo, i|qopo, i|qopo, bringing justice, avenging
i|iiov i|iiov i|iiov i|iiov a little trial
i|ii, i|ii, i|ii, i|ii, double-folding
i|oypoio i|oypoio i|oypoio i|oypoio the composition of lawspeeches
i|oioyo, i|oioyo, i|oioyo, i|oioyo, a pleader, advocate
i|oppoto i|oppoto i|oppoto i|oppoto to get up a lawsuit
i|oppoo, i|oppoo, i|oppoo, i|oppoo, a pettifogger.
i|opuo, i|opuo, i|opuo, i|opuo, two-pointed, two-peaked
i|opuo, i|opuo, i|opuo, i|opuo, two-peaked
i|povov i|povov i|povov i|povov a pitch-fork
i|poq, i|poq, i|poq, i|poq, co-mate in power
i|poo, i|poo, i|poo, i|poo, forked, cloven, bifurcate
i|poo, i|poo, i|poo, i|poo, double-beating
i|ooptio i|ooptio i|ooptio i|ooptio the dictatorship
i|oop i|oop i|oop i|oop dictator
i|uoito i|uoito i|uoito i|uoito to cast the net
i|uoio, i|uoio, i|uoio, i|uoio, a fisherman
i|uvvo i|uvvo i|uvvo i|uvvo goddess of the chase
i|uo|iooo, i|uo|iooo, i|uo|iooo, i|uo|iooo, woven in meshes
i|uov i|uov i|uov i|uov a casting-net, a net
i|uoooi i|uoooi i|uoooi i|uoooi to be caught in a net
i|oio i|oio i|oio i|oio a pair of sculls
i|oo, i|oo, i|oo, i|oo, two-oared
iioyto iioyto iioyto iioyto to say again, repeat
iioyio iioyio iioyio iioyio repetition
iioyo, iioyo, iioyo, iioyo, double-tongued, doubtful
iioy_o, iioy_o, iioy_o, iioy_o, double-pointed, two-fold
iioo, iioo, iioo, iioo, double-crested
ivoio, ivoio, ivoio, ivoio, worth
ioipio ioipio ioipio ioipio a double share
ioipo, ioipo, ioipo, ioipo, divided in two, double
ivtuo ivtuo ivtuo ivtuo a whirling round
ivtuo ivtuo ivtuo ivtuo to whirl
ivqti, ivqti, ivqti, ivqti, whirling, eddying
ivq ivq ivq ivq a whirlpool, eddy
ivqo, ivqo, ivqo, ivqo, whirled round
ivo, ivo, ivo, ivo, a whirling, rotation
ivoq, ivoq, ivoq, ivoq, eddying
ivo ivo ivo ivo to thresh out on the
Page 155
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ivoo, ivoo, ivoo, ivoo, turned, rounded
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, hurled by Zeus
ioytvtop ioytvtop ioytvtop ioytvtop giving birth to Zeus
ioytvq, ioytvq, ioytvq, ioytvq, sprung from Zeus
iotuo iotuo iotuo iotuo to travel through
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, a way through, thoroughfare, passage
iotv iotv iotv iotv sent from Zeus, by his will
ioiyvui ioiyvui ioiyvui ioiyvui to open
ioi|to ioi|to ioi|to ioi|to to manage a house
ioi|qoi, ioi|qoi, ioi|qoi, ioi|qoi, government, administration
ioi|io ioi|io ioi|io ioi|io to cause to live apart
ioi|ioo, ioi|ioo, ioi|ioo, ioi|ioo, a dispersion
ioi|ooto ioi|ooto ioi|ooto ioi|ooto to build across, wall off
ioioto, ioioto, ioioto, ioioto, one must move round
ioiotuo ioiotuo ioiotuo ioiotuo to shoot an arrow through
ioi_vto ioi_vto ioi_vto ioi_vto to go through
ioi_ooi ioi_ooi ioi_ooi ioi_ooi to be quite gone by
io|o_q io|o_q io|o_q io|o_q a cessation
ioiioovo ioiioovo ioiioovo ioiioovo to slip through, to give
ioiiui ioiiui ioiiui ioiiui to destroy utterly, bring to naught
iooiio iooiio iooiio iooiio to be always evenminded
iotioioov iotioioov iotioioov iotioioov a braggart of the deme Diomeia
ioqtio, ioqtio, ioqtio, ioqtio, of
ioqq, ioqq, ioqq, ioqq, Jove-counselled
iovui iovui iovui iovui to swear solemnly, to declare on oath that . .
iooioyto iooioyto iooioyto iooioyto to make an agreement, undertake
iooioyqoi, iooioyqoi, iooioyqoi, iooioyqoi, a convention
iooioyqto, iooioyqto, iooioyqto, iooioyqto, one must concede
iovooo iovooo iovooo iovooo to distinguish by a name
iovuoioo iovuoioo iovuoioo iovuoioo to keep the Dionysia
iovuoio|o, iovuoio|o, iovuoio|o, iovuoio|o, belonging to Dionysus
iovuoio iovuoio iovuoio iovuoio the feast of Dionysus
iovuoo, iovuoo, iovuoo, iovuoo, Dionysus
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, son of Zeus
iotq, iotq, iotq, iotq, that fell from Zeus
iotuo iotuo iotuo iotuo to be in charge of a ship
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, a ruler, commander
iotuo iotuo iotuo iotuo to watch accurately, spy about
ioqp ioqp ioqp ioqp a spy, scout
ioq, ioq, ioq, ioq, a looker through
iopo iopo iopo iopo an instrument for measuring heights, a Jacob's staff
iopi|o, iopi|o, iopi|o, iopi|o, of, belonging to the use of the
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to see through, see clearly
io io io io wherefore, on which account
iopyuio, iopyuio, iopyuio, iopyuio, two fathoms long, high
ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo to judge rightly
Page 156
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo to make quite straight, set right, amend
iopoo iopoo iopoo iopoo a making straight, amendment
iopooi, iopooi, iopooi, iopooi, a making straight, restoration, reform
iopoq, iopoq, iopoq, iopoq, a corrector, reformer
iopio iopio iopio iopio to draw a boundary through, divide by limits, separate
iopioi, iopioi, iopioi, iopioi, distinction
iopuyo iopuyo iopuyo iopuyo a through-cut, canal
iopuooo iopuooo iopuooo iopuooo to dig through
iop_tooi iop_tooi iop_tooi iop_tooi to dance
ioooo, ioooo, ioooo, ioooo, given by Zeus
iooqio iooqio iooqio iooqio a sign from Zeus, an omen from the sky
ioo|optiov ioo|optiov ioo|optiov ioo|optiov the temple of the Dioscuri
ioo|opoi ioo|opoi ioo|opoi ioo|opoi the sons of Zeus
io, io, io, io, god-like, divine
ioi ioi ioi ioi for the reason that, since
ioptq, ioptq, ioptq, ioptq, cherished by Zeus
io_ttuooi io_ttuooi io_ttuooi io_ttuooi to be watered by canals
io_ito io_ito io_ito io_ito to trouble
ioi, ioi, ioi, ioi, with two children
ioioioo, ioioioo, ioioioo, ioioioo, two palms broad
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, brandished with both hands, two-handed
iq_u, iq_u, iq_u, iq_u, two cubits long, broad
iioio, iioio, iioio, iioio, double
iioo iioo iioo iioo to double
iio iio iio iio twofold, double, in double folds
iiooioo iiooioo iiooioo iiooioo to double
iiooioooi iiooioooi iiooioooi iiooioooi to become twofold
iiooio, iiooio, iiooio, iiooio, twofold, double, twice as much as, twice as many as, as long as
iitpo, iitpo, iitpo, iitpo, two
iiq iiq iiq iiq twice, twice over
iioi, iioi, iioi, iioi, a double cloak
iioo, iioo, iioo, iioo, twofold, double
iioo iioo iioo iioo to double
iioo iioo iioo iioo a doubled
iiooi, iiooi, iiooi, iiooi, a compounding of words
ioq, ioq, ioq, ioq, two feet long, broad
ioitio ioitio ioitio ioitio festival of Zeus
ioiioq, ioiioq, ioiioq, ioiioq, like the
iopo, iopo, iopo, iopo, with two roads
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, between two rivers
iou, iou, iou, iou, two-footed
iu_o, iu_o, iu_o, iu_o, double-folded, doubled
iuio, iuio, iuio, iuio, double-gated, with two entrances
iupo, iupo, iupo, iupo, with double flame
ippuo, ippuo, ippuo, ippuo, with two poles
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, twice young
Page 157
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iotuvo, iotuvo, iotuvo, iotuvo, with two wives
ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, twice dead
io|tuo io|tuo io|tuo io|tuo to be pitched
io|to io|to io|to io|to to pitch the quoit
io|qo io|qo io|qo io|qo a thing thrown
io|qpo, io|qpo, io|qpo, io|qpo, two-sceptred
io|ooio, io|ooio, io|ooio, io|ooio, the quoit-thrower
io|o, io|o, io|o, io|o, a
io|oupo io|oupo io|oupo io|oupo a quoit's cast
io|oopo, io|oopo, io|oopo, io|oopo, bringing the discus
ioupioi ioupioi ioupioi ioupioi twenty thousand
i, i, i, i, twice, doubly
iooop_q, iooop_q, iooop_q, iooop_q, joint-ruling
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, two-fold, double
iooo iooo iooo iooo to be in doubt, hesitate
ioi_o, ioi_o, ioi_o, ioi_o, of two verses
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, in pairs, two together
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, double-mouthed, with two entrances
iouiioo, iouiioo, iouiioo, iouiioo, of two syllables
io_iiioi io_iiioi io_iiioi io_iiioi two thousand
ioiovo, ioiovo, ioiovo, ioiovo, worth
iuiio iuiio iuiio iuiio to strain off
iuvio iuvio iuvio iuvio to awake from sleep
iuoivo iuoivo iuoivo iuoivo to fill up by weaving
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, two-fold, double
ioo ioo ioo ioo to search after
iqop iqop iqop iqop a searcher
itpo itpo itpo itpo a prepared hide, tanned skin, piece of leather
itpio, itpio, itpio, itpio, one clad in leather
itpivo, itpivo, itpivo, itpivo, of tanned leather
ipo ipo ipo ipo a seat, chair
iptio iptio iptio iptio chariot-driving
iptuq, iptuq, iptuq, iptuq, a charioteer
iptuo iptuo iptuo iptuo to drive a chariot
ipqioto ipqioto ipqioto ipqioto to drive a chariot through
ipqioq, ipqioq, ipqioq, ipqioq, a charioteer
ipio, ipio, ipio, ipio, of a chariot
ipovi, ipovi, ipovi, ipovi, divided in mind, distraught
ipo, ipo, ipo, ipo, the chariot-board
ipoui|to ipoui|to ipoui|to ipoui|to to draw a chariot
ipoopto ipoopto ipoopto ipoopto to carry in a chair
ipoopo, ipoopo, ipoopo, ipoopo, carrying a camp-stool
iuq, iuq, iuq, iuq, of double form
i_oo i_oo i_oo i_oo to divide in two
i_oi|ov i_oi|ov i_oi|ov i_oi|ov a double chalcos
i_o i_o i_o i_o in two, asunder
Page 158
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
i_ooq, i_ooq, i_ooq, i_ooq, a divider
i_qio, i_qio, i_qio, i_qio, cloven-hoofed
i_q i_q i_q i_q in two, asunder
i_qpq, i_qpq, i_qpq, i_qpq, dividing
i_oio, i_oio, i_oio, i_oio, twofold, double, divided
i_o i_o i_o i_o in twain
i_oyvoovto i_oyvoovto i_oyvoovto i_oyvoovto to differ in opinion
i_oyvoov i_oyvoov i_oyvoov i_oyvoov divided between two opinions
i_otv i_otv i_otv i_otv from both sides, both ways
i_oivi|o, i_oivi|o, i_oivi|o, i_oivi|o, holding
i_oqvio i_oqvio i_oqvio i_oqvio the fullness of the moon
i_oqvo, i_oqvo, i_oqvo, i_oqvo, dividing the month
i_ouo, i_ouo, i_ouo, i_ouo, double-speaking
i_ovoio i_ovoio i_ovoio i_ovoio discord, disagreement
i_ovoo, i_ovoo, i_ovoo, i_ovoo, double-minded.
i_oppoyq, i_oppoyq, i_oppoyq, i_oppoyq, broken in twain
i_oppoo, i_oppoo, i_oppoo, i_oppoo, oscillating
i_ooooio i_ooooio i_ooooio i_ooooio a standing apart, dissension
i_oooto i_oooto i_oooto i_oooto to stand apart, disagree
i_ooto i_ooto i_ooto i_ooto to cut in two, cut in twain
i_ooo, i_ooo, i_ooo, i_ooo, cut in half, divided equally
i_opov i_opov i_opov i_opov at variance, discordant
i_poo, i_poo, i_poo, i_poo, two-coloured
i_o, i_o, i_o, i_o, doubly, in two ways
ioito, ioito, ioito, ioito, thirsty
io io io io thirst
ioo ioo ioo ioo to thirst
iio, iio, iio, iio, thirsty, athirst
iu_o, iu_o, iu_o, iu_o, double-minded
iotiio iotiio iotiio iotiio the allowance of two obols
ioyo ioyo ioyo ioyo a pursuit, chase
ioyo, ioyo, ioyo, ioyo, the chase
iouvo, iouvo, iouvo, iouvo, with thrilling anguish
ioto ioto ioto ioto to push asunder, tear away
ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, a pushing about, a scuffle
io|to, io|to, io|to, io|to, to be pursued
io|qp io|qp io|qp io|qp a pursuer
io|o io|o io|o io|o to pursue
ioitvio, ioitvio, ioitvio, ioitvio, with out-stretched arms
ioiuyio, ioiuyio, ioiuyio, ioiuyio, far-sounding, enormous, immense
ioooio ioooio ioooio ioooio an oath taken by both parties before the trial came on
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, bound by oath
iovuo, iovuo, iovuo, iovuo, with two names
ioi|tituo, ioi|tituo, ioi|tituo, ioi|tituo, urging on the way
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, horse-driving
ioi, ioi, ioi, ioi, chase, pursuit
Page 159
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
io io io io to run away, take to flight, flee
iopu iopu iopu iopu a trench, conduit, canal
iopu_q iopu_q iopu_q iopu_q a digging through
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, a pushing off, delaying
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, two-eared: two handled
qoi, qoi, qoi, qoi, a taming, breaking
qqp qqp qqp qqp a tamer
oq oq oq oq a female slave taken in war
oio, oio, oio, oio, in servile condition
o, o, o, o, a slave taken in war
vooiio vooiio vooiio vooiio to shake violently, fling down
votpo, votpo, votpo, votpo, dark, dusk, murky
voo, voo, voo, voo, darkness, dusk, gloom
oooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo it seemed
oyo oyo oyo oyo that which seems to one, an opinion, dogma
oyoio oyoio oyoio oyoio to decree
oiqv oiqv oiqv oiqv a small abscess, boil
oiu|ooio, oiu|ooio, oiu|ooio, oiu|ooio, a pestle-maker
oiu oiu oiu oiu a pestle
oiq oiq oiq oiq doubt, perplexity
oioi oioi oioi oioi two, both
oioo|o, oioo|o, oioo|o, oioo|o, bearing twins
o|tuo o|tuo o|tuo o|tuo to keep an eye upon, watch narrowly
o|to o|to o|to o|to videor mihi, to think, suppose, imagine, expect
o|qo o|qo o|qo o|qo a vision, fancy
o|q o|q o|q o|q a vision, fancy
o|qoiooo, o|qoiooo, o|qoiooo, o|qoiooo, wise in one's own conceit
o|qoi, o|qoi, o|qoi, o|qoi, an opinion, belief, conceit, fancy
o|ioo o|ioo o|ioo o|ioo to assay
o|iooio o|iooio o|iooio o|iooio an assay, examination, scrutiny
o|iooq, o|iooq, o|iooq, o|iooq, an assayer, scrutineer
o|itiov o|itiov o|itiov o|itiov a test, means of testing
o|iq o|iq o|iq o|iq a proof, test: tried character
o|io, o|io, o|io, o|io, assayed, examined, tested
o|o, o|o, o|o, o|o, a bearing-beam
oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, deceitful, deceptive, treacherous
oiioou, oiioou, oiioou, oiioou, stealthy of foot
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, crafty, deceitful, treacherous
oiiopov oiiopov oiiopov oiiopov crafty of mind
oiioo oiioo oiioo oiioo to deal treacherously with
oii_ouio, oii_ouio, oii_ouio, oii_ouio, with a long tube
oii_ty_q, oii_ty_q, oii_ty_q, oii_ty_q, with tall spear
oii_qpto, oii_qpto, oii_qpto, oii_qpto, long-oared
oii_oypoio oii_oypoio oii_oypoio oii_oypoio prolix writing
oii_otipo, oii_otipo, oii_otipo, oii_otipo, long-necked
oii_opoto oii_opoto oii_opoto oii_opoto to run the
Page 160
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oii_opoo, oii_opoo, oii_opoo, oii_opoo, running the long course
oii_oo|io, oii_oo|io, oii_oo|io, oii_oo|io, casting a long shadow
oii_o, oii_o, oii_o, oii_o, long
oii_o, oii_o, oii_o, oii_o, the long course
oioti, oioti, oioti, oioti, subtle, wily
oioqq, oioqq, oioqq, oioqq, crafty of counsel, wily
oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, subtle-speaking
oioio|io oioio|io oioio|io oioio|io subtlety, craft
oioio|o, oioio|o, oioio|o, oioio|o, weaving wiles
oiooio, oiooio, oiooio, oiooio, treacherous, ensnaring
oioppoo, oioppoo, oioppoo, oioppoo, contriving wiles.
oio, oio, oio, oio, a bait
oioovto oioovto oioovto oioovto to murder by treachery
oioovo, oioovo, oioovo, oioovo, slaying by treachery
oiopoq, oiopoq, oiopoq, oiopoq, wily-minded
oiopovtov oiopovtov oiopovtov oiopovtov planning craft, wily-minded
oiopoouvq oiopoouvq oiopoouvq oiopoouvq craft, subtlety, wiliness
oioo oioo oioo oioo to beguile, ensnare, take by craft
oioo oioo oioo oioo a trick, deceit
oiov oiov oiov oiov a secret weapon, poniard, stiletto
oioi, oioi, oioi, oioi, artful-looking, treacherous
oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, oiooi, a tricking
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, for building
oq oq oq oq a building.
oovt oovt oovt oovt home, homeward
oo, oo, oo, oo, a house
ooooiq, ooooiq, ooooiq, ooooiq, shaking the house
ovo|tuooi ovo|tuooi ovo|tuooi ovo|tuooi to fowl with reed and birdlime
ovo|tu, ovo|tu, ovo|tu, ovo|tu, a thicket of reeds
ovo|ii, ovo|ii, ovo|ii, ovo|ii, of reed
ovo|oyiuo, ovo|oyiuo, ovo|oyiuo, ovo|oyiuo, reed-cutting, pen-making
ovo|oti, ovo|oti, ovo|oti, ovo|oti, reedy
ovo|opoo, ovo|opoo, ovo|opoo, ovo|opoo, producing reeds
ovo|o_iou, ovo|o_iou, ovo|o_iou, ovo|o_iou, green with reeds
ovo ovo ovo ovo a reed
ovto ovto ovto ovto to shake
ovqo ovqo ovqo ovqo an agitation, waving
ooo ooo ooo ooo to think, imagine, suppose, fancy, conjecture
oo oo oo oo a notion
oooo oooo oooo oooo an opinion, notion, conjecture
oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, matter of opinion, conjectural
oo|oto oo|oto oo|oto oo|oto to court popularity
oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio oo|oio thirst for popularity
oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, oo|oo, thirsting for popularity.
ooovq, ooovq, ooovq, ooovq, mad after fame.
ooovio ooovio ooovio ooovio mad desire for fame
Page 161
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ooooioooo, ooooioooo, ooooioooo, ooooioooo, a would-be philosopher
ooooi ooooi ooooi ooooi to have the character
ooooio ooooio ooooio ooooio conceit of wisdom
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, wise in one's own conceit
opo opo opo opo a skin, hide
opoioo, opoioo, opoioo, opoioo, a fighting with spears
opooo_q, opooo_q, opooo_q, opooo_q, of a spear's thickness
opqio, opqio, opqio, opqio, wooden
opioioo, opioioo, opioioo, opioioo, captive of the spear, taken in war
opiyopo, opiyopo, opiyopo, opiyopo, bride of battles
opiqpoo, opiqpoo, opiqpoo, opiqpoo, taken by the spear
opi|ovq, opi|ovq, opi|ovq, opi|ovq, slain by the spear
opi|povo, opi|povo, opi|povo, opi|povo, spear-headed
opi|qo, opi|qo, opi|qo, opi|qo, won by the spear
opiiqo, opiiqo, opiiqo, opiiqo, won by the spear
opiovq, opiovq, opiovq, opiovq, raging with the spear
opiopyo, opiopyo, opiopyo, opiopyo, raging with the spear
opiqoop opiqoop opiqoop opiqoop master of the spear
opioio, opioio, opioio, opioio, wielding the spear
opitq, opitq, opitq, opitq, fallen by the spear
opiovo, opiovo, opiovo, opiovo, toiling with the spear
opioiqo, opioiqo, opioiqo, opioiqo, scattered by the spear
opiotvq, opiotvq, opiotvq, opiotvq, mighty with the spear
opiotovo, opiotovo, opiotovo, opiotovo, crowned for bravery
opiivo|o, opiivo|o, opiivo|o, opiivo|o, shaken by battle
opiqo, opiqo, opiqo, opiqo, pierced by the spear
opioio, opioio, opioio, opioio, bold in war
op|otio, op|otio, op|otio, op|otio, of an antelope
op|oii, op|oii, op|oii, op|oii, made of the vertebrae of an antelope
op|o, op|o, op|o, op|o, a kind of deer
opo, opo, opo, opo, a leathern bag
opto opto opto opto to take supper
opqoo, opqoo, opqoo, opqoo, supper-time, evening
opio opio opio opio the eve
opov opov opov opov the evening meal
opuptovov opuptovov opuptovov opuptovov halbert
oputvo, oputvo, oputvo, oputvo, a spear-friend
opuoo, opuoo, opuoo, opuoo, a maker of spears
opu opu opu opu a stem, tree
opuoooq, opuoooq, opuoooq, opuoooq, of battle
opuoooo, opuoooo, opuoooo, opuoooo, charging with the lance
opuopto opuopto opuopto opuopto to attend as a bodyguard
opuopqo opuopqo opuopqo opuopqo a body of guards
opuopio opuopio opuopio opuopio guard kept over
opuopo, opuopo, opuopo, opuopo, spear-bearing
ooi, ooi, ooi, ooi, a giving
Page 162
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oto, oto, oto, oto, to be given
oqp oqp oqp oqp a giver, dispenser
ouioyoyto ouioyoyto ouioyoyto ouioyoyto to make a slave, treat as such
ouitio ouitio ouitio ouitio servitude, slavery, bondage
ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, ouitio, slavish, servile
ouituo ouituo ouituo ouituo a service
ouituto, ouituto, ouituto, ouituto, one must be a slave
ouituo ouituo ouituo ouituo to be a slave
ouii|o, ouii|o, ouii|o, ouii|o, of
ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, ouiio, slavish, servile
ouiopttio ouiopttio ouiopttio ouiopttio a slavish spirit
ouioptq, ouioptq, ouioptq, ouioptq, befitting a slave, servile
ouio, ouio, ouio, ouio, a born bondman
ouioouvq ouioouvq ouioouvq ouioouvq slavery, slavish work
ouioouvo, ouioouvo, ouioouvo, ouioouvo, enslaved
ouioo ouioo ouioo ouioo to make a slave of, enslave
ouiooi, ouiooi, ouiooi, ouiooi, enslaving, subjugation
outo outo outo outo to sound heavy
ouqop ouqop ouqop ouqop a clatterer
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, any dead, heavy sound, a thud
oupoto, oupoto, oupoto, oupoto, of planks
oupqvt|q, oupqvt|q, oupqvt|q, oupqvt|q, a spear's throw off
oupi|itio, oupi|itio, oupi|itio, oupi|itio, famed for the spear
oupiq|o, oupiq|o, oupiq|o, oupiq|o, fixed on spears
oupiuq, oupiuq, oupiuq, oupiuq, wood-cutting
oupoo|q oupoo|q oupoo|q oupoo|q a case
oupooo, oupooo, oupooo, oupooo, cutting wood
o_qiov o_qiov o_qiov o_qiov a holder
o_q o_q o_q o_q a receptacle
o_q o_q o_q o_q the space contained in a hand's breadth
o_io, o_io, o_io, o_io, across, athwart, aslant
o_oioo, o_oioo, o_oioo, o_oioo, with slanting, nodding plume
o_oooi o_oooi o_oooi o_oooi to turn sideways
o_o, o_o, o_o, o_o, slantwise
poyo poyo poyo poyo as much as one can grasp, a handful, truss
poyoqopo, poyoqopo, poyoqopo, poyoqopo, carrying sheaves
poytuo poytuo poytuo poytuo to collect the corn into sheaves
poyo, poyo, poyo, poyo, a grasping
poivo poivo poivo poivo to be ready to do
po|oivo po|oivo po|oivo po|oivo a shedragon
po|ovtio, po|ovtio, po|ovtio, po|ovtio, of a dragon
po|ovoitq, po|ovoitq, po|ovoitq, po|ovoitq, serpent-slayer
po|ovooiio, po|ovooiio, po|ovooiio, po|ovooiio, with snaky locks
po|ovoq, po|ovoq, po|ovoq, po|ovoq, snake-like
po|ov po|ov po|ov po|ov a dragon
poo poo poo poo a deed, act
Page 163
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
poooupyio poooupyio poooupyio poooupyio dramatic work, a drama
poooupyo, poooupyo, poooupyo, poooupyo, a dramatist.
poqo poqo poqo poqo a running, course, a race
pottuo pottuo pottuo pottuo to run away
potq, potq, potq, potq, a runaway
poti|o, poti|o, poti|o, poti|o, of
pootio pootio pootio pootio to have a mind to do, to be going to do
pooio, pooio, pooio, pooio, activity
pooo, pooo, pooo, pooo, a running away, flight
poooooi poooooi poooooi poooooi to grasp
pooto, pooto, pooto, pooto, to be done
pooqpio, pooqpio, pooqpio, pooqpio, vigorous, active, efficacious
poo, poo, poo, poo, skinned, flayed
po_q po_q po_q po_q a handful
po_ioio, po_ioio, po_ioio, po_ioio, worth a drachma, to the amount of a drachma
poo poo poo poo to do
ptovq ptovq ptovq ptovq a sickle, reaping-hook
ptovqopo, ptovqopo, ptovqopo, ptovqopo, bearing a scythe
ptovotiq, ptovotiq, ptovotiq, ptovotiq, sickle-shaped
ptovov ptovov ptovov ptovov a scythe
ptovoupyo, ptovoupyo, ptovoupyo, ptovoupyo, a sword-maker, armourer
pto pto pto pto to pluck
pto pto pto pto to pluck, cull
pqoqp pqoqp pqoqp pqoqp a labourer, working man
pqooouvq pqooouvq pqooouvq pqooouvq service
piuio, piuio, piuio, piuio, piercing
piu, piu, piu, piu, piercing, sharp, keen
piuq, piuq, piuq, piuq, pungency
pio, pio, pio, pio, a copse, wood, thicket
poiq poiq poiq poiq a bath
pooio, pooio, pooio, pooio, running at full speed, swift, fleet
poo, poo, poo, poo, running
pooo pooo pooo pooo to run
potu, potu, potu, potu, a runner
poi|o, poi|o, poi|o, poi|o, good at running, swift, fleet
poo|qpu poo|qpu poo|qpu poo|qpu a runner, postman
poo, poo, poo, poo, a course, running, race
pootpo, pootpo, pootpo, pootpo, dewy, watery
pooio pooio pooio pooio to bedew, besprinkle
pooo, pooo, pooo, pooo, dew
poooq, poooq, poooq, poooq, like dew, moist
puo, puo, puo, puo, a Dryad
puivo, puivo, puivo, puivo, oaken
puo, puo, puo, puo, an oak-coppice
puo|oiq, puo|oiq, puo|oiq, puo|oiq, dweller on the oak
puo|oioq, puo|oioq, puo|oioq, puo|oioq, the woodpecker
Page 164
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
puo_oi puo_oi puo_oi puo_oi the props
puo puo puo puo woodpecker
puo puo puo puo to tear, strip
pu, pu, pu, pu, a tree
pu, pu, pu, pu, a tree
puoo, puoo, puoo, puoo, a wood-cutter
puo|o, puo|o, puo|o, puo|o, a fence
puio puio puio puio parings
poo|io poo|io poo|io poo|io to get rid of hair by pitch-plasters
poo poo poo poo a pitch-plaster.
uo, uo, uo, uo, the number two
uoo uoo uoo uoo to plunge in misery
uqoo, uqoo, uqoo, uqoo, much-suffering
uq uq uq uq woe, misery, anguish, pain
uvooi uvooi uvooi uvooi to be able, capable, strong enough
uvoi, uvoi, uvoi, uvoi, power, might, strength
uvooo uvooo uvooo uvooo to strengthen
uvootio uvootio uvootio uvootio power, lordship, sovereignty
uvootuo uvootuo uvootuo uvootuo to hold power
uvooq, uvooq, uvooq, uvooq, a lord, master, ruler
uvooi|o, uvooi|o, uvooi|o, uvooi|o, arbitrary
uvoto uvoto uvoto uvoto to be powerful, mighty
uvoo, uvoo, uvoo, uvoo, strong, mighty, able
uo|oit|o uo|oit|o uo|oit|o uo|oit|o twelve
uo uo uo uo two
uooyvo, uooyvo, uooyvo, uooyvo, unchaste
uooypto uooypto uooypto uooypto to have bad sport in fishing
uooypq, uooypq, uooypq, uooypq, unlucky in fishing.
uooyov uooyov uooyov uooyov having seen hard service
uootio, uootio, uootio, uootio, unhappy in one's brothers
uooq, uooq, uooq, uooq, ill-blowing, stormy
uooiio, uooiio, uooiio, uooiio, most miserable
uooiovq, uooiovq, uooiovq, uooiovq, most melancholy
uooipio, uooipio, uooipio, uooipio, not clear, murky
uooiov uooiov uooiov uooiov living a hard life, most miserable
uooiyq, uooiyq, uooiyq, uooiyq, very painful
uooiyqo, uooiyqo, uooiyqo, uooiyqo, hard-hearted
uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, hard to catch
uooopo, uooopo, uooopo, uooopo, most miserable
uoovo|iqo, uoovo|iqo, uoovo|iqo, uoovo|iqo, hard to call back
uoovo|oioo, uoovo|oioo, uoovo|oioo, uoovo|oioo, hard to bring back
uoovoiou, uoovoiou, uoovoiou, uoovoiou, hard to sail up
uoovoo_tto uoovoo_tto uoovoo_tto uoovoo_tto to bear ill
uoovoo_to, uoovoo_to, uoovoo_to, uoovoo_to, hard to bear.
uoovopto, uoovopto, uoovopto, uoovopto, hard to overthrow
uoovqo, uoovqo, uoovqo, uoovqo, disagreeable to meet, boding of ill
Page 165
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uooviito, uooviito, uooviito, uooviito, hard to look in the face
uoooiio|o, uoooiio|o, uoooiio|o, uoooiio|o, hard to get rid of
uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, very disobedient
uoooti|o, uoooti|o, uoooti|o, uoooti|o, hard to demonstrate
uooo|pio, uooo|pio, uooo|pio, uooo|pio, hard to answer
uooopto, uooopto, uooopto, uooopto, hard to dissuade
uooptoo, uooptoo, uooptoo, uooptoo, hard to appease, implacable
uoopiooo|tio uoopiooo|tio uoopiooo|tio uoopiooo|tio unhappy mother of the noblest son
uoop|o, uoop|o, uoop|o, uoop|o, hard to govern
uoopooio uoopooio uoopooio uoopooio disagreement
uoopooo, uoopooo, uoopooo, uoopooo, ill-united
uoouiio uoouiio uoouiio uoouiio ill
uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, an unhappy
uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, inhospitable
uoooipto, uoooipto, uoooipto, uoooipto, hard to take away
uoo_q, uoo_q, uoo_q, uoo_q, most painful
uoooo|o, uoooo|o, uoooo|o, uoooo|o, grievous to bear
uooooitooi uooooitooi uooooitooi uooooitooi to make impassable
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, inaccessible, impassable
uoou|o, uoou|o, uoou|o, uoou|o, sadly wailing
uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, making life wretched
uoouiio uoouiio uoouiio uoouiio ill counsel
uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, uoouio, ill-advised.
uooio, uooio, uooio, uooio, of ill soil, unfruitful
uoyoo, uoyoo, uoyoo, uoyoo, ill-wedded
uoyopyoii, uoyopyoii, uoyopyoii, uoyopyoii, very ticklish, skittish
uoytvtio uoytvtio uoytvtio uoytvtio low birth
uoytvq, uoytvq, uoytvq, uoytvq, low-born
uoytupoo, uoytupoo, uoytupoo, uoytupoo, hard to bridge over
uoyvoio uoyvoio uoyvoio uoyvoio ignorance, doubt
uoyvooio uoyvooio uoyvooio uoyvooio difficulty of knowing
uoyoqtuo, uoyoqtuo, uoyoqtuo, uoyoqtuo, hard to seduce by enchantments
uooiovio uooiovio uooiovio uooiovio misery
uooiov uooiov uooiov uooiov of ill fortune, ill-fated
uoo|puo, uoo|puo, uoo|puo, uoo|puo, sorely wept
uooop uooop uooop uooop ill-wived, ill-wedded
uoioto, uoioto, uoioto, uoioto, hard to settle
uoioiqo, uoioiqo, uoioiqo, uoioiqo, hard to decide
uoioiuo, uoioiuo, uoioiuo, uoioiuo, hard to reconcile
uoitptuvqo, uoitptuvqo, uoitptuvqo, uoitptuvqo, hard to search through
uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, hard to pass through
uotpo, uotpo, uotpo, uotpo, bringing evil by one's abode
uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, unshapely, ugly
uotioo, uotioo, uotioo, uotioo, meanly clad
uotiooio, uotiooio, uotiooio, uotiooio, hard to enter
uotioiou, uotioiou, uotioiou, uotioiou, hard to sail into
Page 166
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uot|uo, uot|uo, uot|uo, uot|uo, hard to avert by sacrifice
uot|iuo, uot|iuo, uot|iuo, uot|iuo, hard to undo
uot|vio, uot|vio, uot|vio, uot|vio, hard to wash out
uot|tpoo, uot|tpoo, uot|tpoo, uot|tpoo, hard to pass out from
uot|tu|o, uot|tu|o, uot|tu|o, uot|tu|o, hard to escape from
uotity|o, uotity|o, uotity|o, uotity|o, hard to refute
uotitvo uotitvo uotitvo uotitvo ill-starred Helen
uotii, uotii, uotii, uotii, hardly hoping, desponding
uotiioo, uotiioo, uotiioo, uotiioo, unhoped for
uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, hard to walk on
uotoio, uotoio, uotoio, uotoio, hard to enter, inaccessible
uotvtpio uotvtpio uotvtpio uotvtpio dysentery
uotvtu|o, uotvtu|o, uotvtu|o, uotvtu|o, hard to speak with
uotooqo, uotooqo, uotooqo, uotooqo, hard to deceive
uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, hard to loose from bonds
uotopiqo, uotopiqo, uotopiqo, uotopiqo, hard to enumerate
uottity|o, uottity|o, uottity|o, uottity|o, hard to refute
uottii|o, uottii|o, uottii|o, uottii|o, hard to unfold
uottptuvqo, uottptuvqo, uottptuvqo, uottptuvqo, hard to investigate
uotqtpoo, uotqtpoo, uotqtpoo, uotqtpoo, hard to tame
uotqvuoo, uotqvuoo, uotqvuoo, uotqvuoo, indissoluble
uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, hard to get out of
uotiouituo, uotiouituo, uotiouituo, uotiouituo, hard to attack secretly
uotpooo, uotpooo, uotpooo, uotpooo, unfavourable to love
uotpyio uotpyio uotpyio uotpyio difficulty in acting
uotpyo, uotpyo, uotpyo, uotpyo, unfit for work
uotpqo, uotpqo, uotpqo, uotpqo, very lonely, desolate
uotpi, uotpi, uotpi, uotpi, very quarrelsome, contentious
uotpioo, uotpioo, uotpioo, uotpioo, shed in unholy strife
uotpqvtuo, uotpqvtuo, uotpqvtuo, uotpqvtuo, hard to interpret
uotpo, uotpo, uotpo, uotpo, sick in love with
uotuvqop uotuvqop uotuvqop uotuvqop an ill bedfellow
uotupto, uotupto, uotupto, uotupto, hard to find out
uoqio, uoqio, uoqio, uoqio, exceeding jealous
uoqqo, uoqqo, uoqqo, uoqqo, hard to seek
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, wretched
uoq|too, uoq|too, uoq|too, uoq|too, hard to heal
uoq|ou, uoq|ou, uoq|ou, uoq|ou, hard of hearing
uoqityq, uoqityq, uoqityq, uoqityq, laying
uoqiio, uoqiio, uoqiio, uoqiio, sunless
uoqvio_qo, uoqvio_qo, uoqvio_qo, uoqvio_qo, ungovernable
uoq_q, uoq_q, uoq_q, uoq_q, ill-sounding, hateful
uooiq, uooiq, uooiq, uooiq, hard to warm: chilly
uoovoto uoovoto uoovoto uoovoto to die hard, die a lingering death
uoovoo, uoovoo, uoovoo, uoovoo, bringing a hard death
uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, having died a hard death
Page 167
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, uotoo, ill to look on
uoto, uoto, uoto, uoto, godless, ungodly
uotpotuo, uotpotuo, uotpotuo, uotpotuo, hard to cure
uottooi uottooi uottooi uottooi to be much vexed
uoto, uoto, uoto, uoto, in bad case.
uoqpoo, uoqpoo, uoqpoo, uoqpoo, hard to catch
uopqvqo, uopqvqo, uopqvqo, uopqvqo, loud-wailing, most mournful
uopou, uopou, uopou, uopou, ill-sounding
uouto uouto uouto uouto to be melancholy, angry
uouio uouio uouio uouio despondency, despair
uouo, uouo, uouo, uouo, desponding, melancholy, repentant
uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, hard to heal, incurable
uoitpto uoitpto uoitpto uoitpto to have bad omens in a sacrifice
uoioioooo, uoioioooo, uoioioooo, uoioioooo, dipped in the sea
uoio, uoio, uoio, uoio, hard to ride in
uoi, uoi, uoi, uoi, a setting of the sun
uo|oopo, uo|oopo, uo|oopo, uo|oopo, hard to satisfy by purification
uo|ot|o, uo|ot|o, uo|ot|o, uo|ot|o, hard to hold in
uo|ovo, uo|ovo, uo|ovo, uo|ovo, noisome from smoke, smoky
uo|optpqo, uo|optpqo, uo|optpqo, uo|optpqo, hard to endure
uo|oooqo, uo|oooqo, uo|oooqo, uo|oooqo, hard to learn
uo|ooouoo, uo|ooouoo, uo|ooouoo, uo|ooouoo, hard to check, restless
uo|oopo|o, uo|oopo|o, uo|oopo|o, uo|oopo|o, hard to effect
uo|ooooo, uo|ooooo, uo|ooooo, uo|ooooo, hard to restore
uo|oopovqo, uo|oopovqo, uo|oopovqo, uo|oopovqo, not to be despised
uo|tioo, uo|tioo, uo|tioo, uo|tioo, ill-sounding, shrieking, discordant
uo|qq, uo|qq, uo|qq, uo|qq, full of misery
uo|qio, uo|qio, uo|qio, uo|qio, past remedy
uo|ivqo, uo|ivqo, uo|ivqo, uo|ivqo, hard to move
uo|itq, uo|itq, uo|itq, uo|itq, infamous, shameful
uo|itio uo|itio uo|itio uo|itio ill-fame, an ill name, infamy
uo|oivovqo, uo|oivovqo, uo|oivovqo, uo|oivovqo, unsocial
uo|oioivo uo|oioivo uo|oioivo uo|oioivo to be peevish
uo|oiio uo|oiio uo|oiio uo|oiio discontent, peevishness
uo|oiiqo, uo|oiiqo, uo|oiiqo, uo|oiiqo, ill-glued
uo|oio|oo, uo|oio|oo, uo|oio|oo, uo|oio|oo, hard to bend
uo|oio|oio, uo|oio|oio, uo|oio|oio, uo|oio|oio, making bed uneasy
uo|oio, uo|oio, uo|oio, uo|oio, hard to satisfy with food
uo|oio, uo|oio, uo|oio, uo|oio, with ill-formed womb
uo|oioo, uo|oioo, uo|oioo, uo|oioo, hard to bear, intolerable
uo|pooio uo|pooio uo|pooio uo|pooio bad temperament
uo|poo, uo|poo, uo|poo, uo|poo, of bad temperament
uo|pio, uo|pio, uo|pio, uo|pio, hard to discern
uo|uovo, uo|uovo, uo|uovo, uo|uovo, arising from the stormy sea
uo|oto uo|oto uo|oto uo|oto to be stone-deaf
uo|oo, uo|oo, uo|oo, uo|oo, stone-deaf.
Page 168
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uoit|o, uoit|o, uoit|o, uoit|o, hard to tell
uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, hard to catch
uoioyioo, uoioyioo, uoioyioo, uoioyioo, ill-calculating
uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, uoioo, hard for the neck, hard to bear
uoiuo, uoiuo, uoiuo, uoiuo, indissoluble
uooto uooto uooto uooto to be slow at recognising
uooq, uooq, uooq, uooq, hard to learn
uooio uooio uooio uooio slowness at learning
uoo_to uoo_to uoo_to uoo_to to fight in vain against
uoo_qto, uoo_qto, uoo_qto, uoo_qto, one must fight desperately with
uoo_o, uoo_o, uoo_o, uoo_o, hard to fight with, unconquerable
uotvtio uotvtio uotvtio uotvtio ill-will, enmity
uotvtov uotvtov uotvtov uotvtov bearing ill-will, hostile
uotvq, uotvq, uotvq, uotvq, full of ill-will, hostile
uoto_tipioo, uoto_tipioo, uoto_tipioo, uoto_tipioo, hard to manage: hard to attack
uoqvi, uoqvi, uoqvi, uoqvi, wrathful
uoqvio, uoqvio, uoqvio, uoqvio, visited by heavy wrath
uoq uoq uoq uoq setting
uoqqp uoqqp uoqqp uoqqp not a mother
uoq_ovto uoq_ovto uoq_ovto uoq_ovto to be at loss how
uoq_ovo, uoq_ovo, uoq_ovo, uoq_ovo, hard to effect.
uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, hard to imitate
uoopio uoopio uoopio uoopio a hard fate
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, ill-fated, ill-starred
uoopio uoopio uoopio uoopio badness of form, ugliness
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, misshapen, ill-favoured
uoouoo, uoouoo, uoouoo, uoouoo, unmusical
uovi|qo, uovi|qo, uovi|qo, uovi|qo, hard to conquer
uovio, uovio, uovio, uovio, hard to wash out
uovoto uovoto uovoto uovoto to be ill-affected
uovoio uovoio uovoio uovoio disaffection, ill-will, malevolence
uovoio uovoio uovoio uovoio lawlessness, a bad constitution
uovoo, uovoo, uovoo, uovoo, lawless, unrighteous
uovooo, uovooo, uovooo, uovooo, that is no return
uovou, uovou, uovou, uovou, ill-affected, disaffected
uovutuo, uovutuo, uovutuo, uovutuo, unpleasing to marry
uovuo, uovuo, uovuo, uovuo, ill-wedded
uouoio, uouoio, uouoio, uouoio, hard to deal with, driving a hard bargain
uouvto, uouvto, uouvto, uouvto, hard to understand, unintelligible
uooy|o, uooy|o, uooy|o, uooy|o, over heavy, burdensome
uooto uooto uooto uooto to make bad way, get on slowly
uooooioio, uooooioio, uooooioio, uooooioio, difficult and rugged
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, hard to pass, scarce passable
uooio uooio uooio uooio to be distressed, to fear
uooi|qo, uooi|qo, uooi|qo, uooi|qo, bad to dwell in
uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, hard to bear, insufferable
Page 169
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, stormy, wintry
uooiio, uooiio, uooiio, uooiio, hard to live with, bringing evil in one's company
uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, scarce-seeing, purblind
uoopoo, uoopoo, uoopoo, uoopoo, hard to see
uoopyo, uoopyo, uoopyo, uoopyo, quick to anger
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, with bad anchorage
uoopvi, uoopvi, uoopvi, uoopvi, ill-omened, boding ill
uoopvoio, uoopvoio, uoopvoio, uoopvoio, dusky
uoooio uoooio uoooio uoooio an ill smell, ill savour
uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, ill-smelling, stinking
uooupioo, uooupioo, uooupioo, uooupioo, driven by a too favourable wind, fatally favourable
uootio uootio uootio uootio firmness in resisting
uooto uooto uooto uooto to suffer a hard fate
uooq, uooq, uooq, uooq, impatient of suffering
uooioioo, uooioioo, uooioioo, uooioioo, hard to wrestle with
uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, uooioo, hard to conquer
uooiq, uooiq, uooiq, uooiq, hard to wrestle with
uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, incomparable
uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, uoopoiqo, hard to move by prayer, inexorable
uoopo|oioo, uoopo|oioo, uoopo|oioo, uoopo|oioo, hard to carry along, difficult
uoopouqo, uoopouqo, uoopouqo, uoopouqo, hard to appease
uooptuvo, uooptuvo, uooptuvo, uooptuvo, ill-mated
uoopqyopo, uoopqyopo, uoopqyopo, uoopqyopo, hard to appease
uooptvo, uooptvo, uooptvo, uooptvo, unhappy maiden
uoopi, uoopi, uoopi, uoopi, unhappy Paris, ill-starred Paris
uoopio, uoopio, uoopio, uoopio, hard to pass
u, u, u, u, un-
uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, hardly obeying, self-willed, intractable
uoto, uoto, uoto, uoto, hard to send away
uottio, uottio, uottio, uottio, rough and stormy
uotvq, uotvq, uotvq, uotvq, bringing sore affliction, direful
uotpoo, uotpoo, uotpoo, uotpoo, hard to get through
uotpiiqo, uotpiiqo, uotpiiqo, uotpiiqo, hard to encompass
uotq, uotq, uotq, uotq, falling out ill, most difficult
uoqovo, uoqovo, uoqovo, uoqovo, full of grievous evil, disastrous
uoivq, uoivq, uoivq, uoivq, squalid
uoiovo, uoiovo, uoiovo, uoiovo, wandering in misery
uoioio uoioio uoioio uoioio difficulty of sailing
uoiou, uoiou, uoiou, uoiou, bad for sailing
uovoio uovoio uovoio uovoio difficulty of breathing
uovou, uovou, uovou, uovou, scant of breath
uooitqo, uooitqo, uooitqo, uooitqo, hard to war with
uooito, uooito, uooito, uooito, unlucky in war
uooiiop|qo, uooiiop|qo, uooiiop|qo, uooiiop|qo, hard to take by siege
uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, toilsome
uoovqo, uoovqo, uoovqo, uoovqo, bringing toil and trouble
Page 170
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, toilsome
uooptuo, uooptuo, uooptuo, uooptuo, hard to pass
uoopio uoopio uoopio uoopio difficulty of passing
uoopioo, uoopioo, uoopioo, uoopioo, gotten with much labour
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, hard to pass, scarce passable
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, unlucky, ill-starred, unhappy, wretched
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, unpalatable
uopoyto uopoyto uopoyto uopoyto to be unlucky
uopoio uopoio uopoio uopoio ill success, ill luck
uoptq, uoptq, uoptq, uoptq, base, undignified
uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, hard to approach
uopooio, uopooio, uopooio, uopooio, difficult of access
uopooo_o, uopooo_o, uopooo_o, uopooo_o, hard to attack
uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, hard to get at, difficult of access
uopoooioo, uopoooioo, uopoooioo, uopoooioo, hard to approach
uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, hard to look on, horrid to behold
uopootiooo, uopootiooo, uopootiooo, uopootiooo, hard to get at
uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, uopoooo, of ill aspect
uopoyq, uopoyq, uopoyq, uopoyq, hard to break
uopiyo, uopiyo, uopiyo, uopiyo, impatient of cold
uoottio uoottio uoottio uoottio impiety, ungodliness
uootto uootto uootto uootto to think
uootq, uootq, uootq, uootq, ungodly, impious, profane
uooou, uooou, uooou, uooou, hard to save, ruined
uoouvoo, uoouvoo, uoouvoo, uoouvoo, hard to get a view of
uooio, uooio, uooio, uooio, most miserable
uot|opo, uot|opo, uot|opo, uot|opo, hard to make out from the given signs, hard to trace, inexplicable
uot|vo, uot|vo, uot|vo, uot|vo, unfortunate in children
uotpq, uotpq, uotpq, uotpq, ill-pleasing
uoqvo, uoqvo, uoqvo, uoqvo, wretched, unhappy, unfortunate, disastrous
uoqpqo, uoqpqo, uoqpqo, uoqpqo, hard to keep
uoiqov uoiqov uoiqov uoiqov suffering hard things
uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, uoiqo, hard to bear
uoo|tu, uoo|tu, uoo|tu, uoo|tu, an unhappy parent
uoo|to uoo|to uoo|to uoo|to to be in sore travail
uoo|o, uoo|o, uoo|o, uoo|o, bringing forth with pain.
uooto uooto uooto uooto to speak evil of
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, bad of mouth: hardmouthed
uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, lamentable
uooooo, uooooo, uooooo, uooooo, hard to guess
uoo_ooo, uoo_ooo, uoo_ooo, uoo_ooo, hard to hit
uopoto, uopoto, uopoto, uopoto, fed on horrid food
uopotio, uopotio, uopotio, uopotio, hard to deal with, intractable, stubborn
uopoo, uopoo, uopoo, uopoo, hard to turn, intractable
uou_to uou_to uou_to uou_to to be unlucky, unhappy, unfortunate
uou_qo uou_qo uou_qo uou_qo a piece of ill luck, a failure
Page 171
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uou_q, uou_q, uou_q, uou_q, unlucky, unfortunate
uou_io uou_io uou_io uou_io ill luck, ill fortune
uouoooo, uouoooo, uouoooo, uouoooo, hard to withstand
uooq, uooq, uooq, uooq, scarce visible
uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, hard to speak, unutterable
uoqto uoqto uoqto uoqto to use ill words
uoqio uoqio uoqio uoqio ill language, words of ill omen
uoqo, uoqo, uoqo, uoqo, of ill omen, boding
uoiiq, uoiiq, uoiiq, uoiiq, hateful
uoopto uoopto uoopto uoopto to bear with pain, bear ill
uoopqo, uoopqo, uoopqo, uoopqo, hard to bear
uoopiy uoopiy uoopiy uoopiy unsuited to the lyre
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, hard to bear, heavy
uopovq uopovq uopovq uopovq troubles
uopovo, uopovo, uopovo, uopovo, rashly
uopoouvq uopoouvq uopoouvq uopoouvq anxiety, care
uopov uopov uopov uopov sad at heart, sorrowful, melancholy
uouio|o, uouio|o, uouio|o, uouio|o, hard to keep off
uo_titpo, uo_titpo, uo_titpo, uo_titpo, suffering from hard winters, very wintry, freezing
uo_tipoo uo_tipoo uo_tipoo uo_tipoo a thing hard to be subdued, a hard conquest
uo_tipoo, uo_tipoo, uo_tipoo, uo_tipoo, hard to subdue
uo_tpoivo uo_tpoivo uo_tpoivo uo_tpoivo to be unable to endure
uo_tptio uo_tptio uo_tptio uo_tptio annoyance
uo_tpq, uo_tpq, uo_tpq, uo_tpq, hard to take in hand
uo_io, uo_io, uo_io, uo_io, wintry, troublesome, dangerous, fearful
uo_ioivio uo_ioivio uo_ioivio uo_ioivio mean clothing
uo_opo, uo_opo, uo_opo, uo_opo, with little grass, ill off for food
uo_pqoto uo_pqoto uo_pqoto uo_pqoto to be in difficulty
uo_pqoo, uo_pqoo, uo_pqoo, uo_pqoo, hard to use, nearly useless
uo_opio uo_opio uo_opio uo_opio difficult, rough ground
uooq, uooq, uooq, uooq, ill-smelling
uooivo, uooivo, uooivo, uooivo, causing grievous pangs
uoovto uoovto uoovto uoovto to beat down the price, cheapen
uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, uoovq, one who beats down the price.
uoovuo, uoovuo, uoovuo, uoovuo, bearing an ill name, ill-omened
uooto uooto uooto uooto to put out of countenance, put to shame
uooptooi uooptooi uooptooi uooptooi to keep painful watch
uq, uq, uq, uq, a diver
uot|ooio, uot|ooio, uot|ooio, uot|ooio, worth twelve beeves
uot|oqvo, uot|oqvo, uot|oqvo, uot|oqvo, twelve months old
uot|ooipo, uot|ooipo, uot|ooipo, uot|ooipo, divided into twelve parts
uot|o uot|o uot|o uot|o twelve
uot|o uot|o uot|o uot|o twelve
uo|oiti|ooitpo, uo|oiti|ooitpo, uo|oiti|ooitpo, uo|oiti|ooitpo, holding
uo|oiti|ooiq_u, uo|oiti|ooiq_u, uo|oiti|ooiq_u, uo|oiti|ooiq_u, cubits long
uo uo uo uo to strip off
Page 172
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ot|oyvoo, ot|oyvoo, ot|oyvoo, ot|oyvoo, bent twelve times
ot|oop_o, ot|oop_o, ot|oop_o, ot|oop_o, a leader of twelve
ot|opo_o, ot|opo_o, ot|opo_o, ot|opo_o, sold at
ot|oopo, ot|oopo, ot|oopo, ot|oopo, twelve palms long
ot|otio, ot|otio, ot|otio, ot|otio, conqueror in
ot|otq, ot|otq, ot|otq, ot|otq, years old
ot|o|i, ot|o|i, ot|o|i, ot|o|i, twelve times
ot|oiivo, ot|oiivo, ot|oiivo, ot|oiivo, of twelve threads
ot|oq_ovo, ot|oq_ovo, ot|oq_ovo, ot|oq_ovo, knowing twelve arts
ot|ooi, ot|ooi, ot|ooi, ot|ooi, with twelve children
ot|ooioi ot|ooioi ot|ooioi ot|ooioi twelve times long ago, ever so long ago
ot|oq_u, ot|oq_u, ot|oq_u, ot|oq_u, twelve cubits long
ot|ooii, ot|ooii, ot|ooii, ot|ooii, formed of twelve united states
ot|o ot|o ot|o ot|o twelve
ot|oo|oio, ot|oo|oio, ot|oo|oio, ot|oo|oio, twelve-oared
ot|oo|uo, ot|oo|uo, ot|oo|uo, ot|oo|uo, of twelve pieces of leather
ot|o, ot|o, ot|o, ot|o, the number twelve
ot|ooio, ot|ooio, ot|ooio, ot|ooio, on the twelfth day
ot|oo, ot|oo, ot|oo, ot|oo, the twelfth
ot|oopo, ot|oopo, ot|oopo, ot|oopo, bearing twelve times a year
ot|ouio, ot|ouio, ot|ouio, ot|ouio, of twelve tribes
ot|tq, ot|tq, ot|tq, ot|tq, twelve years old
oovoio, oovoio, oovoio, oovoio, of Dodona
oovq oovq oovq oovq Dodona
oo oo oo oo a house
ooiov ooiov ooiov ooiov a chamber, bed-chamber
ooii, ooii, ooii, ooii, of the house
oooopto oooopto oooopto oooopto to ruin the house
ooo ooo ooo ooo to build
opto opto opto opto a gift, present
opto opto opto opto to give, present
opqo opqo opqo opqo that which is given, a gift, present
opqqp opqqp opqqp opqqp a giver
opqo, opqo, opqo, opqo, open to gifts
opitu, opitu, opitu, opitu, a Dorian, descendant of Dorus
opio opio opio opio to imitate the Dorians in life, dialect
opi|o, opi|o, opi|o, opi|o, Doric
opio, opio, opio, opio, Dorian
opi, opi, opi, opi, Dorian
opioi opioi opioi opioi in Dorian fashion
opoo|to opoo|to opoo|to opoo|to to accept as a present
opoo|qo opoo|qo opoo|qo opoo|qo acceptance of a bribe, corruption
opoo|io opoo|io opoo|io opoo|io a taking of bribes, openness to bribery
opoo|ioi opoo|ioi opoo|ioi opoo|ioi in bribe-fashion
opoo|o, opoo|o, opoo|o, opoo|o, taking presents
opooq, opooq, opooq, opooq, a giver of presents, a giver
Page 173
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opov opov opov opov a gift, present
opooyo, opooyo, opooyo, opooyo, greedy of presents
opoopto opoopto opoopto opoopto to bring presents
opoopo, opoopo, opoopo, opoopo, bringing presents
ooii|o, ooii|o, ooii|o, ooii|o, giving oneself up to justice, abiding by the law
ooov ooov ooov ooov always going to give
oqp oqp oqp oqp a giver
oivoo oivoo oivoo oivoo to receive
oivq oivq oivq oivq a gift, present
oo oo oo oo giver
tovo, tovo, tovo, tovo, fit for wearing
tov tov tov tov if haply
to to to to ha! oho!
topio topio topio topio to pass the spring
topivo, topivo, topivo, topivo, spring-
topoptq, topoptq, topoptq, topoptq, flourishing in spring
top top top top spring
toto, toto, toto, toto, to be suffered
touou touou touou touou itself, absolutely
toq toq toq toq was fastened upon
too too too too to let, suffer, allow, permit
tooytq, tooytq, tooytq, tooytq, sacrificed on the 7th of every month
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, on the seventh day
too, too, too, too, the number seven
tooo, tooo, tooo, tooo, the seventh
toq|ovo toq|ovo toq|ovo toq|ovo seventy
toq|ovouq, toq|ovouq, toq|ovouq, toq|ovouq, seventy years old
too, too, too, too, seventh
ttvo, ttvo, ttvo, ttvo, the ebony-tree, ebony
tpoi|o, tpoi|o, tpoi|o, tpoi|o, Hebrew
tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, a Hebrew
tpoioi tpoioi tpoioi tpoioi Hebrew tongue
tyyoio, tyyoio, tyyoio, tyyoio, in
tyytivovoi tyytivovoi tyytivovoi tyytivovoi breed
tyytiooq, tyytiooq, tyytiooq, tyytiooq, a mocker, scorner
tyytioo tyytioo tyytioo tyytioo to laugh at, mock
tyytvq, tyytvq, tyytvq, tyytvq, inborn, native
tyyqpoo tyyqpoo tyyqpoo tyyqpoo a comfort for old age
tyyqpoo|o tyyqpoo|o tyyqpoo|o tyyqpoo|o to grow old in one, decay
tyyiyvooi tyyiyvooi tyyiyvooi tyyiyvooi to be born
tyyiov tyyiov tyyiov tyyiov nearer, nearest
tyyiuooo tyyiuooo tyyiuooo tyyiuooo to have a sweet taste
tyyiuo tyyiuo tyyiuo tyyiuo to cut in, carve
tyyiooyooop tyyiooyooop tyyiooyooop tyyiooyooop one who lives by his tongue
tyyioouto tyyioouto tyyioouto tyyioouto to talk loudly of
tyyovo, tyyovo, tyyovo, tyyovo, a grandson, granddaughter
Page 174
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tyypoq tyypoq tyypoq tyypoq a registering, registration
tyypoo tyypoo tyypoo tyypoo to mark in
tyyuoiio tyyuoiio tyyuoiio tyyuoiio to put into the palm of the hand, put into one's hand
tyyuoo tyyuoo tyyuoo tyyuoo to give
tyyuq tyyuq tyyuq tyyuq a pledge put into the hand: surety, security
tyyuqoi, tyyuqoi, tyyuqoi, tyyuqoi, betrothed
tyyuqq, tyyuqq, tyyuqq, tyyuqq, one who gives security, a surety
tyyuqo, tyyuqo, tyyuqo, tyyuqo, wedded
tyyutv tyyutv tyyutv tyyutv from nigh at hand
tyyui tyyui tyyui tyyui hard by, near
tyyuvoo tyyuvoo tyyuvoo tyyuvoo to exercise
tyyuo, tyyuo, tyyuo, tyyuo, giving security
tyyu, tyyu, tyyu, tyyu, near, nigh, at hand
tyyovio, tyyovio, tyyovio, tyyovio, forming an angle
tytipo tytipo tytipo tytipo to awaken, wake up, rouse
tytpoiytio, tytpoiytio, tytpoiytio, tytpoiytio, laughter-stirring
tytpoitopo, tytpoitopo, tytpoitopo, tytpoitopo, exciting the theatre
tytpoio_o, tytpoio_o, tytpoio_o, tytpoio_o, battle-stirring
tytpoio, tytpoio, tytpoio, tytpoio, from which one wakes
tytpoi, tytpoi, tytpoi, tytpoi, a waking
tytpoioq, tytpoioq, tytpoioq, tytpoioq, light-stirring
tytpto, tytpto, tytpto, tytpto, one must raise
tytpi|o, tytpi|o, tytpi|o, tytpi|o, waking, stirring
ty|otooi ty|otooi ty|otooi ty|otooi to sit
ty|oqoo ty|oqoo ty|oqoo ty|oqoo to pass one's youth in
ty|oqoi ty|oqoi ty|oqoi ty|oqoi to sit in
ty|oipuo ty|oipuo ty|oipuo ty|oipuo to erect
ty|oio ty|oio ty|oio ty|oio to seat in
ty|oiqi ty|oiqi ty|oiqi ty|oiqi to let down: to send in
ty|oioqi ty|oioqi ty|oioqi ty|oioqi to place
ty|oopoo ty|oopoo ty|oopoo ty|oopoo to look closely into
ty|oopiooi ty|oopiooi ty|oopiooi ty|oopiooi to run into harbour, come to anchor
ty|oupio ty|oupio ty|oupio ty|oupio to riot
tytpi tytpi tytpi tytpi eagerly, busily
ty|oivio ty|oivio ty|oivio ty|oivio a feast of renovation
ty|oivio ty|oivio ty|oivio ty|oivio to renovate, consecrate
ty|oio ty|oio ty|oio ty|oio to burn
ty|o|to ty|o|to ty|o|to ty|o|to to lose heart, grow weary
ty|oito ty|oito ty|oito ty|oito to call in
ty|oiioiooi ty|oiioiooi ty|oiioiooi ty|oiioiooi to take pride
ty|oiioioo ty|oiioioo ty|oiioioo ty|oiioioo an ornament, decoration
ty|oiuo, ty|oiuo, ty|oiuo, ty|oiuo, a covering, wrapping up
ty|oiuo ty|oiuo ty|oiuo ty|oiuo to veil in
ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo to bend in, bend
ty|ovoooo ty|ovoooo ty|ovoooo ty|ovoooo to pour in
ty|ovo_oooi ty|ovo_oooi ty|ovo_oooi ty|ovo_oooi to make a sound
Page 175
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo to gulp in greedily, snap up
ty|opo, ty|opo, ty|opo, ty|opo, the brain
ty|opo, ty|opo, ty|opo, ty|opo, containing fruit
ty|opoio, ty|opoio, ty|opoio, ty|opoio, athwart, oblique
ty|optpto ty|optpto ty|optpto ty|optpto to persevere
ty|ooiqi, ty|ooiqi, ty|ooiqi, ty|ooiqi, a being caught in
ty|ooioyiooi ty|ooioyiooi ty|ooioyiooi ty|ooioyiooi to reckon in
ty|ooiyvuoi ty|ooiyvuoi ty|ooiyvuoi ty|ooiyvuoi to be mixed in
ty|ooqyvui ty|ooqyvui ty|ooqyvui ty|ooqyvui to thrust firmly in
ty|ooio ty|ooio ty|ooio ty|ooio to fall in
ty|ooit|o ty|ooit|o ty|ooit|o ty|ooit|o to interweave, entwine
ty|ooppoo ty|ooppoo ty|ooppoo ty|ooppoo to sew in
ty|ooo|qo ty|ooo|qo ty|ooo|qo ty|ooo|qo to fall upon
ty|oootipo ty|oootipo ty|oootipo ty|oootipo to disperse in
ty|ooooi_tioo ty|ooooi_tioo ty|ooooi_tioo ty|ooooi_tioo to implant as a principle in
ty|ooooo ty|ooooo ty|ooooo ty|ooooo to slaughter in
ty|ootvo ty|ootvo ty|ootvo ty|ootvo to cut up among
ty|ooitoi ty|ooitoi ty|ooitoi ty|ooitoi put
ty|oo_to ty|oo_to ty|oo_to ty|oo_to to pour in besides
ty|oiiioo ty|oiiioo ty|oiiioo ty|oiiioo to scoff at
ty|ooi|to ty|ooi|to ty|ooi|to ty|ooi|to to dwell in
ty|ooi|ooto ty|ooi|ooto ty|ooi|ooto ty|ooi|ooto to build in
ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo the inwards, entrails, bowels
ty|ooyqpoo|o ty|ooyqpoo|o ty|ooyqpoo|o ty|ooyqpoo|o to grow old in
ty|ooto ty|ooto ty|ooto ty|ooto to bind fast in
ty|oouvo ty|oouvo ty|oouvo ty|oouvo sink beneath
ty|ootuyvui ty|ootuyvui ty|ootuyvui ty|ootuyvui to adapt to
ty|oo|oio ty|oo|oio ty|oo|oio ty|oo|oio to burn in
ty|oo|tioi ty|oo|tioi ty|oo|tioi ty|oo|tioi to lie in
ty|oo|iivo ty|oo|iivo ty|oo|iivo ty|oo|iivo to put to bed in
ty|oo|oioooi ty|oo|oioooi ty|oo|oioooi ty|oo|oioooi to lie down to sleep in
ty|oo|pouo ty|oo|pouo ty|oo|pouo ty|oo|pouo to hammer in
ty|ooioovo ty|ooioovo ty|ooioovo ty|ooioovo to catch in
ty|ooityo ty|ooityo ty|ooityo ty|ooityo to build in
ty|ooitio ty|ooitio ty|ooitio ty|ooitio to leave behind
ty|ouo ty|ouo ty|ouo ty|ouo a sore from burning
ty|tioi ty|tioi ty|tioi ty|tioi to lie in, be wrapped in
ty|tipo ty|tipo ty|tipo ty|tipo with shorn
ty|tituo ty|tituo ty|tituo ty|tituo an encouragement
ty|tituoo, ty|tituoo, ty|tituoo, ty|tituoo, urged on, bidden, commanded
ty|tituo ty|tituo ty|tituo ty|tituo sw
ty|tvpi, ty|tvpi, ty|tvpi, ty|tvpi, a sting
ty|tpovvui ty|tpovvui ty|tpovvui ty|tpovvui to mix in, mix
ty|tpoto ty|tpoto ty|tpoto ty|tpoto to abuse, mock at
ty|toio, ty|toio, ty|toio, ty|toio, that which is within the head, the brain
ty|iopio ty|iopio ty|iopio ty|iopio to play the harp among
Page 176
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ty|itio ty|itio ty|itio ty|itio to shut in, close
ty|iqo ty|iqo ty|iqo ty|iqo an accusation, charge, complaint
ty|iqoi|o, ty|iqoi|o, ty|iqoi|o, ty|iqoi|o, litigious
ty|iqpo, ty|iqpo, ty|iqpo, ty|iqpo, having a lot
ty|iiov ty|iiov ty|iiov ty|iiov leaning, bent down
ty|iivo ty|iivo ty|iivo ty|iivo to bend in
ty|oiioivo ty|oiioivo ty|oiioivo ty|oiioivo to hollow
ty|oiio, ty|oiio, ty|oiio, ty|oiio, sinking in hollows, hollow
ty|oiio ty|oiio ty|oiio ty|oiio to lull to sleep in
ty|oioupoooi ty|oioupoooi ty|oioupoooi ty|oioupoooi to be luxurious as Coesyra
ty|oio, ty|oio, ty|oio, ty|oio, serving for a bed
ty|oioo ty|oioo ty|oioo ty|oioo to cut
ty|oiqoo ty|oiqoo ty|oiqoo ty|oiqoo to fall heavily upon
ty|oiio ty|oiio ty|oiio ty|oiio to form a bay
ty|ooooi ty|ooooi ty|ooooi ty|ooooi to bind a thing
ty|ovto ty|ovto ty|ovto ty|ovto to be quick and active, make haste, hasten
ty|oviooi ty|oviooi ty|oviooi ty|oviooi to sprinkle sand over oneself
ty|otu, ty|otu, ty|otu, ty|otu, a tool for cutting stone, chisel
ty|oq ty|oq ty|oq ty|oq a hindrance
ty|oo, ty|oo, ty|oo, ty|oo, wearied
ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo ty|oo to hinder, thwart
ty|opuito ty|opuito ty|opuito ty|opuito to wrap up in coverlets
ty|ooto ty|ooto ty|ooto ty|ooto to arrange in
ty|oto ty|oto ty|oto ty|oto to be indignant at
ty|oo, ty|oo, ty|oo, ty|oo, bearing a grudge, spiteful, malignant
ty|poo ty|poo ty|poo ty|poo to cry aloud at
ty|potio ty|potio ty|potio ty|potio mastery over
ty|poq, ty|poq, ty|poq, ty|poq, in possession of power
ty|pivo ty|pivo ty|pivo ty|pivo to reckon in
ty|pioi, ty|pioi, ty|pioi, ty|pioi, admission to the contest
ty|pito, ty|pito, ty|pito, ty|pito, one must admit
ty|poto ty|poto ty|poto ty|poto to strike on
ty|pouo ty|pouo ty|pouo ty|pouo to knock
ty|puo ty|puo ty|puo ty|puo to hide
ty|puioo ty|puioo ty|puioo ty|puioo to keep oneself hidden, act underhand
ty|puio, ty|puio, ty|puio, ty|puio, baked in the ashes
ty|oooi ty|oooi ty|oooi ty|oooi to acquire possessions in
ty|qo ty|qo ty|qo ty|qo land held in a district
ty|qoi, ty|qoi, ty|qoi, ty|qoi, tenure of land in
ty|u|oo ty|u|oo ty|u|oo ty|u|oo to mix up in
ty|u|itooi ty|u|itooi ty|u|itooi ty|u|itooi to rotate in
ty|u|iio, ty|u|iio, ty|u|iio, ty|u|iio, circular, rounded, round
ty|u|ioo ty|u|ioo ty|u|ioo ty|u|ioo to move round in a circle
ty|u|iooi, ty|u|iooi, ty|u|iooi, ty|u|iooi, a surrounding
ty|uiivo ty|uiivo ty|uiivo ty|uiivo to roll up in
ty|uov ty|uov ty|uov ty|uov pregnant
Page 177
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ty|uo ty|uo ty|uo ty|uo to stoop down and peep in
ty|upo ty|upo ty|upo ty|upo to fall in with, light upon, meet with
ty|oioo ty|oioo ty|oioo ty|oioo to praise, laud, extol
ty|oio, ty|oio, ty|oio, ty|oio, in
typt|uoio, typt|uoio, typt|uoio, typt|uoio, rousing the din of war
typto_q, typto_q, typto_q, typto_q, rousing the fight
typtoi|oo, typtoi|oo, typtoi|oo, typtoi|oo, stirring up to revelry
typqyopoov typqyopoov typqyopoov typqyopoov watching, waking
typqyopi typqyopi typqyopi typqyopi awake, watching
typqooo typqooo typqooo typqooo to be awake
ty_oiivoo ty_oiivoo ty_oiivoo ty_oiivoo to put a bit in the mouth of
ty_oi|o, ty_oi|o, ty_oi|o, ty_oi|o, in
ty_opoooo ty_opoooo ty_opoooo ty_opoooo to engrave upon
ty_oo|o ty_oo|o ty_oo|o ty_oo|o to gape
ty_to ty_to ty_to ty_to to be in a horrid fright at
ty_tiq ty_tiq ty_tiq ty_tiq a spear, lance
ty_tipto ty_tipto ty_tipto ty_tipto to put one's hand in
ty_tipqo ty_tipqo ty_tipqo ty_tipqo an undertaking, attempt
ty_tipqoi, ty_tipqoi, ty_tipqoi, ty_tipqoi, a taking in hand, undertaking
ty_tipqto, ty_tipqto, ty_tipqto, ty_tipqto, one must undertake
ty_tipqq, ty_tipqq, ty_tipqq, ty_tipqq, an undertaker, an adventurer
ty_tipqi|o, ty_tipqi|o, ty_tipqi|o, ty_tipqi|o, enterprising, adventurous
ty_tipiio, ty_tipiio, ty_tipiio, ty_tipiio, in the hand
ty_tipio ty_tipio ty_tipio ty_tipio to put into one's hands, entrust
ty_tipito, ty_tipito, ty_tipito, ty_tipito, put into one's hands
ty_titio, ty_titio, ty_titio, ty_titio, of an eel
ty_tiu, ty_tiu, ty_tiu, ty_tiu, an eel
ty_tiuoo, ty_tiuoo, ty_tiuoo, ty_tiuoo, eel-faced
ty_toiopo, ty_toiopo, ty_toiopo, ty_toiopo, eager with the spear
ty_tooio, ty_tooio, ty_tooio, ty_tooio, wielding the spear
ty_to ty_to ty_to ty_to to pour in
ty_ovio, ty_ovio, ty_ovio, ty_ovio, in
ty_o, ty_o, ty_o, ty_o, a spear, lance
ty_ouoo ty_ouoo ty_ouoo ty_ouoo alkanet
ty_poo ty_poo ty_poo ty_poo to dash against
ty_ptooi ty_ptooi ty_ptooi ty_ptooi to expectorate
ty_pqo ty_pqo ty_pqo ty_pqo to have need
ty_pio ty_pio ty_pio ty_pio to bring near to
ty_pioo, ty_pioo, ty_pioo, ty_pioo, rubbed in as an ointment
ty_pio ty_pio ty_pio ty_pio to rub, anoint
ty_povio ty_povio ty_povio ty_povio to be long about
ty_poooi ty_poooi ty_poooi ty_poooi to be engrained: &mdash
ty_upio ty_upio ty_upio ty_upio to expose children in an earthenware vessel
ty_opto ty_opto ty_opto ty_opto to give room
ty_opio, ty_opio, ty_opio, ty_opio, in
tyo tyo tyo tyo ego
Page 178
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tovo, tovo, tovo, tovo, eatable
tovo, tovo, tovo, tovo, sweet, delicious
toio toio toio toio to dash to the ground
too, too, too, too, the bottom, foundation, base
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov a seat, abode
ttoo ttoo ttoo ttoo meat
ttoto, ttoto, ttoto, ttoto, one must eat
ttoq, ttoq, ttoq, ttoq, an eater
ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, eatable: eaten, consumed
tqu, tqu, tqu, tqu, meat, food
tvov tvov tvov tvov a wedding-gift
tvoo tvoo tvoo tvoo to promise for wedding-presents, to betroth
tvoq, tvoq, tvoq, tvoq, a betrother
to, to, to, to, a sitting-place
tpoo tpoo tpoo tpoo to make to sit, place
tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, sitting, sedentary
tpoioo tpoioo tpoioo tpoioo a foundation, base
tpovov tpovov tpovov tpovov a seat, abode
tpo tpo tpo tpo a sitting-place
tpioo tpioo tpioo tpioo to seat
tpoopoo, tpoopoo, tpoopoo, tpoopoo, a wrestler who throws his adversary by a cross-buttock
toq toq toq toq food, meat, victuals
toio, toio, toio, toio, eatable
toiiov toiiov toiiov toiiov a seat
to to to to to eat
tt tt tt tt him
tooi tooi tooi tooi to seat oneself, sit
to, to, to, to, customary, accustomed to
ttipoo ttipoo ttipoo ttipoo to have long hair
ttipo ttipo ttipo ttipo hair
ttiqo, ttiqo, ttiqo, ttiqo, willing, voluntary
ttioouitio ttioouitio ttioouitio ttioouitio willing slavery
ttioouio, ttioouio, ttioouio, ttioouio, a willing slave
ttiopqo|tio ttiopqo|tio ttiopqo|tio ttiopqo|tio will-worship
ttio|o|to ttio|o|to ttio|o|to ttio|o|to to be slack in duty, play the coward purposely
ttio|o|o, ttio|o|o, ttio|o|o, ttio|o|o, wilfully bad
ttiovqov ttiovqov ttiovqov ttiovqov voluntarily
ttiovqv ttiovqv ttiovqv ttiovqv voluntarily
ttiovqp ttiovqp ttiovqp ttiovqp a volunteer
ttioovo, ttioovo, ttioovo, ttioovo, willing to work
ttiopotvo, ttiopotvo, ttiopotvo, ttiopotvo, one who voluntarily charges himself with the office of
ttioupyo, ttioupyo, ttioupyo, ttioupyo, willing to work
ttiouoio, ttiouoio, ttiouoio, ttiouoio, voluntary
ttio ttio ttio ttio to will, wish, purpose
tqoioyto tqoioyto tqoioyto tqoioyto to gather customarily
tio tio tio tio to accustom, use
Page 179
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tioto, tioto, tioto, tioto, one must accustom
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, to be acquired by habit
tvop_q, tvop_q, tvop_q, tvop_q, an ethnarch
tvi|o, tvi|o, tvi|o, tvi|o, foreign, heathen, gentile
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, a number of people accustomed to live together, a company, body of men
to, to, to, to, custom, habit
to to to to to be accustomed
tiotvq tiotvq tiotvq tiotvq a river-side pasture, meadow
tio tio tio tio on! up! away!
tiopoooo, tiopoooo, tiopoooo, tiopoooo, with youthful breasts
tio tio tio tio to drop, let fall in drops
tioiio, tioiio, tioiio, tioiio, shapely, comely
tiop tiop tiop tiop food
tiqov tiqov tiqov tiqov knowing
tioi tioi tioi tioi Idus
tiooi tiooi tiooi tiooi are visible, appear
tiov tiov tiov tiov to see, perceive, behold
tiooito tiooito tiooito tiooito to make an image of
tiooiio tiooiio tiooiio tiooiio the specific nature of
tiooio, tiooio, tiooio, tiooio, forming a species, specific
tio, tio, tio, tio, that which is seen, form, shape, figure
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, knowingly
tiuiiiov tiuiiiov tiuiiiov tiuiiiov a short descriptive poem
tioitiov tioitiov tioitiov tioitiov an idol's temple
tioiouo, tioiouo, tioiouo, tioiouo, sacrificed to idols
tioioioptio tioioioptio tioioioptio tioioioptio idolatry
tioioiopq, tioioiopq, tioioiopq, tioioiopq, an idol-worshipper, idolater
tioiov tioiov tioiov tioiov an image, a phantom
tioiooito tioiooito tioiooito tioiooito to form an image
tioiooiio tioiooiio tioiooiio tioiooiio formation of images
tioiooio, tioiooio, tioiooio, tioiooio, an image-maker
titv titv titv titv well!
tiop tiop tiop tiop at once, forthwith
tit tit tit tit would that!
ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo to make like to, represent by a likeness, portray
ti|oio, ti|oio, ti|oio, ti|oio, random, purposeless
ti|ooio ti|ooio ti|ooio ti|ooio a likeness, image
ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo a likeness, image
ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, a conjecturing
ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, the twentieth day of the month
ti|ooq, ti|ooq, ti|ooq, ti|ooq, one who conjectures, a diviner
ti|ooi|o, ti|ooi|o, ti|ooi|o, ti|ooi|o, able to represent
ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, comparable, similar
ti|tiovtipo, ti|tiovtipo, ti|tiovtipo, ti|tiovtipo, dream-like
ti|tio, ti|tio, ti|tio, ti|tio, like
ti|tioovo, ti|tioovo, ti|tioovo, ti|tioovo, of like voice
Page 180
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti|q ti|q ti|q ti|q without plan
ti|ovi|o, ti|ovi|o, ti|ovi|o, ti|ovi|o, counterfeited, pretended
ti|ooooio, ti|ooooio, ti|ooooio, ti|ooooio, worth twenty oxen
ti|oootq, ti|oootq, ti|oootq, ti|oootq, of twenty years
ti|ooo|i, ti|ooo|i, ti|ooo|i, ti|ooo|i, twenty times
ti|oooqvo, ti|oooqvo, ti|oooqvo, ti|oooqvo, twenty months old
ti|ooivqpio, ti|ooivqpio, ti|ooivqpio, ti|ooivqpio, twenty-fold without dispute
ti|ooi ti|ooi ti|ooi ti|ooi twenty
ti|ooiq_u, ti|ooiq_u, ti|ooiq_u, ti|ooiq_u, of twenty cubits
ti|ooopo, ti|ooopo, ti|ooopo, ti|ooopo, with twenty oars
ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, like truth
ti|oooioyo, ti|oooioyo, ti|oooioyo, ti|oooioyo, one who collects the twentieth, a tax
ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, ti|ooo, the twentieth
ti|ooopuyo, ti|ooopuyo, ti|ooopuyo, ti|ooopuyo, of
ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, in all likelihood, suitably, fairly, reasonably, naturally
ti|ov ti|ov ti|ov ti|ov a likeness, image, portrait
ti|o ti|o ti|o ti|o to yield, give way, draw back, retire
tiioivoo tiioivoo tiioivoo tiioivoo to revel in a large company
tiioivooq, tiioivooq, tiioivooq, tiioivooq, a feaster, quest, boon-companion
tiioivq tiioivq tiioivq tiioivq a feast
tiiop tiiop tiiop tiiop a close covering, shelter, defence
tiiop_q, tiiop_q, tiiop_q, tiiop_q, a commander of a troop of horse
tiitiuio tiitiuio tiitiuio tiitiuio Ilithyia
tiito, tiito, tiito, tiito, a lurking-place, den, hole
tiiqov tiiqov tiiqov tiiqov by twisting round
tiiqtptooi tiiqtptooi tiiqtptooi tiiqtptooi to bask in the sun
tiiqtpq, tiiqtpq, tiiqtpq, tiiqtpq, warmed by the sun.
tiiq tiiq tiiq tiiq the sun's heat
tiiq tiiq tiiq tiiq troops
tiiqoi, tiiqoi, tiiqoi, tiiqoi, sun-heat, heat
tiii|pivq, tiii|pivq, tiii|pivq, tiii|pivq, unmixed, without alloy, pure
tiiiou, tiiiou, tiiiou, tiiiou, rolling in their gait, with rolling walk
tiiitvq, tiiitvq, tiiitvq, tiiitvq, spreading through marshes.
tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo a wrapper
tiiuo, tiiuo, tiiuo, tiiuo, a lurking place, den
tiiuoo tiiuoo tiiuoo tiiuoo to roll along
tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo to enfold, enwrap
tiio tiio tiio tiio to roll up, pack
tiio, tiio, tiio, tiio, a Helot
tiiotio tiiotio tiiotio tiiotio the condition of a Helot
tiiotuo tiiotuo tiiotuo tiiotuo to be a Helot
tiioi|o, tiioi|o, tiioi|o, tiioi|o, of Helots
tio tio tio tio a garment
tii tii tii tii to go
tii tii tii tii to be, to exist
tivotq, tivotq, tivotq, tivotq, of nine years
Page 181
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tivoiioio, tivoiioio, tivoiioio, tivoiioio, roaming the sea
tivovu_t, tivovu_t, tivovu_t, tivovu_t, nine nights long
tivo, tivo, tivo, tivo, the ninth day of the month
tivotpt, tivotpt, tivotpt, tivotpt, sisters-in-law
tivoo, tivoo, tivoo, tivoo, ninth
tivooiuiio, tivooiuiio, tivooiuiio, tivooiuiio, with quivering foliage
tio, tio, tio, tio, until
titp titp titp titp strengthd. for
tiov tiov tiov tiov to speak, say
tiot tiot tiot tiot if ever
tiou tiou tiou tiou if anywhere, if at all
ti ti ti ti whether.
tipyo, tipyo, tipyo, tipyo, a cage, prison
tipyouio tipyouio tipyouio tipyouio a gaoler
tipyvui tipyvui tipyvui tipyvui to shut in
tiptpo, tiptpo, tiptpo, tiptpo, bondage, slavery
tiptoio tiptoio tiptoio tiptoio rowing
tiptoiovq tiptoiovq tiptoiovq tiptoiovq a harvest-wreath
tipqvoio, tipqvoio, tipqvoio, tipqvoio, peaceful, peaceable
tipqvtuo tipqvtuo tipqvtuo tipqvtuo to bring to peace, reconcile
tipqvq tipqvq tipqvq tipqvq peace, time of peace
tipqvi|o, tipqvi|o, tipqvi|o, tipqvi|o, of
tipqvooio, tipqvooio, tipqvooio, tipqvooio, a peace-maker
tipqvouio tipqvouio tipqvouio tipqvouio a guardian of peace
tipqv tipqv tipqv tipqv a Lacedaemonian youth who had completed his 20th year
tipq tipq tipq tipq a place of assembly
tip|to, tip|to, tip|to, tip|to, one must prevent
tip|q tip|q tip|q tip|q an inclosure, prison
tipo|oo, tipo|oo, tipo|oo, tipo|oo, dressing wool
tipoo|o, tipoo|o, tipoo|o, tipoo|o, wool-fleeced, woolly
tipo, tipo, tipo, tipo, wool
tipo_opq, tipo_opq, tipo_opq, tipo_opq, delighting in wool
tipovtio tipovtio tipovtio tipovtio dissimulation
tipovtuooi tipovtuooi tipovtuooi tipovtuooi to dissemble
tipovi|o, tipovi|o, tipovi|o, tipovi|o, dissembling, putting on a feigned ignorance
tipov tipov tipov tipov a dissembler, one who says less than he thinks
tipo tipo tipo tipo to fasten together in rows, to string
tiooyytitu, tiooyytitu, tiooyytitu, tiooyytitu, one who announces, a gentleman usher
tiooyytiio tiooyytiio tiooyytiio tiooyytiio an impeachment
tiooyytiio tiooyytiio tiooyytiio tiooyytiio to go in and announce
tiooyytii|o, tiooyytii|o, tiooyytii|o, tiooyytii|o, of
tiooytipo tiooytipo tiooytipo tiooytipo to collect into
tiooyo tiooyo tiooyo tiooyo to lead in
tiooyoytu, tiooyoytu, tiooyoytu, tiooyoytu, one who brings cases into court
tiooyoyq tiooyoyq tiooyoyq tiooyoyq importation
tiooyoyio, tiooyoyio, tiooyoyio, tiooyoyio, that can
Page 182
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiooti tiooti tiooti tiooti for ever
tiootipooi tiootipooi tiootipooi tiootipooi to take to oneself.
tioopto tioopto tioopto tioopto to discern, descry
tiooipo tiooipo tiooipo tiooipo to bring
tiooiooo tiooiooo tiooiooo tiooiooo to dart in
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio to listen
tioo|ovio tioo|ovio tioo|ovio tioo|ovio to throw
tioo|ouo tioo|ouo tioo|ouo tioo|ouo to hearken
tioo|to, tioo|to, tioo|to, tioo|to, one must bring into court
tiooiiooi tiooiiooi tiooiiooi tiooiiooi to spring
tiootio tiootio tiootio tiootio to go into, enter
tioovooivo tioovooivo tioovooivo tioovooivo to go up to
tioovoy|oo tioovoy|oo tioovoy|oo tioovoy|oo to force into
tioovoyo tioovoyo tioovoyo tioovoyo to lead up into
tioovtiov tioovtiov tioovtiov tioovtiov to look up to
tioovtii tioovtii tioovtii tioovtii to go up into
tioovo tioovo tioovo tioovo right opposite
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo at once, once for all
tioopoooo tioopoooo tioopoooo tioopoooo to drive
tioouyoo tioouyoo tioouyoo tioouyoo to look at, view
tiooui, tiooui, tiooui, tiooui, hereafter, afterwards
tiooupiov tiooupiov tiooupiov tiooupiov on the morrow
tiooiqi tiooiqi tiooiqi tiooiqi to let in, admit
tiooi|ovo tiooi|ovo tiooi|ovo tiooi|ovo to come to
tiooi|vtooi tiooi|vtooi tiooi|vtooi tiooi|vtooi to come into
tiooivo tiooivo tiooivo tiooivo to go into
tiooiio tiooiio tiooiio tiooiio to throw into, put into
tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, an entrance, means of entrance
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, accessible
tioioooi tioioooi tioioooi tioioooi to force one's way into
tioioo tioioo tioioo tioioo to put on board ship
tioito tioito tioito tioito to look at, look upon
tiooiq tiooiq tiooiq tiooiq an inroad, invasion, attack
tioypoo tioypoo tioypoo tioypoo to write in, inscribe
tiotp|ooi tiotp|ooi tiotp|ooi tiotp|ooi to look at
tiot_ooi tiot_ooi tiot_ooi tiot_ooi to take into, admit
tioioi tioioi tioioi tioioi to flow into
tioo_q tioo_q tioo_q tioo_q reception
tiopoq tiopoq tiopoq tiopoq an inroad, onslaught
tiouvo tiouvo tiouvo tiouvo to get
tiotii tiotii tiotii tiotii to go into
tiotiouvo tiotiouvo tiotiouvo tiotiouvo to drive in
tioti|o tioti|o tioti|o tioti|o to draw, haul, drag in
tiotoivo tiotoivo tiotoivo tiotoivo to go on board
tiottio tiottio tiottio tiottio for hereafter
tiotpyvui tiotpyvui tiotpyvui tiotpyvui to shut up in
Page 183
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiotpo tiotpo tiotpo tiotpo to go into
tiotppo tiotppo tiotppo tiotppo to go into, get in
tiotpuo tiotpuo tiotpuo tiotpuo to draw into
tiotp_ooi tiotp_ooi tiotp_ooi tiotp_ooi to go in
tioti tioti tioti tioti still yet
tiot_o tiot_o tiot_o tiot_o to stretch into, reach, extend
tioqytooi tioqytooi tioqytooi tioqytooi to bring in, introduce
tioqyqo tioqyqo tioqyqo tioqyqo a proposition, motion
tioqyqoi, tioqyqoi, tioqyqoi, tioqyqoi, a proposing, moving
tioqyqto, tioqyqto, tioqyqto, tioqyqto, one must move
tioqyqq, tioqyqq, tioqyqq, tioqyqq, one who brings in, a mover, author
tioqto tioqto tioqto tioqto to inject by a syringe
tioq|o tioq|o tioq|o tioq|o to have come in
tioqiuoio tioqiuoio tioqiuoio tioqiuoio a coming in, entrance
tioto tioto tioto tioto to run into, run up
tiopoo|o tiopoo|o tiopoo|o tiopoo|o to leap into
tioipuo tioipuo tioipuo tioipuo to build in
tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi to sit down in
tioiqi tioiqi tioiqi tioiqi to send into
tioiq tioiq tioiq tioiq an entrance
tioi|vtooi tioi|vtooi tioi|vtooi tioi|vtooi to go into, penetrate
tioiqpio, tioiqpio, tioiqpio, tioiqpio, belonging to entrance:&mdash
tioiqto, tioiqto, tioiqto, tioiqto, one must go in
tio|oiooooi tio|oiooooi tio|oiooooi tio|oiooooi to haul in
tio|oito tio|oito tio|oito tio|oito to call in
tio|oooivo tio|oooivo tio|oooivo tio|oooivo to go down into
tio|tioi tio|tioi tio|tioi tio|tioi to be put on board ship
tio|qpuooo tio|qpuooo tio|qpuooo tio|qpuooo to summon by public crier
tio|oiq tio|oiq tio|oiq tio|oiq importation
tio|oio tio|oio tio|oio tio|oio to carry into
tio|u|ito tio|u|ito tio|u|ito tio|u|ito to turn
tioituooo tioituooo tioituooo tioituooo to look into
tiooiooi tiooiooi tiooiooi tiooiooi to touch to the quick, affect greatly
tiovtooi tiovtooi tiovtooi tiovtooi to go into
tiovto tiovto tiovto tiovto to swim into
tiovoto tiovoto tiovoto tiovoto to perceive, remark
tio|o tio|o tio|o tio|o to make like
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, a way in, entrance
tiooi|tioo tiooi|tioo tiooi|tioo tiooi|tioo to bring in as a friend
tiooi|to tiooi|to tiooi|to tiooi|to to settle in
tiooi|qoi, tiooi|qoi, tiooi|qoi, tiooi|qoi, a place for dwelling in, a home
tiooi|io tiooi|io tiooi|io tiooi|io to bring in as a settler
tiooi|ooto tiooi|ooto tiooi|ooto tiooi|ooto to build into
tiooioto, tiooioto, tiooioto, tiooioto, to be brought in
tiooi_vto tiooi_vto tiooi_vto tiooi_vto to go into, enter
tioo|t tioo|t tioo|t tioo|t until
Page 184
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo in time to come, hereafter
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, visible
tioopov tioopov tioopov tioopov a mirror
tioopoo tioopoo tioopoo tioopoo to look into, look upon, view, behold
tioopoo tioopoo tioopoo tioopoo to bring forcibly into
tioopio tioopio tioopio tioopio to bring into port
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, alike, equal
tioot tioot tioot tioot against the time when
tioo_q tioo_q tioo_q tioo_q a hollow, recess
tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, a spectacle
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio to burst
tioto tioto tioto tioto to send in, bring in, let in
tiotpoo tiotpoo tiotpoo tiotpoo to pass over into
tiotooi tiotooi tiotooi tiotooi to fly into
tioqoo tioqoo tioqoo tioqoo to leap into
tioio tioio tioio tioio to fall into
tioito tioito tioito tioito to sail into, enter
tioioo, tioioo, tioioo, tioioo, a sailing in
tiovto tiovto tiovto tiovto to breathe upon
tiovqio, tiovqio, tiovqio, tiovqio, one who inspires love, a lover
tiooito tiooito tiooito tiooito to give in adoption
ti, ti, ti, ti, one
tiooiqo, tiooiqo, tiooiqo, tiooiqo, adopted
tiooptuo tiooptuo tiooptuo tiooptuo to lead into
tiopoi, tiopoi, tiopoi, tiopoi, a getting in
tiopoooo tiopoooo tiopoooo tiopoooo to get in
tiopto tiopto tiopto tiopto to stream in
tioiqi tioiqi tioiqi tioiqi to put into, place in
tiootuo tiootuo tiootuo tiootuo to shoot arrows at
tiopt_o tiopt_o tiopt_o tiopt_o to run in
tiotpo tiotpo tiotpo tiotpo to carry into
tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo to go often to
ti, ti, ti, ti, into, to c. acc.
tioopo tioopo tioopo tioopo a gathering in
tiopto tiopto tiopto tiopto to let in, admit
tio_tipio tio_tipio tio_tipio tio_tipio to put into one's hands, entrust
tio_to tio_to tio_to tio_to to pour in
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, in sight of
tioo tioo tioo tioo to within, into
tiooto tiooto tiooto tiooto to thrust into
tio tio tio tio then, next
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, in customary wise, as usual
t|otpyo, t|otpyo, t|otpyo, t|otpyo, the far-working
t|otv t|otv t|otv t|otv from afar
t|o, t|o, t|o, t|o, far, afar, far off
t|ooo_otv t|ooo_otv t|ooo_otv t|ooo_otv from each side
Page 185
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi on each side
t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi t|ooo_oi to each side, every way
t|ooo_oot t|ooo_oot t|ooo_oot t|ooo_oot to each side
t|ooo_ou t|ooo_ou t|ooo_ou t|ooo_ou everywhere
t|oooi t|oooi t|oooi t|oooi for each
t|ooo, t|ooo, t|ooo, t|ooo, every, every one, each, each one
t|ooot t|ooot t|ooot t|ooot each time, on each occasion
t|ooio, t|ooio, t|ooio, t|ooio, of Hecate
t|otpo|i, t|otpo|i, t|otpo|i, t|otpo|i, at each time
t|otpt t|otpt t|otpt t|otpt on each side, on either hand
t|otpo, t|otpo, t|otpo, t|otpo, each of two, either, each singly
t|otpotv t|otpotv t|otpotv t|otpotv on each side, on either hand
t|otpoi t|otpoi t|otpoi t|otpoi on each side
t|otpoot t|otpoot t|otpoot t|otpoot to each side, each way, both ways
t|oqoio, t|oqoio, t|oqoio, t|oqoio, far-shooting
t|oq t|oq t|oq t|oq Hecate, the far-darter
t|ooy|toio, t|ooy|toio, t|ooy|toio, t|ooy|toio, hundred-headed
t|ooy_tipo, t|ooy_tipo, t|ooy_tipo, t|ooy_tipo, hundred-handed
t|oouyo, t|oouyo, t|oouyo, t|oouyo, with
t|oooiov t|oooiov t|oooiov t|oooiov the month Hecatombaeon
t|ooq t|ooq t|ooq t|ooq an offering of a hundred oxen, &mdash
t|oooio, t|oooio, t|oooio, t|oooio, worth a hundred beeves
t|ooto, t|ooto, t|ooto, t|ooto, measuring a hundred feet
t|oooii, t|oooii, t|oooii, t|oooii, with a hundred cities
t|ooou, t|ooou, t|ooou, t|ooou, hundred-footed
t|oouio, t|oouio, t|oouio, t|oouio, hundred-gated
t|oov t|oov t|oov t|oov a hundred
t|oovotqpi, t|oovotqpi, t|oovotqpi, t|oovotqpi, a term of
t|oovoiovo, t|oovoiovo, t|oovoiovo, t|oovoiovo, rated at
t|oovoiooiov t|oovoiooiov t|oovoiooiov t|oovoiooiov a hundred times as much
t|oovop_q, t|oovop_q, t|oovop_q, t|oovop_q, leader of a hundred
t|oovo, t|oovo, t|oovo, t|oovo, a hundred
t|oovopyuio, t|oovopyuio, t|oovopyuio, t|oovopyuio, of
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, far-shooting
t|ooooo, t|ooooo, t|ooooo, t|ooooo, hundred-mouthed
t|oooo, t|oooo, t|oooo, t|oooo, the hundredth
t|oo t|oo t|oo t|oo to speak out, declare
t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo to step out of
t|o|_tuo t|o|_tuo t|o|_tuo t|o|_tuo to excite to Bacchic frenzy, to make frantic
t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio to throw
t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, a way out, egress
t|toioo t|toioo t|toioo t|toioo to establish
t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo to force out
t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo to make to step out
t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o to devour
t|iooovo t|iooovo t|iooovo t|iooovo to sprout out
Page 186
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|iqto, t|iqto, t|iqto, t|iqto, one must cast out
t|iqo, t|iqo, t|iqo, t|iqo, thrown out
t|iuo t|iuo t|iuo t|iuo to gush out
t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo to call out, cry aloud
t|oqtio t|oqtio t|oqtio t|oqtio a going out to aid, a sally
t|oqto t|oqto t|oqto t|oqto to march out to aid
t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio to peel
t|oiq t|oiq t|oiq t|oiq a throwing out
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, cast out of
t|poo t|poo t|poo t|poo to throw out
t|povoo t|povoo t|povoo t|povoo to strike out by lightning
t|pu_oooi t|pu_oooi t|pu_oooi t|pu_oooi to bellow forth
t|poo t|poo t|poo t|poo anything eaten out
t|yoio t|yoio t|yoio t|yoio to give in marriage
t|youpoooi t|youpoooi t|youpoooi t|youpoooi to exult greatly in
t|ytioo t|ytioo t|ytioo t|ytioo to laugh out, laugh loud
t|yiyvooi t|yiyvooi t|yiyvooi t|yiyvooi to be born of
t|yiuo t|yiuo t|yiuo t|yiuo to scoop out
t|yovo, t|yovo, t|yovo, t|yovo, born of, sprung from
t|ypoo t|ypoo t|ypoo t|ypoo to write out
t|yuvoooi t|yuvoooi t|yuvoooi t|yuvoooi to be stript utterly
t|o|puo t|o|puo t|o|puo t|o|puo to burst into tears, weep aloud
t|tq, t|tq, t|tq, t|tq, defective.
t|tio t|tio t|tio t|tio a falling short, being in arrear
t|ti|vui t|ti|vui t|ti|vui t|ti|vui to shew forth, exhibit, display
t|ti, t|ti, t|ti, t|ti, a receiving from another: succession
t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo to strip off the skin from
t|to, t|to, t|to, t|to, fastened to
t|t_ooi t|t_ooi t|t_ooi t|t_ooi to take
t|to t|to t|to t|to to bind so as to hang from, to fasten to
t|qio, t|qio, t|qio, t|qio, conspicuous
t|qto t|qto t|qto t|qto to be abroad, to be on one's travels
t|qio t|qio t|qio t|qio a being abroad, exile
t|qo, t|qo, t|qo, t|qo, from home, gone on a journey
t|iooivo t|iooivo t|iooivo t|iooivo to pass quite over
t|ioioooi t|ioioooi t|ioioooi t|ioioooi to depart from one's accustomed mode of life, change one's habits
t|ioiqoi, t|ioiqoi, t|ioiqoi, t|ioiqoi, change of habits
t|ioyo t|ioyo t|ioyo t|ioyo prentice-work, a sampler
t|ioo|o t|ioo|o t|ioo|o t|ioo|o to teach thoroughly
t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o to run out from, run away, escape
t|ioi t|ioi t|ioi t|ioi to give up, surrender
t|i|oo t|i|oo t|i|oo t|i|oo to decide finally, settle
t|i|ooq, t|i|ooq, t|i|ooq, t|i|ooq, an avenger
t|i|to t|i|to t|i|to t|i|to to avenge, punish
t|i|qoi, t|i|qoi, t|i|qoi, t|i|qoi, an avenging
t|i|o, t|i|o, t|i|o, t|i|o, without law, lawless, unjust
Page 187
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|iptuo t|iptuo t|iptuo t|iptuo to throw from a chariot
t|io|o t|io|o t|io|o t|io|o to chase away, banish
t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto to shake utterly, confound
t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, a giving out
t|oto, t|oto, t|oto, t|oto, one must give up
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, given up, delivered over, surrendered
t|o_q t|o_q t|o_q t|o_q a receiving from another, succession
t|o_iov t|o_iov t|o_iov t|o_iov a reservoir
t|po|ovoooi t|po|ovoooi t|po|ovoooi t|po|ovoooi to become a very serpent
t|poq t|poq t|poq t|poq a running out, sally, charge
t|poo, t|poo, t|poo, t|poo, one that sallies out
t|uo t|uo t|uo t|uo that which is stript off, a skin, garment
t|uoi, t|uoi, t|uoi, t|uoi, a getting out, way out
t|uo t|uo t|uo t|uo to take off, strip off
t|opituooi t|opituooi t|opituooi t|opituooi to become a thorough Dorian
t|titv t|titv t|titv t|titv from that place, thence
t|tivo, t|tivo, t|tivo, t|tivo, the person there, that person
t|ti t|ti t|ti t|ti there, in that place
t|tiot t|tiot t|tiot t|tiot thither, to that place
t|t_tipio t|t_tipio t|t_tipio t|t_tipio a holding of hands, a cessation of hostilities, armistice, truce
t|to t|to t|to t|to to boil out
t|qto t|qto t|qto t|qto to seek out, enquire
t|oupto t|oupto t|oupto t|oupto to rekindle
t|qoiio t|qoiio t|qoiio t|qoiio skill in archery
t|qoio, t|qoio, t|qoio, t|qoio, far-darting, far-shooting
t|q|ovotio t|q|ovotio t|q|ovotio t|q|ovotio a time of sixty years
t|qio, t|qio, t|qio, t|qio, at rest, at one's ease
t|qi t|qi t|qi t|qi by means of, by virtue of, by the aid of
t|otooi t|otooi t|otooi t|otooi to be amazed
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, amazed, astounded
t|ovio t|ovio t|ovio t|ovio to root out, extirpate
t|oppto t|oppto t|oppto t|oppto to have full confidence
t|toooi t|toooi t|toooi t|toooi to see out, see to the end
t|topio t|topio t|topio t|topio to make a public show of, to expose to public shame
t|tioo t|tioo t|tioo t|tioo to make a god of, deify
t|tpotuo t|tpotuo t|tpotuo t|tpotuo to gain over entirely
t|tpio t|tpio t|tpio t|tpio to reap
t|toi, t|toi, t|toi, t|toi, a putting out, exposing
t|too, t|too, t|too, t|too, out of law, lawless: horrible
t|to, t|to, t|to, t|to, exposed
t|to t|to t|to t|to to run out, make a sally
t|qpoooi t|qpoooi t|qpoooi t|qpoooi to hunt out, catch
t|qpioooi t|qpioooi t|qpioooi t|qpioooi to become quite savage
t|iio t|iio t|iio t|iio to squeeze much: to distress greatly
t|vqo|o t|vqo|o t|vqo|o t|vqo|o to die away
t|oivoooi t|oivoooi t|oivoooi t|oivoooi to feast on
Page 188
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|pqvto t|pqvto t|pqvto t|pqvto to lament aloud
t|poo|o t|poo|o t|poo|o t|poo|o to leap out of
t|uioo t|uioo t|uioo t|uioo to burn as incense
t|uo, t|uo, t|uo, t|uo, out of one's mind, senseless
t|uoi, t|uoi, t|uoi, t|uoi, atonement
t|uo t|uo t|uo t|uo to offer up, sacrifice, slay
t||oy_oo t||oy_oo t||oy_oo t||oy_oo to burst into loud laughter
t||ooipo t||ooipo t||ooipo t||ooipo to cleanse out
t||otuo t||otuo t||otuo t||otuo to sleep out of one's quarters
t||oit|oopo, t||oit|oopo, t||oit|oopo, t||oit|oopo, sixteen palms long
t||oit|oiivo, t||oit|oiivo, t||oit|oiivo, t||oit|oiivo, consisting of sixteen threads
t||oit|o t||oit|o t||oit|o t||oit|o sixteen
t||oit|oq_u, t||oit|oq_u, t||oit|oq_u, t||oit|oq_u, sixteen cubits long
t||oit|oo, t||oit|oo, t||oit|oo, t||oit|oo, sixteenth
t||oit|tq, t||oit|tq, t||oit|tq, t||oit|tq, 16 years old
t||oipo, t||oipo, t||oipo, t||oipo, out of date, antiquated
t||oio t||oio t||oio t||oio to burn out
t||o|to t||o|to t||o|to t||o|to to be faint-hearted
t||oiooooi t||oiooooi t||oiooooi t||oiooooi to pull out with a fishing-rod
t||oito t||oito t||oito t||oito to call out
t||oiuo t||oiuo t||oiuo t||oiuo to uncover
t||ovo t||ovo t||ovo t||ovo to grow quite weary of
t||opiooi t||opiooi t||opiooi t||opiooi to yield as produce
t||opoooi t||opoooi t||opoooi t||opoooi to enjoy the fruit of
t||otiov t||otiov t||otiov t||otiov to look down from
t||oooiiooi t||oooiiooi t||oooiiooi t||oooiiooi to leap down from
t||ouiio t||ouiio t||ouiio t||ouiio to pull out the stalk
t||ou_oooi t||ou_oooi t||ou_oooi t||ou_oooi to boast loudly
t||tioi t||tioi t||tioi t||tioi to be cast out
t||tvoo t||tvoo t||tvoo t||tvoo to empty out, leave desolate
t||tpoio t||tpoio t||tpoio t||tpoio to cut off root and branch
t||t_utvo, t||t_utvo, t||t_utvo, t||t_utvo, profusely
t||qpoivo t||qpoivo t||qpoivo t||qpoivo to enfeeble, exhaust
t||qpuooo t||qpuooo t||qpuooo t||qpuooo to proclaim by voice of herald
t||ivto t||ivto t||ivto t||ivto to move out of
t||io t||io t||io t||io to go out
t||ioo t||ioo t||ioo t||ioo to cry aloud
t||itio t||itio t||itio t||itio to shut out from
t||ito t||ito t||ito t||ito to steal and bring off secretly, to purloin
t||iqoioo t||iqoioo t||iqoioo t||iqoioo to hold an assembly, debate therein
t||iqoio t||iqoio t||iqoio t||iqoio an assembly of the citizens regularly summoned, the legislative assembly
t||iqoiooq, t||iqoiooq, t||iqoiooq, t||iqoiooq, a member of the
t||iqoiooi|o, t||iqoiooi|o, t||iqoiooi|o, t||iqoiooi|o, of
t||iqtuo t||iqtuo t||iqtuo t||iqtuo to summon into court
t||iqo, t||iqo, t||iqo, t||iqo, selected to judge
t||iivo t||iivo t||iivo t||iivo to bend out of the regular line
Page 189
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t||iuo t||iuo t||iuo t||iuo to wash out
t||voio t||voio t||voio t||voio to wear out
t||voo t||voo t||voo t||voo to scrape off from
t||ooii|tuooi t||ooii|tuooi t||ooii|tuooi t||ooii|tuooi to cheat by juggling tricks, cajole
t||o||io t||o||io t||o||io t||o||io to take out the kernel
t||oioo t||oioo t||oioo t||oioo to scrape out, obliterate
t||oiuoo t||oiuoo t||oiuoo t||oiuoo to swim out of
t||oiq t||oiq t||oiq t||oiq a carrying out
t||oio t||oio t||oio t||oio to carry out
t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo to boast loudly
t||otuooi t||otuooi t||otuooi t||otuooi to set forth in fair terms
t||oq t||oq t||oq t||oq a cutting out
t||oo t||oo t||oo t||oo to cut out, knock out
t||opto t||opto t||opto t||opto to sweep out, to sweep clean
t||opio t||opio t||opio t||opio to clear of bugs
t||opuoo t||opuoo t||opuoo t||opuoo to tell summarily, sum up
t||ouio t||ouio t||ouio t||ouio to raise up, exalt
t||poo t||poo t||poo t||poo to cry out
t||ptovvui t||ptovvui t||ptovvui t||ptovvui to hang from
t||ptq, t||ptq, t||ptq, t||ptq, hanging from
t||pqvooi t||pqvooi t||pqvooi t||pqvooi we hang on
t||pivo t||pivo t||pivo t||pivo to choose
t||pio, t||pio, t||pio, t||pio, picked out, select
t||pouoi, t||pouoi, t||pouoi, t||pouoi, a beating out, driving away
t||pouoo, t||pouoo, t||pouoo, t||pouoo, beaten out, embossed
t||pouo t||pouo t||pouo t||pouo to knock out
t||utuooi t||utuooi t||utuooi t||utuooi to lose at play
t||uiooo t||uiooo t||uiooo t||uiooo to tumble headlong out of
t||uto t||uto t||uto t||uto to put forth as leaves
t||u|ito t||u|ito t||u|ito t||u|ito to wheel out
t||u|iqo t||u|iqo t||u|iqo t||u|iqo a theatrical machine
t||uiivo t||uiivo t||uiivo t||uiivo to roll out
t||uoivo t||uoivo t||uoivo t||uoivo to wave from the straight line
t||uvto t||uvto t||uvto t||uvto to keep questing about
t||uvqytto t||uvqytto t||uvqytto t||uvqytto to pursue in the chase, hunt down
t||uvo, t||uvo, t||uvo, t||uvo, questing about, not keeping on one scent
t||uo t||uo t||uo t||uo to peep out of
t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo to rush wildly out
t||oto t||oto t||oto t||oto to make quite deaf
t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo t||ooo to make quite deaf
t|ioy_ovo t|ioy_ovo t|ioy_ovo t|ioy_ovo to obtain by lot
t|io|io t|io|io t|io|io t|io|io to kick out, fling out behind
t|ioito t|ioito t|ioito t|ioito to speak out, blab, divulge
t|ioovo t|ioovo t|ioovo t|ioovo to receive from
t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo to shine
t|iovovo t|iovovo t|iovovo t|iovovo to escape notice utterly: &mdash
Page 190
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|iqovo t|iqovo t|iqovo t|iqovo to make
t|iooo t|iooo t|iooo t|iooo to cast out from
t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo to drink off
t|ityo t|ityo t|ityo t|ityo to pick
t|itio t|itio t|itio t|itio to leave out, omit, pass over
t|itii, t|itii, t|itii, t|itii, abandonment
t|it|o, t|it|o, t|it|o, t|it|o, picked out, select
t|itiutvo, t|itiutvo, t|itiutvo, t|itiutvo, loosely, carelessly
t|ito t|ito t|ito t|ito to bring
t|itu|oivo t|itu|oivo t|itu|oivo t|itu|oivo to make quite white
t|iqyo t|iqyo t|iqyo t|iqyo to cease utterly
t|iqoi, t|iqoi, t|iqoi, t|iqoi, a forgetting and forgiving
t|iiovo t|iiovo t|iiovo t|iiovo to abandon
t|iioivo t|iioivo t|iioivo t|iioivo to fatten
t|iiq, t|iiq, t|iiq, t|iiq, failing, deficient
t|ioyq t|ioyq t|ioyq t|ioyq a picking out, choice, election
t|ioyiooi t|ioyiooi t|ioyiooi t|ioyiooi to compute, calculate
t|ioyioo, t|ioyioo, t|ioyioo, t|ioyioo, a computation, calculation
t|io_tuo t|io_tuo t|io_tuo t|io_tuo to bring forth
t|iuoi, t|iuoi, t|iuoi, t|iuoi, release
t|iuqpio, t|iuqpio, t|iuqpio, t|iuqpio, of
t|iuo, t|iuo, t|iuo, t|iuo, easy to let go, light, buoyant
t|iuo t|iuo t|iuo t|iuo to loose, release, set free, from
t|iooooi t|iooooi t|iooooi t|iooooi to sustain grievous injuries
t|ioio t|ioio t|ioio t|ioio to lay bare
t|oytiov t|oytiov t|oytiov t|oytiov that on
t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo to drive mad
t|o|pov t|o|pov t|o|pov t|o|pov an impress
t|ovovo t|ovovo t|ovovo t|ovovo to learn thoroughly
t|opoivo t|opoivo t|opoivo t|opoivo to make to wither away
t|opyoooi t|opyoooi t|opyoooi t|opyoooi to go raving mad
t|opupto t|opupto t|opupto t|opupto to bear witness to
t|opupio t|opupio t|opupio t|opupio the deposition of a witness
t|ooooo t|ooooo t|ooooo t|ooooo he devised
t|oooo t|oooo t|oooo t|oooo to wipe off, wipe away
t|tuo|o t|tuo|o t|tuo|o t|tuo|o to make quite drunk, to saturate with
t|tipooi t|tipooi t|tipooi t|tipooi obtained a chief share
t|titoo t|titoo t|titoo t|titoo to train carefully
t|tiq, t|tiq, t|tiq, t|tiq, out of tune, dissonant
t|tpto t|tpto t|tpto t|tpto to measure out, measure
t|qvo, t|qvo, t|qvo, t|qvo, of six months, half-yearly
t|qvuo t|qvuo t|qvuo t|qvuo to inform of, betray
t|qpuooi t|qpuooi t|qpuooi t|qpuooi to wind out like a ball of thread
t|itooi t|itooi t|itooi t|itooi to imitate faithfully, represent exactly
t|ioto t|ioto t|ioto t|ioto to hate much
t|iooo t|iooo t|iooo t|iooo to let out for hire
Page 191
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|oitiv t|oitiv t|oitiv t|oitiv to go out, go forth
t|ouooo t|ouooo t|ouooo t|ouooo to teach fully
t|o_to t|o_to t|o_to t|o_to to work out with toil
t|uoo t|uoo t|uoo t|uoo to squeeze out
t|u|qpio t|u|qpio t|u|qpio t|u|qpio to turn up one's nose at, mock at
t|vop|oo t|vop|oo t|vop|oo t|vop|oo to become quite torpid
t|vtooi t|vtooi t|vtooi t|vtooi to go forth to feed
t|vtotuo t|vtotuo t|vtotuo t|vtotuo to hatch
t|vtupio t|vtupio t|vtupio t|vtupio to cut the sinews
t|vtuo t|vtuo t|vtuo t|vtuo to turn the head aside
t|vto t|vto t|vto t|vto to swim out, swim to land, escape by swimming
t|vqo t|vqo t|vqo t|vqo to sleep off a drunken fit, become sober again
t|vq_ooi t|vq_ooi t|vq_ooi t|vq_ooi to swim out
t|vio t|vio t|vio t|vio to wash out, purge away
t|vi|oo t|vi|oo t|vi|oo t|vi|oo to achieve by force
t|voio, t|voio, t|voio, t|voio, unusual, marvellous
t|voo, t|voo, t|voo, t|voo, outlawed
t|vou, t|vou, t|vou, t|vou, senseless
t|vooiooi t|vooiooi t|vooiooi t|vooiooi to take for one's own
t|ovi t|ovi t|ovi t|ovi willingly
t|ouoio, t|ouoio, t|ouoio, t|ouoio, voluntary
t|oyitooi t|oyitooi t|oyitooi t|oyitooi to be struck with amazement, to wonder greatly
t|oyio, t|oyio, t|oyio, t|oyio, terrible, fearful
t|oituo t|oituo t|oituo t|oituo a nursling, a child
t|oituo t|oituo t|oituo t|oituo to bring up from childhood, educate completely
t|oioooo t|oioooo t|oioooo t|oioooo to rush madly to the fray
t|oio t|oio t|oio t|oio to throw out of
t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio t|oiio to shake out
t|ooooo t|ooooo t|ooooo t|ooooo to strike, afflict
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, out of the common path: excessive, vehement
t|ouo t|ouo t|ouo t|ouo to set quite at rest, put an end to
t|tio t|tio t|tio t|tio to over-persuade
t|tipoo t|tipoo t|tipoo t|tipoo to tempt
t|tipoooi t|tipoooi t|tipoooi t|tipoooi to make trial of, prove, tempt
t|titi t|titi t|titi t|titi 'tis permitted
t|to t|to t|to t|to to send out
t|ti, t|ti, t|ti, t|ti, a sending out
t|toivo t|toivo t|toivo t|toivo to make quite ripe
t|tiqytvo, t|tiqytvo, t|tiqytvo, t|tiqytvo, in panic fear
t|totvo, t|totvo, t|totvo, t|totvo, extravagantly
t|tpoivo t|tpoivo t|tpoivo t|tpoivo to finish off
t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo a coming out of
t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo to go out over, pass beyond
t|tpi|io t|tpi|io t|tpi|io t|tpi|io to escape like a partridge
t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo to destroy utterly
t|tpitii t|tpitii t|tpitii t|tpitii to go out and round, go all round
Page 192
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|tpiito t|tpiito t|tpiito t|tpiito to sail out round
t|tpiooo, t|tpiooo, t|tpiooo, t|tpiooo, more exceedingly
t|tpuoi t|tpuoi t|tpuoi t|tpuoi more than a year ago
t|tovvui t|tovvui t|tovvui t|tovvui to spread out
t|tqoio, t|tqoio, t|tqoio, t|tqoio, ready to fly out, just fledged
t|tooi t|tooi t|tooi t|tooi to fly out
t|qoo t|qoo t|qoo t|qoo to leap out
t|qqo t|qqo t|qqo t|qqo for out-leap
t|qviooi t|qviooi t|qviooi t|qviooi to spin out
t|iuooi t|iuooi t|iuooi t|iuooi to gush forth
t|iiqi t|iiqi t|iiqi t|iiqi to fill up
t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo to drink out
t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o to sell out, sell off
t|io t|io t|io t|io to fall out of
t|itpo, t|itpo, t|itpo, t|itpo, six plethra long
t|ito, t|ito, t|ito, t|ito, quite full
t|ito t|ito t|ito t|ito to sail out, sail away, weigh anchor
t|iq|i|o, t|iq|i|o, t|iq|i|o, t|iq|i|o, striking with consternation, astounding
t|iq|o, t|iq|o, t|iq|o, t|iq|o, terror-stricken, amazed
t|iqi, t|iqi, t|iqi, t|iqi, consternation
t|iqpoo t|iqpoo t|iqpoo t|iqpoo to fill quite up
t|iqooo t|iqooo t|iqooo t|iqooo to strike out of, drive away from
t|ioo, t|ioo, t|ioo, t|ioo, a sailing out, leaving port
t|iuvo t|iuvo t|iuvo t|iuvo to wash out
t|iuo, t|iuo, t|iuo, t|iuo, to be washed out
t|vto t|vto t|vto t|vto to breathe out
t|voq t|voq t|voq t|voq a breathing out, expiring
t|oov t|oov t|oov t|oov away from the feet
t|oito t|oito t|oito t|oito to put out
t|oiqoi, t|oiqoi, t|oiqoi, t|oiqoi, a putting forth, emission
t|oiqo, t|oiqo, t|oiqo, t|oiqo, given in adoption
t|oitto t|oitto t|oitto t|oitto to excite to war, make hostile
t|oitoo t|oitoo t|oitoo t|oitoo to make hostile, to involve in war
t|oitooi, t|oitooi, t|oitooi, t|oitooi, a making hostile
t|oiiop|to t|oiiop|to t|oiiop|to t|oiiop|to to force a besieged town to surrender
t|otuo t|otuo t|otuo t|otuo to walk in state, to strut
t|oq t|oq t|oq t|oq a sending out
t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto to work out, finish off
t|optuo t|optuo t|optuo t|optuo to make to go out, fetch out
t|opto t|opto t|opto t|opto to pillage
t|opqop t|opqop t|opqop t|opqop a waster, destroyer
t|optuo t|optuo t|optuo t|optuo to carry away by sea
t|opio t|opio t|opio t|opio to invent, contrive
t|opvtuo t|opvtuo t|opvtuo t|opvtuo to commit fornication
t|ooooi t|ooooi t|ooooi t|ooooi to fly out
t|poooo t|poooo t|poooo t|poooo to do completely, to bring about, achieve
Page 193
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|ptq, t|ptq, t|ptq, t|ptq, distinguished out of all, preeminent, remarkable
t|pto t|pto t|pto t|pto to be excellent
t|pqoi, t|pqoi, t|pqoi, t|pqoi, a setting on fire, inflaming
t|pioooi t|pioooi t|pioooi t|pioooi to buy off
t|pio t|pio t|pio t|pio to saw out
t|potoo, t|potoo, t|potoo, t|potoo, beyond the appointed day, too late for
t|poutooi t|poutooi t|poutooi t|poutooi to be very zealous
t|poiqi t|poiqi t|poiqi t|poiqi to send forth
t|po|oitooi t|po|oitooi t|po|oitooi t|po|oitooi to call to oneself
t|po|pivo t|po|pivo t|po|pivo t|po|pivo to choose out
t|poitio t|poitio t|poitio t|poitio to forsake, abandon
t|popto t|popto t|popto t|popto to flow forth from
t|poioo t|poioo t|poioo t|poioo to honour above all
t|potuyo t|potuyo t|potuyo t|potuyo to flee away from
t|po_to t|po_to t|po_to t|po_to to pour forth
t|tpuooooi t|tpuooooi t|tpuooooi t|tpuooooi to spread the wings
t|qooo t|qooo t|qooo t|qooo to scare out of
t|oto t|oto t|oto t|oto to bestruck with admiration
t|uo t|uo t|uo t|uo to spit out of
t|uvovooi t|uvovooi t|uvovooi t|uvovooi to search out, make enquiry
t|upoo t|upoo t|upoo t|upoo to burn to ashes, consume utterly
t| t| t| t| from out of
t|upooi, t|upooi, t|upooi, t|upooi, a conflagration
t|uoo, t|uoo, t|uoo, t|uoo, discovered
t|oo t|oo t|oo t|oo a drinking-cup, beaker
t|poivo t|poivo t|poivo t|poivo to scatter out of, make to fall in drops from
t|pto t|pto t|pto t|pto to flow out
t|pqyvui t|pqyvui t|pqyvui t|pqyvui to break off, snap asunder
t|pioo t|pioo t|pioo t|pioo to root out
t|piio t|piio t|piio t|piio to fan the flame, stir up
t|pio t|pio t|pio t|pio to cast forth
t|poq t|poq t|poq t|poq an issue
t|poo, t|poo, t|poo, t|poo, a flowing out, outflow, outfall
t|poto t|poto t|poto t|poto to drink out, gulp down
t|puooi t|puooi t|puooi t|puooi to deliver
t|ooioooo t|ooioooo t|ooioooo t|ooioooo to shake violently
t|otio t|otio t|otio t|otio to shake out of
t|otuooi t|otuooi t|otuooi t|otuooi to rush out
t|oqoivo t|oqoivo t|oqoivo t|oqoivo to disclose, indicate
t|oiyoooi t|oiyoooi t|oiyoooi t|oiyoooi to be put to utter silence
t|o|tovvui t|o|tovvui t|o|tovvui t|o|tovvui to scatter to the wind
t|o|tuoo t|o|tuoo t|o|tuoo t|o|tuoo to disfurnish of tools and implements
t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo to wipe out, wipe clean
t|ooto t|ooto t|ooto t|ooto to scare away
t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo to draw out
t|otvo t|otvo t|otvo t|otvo to pour out as a libation
Page 194
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|oovo, t|oovo, t|oovo, t|oovo, out of the treaty, excluded from it
t|ooio, t|ooio, t|ooio, t|ooio, six stades long
t|oooi, t|oooi, t|oooi, t|oooi, any displacement: entrancement, astonishment
t|ooi|o, t|ooi|o, t|ooi|o, t|ooi|o, inclined to depart from
t|otiio t|otiio t|otiio t|otiio to fit out, equip
t|oto t|oto t|oto t|oto to deck with garlands
t|opotio t|opotio t|opotio t|opotio a going out on service
t|opotuo t|opotuo t|opotuo t|opotuo to march out
t|opoottuooi t|opoottuooi t|opoottuooi t|opoottuooi to encamp outside
t|opto t|opto t|opto t|opto to turn out of, root up from
t|oupiooo t|oupiooo t|oupiooo t|oupiooo to hiss off the stage
t|opoyiooi t|opoyiooi t|opoyiooi t|opoyiooi to be shut out from
t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo t|ooo to preserve from danger, keep safe
t|ooptuo t|ooptuo t|ooptuo t|ooptuo to heap
t|oqv t|oqv t|oqv t|oqv outstretched
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, outstretched, outspread
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, on the sixth day
t|ovuo t|ovuo t|ovuo t|ovuo to stretch out
t|opoooo t|opoooo t|opoooo t|opoooo to throw into great trouble, to agitate
t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, extension
t|oooo t|oooo t|oooo t|oooo to draw out in battle-order
t|tivo t|tivo t|tivo t|tivo to stretch out
t|ti_io t|ti_io t|ti_io t|ti_io to fortify completely
t|t|voo t|t|voo t|t|voo t|t|voo to generate
t|tituoo t|tituoo t|tituoo t|tituoo to bring quite to an end, accomplish
t|tito t|tito t|tito t|tito to bring quite to an end, to accomplish, achieve
t|tiq, t|tiq, t|tiq, t|tiq, brought to an end, perfect
t|tvo t|tvo t|tvo t|tvo to cut out
t|tvtio t|tvtio t|tvtio t|tvtio intensity, zeal, earnestness
t|tvq, t|tvq, t|tvq, t|tvq, intense, zealous, instant
t|to, t|to, t|to, t|to, to be held
t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo t|tpoo to burn to ashes, calcine
t|q|o t|q|o t|q|o t|q|o to melt out, destroy, by melting
t|qopioi t|qopioi t|qopioi t|qopioi those who paid 1/6th of the produce
t|iqi t|iqi t|iqi t|iqi to set out, place outside
t|iiio t|iiio t|iiio t|iiio to pluck out
t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo t|ioo to honour highly
t|io, t|io, t|io, t|io, not shewing honour
t|ivoooo t|ivoooo t|ivoooo t|ivoooo to shake out
t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo to pay off, pay in full
t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o t|ipoo|o to bring forth untimely: to miscarry
t|otv t|otv t|otv t|otv from without, outside
t|oi t|oi t|oi t|oi out of, outside
t|oiutuo t|oiutuo t|oiutuo t|oiutuo to wind
t|oq t|oq t|oq t|oq a cutting out
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, a eunuch
Page 195
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|oi, t|oi, t|oi, t|oi, cutting down
t|otuo t|otuo t|otuo t|otuo to shoot out, shoot away
t|oio t|oio t|oio t|oio to take oneself from a place, go abroad
t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, t|oio, put away
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, away from a place, away from
t|opto t|opto t|opto t|opto to kill by piercing
t|oot t|oot t|oot t|oot outwards
t|oot t|oot t|oot t|oot outside
t|poyoto t|poyoto t|poyoto t|poyoto to deck out in tragic phrase, exaggerate
t|o, t|o, t|o, t|o, sixth
t|o, t|o, t|o, t|o, outside
t|poto, t|poto, t|poto, t|poto, banished from the table
t|potio, t|potio, t|potio, t|potio, turning from the common course, devious, strange
t|po_qiio t|po_qiio t|po_qiio t|po_qiio to throw the rider over its head
t|po_uvo t|po_uvo t|po_uvo t|po_uvo to make rough
t|pto t|pto t|pto t|pto to turn out of the course, to turn aside
t|pto t|pto t|pto t|pto to bring up from childhood, rear up
t|pt_o t|pt_o t|pt_o t|pt_o to run out
t|pio t|pio t|pio t|pio to rub out
t|poq t|poq t|poq t|poq a turning off
t|pu_oo t|pu_oo t|pu_oo t|pu_oo to wear out, exhaust
t|poyo t|poyo t|poyo t|poyo to eat up, devour
t|poo t|poo t|poo t|poo a child untimely born, an abortion
t|uo, t|uo, t|uo, t|uo, worked in high relief
t|uoo t|uoo t|uoo t|uoo to model
t|uioo t|uioo t|uioo t|uioo to make quite blind
t|uiooi, t|uiooi, t|uiooi, t|uiooi, a making blind
t|upo t|upo t|upo t|upo a mother-in-law, step-mother
t|upo, t|upo, t|upo, t|upo, a father-in-law, step-father
t|oipuvo t|oipuvo t|oipuvo t|oipuvo to make quite bright, clear away
t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo t|oivo to shew forth, bring to light, disclose, reveal, make manifest
t|ovq, t|ovq, t|ovq, t|ovq, shewing itself, manifest
t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, t|ooi, a declaration
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, beyond power of speech
t|ouiio t|ouiio t|ouiio t|ouiio to depreciate
t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo t|tpo to carry out of
t|tuyo t|tuyo t|tuyo t|tuyo to flee out
t|qi t|qi t|qi t|qi to speak out
t|tipo t|tipo t|tipo t|tipo to destroy utterly
t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo t|ivo had
t|iito t|iito t|iito t|iito to kiss heartily
t|ityo t|ityo t|ityo t|ityo to set on fire
t|oto t|oto t|oto t|oto to frighten away, affright
t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, t|oo, affrighted
t|oiviooo t|oiviooo t|oiviooo t|oiviooo to make all red
t|oioo t|oioo t|oioo t|oioo to go out constantly, be in the habit of going out
Page 196
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t|opo t|opo t|opo t|opo a carrying out
t|opto t|opto t|opto t|opto to carry out
t|opiov t|opiov t|opiov t|opiov payment on produce, rent, tithe
t|opo, t|opo, t|opo, t|opo, to be carried out, exportable
t|opiooi t|opiooi t|opiooi t|opiooi to be sold for exportation, to be kidnapped, betrayed
t|poo t|poo t|poo t|poo to tell over, recount
t|pooi, t|pooi, t|pooi, t|pooi, a description
t|pto t|pto t|pto t|pto to let out, bring out
t|povio t|povio t|povio t|povio to think out, discover
t|pov t|pov t|pov t|pov out of one's mind, senseless
t|uioooo t|uioooo t|uioooo t|uioooo to watch carefully
t|uiioopto t|uiioopto t|uiioopto t|uiioopto to condemn by leaves
t|uio, t|uio, t|uio, t|uio, out of the tribe, alien
t|uooo t|uooo t|uooo t|uooo to blow out
t|uo t|uo t|uo t|uo to generate from
t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto t|ovto to cry out
t|_oioo t|_oioo t|_oioo t|_oioo to let go from
t|_oiivoo t|_oiivoo t|_oiivoo t|_oiivoo to unbridle
t|_ouvoo t|_ouvoo t|_ouvoo t|_ouvoo to stuff out, to make vain and arrogant
t|_to t|_to t|_to t|_to to pour out
t|_optuo t|_optuo t|_optuo t|_optuo to break out of the chorus
t|_poo t|_poo t|_poo t|_poo to declare as an oracle, tell out
t|_pqoiooi t|_pqoiooi t|_pqoiooi t|_pqoiooi to squeeze money from, levy contributions on
t|_uq, t|_uq, t|_uq, t|_uq, a spendthrift
t|_uo, t|_uo, t|_uo, t|_uo, poured forth, unconfined, outstretched
t|_ovvuoi t|_ovvuoi t|_ovvuoi t|_ovvuoi to be raised on a bank
t|_opto t|_opto t|_opto t|_opto to go out and away, depart, emigrate
t|u_o t|u_o t|u_o t|u_o to give up the ghost, expire
t|ov t|ov t|ov t|ov willing, of free will, readily
tioio tioio tioio tioio the olive-tree
tioiqti, tioiqti, tioiqti, tioiqti, planted with olives
tioiqpo, tioiqpo, tioiqpo, tioiqpo, oily, of oil
tioivo, tioivo, tioivo, tioivo, of olive-wood
tioioioyo, tioioioyo, tioioioyo, tioioioyo, an olive-gatherer
tioiov tioiov tioiov tioiov olive-oil
tioiooiq, tioiooiq, tioiooiq, tioiooiq, an oil-merchant
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, the wild olive
tioioopo, tioioopo, tioioopo, tioioopo, olive-bearing
tioiouq, tioiouq, tioiouq, tioiouq, olive-planted
tioiouo, tioiouo, tioiouo, tioiouo, olive-planted
tioi, tioi, tioi, tioi, an olive-tree
tioiov tioiov tioiov tioiov an olive-yard
tiovpo, tiovpo, tiovpo, tiovpo, man-destroying
tiootio tiootio tiootio tiootio to wish to march
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio riding
tiooipovo, tiooipovo, tiooipovo, tiooipovo, hurled like thunder
Page 197
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, a driving away, banishing
tiooooo tiooooo tiooooo tiooooo to make less
tioooov tioooov tioooov tioooov smaller, less
tioopto tioopto tioopto tioopto to drive
tioto, tioto, tioto, tioto, one must ride
tioq tioq tioq tioq the silver fir, pinus picea
tioqpio, tioqpio, tioqpio, tioqpio, driving away
tioqp tioqp tioqp tioqp a driver
tioivo, tioivo, tioivo, tioivo, of the fir
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo a disadvantage
tiouvo tiouvo tiouvo tiouvo to drive, drive on, set in motion
tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, of a stag
tioqoiio tioqoiio tioqoiio tioqoiio a shooting of deer
tioqoiiov tioqoiiov tioqoiiov tioqoiiov the Elaphebolia
tioqoio, tioqoio, tioqoio, tioqoio, shooting deer
tioo|ovo, tioo|ovo, tioo|ovo, tioo|ovo, deer-killing
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, a deer
tioooooio tioooooio tioooooio tioooooio deer-hunting
tiopio tiopio tiopio tiopio lightness: levity
tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, lightly, buoyantly
tiopuvo tiopuvo tiopuvo tiopuvo to make light, lighten
tio_ioo, tio_ioo, tio_ioo, tio_ioo, the smallest, least
tio_u, tio_u, tio_u, tio_u, small, short, little
tiooi tiooi tiooi tiooi to wish, long
tiop tiop tiop tiop a wish, longing, desire
titoipo titoipo titoipo titoipo to take pity on
tito, tito, tito, tito, a kind of owl
titytio titytio titytio titytio an elegy
titytiov titytiov titytiov titytiov a distich consisting of hexameter and pentameter, the metre of the elegy
tity|qp tity|qp tity|qp tity|qp one who convicts
tity|i|o, tity|i|o, tity|i|o, tity|i|o, fond of cross-questioning
tityiyoo, tityiyoo, tityiyoo, tityiyoo, proving a wife's fidelity
tityi, tityi, tityi, tityi, a conviction
tityo, tityo, tityo, tityo, a song of mourning, a lament
tity_tiq tity_tiq tity_tiq tity_tiq reproach, disgrace
tity_q, tity_q, tity_q, tity_q, worthy of reproof
tity_o, tity_o, tity_o, tity_o, a cross-examining, testing
tity_o, tity_o, tity_o, tity_o, a reproach, disgrace, dishonour
tity_o tity_o tity_o tity_o to disgrace, put to shame
tittivo, tittivo, tittivo, tittivo, finding pity, pitied
titto titto titto titto to have pity on, shew mercy upon
titqoouvq titqoouvq titqoouvq titqoouvq pity, mercy: a charity, alms
titqov titqov titqov titqov pitiful, merciful, compassionate
titqu, titqu, titqu, titqu, pity, mercy
titiooq, titiooq, titiooq, titiooq, walking the marsh, marsh-dwelling
titio, titio, titio, titio, of the marsh
Page 198
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tititu tititu tititu tititu a war-cry
titiio titiio titiio titiio to whirl round
titiio titiio titiio titiio to raise the battle-cry
titii_ov titii_ov titii_ov titii_ov shaking the earth
titvou, titvou, titvou, titvou, ship-destroying
titopto, titopto, titopto, titopto, marsh-bred
titov titov titov titov piteously
tito, tito, tito, tito, a kitchen-table, a board on which meat was cut up, a dresser
tito, tito, tito, tito, pity, mercy, compassion
titoii, titoii, titoii, titoii, city-destroying
tito, tito, tito, tito, that can be taken
titutpio titutpio titutpio titutpio freedom, liberty
titutpio, titutpio, titutpio, titutpio, speaking
titutpioq, titutpioq, titutpioq, titutpioq, the character of an
titutpooi, titutpooi, titutpooi, titutpooi, having free children
titutpoptq, titutpoptq, titutpoptq, titutpoptq, worthy of a freeman
titutpo, titutpo, titutpo, titutpo, free
titutpoooto titutpoooto titutpoooto titutpoooto to be free of speech
titutpoupyo, titutpoupyo, titutpoupyo, titutpoupyo, bearing himself freely
titutpoo titutpoo titutpoo titutpoo to free, set free
titutpooi, titutpooi, titutpooi, titutpooi, a setting free
titutpoq, titutpoq, titutpoq, titutpoq, a liberator
tituoivot tituoivot tituoivot tituoivot to Eleusis
tituoivio, tituoivio, tituoivio, tituoivio, of Eleusis
tituoivi tituoivi tituoivi tituoivi at Eleusis
tituoivotv tituoivotv tituoivotv tituoivotv from Eleusis
tituoi, tituoi, tituoi, tituoi, Eleusis, an old city of Attica
tituoi, tituoi, tituoi, tituoi, a coming:&mdash
titoipooi titoipooi titoipooi titoipooi to cheat with empty hopes
titovop_q, titovop_q, titovop_q, titovop_q, the commander of a squadron of elephants
titovivo, titovivo, titovivo, titovivo, of ivory, ivory
titovoto, titovoto, titovoto, titovoto, inlaid with ivory
titovo|oo, titovo|oo, titovo|oo, titovo|oo, ivory-hilted
titovoo_io titovoo_io titovoo_io titovoo_io a battle of elephants
titovoou, titovoou, titovoou, titovoou, ivory-footed
tito, tito, tito, tito, the elephant
tiiyqv tiiyqv tiiyqv tiiyqv whirling, rolling
tiiyo tiiyo tiiyo tiiyo a curl, lock
tiiyo, tiiyo, tiiyo, tiiyo, a winding, convolution
tii|oitopo, tii|oitopo, tii|oitopo, tii|oitopo, with ever-moving eyelids, quick-glancing
tii|opoo, tii|opoo, tii|opoo, tii|opoo, running in curves, circular
tii|otiq, tii|otiq, tii|otiq, tii|otiq, of winding
tii|o, tii|o, tii|o, tii|o, curved, twisted, wreathed
tii|oviot, tii|oviot, tii|oviot, tii|oviot, the dwellers on Helicon, the Muses
tii|ov tii|ov tii|ov tii|ov Helicon
tii|o tii|o tii|o tii|o with rolling eyes, quick-glancing
Page 199
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiivuo tiivuo tiivuo tiivuo to keep holiday, to take rest, be at rest, keep quiet, stand idle
tiio|tpo, tiio|tpo, tiio|tpo, tiio|tpo, with crumpled horns
tii tii tii tii twisted, curved
tii tii tii tii anything which assumes a spiral shape
tiiooo tiiooo tiiooo tiiooo to turn round, to turn
tiipo_o, tiipo_o, tiipo_o, tiipo_o, whirling the wheel
tii_puoo, tii_puoo, tii_puoo, tii_puoo, a creeping plant with yellow flower
ti|oivo ti|oivo ti|oivo ti|oivo to fester
ti|toitio, ti|toitio, ti|toitio, ti|toitio, trailing the robe, with long train
ti|toi_tipo, ti|toi_tipo, ti|toi_tipo, ti|toi_tipo, drawing the hand after it
ti|t_iov ti|t_iov ti|t_iov ti|t_iov trailing the tunic, with long tunic
ti|to ti|to ti|to ti|to to drag about, tear asunder
ti|qov ti|qov ti|qov ti|qov by dragging
ti|qo, ti|qo, ti|qo, ti|qo, a being carried off, violence suffered
ti|qo ti|qo ti|qo ti|qo that which is torn in pieces, a prey
ti|qqp ti|qqp ti|qqp ti|qqp one that drags
ti|ooito ti|ooito ti|ooito ti|ooito to make wounds
ti|ooio, ti|ooio, ti|ooio, ti|ooio, having power to wound
ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, a wound
ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo to wound sorely, lacerate
ti|to, ti|to, ti|to, ti|to, one must drag
ti|i|o, ti|i|o, ti|i|o, ti|i|o, fit for drawing, attractive
ti|upiov ti|upiov ti|upiov ti|upiov a slight sore
ti|uooo ti|uooo ti|uooo ti|uooo to drag about
ti|uoto, ti|uoto, ti|uoto, ti|uoto, to be dragged
ti|oq, ti|oq, ti|oq, ti|oq, like a sore, ulcerated
ti|o ti|o ti|o ti|o to draw, drag
ti|ooi, ti|ooi, ti|ooi, ti|ooi, ulceration
tiiopuvooi tiiopuvooi tiiopuvooi tiiopuvooi to gain distinction
tiioo tiioo tiioo tiioo to shine upon, to illuminate:&mdash
tiiovoi|oi tiiovoi|oi tiiovoi|oi tiiovoi|oi the chief judges at the Olympic games
tiio, tiio, tiio, tiio, Hellas
tiitopo, tiitopo, tiitopo, tiitopo, hellebore
tiitovo, tiitovo, tiitovo, tiitovo, the band for binding corn-sheaves
tiitio tiitio tiitio tiitio to leave in, leave behind
tiito_o, tiito_o, tiito_o, tiito_o, commonly talked of
tiiqvio tiiqvio tiiqvio tiiqvio to speak Greek
tiiqvi|o, tiiqvi|o, tiiqvi|o, tiiqvi|o, Hellenic, Greek
tiiqvio, tiiqvio, tiiqvio, tiiqvio, the temple of the Hellenes
tiiqvi, tiiqvi, tiiqvi, tiiqvi, a Grecian woman
tiiqvioq, tiiqvioq, tiiqvioq, tiiqvioq, one who uses the Greek language
tiiqvioi tiiqvioi tiiqvioi tiiqvioi in Greek fashion
tiiqvooioi tiiqvooioi tiiqvooioi tiiqvooioi the stewards of Greece
tiiqv tiiqv tiiqv tiiqv Hellen
tiiqoovio|o, tiiqoovio|o, tiiqoovio|o, tiiqoovio|o, of the Hellespont
tiiqoovio, tiiqoovio, tiiqoovio, tiiqoovio, a wind blowing from the Hellespont
Page 200
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiiqoovo, tiiqoovo, tiiqoovo, tiiqoovo, the Hellespont
tiiitvio tiiitvio tiiitvio tiiitvio to collect harbour-dues.
tiiitvioq, tiiitvioq, tiiitvioq, tiiitvioq, a collector of harbour-dues
tiiiq, tiiiq, tiiiq, tiiiq, wanting, lacking, defective
tiioiov tiioiov tiioiov tiioiov that which is in the lobe of the ear, an earring
tiioyto tiioyto tiioyto tiioyto to reckon in, to impute
tiioyio, tiioyio, tiioyio, tiioyio, held in account
tiioituo tiioituo tiioituo tiioituo to fish
tiio, tiio, tiio, tiio, a young deer, fawn
tiio_io tiio_io tiio_io tiio_io to lie in ambush
tiio tiio tiio tiio mute
tiiu_viov tiiu_viov tiiu_viov tiiu_viov a lamp-wick
tii, tii, tii, tii, a drawing, dragging, trailing
tio, tio, tio, tio, low ground by rivers, a marsh-meadow
tiiooq, tiiooq, tiiooq, tiiooq, giver of hope
tiio tiio tiio tiio to hope for, look for, expect
tii, tii, tii, tii, hope, expectation
tio tio tio tio to make to hope
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo the tree
tiupov tiupov tiupov tiupov the case
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to roll round
tiop tiop tiop tiop booty, spoil, prey
touou touou touou touou of me, of myself
toov toov toov toov on foot, by land
toov toov toov toov surface, area
toivo toivo toivo toivo to step in
toiio toiio toiio toiio to throw in, put in
too too too too sauce, soup
too too too too to dip in
tooi, tooi, tooi, tooi, that on which one goes
tooi_upo, tooi_upo, tooi_upo, tooi_upo, pot-visiter
totuo totuo totuo totuo to step in
to, to, to, to, a felt-shoe
tooiituo tooiituo tooiituo tooiituo to be king in
toqpio, toqpio, toqpio, toqpio, of
toq, toq, toq, toq, a half-boot of felt
toiov toiov toiov toiov a flat vessel for sauces
tioo tioo tioo tioo to set in
tito tito tito tito a looking straight at
tito tito tito tito to look in the face, look at
tiqo tiqo tiqo tiqo an insertion
tooo tooo tooo tooo to call upon, shout to
toitu, toitu, toitu, toitu, anything put in: a dibble for setting plants
toiq toiq toiq toiq a putting into
toiio, toiio, toiio, toiio, inserted, intercalated
toio, toio, toio, toio, anything pointed so as to be easily thrust in
Page 201
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpouvo tpouvo tpouvo tpouvo to dwell on
tpo_u tpo_u tpo_u tpo_u in brief, shortly
tpto, tpto, tpto, tpto, boy-like
tpiq, tpiq, tpiq, tpiq, weighty
tpioooi tpioooi tpioooi tpioooi to snort in
tpovoooi tpovoooi tpovoooi tpovoooi to be stricken by lightning
tpovqo, tpovqo, tpovqo, tpovqo, thunderstruck, stupefied, stupid
tpuoi|o, tpuoi|o, tpuoi|o, tpuoi|o, dwelling in sea-weed
tpuov tpuov tpuov tpuov a young one
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, at the bottom
tuo tuo tuo tuo to stuff in, stop with
tti|o, tti|o, tti|o, tti|o, one who uses emetics
tto, tto, tto, tto, vomiting
toivooi toivooi toivooi toivooi to be mad at
tto tto tto tto to vomit, throw up
toiio, toiio, toiio, toiio, woolly, fleecy
tovq, tovq, tovq, tovq, in madness, frantic, raving
toto, toto, toto, toto, quickly, readily, hastily
toooi toooi toooi toooi to knead bread in
to_ooi to_ooi to_ooi to_ooi to fight a battle in
ttiioo ttiioo ttiioo ttiioo to smile
ttitio ttitio ttitio ttitio harmony: a stately Tragic dance
ttitoo ttitoo ttitoo ttitoo to exercise
ttitqo ttitqo ttitqo ttitqo an exercise, a practice
ttiq, ttiq, ttiq, ttiq, sounding in unison, in tune
ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, in eager haste, eager
ttovo ttovo ttovo ttovo to be lost in passion
ttvq, ttvq, ttvq, ttvq, abiding in
ttvo ttvo ttvo ttvo to abide in
ttpio ttpio ttpio ttpio fit measure, proportion
ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, in measure, proportioned, suitable, moderate
ttpoq, ttpoq, ttpoq, ttpoq, proportion, fitness
tqvo, tqvo, tqvo, tqvo, in a month, done
tqpo, tqpo, tqpo, tqpo, with pith in it
tiyvuoi tiyvuoi tiyvuoi tiyvuoi to be mixed
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, in pay, in receipt of pay, hired
tovq tovq tovq tovq an abiding by, cleaving to
tovo, tovo, tovo, tovo, abiding by, steadfast
topo, topo, topo, topo, partaking in, endued with
topo, topo, topo, topo, in bodily form
too, too, too, too, needing to be stopped with lint
to_o, to_o, to_o, to_o, toilsome
tuto tuto tuto tuto to initiate in
to, to, to, to, mine
toooi toooi toooi toooi to busy oneself about, take heed of, care for
toq, toq, toq, toq, in a state of emotion, much affected by
Page 202
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toiyo toiyo toiyo toiyo mockery
toio toio toio toio to mock at, mock
toi|q, toi|q, toi|q, toi|q, a mocker, deceiver
toio, toio, toio, toio, possessed of
toio, toio, toio, toio, bursting in, sudden
toio toio toio toio to strike in, stamp, emboss
to|oo to|oo to|oo to|oo to close by stuffing in
toioooooi toioooooi toioooooi toioooooi to be entangled in
toiiv toiiv toiiv toiiv backwards, back
tovqyupio tovqyupio tovqyupio tovqyupio to hold assemblies in
topt_o topt_o topt_o topt_o to give into
topoivto topoivto topoivto topoivto to behave like one drunken
to, to, to, to, notwithstanding, nevertheless
toooo toooo toooo toooo to sprinkle in
toto toto toto toto to walk in
ttop|to ttop|to ttop|to ttop|to to abide by one's oath
tto, tto, tto, tto, in the ground, firm-set, steadfast
ttoo ttoo ttoo ttoo to fix in the earth
ttipio ttipio ttipio ttipio experience
ttipo, ttipo, ttipo, ttipo, experienced
ttioov ttioov ttioov ttioov near, hard by
ttioo ttioo ttioo ttioo to bring near
ttpoo, ttpoo, ttpoo, ttpoo, skilled in the use of
ttpioto ttpioto ttpioto ttpioto to walk about in
ttpovqo ttpovqo ttpovqo ttpovqo a garment fastened with a brooch
ttovvui ttovvui ttovvui ttovvui to unfold and spread in
tqyvui tqyvui tqyvui tqyvui to fix
tqoo tqoo tqoo tqoo to jump upon
tqpo, tqpo, tqpo, tqpo, crippled, maimed
ti|poivooi ti|poivooi ti|poivooi ti|poivooi to be bitter against
tivo tivo tivo tivo to drink in, drink greedily
tiiqi tiiqi tiiqi tiiqi to fill quite full
tipqi tipqi tipqi tipqi to kindle, burn, set on fire
tio tio tio tio to fall in
ti, ti, ti, ti, a mosquito, gnat
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to entrust
tioooo tioooo tioooo tioooo to plaster up
tit|o tit|o tit|o tit|o to plait
tito, tito, tito, tito, quite full of
tito tito tito tito to sail in
tiqyqv tiqyqv tiqyqv tiqyqv madly, rashly
tiq|i|o, tiq|i|o, tiq|i|o, tiq|i|o, easily scared
tiq|o, tiq|o, tiq|o, tiq|o, stunned, amazed, stupefied
tiqv tiqv tiqv tiqv near, next, close by
tiqv tiqv tiqv tiqv besides, except
tiqio tiqio tiqio tiqio amazement, stupidity
Page 203
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiqooo tiqooo tiqooo tiqooo to strike against, fall upon
tiqoto, tiqoto, tiqoto, tiqoto, to be filled with
tvto tvto tvto tvto to blow
tvoio tvoio tvoio tvoio inbreathing, inspiration
tvou, tvou, tvou, tvou, with the breath in one, breathing, alive
toio toio toio toio to put the feet in bonds, to fetter
toio, toio, toio, toio, at one's feet, coming in the way, meeting
toov toov toov toov at the feet, in the way, in one's path
toito toito toito toito to make in
toioio, toioio, toioio, toioio, concerned in traffic
toioo toioo toioo toioo to get by barter
toitio, toitio, toitio, toitio, pertaining to war
toitu, toitu, toitu, toitu, a merchant, trafficker
toiqo toiqo toiqo toiqo matter of traffic, the freight of a ship, merchandise
toiq toiq toiq toiq merchandise
toiqo, toiqo, toiqo, toiqo, bought
toii, toii, toii, toii, in the city
toiituo toiituo toiituo toiituo to be one of a state, to be a citizen, hold civil rights
totuo totuo totuo totuo to swagger in procession
toptuo toptuo toptuo toptuo merchandise
toptuooi toptuooi toptuooi toptuooi to travel
toptuto toptuto toptuto toptuto one must go
topio topio topio topio commerce, trade, traffic
topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, commercial, mercantile
topiov topiov topiov topiov the Exchange
topo, topo, topo, topo, one who goes on shipboard as a passenger
topoo topoo topoo topoo to fasten with a brooch
touoo touoo touoo touoo Empusa, a hobgoblin
tpo|o, tpo|o, tpo|o, tpo|o, practicable
tpto tpto tpto tpto to be conspicuous in
tpqo tpqo tpqo tpqo to blow up, inflate
tpqoi, tpqoi, tpqoi, tpqoi, a conflagration
tpio tpio tpio tpio to saw into, to gnash
tpotoo, tpotoo, tpotoo, tpotoo, within the stated time
tpootv tpootv tpootv tpootv before, in front
tpooio, tpooio, tpooio, tpooio, fore, front
tuo tuo tuo tuo to spit into
tu|oo tu|oo tu|oo tu|oo to wrap up in
tuo, tuo, tuo, tuo, suppurating
tuptuo tuptuo tuptuo tuptuo to roast in
tupiqq, tupiqq, tupiqq, tupiqq, made for standing on the fire
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, in the fire
toytiv toytiv toytiv toytiv to eat hastily
toivo toivo toivo toivo to let
tovq, tovq, tovq, tovq, shewing in
tovio tovio tovio tovio to make manifest, exhibit
Page 204
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttpooi ttpooi ttpooi ttpooi to feed in
ttptio ttptio ttptio ttptio likeness
ttpq, ttpq, ttpq, ttpq, answering to, resembling
ttpo ttpo ttpo ttpo to bear
ttuyo ttuyo ttuyo ttuyo to fly in
tiio_opto tiio_opto tiio_opto tiio_opto to be fond of dwelling in, to dwell in
tityo tityo tityo tityo to kindle in
tio tio tio tio with fire in it
too, too, too, too, terrible
topioooi topioooi topioooi topioooi to have the mouth-band on
topto topto topto topto to be borne about in
tpoooo tpoooo tpoooo tpoooo to block up
tpoupto tpoupto tpoupto tpoupto to keep guard in
tpoupo, tpoupo, tpoupo, tpoupo, on guard in
tpov tpov tpov tpov in one's mind
tuiio, tuiio, tuiio, tuiio, kinsfolk
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, of the same tribe
tuooo tuooo tuooo tuooo to blow in: to play the flute
tuoioo tuoioo tuoioo tuoioo to implant, instil into
tuo, tuo, tuo, tuo, implanted, innate, natural
tuo tuo tuo tuo to implant
tovo, tovo, tovo, tovo, loud of voice
too, too, too, too, sounding
tu_o, tu_o, tu_o, tu_o, having life in one, alive, living
tu_oo tu_oo tu_oo tu_oo to animate
tv tv tv tv in, among. c. dat.
tvopuvooi tvopuvooi tvopuvooi tvopuvooi to be conceited in
tvoyq, tvoyq, tvoyq, tvoyq, under a curse, excommunicate, accurst
tvoyio tvoyio tvoyio tvoyio to offer sacrifice to the dead
tvoyioo tvoyioo tvoyioo tvoyioo an offering to the manes
tvoyioo, tvoyioo, tvoyioo, tvoyioo, an offering to the manes
tvoy|oiiooi tvoy|oiiooi tvoy|oiiooi tvoy|oiiooi to take in one's arms
tvoy|uioo tvoy|uioo tvoy|uioo tvoy|uioo to fit thongs
tvoy_o, tvoy_o, tvoy_o, tvoy_o, just now, lately
tvoyo tvoyo tvoyo tvoyo to lead in
tvoyoviooi tvoyoviooi tvoyoviooi tvoyoviooi to contend
tvoyovio, tvoyovio, tvoyovio, tvoyovio, of
tvotpio, tvotpio, tvotpio, tvotpio, in the air
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, with blood in one
tvoipo tvoipo tvoipo tvoipo to slay
tvoioio, tvoioio, tvoioio, tvoioio, ominous, boding, fateful
tvoi_oo tvoi_oo tvoi_oo tvoi_oo to fight in
tvoioptooi tvoioptooi tvoioptooi tvoioptooi to float
tvo|i, tvo|i, tvo|i, tvo|i, nine times
tvo|io_iiioi tvo|io_iiioi tvo|io_iiioi tvo|io_iiioi nine thousand
tvo|ooioi tvo|ooioi tvo|ooioi tvo|ooioi nine hundred
Page 205
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvo|ouo tvo|ouo tvo|ouo tvo|ouo to listen to
tvoitio tvoitio tvoitio tvoitio to anoint with
tvoiqq, tvoiqq, tvoiqq, tvoiqq, in accordance with truth
tvoiiy|io, tvoiiy|io, tvoiiy|io, tvoiiy|io, like, resembling
tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, in, on, of the sea
tvoiio tvoiio tvoiio tvoiio crosswise
tvoiioooo tvoiioooo tvoiioooo tvoiioooo to exchange
tvoiiooi tvoiiooi tvoiiooi tvoiiooi to leap in
tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, changed, contrary
tvoiuvo tvoiuvo tvoiuvo tvoiuvo to deaden
tvotiyo tvotiyo tvotiyo tvotiyo to milk into
tvoiiio, tvoiiio, tvoiiio, tvoiiio, engaged in equal contest with, a match for
tvovo tvovo tvovo tvovo opposite, over against, face to face
tvoviio, tvoviio, tvoviio, tvoviio, set against, hostile
tvovioooi tvovioooi tvovioooi tvovioooi to set oneself against, oppose, withstand
tvovio, tvovio, tvovio, tvovio, opposite
tvovioq, tvovioq, tvovioq, tvovioq, contrariety, opposition
tvovi tvovi tvovi tvovi in the presence of
tvovioo tvovioo tvovioo tvovioo an obstacle, hindrance
tvoviooi, tvoviooi, tvoviooi, tvoviooi, a contradiction
tvooti|vuoi tvooti|vuoi tvooti|vuoi tvooti|vuoi to gain distinction among
tvoovqo|o tvoovqo|o tvoovqo|o tvoovqo|o to die in
tvoopouo tvoopouo tvoopouo tvoopouo to break off in
tvoo|tioi tvoo|tioi tvoo|tioi tvoo|tioi to be stored up in
tvoo|ioo tvoo|ioo tvoo|ioo tvoo|ioo to break off short in
tvooiiuoi tvooiiuoi tvooiiuoi tvooiiuoi to perish in
tvooioytooi tvooioytooi tvooioytooi tvooioytooi to defend oneself in
tvoovio tvoovio tvoovio tvoovio to wash clean in
tvoovto tvoovto tvoovto tvoovto to expire in the act of
tvooviyooi tvooviyooi tvooviyooi tvooviyooi to be suffocated in
tvoooqoivo tvoooqoivo tvoooqoivo tvoooqoivo to indicate
tvooivo tvooivo tvooivo tvooivo to spend on law in
tvoou_o tvoou_o tvoou_o tvoou_o to give up the ghost
tvoo tvoo tvoo tvoo to bind on
tvopo tvopo tvopo tvopo the arms and trappings of a slain foe, spoils, booty
tvopopio|o tvopopio|o tvopopio|o tvopopio|o to fit
tvopyq, tvopyq, tvopyq, tvopyq, visible, palpable, in bodily shape
tvopqopo, tvopqopo, tvopqopo, tvopqopo, wearing the spoils
tvopito tvopito tvopito tvopito to reckon in
tvopio tvopio tvopio tvopio to strip a slain foe of his arms
tvopiio, tvopiio, tvopiio, tvopiio, in the number, to make up the number
tvopoo tvopoo tvopoo tvopoo to fit
tvopovio, tvopovio, tvopovio, tvopovio, in accord
tvop_ooi tvop_ooi tvop_ooi tvop_ooi to begin the offering
tvoo|to tvoo|to tvoo|to tvoo|to to train
tvooioooi tvooioooi tvooioooi tvooioooi to fit oneself with a shield
Page 206
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvoo_qovto tvoo_qovto tvoo_qovto tvoo_qovto to behave oneself unseemly in
tvooio, tvooio, tvooio, tvooio, on the ninth day
tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, ninth
tvouio|ooii, tvouio|ooii, tvouio|ooii, tvouio|ooii, wandering in the fields
tvouiio tvouiio tvouiio tvouiio to dwell
tvouiioqpio, tvouiioqpio, tvouiioqpio, tvouiioqpio, habitable
tvouiov tvouiov tvouiov tvouiov an abode
tvouio, tvouio, tvouio, tvouio, the bed of a stream, a torrent, mountain-stream
tvouio, tvouio, tvouio, tvouio, on
tvouovo tvouovo tvouovo tvouovo to increase, enlarge
tvoupo, tvoupo, tvoupo, tvoupo, exposed to the air
tvouoi, tvouoi, tvouoi, tvouoi, a kindling
tvouoo tvouoo tvouoo tvouoo a spark, remnant
tvou_tvio, tvou_tvio, tvou_tvio, tvou_tvio, on the neck
tvouo tvouo tvouo tvouo to kindle
tvouo tvouo tvouo tvouo cry aloud.
tvooo tvooo tvooo tvooo to fasten up in
tvoiqi tvoiqi tvoiqi tvoiqi to let drop into
tvoi, tvoi, tvoi, tvoi, with lighted torch
tvoio tvoio tvoio tvoio to kindle in
tvoio tvoio tvoio tvoio to distribute.
tvo|vo tvo|vo tvo|vo tvo|vo to bite into
tvo|puo tvo|puo tvo|puo tvo|puo to weep in
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, native of the country
tvotooi tvotooi tvotooi tvotooi to divide
tvtq, tvtq, tvtq, tvtq, in need of
tvtio tvtio tvtio tvtio want, need, lack
tvtiyo tvtiyo tvtiyo tvtiyo a proof, token
tvti|vui tvti|vui tvti|vui tvti|vui to mark, point out
tvtii, tvtii, tvtii, tvtii, a pointing out
tvt|oq_u, tvt|oq_u, tvt|oq_u, tvt|oq_u, eleven cubits long
tvt|o tvt|o tvt|o tvt|o eleven
tvt|o, tvt|o, tvt|o, tvt|o, the number Eleven
tvt|ooio, tvt|ooio, tvt|ooio, tvt|ooio, on the eleventh day
tvt|oo, tvt|oo, tvt|oo, tvt|oo, the eleventh
tvtit_q, tvtit_q, tvtit_q, tvtit_q, continuous, perpetual
tvto tvto tvto tvto to wall up
tvtioooi tvtioooi tvtioooi tvtioooi to grasp with the right hand
tvtio, tvtio, tvtio, tvtio, towards the right hand, from left to right
tvto, tvto, tvto, tvto, bound to, entangled in
tvt_ooi tvt_ooi tvt_ooi tvt_ooi to take upon oneself
tvt_otvo, tvt_otvo, tvt_otvo, tvt_otvo, as far as possible
tvto tvto tvto tvto to bind in, on
tvto tvto tvto tvto to be in want of
tvqio, tvqio, tvqio, tvqio, visible, manifest, clear
tvqto tvqto tvqto tvqto to live in
Page 207
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvqo, tvqo, tvqo, tvqo, dwelling in
tviooiio tviooiio tviooiio tviooiio to calumniate in
tvioo tvioo tvioo tvioo to pass the noon
tviopuooi tviopuooi tviopuooi tviopuooi to play the prude towards, trifle with
tvioioooi tvioioooi tvioioooi tvioioooi to live
tviooooo tviooooo tviooooo tviooooo to draw
tviopio tviopio tviopio tviopio to spend
tviopito, tviopito, tviopito, tviopito, one must dwell upon
tvioo tvioo tvioo tvioo to stay in the open air
tviuo|o tviuo|o tviuo|o tviuo|o to put on
tvioi tvioi tvioi tvioi to give in
tviqtptuo tviqtptuo tviqtptuo tviqtptuo to pass the day in
tviqi tviqi tviqi tviqi to chase, pursue
tvi|o, tvi|o, tvi|o, tvi|o, according to right, right, just, legitimate
tvivo tvivo tvivo tvivo the entrails
tvivto tvivto tvivto tvivto to revolve, go about
tvio, tvio, tvio, tvio, at midday, at noon
tvipio, tvipio, tvipio, tvipio, sitting on the same seat with
tvotv tvotv tvotv tvotv from within
tvoi tvoi tvoi tvoi within, at home
tvoioo tvoioo tvoioo tvoioo to be in doubt, at a loss
tvoiooio, tvoiooio, tvoiooio, tvoiooio, doubtful
tvoiooo, tvoiooo, tvoiooo, tvoiooo, doubtful, ambiguous
tvoqoi, tvoqoi, tvoqoi, tvoqoi, structure
tvou_o, tvou_o, tvou_o, tvou_o, in the inmost part of a dwelling, lurking within
tvov tvov tvov tvov in, within, in the house, at home
tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, held in esteem
tvotpo tvotpo tvotpo tvotpo quite within
tvouto tvouto tvouto tvouto to fall in with a heavy sound
tvpoi, tvpoi, tvpoi, tvpoi, a high shoe
tvpooo, tvpooo, tvpooo, tvpooo, bedewed
tvpuov tvpuov tvpuov tvpuov the oaken peg
tvu|to, tvu|to, tvu|to, tvu|to, thoughtfully, carefully, sedulously
tvuo tvuo tvuo tvuo a garment
tvuvooo tvuvooo tvuvooo tvuvooo to strengthen
tvuvootuo tvuvootuo tvuvootuo tvuvootuo to exercise dominion in
tvuoi, tvuoi, tvuoi, tvuoi, a putting on
tvuou_to tvuou_to tvuou_to tvuou_to to be unlucky in
tvuqp tvuqp tvuqp tvuqp for putting on
tvuo, tvuo, tvuo, tvuo, put on
tvuo tvuo tvuo tvuo to go into
tvtpo tvtpo tvtpo tvtpo a sitting in: a lying in wait, ambush
tvtptuo tvtptuo tvtptuo tvtptuo to lie in wait for
tvtpo, tvtpo, tvtpo, tvtpo, an inmate, inhabitant
tvtooi tvtooi tvtooi tvtooi to have one's abode in
tvtiov tvtiov tvtiov tvtiov to observe
Page 208
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvtioopto tvtioopto tvtioopto tvtioopto to work into shape
tvtiito tvtiito tvtiito tvtiito to wrap in
tvtii tvtii tvtii tvtii to be in
tvtipo tvtipo tvtipo tvtipo to string on
tvt|o tvt|o tvt|o tvt|o on account of, for the sake of, because of, for
tvtiouvo tvtiouvo tvtiouvo tvtiouvo to drive in
tvtiiooo tvtiiooo tvtiiooo tvtiiooo to roll up in
tvtto tvtto tvtto tvtto to vomit in
tvtvq|ovotq, tvtvq|ovotq, tvtvq|ovotq, tvtvq|ovotq, ninety years old
tvtopoo tvtopoo tvtopoo tvtopoo to keep holiday in
tvtvq|ovo tvtvq|ovo tvtvq|ovo tvtvq|ovo ninety
tvto, tvto, tvto, tvto, dumb, deaf and dumb
tvtoyooi tvtoyooi tvtoyooi tvtoyooi to make an irruption among
tvtiop|to tvtiop|to tvtiop|to tvtiop|to to forswear oneself by
tvtpyoooi tvtpyoooi tvtpyoooi tvtpyoooi to make
tvto tvto tvto tvto to tell, tell of, relate, describe
tvtpytio tvtpytio tvtpytio tvtpytio action, operation, energy
tvtpyto tvtpyto tvtpyto tvtpyto to be in action, to operate
tvtpyq, tvtpyq, tvtpyq, tvtpyq, productive
tvtpyoioto tvtpyoioto tvtpyoioto tvtpyoioto to make profit of
tvtpyo, tvtpyo, tvtpyo, tvtpyo, at work, working, active, busy
tvtptio tvtptio tvtptio tvtptio to thrust in, fix in
tvtptuyooi tvtptuyooi tvtptuyooi tvtptuyooi to belch on
tvtptuq, tvtptuq, tvtptuq, tvtptuq, somewhat ruddy
tvtpt tvtpt tvtpt tvtpt from beneath, up from below
tvtpoi, tvtpoi, tvtpoi, tvtpoi, a fitting in, fastening
tvtptpo, tvtptpo, tvtptpo, tvtptpo, lower, of the world below
tvtoio tvtoio tvtoio tvtoio a suggestion
tvtq tvtq tvtq tvtq a pin, brooch
tvtuoiovto tvtuoiovto tvtuoiovto tvtuoiovto to be happy in
tvtuo|ito tvtuo|ito tvtuo|ito tvtuo|ito to gain glory in
tvtuo tvtuo tvtuo tvtuo to sleep in
tvtuioytooi tvtuioytooi tvtuioytooi tvtuioytooi to be blessed in
tvtuvoio, tvtuvoio, tvtuvoio, tvtuvoio, on which one sleeps, for sleeping on
tvt_upoo tvt_upoo tvt_upoo tvt_upoo to take a pledge from
tvt_upooio tvt_upooio tvt_upooio tvt_upooio a taking in pledge, a security, pledge
tvt_upov tvt_upov tvt_upov tvt_upov a pledge, surety, security
tvt_o tvt_o tvt_o tvt_o to hold within
tvtuyvui tvtuyvui tvtuyvui tvtuyvui to yoke in, bind, involve in
tvqqqpiov tvqqqpiov tvqqqpiov tvqqqpiov a place of amusement
tvqtiq tvqtiq tvqtiq tvqtiq kindness, gentleness
tvqq, tvqq, tvqq, tvqq, kind, gentle
tvqioov tvqioov tvqioov tvqioov anything driven in
tvqii|o, tvqii|o, tvqii|o, tvqii|o, of age, in the prime of manhood
tvqoi tvqoi tvqoi tvqoi to be seated in
tvqvot tvqvot tvqvot tvqvot grew thereon
Page 209
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvqpq, tvqpq, tvqpq, tvqpq, with oars
tvot tvot tvot tvot thither, hither
tvo|to tvo|to tvo|to tvo|to to sit in
tvo|qoi, tvo|qoi, tvo|qoi, tvo|qoi, a sitting in
tvotp tvotp tvotp tvotp there where, where
tvoo tvoo tvoo tvoo to bury in
tvtoo tvtoo tvtoo tvtoo to be inspired
tvo tvo tvo tvo there
tvtvt tvtvt tvtvt tvtvt hence, from this quarter
tvtv tvtv tvtv tvtv on the one side
tvto, tvto, tvto, tvto, full of the god, inspired, possessed
tvtpoivo tvtpoivo tvtpoivo tvtpoivo to heat
tvtoi, tvtoi, tvtoi, tvtoi, a putting in
tvtoo, tvtoo, tvtoo, tvtoo, lawful
tvto, tvto, tvto, tvto, put in, implanted
tvqpo, tvqpo, tvqpo, tvqpo, full of wild beasts, infested by
tvvqo|o tvvqo|o tvvqo|o tvvqo|o to die in
tvouoioo tvouoioo tvouoioo tvouoioo to be inspired
tvouoiooi|o, tvouoiooi|o, tvouoiooi|o, tvouoiooi|o, inspired
tvouoioq, tvouoioq, tvouoioq, tvouoioq, possessed
tvpuo, tvpuo, tvpuo, tvpuo, crumbled and put into liquid
tvpoo|o tvpoo|o tvpoo|o tvpoo|o to leap in, on
tvutooi tvutooi tvutooi tvutooi to lay to heart, consider well, reflect on, ponder
tvuqo tvuqo tvuqo tvuqo a thought, piece of reasoning, argument
tvuqoi, tvuqoi, tvuqoi, tvuqoi, consideration, esteem
tvuqto, tvuqto, tvuqto, tvuqto, one must consider
tvuio tvuio tvuio tvuio a scruple, misgiving
tvuio, tvuio, tvuio, tvuio, taken to heart
tvuioo, tvuioo, tvuioo, tvuioo, taken to heart
tvopo|io tvopo|io tvopo|io tvopo|io to arm, equip with armour
tviouoio, tviouoio, tviouoio, tviouoio, of a year, one year old
tviouo, tviouo, tviouo, tviouo, any long period of time, a cycle, period
tviouo tviouo tviouo tviouo to sleep among
tvio_q tvio_q tvio_q tvio_q in some places
tvio_ou tvio_ou tvio_ou tvio_ou in some places, here and there, now and then
tvipoo tvipoo tvipoo tvipoo to sweat in, labour hard in
tvipuo tvipuo tvipuo tvipuo to set in
tvio tvio tvio tvio to sit in
tviqi tviqi tviqi tviqi to send in
tvi|ioo tvi|ioo tvi|ioo tvi|ioo to break in, break off
tvioi tvioi tvioi tvioi some
tviot tviot tviot tviot sometimes
tviq tviq tviq tviq a rebuke, reprof
tvituo tvituo tvituo tvituo to ride in
tvio tvio tvio tvio to reprove, upbraid
tviooo tviooo tviooo tviooo to attack, reproach
Page 210
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvioqi tvioqi tvioqi tvioqi to put, set, place in
tvio_o tvio_o tvio_o tvio_o to keep in one's
tvvotqpi, tvvotqpi, tvvotqpi, tvvotqpi, a period of nine years
tvvotqpo, tvvotqpo, tvvotqpo, tvvotqpo, nine years old
tvvotqp tvvotqp tvvotqp tvvotqp an inmate, inhabitant
tvvotq, tvvotq, tvvotq, tvvotq, nine years old
tvvotq, tvvotq, tvvotq, tvvotq, an inhabitant
tvvoio tvvoio tvvoio tvvoio to dwell in
tvvo|i, tvvo|i, tvvo|i, tvvo|i, nine times
tvvouqytooi tvvouqytooi tvvouqytooi tvvouqytooi to have ships built in it
tvvtooio, tvvtooio, tvvtooio, tvvtooio, worth nine beeves
tvvto|oit|oqvo, tvvto|oit|oqvo, tvvto|oit|oqvo, tvvto|oit|oqvo, nineteen months old
tvvto|oit|o tvvto|oit|o tvvto|oit|o tvvto|oit|o nineteen
tvvto|oit|tq, tvvto|oit|tq, tvvto|oit|tq, tvvto|oit|tq, eleven years old
tvvto|pouvo, tvvto|pouvo, tvvto|pouvo, tvvto|pouvo, with nine springs
tvvtoiivo, tvvtoiivo, tvvtoiivo, tvvtoiivo, of nine threads
tvvtoqvo, tvvtoqvo, tvvtoqvo, tvvtoqvo, of
tvvto tvvto tvvto tvvto nine
tvvtoq_u, tvvtoq_u, tvvtoq_u, tvvtoq_u, nine cubits broad
tvvto, tvvto, tvvto, tvvto, a body of nine
tvvto_iioi tvvto_iioi tvvto_iioi tvvto_iioi nine thousand
tvvtopyuio, tvvtopyuio, tvvtopyuio, tvvtopyuio, nine fathoms long
tvvtoootuo tvvtoootuo tvvtoootuo tvvtoootuo to hatch young in
tvvtuo tvvtuo tvvtuo tvvtuo to make signs to, to ask by signs
tvvtopo, tvvtopo, tvvtopo, tvvtopo, of
tvvqop tvvqop tvvqop tvvqop for nine days
tvvoto tvvoto tvvoto tvvoto to have in one's thoughts, to think, consider, reflect
tvvoio tvvoio tvvoio tvvoio a thought in the mind, notion, conception
tvvoo, tvvoo, tvvoo, tvvoo, within the law, lawful, legal
tvvooiyoio, tvvooiyoio, tvvooiyoio, tvvooiyoio, the Earth-shaker
tvvou, tvvou, tvvou, tvvou, thoughtful, intelligent, sensible
tvvu_tuo tvvu_tuo tvvu_tuo tvvu_tuo to sleep in
tvvui tvvui tvvui tvvui to put clothes on
tvvu_io, tvvu_io, tvvu_io, tvvu_io, in the night, by night, nightly
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, in
tvoi|to tvoi|to tvoi|to tvoi|to to dwell in
tvoi|qoi, tvoi|qoi, tvoi|qoi, tvoi|qoi, a dwelling in
tvoi|io tvoi|io tvoi|io tvoi|io to settle in
tvoi|io, tvoi|io, tvoi|io, tvoi|io, in the house, keeping at home
tvoi|ooto tvoi|ooto tvoi|ooto tvoi|ooto to build in
tvoi|o, tvoi|o, tvoi|o, tvoi|o, in-dwelling: an inhabitant
tvoi|oupto tvoi|oupto tvoi|oupto tvoi|oupto to keep house, dwell in
tvoivo_oto tvoivo_oto tvoivo_oto tvoivo_oto to pour in wine
tvoiioovo tvoiioovo tvoiioovo tvoiioovo to fall in
tvoiito tvoiito tvoiito tvoiito to be well acquainted with
tvoopyvuoi tvoopyvuoi tvoopyvuoi tvoopyvuoi to impress
Page 211
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvoq tvoq tvoq tvoq a crying, screaming
tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, tvoiio, a war-tune, march
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, in arms, armed
tvopov tvopov tvopov tvopov a mirror
tvopoo tvopoo tvopoo tvopoo to see, remark, observe
tvop|o, tvop|o, tvop|o, tvop|o, bound by oath
tvopio tvopio tvopio tvopio to bring
tvopiq, tvopiq, tvopiq, tvopiq, in harbour
tvopvui tvopvui tvopvui tvopvui to arouse, stir up in
tvopouo tvopouo tvopouo tvopouo to leap in
tvop_q, tvop_q, tvop_q, tvop_q, a he-goat
tvop_o, tvop_o, tvop_o, tvop_o, uncastrated, entire
tvooi, tvooi, tvooi, tvooi, a shaking, quake
tvooi_ov tvooi_ov tvooi_ov tvooi_ov Earth-shaker
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, the day after to-morrow
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, belonging to the former of two periods, last year's
tvoupovio, tvoupovio, tvoupovio, tvoupovio, in heaven, heavenly
tvo_ito tvo_ito tvo_ito tvo_ito to trouble, disquiet, annoy
tvo_o, tvo_o, tvo_o, tvo_o, held in
tvpoo tvpoo tvpoo tvpoo to sew up in
tvpiyoo tvpiyoo tvpiyoo tvpiyoo to shiver
tvotio tvotio tvotio tvotio to shake in
tvoqoivooi tvoqoivooi tvoqoivooi tvoqoivooi to intimate
tvo|tiio tvo|tiio tvo|tiio tvo|tiio to be dry, withered
tvo|tuoo tvo|tuoo tvo|tuoo tvo|tuoo to get ready, prepare
tvo|qo tvo|qo tvo|qo tvo|qo to hurl, dart in
tvo|io tvo|io tvo|io tvo|io to let fall upon
tvo|ippoo tvo|ippoo tvo|ippoo tvo|ippoo to harden
tvooo, tvooo, tvooo, tvooo, wise in
tvoovo, tvoovo, tvoovo, tvoovo, included in a truce
tvooo tvooo tvooo tvooo to drop in
tvoooi, tvoooi, tvoooi, tvoooi, a beginning, plan, management
tvooq, tvooq, tvooq, tvooq, an adversary
tvotiio tvotiio tvotiio tvotiio to dress in
tvoqpio tvoqpio tvoqpio tvoqpio to fix in
tvopoottuooi tvopoottuooi tvopoottuooi tvopoottuooi to encamp in
tvopto tvopto tvopto tvopto to turn in
tvopoyio tvopoyio tvopoyio tvopoyio to impress on
tvovuo tvovuo tvovuo tvovuo to stretch
tvooi, tvooi, tvooi, tvooi, tension
tvoooo tvoooo tvoooo tvoooo to place
tvouo tvouo tvouo tvouo here, there
tvouoi tvouoi tvouoi tvouoi hither, here
tvoioo tvoioo tvoioo tvoioo to prepare for burial
tvoiooo, tvoiooo, tvoiooo, tvoiooo, burial
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, of
Page 212
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvto tvto tvto tvto fighting gear, arms, armour
tvtivo tvtivo tvtivo tvtivo to stretch
tvti_io tvti_io tvti_io tvti_io to build
tvt|voooi tvt|voooi tvt|voooi tvt|voooi to beget children in
tvt|vo, tvt|vo, tvt|vo, tvt|vo, having children
tvtituoo tvtituoo tvtituoo tvtituoo to end one's life in
tvtiq, tvtiq, tvtiq, tvtiq, complete, full
tvtiio tvtiio tvtiio tvtiio to enjoin, command
tvtvo tvtvo tvtvo tvtvo to cut in, engrave upon
tvtpovtio tvtpovtio tvtpovtio tvtpovtio the timber
tvtpov tvtpov tvtpov tvtpov an intestine, piece of gut
tvtoitpyo, tvtoitpyo, tvtoitpyo, tvtoitpyo, working in harness
tvtotvo, tvtotvo, tvtotvo, tvtotvo, vehemently, vigorously
tvtutv tvtutv tvtutv tvtutv hence
tvtu|i|o, tvtu|i|o, tvtu|i|o, tvtu|i|o, affable
tvtui, tvtui, tvtui, tvtui, a lighting upon, meeting with, converse, intercourse
tvtuiovoooi tvtuiovoooi tvtuiovoooi tvtuiovoooi to be stewed in beet
tvt_vo, tvt_vo, tvt_vo, tvt_vo, within the province of art, artificial, artistic
tvq|o tvq|o tvq|o tvq|o to pour in while molten
tviqi tviqi tviqi tviqi to put in
tvi|o tvi|o tvi|o tvi|o to bear
tvioo tvioo tvioo tvioo to value in
tvio, tvio, tvio, tvio, in honour, honoured, prized
tvqo tvqo tvqo tvqo an incision, notch
tvoiq tvoiq tvoiq tvoiq an injunction, order, command, behest
tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, cut in pieces, cut up
tvovo, tvovo, tvovo, tvovo, well-strung, sinewy
tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, tvoo, in
tvoptuo tvoptuo tvoptuo tvoptuo to carve in relief on
tvoot tvoot tvoot tvoot from within
tvpoyoto tvpoyoto tvpoyoto tvpoyoto to strut among
tvpto tvpto tvpto tvpto to turn about
tvpto tvpto tvpto tvpto to bring up in
tvpt_o tvpt_o tvpt_o tvpt_o to run in
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, within, inside
tvpiq, tvpiq, tvpiq, tvpiq, proved by rubbing, versed in
tvpio tvpio tvpio tvpio to rub in
tvpio tvpio tvpio tvpio a cosmetic
tvpiovio tvpiovio tvpiovio tvpiovio to third
tvpi_o, tvpi_o, tvpi_o, tvpi_o, hairy
tvpii, tvpii, tvpii, tvpii, a rubbing in
tvpoo, tvpoo, tvpoo, tvpoo, trembling
tvpooiiooi tvpooiiooi tvpooiiooi tvpooiiooi to keep turning round
tvpoq tvpoq tvpoq tvpoq a turning towards
tvpoio tvpoio tvpoio tvpoio a trick, dodge
tvpoo, tvpoo, tvpoo, tvpoo, living in
Page 213
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tvpuoo tvpuoo tvpuoo tvpuoo to revel in
tvpoytiv tvpoytiv tvpoytiv tvpoytiv to eat greedily, to gobble up
tvuy_ovo tvuy_ovo tvuy_ovo tvuy_ovo to light upon, fall in with, meet with
tvuiiooo tvuiiooo tvuiiooo tvuiiooo to wrap up
tvuvo tvuvo tvuvo tvuvo to equip, deck out, get ready
tvuo, tvuo, tvuo, tvuo, as to shew his limbs
tvuoo tvuoo tvuoo tvuoo to cut in intaglio
tvuo tvuo tvuo tvuo to smoke
tvuoiio, tvuoiio, tvuoiio, tvuoiio, the Warlike
tvupio tvupio tvupio tvupio to insult
tvupi, tvupi, tvupi, tvupi, an otter
tvupoio, tvupoio, tvupoio, tvupoio, living in the water
tvupo, tvupo, tvupo, tvupo, with water in it, holding water
tvuviov tvuviov tvuviov tvuviov a thing seen in sleep
tvuvio, tvuvio, tvuvio, tvuvio, in dreams appearing
tvuoivo tvuoivo tvuoivo tvuoivo to weave in as a pattern
tvuovo, tvuovo, tvuovo, tvuovo, inwoven
tvuo tvuo tvuo tvuo Enyo
tvoto tvoto tvoto tvoto to thrust in
tvooop_q, tvooop_q, tvooop_q, tvooop_q, leader of an
tvooio tvooio tvooio tvooio a band of sworn soldiers, a company in the Spartan army
tvooo, tvooo, tvooo, tvooo, bound by oath
tvooio, tvooio, tvooio, tvooio, in one's face, to one's face
tvoq tvoq tvoq tvoq the face, countenance
tvoio tvoio tvoio tvoio the inner wall fronting those who enter
tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, tvoio, face to face
tvoiooi tvoiooi tvoiooi tvoiooi to hearken to
toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio information sent out
toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio to send out
toyytio, toyytio, toyytio, toyytio, a messenger who brings out news
toyytio, toyytio, toyytio, toyytio, told of, denounced
toyio toyio toyio toyio to drive out as accursed
toyivto toyivto toyivto toyivto to lead forth
toyioo, toyioo, toyioo, toyioo, devoted to evil, accursed, abominable
toyvui toyvui toyvui toyvui to break and tear away, to rend
toyopoo toyopoo toyopoo toyopoo to buy up
toyoptui|o, toyoptui|o, toyoptui|o, toyoptui|o, fit to explain
toyoptuo toyoptuo toyoptuo toyoptuo to tell out, make known, declare
toypioivo toypioivo toypioivo toypioivo to make savage
toypioo toypioo toypioo toypioo to make wild
toyo toyo toyo toyo to lead out
toyoyq toyoyq toyoyq toyoyq a leading out
toyoviooi toyoviooi toyoviooi toyoviooi to struggle hard
toyovio, toyovio, toyovio, toyovio, beside the mark, irrelevant
toop_o, toop_o, toop_o, toop_o, leader of a body of six
too too too too to sing out, sing one's last song
Page 214
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
totpoo totpoo totpoo totpoo to make into air, volatilise
totq, totq, totq, totq, six years old
topoiooi topoiooi topoiooi topoiooi to seek out and collect
touto touto touto touto to be quite disheartened
toioo toioo toioo toioo to wail loudly
toioooo toioooo toioooo toioooo to make quite bloody
toivuoi toivuoi toivuoi toivuoi to carry off
toiptoi, toiptoi, toiptoi, toiptoi, a taking out
toiptto, toiptto, toiptto, toiptto, to be taken out
toipto, toipto, toipto, toipto, that can be taken out, removable
toipto toipto toipto toipto to take out of
totipo totipo totipo totipo to lift up, lift off the earth
toioio, toioio, toioio, toioio, beyond what is ordained
toiooo toiooo toiooo toiooo to rush forth, start out from
toiooo toiooo toiooo toiooo to utterly destroy
toito toito toito toito to demand
toiqoi, toiqoi, toiqoi, toiqoi, a demanding
toio, toio, toio, toio, much asked for, much desired, choice, excellent
toivq, toivq, toivq, toivq, on a sudden
to|tooi to|tooi to|tooi to|tooi to heal completely, heal the wound, make amends
to|toi, to|toi, to|toi, to|toi, a thorough cure
to|ioupioi to|ioupioi to|ioupioi to|ioupioi sixty thousand
to|i, to|i, to|i, to|i, six times
to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi six thousand
to|ovio to|ovio to|ovio to|ovio to dart
to|ooioi to|ooioi to|ooioi to|ooioi six hundred
to|ouo to|ouo to|ouo to|ouo to hear a sound
to|pioo to|pioo to|pioo to|pioo to make exact
to|pio to|pio to|pio to|pio to reach the top of
to|to, to|to, to|to, to|to, one must march out
toiooo toiooo toiooo toiooo to blind utterly
toiooo toiooo toiooo toiooo to sack
toitipov toitipov toitipov toitipov an unguent-box
toitio toitio toitio toitio to plaster
toitooi toitooi toitooi toitooi to beware of, avoid, escape
toiivo toiivo toiivo toiivo to roll out
toiioyq toiioyq toiioyq toiioyq a complete change, alteration
toiioooo toiioooo toiioooo toiioooo to change utterly
toiiooi toiiooi toiiooi toiiooi to leap out of
toiuo|o toiuo|o toiuo|o toiuo|o to flee from
toopovo toopovo toopovo toopovo to err from the mark, fail
toopio toopio toopio toopio an error, transgression
tooo tooo tooo tooo to mow
toioo toioo toioo toioo to make to miscarry
toiuvo toiuvo toiuvo toiuvo to blunt, weaken
totio totio totio totio to exchange, alter
Page 215
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
totiyo totiyo totiyo totiyo to milk out, suck out
totito totito totito totito to be utterly careless of
totpo, totpo, totpo, totpo, of six metres, hexameter
toqvo, toqvo, toqvo, toqvo, of, lasting six months
toq_ovto toq_ovto toq_ovto toq_ovto to get out of a difficulty
toiiioooi toiiioooi toiiioooi toiiioooi to struggle vehemently
touvooi touvooi touvooi touvooi to ward off from oneself, drive away
tovopuo tovopuo tovopuo tovopuo to gush
tovoyiyvoo|o tovoyiyvoo|o tovoyiyvoo|o tovoyiyvoo|o to read through
tovoy|oo tovoy|oo tovoy|oo tovoy|oo to force
tovoyo tovoyo tovoyo tovoyo to bring out of
tovouooi tovouooi tovouooi tovouooi to rise out of, emerge from
tovoto tovoto tovoto tovoto to boil up with
tovoipto tovoipto tovoipto tovoipto to take out of
tovo|pouooi tovo|pouooi tovo|pouooi tovo|pouooi to retreat out of
tovoiio|o tovoiio|o tovoiio|o tovoiio|o to spend entirely
tovoiuo tovoiuo tovoiuo tovoiuo to set quite free from
tovoiooi, tovoiooi, tovoiooi, tovoiooi, entire consumption
tovoo tovoo tovoo tovoo to hang from
tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo to snatch away
tovoooo tovoooo tovoooo tovoooo to tear away from
tovooooi, tovooooi, tovooooi, tovooooi, a rising up from, resurrection
tovooto tovooto tovooto tovooto to crown with wreaths
tovoopto tovoopto tovoopto tovoopto to hurl headlong from
tovotiio tovotiio tovotiio tovotiio to spring up from
tovoovov tovoovov tovoovov tovoovov all openly
tovotpo tovotpo tovotpo tovotpo to bear up out of
tovo_opto tovo_opto tovo_opto tovo_opto to go out of the way, withdraw, retreat
tovpooio tovpooio tovpooio tovpooio to reduce to utter slavery
tovpooioi, tovpooioi, tovpooioi, tovpooioi, a selling for slaves
tovpoooi tovpoooi tovpoooi tovpoooi to come to man's years
tovtytipo tovtytipo tovtytipo tovtytipo to excite
tovtii tovtii tovtii tovtii to rise from the
tovtoo tovtoo tovtoo tovtoo to blow out with wind, inflate
tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi to come forth from
tovtupio|o tovtupio|o tovtupio|o tovtupio|o to find out, invent
tovt_o tovt_o tovt_o tovt_o to hold up from
tovto tovto tovto tovto to put out flowers
toviqi toviqi toviqi toviqi to send forth, let loose
tovioqi tovioqi tovioqi tovioqi to raise up: to make one rise
tovoiyo tovoiyo tovoiyo tovoiyo to lay open
tovito tovito tovito tovito to draw out
tovuo tovuo tovuo tovuo to accomplish, fulfil, make effectual
tooioioo, tooioioo, tooioioo, tooioioo, of six hands-breadth
tooiioooo tooiioooo tooiioooo tooiioooo to set free from, remove from
toopoooi toopoooi toopoooi toopoooi to hang from
Page 216
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toooo toooo toooo toooo to deceive
tooq tooq tooq tooq gross deceit
tooqto, tooqto, tooqto, tooqto, one must deceive
tooqi|o, tooqi|o, tooqi|o, tooqi|o, calculated to deceive
toouiio toouiio toouiio toouiio to cheat a little, humbug
toto, toto, toto, toto, six feet long
totiov totiov totiov totiov to observe from afar
toq_u, toq_u, toq_u, toq_u, six cubits long
toivoio, toivoio, toivoio, toivoio, sudden, unexpected.
toiooio, toiooio, toiooio, toiooio, six times as large as
toitpo, toitpo, toitpo, toitpo, six
toooivo toooivo toooivo toooivo to step out of
toouvo toouvo toouvo toouvo to put off
tooii, tooii, tooii, tooii, a League of six cities
tooiiui tooiiui tooiiui tooiiui to destroy utterly
toovtooi toovtooi toovtooi toovtooi to return out of
toovio toovio toovio toovio to wash thoroughly
toouvo toouvo toouvo toouvo to sharpen well
toopto toopto toopto toopto to be in great doubt
toootiio toootiio toootiio toootiio to send quite away:&mdash
tooivo tooivo tooivo tooivo to satisfy in full
tootipo tootipo tootipo tootipo to destroy utterly
too too too too to fasten from
tooto tooto tooto tooto to thrust away
topoooi topoooi topoooi topoooi to utter curses
topoooo topoooo topoooo topoooo to dash out, shatter
topyto topyto topyto topyto to be quite torpid
topyupio topyupio topyupio topyupio to turn into money
topto|ooi topto|ooi topto|ooi topto|ooi to make oneself acceptable
topito topito topito topito to count throughout, number
top|to top|to top|to top|to to be quite enough for, suffice for
top|q, top|q, top|q, top|q, enough, sufficient
top|ouvo, top|ouvo, top|ouvo, top|ouvo, enough, sufficiently
topvtooi topvtooi topvtooi topvtooi to deny utterly
topvqoi, topvqoi, topvqoi, topvqoi, a denying, denial
topvqi|o, topvqi|o, topvqi|o, topvqi|o, apt at denying, negative
topvo, topvo, topvo, topvo, denying
topoo topoo topoo topoo to snatch away from
topoo topoo topoo topoo to hang upon, to make dependent upon
topio topio topio topio to complete, finish
topuo topuo topuo topuo to get ready, equip thoroughly, fit out
top_o, top_o, top_o, top_o, a leader, beginner
top_o top_o top_o top_o to begin with, make a beginning of
to, to, to, to, the number six
too|to too|to too|to too|to to adorn, deck out, equip
toopoo toopoo toopoo toopoo to flash as with lightning
Page 217
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toioo toioo toioo toioo to dishonour utterly
touoivo touoivo touoivo touoivo to dry quite up
touyq, touyq, touyq, touyq, dazzling white
touoo touoo touoo touoo to speak out
touiiooi touiiooi touiiooi touiiooi to leave one's quarters, to go out of camp
touq, touq, touq, touq, at the very point of time, at once
toui, toui, toui, toui, over again, once more, anew
touooito touooito touooito touooito to desert from
tou_to tou_to tou_to tou_to to boast loudly, profess
touo touo touo touo to heat
touo touo touo touo to cry out
tooipto tooipto tooipto tooipto to take right away
toiqi toiqi toiqi toiqi to send forth, discharge
toioooi toioooi toioooi toioooi to depart
topiooi topiooi topiooi topiooi to throw off by foaming
touo touo touo touo to draw forth
to_tip to_tip to_tip to_tip six-handed
to_ou, to_ou, to_ou, to_ou, holding six
ttyyuoo ttyyuoo ttyyuoo ttyyuoo to free
ttyyuqoi, ttyyuqoi, ttyyuqoi, ttyyuqoi, a giving of bail
ttytipo ttytipo ttytipo ttytipo to awaken
ttpo ttpo ttpo ttpo arcade
ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, away from home
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov to look out, see far
tti|oo tti|oo tti|oo tti|oo to make like, to adapt
ttiiio ttiiio ttiiio ttiiio to disentangle
ttiiuo ttiiuo ttiiuo ttiiuo to unwrap
ttii ttii ttii ttii to go out, come out
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov to speak out, tell out, declare
ttipyootvo, ttipyootvo, ttipyootvo, ttipyootvo, carefully, accurately, fully
ttipo ttipo ttipo ttipo to put forth
ttiooi, ttiooi, ttiooi, ttiooi, a driving out, expulsion
ttiouvo ttiouvo ttiouvo ttiouvo to drive out from
ttity|to, ttity|to, ttity|to, ttity|to, to be refuted
ttity_o ttity_o ttity_o ttity_o to convict, confute, refute
ttitutpi|o, ttitutpi|o, ttitutpi|o, ttitutpi|o, of the class of freedmen
ttitutpo, ttitutpo, ttitutpo, ttitutpo, set at liberty, a freedman
ttitutpoooto ttitutpoooto ttitutpoooto ttitutpoooto to be very free of speech
ttiiooo ttiiooo ttiiooo ttiiooo to unroll
tti|to, tti|to, tti|to, tti|to, one must drag along
tti|o tti|o tti|o tti|o to draw
ttiiqvio ttiiqvio ttiiqvio ttiiqvio to turn into Greek, to trace to a Greek origin
ttto ttto ttto ttto to vomit forth, disgorge
tttoo tttoo tttoo tttoo to keep quite firm, strictly observe
ttoioo ttoioo ttoioo ttoioo to traffic
ttvoipo ttvoipo ttvoipo ttvoipo to kill outright
Page 218
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttvopio ttvopio ttvopio ttvopio to strip
ttoo ttoo ttoo ttoo to charm away
tttu_ooi tttu_ooi tttu_ooi tttu_ooi to boast loudly that
ttioooi ttioooi ttioooi ttioooi to know thoroughly, know well
ttiqt, ttiqt, ttiqt, ttiqt, of set purpose
ttpoo ttpoo ttpoo ttpoo a vomit, thing vomited
ttpoo ttpoo ttpoo ttpoo to disgorge
ttpyoooi ttpyoooi ttpyoooi ttpyoooi to work out, make completely, finish off, bring to perfection
ttpyooi|o, ttpyooi|o, ttpyooi|o, ttpyooi|o, able to accomplish
ttpyo ttpyo ttpyo ttpyo to shut out from
ttpttivo ttpttivo ttpttivo ttpttivo to inquire into
ttpto ttpto ttpto ttpto to irritate greatly
ttptio ttptio ttptio ttptio to strike off
ttptuyooi ttptuyooi ttptuyooi ttptuyooi to empty themselves
ttptuvoo ttptuvoo ttptuvoo ttptuvoo to search out, examine
ttpto ttpto ttpto ttpto I will speak out, tell out, utter aloud
ttpto ttpto ttpto ttpto to inquire into
ttpqoo ttpqoo ttpqoo ttpqoo to make quite desolate, leave destitute, abandon
ttpio ttpio ttpio ttpio to be contumacious
ttpioq, ttpioq, ttpioq, ttpioq, a stubborn disputant
ttpqvtuo ttpqvtuo ttpqvtuo ttpqvtuo to interpret accurately
ttpo ttpo ttpo ttpo to creep out of
ttppo ttppo ttppo ttppo away out
ttpu|o ttpu|o ttpu|o ttpu|o to ward off, repel
ttpuo ttpuo ttpuo ttpuo to draw out of
ttp_ooi ttp_ooi ttp_ooi ttp_ooi to go
ttpoto ttpoto ttpoto ttpoto to swerve from the course
ttoio ttoio ttoio ttoio to eat away, eat up
ttoio ttoio ttoio ttoio a sending out, mission, embassy
ttoi, ttoi, ttoi, ttoi, a dismissal, divorce
ttoi ttoi ttoi ttoi it is allowed, it is in one's power, is possible
ttoo ttoo ttoo ttoo to examine well
ttooi, ttooi, ttooi, ttooi, a close examination, scrutiny, review
ttooto, ttooto, ttooto, ttooto, one must scrutinise
ttooq, ttooq, ttooq, ttooq, an examiner, inquirer
ttooi|o, ttooi|o, ttooi|o, ttooi|o, capable of examining into
ttq, ttq, ttq, ttq, six years old
tti tti tti tti even from
ttuiotooi ttuiotooi ttuiotooi ttuiotooi to guard carefully against
ttuopio ttuopio ttuopio ttuopio to make light
ttutvio ttutvio ttutvio ttutvio to propitiate
ttuptoi, ttuptoi, ttuptoi, ttuptoi, a searching out, search
ttuptto, ttuptto, ttuptto, ttuptto, to be discovered
ttupqo ttupqo ttupqo ttupqo a thing found out, an invention
ttupio|o ttupio|o ttupio|o ttupio|o to find out, discover
ttutiio ttutiio ttutiio ttutiio to disparage greatly
Page 219
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttuptio ttuptio ttuptio ttuptio to make quite ready
ttu_ooi ttu_ooi ttu_ooi ttu_ooi to boast aloud, proclaim
ttiqi ttiqi ttiqi ttiqi to enjoin, command
tt_o tt_o tt_o tt_o to stand out
tto tto tto tto to boil thoroughly
tqo, tqo, tqo, tqo, past one's youth
tqytooi tqytooi tqytooi tqytooi to be leader of
tqyqoi, tqyqoi, tqyqoi, tqyqoi, a statement, narrative
tqyqq, tqyqq, tqyqq, tqyqq, one who leads on, an adviser
tqyqi|o, tqyqi|o, tqyqi|o, tqyqi|o, of
tq|ovotq, tq|ovotq, tq|ovotq, tq|ovotq, sixty years old
tq|ovo tq|ovo tq|ovo tq|ovo sixty
tq|ovooiovio tq|ovooiovio tq|ovooiovio tq|ovooiovio a company contributing a sum of
tq|ooo, tq|ooo, tq|ooo, tq|ooo, sixtieth
tq|o tq|o tq|o tq|o to have reached
tqioo, tqioo, tqioo, tqioo, beaten out
tqiuoi, tqiuoi, tqiuoi, tqiuoi, a way out, outlet
tqop tqop tqop tqop for six days, six days long
tqtpoo tqtpoo tqtpoo tqtpoo to tame
tqtpooi, tqtpooi, tqtpooi, tqtpooi, a reclaiming, humanising
tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, serving for change
tqpto, tqpto, tqpto, tqpto, of six banks of oars
tqpq, tqpq, tqpq, tqpq, with six banks of oars
tq, tq, tq, tq, one after another, in order, in a row
tq_to tq_to tq_to tq_to to sound forth
tioooi tioooi tioooi tioooi to cure thoroughly
tiioooi tiioooi tiioooi tiioooi to appropriate
tiio tiio tiio tiio to exsude
tipuo tipuo tipuo tipuo to make to sit down
tiqi tiqi tiqi tiqi to send out, let
tiuvo tiuvo tiuvo tiuvo to make straight
ti|ttuo ti|ttuo ti|ttuo ti|ttuo to intreat earnestly
ti|vtooi ti|vtooi ti|vtooi ti|vtooi to reach, arrive at
tiioo|ooi tiioo|ooi tiioo|ooi tiioo|ooi to propitiate
tioooi tioooi tioooi tioooi to ride out
ti, ti, ti, ti, a having, possession
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to make equal
tioqi tioqi tioqi tioqi to put out of its place, to change
tioopto tioopto tioopto tioopto to search out, inquire into
tio_uo tio_uo tio_uo tio_uo to have strength enough, to be quite able
tio_o tio_o tio_o tio_o to put forth
tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, equalisation
tiooto, tiooto, tiooto, tiooto, one must make equal
tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, going out, losing colour, fading, evanescent
tiqto, tiqto, tiqto, tiqto, one must go forth
tio, tio, tio, tio, to be come out of
Page 220
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti_vtuto, ti_vtuto, ti_vtuto, ti_vtuto, one must trace out
ti_vtuo ti_vtuo ti_vtuo ti_vtuo to trace out
ti_voo|oto ti_voo|oto ti_voo|oto ti_voo|oto to seek by tracking
ttivo, ttivo, ttivo, ttivo, of, holding six medimni
toy|oo toy|oo toy|oo toy|oo to make to swell
toy|oo toy|oo toy|oo toy|oo anything swollen
tooo tooo tooo tooo to sell
toio, toio, toio, toio, of
tooiopto tooiopto tooiopto tooiopto to get out of
too, too, too, too, a going out
too, too, too, too, promoting the passage
touvoo touvoo touvoo touvoo to pain greatly
too too too too to smell
toio toio toio toio to know thoroughly, know well
toito toito toito toito to swell
toi|to toi|to toi|to toi|to to emigrate
toi|qoio, toi|qoio, toi|qoio, toi|qoio, habitable, inhabited
toi|io toi|io toi|io toi|io to remove
toi|ooto toi|ooto toi|ooto toi|ooto to build completely, finish a building
toioo toioo toioo toioo to wail aloud
toivoooi toivoooi toivoooi toivoooi to be drunk
toioto, toioto, toioto, toioto, to be brought out
toiopoo toiopoo toiopoo toiopoo to make wild, madden
toi_vto toi_vto toi_vto toi_vto to go out
toi_ooi toi_ooi toi_ooi toi_ooi to have gone out, to be quite gone
toioviooi toioviooi toioviooi toioviooi to avoid as ill-omened
to|tiio to|tiio to|tiio to|tiio to run aground
toiioovo toiioovo toiioovo toiioovo to glide off, slip away
toiiui toiiui toiiui toiiui to destroy utterly
toioptuo toioptuo toioptuo toioptuo to destroy utterly
toioiuo toioiuo toioiuo toioiuo to howl aloud
tooiio tooiio tooiio tooiio to smooth away
toqptuoi, toqptuoi, toqptuoi, toqptuoi, a demand of hostages
toqptuooi toqptuooi toqptuooi toqptuooi to take as hostages
toiito toiito toiito toiito to have intercourse, live with
toiio, toiio, toiio, toiio, out of one's own society, alien
toooo toooo toooo toooo to open the eyes of
tovui tovui tovui tovui to swear in excuse
tooioo tooioo tooioo tooioo to make quite like, to assimilate
tooiooi, tooiooi, tooiooi, tooiooi, a becoming like
tooioytooi tooioytooi tooioytooi tooioytooi to confess in full
toopyvui toopyvui toopyvui toopyvui to wipe off from
tovtiio tovtiio tovtiio tovtiio to cast in one's teeth
tovooo tovooo tovooo tovooo to utter aloud, announce
tovooivo tovooivo tovooivo tovooivo to name, speak of by name
tovoo|iqqv tovoo|iqqv tovoo|iqqv tovoo|iqqv by name, calling by name
Page 221
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toitv toitv toitv toitv behind, in rear
toioo toioo toioo toioo backwards, back again
toiio toiio toiio toiio to arm completely, accoutre
toiioio toiioio toiioio toiioio a being under arms
toiioi, toiioi, toiioi, toiioi, a getting under arms
tooo tooo tooo tooo to bake thoroughly
topoo topoo topoo topoo to see from afar
topyio topyio topyio topyio to enrage
topioo topioo topioo topioo to lift up
topoo topoo topoo topoo to set upright
topio topio topio topio to send beyond the frontier, banish
topivo topivo topivo topivo to exasperate
topioo, topioo, topioo, topioo, expelled, banished
top|io top|io top|io top|io to adjure
top|ioq, top|ioq, top|ioq, top|ioq, an exorcist
top|oo top|oo top|oo top|oo to swear
top|ooi, top|ooi, top|ooi, top|ooi, a binding by oath
topoo topoo topoo topoo to send forth, send to war
topto topto topto topto to be out of harbour, run out
topio topio topio topio to bring out of harbour
topo, topo, topo, topo, sailing from a harbour
topouo topouo topouo topouo to leap forth
topuooo topuooo topuooo topuooo to dig out
top_tooi top_tooi top_tooi top_tooi to dance away, hop off
tooioo tooioo tooioo tooioo to dedicate, devote
toopo|io toopo|io toopo|io toopo|io to banish by ostracism
toopo|ioo, toopo|ioo, toopo|ioo, toopo|ioo, banishment by ostracism
tot tot tot tot from the time when
topuvo topuvo topuvo topuvo to stir up, urge on, excite
toutvoo toutvoo toutvoo toutvoo to set at naught
touiq, touiq, touiq, touiq, an action against exclusion
touoio touoio touoio touoio power
touoioo touoioo touoioo touoioo to exercise over
totiio totiio totiio totiio to increase exceedingly
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, with prominent eyes
to_q to_q to_q to_q prominence
to_o, to_o, to_o, to_o, standing out
to_upoo to_upoo to_upoo to_upoo to fortify strongly
tupio tupio tupio tupio to break out into insolence, to run riot, wax wanton
tuovioqi tuovioqi tuovioqi tuovioqi started up from under
tutitiv tutitiv tutitiv tutitiv to advise
t t t t six
tutpt tutpt tutpt tutpt from above
tuqptto tuqptto tuqptto tuqptto to assist to the utmost
tuvio tuvio tuvio tuvio to awaken from sleep
tuvo, tuvo, tuvo, tuvo, awakened out of sleep
Page 222
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuioo tuioo tuioo tuioo to turn upside down
tuoivo tuoivo tuoivo tuoivo to finish weaving
tuooo tuooo tuooo tuooo a finished web
tuqytooi tuqytooi tuqytooi tuqytooi to lead the way
totv totv totv totv from without
toto toto toto toto to thrust out, force out, wrench out
toitio toitio toitio toitio utter destruction
toiq, toiq, toiq, toiq, utterly destroyed
toio, toio, toio, toio, one with arms bare to the shoulder
toiooiio toiooiio toiooiio toiooiio the making of an
toi, toi, toi, toi, a man's vest without sleeves
toooio toooio toooio toooio denial on oath that one knows anything
tovtooi tovtooi tovtooi tovtooi to buy off, redeem
toio, toio, toio, toio, out of sight of
topioo topioo topioo topioo to leave out of thought
to to to to out
topo, topo, topo, topo, untimely, out of season, unfitting
tooq, tooq, tooq, tooq, one who drives out
tooo tooo tooo tooo outermost
totpo, totpo, totpo, totpo, outer, utter
totpo totpo totpo totpo more outside
toi|o toi|o toi|o toi|o to be like
toi|oo, toi|oo, toi|oo, toi|oo, similarly, like
topoo topoo topoo topoo to keep festival
topooio, topooio, topooio, topooio, of
topq topq topq topq a feast
to, to, to, to, his, her own
toyoiiooi toyoiiooi toyoiiooi toyoiiooi to glory in, exult in
toyovo|to toyovo|to toyovo|to toyovo|to to be indignant at
toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio a public denunciation
toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio toyytiio to tell, proclaim, announce
toyytio toyytio toyytio toyytio a promise, profession
toytipo toytipo toytipo toytipo to gather together, collect
toytpoi, toytpoi, toytpoi, toytpoi, a mustering
toyivto toyivto toyivto toyivto to bring to
toyioio toyioio toyioio toyioio to honour still more
toyvui toyvui toyvui toyvui to break
toypuvto toypuvto toypuvto toypuvto to keep awake and brood over
toyo toyo toyo toyo to bring on
toyoyq toyoyq toyoyq toyoyq a bringing in, supplying
toyoyio, toyoyio, toyoyio, toyoyio, imported
toyoyo, toyoyo, toyoyo, toyoyo, attractive, tempting, alluring, seductive
toyoviooi toyoviooi toyoviooi toyoviooi to contend with
toyovio, toyovio, toyovio, toyovio, helping in the contest
totio totio totio totio to sing to
toto toto toto toto to make to grow
Page 223
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toiov toiov toiov toiov the prize of a contest
topoiooi topoiooi topoiooi topoiooi to assemble besides
toioo toioo toioo toioo to cry
toiyioiii, toiyioiii, toiyioiii, toiyioiii, on the beach
toiyio toiyio toiyio toiyio to rush furiously upon
toitooi toitooi toitooi toitooi to be ashamed
toio toio toio toio to kindle, set on fire
toivtoi, toivtoi, toivtoi, toivtoi, praise
toivtto, toivtto, toivtto, toivtto, one must praise
toivtq, toivtq, toivtq, toivtq, a commender, admirer
toivto, toivto, toivto, toivto, to be praised, laudable
toivto toivto toivto toivto to approve, applaud, commend
toivo, toivo, toivo, toivo, approval, praise, commendation
toivo, toivo, toivo, toivo, dread
toipo toipo toipo toipo to lift up and set on
toioovooi toioovooi toioovooi toioovooi to have a perception
toiooo toiooo toiooo toiooo to rush at
toioo, toioo, toioo, toioo, heard of, detected
toio_uvooi toio_uvooi toio_uvooi toio_uvooi to be ashamed at
toito toito toito toito to ask besides
toiioooi toiioooi toiioooi toiioooi to bring a charge against, accuse
toiio, toiio, toiio, toiio, blamed for
toio toio toio toio to give ear to
toiopto toiopto toiopto toiopto to keep hovering over, keep in suspense
to|oo to|oo to|oo to|oo to come to its bloom
to|oiouto to|oiouto to|oiouto to|oiouto to follow close upon, follow after
to|oiouqo to|oiouqo to|oiouqo to|oiouqo a consequence
to|ouo, to|ouo, to|ouo, to|ouo, attentive to
to|ouo to|ouo to|ouo to|ouo to listen
to|pio to|pio to|pio to|pio to reach the top of
to|to, to|to, to|to, to|to, one must apply
to|qp to|qp to|qp to|qp a hunter
to|io, to|io, to|io, to|io, on the shore
to|o, to|o, to|o, to|o, brought in, imported
to|pi, to|pi, to|pi, to|pi, a light vessel, skiff
to|po|tiq, to|po|tiq, to|po|tiq, to|po|tiq, a light piratical skiff
toioioo toioioo toioioo toioioo to raise the war-cry
toioooi toioooi toioooi toioooi to wander about
toiooto toiooto toiooto toiooto to be full of wrath at
toiyto toiyto toiyto toiyto to grieve over
toitio toitio toitio toitio to smear over, plaster up
toito toito toito toito to defend, aid, help
toiqtuo toiqtuo toiqtuo toiqtuo to prove true, verify
toiq, toiq, toiq, toiq, open to the sun, sunny
toi|q, toi|q, toi|q, toi|q, strong
toiioyq toiioyq toiioyq toiioyq an interchange
Page 224
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toiioooo toiioooo toiioooo toiioooo to interchange
toiiqio, toiiqio, toiiqio, toiiqio, one after another
toii, toii, toii, toii, a means of defence
tootuo tootuo tootuo tootuo to traverse with cars
tooooi tooooi tooooi tooooi to scrape together for oneself
tooqp tooqp tooqp tooqp one who mounts upon, an assailant
totio totio totio totio to exchange, barter
tooioi, tooioi, tooioi, tooioi, interchangeably
tooiio, tooiio, tooiio, tooiio, in exchange
tot_o tot_o tot_o tot_o to put on over
touvop touvop touvop touvop a helper, defender
touvo touvo touvo touvo to come to aid, defend, assist
tootpio tootpio tootpio tootpio to admit a double sense
tovoiqov tovoiqov tovoiqov tovoiqov thrown over
tovoooo tovoooo tovoooo tovoooo to cry out
tovoy|oo tovoy|oo tovoy|oo tovoy|oo to compel by force, constrain
tovoy|q, tovoy|q, tovoy|q, tovoy|q, it is necessary
tovoyoptuo tovoyoptuo tovoyoptuo tovoyoptuo to proclaim publicly
tovoyo tovoyo tovoyo tovoyo to bring up: to stir up, excite
tovotoooi tovotoooi tovotoooi tovotoooi to contemplate again
tovoiptooi tovoiptooi tovoiptooi tovoiptooi to take upon one, enter into
tovoipo tovoipo tovoipo tovoipo to lift up
tovo|oito tovo|oito tovo|oito tovo|oito to invoke besides
tovo|tioi tovo|tioi tovo|tioi tovo|tioi to be imposed upon
tovo|ioyyovo tovo|ioyyovo tovo|ioyyovo tovo|ioyyovo to give tongue again and again
tovo|uo tovo|uo tovo|uo tovo|uo to have an upward tendency
tovoioovo tovoioovo tovoioovo tovoioovo to take up again, resume, repeat
tovoiio|o tovoiio|o tovoiio|o tovoiio|o to consume still more
tovotvo tovotvo tovotvo tovotvo to wait longer
tovoivqo|o tovoivqo|o tovoivqo|o tovoivqo|o to remind
tovovtoooi tovovtoooi tovovtoooi tovovtoooi to renew, revive
tovoouooi tovoouooi tovoouooi tovoouooi to rest upon, depend upon
tovoqoo tovoqoo tovoqoo tovoqoo to leap upon
tovoito tovoito tovoito tovoito to put to sea against
tovoppqyvui tovoppqyvui tovoppqyvui tovoppqyvui to tear open again
tovoppio tovoppio tovoppio tovoppio to throw up in the air
tovootioi, tovootioi, tovootioi, tovootioi, a brandishing against
tovootio tovootio tovootio tovootio to lift up and shake.
tovoo|oto tovoo|oto tovoo|oto tovoo|oto to consider yet again
tovooooi, tovooooi, tovooooi, tovooooi, a rising up against, an insurrection
tovoopto tovoopto tovoopto tovoopto to turn back upon
tovotivo tovotivo tovotivo tovotivo to stretch out and hold up
tovotiio tovotiio tovotiio tovotiio to lift up, raise
tovoiqi tovoiqi tovoiqi tovoiqi to lay upon
tovopt_o tovopt_o tovopt_o tovopt_o to recur
tovotpo tovotpo tovotpo tovotpo to throw back upon, ascribe, refer
Page 225
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tovo_opto tovo_opto tovo_opto tovo_opto to go back again, to retreat, return
tovo_opqoi, tovo_opqoi, tovo_opqoi, tovo_opqoi, a return
toviioo toviioo toviioo toviioo to reiterate questions
tovtii tovtii tovtii tovtii to go back, return
tovtiov tovtiov tovtiov tovtiov to offer by public proclamation
tovtpooi tovtpooi tovtpooi tovtpooi to question again and again
tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi tovtp_ooi to go back, return
tovtpooo tovtpooo tovtpooo tovtpooo to question again
tovt_o tovt_o tovt_o tovt_o to hold up, support
tovq|o tovq|o tovq|o tovq|o to have come back, to return
tovqioyto tovqioyto tovqioyto tovqioyto to recount, recapitulate
tovto tovto tovto tovto to bloom, be in flower
tovio tovio tovio tovio to deck as with flowers, to make bright-coloured
tovoio|to tovoio|to tovoio|to tovoio|to to plait of
tovpo|it, tovpo|it, tovpo|it, tovpo|it, small fish for frying, small fry
toviqi toviqi toviqi toviqi to let loose at
toviooo toviooo toviooo toviooo to make quite equal, to balance evenly, equalise
tovioqi tovioqi tovioqi tovioqi to set up again
tovito, tovito, tovito, tovito, one must return
tovoo, tovoo, tovoo, tovoo, a rising up
tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo to set up again, restore
tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo tovopoo a correction
tovopooi, tovopooi, tovopooi, tovopooi, a correcting, revisal
tovooivo tovooivo tovooivo tovooivo to get up on, mount
tovooiio tovooiio tovooiio tovooiio to throw back over
tovoioo tovoioo tovoioo tovoioo to make to mount upon
tovq, tovq, tovq, tovq, steep
tovioo tovioo tovioo tovioo to fall in with
tovito tovito tovito tovito to pump over
tovuo tovuo tovuo tovuo to complete, accomplish
tovotv tovotv tovotv tovotv from above, above
tovo tovo tovo tovo above, atop, on the upper side
toio, toio, toio, toio, worthy, deserving of
toioo toioo toioo toioo to think right, deem right
toovio, toovio, toovio, toovio, upon an axle
totiito totiito totiito totiito to hold out as a threat to
toouooi toouooi toouooi toouooi to strip and set upon
toovqo|o toovqo|o toovqo|o toovqo|o to die after
tooviyo tooviyo tooviyo tooviyo to choke besides
topo topo topo topo an imprecation
topoooi topoooi topoooi topoooi to imprecate curses upon
topopio|o topopio|o topopio|o topopio|o to fit to
topoooo topoooo topoooo topoooo to dash to
topoo, topoo, topoo, topoo, accursed, laid under a curse
topyto, topyto, topyto, topyto, having a film over the eye
topyupo, topyupo, topyupo, topyupo, overlaid with silver
Page 226
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
topo topo topo topo to irrigate, refresh
topqyo topqyo topqyo topqyo to come to aid, help
topiotpo, topiotpo, topiotpo, topiotpo, towards the left, on the left hand
top|toi, top|toi, top|toi, top|toi, aid, succour
top|to top|to top|to top|to to ward off
top|io, top|io, top|io, top|io, sufficient
top|ouvo, top|ouvo, top|ouvo, top|ouvo, sufficiently
topoupo, topoupo, topoupo, topoupo, attached to the soil
topoo topoo topoo topoo to hang on
topq, topq, topq, topq, ready for work, equipt
topuo topuo topuo topuo to fit on
top_io top_io top_io top_io the government of a province
top_i|o, top_i|o, top_i|o, top_i|o, provincial
top_o, top_o, top_o, top_o, a commander
top_o top_o top_o top_o to be governor of
topoyq topoyq topoyq topoyq help, aid
topoyo, topoyo, topoyo, topoyo, a helper, aider
too|to too|to too|to too|to to labour
toooutpo, toooutpo, toooutpo, toooutpo, one upon another, one after another
toooutpopiq, toooutpopiq, toooutpopiq, toooutpopiq, following close one upon another
tooto, tooto, tooto, tooto, one must enchant
toopoo toopoo toopoo toopoo to lighten upon
touyoooi touyoooi touyoooi touyoooi to look at by the light
touoooi touoooi touoooi touoooi to call upon, invoke
touito touito touito touito to accompany on the flute
touiiooi touiiooi touiiooi touiiooi to encamp on the field
touii, touii, touii, touii, a fold
touio, touio, touio, touio, a fold for
touovo touovo touovo touovo to increase, enlarge, augment
touqoi, touqoi, touqoi, touqoi, increase, increment
touptoi, touptoi, touptoi, touptoi, fruition
touto touto touto touto to creak besides
toupto toupto toupto toupto to partake of, share
tou_tvio, tou_tvio, tou_tvio, tou_tvio, on
tou_to tou_to tou_to tou_to to exult in
touo touo touo touo to shout over
toouoivooi toouoivooi toouoivooi toouoivooi to be withered
tooo tooo tooo tooo to touch on the surface, stroke
toq toq toq toq touch, touching, handling
toiqi toiqi toiqi toiqi to discharge at
topio topio topio topio to foam up
topoio, topoio, topoio, topoio, lovely, charming
touooo touooo touooo touooo to pour over
to_q, to_q, to_q, to_q, heavy, ponderous
to_ooi to_ooi to_ooi to_ooi to be annoyed at
to_viio, to_viio, to_viio, to_viio, lying like dust upon
Page 227
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttyytioo ttyytioo ttyytioo ttyytioo to laugh at, exult over
ttytipo ttytipo ttytipo ttytipo to awaken, rouse up
tty|oo tty|oo tty|oo tty|oo to snap up besides
tty|tituo tty|tituo tty|tituo tty|tituo to give an order to
tty_to tty_to tty_to tty_to to pour in besides
t t t t woe! woe!
t t t t sui.
ttiyo ttiyo ttiyo ttiyo to press down, weigh down
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov whenever.
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov to look upon, behold
ttiq ttiq ttiq ttiq since in truth
tti|oo tti|oo tti|oo tti|oo to make like
ttii ttii ttii ttii to be upon
ttii ttii ttii ttii to come upon
ttii, ttii, ttii, ttii, haste, hurry
tti tti tti tti after that, after (postquam), since, when (quum)
ttitp ttitp ttitp ttitp seeing that
ttiov ttiov ttiov ttiov to say besides
ttiooyo ttiooyo ttiooyo ttiooyo to bring in besides, to bring in
ttiooyoyq ttiooyoyq ttiooyoyq ttiooyoyq a bringing in besides, a means of bringing
ttiooyoyio, ttiooyoyio, ttiooyoyio, ttiooyoyio, brought in besides
ttioo|o, ttioo|o, ttioo|o, ttioo|o, brought in besides: brought in from abroad, imported, alien, foreign
ttiooivo ttiooivo ttiooivo ttiooivo to go into upon
ttiooiio ttiooiio ttiooiio ttiooiio to throw into besides
ttiooq, ttiooq, ttiooq, ttiooq, an additional passenger, supernumerary on board
ttiotii ttiotii ttiotii ttiotii to come in
ttiotp_ooi ttiotp_ooi ttiotp_ooi ttiotp_ooi to come in besides
ttio|u|ito ttio|u|ito ttio|u|ito ttio|u|ito to roll
ttio|ooo ttio|ooo ttio|ooo ttio|ooo to rush in like revellers
ttiooio, ttiooio, ttiooio, ttiooio, coming in besides, adventitious
ttiooo, ttiooo, ttiooo, ttiooo, a coming in besides, entrance
ttiooio ttiooio ttiooio ttiooio to burst in
ttioqoo ttioqoo ttioqoo ttioqoo to leap in upon
ttioio ttioio ttioio ttioio to fall in upon
ttioito ttioito ttioito ttioito to sail in after
ttiopto ttiopto ttiopto ttiopto to flow in upon
ttiotpo ttiotpo ttiotpo ttiotpo to bring in besides
ttiopto ttiopto ttiopto ttiopto to introduce besides
ttio ttio ttio ttio thereupon
tt|oivo tt|oivo tt|oivo tt|oivo to go out upon, disembark
tt|oqto tt|oqto tt|oqto tt|oqto to rush out to aid
tt|ioo|o tt|ioo|o tt|ioo|o tt|ioo|o to teach
tt|iqytooi tt|iqytooi tt|iqytooi tt|iqytooi to explain besides
tt|poq tt|poq tt|poq tt|poq an excursion, expedition
tt|tivo tt|tivo tt|tivo tt|tivo on yonder side, beyond
tt|ivo tt|ivo tt|ivo tt|ivo to drink off after
Page 228
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tt|ioo, tt|ioo, tt|ioo, tt|ioo, a sailing out against, an attack by sea
tt|tivo tt|tivo tt|tivo tt|tivo to extend
tt|pt_o tt|pt_o tt|pt_o tt|pt_o to sally out upon
tt|tpo tt|tpo tt|tpo tt|tpo to carry out far
tt|_opto tt|_opto tt|_opto tt|_opto to advance next
ttiooi, ttiooi, ttiooi, ttiooi, a charge
ttiouvo ttiouvo ttiouvo ttiouvo to drive upon
ttiio ttiio ttiio ttiio to buoy up with hope, to cheat with false hopes
ttiooi ttiooi ttiooi ttiooi to have hopes of, to hope that . .
ttoov ttoov ttoov ttoov step upon step, ascending
ttoivo ttoivo ttoivo ttoivo to step
ttoiio ttoiio ttoiio ttoiio to put on
ttoq, ttoq, ttoq, ttoq, one mounted
ttqoo ttqoo ttqoo ttqoo to trample upon
ttio ttio ttio ttio to fall upon besides, attack furiously
ttvopio ttvopio ttvopio ttvopio to kill
ttvioi ttvioi ttvioi ttvioi to give over and above
ttvuo ttvuo ttvuo ttvuo an upper garment
ttvuvo ttvuvo ttvuvo ttvuvo to put on
ttvpoo|o ttvpoo|o ttvpoo|o ttvpoo|o to leap upon
ttvovuo ttvovuo ttvovuo ttvovuo to make fast
ttvtivo ttvtivo ttvtivo ttvtivo to stretch tight upon
ttvtiio ttvtiio ttvtiio ttvtiio to command besides
ttvuvo ttvuvo ttvuvo ttvuvo to set right, get ready
ttoyo ttoyo ttoyo ttoyo to lead out
ttoyoyq ttoyoyq ttoyoyq ttoyoyq extension of a line of battle
ttoopovo ttoopovo ttoopovo ttoopovo to err yet more, one must err yet more
tttii tttii tttii tttii to go out against
tttiouvo tttiouvo tttiouvo tttiouvo to send on to the attack
tttpyoooi tttpyoooi tttpyoooi tttpyoooi to effect besides
tttp_ooi tttp_ooi tttp_ooi tttp_ooi to go out against, make a sally against
tttooi, tttooi, tttooi, tttooi, a fresh review
tttupio|o tttupio|o tttupio|o tttupio|o to invent besides
ttqytooi ttqytooi ttqytooi ttqytooi to recount in detail
ttio|_oo ttio|_oo ttio|_oo ttio|_oo to shout in triumph over
ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, of a march
ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, ttoo, a march out against
ttoi|t ttoi|t ttoi|t ttoi|t to be like, to suit
ttpooo, ttpooo, ttpooo, ttpooo, lovely, amiable
ttpyoooi ttpyoooi ttpyoooi ttpyoooi to cultivate besides, encroach upon
ttpyooio ttpyooio ttpyooio ttpyooio cultivation of another's land, encroachment upon
ttptio ttptio ttptio ttptio to stimulate, urge on
ttptio ttptio ttptio ttptio to drive against, drive home
ttpto ttpto ttpto ttpto to put a cover upon, deck
ttpooi ttpooi ttpooi ttpooi to ask besides
ttpuo ttpuo ttpuo ttpuo to pull to
Page 229
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttp_ooi ttp_ooi ttp_ooi ttp_ooi to come upon, come near, come suddenly upon
ttpooo ttpooo ttpooo ttpooo to inquire of, question, consult
ttpoqo ttpoqo ttpoqo ttpoqo a question
ttpoqoi, ttpoqoi, ttpoqoi, ttpoqoi, a questioning, consulting
ttooiio ttooiio ttooiio ttooiio hasty speech, scurrility
ttooio, ttooio, ttooio, ttooio, throwing words about, rash-talking, abusive, scurrilous
ttoio ttoio ttoio ttoio to eat after
tto_opio, tto_opio, tto_opio, tto_opio, on the hearth
tttio, tttio, tttio, tttio, annual, yearly
ttqoio, ttqoio, ttqoio, ttqoio, from year to year, yearly
ttuuvo ttuuvo ttuuvo ttuuvo to guide to
ttu|itio ttu|itio ttu|itio ttu|itio to make illustrious
ttuqto ttuqto ttuqto ttuqto to shout assent
ttu_ooi ttu_ooi ttu_ooi ttu_ooi to pray
ttuovio ttuovio ttuovio ttuovio to lower the price of
tt_o tt_o tt_o tt_o to have
tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, having achieved
tqy|tvit, tqy|tvit, tqy|tvit, tqy|tvit, the long side-planks bolted to
tqyoptuo tqyoptuo tqyoptuo tqyoptuo to state objections against
tqtovo, tqtovo, tqtovo, tqtovo, abundant, ample, sufficient
tq|oo, tq|oo, tq|oo, tq|oo, listening
tqiuyoo tqiuyoo tqiuyoo tqiuyoo to overshadow
tqiu tqiu tqiu tqiu overshadowing, sheltering
tqiuoiq tqiuoiq tqiuoiq tqiuoiq a coming over one
tqiuoi, tqiuoi, tqiuoi, tqiuoi, an approach, assault
tqiu, tqiu, tqiu, tqiu, one who comes to
tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, alternating, crossing
tquo tquo tquo tquo to bend
tqovio, tqovio, tqovio, tqovio, on the beach
tquo tquo tquo tquo to shout in applause
tqpoo, tqpoo, tqpoo, tqpoo, lovely, charming
tqptoo tqptoo tqptoo tqptoo to threaten abusively
tqptio tqptio tqptio tqptio despiteful treatment, spiteful abuse
tqpto, tqpto, tqpto, tqpto, at the oar
tqptq, tqptq, tqptq, tqptq, overhanging, beetling
tqq, tqq, tqq, tqq, affable, gentle
tqpio, tqpio, tqpio, tqpio, woven upon, closely woven
tqu, tqu, tqu, tqu, courtesy, kindness
tq_to tq_to tq_to tq_to to resound, re-echo
tiopo tiopo tiopo tiopo a ladder
tiopov tiopov tiopov tiopov a passenger's fare
tioivo tioivo tioivo tioivo to go upon
tioiio tioiio tioiio tioiio to throw
tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, a stepping upon, approaching: a means of approach, access
tioo|o tioo|o tioo|o tioo|o to lead
tioooo tioooo tioooo tioooo to weigh in the hand
Page 230
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to set one foot upon
tioq, tioq, tioq, tioq, one who mounts
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, that can be climbed, accessible
tiqooo tiqooo tiqooo tiqooo to cough after
tiqop tiqop tiqop tiqop one who mounts
tiioo tiioo tiioo tiioo to put
tiioo tiioo tiioo tiioo to live over
tiito tiito tiito tiito to look upon, look attentively
tiiti, tiiti, tiiti, tiiti, a looking at, gazing
tiiqo tiiqo tiiqo tiiqo that which is thrown over, tapestry, hangings
tiiq, tiiq, tiiq, tiiq, a bar fitting into
tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo to well
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to call upon
tioqtio tioqtio tioqtio tioqtio a coming to aid, succour
tioqto tioqto tioqto tioqto to come to aid, to succour
tioqo tioqo tioqo tioqo a call
tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, cried out against, ill spoken of
tioiq tioiq tioiq tioiq a throwing
tioto tioto tioto tioto to roar in answer to
tioo|ooi tioo|ooi tioo|ooi tioo|ooi to graze
tiou|oio, tiou|oio, tiou|oio, tiou|oio, an over-herdsman
tiouituo tiouituo tiouituo tiouituo a plot, attempt, scheme
tiouituq, tiouituq, tiouituq, tiouituq, one who plots against
tiouituo tiouituo tiouituo tiouituo to plan
tiouiq tiouiq tiouiq tiouiq a plan against
tiouio, tiouio, tiouio, tiouio, plotting against
tipto tipto tipto tipto to make to roar
tipiq, tipiq, tipiq, tipiq, falling heavy upon
tipio tipio tipio tipio to fall heavy upon, fall heavily
tipovoo tipovoo tipovoo tipovoo to thunder in response
tipovqo, tipovqo, tipovqo, tipovqo, frantic
tipu|o tipu|o tipu|o tipu|o to gnash
tipuo tipuo tipuo tipuo to burst forth
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to stop up
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, on
tioioooto tioioooto tioioooto tioioooto to stand suppliant at the altar
tioopto tioopto tioopto tioopto to shout to, call upon
tioop tioop tioop tioop an over-shepherd
tiyoio, tiyoio, tiyoio, tiyoio, upon the earth
tiyoptuo tiyoptuo tiyoptuo tiyoptuo to marry as the next of kin
tiyoto tiyoto tiyoto tiyoto to marry besides
tiyoio tiyoio tiyoio tiyoio intermarriage
tiyoo, tiyoo, tiyoo, tiyoo, marriageable
tiyoupoooi tiyoupoooi tiyoupoooi tiyoupoooi to exult in
tiyouto tiyouto tiyouto tiyouto to shout in applause
tiytio, tiytio, tiytio, tiytio, terrestrial
Page 231
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiytioo tiytioo tiytioo tiytioo to laugh approvingly
tiytpoipo tiytpoipo tiytpoipo tiytpoipo to give honour to
tiyqto tiyqto tiyqto tiyqto to rejoice
tiyiyvooi tiyiyvooi tiyiyvooi tiyiyvooi to be born after, come into being after
tiyiyvoo|o tiyiyvoo|o tiyiyvoo|o tiyiyvoo|o to look upon, witness, observe
tiyiooooooi tiyiooooooi tiyiooooooi tiyiooooooi to throw forth ill language, utter abuse
tiyvoo, tiyvoo, tiyvoo, tiyvoo, curved, twisted
tiyvoo tiyvoo tiyvoo tiyvoo to bend towards
tiyvoo tiyvoo tiyvoo tiyvoo to clean
tiyvoov tiyvoov tiyvoov tiyvoov an arbiter, umpire, judge
tiyvopio tiyvopio tiyvopio tiyvopio to make known, announce
tiyvooi, tiyvooi, tiyvooi, tiyvooi, full knowledge
tiyovq tiyovq tiyovq tiyovq increase, growth, produce
tiyovo, tiyovo, tiyovo, tiyovo, born besides
tiyouvi, tiyouvi, tiyouvi, tiyouvi, the part above the knee, the great muscle of the thigh
tiypoqv tiypoqv tiypoqv tiypoqv scraping the surface, grazing
tiypoo tiypoo tiypoo tiypoo an inscription
tiypoq tiypoq tiypoq tiypoq an inscription
tiypoo tiypoo tiypoo tiypoo to mark the surface, just pierce, graze
tiypuo, tiypuo, tiypuo, tiypuo, somewhat hooked
tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi to kindle at
tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi to distribute
tio|puo tio|puo tio|puo tio|puo to weep over
tiovooi tiovooi tiovooi tiovooi to subdue
tiovtio tiovtio tiovtio tiovtio to lend money on property already mortgaged
tioiituooi tioiituooi tioiituooi tioiituooi to lavish upon
titq, titq, titq, titq, in want of
titiyo titiyo titiyo titiyo a specimen, pattern
tititio, tititio, tititio, tititio, at even, about evening
titi|vui titi|vui titi|vui titi|vui to exhibit as a specimen
titi|to, titi|to, titi|to, titi|to, one must display
titi|i|o, titi|i|o, titi|i|o, titi|i|o, fit for displaying
titii, titii, titii, titii, a shewing forth, making known
titivto titivto titivto titivto to eat at second course, eat as a dainty
tit|oo, tit|oo, tit|oo, tit|oo, one in ten
titvio, titvio, titvio, titvio, on the bed
titio, titio, titio, titio, towards the right
titioq, titioq, titioq, titioq, dexterity, cleverness
titp|ooi titp|ooi titp|ooi titp|ooi to look upon, behold
titotuo titotuo titotuo titotuo to bind up
titoo, titoo, titoo, titoo, an upper
titooo titooo titooo titooo to be lord over
tituq, tituq, tituq, tituq, in need
tituooi tituooi tituooi tituooi to be in want of, to lack
tituo tituo tituo tituo to moisten
tit_ooi tit_ooi tit_ooi tit_ooi to admit besides
Page 232
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tito tito tito tito to bind
tito tito tito tito to want
tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, seen clearly, manifest
tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo to live among the people, live in the throng
tiqto tiqto tiqto tiqto to be at home, live at home
tiqio tiqio tiqio tiqio a stay in a place
tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, among the people
tiqo, tiqo, tiqo, tiqo, popular, current
tiiooivo tiiooivo tiiooivo tiiooivo to cross over after
tiioyiyvoo|o tiioyiyvoo|o tiioyiyvoo|o tiioyiyvoo|o to consider anew
tiioipto tiioipto tiioipto tiioipto to divide anew
tiio|pivo tiio|pivo tiio|pivo tiio|pivo to decide as umpire
tiioppqyvuoi tiioppqyvuoi tiioppqyvuoi tiioppqyvuoi to burst at
tiiooooooi tiiooooooi tiiooooooi tiiooooooi to add an order
tiioitoi tiioitoi tiioitoi tiioitoi to deposit as security
tiiotpooi tiiotpooi tiiotpooi tiiotpooi to go across after
tiioo|o tiioo|o tiioo|o tiioo|o to teach besides
tiioi tiioi tiioi tiioi to give besides
tiiqoi tiiqoi tiiqoi tiiqoi to inquire besides, to go on to inquire
tii|oo tii|oo tii|oo tii|oo to adjudge property to
tii|o, tii|o, tii|o, tii|o, disputed at law:&mdash
tiivto tiivto tiivto tiivto to whirl
tiiopoooi tiiopoooi tiiopoooi tiiopoooi to set in order also
tiiioio tiiioio tiiioio tiiioio to redouble
tiipio, tiipio, tiipio, tiipio, the rail upon the car
tiipio, tiipio, tiipio, tiipio, on the car
tiio|o tiio|o tiio|o tiio|o to pursue after
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, likely
tiopio, tiopio, tiopio, tiopio, for use after dinner
tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, a giving over and above, a voluntary contribution
tiouto tiouto tiouto tiouto to make a noise
tio_q tio_q tio_q tio_q the reception of something new
tipoooooi tipoooooi tipoooooi tipoooooi to lay hold of
tipoq tipoq tipoq tipoq a sudden inroad, a raid, attack
tipoo, tipoo, tipoo, tipoo, that may be overrun
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to set upon
titi|tio titi|tio titi|tio titi|tio reasonableness, fairness, equity
titi|tio, titi|tio, titi|tio, titi|tio, like, resembling
titi|q, titi|q, titi|q, titi|q, fitting, meet, suitable
titi|o, titi|o, titi|o, titi|o, yielding
titvvui titvvui titvvui titvvui to put on besides
tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, vehement, violent
tioo tioo tioo tioo to overlive, survive
tituyvui tituyvui tituyvui tituyvui to join at top
titupo, titupo, titupo, titupo, towards the west
tito tito tito tito to boil over
Page 233
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, enviable, happy
tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, tiqio, bringing loss upon, hurtful, prejudicial
tiqioo tiqioo tiqioo tiqioo to mulct
tiqto tiqto tiqto tiqto to seek after, wish for, miss
tiovvui tiovvui tiovvui tiovvui to gird on
tiqpovo, tiqpovo, tiqpovo, tiqpovo, pleasing, acceptable
tiqpo tiqpo tiqpo tiqpo acceptable gifts
tioioio, tioioio, tioioio, tioioio, nuptial
tioioooio, tioioooio, tioioooio, tioioooio, lying
tiovoo, tiovoo, tiovoo, tiovoo, sick to death, at death's door
tiopoto tiopoto tiopoto tiopoto to put trust in
tiopouvo tiopouvo tiopouvo tiopouvo to cheer on, encourage
tiouoo tiouoo tiouoo tiouoo to pay honour to
titoo titoo titoo titoo with imprecations
titioo titioo titioo titioo to call upon in the name of the gods, to adjure, conjure
titiooo, titiooo, titiooo, titiooo, an appeal to the gods
titpotuo titpotuo titpotuo titpotuo to serve diligently, work zealously for
titoi, titoi, titoi, titoi, a laying on
titoio titoio titoio titoio to prophesy
titto, titto, titto, titto, one must impose
titi|o, titi|o, titi|o, titi|o, ready to attack
tito, tito, tito, tito, added, assumed
tito tito tito tito to run at
tiq|q tiq|q tiq|q tiq|q an addition, increase
tiqo tiqo tiqo tiqo something put on, a lid, cover
tiiyyovo tiiyyovo tiiyyovo tiiyyovo to touch on the surface, touch lightly
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to sit as a suppliant at an altar
tioputo tioputo tioputo tioputo to shout to
tipouo tipouo tipouo tipouo to break besides
tipqvto tipqvto tipqvto tipqvto to lament over
tipoo|o tipoo|o tipoo|o tipoo|o to leap upon
tiuto tiuto tiuto tiuto to set one's heart upon
tiuqo tiuqo tiuqo tiuqo an object of desire
tiuqq, tiuqq, tiuqq, tiuqq, one who longs for
tiuqi|o, tiuqi|o, tiuqi|o, tiuqi|o, desiring, coveting, lusting after
tiuioo tiuioo tiuioo tiuioo an incense-offering
tiuioo tiuioo tiuioo tiuioo to offer incense
tiuvo tiuvo tiuvo tiuvo to guide straight, direct
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to sacrifice besides
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to rush eagerly at
tiuio tiuio tiuio tiuio desire, yearning, longing
tiopo|iiov tiopo|iiov tiopo|iiov tiopo|iiov a tunic worn over the
tiopo|iooi tiopo|iooi tiopo|iooi tiopo|iooi to put on one's armour
tiouooo tiouooo tiouooo tiouooo to shout aloud, give loud commands
tiioop tiioop tiioop tiioop privy to
ti|ooipto ti|ooipto ti|ooipto ti|ooipto to pull down
Page 234
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti|otuo ti|otuo ti|otuo ti|otuo to sleep upon
ti|oqoi ti|oqoi ti|oqoi ti|oqoi to sit upon
ti|oio ti|oio ti|oio ti|oio to set upon
ti|oivoo ti|oivoo ti|oivoo ti|oivoo to innovate upon
ti|oivuoi ti|oivuoi ti|oivuoi ti|oivuoi to surpass, excel
ti|oipio, ti|oipio, ti|oipio, ti|oipio, important
ti|oipo, ti|oipo, ti|oipo, ti|oipo, in fit time
ti|oio ti|oio ti|oio ti|oio to light up
ti|oiooooi ti|oiooooi ti|oiooooi ti|oiooooi to glean after
ti|oito ti|oito ti|oito ti|oito to call upon
ti|oiuo ti|oiuo ti|oiuo ti|oiuo to cover over, cover up, shroud
ti|oq ti|oq ti|oq ti|oq the bend, return
ti|oq, ti|oq, ti|oq, ti|oq, curved, curling
ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo to bend into an angle
ti|ouio, ti|ouio, ti|ouio, ti|ouio, crooked, curved
ti|op ti|op ti|op ti|op head-foremost
ti|opio ti|opio ti|opio ti|opio the usufruct of a property, revenue, profit
ti|opiio, ti|opiio, ti|opiio, ti|opiio, on fruit
ti|opoio, ti|opoio, ti|opoio, ti|opoio, athwart, cross-wise, at an angle
ti|oooivo ti|oooivo ti|oooivo ti|oooivo to go down to
ti|oooiio ti|oooiio ti|oooiio ti|oooiio to let fall down at
ti|ooyooi ti|ooyooi ti|ooyooi ti|ooyooi to come to land along with
ti|ooopovo ti|ooopovo ti|ooopovo ti|ooopovo to fall asleep afterwards
ti|ooipo ti|ooipo ti|ooipo ti|ooipo to sink down upon
ti|oo|iuo ti|oo|iuo ti|oo|iuo ti|oo|iuo to overflow besides
ti|oo|oioooi ti|oo|oioooi ti|oo|oioooi ti|oo|oioooi to sleep upon
ti|ooioovo ti|ooioovo ti|ooioovo ti|ooioovo to catch up, overtake
ti|ooiioyq ti|ooiioyq ti|ooiioyq ti|ooiioyq money paid for exchange, discount
ti|ootvo ti|ootvo ti|ootvo ti|ootvo to tarry longer
ti|ooio ti|ooio ti|ooio ti|ooio to throw oneself upon
ti|oopoo, ti|oopoo, ti|oopoo, ti|oopoo, yet more accursed
ti|ooppto ti|ooppto ti|ooppto ti|ooppto to fall down upon
ti|ooppqyvuoi ti|ooppqyvuoi ti|ooppqyvuoi ti|ooppqyvuoi to fall violently down
ti|ooppito ti|ooppito ti|ooppito ti|ooppito to throw down after
ti|ooooo ti|ooooo ti|ooooo ti|ooooo to slay upon
ti|ootvo ti|ootvo ti|ootvo ti|ootvo to carry the workings of a mine beyond one's boundaries
ti|ootuooi ti|ootuooi ti|ootuooi ti|ootuooi to tell lies besides
ti|otii ti|otii ti|otii ti|otii to go down into
ti|ot_o ti|ot_o ti|ot_o ti|ot_o to detain still
ti|ouo, ti|ouo, ti|ouo, ti|ouo, burnt at the end
ti|tioi ti|tioi ti|tioi ti|tioi to be laid upon
ti|tipo ti|tipo ti|tipo ti|tipo to cut off, cut down
ti|tioto ti|tioto ti|tioto ti|tioto to shout to, shout in applause
ti|tituoi, ti|tituoi, ti|tituoi, ti|tituoi, a cheering on, exhortation
ti|tituo ti|tituo ti|tituo ti|tituo to encourage besides, to cheer on again
ti|tiio ti|tiio ti|tiio ti|tiio to bring to shore
Page 235
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti|tiooi ti|tiooi ti|tiooi ti|tiooi to call upon
ti|tvpio ti|tvpio ti|tvpio ti|tvpio to apply the spur
ti|tpovvui ti|tpovvui ti|tpovvui ti|tpovvui to mix in addition
ti|tpoivo ti|tpoivo ti|tpoivo ti|tpoivo to gain in addition
ti|tpio ti|tpio ti|tpio ti|tpio profit on traffic
ti|tpoto ti|tpoto ti|tpoto ti|tpoto to mock
ti|tuo ti|tuo ti|tuo ti|tuo to conceal, hide
ti|qtio, ti|qtio, ti|qtio, ti|qtio, of
ti|qpo, ti|qpo, ti|qpo, ti|qpo, subject to death, perishable
ti|qpu|tio ti|qpu|tio ti|qpu|tio ti|qpu|tio the sending an embassy to treat for peace, entering into negotiation
ti|qpu|tuo ti|qpu|tuo ti|qpu|tuo ti|qpu|tuo a demand by herald
ti|qpu|tuooi ti|qpu|tuooi ti|qpu|tuooi ti|qpu|tuooi to send a message by a herald
ti|qpuooo ti|qpuooo ti|qpuooo ti|qpuooo to announce by proclamation
ti|ivqi ti|ivqi ti|ivqi ti|ivqi to spread over
ti|ivuvtuooi ti|ivuvtuooi ti|ivuvtuooi ti|ivuvtuooi to be risked
ti|ivuvo, ti|ivuvo, ti|ivuvo, ti|ivuvo, in danger, dangerous, insecure, precarious
ti|i_pqi ti|i_pqi ti|i_pqi ti|i_pqi to lend
ti|iouo, ti|iouo, ti|iouo, ti|iouo, tearful
ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo to bend to
ti|itio ti|itio ti|itio ti|itio to shut to, close
ti|itio ti|itio ti|itio ti|itio to extol
ti|iqo ti|iqo ti|iqo ti|iqo an accusation, charge
ti|iqv ti|iqv ti|iqv ti|iqv by surname, by name
ti|iqpo, ti|iqpo, ti|iqpo, ti|iqpo, an heiress
ti|iqpoo ti|iqpoo ti|iqpoo ti|iqpoo to assign by lot
ti|iqoi, ti|iqoi, ti|iqoi, ti|iqoi, a surname
ti|iqo, ti|iqo, ti|iqo, ti|iqo, called upon, called in as allies
ti|iivq, ti|iivq, ti|iivq, ti|iivq, sloping
ti|iivo ti|iivo ti|iivo ti|iivo to put
ti|ioo, ti|ioo, ti|ioo, ti|ioo, thievish, wily
ti|iuo ti|iuo ti|iuo ti|iuo to overflow
ti|iuoi, ti|iuoi, ti|iuoi, ti|iuoi, an overflow, flood
ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo ti|ioo to spin to
ti|voo ti|voo ti|voo ti|voo to scrape
ti|vio ti|vio ti|vio ti|vio to cut on the surface
ti|oioooi ti|oioooi ti|oioooi ti|oioooi to fall asleep over
ti|oivoooi ti|oivoooi ti|oivoooi ti|oivoooi to consult with
ti|oivo, ti|oivo, ti|oivo, ti|oivo, common to many, promiscuous
ti|oivovto ti|oivovto ti|oivovto ti|oivovto to communicate with
ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo to add boastingly
ti|oto ti|oto ti|oto ti|oto to boast of
ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, fit for cutting
ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo ti|oo to strike upon
ti|opuooooi ti|opuooooi ti|opuooooi ti|opuooooi to arm oneself against
ti|ooto ti|ooto ti|ooto ti|ooto to add ornaments to, to decorate after
ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, wrathful, vengeful
Page 236
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti|ouptio, ti|ouptio, ti|ouptio, ti|ouptio, Epicurean
ti|oupto ti|oupto ti|oupto ti|oupto to act as an ally
ti|oupqo ti|oupqo ti|oupqo ti|oupqo protection
ti|oupqoi, ti|oupqoi, ti|oupqoi, ti|oupqoi, protection
ti|oupio ti|oupio ti|oupio ti|oupio aid, succour
ti|oupi|o, ti|oupi|o, ti|oupi|o, ti|oupi|o, serving for help, assistant
ti|oupo, ti|oupo, ti|oupo, ti|oupo, an assister, ally
ti|ouio ti|ouio ti|ouio ti|ouio to lighten
ti|poo ti|poo ti|poo ti|poo to shout to
ti|poivo ti|poivo ti|poivo ti|poivo to bring to pass, accomplish, fulfil
ti|povov ti|povov ti|povov ti|povov that which is put on the head, a head-dress, cap
ti|potio ti|potio ti|potio ti|potio mastery, dominion, possession
ti|poto ti|poto ti|poto ti|poto to rule over
ti|poqoi, ti|poqoi, ti|poqoi, ti|poqoi, victory over
ti|ptovvui ti|ptovvui ti|ptovvui ti|ptovvui to hang over
ti|pivo ti|pivo ti|pivo ti|pivo to decide, determine
ti|poq, ti|poq, ti|poq, ti|poq, master of
ti|piov ti|piov ti|piov ti|piov the yard-arm
ti|poto ti|poto ti|poto ti|poto to rattle over
ti|poo, ti|poo, ti|poo, ti|poo, trodden hard
ti|pouo ti|pouo ti|pouo ti|pouo to strike upon
ti|puo ti|puo ti|puo ti|puo to throw a cloak over, conceal
ti|puo, ti|puo, ti|puo, ti|puo, unknown, inglorious
ti|pui, ti|pui, ti|pui, ti|pui, concealment
ti|poo ti|poo ti|poo ti|poo to caw
ti|oooi ti|oooi ti|oooi ti|oooi to gain
ti|tivo ti|tivo ti|tivo ti|tivo to kill besides
ti|qoi, ti|qoi, ti|qoi, ti|qoi, further acquisition, fresh gain
ti|qo, ti|qo, ti|qo, ti|qo, gained besides
ti|uto ti|uto ti|uto ti|uto to make a noise after, re-echo
ti|uq, ti|uq, ti|uq, ti|uq, glorious, brilliant, successful
ti|uio|ooi ti|uio|ooi ti|uio|ooi ti|uio|ooi to become doubly pregnant
ti|u|ito ti|u|ito ti|u|ito ti|u|ito to come round in turn upon
ti|uoivo ti|uoivo ti|uoivo ti|uoivo to flow in waves over
ti|uo ti|uo ti|uo ti|uo to bend oneself
ti|upoo ti|upoo ti|upoo ti|upoo to confirm, sanction, ratify
ti|upoo ti|upoo ti|upoo ti|upoo to bend forward
ti|upo ti|upo ti|upo ti|upo to light upon, fall in with
ti|utiio, ti|utiio, ti|utiio, ti|utiio, a guard of beehives
ti|o|uo ti|o|uo ti|o|uo ti|o|uo to lament over
ti|oiuo ti|oiuo ti|oiuo ti|oiuo to hinder, check
ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo ti|ooo to rush in like revellers, to make a riotous assault.
ti|ooto ti|ooto ti|ooto ti|ooto to satirize in comedy
ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, ti|oo, up to the hilt, through and through
tiioy_ovo tiioy_ovo tiioy_ovo tiioy_ovo to obtain the lot, to succeed
tiiouoi tiiouoi tiiouoi tiiouoi to hold tight, close
Page 237
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiioovo tiioovo tiioovo tiioovo to lay hold of, seize, attack
tiiopuvo tiiopuvo tiiopuvo tiiopuvo to make splendid, adorn
tiioo tiioo tiioo tiioo to shine after
tiiovovooi tiiovovooi tiiovovooi tiiovovooi to forget
tiitoivo tiitoivo tiitoivo tiitoivo to smoothe over
tiityo tiityo tiityo tiityo to choose, pick out, select
tiitio tiitio tiitio tiitio to pour
tiitio tiitio tiitio tiitio to leave behind
tiitii, tiitii, tiitii, tiitii, a deficiency, lack
tiit|o, tiit|o, tiit|o, tiit|o, chosen, picked
tiito tiito tiito tiito to strip of bark
tiituooo tiituooo tiituooo tiituooo to look towards
tiiqo, tiiqo, tiiqo, tiiqo, causing to forget
tiiqo tiiqo tiiqo tiiqo to cause to forget
tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, obtained as booty
tiiq|to tiiq|to tiiq|to tiiq|to to beat time to
tiiq|uiopio tiiq|uiopio tiiq|uiopio tiiq|uiopio the bombastical
tiiqo, tiiqo, tiiqo, tiiqo, caught
tiiqop tiiqop tiiqop tiiqop a censurer
tiiqoovq tiiqoovq tiiqoovq tiiqoovq forgetfulness
tiiqoov tiiqoov tiiqoov tiiqoov apt to forget, forgetful
tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, a seizing, seizure
tiiiyqv tiiiyqv tiiiyqv tiiiyqv grazing
tiiivoooi tiiivoooi tiiivoooi tiiivoooi to be overflowed
tiiioivo tiiioivo tiiioivo tiiioivo to make fat
tiiiio tiiiio tiiiio tiiiio to make signs to
tiioyiooi tiioyiooi tiioyiooi tiioyiooi to reckon over, conclude
tiioyo, tiioyo, tiioyo, tiioyo, a conclusion, inference
tiioy_o, tiioy_o, tiioy_o, tiioy_o, barbed
tiioy_o, tiioy_o, tiioy_o, tiioy_o, reserve candidate.
tiioio, tiioio, tiioio, tiioio, still left, remaining
tiiuto tiiuto tiiuto tiiuto to annoy
tiiuoi, tiiuoi, tiiuoi, tiiuoi, release from
tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo tiiuo to loose, untie
tiiotuo tiiotuo tiiotuo tiiotuo to mock at
tioivooi tioivooi tioivooi tioivooi to be mad after, dote upon
tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi tioiooi to strive after, seek to obtain, aim at
tiovovo tiovovo tiovovo tiovovo to learn besides
tiopupto tiopupto tiopupto tiopupto to bear witness to
tiopupio tiopupio tiopupio tiopupio a witness, testimony
tiopupooi tiopupooi tiopupooi tiopupooi to call to witness, appeal to
tiopupo, tiopupo, tiopupo, tiopupo, a witness to
tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi to knead again, stroke
tiooiio, tiooiio, tiooiio, tiooiio, at the breast, not yet weaned
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, seeking for help, begging
tio_to tio_to tio_to tio_to to help one in war
Page 238
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tio_io tio_io tio_io tio_io a defensive alliance
tio_o, tio_o, tio_o, tio_o, easily attacked, assailable
titioo titioo titioo titioo to smile at
titiioo titiioo titiioo titiioo to smile upon
titiov titiov titiov titiov still larger
tititio tititio tititio tititio care, attention
tititooi tititooi tititooi tititooi to take care of, have charge of, have the management of
titiqo titiqo titiqo titiqo a care, anxiety
titiq, titiq, titiq, titiq, careful
titiqto, titiqto, titiqto, titiqto, one must take care, pay attention
titiqq, titiqq, titiqq, titiqq, one who has charge of
titiqi|o, titiqi|o, titiqi|o, titiqi|o, able to take charge, managing
titio titio titio titio to sing to
titovo titovo titovo titovo to desire
titooi titooi titooi titooi to cast blame upon
titvo titvo titvo titvo to stay on, tarry
titotooi titotooi titotooi titotooi to send for a reinforcement
titpto titpto titpto titpto to measure out besides
titpov titpov titpov titpov over-measure, excess
tiqooi tiqooi tiqooi tiqooi to contrive against
tiqtu, tiqtu, tiqtu, tiqtu, Epi-metheus, after-thought
tiqq, tiqq, tiqq, tiqq, thoughtful
tiqi|o, tiqi|o, tiqi|o, tiqi|o, like Epimetheus
tiq|q, tiq|q, tiq|q, tiq|q, longish, oblong
tiqiit, tiqiit, tiqiit, tiqiit, flock-protectors, Nymphs
tiqvio, tiqvio, tiqvio, tiqvio, monthly
tiqvio tiqvio tiqvio tiqvio to be angry with
tiq_ovoooi tiq_ovoooi tiq_ovoooi tiq_ovoooi to devise plans against, take precautions
tiq_ovo, tiq_ovo, tiq_ovo, tiq_ovo, craftily devising
tiiyvui tiiyvui tiiyvui tiiyvui to add to by mixing, mix with
tiivqo|ooi tiivqo|ooi tiivqo|ooi tiivqo|ooi to bethink oneself of, to remember, think of
tiivo tiivo tiivo tiivo to continue in
tiiio tiiio tiiio tiiio a mixing with
tii tii tii tii confusedly, promiscuously, pele-mele
tioipio, tioipio, tioipio, tioipio, fated
tioitiv tioitiv tioitiv tioitiv to come upon, befall
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, an invader
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, inclined to blame
tiovq tiovq tiovq tiovq a staying on, tarrying, delay
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to murmur at
tiutooi tiutooi tiutooi tiutooi to say besides
tiuio, tiuio, tiuio, tiuio, coming after the fable
tiu|o, tiu|o, tiu|o, tiu|o, scoffed at
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to wink
tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, blameworthy
tivtiov tivtiov tivtiov tivtiov the sea-port
Page 239
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tivtqoi, tivtqoi, tivtqoi, tivtqoi, a spreading
tivto tivto tivto tivto to allot, distribute
tivtuo tivtuo tivtuo tivtuo to nod
tivttio, tivttio, tivttio, tivttio, clouded, overcast
tivtpiio, tivtpiio, tivtpiio, tivtpiio, upon the kidneys
tivto tivto tivto tivto to allot by spinning
tivto tivto tivto tivto to heap up
tivto tivto tivto tivto to float on the top
tivqio, tivqio, tivqio, tivqio, on board ship
tivqvto tivqvto tivqvto tivqvto to heap
tivq_ooi tivq_ooi tivq_ooi tivq_ooi to swim upon
tivi|io, tivi|io, tivi|io, tivi|io, of victory, triumphal
tiviooooi tiviooooi tiviooooi tiviooooi to go over
tivio tivio tivio tivio to snow upon
tivoto tivoto tivoto tivoto to think on
tivoio tivoio tivoio tivoio a thinking on
tivoq tivoq tivoq tivoq a grazing over the boundaries
tivoio tivoio tivoio tivoio a grazing over the boundaries: a mutual right of pasture
tivu|io, tivu|io, tivu|io, tivu|io, by night, nightly
tivuiio, tivuiio, tivuiio, tivuiio, of
tivuooo tivuooo tivuooo tivuooo to drop asleep over
tivooo tivooo tivooo tivooo to bring
tivoiio, tivoiio, tivoiio, tivoiio, on the back
tivoio tivoio tivoio tivoio to set on the back
tivoio, tivoio, tivoio, tivoio, on the back
tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, inclining to yellow, tawny
titvoooi titvoooi titvoooi titvoooi to have hospitable relations with, be intimate with
tiqvov tiqvov tiqvov tiqvov a chopping-block: the executioner's block
tiuvo, tiuvo, tiuvo, tiuvo, a common
tioivio, tioivio, tioivio, tioivio, at
tioivo_otuo tioivo_otuo tioivo_otuo tioivo_otuo to pour out wine for
tiop|to tiop|to tiop|to tiop|to to swear falsely, forswear oneself
tiop|io tiop|io tiop|io tiop|io a false oath
tiop|o, tiop|o, tiop|o, tiop|o, sworn falsely
tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi to have before one's eyes
tioupo, tioupo, tioupo, tioupo, an over-keeper, a guardian, watcher, ward
tiouoio, tiouoio, tiouoio, tiouoio, for the coming day, sufficient for the day
tioy_u tioy_u tioy_u tioy_u altogether
tioiovio tioiovio tioiovio tioiovio to sing a paean over
tioiio tioiio tioiio tioiio to brandish at
tiov tiov tiov tiov upon the whole, in general, on the average
tiopovto tiopovto tiopovto tiopovto to heap up still more, to heap up
tiopoo|tuoooi tiopoo|tuoooi tiopoo|tuoooi tiopoo|tuoooi to provide oneself with besides
tioptii tioptii tioptii tioptii to be present besides
tioptii tioptii tioptii tioptii to march on high ground parallel with
tioooo tioooo tioooo tioooo to sprinkle upon
Page 240
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, sprinkled over
tito, tito, tito, tito, to the level of the ground, level
titiooi titiooi titiooi titiooi to be persuaded to
titioo titioo titioo titioo to bring near to
titiooi titiooi titiooi titiooi to come to
tito tito tito tito to send besides
titi, titi, titi, titi, a sending to
titp|oo titp|oo titp|oo titp|oo to turn dark
titp|vo, titp|vo, titp|vo, titp|vo, somewhat dark
titovvui titovvui titovvui titovvui to spread over
titooi titooi titooi titooi to fly to
tiqyvui tiqyvui tiqyvui tiqyvui to freeze at top
tiqoo tiqoo tiqoo tiqoo to leap upon, assault
tiito tiito tiito tiito to press upon, press down
tiiivooi tiiivooi tiiivooi tiiivooi to come near
tiiiqi tiiiqi tiiiqi tiiiqi to fill full of
tiivo tiivo tiivo tiivo to drink afterwards
tiio tiio tiio tiio to fall upon
tiio tiio tiio tiio implements, utensils, furniture, moveable property
tiioooi tiioooi tiioooi tiioooi to wander about over
tiioooo tiioooo tiioooo tiioooo to spread as a plaster over
tiiooo, tiiooo, tiiooo, tiiooo, plastered over
tiiooyto tiiooyto tiiooyto tiiooyto to applaud loudly
tiit|o tiit|o tiit|o tiit|o to wreathe into
tiito, tiito, tiito, tiito, quite full of
tiituoi, tiituoi, tiituoi, tiituoi, a sailing against
tiito tiito tiito tiito to sail upon
tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, tiiqi, rebuke, reproof
tiiqpoo tiiqpoo tiiqpoo tiiqpoo to fill up again
tiiqooo tiiqooo tiiqooo tiiqooo to strike at, strike smartly
tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, the membrane enclosing the entrails, the caul
tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, tiioo, a sailing against, bearing down upon
tivto tivto tivto tivto to breathe upon, to blow freshly upon
tivoio tivoio tivoio tivoio a breathing upon, inspiration
tivou, tivou, tivou, tivou, breathed upon, inspired
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, upon the feet
tioto tioto tioto tioto to yearn after
tioqoi, tioqoi, tioqoi, tioqoi, a longing after
tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, longed for, desired
tioiqv tioiqv tioiqv tioiqv a chief shepherd
tioioo tioioo tioioo tioioo to come to the surface, float
tioioio, tioioio, tioioio, tioioio, on the surface, superficial
tioiq tioiq tioiq tioiq a surface
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, a companion
tioiu tioiu tioiu tioiu to a great extent, generally
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to triumph over
Page 241
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiovto tiovto tiovto tiovto to toil on, persevere
tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, painful, toilsome, laborious
tioptuooi tioptuooi tioptuooi tioptuooi to travel, march to, march over
tiopqo tiopqo tiopqo tiopqo any garment buckled over the shoulders, a mantle
tiooooi tiooooi tiooooi tiooooi to fly
tiptq, tiptq, tiptq, tiptq, becoming
tipto tipto tipto tipto to be manifest on the surface, to be conspicuous
tiptotuooi tiptotuooi tiptotuooi tiptotuooi to send an embassy
tipio tipio tipio tipio to grind
tipooiio tipooiio tipooiio tipooiio to throw forward
tipoioiio tipoioiio tipoioiio tipoioiio to set out
tipoiqi tipoiqi tipoiqi tipoiqi to send forth
ti ti ti ti on, upon with gen., dat., and acc.
tioiio tioiio tioiio tioiio to send upon, lay upon
tiouo tiouo tiouo tiouo to sleep among
tio_o tio_o tio_o tio_o to shout out, to shout applause
tipootv tipootv tipootv tipootv before
tipooto tipooto tipooto tipooto to be before
tipo_to tipo_to tipo_to tipo_to to pour forth
tioipo tioipo tioipo tioipo to sneeze at
tiu_q tiu_q tiu_q tiu_q an over-fold, a flap
tioitooi tioitooi tioitooi tioitooi to go about, go through
tioiqoi, tioiqoi, tioiqoi, tioiqoi, a going round, inspection
tippooopto tippooopto tippooopto tippooopto to urge
tippouto tippouto tippouto tippouto to be careless about
tippoivo tippoivo tippoivo tippoivo to sprinkle upon
tippoo tippoo tippoo tippoo to sew
tippooto tippooto tippooto tippooto to recite in accompaniment
tippto tippto tippto tippto to offer sacrifices at
tipptq, tipptq, tipptq, tipptq, leaning towards
tippto tippto tippto tippto to lean towards, fall to one's lot
tippto tippto tippto tippto to flow upon the surface, float a-top
tippqyvui tippqyvui tippqyvui tippqyvui to rend
tippqoptuo tippqoptuo tippqoptuo tippqoptuo to declaim over
tippqo, tippqo, tippqo, tippqo, exclaimed against, infamous
tippi|vo, tippi|vo, tippi|vo, tippi|vo, shrunk up
tippio tippio tippio tippio to cast at
tippoq tippoq tippoq tippoq afflux, influx
tippoto tippoto tippoto tippoto to shout in answer
tippoo, tippoo, tippoo, tippoo, hasting to the rescue, a helper
tippoiqv tippoiqv tippoiqv tippoiqv with noisy fury
tippoito tippoito tippoito tippoito to shriek at
tippoto tippoto tippoto tippoto to swallow besides
tippuo tippuo tippuo tippuo to set
tippuio tippuio tippuio tippuio to bring into form, arrange
tippuooi tippuooi tippuooi tippuooi to save, preserve
Page 242
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tippuo, tippuo, tippuo, tippuo, flowing in
tippovvui tippovvui tippovvui tippovvui to add strength to, strengthen
tippoooi tippoooi tippoooi tippoooi to flow
tiooyo tiooyo tiooyo tiooyo a load on
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to pile a load upon
tiotioo, tiotioo, tiotioo, tiotioo, waving over
tiotio tiotio tiotio tiotio to shake at
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to put in motion against, set upon
tioqoivo tioqoivo tioqoivo tioqoivo to set a mark upon
tioqov tioqov tioqov tioqov any distinguishing mark, a device
tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, tioqo, having a mark on
tioio tioio tioio tioio to set on
tioioo tioioo tioioo tioioo to bend inwards
tioiiooi tioiiooi tioiiooi tioiiooi to furnish oneself with food
tioiioo, tioiioo, tioiioo, tioiioo, a furnishing oneself with provisions, foraging
tio|oo tio|oo tio|oo tio|oo to dig superficially
tio|tovvui tio|tovvui tio|tovvui tio|tovvui to scatter
tio|tiioi, tio|tiioi, tio|tiioi, tio|tiioi, the first bound
tio|tto, tio|tto, tio|tto, tio|tto, to be considered
tio|to tio|to tio|to tio|to to cover over
tio|tuoo tio|tuoo tio|tuoo tio|tuoo to get ready, to equip, fit out
tio|tuooq, tio|tuooq, tio|tuooq, tio|tuooq, one who equips
tio|tuooo, tio|tuooo, tio|tuooo, tio|tuooo, repaired, restored
tio|tuq tio|tuq tio|tuq tio|tuq repair, restoration
tio|ti, tio|ti, tio|ti, tio|ti, inspection, visitation
tio|qvo, tio|qvo, tio|qvo, tio|qvo, at
tio|qvoo tio|qvoo tio|qvoo tio|qvoo to be quartered in
tio|qo tio|qo tio|qo tio|qo to make to lean upon, make to fall upon
tio|qi, tio|qi, tio|qi, tio|qi, an injunction
tio|ioo tio|ioo tio|ioo tio|ioo to throw a shade upon, overshadow
tio|io, tio|io, tio|io, tio|io, shaded, dark, obscure
tio|oto tio|oto tio|oto tio|oto to look upon
tio|oq tio|oq tio|oq tio|oq a watching over, visitation
tio|oio tio|oio tio|oio tio|oio a looking at
tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, one who watches over, an overseer, guardian
tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, hitting the mark
tio|oto tio|oto tio|oto tio|oto to throw a shadow over
tio|oqoi, tio|oqoi, tio|oqoi, tio|oqoi, a darkening, obscurity
tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, in the dark, darkened
tio|uooi tio|uooi tio|uooi tio|uooi to be indignant at
tio|uio tio|uio tio|uio tio|uio to ply with drink in Scythian fashion
tio|upooo tio|upooo tio|upooo tio|upooo to look gloomy
tio|uviov tio|uviov tio|uviov tio|uviov the skin of the brows
tio|oo tio|oo tio|oo tio|oo to laugh at, quiz, make game of
tio|oi, tio|oi, tio|oi, tio|oi, mocking, raillery
tiouytpo, tiouytpo, tiouytpo, tiouytpo, gloomy
Page 243
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tioooqp tioooqp tioooqp tioooqp the latch
tioooo, tioooo, tioooo, tioooo, drawn upon oneself
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to draw
tiotipo tiotipo tiotipo tiotipo to sow with seed
tiotioi, tiotioi, tiotioi, tiotioi, a libation over
tiotvo tiotvo tiotvo tiotvo to pour upon
tiotp_q, tiotp_q, tiotp_q, tiotp_q, hasty, hurried
tiotp_o tiotp_o tiotp_o tiotp_o to urge on
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to urge on, further
tioovq tioovq tioovq tioovq a renewed
tioopo, tioopo, tioopo, tioopo, sown afterwards
tioouoo tioouoo tioouoo tioouoo to make haste in
tioouo, tioouo, tioouo, tioouo, rushing, gushing
tiooov tiooov tiooov tiooov standing over each in turn
tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi tioooooi to weigh well, ponder
tiootuo tiootuo tiootuo tiootuo to be quartered upon
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio a liability to have persons quartered on one
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, at the door
tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo to drop over
tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo tiooioo to fall in drops over
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio a commission
tioooi tioooi tioooi tioooi to know
tioooio tioooio tioooio tioooio authority, dominion
tioooio, tioooio, tioooio, tioooio, Jupiter Stator
tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, tioooi, a stopping, halting, a halt
tiooto tiooto tiooto tiooto to be set over
tiooq, tiooq, tiooq, tiooq, one who stands near
tiooqto, tiooqto, tiooqto, tiooqto, one must superintend
tiotio tiotio tiotio tiotio to tread upon, stand upon
tioti_o tioti_o tioti_o tioti_o to approach
tiotiio tiotiio tiotiio tiotiio to send to, send as a message
tiotvoo tiotvoo tiotvoo tiotvoo to groan over
tiotvo_o tiotvo_o tiotvo_o tiotvo_o to groan in answer
tiotvo tiotvo tiotvo tiotvo to groan
tiotq, tiotq, tiotq, tiotq, crowned
tioto tioto tioto tioto to surround with
tioqioooi tioqioooi tioqioooi tioqioooi to be set up as a column upon
tioqq tioqq tioqq tioqq acquaintance with
tioqov tioqov tioqov tioqov knowing, wise, prudent
tioqpio tioqpio tioqpio tioqpio to make to lean on
tioiio tioiio tioiio tioiio to glisten on the surface
tioiov tioiov tioiov tioiov a shed
tiooioqv tiooioqv tiooioqv tiooioqv girt up, neatly
tiooitu, tiooitu, tiooitu, tiooitu, secretary
tiooiq tiooiq tiooiq tiooiq a message, command, commission
tiooiioio, tiooiioio, tiooiioio, tiooiioio, commanded
Page 244
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tiooio tiooio tiooio tiooio to curb in
tiooptvvui tiooptvvui tiooptvvui tiooptvvui to strew
tiopotio tiopotio tiopotio tiopotio a march
tiopotuo tiopotuo tiopotuo tiopotuo to march against, make war upon
tiopto, tiopto, tiopto, tiopto, to be turned towards, to be looked at, conspicuous
tioptq, tioptq, tioptq, tioptq, turning one's eyes
tiopto tiopto tiopto tiopto to turn about, turn round
tiopooqv tiopooqv tiopooqv tiopooqv turning this way and that way, right and left
tiopoq tiopoq tiopoq tiopoq a turning about, twisting
tiopoo, tiopoo, tiopoo, tiopoo, having dealings with, conversant with
tiopooo tiopooo tiopooo tiopooo to visit
tiouiiov tiouiiov tiouiiov tiouiiov the lintel on the top of pillars, the epistyle, architrave
tiou|oovto tiou|oovto tiou|oovto tiou|oovto to harass yet more with frivolous accusations.
tiouvoyo tiouvoyo tiouvoyo tiouvoyo to collect and bring to
tiouvoyoyq tiouvoyoyq tiouvoyoyq tiouvoyoyq a gathering
tiouvoo tiouvoo tiouvoo tiouvoo to renew
tiouvioi tiouvioi tiouvioi tiouvioi to push forward together
tiouvpt_o tiouvpt_o tiouvpt_o tiouvpt_o to run together to
tioupo tioupo tioupo tioupo the trail
tioupo tioupo tioupo tioupo to drag
tiouoooi, tiouoooi, tiouoooi, tiouoooi, a gathering together against, a riotous meeting
tiooo tiooo tiooo tiooo to slaughter over
tiooiq, tiooiq, tiooiq, tiooiq, prone to fall, unstable, precarious
tioiyyo tioiyyo tioiyyo tioiyyo to bind, clasp tight
tiopoyio tiopoyio tiopoyio tiopoyio to put a seal on, to confirm, ratify
tiopoyioq, tiopoyioq, tiopoyioq, tiopoyioq, one who seals
tioupio tioupio tioupio tioupio bands, clasps
tioupio, tioupio, tioupio, tioupio, on the ankle
tio_tov tio_tov tio_tov tio_tov near at hand, hard by
tio_ttiv tio_ttiv tio_ttiv tio_ttiv to hold in, check
tio_tpo tio_tpo tio_tpo tio_tpo in a row, one after another
tio_toio tio_toio tio_toio tio_toio a thing held out, a pretext
tio_toi, tio_toi, tio_toi, tio_toi, a checking, hindrance, delay, reluctance, lingering
tio_uo tio_uo tio_uo tio_uo to make strong
tio_o tio_o tio_o tio_o to hold
tioopov tioopov tioopov tioopov the metal hoop round the felloe
tioyo tioyo tioyo tioyo an injunction, command
tio|qp tio|qp tio|qp tio|qp a commander
tio|o, tio|o, tio|o, tio|o, drawn up behind
tioioiopto tioioiopto tioioiopto tioioiopto to labour yet more
tiovuo tiovuo tiovuo tiovuo to push home
tioi, tioi, tioi, tioi, an injunction
tiopoi, tiopoi, tiopoi, tiopoi, disturbance, confusion
tiopoooo tiopoooo tiopoooo tiopoooo to trouble
tioppoo, tioppoo, tioppoo, tioppoo, a helper, defender, ally
tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, tiooi, a stretching
Page 245
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tioooo tioooo tioooo tioooo to put upon
tioio, tioio, tioio, tioio, over a tomb
tio_uvo tio_uvo tio_uvo tio_uvo to hasten on, urge forward
titivo titivo titivo titivo to stretch upon
titi_io titi_io titi_io titi_io to build a fort on the frontier
titi_ioi, titi_ioi, titi_ioi, titi_ioi, the building a fort on the enemy's frontier, the occupation of it
titi_ioo titi_ioo titi_ioo titi_ioo a fort placed on the enemy's
tititioo tititioo tititioo tititioo to complete
tititiooi, tititiooi, tititiooi, tititiooi, accomplishment, completion
titito titito titito titito to complete, finish, accomplish
titiq, titiq, titiq, titiq, brought to an end, completed, accomplished
titiio titiio titiio titiio to lay upon, enjoin, prescribe, ordain, command
titvo titvo titvo titvo to cut on the surface, make an incision
tit tit tit tit at the birth, about to bring forth
titpq, titpq, titpq, titpq, pleasing, delightful
titpooi titpooi titpooi titpooi to rejoice
tit_voooi tit_voooi tit_voooi tit_voooi to contrive for
tit_vqoi, tit_vqoi, tit_vqoi, tit_vqoi, contrivance for
tit_vqo, tit_vqo, tit_vqo, tit_vqo, artificially made
tiqtio, tiqtio, tiqtio, tiqtio, made for an end
tiqtioq, tiqtioq, tiqtioq, tiqtioq, fitness, suitableness
tiqt, tiqt, tiqt, tiqt, designedly, deceitfully
tiqt, tiqt, tiqt, tiqt, such as may serve the purpose, enough
tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo a pursuit, business, practice
tiqtuoi, tiqtuoi, tiqtuoi, tiqtuoi, devotion
tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo tiqtuo to pursue
tiq|o, tiq|o, tiq|o, tiq|o, overlaid with gold
tiq|o tiq|o tiq|o tiq|o to melt upon, pour when melted over
tiqpto tiqpto tiqpto tiqpto to look out for
tiiqi tiiqi tiiqi tiiqi to lay, put
tiioo tiioo tiioo tiioo to lay a value upon
tiiqoi, tiiqoi, tiiqoi, tiiqoi, censure, criticism
tiiqq, tiiqq, tiiqq, tiiqq, a chastiser, censurer
tiiqop tiiqop tiiqop tiiqop an avenger
tiiio tiiio tiiio tiiio the condition of an
tiiiov tiiiov tiiiov tiiiov the value, price
tiio, tiio, tiio, tiio, in possession of his rights and franchises
tiiio, tiiio, tiiio, tiiio, at the breast, a suckling
tiipoo|o tiipoo|o tiipoo|o tiipoo|o to wound on the surface
tiiqvoi tiiqvoi tiiqvoi tiiqvoi to bear patiently, be patient
tioiq tioiq tioiq tioiq the rising of a star
tioioo tioioo tioioo tioioo to submit
tioq tioq tioq tioq a cutting on the surface, incision
tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, on the stretch, strained
tiooooi tiooooi tiooooi tiooooi to shoot at
tipoyoto tipoyoto tipoyoto tipoyoto to make into a tragic story, exaggerate
Page 246
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tipotio, tipotio, tipotio, tipotio, on
tiptto, tiptto, tiptto, tiptto, one must permit
tipto tipto tipto tipto to turn towards
tipto tipto tipto tipto to rear upon
tipt_o tipt_o tipt_o tipt_o to run upon
tipio tipio tipio tipio to rub on the surface, to crush
tipiqpop_to tipiqpop_to tipiqpop_to tipiqpop_to to be trierarch beyond the legal time
tipiqpop_qo tipiqpop_qo tipiqpop_qo tipiqpop_qo the burden of a trierarchy continued beyond the legal term
tipio, tipio, tipio, tipio, rubbed down, well worn
tipio, tipio, tipio, tipio, one and a third
tipooio, tipooio, tipooio, tipooio, delegated
tipotuo tipotuo tipotuo tipotuo to be a trustee, administrator, guardian, governor
tipoq tipoq tipoq tipoq a reference
tipoo, tipoo, tipoo, tipoo, one to whom a charge is entrusted, a trustee, administrator
tipo_oq tipo_oq tipo_oq tipo_oq trippingly, fluently, glibly
tipo_o, tipo_o, tipo_o, tipo_o, voluble, glib
tipuo tipuo tipuo tipuo to murmur beside
tipoyo tipoyo tipoyo tipoyo to eat with
tiuy_ovo tiuy_ovo tiuy_ovo tiuy_ovo to hit the mark
tiuiio, tiuiio, tiuiio, tiuiio, at
tiuooi tiuooi tiuooi tiuooi to be inflamed
tioivo tioivo tioivo tioivo to shew forth, display, shew off
tiovtio tiovtio tiovtio tiovtio manifestation
tiovq, tiovq, tiovq, tiovq, coming to light, appearing
tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, in the light, alive
tioviio, tioviio, tioviio, tioviio, at the manger
tiouo tiouo tiouo tiouo to shine upon
titpo titpo titpo titpo to bring, put
tiqio tiqio tiqio tiqio to utter words ominous of the event
tiqioo tiqioo tiqioo tiqioo a word of ominous import
tiovo tiovo tiovo tiovo to reach first
tityyooi tityyooi tityyooi tityyooi to utter after
tiovto tiovto tiovto tiovto to bear grudge against
tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, tiovo, liable to envy
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to spit at
tiiioovtooi tiiioovtooi tiiioovtooi tiiioovtooi to labour earnestly at
tiityo tiityo tiityo tiityo to burn up, consume
tioo, tioo, tioo, tioo, frightful, terrible
tioioo tioioo tioioo tioioo to come habitually to, visit again and again
tiopo tiopo tiopo tiopo a bringing to
tiopto tiopto tiopto tiopto to put upon, lay over
tiopqo tiopqo tiopqo tiopqo dishes served up besides
tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, carrying towards
tipoo tipoo tipoo tipoo to say besides
tipoooo tipoooo tipoooo tipoooo to block up
tipovto tipovto tipovto tipovto to be shrewd, prudent
Page 247
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tipoouvq tipoouvq tipoouvq tipoouvq thoughtfulness
tipoupo, tipoupo, tipoupo, tipoupo, keeping watch over
tipov tipov tipov tipov thoughtful, sage
tiuiio, tiuiio, tiuiio, tiuiio, distributed to the tribes
tiuiii, tiuiii, tiuiii, tiuiii, the small grapes left for gleaners
tiutuo tiutuo tiutuo tiutuo to plant over
tiuo tiuo tiuo tiuo to produce on
tiovto tiovto tiovto tiovto to mention by name, tell of
tiovqo tiovqo tiovqo tiovqo a witty saying
tiovqoi, tiovqoi, tiovqoi, tiovqoi, acclamation, a cry
tioo|o tioo|o tioo|o tioo|o to draw towards dawn
ti_oipo ti_oipo ti_oipo ti_oipo to rejoice over, exult over
ti_oiooo ti_oiooo ti_oiooo ti_oiooo to shower hail upon
ti_oioo ti_oioo ti_oioo ti_oioo to loosen, slacken
ti_oi|tuo ti_oi|tuo ti_oi|tuo ti_oi|tuo to forge upon
ti_oi|o, ti_oi|o, ti_oi|o, ti_oi|o, covered with copper
ti_opoooo ti_opoooo ti_opoooo ti_opoooo to engrave upon
ti_opq, ti_opq, ti_opq, ti_opq, gratifying, agreeable
ti_opitviooi ti_opitviooi ti_opitviooi ti_opitviooi to quote as a good joke
ti_opiooi ti_opiooi ti_opiooi ti_opiooi to make a present of
ti_opi, ti_opi, ti_opi, ti_opi, pleasing, agreeable, charming
ti_opo ti_opo ti_opo ti_opo an object of malignant joy
ti_opo, ti_opo, ti_opo, ti_opo, wherein one feels joy, delightsome
ti_tiiq, ti_tiiq, ti_tiiq, ti_tiiq, full to the brim, brim-full
ti_tioo ti_tioo ti_tioo ti_tioo to pass the winter at
ti_tipto ti_tipto ti_tipto ti_tipto to put one's hand on
ti_tipqo ti_tipqo ti_tipqo ti_tipqo an attempt, enterprise
ti_tipqoi, ti_tipqoi, ti_tipqoi, ti_tipqoi, an attempt, attack
ti_tipqto, ti_tipqto, ti_tipqto, ti_tipqto, one must attempt
ti_tipqq, ti_tipqq, ti_tipqq, ti_tipqq, an enterprising person
ti_tipov ti_tipov ti_tipov ti_tipov wages of manual labour
ti_tipoovto ti_tipoovto ti_tipoovto ti_tipoovto to vote in favour of a proposed decree, to sanction by vote
ti_tipoovio ti_tipoovio ti_tipoovio ti_tipoovio a voting by show of hands
ti_to ti_to ti_to ti_to to pour water over
ti_ovio, ti_ovio, ti_ovio, ti_ovio, upon the earth, earthly
ti_ituoo ti_ituoo ti_ituoo ti_ituoo to make a mock of
ti_iioivo ti_iioivo ti_iioivo ti_iioivo to warm slightly
ti_oio, ti_oio, ti_oio, ti_oio, producing bile
ti_optuo ti_optuo ti_optuo ti_optuo to dance to
ti_opqyto ti_opqyto ti_opqyto ti_opqyto to supply besides
ti_opqyio ti_opqyio ti_opqyio ti_opqyio additional help
ti_poo ti_poo ti_poo ti_poo to attack, assault
ti_poo ti_poo ti_poo ti_poo to lend besides
ti_poooi ti_poooi ti_poooi ti_poooi to make use of besides
ti_ptooi ti_ptooi ti_ptooi ti_ptooi to spit upon
ti_pioo, ti_pioo, ti_pioo, ti_pioo, smeared over
Page 248
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ti_pio ti_pio ti_pio ti_pio to anoint, besmear
ti_puoo, ti_puoo, ti_puoo, ti_puoo, overlaid with gold
ti_pooio ti_pooio ti_pooio ti_pooio to lay on like colour
ti_povvui ti_povvui ti_povvui ti_povvui to smear over, colour on the surface, tinge
ti_opto ti_opto ti_opto ti_opto to give way, yield
ti_opioo ti_opioo ti_opioo ti_opioo to be in the habit of visiting
ti_opio, ti_opio, ti_opio, ti_opio, in
tiouo tiouo tiouo tiouo to touch on the surface, touch lightly, handle
tit|oo tit|oo tit|oo tit|oo to keep dropping
titiiov titiiov titiiov titiiov a curb-chain
tituooi tituooi tituooi tituooi to lie still more
tiqiooo tiqiooo tiqiooo tiqiooo to feel by passing the hand over the surface
tiqio tiqio tiqio tiqio to put
tioyo, tioyo, tioyo, tioyo, exposed to blame, blameworthy
tiu_o tiu_o tiu_o tiu_o to cool
tioyoi tioyoi tioyoi tioyoi places of shelter
toyio, toyio, toyio, toyio, presiding over the furrows
toupooi toupooi toupooi toupooi to lament over
toi|to toi|to toi|to toi|to to go as settler
toi|ooto toi|ooto toi|ooto toi|ooto to build up
toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, one who has settled among strangers, a settler, alien
toi|tipo toi|tipo toi|tipo toi|tipo to have compassion on
toi|io toi|io toi|io toi|io to compassionate
toi|ioo, toi|ioo, toi|ioo, toi|ioo, pitiable, piteous
toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, piteous
toioo toioo toioo toioo to lament over
toi_ooi toi_ooi toi_ooi toi_ooi to go towards, approach
to|tiio to|tiio to|tiio to|tiio to run
to|pioti, to|pioti, to|pioti, to|pioti, uneven, projecting
toiioovo toiioovo toiioovo toiioovo to slip
toioiuo toioiuo toioiuo toioiuo to shout for joy
topto topto topto topto to pour rain upon
topio topio topio topio heavy rain, abundance of wet, wet weather
topo, topo, topo, topo, very rainy
tovui tovui tovui tovui to swear after, swear accordingly
tooiio, tooiio, tooiio, tooiio, on the navel
tovtiioo, tovtiioo, tovtiioo, tovtiioo, to be reproached, shameful, ignominious
tovooo tovooo tovooo tovooo to give a surname: to name
toiooi toiooi toiooi toiooi to regard with awe, to reverence
tooiio tooiio tooiio tooiio epic poetry
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, an epic poet
tooo tooo tooo tooo to roast besides
totuo totuo totuo totuo to look over, overlook, watch
tooi tooi tooi tooi hoopoe
toqp toqp toqp toqp of tutelary gods
toq, toq, toq, toq, an overseer, watcher
Page 249
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, of
toptyo toptyo toptyo toptyo to hold out to, give yet more
topioo topioo topioo topioo to set upright
topoooo topoooo topoooo topoooo to utter aloud
topvui topvui topvui topvui to stir up, arouse, excite
topouo topouo topouo topouo to rush violently at
top_tooi top_tooi top_tooi top_tooi to dance to the tune of
to, to, to, to, a word
toouo toouo toouo toouo to yell out, utter lamentably
topuvo topuvo topuvo topuvo to stir up, excite, urge on
toupoio, toupoio, toupoio, toupoio, on the tail
toupovio, toupovio, toupovio, toupovio, in heaven, heavenly
toupioo toupioo toupioo toupioo to waft onwards
toupio toupio toupio toupio to blow favourably upon
toupo, toupo, toupo, toupo, blowing favourably
totiio totiio totiio totiio to owe besides
tooiioo tooiioo tooiioo tooiioo to cast longing glances at
to_tooi to_tooi to_tooi to_tooi to be carried upon, ride upon
to_ttuo to_ttuo to_ttuo to_ttuo to carry
to_q to_q to_q to_q a check, cessation: the epoch
to_iio, to_iio, to_iio, to_iio, on
to_ov to_ov to_ov to_ov the saddle-cloth, housing
to_o, to_o, to_o, to_o, mounted upon
toiio, toiio, toiio, toiio, for eating with bread
toio, toio, toio, toio, that can be looked on
toio, toio, toio, toio, full in view, conspicuous
toi, toi, toi, toi, a view over
to to to to the hoopoe
tootio, tootio, tootio, tootio, of seven bulls'-hides
topo_o, topo_o, topo_o, topo_o, worth seven
totq, totq, totq, totq, of seven years
totq, totq, totq, totq, seven years old
to|oit|o to|oit|o to|oit|o to|oit|o seventeen
to|oit|oou, to|oit|oou, to|oit|oou, to|oit|oou, feet long
to|oit|oo, to|oit|oo, to|oit|oo, to|oit|oo, seventeenth
to|oiti|ootq, to|oiti|ootq, to|oiti|ootq, to|oiti|ootq, twenty-seven years old
to|oiti|ooi to|oiti|ooi to|oiti|ooi to|oiti|ooi seven and twenty.
to|ioupioi to|ioupioi to|ioupioi to|ioupioi seventy-thousand
to|i, to|i, to|i, to|i, seven times
to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi to|io_iiioi seven-thousand
to|iivo, to|iivo, to|iivo, to|iivo, with seven couches
to|ooioi to|ooioi to|ooioi to|ooioi seven hundred
toioy_o, toioy_o, toioy_o, toioy_o, of seven lances
toioo, toioo, toioo, toioo, on seven hills
toqvo, toqvo, toqvo, toqvo, born in the seventh month
toio, toio, toio, toio, seven-stringed
Page 250
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toopiov toopiov toopiov toopiov the seven districts
to to to to seven
toq_u, toq_u, toq_u, toq_u, seven cubits long
tooq, tooq, tooq, tooq, seven feet long
toopo, toopo, toopo, toopo, with seven paths
touio, touio, touio, touio, with seven gates
toupyo, toupyo, toupyo, toupyo, seven-towered
toooo, toooo, toooo, toooo, seven-mouthed, with seven portals
toti_q, toti_q, toti_q, toti_q, with seven walls
toovo, toovo, toovo, toovo, seven-toned
tooyyo, tooyyo, tooyyo, tooyyo, seven-toned
toovo, toovo, toovo, toovo, seven-voiced
to_o to_o to_o to_o in seven parts
ttq, ttq, ttq, ttq, seven years old
tuiiiov tuiiiov tuiiiov tuiiiov a versicle, scrap of poetry
totiio totiio totiio totiio an assessment of an obol in the drachma
toq toq toq toq a song sung to
too, too, too, too, singing to
too too too too to cluck
toto toto toto toto to push on, thrust in
toitvio, toitvio, toitvio, toitvio, upon the arm
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, on the shoulders
tooov tooov tooov tooov on the shoulder
toi, toi, toi, toi, the point of the shoulder
tooo, tooo, tooo, tooo, on oath, sworn
tovuio tovuio tovuio tovuio a surname, name given after
tovuio, tovuio, tovuio, tovuio, called by the name of
tovuo, tovuo, tovuo, tovuo, given as a name
tooo tooo tooo tooo to observe, watch
topuo topuo topuo topuo to howl at
to to to to to be about, be busy with
to to to to to say
toit, toit, toit, toit, beams projecting like ears on each side of a ship's bows
totito totito totito totito to aid
totiqo totiqo totiqo totiqo a help, store
totiio totiio totiio totiio help, succour
to_oo to_oo to_oo to_oo were kept shut
tpot tpot tpot tpot to earth, to the ground
tpooi tpooi tpooi tpooi to love, to be in love with
tpovio tpovio tpovio tpovio lay under contribution
tpovvo, tpovvo, tpovvo, tpovvo, lovely
tpovo, tpovo, tpovo, tpovo, a meal to which each contributed his share
tpooi_pqoo, tpooi_pqoo, tpooi_pqoo, tpooi_pqoo, loving money
tpooio, tpooio, tpooio, tpooio, lovely
tpootuo tpootuo tpootuo tpootuo to long for
tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, a lover
Page 251
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpooo, tpooo, tpooo, tpooo, beloved, lovely
tpotivo, tpotivo, tpotivo, tpotivo, lovely, charming
tpoio tpoio tpoio tpoio greedy after
tpoo, tpoo, tpoo, tpoo, lovely, charming
tpoo_pou, tpoo_pou, tpoo_pou, tpoo_pou, fair of face
tpoo tpoo tpoo tpoo Erato, the lovely
tpoo tpoo tpoo tpoo to love, to be in love with
tpoo tpoo tpoo tpoo to pour out, vomit forth
tpyoooi tpyoooi tpyoooi tpyoooi to work, labour
tpyotiv tpyotiv tpyotiv tpyotiv to sever, cut off
tpyoitiov tpyoitiov tpyoitiov tpyoitiov a tool, instrument
tpyootio tpyootio tpyootio tpyootio to be about to do
tpyooio tpyooio tpyooio tpyooio work, daily labour, business
tpyooio, tpyooio, tpyooio, tpyooio, arable
tpyooto, tpyooto, tpyooto, tpyooto, one must work the land
tpyooqpiov tpyooqpiov tpyooqpiov tpyooqpiov any place in which work is done: a workshop, manufactory
tpyooqp tpyooqp tpyooqp tpyooqp a workman, husbandman
tpyooi|o, tpyooi|o, tpyooi|o, tpyooi|o, able to work, working, industrious
tpyoqoio, tpyoqoio, tpyoqoio, tpyoqoio, producing an income
tpyoq, tpyoq, tpyoq, tpyoq, a workman
tpyoi|o, tpyoi|o, tpyoi|o, tpyoi|o, given to labour, diligent, active
tpyoivq, tpyoivq, tpyoivq, tpyoivq, a husbandman
tpyoi, tpyoi, tpyoi, tpyoi, a workwoman
tpyo tpyo tpyo tpyo a work, deed, business
tpyvui tpyvui tpyvui tpyvui to confine
tpyooq, tpyooq, tpyooq, tpyooq, one who lets out work
tpyoioto tpyoioto tpyoioto tpyoioto to contract for the execution of work
tpyoioo, tpyoioo, tpyoioo, tpyoioo, one who contracts for the execution of work, a contractor
tpyov tpyov tpyov tpyov work
tpyoovo, tpyoovo, tpyoovo, tpyoovo, a husbandman
tpyo tpyo tpyo tpyo to bar one's way
tpyo tpyo tpyo tpyo to do work
tpyo tpyo tpyo tpyo to do work
tpyoq, tpyoq, tpyoq, tpyoq, irksome, troublesome
tpo tpo tpo tpo to do
tpttvvo, tpttvvo, tpttvvo, tpttvvo, dark, gloomy
tptivo, tptivo, tptivo, tptivo, a kind of pulse, chick-pea
tptoioo tptoioo tptoioo tptoioo to grope about in darkness
tptotv tptotv tptotv tptotv from nether gloom
tptoot tptoot tptoot tptoot to
tpto, tpto, tpto, tpto, Erebus
tpttivo tpttivo tpttivo tpttivo to ask
tptio tptio tptio tptio to rouse to anger, rouse to fight, irritate
tptioo tptioo tptioo tptioo a stirring up, exciting
tpto tpto tpto tpto to stir to anger, provoke, irritate
tptio tptio tptio tptio to make
Page 252
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpti|q tpti|q tpti|q tpti|q heath, heather
tpti|o tpti|o tpti|o tpti|o to rend
tptiiov tptiiov tptiiov tptiiov a fallen ruin, wreck
tptio tptio tptio tptio to throw
tptioo tptioo tptioo tptioo a prop, stay, support
tptiio, tptiio, tptiio, tptiio, thrown down, in ruins
tptiioi_o, tptiioi_o, tptiioi_o, tptiioi_o, overthrowing walls
tptvo, tptvo, tptvo, tptvo, black, swart, dark
tptooi tptooi tptooi tptooi to feed on
tptooo tptooo tptooo tptooo to row
tpto_qito tpto_qito tpto_qito tpto_qito to talk lightly, to be jocular
tptq, tptq, tptq, tptq, a rower
tpti|o, tpti|o, tpti|o, tpti|o, of
tptoo tptoo tptoo tptoo to furnish with oars, set to row
tptpitu, tptpitu, tptpitu, tptpitu, an Eretrian
tptuyooi tptuyooi tptuyooi tptuyooi to spit
tptutovov tptutovov tptutovov tptutovov madder
tptuto tptuto tptuto tptuto to be red
tptuo tptuo tptuo tptuo to make red, stain red
tptuvo tptuvo tptuvo tptuvo inquiry, search
tptuvoo tptuvoo tptuvoo tptuvoo to seek
tptuvqto, tptuvqto, tptuvqto, tptuvqto, one must seek out
tpto tpto tpto tpto to cover with a roof
tpt_tu, tpt_tu, tpt_tu, tpt_tu, the render
tpt_o tpt_o tpt_o tpt_o to rend, break
tpti, tpti, tpti, tpti, a roofing, roof
tpto tpto tpto tpto to ask, enquire
tpqoo tpqoo tpqoo tpqoo to be left lonely, go alone
tpqoio, tpqoio, tpqoio, tpqoio, desolate, solitary
tpqio tpqio tpqio tpqio a solitude, desert, wilderness
tpqio, tpqio, tpqio, tpqio, a solitary devotee
tpqo|oq, tpqo|oq, tpqo|oq, tpqo|oq, void of hair
tpqoioio, tpqoioio, tpqoioio, tpqoioio, chattering in the desert
tpqovoo, tpqovoo, tpqovoo, tpqovoo, haunting the wilds
tpqooii, tpqooii, tpqooii, tpqooii, reft of one's city
tpqo, tpqo, tpqo, tpqo, desolate, lone, lonely, lonesome, solitary
tpqoouvq tpqoouvq tpqoouvq tpqoouvq solitude
tpqoiiq, tpqoiiq, tpqoiiq, tpqoiiq, loving solitude
tpqoo tpqoo tpqoo tpqoo to strip bare, to desolate, lay waste
tpqoq, tpqoq, tpqoq, tpqoq, a desolator
tpquo tpquo tpquo tpquo to keep back, restrain, check
tpiou_qv tpiou_qv tpiou_qv tpiou_qv with high-arching neck
tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, loud-shouting
tpipttq, tpipttq, tpipttq, tpipttq, loud-thundering
tpipoo, tpipoo, tpipoo, tpipoo, loud-shouting
tpipu_o, tpipu_o, tpipu_o, tpipu_o, loud-bellowing
Page 253
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpioio tpioio tpioio tpioio with large clods, very fertile
tpiyouo, tpiyouo, tpiyouo, tpiyouo, loud-thundering
tpioivo tpioivo tpioivo tpioivo to wrangle, quarrel, dispute
tpioivo tpioivo tpioivo tpioivo to provoke to strife, irritate
tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, strongly-built
tpio tpio tpio tpio to strive, wrangle, quarrel
tpiqpo, tpiqpo, tpiqpo, tpiqpo, fitting exactly
tpiqiq, tpiqiq, tpiqiq, tpiqiq, very flourishing, luxuriant
tpio, tpio, tpio, tpio, a day-labourer, hired servant
tpi|iouoo, tpi|iouoo, tpi|iouoo, tpi|iouoo, much-weeping
tpi|uo, tpi|uo, tpi|uo, tpi|uo, loud-sounding
tpi|uq, tpi|uq, tpi|uq, tpi|uq, very famous, glorious, splendid
tpi|uov tpi|uov tpi|uov tpi|uov big with young
tpiu|o, tpiu|o, tpiu|o, tpiu|o, loud-bellowing
tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, of wool, woollen
tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, the wild fig-tree
tpivu, tpivu, tpivu, tpivu, the Erinys
tpiov tpiov tpiov tpiov wool
tpiooii|o, tpiooii|o, tpiooii|o, tpiooii|o, like a wool-dealer, roguishly
tpiouvq, tpiouvq, tpiouvq, tpiouvq, the ready helper, luckbringer
tpioupyto tpioupyto tpioupyto tpioupyto to work in wool
tpioupyo, tpioupyo, tpioupyo, tpioupyo, working in wool.
tpi tpi tpi tpi very, much.
tpivq tpivq tpivq tpivq a broken cliff, crag, scaur
tpiotvq, tpiotvq, tpiotvq, tpiotvq, very mighty
tpioo tpioo tpioo tpioo a cause of quarrel
tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, loud-thundering
tpi, tpi, tpi, tpi, strife, quarrel, debate, contention
tpioouio, tpioouio, tpioouio, tpioouio, made of fine grapes
tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, matter for contest
tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, tpioopoyo, loud-roaring
tpiio, tpiio, tpiio, tpiio, highly-prized, precious
tpitio, tpitio, tpitio, tpitio, of a kid
tpiiov tpiiov tpiiov tpiiov a kid
tpio, tpio, tpio, tpio, a young goat, kid
tpi_puoo, tpi_puoo, tpi_puoo, tpi_puoo, rich in gold
tpioiq tpioiq tpioiq tpioiq a hurricane
tp|tio, tp|tio, tp|tio, tp|tio, of
tp|iov tp|iov tp|iov tp|iov a fence, inclosure
tp|o, tp|o, tp|o, tp|o, a fence, hedge, wall
tp|oupo, tp|oupo, tp|oupo, tp|oupo, watching an enclosure
tpo tpo tpo tpo a prop, support
tpo tpo tpo tpo earrings
tpoytiq tpoytiq tpoytiq tpoytiq a herd of Hermae
tpoiov tpoiov tpoiov tpoiov a god-send, wind-fall
tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, called after Hermes
Page 254
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpopoio, tpopoio, tpopoio, tpopoio, an hermaphrodite, a person partaking of the attributes of both sexes
tpqvtio tpqvtio tpqvtio tpqvtio interpretation, explanation
tpqvtuo tpqvtuo tpqvtuo tpqvtuo an interpretation, explanation
tpqvtu, tpqvtu, tpqvtu, tpqvtu, an interpreter
tpqvtui|o, tpqvtui|o, tpqvtui|o, tpqvtui|o, of
tpqvtuo tpqvtuo tpqvtuo tpqvtuo to interpret
tpq, tpq, tpq, tpq, Hermes
tpiiov tpiiov tpiiov tpiiov a little Hermes
tpi, tpi, tpi, tpi, a bed-post
tpoyiutiov tpoyiutiov tpoyiutiov tpoyiutiov a statuary's shop
tpoyiutu, tpoyiutu, tpoyiutu, tpoyiutu, a carver of Hermae
tpoyiui|o, tpoyiui|o, tpoyiui|o, tpoyiui|o, of
tpo|oiq, tpo|oiq, tpo|oiq, tpo|oiq, a Hermes-mutilator
tpvo, tpvo, tpvo, tpvo, a young sprout, shoot, scion
tptiq, tptiq, tptiq, tptiq, the worker, doer
tpoti, tpoti, tpoti, tpoti, lovely, charming
tpooi tpooi tpooi tpooi to ask, enquire
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, love, desire
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, wool
tptov tptov tptov tptov a walking animal, quadruped
tpqoq, tpqoq, tpqoq, tpqoq, creeping
tpuo tpuo tpuo tpuo to creep, crawl
tpuiio, tpuiio, tpuiio, tpuiio, creeping thyme
tpuoq, tpuoq, tpuoq, tpuoq, a crawling child
tpo tpo tpo tpo to creep, crawl
tppotvo, tppotvo, tppotvo, tppotvo, in good health, stout, vigorous
tppo tppo tppo tppo to go slowly, wander about
tpoo tpoo tpoo tpoo dew
tpoqti, tpoqti, tpoqti, tpoqti, dewy, dew-besprent
tpuyyovo tpuyyovo tpuyyovo tpuyyovo vomit, eructare
tpuyqio, tpuyqio, tpuyqio, tpuyqio, loud-bellowing
tpuoivooi tpuoivooi tpuoivooi tpuoivooi to become red
tpuqo tpuqo tpuqo tpuqo a redness on the skin
tpupoivooi tpupoivooi tpupoivooi tpupoivooi to become red, to blush
tpupioo tpupioo tpupioo tpupioo to be apt to blush, to colour up
tpupoou, tpupoou, tpupoou, tpupoou, red-footed
tpupo, tpupo, tpupo, tpupo, red
tpu|ovoo tpu|ovoo tpu|ovoo tpu|ovoo to restrain, withhold
tpu|o tpu|o tpu|o tpu|o to keep in, hold back, keep in check, curb, restrain
tpuo tpuo tpuo tpuo a fence, guard
tpuvovoo, tpuvovoo, tpuvovoo, tpuvovoo, with fenced back
tpuvo, tpuvo, tpuvo, tpuvo, fenced, fortified
tpuvoq, tpuvoq, tpuvoq, tpuvoq, strength
tpuoopot, tpuoopot, tpuoopot, tpuoopot, chariot-drawing
tpuoiq tpuoiq tpuoiq tpuoiq red blight
tpuoipi tpuoipi tpuoipi tpuoipi for drawing through the hair
Page 255
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tpuoivqi, tpuoivqi, tpuoivqi, tpuoivqi, preserving ships
tpuoioii, tpuoioii, tpuoioii, tpuoioii, protecting the city
tpuoo, tpuoo, tpuoo, tpuoo, a safeguard
tpuoo, tpuoo, tpuoo, tpuoo, drawn
tpuo tpuo tpuo tpuo to drag along the ground, drag, draw
tp_ooooi tp_ooooi tp_ooooi tp_ooooi to be kept
tp_ooi tp_ooi tp_ooi tp_ooi to come
tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, tpoio, the heron
tpoto tpoto tpoto tpoto to rush, rush forth
tpoq tpoq tpoq tpoq any quick motion, rush, force
tpotviov tpotviov tpotviov tpotviov a little love, darling
tpotvo, tpotvo, tpotvo, tpotvo, one's love
tpo tpo tpo tpo I will say
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, love
tpoopiov tpoopiov tpoopiov tpoopiov a little Cupid
tpooo tpooo tpooo tpooo to ask
tpoqo tpoqo tpoqo tpoqo that which is asked, a question
tpoqoi, tpoqoi, tpoqoi, tpoqoi, a questioning
tpoi|o, tpoi|o, tpoi|o, tpoi|o, amatory
tpoi, tpoi, tpoi, tpoi, a loved one, darling
tpooypoo, tpooypoo, tpooypoo, tpooypoo, for writing of love
tpooiovo, tpooiovo, tpooiovo, tpooiovo, beguiling love
tpouio, tpouio, tpouio, tpouio, a darling, sweetheart
tooti tooti tooti tooti for ever
toto toto toto toto to clothe
toqo toqo toqo toqo a garment
toqoi, toqoi, toqoi, toqoi, clothing, raiment
toq, toq, toq, toq, dress, clothing, raiment
toio toio toio toio to eat
toio, toio, toio, toio, good
to ot to ot to ot to ot now and then, sometimes
too too too too to eat
toi, toi, toi, toi, an impulse, tendency
to|ttvo, to|ttvo, to|ttvo, to|ttvo, deliberately
too, too, too, too, anything let out
tooo|o, tooo|o, tooo|o, tooo|o, producing swarms of bees
totpo totpo totpo totpo evening, eventide, eve
totpio, totpio, totpio, totpio, at even, at eventide
totpi, totpi, totpi, totpi, the Hesperides
totpo, totpo, totpo, totpo, of
toov toov toov toov tell
tooutvo, tooutvo, tooutvo, tooutvo, hurrying, vehement, eager, impetuous
toooo, toooo, toooo, toooo, on one's feet
tot tot tot tot up to the time that, until
toioo toioo toioo toioo an entertainment, banquet
toio toio toio toio Vesta
Page 256
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toio toio toio toio the hearth of a house, fireside
toiooi, toiooi, toiooi, toiooi, a feasting, banqueting, entertainment
toio, toio, toio, toio, a Vestal virgin
toioop toioop toioop toioop one who gives a banquet, a host
toioo toioo toioo toioo to receive at one's hearth
toioooi toioooi toioooi toioooi to be founded
toiou_o, toiou_o, toiou_o, toiou_o, guarding the house, a guardian
toop toop toop toop a peg at the end of the pole
tooitvo, tooitvo, tooitvo, tooitvo, erringly, amiss
to_opo to_opo to_opo to_opo the hearth, fire-place
to_opio, to_opio, to_opio, to_opio, of
to_opi, to_opi, to_opi, to_opi, a pan of coals
to_ooo to_ooo to_ooo to_ooo to be at the edge, on the border
to_oio to_oio to_oio to_oio the furthest part, edge, border, verge
to_oo, to_oo, to_oo, to_oo, outermost
tootv tootv tootv tootv from within
too too too too to the interior
toooo, toooo, toooo, toooo, innermost
tootpo, tootpo, tootpo, tootpo, interior
too too too too to examine, test
toipo toipo toipo toipo a companion
toiptio toiptio toiptio toiptio companionship, association, brotherhood
toiptio, toiptio, toiptio, toiptio, of
toipto toipto toipto toipto to keep company
toipqoi, toipqoi, toipqoi, toipqoi, unchastity
toipio toipio toipio toipio to be a comrade
toipi|o, toipi|o, toipi|o, toipi|o, of
toipo, toipo, toipo, toipo, a comrade, companion, mate
toipoouvo, toipoouvo, toipoouvo, toipoouvo, friendly, a friend
ttio, ttio, ttio, ttio, yearly, from year to year
ttoouoq, ttoouoq, ttoouoq, ttoouoq, a genuine son of Butes
tto|pqt, tto|pqt, tto|pqt, tto|pqt, true Cretans, of the old stock
tto, tto, tto, tto, true, real, genuine
ttpoi|q, ttpoi|q, ttpoi|q, ttpoi|q, giving strength to one of two
ttpqtpo, ttpqtpo, ttpqtpo, ttpqtpo, on alternate days, day and day about
ttpoyioooo, ttpoyioooo, ttpoyioooo, ttpoyioooo, of other tongue
ttpoyvoo, ttpoyvoo, ttpoyvoo, ttpoyvoo, with one side of the mouth harder than the other
ttpoioo|oito ttpoioo|oito ttpoioo|oito ttpoioo|oito to teach differently, to teach errors
ttpoioo|oio, ttpoioo|oio, ttpoioo|oio, ttpoioo|oio, one who teaches error.
ttpoqio, ttpoqio, ttpoqio, ttpoqio, zealous for one side, leaning to one side
ttpouyto ttpouyto ttpouyto ttpouyto to be yoked in unequal partnership
ttpouyo, ttpouyo, ttpouyo, ttpouyo, coupled with an animal of diverse kind
ttpou ttpou ttpou ttpou yoked singly, without its yokefellow
ttpoio, ttpoio, ttpoio, ttpoio, of a different kind
ttpoioo ttpoioo ttpoioo ttpoioo to make of different kind
ttpo|iivq, ttpo|iivq, ttpo|iivq, ttpo|iivq, leaning to one side, sloping
Page 257
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ttpoq|q, ttpoq|q, ttpoq|q, ttpoq|q, with sides of uneven length
ttpoiou, ttpoiou, ttpoiou, ttpoiou, lent on a ship and cargo with the risk of the outward
ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, one of the
ttpopoo, ttpopoo, ttpopoo, ttpopoo, of different sort
ttpooio, ttpooio, ttpooio, ttpooio, one-eyed
ttpopov ttpopov ttpopov ttpopov of other mind, raving
ttpoovo, ttpoovo, ttpoovo, ttpoovo, of different voice: foreign
ttpotv ttpotv ttpotv ttpotv from the other side
ttpoi ttpoi ttpoi ttpoi on the other side
ttpoot ttpoot ttpoot ttpoot to the other side
ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, in one
tqoioi tqoioi tqoioi tqoioi periodic winds
tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, tqoio, lasting a year, a year long
tq, tq, tq, tq, clansmen
tquio tquio tquio tquio truth
tquo, tquo, tquo, tquo, true
ti ti ti ti yet, as yet, still
tvqpuoi, tvqpuoi, tvqpuoi, tvqpuoi, a soup-ladle
tvoovo, tvoovo, tvoovo, tvoovo, soup-stirring
tvo, tvo, tvo, tvo, a thick soup of pulse, pea-soup
toioo toioo toioo toioo to make
toio, toio, toio, toio, at hand, ready, prepared
toioq, toioq, toioq, toioq, a state of preparation, readiness
toiooo, toiooo, toiooo, toiooo, ready for cutting
to, to, to, to, a year
to, to, to, to, without reason, for nothing
tuo, tuo, tuo, tuo, true, real, actual
tooiotpyo, tooiotpyo, tooiotpyo, tooiotpyo, working fruitlessly
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, fruitless, useless, unprofitable
tuoyytiiooi tuoyytiiooi tuoyytiiooi tuoyytiiooi to bring good news, announce them
tuoyytiiov tuoyytiiov tuoyytiiov tuoyytiiov the reward of good tidings
tuoyytiioq, tuoyytiioq, tuoyytiioq, tuoyytiioq, the bringer of good tidings, an evangelist, preacher of the gospel
tuoyytio, tuoyytio, tuoyytio, tuoyytio, bringing good news
tuoyto tuoyto tuoyto tuoyto to be pure, holy
tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, free from pollution, guiltless, pure, undefiled
tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, moving well, nimble
tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, bright, far-seen, conspicuous
tuoyqo, tuoyqo, tuoyqo, tuoyqo, bright
tuoy|oio, tuoy|oio, tuoy|oio, tuoy|oio, easy to bear in the arms
tuoypto tuoypto tuoypto tuoypto to have good sport
tuoypio tuoypio tuoypio tuoypio good sport
tuoypo, tuoypo, tuoypo, tuoypo, lucky in the chase, blessed with success
tuoyoyio tuoyoyio tuoyoyio tuoyoyio good education
tuoyoyo, tuoyoyo, tuoyoyo, tuoyoyo, easy to lead, easily led, ductile
tuoo tuoo tuoo tuoo to cry evoe to Bacchus
tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, well ventilated, fresh, airy
Page 258
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, happily won
tuoipto, tuoipto, tuoipto, tuoipto, easy to be taken
tuoiov tuoiov tuoiov tuoiov happy in life
tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, well-grown, luxuriant
tuoiio, tuoiio, tuoiio, tuoiio, of good meal
tuoioo, tuoioo, tuoioo, tuoioo, easy to be taken
tuotio, tuotio, tuotio, tuotio, with fine vines
tuovo|iqo, tuovo|iqo, tuovo|iqo, tuovo|iqo, easy to call out
tuovpto tuovpto tuovpto tuovpto to abound in men
tuovpio tuovpio tuovpio tuovpio abundance of men, store of goodly men
tuovpo, tuovpo, tuovpo, tuovpo, abounding in good men
tuovto, tuovto, tuovto, tuovto, flowery, blooming
tuovto tuovto tuovto tuovto to be flowery
tuovq, tuovq, tuovq, tuovq, blooming, budding
tuov tuov tuov tuov evan
tuovqo, tuovqo, tuovqo, tuovqo, accessible, gracious
tuovu tuovu tuovu tuovu finely vaulted
tuooiio|o, tuooiio|o, tuooiio|o, tuooiio|o, easy to part with
tuooqo, tuooqo, tuooqo, tuooqo, easy to cheat
tuoooo, tuoooo, tuoooo, tuoooo, easy to disembark on, convenient for landing
tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, easy to excuse
tuooti_ioo, tuooti_ioo, tuooti_ioo, tuooti_ioo, easy to wall off, easy to blockade by circumvallation
tuoptoo, tuoptoo, tuoptoo, tuoptoo, well-pleasing, acceptable
tuopiqo, tuopiqo, tuopiqo, tuopiqo, easy to count
tuop|o, tuop|o, tuop|o, tuop|o, easy to govern, manageable
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, with beauteous car
tuopooio tuopooio tuopooio tuopooio easiness of temper
tuopooo, tuopooo, tuopooo, tuopooo, well-joined, harmonious
tuopvo, tuopvo, tuopvo, tuopvo, rich in sheep
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, well-ploughed
tuop_o, tuop_o, tuop_o, tuop_o, beginning well, making a good beginning
tuooo tuooo tuooo tuooo a Bacchanalian shout
tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, a shout of revelry
tuo, tuo, tuo, tuo, ovatio
tuooq, tuooq, tuooq, tuooq, a Bacchanal
tuoqyqo, tuoqyqo, tuoqyqo, tuoqyqo, easy to describe
tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, touching gently
tuooo|o, tuooo|o, tuooo|o, tuooo|o, easy to carry
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, accessible, passable
tuitopo, tuitopo, tuitopo, tuitopo, with beautiful eyes
tuotu, tuotu, tuotu, tuotu, an Euboean
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio Euboea
tuoi|o, tuoi|o, tuoi|o, tuoi|o, Euboean
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, throwing luckily
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, with good pasture
tuopu, tuopu, tuopu, tuopu, rich in grapes
Page 259
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuouiio tuouiio tuouiio tuouiio good counsel, prudence
tuouio, tuouio, tuouio, tuouio, well-advised, prudent
tuou, tuou, tuou, tuou, rich in cattle
tupo_o, tupo_o, tupo_o, tupo_o, well-noosed, well-knit
tuytvtio tuytvtio tuytvtio tuytvtio nobility of birth, high descent
tuytvtio, tuytvtio, tuytvtio, tuytvtio, well-maned
tuytvq, tuytvq, tuytvq, tuytvq, well-born, of noble race, of high descent
tuyt tuyt tuyt tuyt well, rightly
tuyqq, tuyqq, tuyqq, tuyqq, joyous, cheerful
tuyqpu, tuyqpu, tuyqpu, tuyqpu, sweet-sounding
tuyioyq, tuyioyq, tuyioyq, tuyioyq, abounding in milk
tuyiuo, tuyiuo, tuyiuo, tuyiuo, well-carved, well-engraved
tuyioooio tuyioooio tuyioooio tuyioooio glibness of tongue
tuyioooo, tuyioooo, tuyioooo, tuyioooo, good of tongue, eloquent
tuyo tuyo tuyo tuyo a boast, vaunt
tuyvoo, tuyvoo, tuyvoo, tuyvoo, well-bent
tuyvoovto tuyvoovto tuyvoovto tuyvoovto to be fair and honest, shew good feeling
tuyvooouvq tuyvooouvq tuyvooouvq tuyvooouvq kindness of heart, considerateness, indulgence
tuyvoov tuyvoov tuyvoov tuyvoov of good feeling, kindhearted, considerate, reasonable, indulgent
tuyvooo, tuyvooo, tuyvooo, tuyvooo, well-known, familiar
tuyoo, tuyoo, tuyoo, tuyoo, well-nailed, well-fastened
tuyovio tuyovio tuyovio tuyovio fruitfulness
tuyovo, tuyovo, tuyovo, tuyovo, productive.
tuypoo, tuypoo, tuypoo, tuypoo, well-drawn
tuypoq, tuypoq, tuypoq, tuypoq, well-painted
tuyupo, tuyupo, tuyupo, tuyupo, well-circling
tuyovio tuyovio tuyovio tuyovio regularity of angels
tuyovio, tuyovio, tuyovio, tuyovio, with regular angles
tuoioio, tuoioio, tuoioio, tuoioio, beautifully wrought
tuoiovto tuoiovto tuoiovto tuoiovto to be prosperous, well off, happy
tuoiovio tuoiovio tuoiovio tuoiovio prosperity, good fortune, wealth, weal, happiness
tuoiovio tuoiovio tuoiovio tuoiovio to call
tuoiovi|o, tuoiovi|o, tuoiovi|o, tuoiovi|o, conducive to happiness
tuoiov tuoiov tuoiov tuoiov blessed with a good genius
tuo|puo, tuo|puo, tuo|puo, tuo|puo, tearful, lamentable
tuoovo, tuoovo, tuoovo, tuoovo, of much expense, liberal
tutitio, tutitio, tutitio, tutitio, very clear, distinct, far-seen
tutivo, tutivo, tutivo, tutivo, with goodly feasts
tutvpo, tutvpo, tutvpo, tutvpo, well-wooded, abounding in fair trees
tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, quite clear, manifest
tuiooo, tuiooo, tuiooo, tuiooo, easy to cross
tuiooio, tuiooio, tuiooio, tuiooio, easy to misrepresent
tuioio, tuioio, tuioio, tuioio, living temperately
tuioiio|o, tuioiio|o, tuioiio|o, tuioiio|o, easy to reconcile, placable
tuiovo tuiovo tuiovo tuiovo ruler of the calm
tuio tuio tuio tuio fair weather
Page 260
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuitivo, tuitivo, tuitivo, tuitivo, sheltered spots
tui|io tui|io tui|io tui|io righteous dealing
tuivqo, tuivqo, tuivqo, tuivqo, easily-turning
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, calm, fine, clear
tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, well-built
tuo|to tuo|to tuo|to tuo|to to be well pleased
tuo|io tuo|io tuo|io tuo|io satisfaction, approval
tuo|ito tuo|ito tuo|ito tuo|ito to be of good repute, to be held in esteem, honoured, famous, popular
tuo|iqoi, tuo|iqoi, tuo|iqoi, tuo|iqoi, good repute, credit
tuo|io, tuo|io, tuo|io, tuo|io, in good repute, honoured, famous, glorious
tuoto tuoto tuoto tuoto to be in good repute, to be honoured, famous
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio good repute, credit, honour, glory
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, of good repute, honoured, famous, glorious
tupo|q, tupo|q, tupo|q, tupo|q, sharp-sighted
tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, running well, swift of foot
tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, with plenteous dew, abounding in water
tuo tuo tuo tuo to sleep, lie down to sleep
tutovo, tutovo, tutovo, tutovo, richly-robed
tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, with beautiful seat, on stately throne
tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, well-shaped, goodly, beautiful, beauteous
tutiio, tutiio, tutiio, tutiio, sunny, warm
tutiov tutiov tutiov tutiov well-robed
tutipo, tutipo, tutipo, tutipo, with
tutity|o, tutity|o, tutity|o, tutity|o, easy to refute: easy to test
tutii, tutii, tutii, tutii, of good hope, hopeful, cheerful, sanguine
tutoitio, tutoitio, tutoitio, tutoitio, easy to wipe out
tutooqo, tutooqo, tutooqo, tutooqo, easily deceived
tutio tutio tutio tutio a good habit of body, good state of health, high health
tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, easy to get out of
tuttio tuttio tuttio tuttio beauty of language, eloquence
tutq, tutq, tutq, tutq, well-speaking, eloquent, melodious
tutioo, tutioo, tutioo, tutioo, easy of attack
tutiouituo, tutiouituo, tutiouituo, tutiouituo, exposed to treachery
tutito, tutito, tutito, tutito, easy to set upon
tutio|o, tutio|o, tutio|o, tutio|o, easily put in order, docile
tutpytoio tutpytoio tutpytoio tutpytoio well-doing
tutpytto tutpytto tutpytto tutpytto to do well, do good
tutpytqo tutpytqo tutpytqo tutpytqo a service done, kindness
tutpytq, tutpytq, tutpytq, tutpytq, a well-doer, benefactor
tutpytqto, tutpytqto, tutpytqto, tutpytqto, one must shew kindness to
tutpyq, tutpyq, tutpyq, tutpyq, well-wrought, well-made
tutpyo, tutpyo, tutpyo, tutpyo, doing good
tutp|q, tutp|q, tutp|q, tutp|q, well-fenced, well-walled
tutpvq, tutpvq, tutpvq, tutpvq, sprouting well, flourishing
tutoo tutoo tutoo tutoo well-being, tranquillity, prosperity
tutqpio tutqpio tutqpio tutqpio goodness of season, a good season
Page 261
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tutupto, tutupto, tutupto, tutupto, easy to find
tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, easy to come at, assailable, accessible
tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, emulous in good
tuuyo, tuuyo, tuuyo, tuuyo, well-benched
tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, well-girdled
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, quite pure, unmixed
tuqytoio tuqytoio tuqytoio tuqytoio good government
tuqtio tuqtio tuqtio tuqtio goodness of heart, good nature, guilelessness, simplicity, honesty
tuqq, tuqq, tuqq, tuqq, good-hearted, open-hearted, simpleminded, guileless
tuqiooi tuqiooi tuqiooi tuqiooi to play the fool
tuqi|o, tuqi|o, tuqi|o, tuqi|o, good-natured
tuq|q, tuq|q, tuq|q, tuq|q, well-pointed
tuq|ou, tuq|ou, tuq|ou, tuq|ou, inclined to give ear
tuqio|oo, tuqio|oo, tuqio|oo, tuqio|oo, spinning well
tuqioo, tuqioo, tuqioo, tuqioo, easy to drive
tuqiio, tuqiio, tuqiio, tuqiio, well-sunned, sunny, genial
tuqtpto tuqtpto tuqtpto tuqtpto to spend the day cheerfully, live happily from day to day
tuqtpio tuqtpio tuqtpio tuqtpio fineness of the day, good weather
tuqtpo, tuqtpo, tuqtpo, tuqtpo, of a fine day
tuqvto, tuqvto, tuqvto, tuqvto, well as to the winds
tuqvio, tuqvio, tuqvio, tuqvio, obedient to the rein, tractable
tuqvopio tuqvopio tuqvopio tuqvopio manliness, manly virtue
tuqvop tuqvop tuqvop tuqvop man-exalting, glorious
tuqpto, tuqpto, tuqpto, tuqpto, well fitted to the oar
tuqpq, tuqpq, tuqpq, tuqpq, well-fitted
tuqpuo, tuqpuo, tuqpuo, tuqpuo, easy to draw out
tuqpio, tuqpio, tuqpio, tuqpio, with good thread, well-woven
tuq_qo, tuq_qo, tuq_qo, tuq_qo, well-sounding, tuneful
tuoioooo, tuoioooo, tuoioooo, tuoioooo, prosperous by sea
tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, blooming, flourishing
tuopoq, tuopoq, tuopoq, tuopoq, of good courage
tutpotuo, tutpotuo, tutpotuo, tutpotuo, easily won by kindness
tutio tutio tutio tutio to set in order, arrange well
tuto, tuto, tuto, tuto, well-arranged
tuqyq, tuqyq, tuqyq, tuqyq, sharpening well
tuqiq, tuqiq, tuqiq, tuqiq, well-nurtured, thriving, goodly
tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, with distended udder
tuqoouvq tuqoouvq tuqoouvq tuqoouvq good management
tuqov tuqov tuqov tuqov setting in order
tuqvto tuqvto tuqvto tuqvto to thrive, flourish, prosper
tuqpoo, tuqpoo, tuqpoo, tuqpoo, easy to catch
tuqpo, tuqpo, tuqpo, tuqpo, lucky
tuqooupo, tuqooupo, tuqooupo, tuqooupo, well-stored, precious
tui|o, tui|o, tui|o, tui|o, touching the point, clever
tuvqoio, tuvqoio, tuvqoio, tuvqoio, in
tuoivo, tuoivo, tuoivo, tuoivo, with rich banquet: sumptuous
Page 262
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tupiy|o, tupiy|o, tupiy|o, tupiy|o, well-coped
tupi tupi tupi tupi with beautiful hair
tupovo, tupovo, tupovo, tupovo, with beautiful throne
tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, loud-sounding
tupuo, tupuo, tupuo, tupuo, easily broken, crumbling
tuuoiio tuuoiio tuuoiio tuuoiio a direct throw
tuuoio, tuuoio, tuuoio, tuuoio, throwing straight.
tuui|io tuui|io tuui|io tuui|io an open, direct trial
tuui|o, tuui|o, tuui|o, tuui|o, righteous-judging
tuutpyq, tuutpyq, tuutpyq, tuutpyq, accurately wrought
tuuovoo, tuuovoo, tuuovoo, tuuovoo, quick-killing, mortal
tuuo_q, tuuo_q, tuuo_q, tuuo_q, fighting openly
tuuo_io tuuo_io tuuo_io tuuo_io a fair fight
tuuto tuuto tuuto tuuto to be of good cheer
tuuqto, tuuqto, tuuqto, tuuqto, one must be cheerful
tuuio tuuio tuuio tuuio cheerfulness, tranquillity
tuuo, tuuo, tuuo, tuuo, bountiful, generous
tuuvo tuuvo tuuvo tuuvo a setting straight, correction, chastisement
tuuvo, tuuvo, tuuvo, tuuvo, a corrector, chastiser, judge
tuuvqpio, tuuvqpio, tuuvqpio, tuuvqpio, directing, ruling
tuuvqp tuuvqp tuuvqp tuuvqp a corrector, chastiser
tuuvq, tuuvq, tuuvq, tuuvq, a ruler
tuuvo tuuvo tuuvo tuuvo to guide straight, direct
tuuopto tuuopto tuuopto tuuopto to go straight forward
tuuopo, tuuopo, tuuopo, tuuopo, going straight
tuuppqovto tuuppqovto tuuppqovto tuuppqovto to speak in a straightforward manner
tuuppqov tuuppqov tuuppqov tuuppqov plain-spoken
tuupoo, tuupoo, tuupoo, tuupoo, with beautiful shaft
tuu, tuu, tuu, tuu, straight, direct
tuu, tuu, tuu, tuu, straight
tuuoovo, tuuoovo, tuuoovo, tuuoovo, well-fringed
tuupov tuupov tuupov tuupov right-minded
tuuopo, tuuopo, tuuopo, tuuopo, in a straight direction
tuopq tuopq tuopq tuopq well-mailed
tuio|o, tuio|o, tuio|o, tuio|o, Bacchic
tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, easy to heal
tuitpo, tuitpo, tuitpo, tuitpo, very holy
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, Euios, Evius
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, well-horsed, delighting in horses
tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, for good knowledge
tu|ooipto, tu|ooipto, tu|ooipto, tu|ooipto, easy to conquer
tu|ot|o, tu|ot|o, tu|ot|o, tu|ot|o, easy to keep under
tu|oipto tu|oipto tu|oipto tu|oipto to devote one's leisure
tu|oipio tu|oipio tu|oipio tu|oipio good season, opportunity
tu|oipo, tu|oipo, tu|oipo, tu|oipo, well-timed, in season, seasonable
tu|ooo, tu|ooo, tu|ooo, tu|ooo, of easy labour, easy
Page 263
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tu|oq, tu|oq, tu|oq, tu|oq, well-curved, curved
tu|opio, tu|opio, tu|opio, tu|opio, good of heart, stout-hearted
tu|opo, tu|opo, tu|opo, tu|opo, rich in fruit, fruitful
tu|ooiuo, tu|ooiuo, tu|ooiuo, tu|ooiuo, easy to overthrow
tu|oopovqo, tu|oopovqo, tu|oopovqo, tu|oopovqo, easy to be despised, contemptible, despicable
tu|otpyooo, tu|otpyooo, tu|otpyooo, tu|otpyooo, easy to work
tu|oqyopqo, tu|oqyopqo, tu|oqyopqo, tu|oqyopqo, easy to blame, open to accusation
tu|too, tu|too, tu|too, tu|too, easy to cleave
tu|tioo, tu|tioo, tu|tioo, tu|tioo, well-sounding, melodious
tu|tvpo, tu|tvpo, tu|tvpo, tu|tvpo, pointed
tu|tpoo, tu|tpoo, tu|tpoo, tu|tpoo, with beautiful horns
tu|qiqtipo tu|qiqtipo tu|qiqtipo tu|qiqtipo she that lulls
tu|qio, tu|qio, tu|qio, tu|qio, free from care, at one's ease
tu|ivqo, tu|ivqo, tu|ivqo, tu|ivqo, easily moved
tu|iooo, tu|iooo, tu|iooo, tu|iooo, ivied
tu|iov tu|iov tu|iov tu|iov with beautiful pillars
tu|itq, tu|itq, tu|itq, tu|itq, of good report, famous, glorious
tu|itio tu|itio tu|itio tu|itio good repute, glory
tu|itio tu|itio tu|itio tu|itio to praise, laud
tu|itivo, tu|itivo, tu|itivo, tu|itivo, much-famed
tu|iqpto tu|iqpto tu|iqpto tu|iqpto to have a good lot
tu|iqpo, tu|iqpo, tu|iqpo, tu|iqpo, fortunate, happy
tu|iooo, tu|iooo, tu|iooo, tu|iooo, well-spun
tu|vqi, tu|vqi, tu|vqi, tu|vqi, well-equipped with greaves, well-greaved
tu|vqo, tu|vqo, tu|vqo, tu|vqo, with beautiful legs
tu|oivovqo, tu|oivovqo, tu|oivovqo, tu|oivovqo, easy to deal with
tu|oiio tu|oiio tu|oiio tu|oiio contentedness, good temper
tu|oiio, tu|oiio, tu|oiio, tu|oiio, gluing well, sticky
tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, easily satisfied, contented with one's food
tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, with fair bosom
tu|oiq, tu|oiq, tu|oiq, tu|oiq, well cared for
tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, fair-haired
tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, loud-sounding
tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, tu|oo, with easy labour, easy
tu|ooqo, tu|ooqo, tu|ooqo, tu|ooqo, well-adorned
tu|ooio tu|ooio tu|ooio tu|ooio orderly behaviour, good conduct, decency
tu|ooo, tu|ooo, tu|ooo, tu|ooo, behaving well, orderly, decorous
tu|poipo, tu|poipo, tu|poipo, tu|poipo, with fine horns
tu|pooio tu|pooio tu|pooio tu|pooio a good temperature, mildness
tu|po, tu|po, tu|po, tu|po, mixing readily with
tu|poo, tu|poo, tu|poo, tu|poo, well-mixed, temperate
tu|pt|o, tu|pt|o, tu|pt|o, tu|pt|o, well-struck, well-woven
tu|pqvo, tu|pqvo, tu|pqvo, tu|pqvo, well-watered
tu|pio, tu|pio, tu|pio, tu|pio, rich in barley
tu|pivto tu|pivto tu|pivto tu|pivto to keep distinct, keep in order
tu|pivq, tu|pivq, tu|pivq, tu|pivq, well-separated
Page 264
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tu|pooio, tu|pooio, tu|pooio, tu|pooio, accompanied by castanets
tu|poqo, tu|poqo, tu|poqo, tu|poqo, well-hammered, well-wrought
tu|puo, tu|puo, tu|puo, tu|puo, easy to hide
tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, tu|oio, of
tu|tovo, tu|tovo, tu|tovo, tu|tovo, wealthy
tu|tovo, tu|tovo, tu|tovo, tu|tovo, with straight fibres, slender, tall
tu|qov tu|qov tu|qov tu|qov wealthy
tu|qo, tu|qo, tu|qo, tu|qo, easily gotten
tu|i|o, tu|i|o, tu|i|o, tu|i|o, expressing a wish, votive
tu|itvo, tu|itvo, tu|itvo, tu|itvo, well-built
tu|o, tu|o, tu|o, tu|o, wished for
tu|u|io, tu|u|io, tu|u|io, tu|u|io, well-rounded, round
tu|uii|o, tu|uii|o, tu|uii|o, tu|uii|o, suited to the wine-cup
tuiotio tuiotio tuiotio tuiotio discretion, caution, circumspection
tuiotooi tuiotooi tuiotooi tuiotooi to behave like the
tuioq, tuioq, tuioq, tuioq, taking hold well, holding fast: &mdash
tuioqto, tuioqto, tuioqto, tuioqto, one must beware
tuioo tuioo tuioo tuioo to plough
tuio|o tuio|o tuio|o tuio|o a ploughshare
tuioio, tuioio, tuioio, tuioio, sweetly-speaking
tuio_ovo, tuio_ovo, tuio_ovo, tuio_ovo, fruitful in herbs
tuitiov tuitiov tuitiov tuitiov with goodly meadows
tuit|po, tuit|po, tuit|po, tuit|po, bringing wedded happiness, blessing marriage
tuiq tuiq tuiq tuiq a worm
tuiqo, tuiqo, tuiqo, tuiqo, easily taken hold of
tuiqpo tuiqpo tuiqpo tuiqpo reins
tuiitvo, tuiitvo, tuiitvo, tuiitvo, with good harbours
tuioyto tuioyto tuioyto tuioyto to speak well of, praise, honour
tuioyqo, tuioyqo, tuioyqo, tuioyqo, blessed
tuioyio tuioyio tuioyio tuioyio good
tuioyioo, tuioyioo, tuioyioo, tuioyioo, rightly reckoning, thoughtful
tuioyo, tuioyo, tuioyo, tuioyo, having good reason, reasonable, sensible
tuioy_o, tuioy_o, tuioy_o, tuioy_o, propitious
tuiottipo tuiottipo tuiottipo tuiottipo with fine baths
tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, well-plumed
tuio_o, tuio_o, tuio_o, tuio_o, helping in childbirth
tuiupo, tuiupo, tuiupo, tuiupo, playing well on the lyre, skilled in the lyre
tuiupo, tuiupo, tuiupo, tuiupo, easy to untie
tuotio tuotio tuotio tuotio readiness in learning, docility
tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, ready
tuoiio, tuoiio, tuoiio, tuoiio, of fine wool
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, abounding in fennel
tuoptio tuoptio tuoptio tuoptio easiness, ease, opportunity
tuopq, tuopq, tuopq, tuopq, easy, convenient, without trouble
tuopi, tuopi, tuopi, tuopi, an Asiatic shoe
tutytq, tutytq, tutytq, tutytq, of good size, very large
Page 265
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tutiovo, tutiovo, tutiovo, tutiovo, well-blackened, inky
tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, musical, rhythmical
tutvtio tutvtio tutvtio tutvtio the character of the
tutvtq, tutvtq, tutvtq, tutvtq, a well-wisher
tutvto tutvto tutvto tutvto to be gracious
tutvq, tutvq, tutvq, tutvq, well-disposed, favourable, gracious, kindly
tutvit, tutvit, tutvit, tutvit, the gracious goddesses
tutviooi tutviooi tutviooi tutviooi to propitiate
tutoiqo, tutoiqo, tutoiqo, tutoiqo, easily changed
tutooio, tutooio, tutooio, tutooio, changeable
tutooo, tutooo, tutooo, tutooo, readily imparting, generous
tutotioo, tutotioo, tutotioo, tutotioo, easy to persuade
tuto_tipioo, tuto_tipioo, tuto_tipioo, tuto_tipioo, easy to handle
tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, well-measured, well-calculated
tuq|q, tuq|q, tuq|q, tuq|q, of a good length, tall
tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, tuqio, rich in sheep
tuqpuo, tuqpuo, tuqpuo, tuqpuo, easy to spin out
tuqi, tuqi, tuqi, tuqi, of good counsel, prudent
tuq_ovio tuq_ovio tuq_ovio tuq_ovio inventive skill
tuq_ovo, tuq_ovo, tuq_ovo, tuq_ovo, skilful in contriving, ingenious, inventive
tuiqo, tuiqo, tuiqo, tuiqo, easily imitated
tuioqo, tuioqo, tuioqo, tuioqo, exposed to hatred
tuio, tuio, tuio, tuio, with fine threads
tuipo, tuipo, tuipo, tuipo, with beautiful
tutiiq, tutiiq, tutiiq, tutiiq, armed with good ashen spear
tuvqovtuo, tuvqovtuo, tuvqovtuo, tuvqovtuo, easy to remember
tuvqov tuvqov tuvqov tuvqov easy to remember
tuvqoo, tuvqoo, tuvqoo, tuvqoo, well-remembering, mindful of
tuoipio tuoipio tuoipio tuoipio happy possession
tuoipo, tuoipo, tuoipo, tuoipo, blest with possessions
tuoito tuoito tuoito tuoito to sing well
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, sweetly singing
tuopio tuopio tuopio tuopio beauty of form, symmetry
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, fair of form, comely, goodly
tuouoo, tuouoo, tuouoo, tuouoo, skilled in the arts
tuo_o, tuo_o, tuo_o, tuo_o, laborious
tuuo, tuuo, tuuo, tuuo, eloquent
tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, loud-bellowing
tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo to lay
tuvoitoov tuvoitoov tuvoitoov tuvoitoov well-situated
tuvoio, tuvoio, tuvoio, tuvoio, in one's bed
tuvooio, tuvooio, tuvooio, tuvooio, good for sleeping in
tuvoqpiov tuvoqpiov tuvoqpiov tuvoqpiov a sleeping-place, bed-chamber
tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo to lay
tuvto, tuvto, tuvto, tuvto, well furnished with ships
tuvqtv tuvqtv tuvqtv tuvqtv from
Page 266
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuvqo tuvqo tuvqo tuvqo marriage
tuvq tuvq tuvq tuvq a bed
tuvqqp tuvqqp tuvqqp tuvqqp a bedfellow, husband
tuvi, tuvi, tuvi, tuvi, reft of, bereaved of
tuvi, tuvi, tuvi, tuvi, a bedfellow, wife
tuvvqo, tuvvqo, tuvvqo, tuvvqo, well-spun
tuvoto tuvoto tuvoto tuvoto to be well-inclined
tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio good-will, favour, kindness
tuvoi|o, tuvoi|o, tuvoi|o, tuvoi|o, well-disposed, kindly, favourable
tuvotooi tuvotooi tuvotooi tuvotooi to have good laws, to be orderly
tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio good order, order
tuvoo, tuvoo, tuvoo, tuvoo, under good laws, well-ordered
tuvou, tuvou, tuvou, tuvou, well-minded, well-disposed, kindly, friendly
tuvou_o, tuvou_o, tuvou_o, tuvou_o, a eunuch
tuvoo, tuvoo, tuvoo, tuvoo, moving well
tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, well-carded
tutvo, tutvo, tutvo, tutvo, kind to strangers, hospitable
tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, tutoo, well-planed, well-polished
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, with polished haft
tuoto tuoto tuoto tuoto to have a free course
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio a good journey, wishes for a good journey
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, easy to pass
tuooo tuooo tuooo tuooo to help on the way
tuoivo, tuoivo, tuoivo, tuoivo, producing good wine
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, wealthy, prosperous
tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, tuooioyqo, easy to concede, indisputable
tuoito tuoito tuoito tuoito to be well-equipt
tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio a good state of arms and equipments
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, well-armed, well-equipt
tuopyqoio tuopyqoio tuopyqoio tuopyqoio gentleness of temper
tuopyqo, tuopyqo, tuopyqo, tuopyqo, good-tempered:&mdash
tuop|to tuop|to tuop|to tuop|to to be faithful to one's oath
tuop|io tuop|io tuop|io tuop|io fidelity to one's oath
tuop|o, tuop|o, tuop|o, tuop|o, keeping one's oath, faithful to one's oath
tuop|oo tuop|oo tuop|oo tuop|oo a faithful oath
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, with good mooring-places
tuopvi, tuopvi, tuopvi, tuopvi, abounding in birds
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, well-roofed
tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, sweet-smelling, fragrant
tuooio, tuooio, tuooio, tuooio, with beautiful eyes
tuopu, tuopu, tuopu, tuopu, with fine eyebrows
tuo_to tuo_to tuo_to tuo_to to be in good case
tuo_o, tuo_o, tuo_o, tuo_o, with goodly banks, fertile
tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, tuoyq, compact, firm, strong
tuotio tuotio tuotio tuotio the enjoyment of good things, comfort, ease
tuoto tuoto tuoto tuoto to be well off, enjoy oneself, make merry
Page 267
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, enjoying good things, easy.
tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio a goodly race of children
tuoi, tuoi, tuoi, tuoi, blest in one's children
tuoioo, tuoioo, tuoioo, tuoioo, handy, skilful, ingenious, inventive
tuopoyoyo, tuopoyoyo, tuopoyoyo, tuopoyoyo, easy to lead astray
tuopoiqo, tuopoiqo, tuopoiqo, tuopoiqo, placable
tuopo|oiouqo, tuopo|oiouqo, tuopo|oiouqo, tuopo|oiouqo, easy to follow
tuopo|oioo, tuopo|oioo, tuopo|oioo, tuopo|oioo, easy to convey
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, with beauteous cheeks
tuopotioo, tuopotioo, tuopotioo, tuopotioo, easily led away
tuoptpo, tuoptpo, tuoptpo, tuoptpo, constantly attending
tuopouvo, tuopouvo, tuopouvo, tuopouvo, rendered irritable
tuopopqo, tuopopqo, tuopopqo, tuopopqo, easily excited
tuopuo, tuopuo, tuopuo, tuopuo, with fine purple border
tuotptio tuotptio tuotptio tuotptio daughter of a noble sire
tuopiq, tuopiq, tuopiq, tuopiq, of good
tuopi, tuopi, tuopi, tuopi, born of a noble sire
tuoop tuoop tuoop tuoop born of a noble sire
tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, ready to obey, obedient
tutioo, tutioo, tutioo, tutioo, easily persuaded
tuttio, tuttio, tuttio, tuttio, tranquil, placable
tutvtpo, tutvtpo, tutvtpo, tutvtpo, with a good father-in-law
tutio, tutio, tutio, tutio, beautifully robed
tuto, tuto, tuto, tuto, easy of digestion
tutpioyoyo, tutpioyoyo, tutpioyoyo, tutpioyoyo, easily turned round
tutpiypoo, tutpiypoo, tutpiypoo, tutpiypoo, easy to sketch out, with a good outline
tutpioooo, tutpioooo, tutpioooo, tutpioooo, easy to pull away
tutpiooo, tutpiooo, tutpiooo, tutpiooo, easily besetting
tutoio, tutoio, tutoio, tutoio, with beautiful leaves
tuttio tuttio tuttio tuttio ease
tutq, tutq, tutq, tutq, falling well
tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, of good hard stone
tuqyq, tuqyq, tuqyq, tuqyq, well-built, stout
tuq|o, tuq|o, tuq|o, tuq|o, well-built
tuqiq tuqiq tuqiq tuqiq with beautiful helmet
tuqvo, tuqvo, tuqvo, tuqvo, of fine texture
tuq_u, tuq_u, tuq_u, tuq_u, with beautiful arms
tuio tuio tuio tuio abounding in fountains
tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, trustworthy, trusty
tuiov tuiov tuiov tuiov very fat: very rich
tuioq, tuioq, tuioq, tuioq, of a good breadth
tuitio, tuitio, tuitio, tuitio, well filled
tuit|o, tuit|o, tuit|o, tuit|o, well-plaited, well-twisted
tuioio tuioio tuioio tuioio a fair voyage
tuio|oo, tuio|oo, tuio|oo, tuio|oo, with goodly locks, fairhaired
tuiou, tuiou, tuiou, tuiou, good for sailing
Page 268
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuiuvq, tuiuvq, tuiuvq, tuiuvq, well-washed, well-cleansed
tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, tuioo, favourable to sailing
tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio tuvoio easiness of breathing.
tuvou, tuvou, tuvou, tuvou, breathing well, breathing a sweet smell, sweet-smelling
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio goodness of foot
tuoiqi|o, tuoiqi|o, tuoiqi|o, tuoiqi|o, beneficent
tuoiqo, tuoiqo, tuoiqo, tuoiqo, well-made, well-wrought
tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio beneficence
tuoi|iio, tuoi|iio, tuoi|iio, tuoi|iio, much varied, variegated
tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, rich in wool, fleecy
tuoito, tuoito, tuoito, tuoito, good at war, successful in war
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, conducting to a happy issue
tuopto tuopto tuopto tuopto to prosper, thrive, be well off
tuopio tuopio tuopio tuopio an easy way
tuopioo, tuopioo, tuopioo, tuopioo, easy to procure
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, easy to pass
tuoto tuoto tuoto tuoto to be lucky, fortunate
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio good fortune
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, happy, prosperous
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, easy to drink, pleasant to the taste
tuou, tuou, tuou, tuou, with good feet
tupoyto tupoyto tupoyto tupoyto to do well, be well off, flourish
tupoyio tupoyio tupoyio tupoyio well-doing, well-being, welfare, success
tupo|o, tupo|o, tupo|o, tupo|o, easy to be done
tupoio tupoio tupoio tupoio good conduct
tuptvo, tuptvo, tuptvo, tuptvo, with good stem
tupttio tupttio tupttio tupttio goodly appearance, dignity, comeliness
tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, well-looking, goodly, comely
tupqoo, tupqoo, tupqoo, tupqoo, well-blowing, strong-blowing
tupoot|o, tupoot|o, tupoot|o, tupoot|o, acceptable.
tupooqyopo, tupooqyopo, tupooqyopo, tupooqyopo, easy of address
tupooio, tupooio, tupooio, tupooio, easy of access
tupoooo, tupoooo, tupoooo, tupoooo, accessible, affable
tupoooioo, tupoooioo, tupoooioo, tupoooioo, easy of approach
tupoooto tupoooto tupoooto tupoooto to make a fair show
tupoooo|oiq, tupoooo|oiq, tupoooo|oiq, tupoooo|oiq, lying so as to present a fair face
tupoooo, tupoooo, tupoooo, tupoooo, fair of face
tupoooioo, tupoooioo, tupoooioo, tupoooioo, with good pretext, plausible
tupuvo, tupuvo, tupuvo, tupuvo, with goodly stern
tupopo, tupopo, tupopo, tupopo, with goodly prow
tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, tutpo, well-winged, well-plumed
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, finely branching
tuupyo, tuupyo, tuupyo, tuupyo, well-towered
tu tu tu tu well
tuoyov tuoyov tuoyov tuoyov well-bearded
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, abounding in foals
Page 269
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tupo tupo tupo tupo on one side, sideways
tuptoi, tuptoi, tuptoi, tuptoi, a finding, discovery
tuptto, tuptto, tuptto, tuptto, to be discovered, found out
tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, an inventor, discoverer
tupti|o, tupti|o, tupti|o, tupti|o, inventive, ingenious
tupto, tupto, tupto, tupto, discoverable
tupqo tupqo tupqo tupqo an invention, discovery
tupqoitq, tupqoitq, tupqoitq, tupqoitq, inventive of words, fluent
tupivo, tupivo, tupivo, tupivo, of good leather
tupiitio, tupiitio, tupiitio, tupiitio, of
tupiiiov tupiiiov tupiiiov tupiiiov little Euripides
tupio, tupio, tupio, tupio, a place where the flux and reflux is strong
tupio|o tupio|o tupio|o tupio|o to find
tupi, tupi, tupi, tupi, with a good nose
tupoto tupoto tupoto tupoto to flow well
tupoio tupoio tupoio tupoio a good flow, free passage
tupoiqo, tupoiqo, tupoiqo, tupoiqo, loud-whizzing
tupo|iuov tupo|iuov tupo|iuov tupo|iuov a storm from the East
tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, easily inclining, easy-sliding
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, the East wind
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, breadth, width
tuppoq, tuppoq, tuppoq, tuppoq, well-stitched
tupptq, tupptq, tupptq, tupptq, fair-flowing
tuppqvo, tuppqvo, tuppqvo, tuppqvo, of a good sheep
tuppou, tuppou, tuppou, tuppou, flowing well
tupuoyuio tupuoyuio tupuoyuio tupuoyuio with wide streets
tupuoio, tupuoio, tupuoio, tupuoio, with wide threshing-floor
tupuio tupuio tupuio tupuio rhythmical order
tupuo, tupuo, tupuo, tupuo, rhythmical
tupu|ptiov tupu|ptiov tupu|ptiov tupu|ptiov wide-ruling
tupuitiov tupuitiov tupuitiov tupuitiov with broad meadows
tuputoo, tuputoo, tuputoo, tuputoo, broad-fronted
tupuvo tupuvo tupuvo tupuvo to broaden
tupuvoo, tupuvoo, tupuvoo, tupuvoo, broad-backed
tupuotio tupuotio tupuotio tupuotio with broad, open ways
tupuoo tupuoo tupuoo tupuoo the far-seeing
tuputo, tuputo, tuputo, tuputo, with broad surface
tupuopo, tupuopo, tupuopo, tupuopo, with broad ways
tupupo|io tupupo|io tupupo|io tupupo|io lewdness
tupupo|o, tupupo|o, tupupo|o, tupupo|o, lewd, filthy
tupuuiq, tupuuiq, tupuuiq, tupuuiq, with broad gates
tupupttpo, tupupttpo, tupupttpo, tupupttpo, with broad channel, broadflowing
tupuptov tupuptov tupuptov tupuptov broad-flowing
tupuoo|q, tupuoo|q, tupuoo|q, tupuoo|q, with broad shield
tupuotvq, tupuotvq, tupuotvq, tupuotvq, of far-extended might, mighty
tupuoopo, tupuoopo, tupuoopo, tupuoopo, with wide bier
Page 270
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tupu, tupu, tupu, tupu, wide, broad
tupuotpvo, tupuotpvo, tupuotpvo, tupuotpvo, broad-breasted
tupuooo, tupuooo, tupuooo, tupuooo, wide-mouthed
tupuio, tupuio, tupuio, tupuio, wide, far-honoured
tupuoptpq, tupuoptpq, tupuoptpq, tupuoptpq, with wide quiver
tupuuq, tupuuq, tupuuq, tupuuq, broad-growing
tupu_oq, tupu_oq, tupu_oq, tupu_oq, wide-mouthed
tupu_oiq, tupu_oiq, tupu_oiq, tupu_oiq, with wide-streaming hair
tupu_opo, tupu_opo, tupu_opo, tupu_opo, with broad places, spacious
tupu_opio tupu_opio tupu_opio tupu_opio open space, free room
tupu_opo, tupu_opo, tupu_opo, tupu_opo, roomy, wide
tupoyq, tupoyq, tupoyq, tupoyq, abounding in grapes
tupoti, tupoti, tupoti, tupoti, mouldy, dank
tupoq tupoq tupoq tupoq Europa, Europe
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, mould, dank decay
tupooio tupooio tupooio tupooio stoutness, strength
tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, stout, strong
tupoioo tupoioo tupoioo tupoioo to be
tuoop|o, tuoop|o, tuoop|o, tuoop|o, fleshy, in good case, plump
tuottio tuottio tuottio tuottio reverence towards the gods, piety, religion
tuotto tuotto tuotto tuotto to live
tuotq, tuotq, tuotq, tuotq, righteous
tuotio, tuotio, tuotio, tuotio, well-benched, with good banks of oars
tuoto, tuoto, tuoto, tuoto, much reverenced, holy
tuoqo, tuoqo, tuoqo, tuoqo, of good signs
tuotvto tuotvto tuotvto tuotvto to be strong, healthy
tuotvq, tuotvq, tuotvq, tuotvq, stout, lively
tuoiuo, tuoiuo, tuoiuo, tuoiuo, with full bread-basket
tuo|ovi tuo|ovi tuo|ovi tuo|ovi abounding in chervil
tuo|opo, tuo|opo, tuo|opo, tuo|opo, swift-springing, bounding
tuo|tooo, tuo|tooo, tuo|tooo, tuo|tooo, well-protected
tuo|tuto tuo|tuto tuo|tuto tuo|tuto to be well equipt
tuo|iooo, tuo|iooo, tuo|iooo, tuo|iooo, well-shaded, shadowy
tuo|oo, tuo|oo, tuo|oo, tuo|oo, sharp-seeing, keen-sighted, watchful
tuooio tuooio tuooio tuooio happiness, prosperity
tuoou, tuoou, tuoou, tuoou, safe and well, happy
tuotipq, tuotipq, tuotipq, tuotipq, well-turned, wreathing, winding
tuoioy_vio tuoioy_vio tuoioy_vio tuoioy_vio good heart, firmness
tuoioy_vo, tuoioy_vo, tuoioy_vo, tuoioy_vo, with healthy bowels
tuoopo, tuoopo, tuoopo, tuoopo, well-sown
tu, tu, tu, tu, good, brave, noble
tuootio tuootio tuootio tuootio stability: good health, vigour
tuooto tuooto tuooto tuooto to be steady, favourable
tuooq, tuooq, tuooq, tuooq, well-based, well-built
tuooitio tuooitio tuooitio tuooitio light equipment
tuooiq, tuooiq, tuooiq, tuooiq, well-equipt
Page 271
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuoo_u, tuoo_u, tuoo_u, tuoo_u, rich in corn
tuotovo, tuotovo, tuotovo, tuotovo, well-crowned
tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, tuoiq, well-trodden
tuooo_o, tuooo_o, tuooo_o, tuooo_o, with good stomach
tuooto tuooto tuooto tuooto to sing sweetly
tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, with mouth of good size
tuoopuy tuoopuy tuoopuy tuoopuy from a good trunk
tuoou, tuoou, tuoou, tuoou, with goodly colonnades
tuoo_io tuoo_io tuoo_io tuoo_io skill in shooting at a mark, good aim
tuoo_o, tuoo_o, tuoo_o, tuoo_o, well-aimed
tuopo tuopo tuopo tuopo the place for singeing slaughtered swine
tuopto, tuopto, tuopto, tuopto, well-twisted
tuoptq, tuoptq, tuoptq, tuoptq, well-twisted
tuopooiiy tuopooiiy tuopooiiy tuopooiiy curly
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, well-twisted
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, well spread with clothes
tuouio, tuouio, tuouio, tuouio, with goodly pillars
tuouoio, tuouoio, tuouoio, tuouoio, easy to divine
tuouvtoio tuouvtoio tuouvtoio tuouvtoio shrewdness
tuouvto, tuouvto, tuouvto, tuouvto, quick of apprehension
tuouvto, tuouvto, tuouvto, tuouvto, well-compounded
tuouvoo, tuouvoo, tuouvoo, tuouvoo, easily taken in at a glance, seen at once
tuoupo, tuoupo, tuoupo, tuoupo, with beautiful ankles
tuo_qo, tuo_qo, tuo_qo, tuo_qo, with decency
tuo_qoouvq tuo_qoouvq tuo_qoouvq tuo_qoouvq gracefulness, decorum
tuo_qov tuo_qov tuo_qov tuo_qov elegant in figure, mien and bearing, graceful
tuo_ioo, tuo_ioo, tuo_ioo, tuo_ioo, easily split
tuoooto tuoooto tuoooto tuoooto to be well-grown, to be strong and lusty
tuoopo, tuoopo, tuoopo, tuoopo, with good felloes
tuo|q, tuo|q, tuo|q, tuo|q, easy to soften by heat
tuo|to tuo|to tuo|to tuo|to to be orderly, behave well
tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, well-ordered, orderly
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio good arrangement, good condition
tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, tuopoo, delicate-footed
tuti_to, tuti_to, tuti_to, tuti_to, well-walled
tut|vio tut|vio tut|vio tut|vio the blessing of children, a breed of goodly children
tut|vo, tut|vo, tut|vo, tut|vo, blest with children
tutitio tutitio tutitio tutitio cheapness
tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, tutiq, easily paid for, cheap
tut tut tut tut when, at the time when
tutpq, tutpq, tutpq, tutpq, delightful
tut_vqo, tut_vqo, tut_vqo, tut_vqo, artificially wrought
tut_vio tut_vio tut_vio tut_vio skill in art
tut_vo, tut_vo, tut_vo, tut_vo, ingenious
tuiqov tuiqov tuiqov tuiqov much-enduring, steadfast
tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, well-cut
Page 272
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuo|io tuo|io tuo|io tuo|io happy child-birth
tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, tuo|o, bringing forth easily
tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio tuoiio courage, boldness
tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, tuoio, brave-spirited, courageous
tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, well-strung, vigorous
tuopvo, tuopvo, tuopvo, tuopvo, well-turned, rounded, circular
tupoto, tupoto, tupoto, tupoto, hospitable
tupotiio tupotiio tupotiio tupotiio wit, liveliness
tupotio, tupotio, tupotio, tupotio, easily turning
tupoq, tupoq, tupoq, tupoq, well-fed, well-grown, thriving, fat
tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, readily turning
tuptio tuptio tuptio tuptio to make ready, get ready
tupto, tupto, tupto, tupto, easily changing
tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, tuptq, well-fed
tupqo, tupqo, tupqo, tupqo, well-pierced
tupioivo tupioivo tupioivo tupioivo with goodly trident
tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, versatile
tupoio tupoio tupoio tupoio good nurture, thriving condition
tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, tupoo, well-nourished.
tupo_oio, tupo_oio, tupo_oio, tupo_oio, running well, quick-moving
tupo_o, tupo_o, tupo_o, tupo_o, well-wheeled
tuu|oooi tuu|oooi tuu|oooi tuu|oooi to make ready
tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, ready
tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, tuu|o, well-made, well-wrought
tuu_to tuu_to tuu_to tuu_to to be well off, successful, prosperous
tuu_qo tuu_qo tuu_qo tuu_qo a piece of good luck, a happy issue, a success
tuu_q, tuu_q, tuu_q, tuu_q, well off, successful, lucky, fortunate, prosperous
tuu_io tuu_io tuu_io tuu_io good luck, success, prosperity
tuupo, tuupo, tuupo, tuupo, well-watered, abounding in water
tuuvo, tuuvo, tuuvo, tuuvo, celebrated in hymns
tuutpiqo, tuutpiqo, tuutpiqo, tuutpiqo, easily overcome
tuuq, tuuq, tuuq, tuuq, well-woven
tuoptpq, tuoptpq, tuoptpq, tuoptpq, with beautiful quiver
tutyyq, tutyyq, tutyyq, tutyyq, bright, brilliant
tuqto tuqto tuqto tuqto to use words of good omen
tuqio tuqio tuqio tuqio the use of words of good omen
tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, tuqo, uttering sounds of good omen
tuoyyo, tuoyyo, tuoyyo, tuoyyo, well-sounding, cheerful
tuiiq, tuiiq, tuiiq, tuiiq, well-loved
tuiiqo, tuiiqo, tuiiqo, tuiiqo, well-beloved
tuiiooi, tuiiooi, tuiiooi, tuiiooi, the children's darling
tuiioiqo, tuiioiqo, tuiioiqo, tuiioiqo, ambitious
tuit|o, tuit|o, tuit|o, tuit|o, easily set on fire
tuopqo, tuopqo, tuopqo, tuopqo, easily borne, endurable
tuopiy tuopiy tuopiy tuopiy with beautiful lyre
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, well
Page 273
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, well-freighted, well-ballasted
tupoq, tupoq, tupoq, tupoq, well-expressed
tupoivo tupoivo tupoivo tupoivo to cheer, delight, gladden
tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, tupooo, easy to speak
tupovtov tupovtov tupovtov tupovtov well-meaning, well-judging
tupovq tupovq tupovq tupovq the kindly time
tupoouvq tupoouvq tupoouvq tupoouvq mirth, merriment
tupoouvo, tupoouvo, tupoouvo, tupoouvo, in good cheer
tupov tupov tupov tupov cheerful, gladsome, merry
tuuq, tuuq, tuuq, tuuq, well-grown, shapely, goodly
tuuio tuuio tuuio tuuio natural goodness of shape, shapeliness
tuuio|o, tuuio|o, tuuio|o, tuuio|o, easy to keep
tuuiio, tuuiio, tuuiio, tuuiio, well-leafed
tuovio tuovio tuovio tuovio goodness of voice
tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, sweet-voiced, musical
tu_oiq, tu_oiq, tu_oiq, tu_oiq, with beautiful hair
tu_oi|o, tu_oi|o, tu_oi|o, tu_oi|o, wrought of fine brass
tu_opi, tu_opi, tu_opi, tu_opi, pleasing, engaging, winning, gracious, popular
tu_opioto tu_opioto tu_opioto tu_opioto to be thankful, return thanks
tu_opioio tu_opioio tu_opioio tu_opioio thankfulness, gratitude
tu_opioo, tu_opioo, tu_opioo, tu_opioo, winning
tu_tip tu_tip tu_tip tu_tip quick
tu_tipoo, tu_tipoo, tu_tipoo, tu_tipoo, easy to master
tu_tptio tu_tptio tu_tptio tu_tptio dexterity
tu_tpq, tu_tpq, tu_tpq, tu_tpq, easily handled, easy to deal with, easy
tu_toooi tu_toooi tu_toooi tu_toooi to pray
tu_q tu_q tu_q tu_q a prayer, vow
tu_iio, tu_iio, tu_iio, tu_iio, feeding well
tu_iopo, tu_iopo, tu_iopo, tu_iopo, rich in goats
tu_iou, tu_iou, tu_iou, tu_iou, verdant
tu_ooi tu_ooi tu_ooi tu_ooi to pray, offer prayers, pay one's vows, make a vow
tu_opo, tu_opo, tu_opo, tu_opo, well-strung
tu_o, tu_o, tu_o, tu_o, the thing prayed for, object of prayer
tu_pqoo, tu_pqoo, tu_pqoo, tu_pqoo, easy to make use of, useful, serviceable
tu_pou, tu_pou, tu_pou, tu_pou, well-coloured, of good complexion, fresh-looking, healthy
tu_puoo, tu_puoo, tu_puoo, tu_puoo, rich in gold
tu_oiq tu_oiq tu_oiq tu_oiq a prayer, vow
tu_oiioio, tu_oiioio, tu_oiioio, tu_oiioio, bound by a vow
tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, tuooo, sandy
tuu_to tuu_to tuu_to tuu_to to be of good courage
tuu_io tuu_io tuu_io tuu_io good courage, high spirit
tuu_o, tuu_o, tuu_o, tuu_o, of good courage, stout of heart, courageous
tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, tuoq, sweet-smelling, fragrant
tuoio tuoio tuoio tuoio a sweet smell
tuoiv tuoiv tuoiv tuoiv happy as a parent, fruitful
tuoitvo, tuoitvo, tuoitvo, tuoitvo, fair-armed
Page 274
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, tuovo, of fair price, cheap
tuovuo, tuovuo, tuovuo, tuovuo, of good name, honoured
tuo tuo tuo tuo to singe
tuoi, tuoi, tuoi, tuoi, fair to look on
tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, tuoo, friendly
tuopioo tuopioo tuopioo tuopioo to be negligent
tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, tuopo, careless
tuo_to tuo_to tuo_to tuo_to to treat
tuo_io tuo_io tuo_io tuo_io good cheer, feasting
tuo tuo tuo tuo fair to look on
toyiotuo toyiotuo toyiotuo toyiotuo to perform obsequies over
toyvio toyvio toyvio toyvio to perform
toiptooi toiptooi toiptooi toiptooi to be chosen to succeed
toiiooi toiiooi toiiooi toiiooi to spring upon, assail
toio, toio, toio, toio, on the sea
toiiio, toiiio, toiiio, toiiio, a match for, equal to, rivalling
tovovo tovovo tovovo tovovo to please, be grateful to
too too too too once for all
toioo toioo toioo toioo to spread
too too too too to bind on
topoo topoo topoo topoo to fit on
topooto, topooto, topooto, topooto, one must adapt
ttpo ttpo ttpo ttpo a sitting by
ttptio ttptio ttptio ttptio a sitting upon.
ttptuo ttptuo ttptuo ttptuo to sit upon, rest upon
ttpqooo ttpqooo ttpqooo ttpqooo to sit by
ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, ttpo, sitting
ttooi ttooi ttooi ttooi to sit upon
tt|o, tt|o, tt|o, tt|o, containing
tti|o tti|o tti|o tti|o to draw on, drag
ttq, ttq, ttq, ttq, in order, in a row, one after another
tti, tti, tti, tti, an excuse, pretext
tto tto tto tto to go after, follow, pursue
ttpo ttpo ttpo ttpo to creep upon
ttoio ttoio ttoio ttoio the feast of Ephesian Artemis
ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, in which there was the right of appeal
ttoi, ttoi, ttoi, ttoi, a throwing
ttotpo, ttotpo, ttotpo, ttotpo, western
ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, ttoio, at one's own fireside, at home
ttopi, ttopi, ttopi, ttopi, an upper garment, wrapper
ttq, ttq, ttq, ttq, a commander
ttq ttq ttq ttq a command, behest
ttuptq, ttuptq, ttuptq, ttuptq, an inventor, contriver
ttupio|o ttupio|o ttupio|o ttupio|o to light upon, discover
ttioooi ttioooi ttioooi ttioooi to mock
tqoo tqoo tqoo tqoo to come to man's estate, grow up to manhood
Page 275
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tqtio tqtio tqtio tqtio puberty, man's estate
tqtio, tqtio, tqtio, tqtio, youthful
tqtuo tqtuo tqtuo tqtuo to arrive at man's estate.
tqi|o, tqi|o, tqi|o, tqi|o, of
tqo, tqo, tqo, tqo, one arrived at puberty
tqoouvq tqoouvq tqoouvq tqoouvq the age of an
tqytooi tqytooi tqytooi tqytooi to lead to
tqooi tqooi tqooi tqooi to exult over
tq|o tq|o tq|o tq|o to have arrived
tqoi tqoi tqoi tqoi to be set
tqtpio tqtpio tqtpio tqtpio for the daily service of the temple
tqtpio, tqtpio, tqtpio, tqtpio, on, for
tqtpi, tqtpi, tqtpi, tqtpi, a diary, journal
tqtpo, tqtpo, tqtpo, tqtpo, living but a day, short-lived
tqitpq, tqitpq, tqitpq, tqitpq, containing seven halves
to, to, to, to, boiled, dressed
tipooi, tipooi, tipooi, tipooi, superficial perspiration
tiovo tiovo tiovo tiovo to sit at
tio tio tio tio to set upon
tiqi tiqi tiqi tiqi to send to
ti|vtooi ti|vtooi ti|vtooi ti|vtooi to reach at, aim at
ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, easy to reach, accessible
titpo, titpo, titpo, titpo, longed for, desired, charming
tioooi tioooi tioooi tioooi to ride upon
tituo tituo tituo tituo to ride upon
tiio, tiio, tiio, tiio, for putting on a horse
tio, tio, tio, tio, on horseback, riding
tioqi tioqi tioqi tioqi to set
totuo totuo totuo totuo to visit, go the rounds, patrol
toioo toioo toioo toioo to furnish with supplies for a journey
toiov toiov toiov toiov travelling-allowance
too, too, too, too, accessible
too, too, too, too, one who goes the rounds
too, too, too, too, a way towards, approach
toi|oiov toi|oiov toi|oiov toi|oiov a rudder
toi|iov toi|iov toi|iov toi|iov a tow-boat
toi|i, toi|i, toi|i, toi|i, a burdensome appendage
toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, toi|o, drawing on
toopto toopto toopto toopto to follow close after
toiio toiio toiio toiio to equip, get ready, prepare
topoi|o, topoi|o, topoi|o, topoi|o, fit for overlooking
topoo topoo topoo topoo to oversee, observe, survey
toptio toptio toptio toptio the ephoralty
toptiov toptiov toptiov toptiov the court of the ephors
toptuo toptuo toptuo toptuo to be ephor
topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, of
Page 276
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
topio, topio, topio, topio, on the border
topoivo topoivo topoivo topoivo to rush on
topoo topoo topoo topoo to stir up, rouse against
topto topto topto topto to lie moored at
topq topq topq topq a way of attack
topqoi, topqoi, topqoi, topqoi, a lying at anchor so as to watch
topio topio topio topio to bring
topo, topo, topo, topo, at anchor
topo, topo, topo, topo, an overseer, guardian, ruler
tupio tupio tupio tupio to insult over
tupio, tupio, tupio, tupio, of the water
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, wet, moist, rainy
tuvto tuvto tuvto tuvto to sing
tutpt tutpt tutpt tutpt above, atop, above
tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo tuvoo to sleep meantime
tupo tupo tupo tupo Ephyra
tuotpio tuotpio tuotpio tuotpio to come later
tuo tuo tuo tuo to rain upon
topio, topio, topio, topio, mature
t_tyyuo, t_tyyuo, t_tyyuo, t_tyyuo, having given
t_tuo, t_tuo, t_tuo, t_tuo, master of one's passion
t_tuto t_tuto t_tuto t_tuto to hold one's peace
t_tuio t_tuio t_tuio t_tuio silence, reserve
t_tuo, t_tuo, t_tuo, t_tuo, restraining speech, taciturn.
t_tvqi, t_tvqi, t_tvqi, t_tvqi, ship-detaining
t_ttu|q, t_ttu|q, t_ttu|q, t_ttu|q, bitter
t_toovo, t_toovo, t_toovo, t_toovo, bringing sorrows
t_tq, t_tq, t_tq, t_tq, a man of substance
t_tiqti, t_tiqti, t_tiqti, t_tiqti, of
t_tpovto t_tpovto t_tpovto t_tpovto to be prudent
t_tiq t_tiq t_tiq t_tiq a plough-handle
t_tpoouvq t_tpoouvq t_tpoouvq t_tpoouvq prudence, good sense
t_tpov t_tpov t_tpov t_tpov sensible, prudent, discreet
t_oipo t_oipo t_oipo t_oipo to hate, detest
t_opto, t_opto, t_opto, t_opto, to be hated
t_toivo, t_toivo, t_toivo, t_toivo, yesterday's
t_t, t_t, t_t, t_t, yesterday
t_ioo, t_ioo, t_ioo, t_ioo, most hated, most hateful
t_iov t_iov t_iov t_iov more hated, more hateful
t_ooto t_ooto t_ooto t_ooto in hostility with
t_ooo, t_ooo, t_ooo, t_ooo, hateful, detestable
t_o, t_o, t_o, t_o, hate, hatred
t_poivo t_poivo t_poivo t_poivo to hate
t_pq t_pq t_pq t_pq hatred, enmity
t_pooiov t_pooiov t_pooiov t_pooiov hated of the gods
t_potvo, t_potvo, t_potvo, t_potvo, hostile to guests, inhospitable
Page 277
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
t_po, t_po, t_po, t_po, hated, hateful
t_o t_o t_o t_o to hate
t_ivoio, t_ivoio, t_ivoio, t_ivoio, of
t_ivo t_ivo t_ivo t_ivo an adder, viper
t_ivoi t_ivoi t_ivoi t_ivoi the islands in the Ionian sea
t_ivtt, t_ivtt, t_ivtt, t_ivtt, a kind of mouse with bristly hair
t_ivo, t_ivo, t_ivo, t_ivo, the urchin, hedgehog
t_i, t_i, t_i, t_i, an adder, viper
t_o t_o t_o t_o that which holds
t_upo, t_upo, t_upo, t_upo, strong, secure
t_o t_o t_o t_o to have
tovpo tovpo tovpo tovpo cooking men
tqo tqo tqo tqo anything boiled
tqoi, tqoi, tqoi, tqoi, a boiling
tqqp tqqp tqqp tqqp a pan for boiling
tqo, tqo, tqo, tqo, boiled
tioooi tioooi tioooi tioooi to play with pebbles
tio tio tio tio a game played with pebbles.
tiiov tiiov tiiov tiiov long e
to to to to to boil, seethe
totv totv totv totv from morn
toivo, toivo, toivo, toivo, in the morning, early
toio|pooio toio|pooio toio|pooio toio|pooio a mixture of the dregs and heel-taps
toio, toio, toio, toio, a day old, kept till the morrow, stale
totv totv totv totv have enough of
totv totv totv totv to take one's fill
too, too, too, too, in
topo topo topo topo a halter
to, to, to, to, until, till
tootp tootp tootp tootp even until
tooopo, tooopo, tooopo, tooopo, bringer of morn
oy|iov oy|iov oy|iov oy|iov a reaping-hook
oq, oq, oq, oq, strong-blowing, stormy
oto, oto, oto, oto, very divine, sacred
otpq, otpq, otpq, otpq, very hot, scorching
o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, o|opo, a temple-servant
o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, o|oo, exceeding wroth
oiq oiq oiq oiq the surging
otvto otvto otvto otvto to put forth all one's might
otvq, otvq, otvq, otvq, very strong, mighty, raging
o o o o very
oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, oiqq, very full
oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, oiouo, very rich
oupo, oupo, oupo, oupo, very fiery
optq, optq, optq, optq, well-fed, fat, goodly
oityq, oityq, oityq, oityq, full of fire
Page 278
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
o_ptio, o_ptio, o_ptio, o_ptio, wanting much
o_pqq, o_pqq, o_pqq, o_pqq, attacking violently, furious, raging
o_puoo, o_puoo, o_puoo, o_puoo, rich in gold
oo oo oo oo to live
tytpit, tytpit, tytpit, tytpit, mouse
tio tio tio tio grain, spelt, a coarse wheat
tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, tiopo, zea-giving
tipo tipo tipo tipo a wide upper garment
t t t t motion towards
tuyopiov tuyopiov tuyopiov tuyopiov a puny team
tuyqioto tuyqioto tuyqioto tuyqioto to drive a yoke of oxen
tuyqioq, tuyqioq, tuyqioq, tuyqioq, the driver of a yoke of oxen, teamster
tuyiq, tuyiq, tuyiq, tuyiq, yoked in pairs
tuyiq tuyiq tuyiq tuyiq the strap
tuyo tuyo tuyo tuyo that which is used for joining, a band, bond
tuyvui tuyvui tuyvui tuyvui to yoke, put to
tuyo, tuyo, tuyo, tuyo, a yoke of beasts, a pair of mules, oxen
tuyopoo, tuyopoo, tuyopoo, tuyopoo, keeping a yoke of beasts
tu|qpio, tu|qpio, tu|qpio, tu|qpio, fit for joining
tui, tui, tui, tui, a yoking
tu, tu, tu, tu, Zeus
tupiq tupiq tupiq tupiq the west wind
tupo, tupo, tupo, tupo, Zephyrus, the west wind
to to to to to boil, seethe
qioio, qioio, qioio, qioio, jealous
qiqov qiqov qiqov qiqov jealous
qiooqp qiooqp qiooqp qiooqp giver of bliss
qioovq, qioovq, qioovq, qioovq, mad with jealousy
qio, qio, qio, qio, eager rivalry, zealous imitation, emulation
qiouto qiouto qiouto qiouto to be jealous of, to emulate, rival
qiouio qiouio qiouio qiouio jealousy, rivalry
qiouo, qiouo, qiouo, qiouo, jealous
qioo qioo qioo qioo to rival, vie with, emulate
qioo qioo qioo qioo that which is emulated
qiooi, qiooi, qiooi, qiooi, emulation, imitation
qioq, qioq, qioq, qioq, an emulator, zealous admirer
qioi|o, qioi|o, qioi|o, qioi|o, emulous
qioo, qioo, qioo, qioo, to be emulated, worthy of imitation
qio qio qio qio loss, damage
qioo qioo qioo qioo to cause loss
qioq, qioq, qioq, qioq, causing loss, ruinous
qioo qioo qioo qioo a penalty, fine
qvopov qvopov qvopov qvopov knowing the mind of Zeus
qo qo qo qo vau
qto qto qto qto to seek, seek for
qqo qqo qqo qqo that which is sought
Page 279
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qqoio, qqoio, qqoio, qqoio, to be searched
qqoi, qqoi, qqoi, qqoi, a seeking, seeking for, search for
qqto, qqto, qqto, qqto, to be sought
qqq, qqq, qqq, qqq, a seeker, inquirer
qqi|o, qqi|o, qqi|o, qqi|o, disposed to search
qqo, qqo, qqo, qqo, sought for
otpo, otpo, otpo, otpo, dusky, gloomy
oo, oo, oo, oo, the gloom of the world below, nether darkness
ooo ooo ooo ooo to darken
uyoopov uyoopov uyoopov uyoopov a chest
uyio, uyio, uyio, uyio, of
uyotoov uyotoov uyotoov uyotoov a yoke-band
uyoo_to uyoo_to uyoo_to uyoo_to to struggle with one's yoke-fellow
uyov uyov uyov uyov anything which joins two
uyoooto uyoooto uyoooto uyoooto to weigh by the balance
uyoooq, uyoooq, uyoooq, uyoooq, a public officer, who looked to the weights.
uyoopo, uyoopo, uyoopo, uyoopo, bearing the yoke
uyoo uyoo uyoo uyoo to yoke together
uyopio uyopio uyopio uyopio to weigh, examine
uyoo, uyoo, uyoo, uyoo, yoked
uq uq uq uq leaven
uiq, uiq, uiq, uiq, leavened
uoo uoo uoo uoo to leaven
ooypio ooypio ooypio ooypio reward for life saved
ooypio, ooypio, ooypio, ooypio, for saving life
oypoto oypoto oypoto oypoto to paint from life, to paint
oypoio oypoio oypoio oypoio the art of painting
oypoi|o, oypoi|o, oypoi|o, oypoi|o, skilled in painting
oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, oypoo, one who paints from life
oypto oypto oypto oypto to take alive, take captive
oypio oypio oypio oypio a taking alive
oiov oiov oiov oiov a small figure
oq oq oq oq a living
ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, ooiio, giving the bloom and freshness of life
oo oo oo oo that which is girded, a girded frock
otuo otuo otuo otuo soup
otuo otuo otuo otuo to boil into soup
oqpuoi, oqpuoi, oqpuoi, oqpuoi, a soup-ladle
oiiov oiiov oiiov oiiov a little sauce
oo, oo, oo, oo, broth
ovq ovq ovq ovq a belt, girdle
ovvui ovvui ovvui ovvui to gird
ooyiuo, ooyiuo, ooyiuo, ooyiuo, a sculptor
ooyovto ooyovto ooyovto ooyovto to produce alive
ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, producing animals, generative
ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, ooyovo, life-bringing
Page 280
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ootto ootto ootto ootto to make alive
ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, in the shape of an animal
oov oov oov oov a living being, animal
oooito oooito oooito oooito to produce animals
oooito oooito oooito oooito to make alive
ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, wise unto life
oo, oo, oo, oo, alive, living
ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, ooo|o, producing its young alive, viviparous
oouo, oouo, oouo, oouo, describing to the life
ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, life-giving
ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, ooopo, bearing animals
oovto oovto oovto oovto to represent alive
oupto oupto oupto oupto to kindle into flame, light up
oupov oupov oupov oupov a spark, ember
opooto opooto opooto opooto to drink sheer wine
opooq, opooq, opooq, opooq, drinking sheer wine, drunken
opo, opo, opo, opo, pure, sheer
ooqp ooqp ooqp ooqp a girdle
ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, girded
oopov oopov oopov oopov a belt, girdle
oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, oi|o, full of life, lively
ouo, ouo, ouo, ouo, giving life to plants, fertilising, generative
q q q q or
qoio, qoio, qoio, qoio, little, small, poor, slight
qoo|o qoo|o qoo|o qoo|o to come to man's estate, come to one's strength
qoo qoo qoo qoo to be at man's estate, to be in the prime of youth
qqov qqov qqov qqov from the youth upwards
qq qq qq qq manhood, youthful prime, youth
qqqpiov qqqpiov qqqpiov qqqpiov a place where young people meet
qqq, qqq, qqq, qqq, youthful, at one's prime
qqi|o, qqi|o, qqi|o, qqi|o, youthful
quiiioo quiiioo quiiioo quiiioo to be youngish
qyoto, qyoto, qyoto, qyoto, very divine, most holy
qytovtuo qytovtuo qytovtuo qytovtuo a leading
qytovtuo qytovtuo qytovtuo qytovtuo to be
qytovio qytovio qytovio qytovio a leading the way, going first
qytovi|o, qytovi|o, qytovi|o, qytovi|o, ready to lead
qytoouvo qytoouvo qytoouvo qytoouvo thank-offerings for safe conduct
qytov qytov qytov qytov one who leads
qytooi qytooi qytooi qytooi to go before, lead the way
qytptooi qytptooi qytptooi qytptooi to gather together, assemble
qytq, qytq, qytq, qytq, a leader
qyqioo qyqioo qyqioo qyqioo to guide, lead
qyqtov qyqtov qyqtov qyqtov one must lead
qyqqp qyqqp qyqqp qyqqp a guide
qyqop qyqop qyqop qyqop a leader, commander, chief
Page 281
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qyouv qyouv qyouv qyouv that is to say, or rather
qt qt qt qt and
qq qq qq qq by this time, before this, already
qooi qooi qooi qooi to enjoy oneself, take delight, take one's pleasure
qotvo, qotvo, qotvo, qotvo, with joy, gladly
qovq qovq qovq qovq delight, enjoyment, pleasure
qo, qo, qo, qo, delight, enjoyment, pleasure
quoq, quoq, quoq, quoq, sweet-sounding
quyoo, quyoo, quyoo, quyoo, sweetening marriage
quytio, quytio, quytio, quytio, sweetly laughing
quyioooo, quyioooo, quyioooo, quyioooo, sweet-tongued
quyvoov quyvoov quyvoov quyvoov of pleasant mind
qutq, qutq, qutq, qutq, sweet-speaking
qupou, qupou, qupou, qupou, sweet-strained
quioyo, quioyo, quioyo, quioyo, sweet-speaking, sweet-voiced
quiupq, quiupq, quiupq, quiupq, singing sweetly to the lyre
qutiq, qutiq, qutiq, qutiq, sweet-strained, sweet-singing
qutiioyyo, qutiioyyo, qutiioyyo, qutiioyyo, of honey-sweet voice
quiyq, quiyq, quiyq, quiyq, sweetly-mixed
quo, quo, quo, quo, sweet, pleasant
quvo quvo quvo quvo to sweeten, season, give a flavour
quoivo, quoivo, quoivo, quoivo, producing sweet wine
quotio quotio quotio quotio pleasant living, luxury
quoto quoto quoto quoto to live pleasantly, enjoy oneself, be luxurious
quoqo quoqo quoqo quoqo enjoyment
quoq, quoq, quoq, quoq, living pleasantly, luxurious.
quvoo, quvoo, quvoo, quvoo, sweet-breathing
quoii, quoii, quoii, quoii, dear to the people
quoq, quoq, quoq, quoq, fond of drinking
quoo, quoo, quoo, quoo, sweet to drink
quoo quoo quoo quoo that which gives a relish
qu, qu, qu, qu, sweet
quoq, quoq, quoq, quoq, sweet-shining
qupov qupov qupov qupov sweet-minded
quovio quovio quovio quovio sweetness of voice
quovo, quovo, quovo, quovo, sweet-voiced
qu_opq, qu_opq, qu_opq, qu_opq, sweetly joyous
qu_pou, qu_pou, qu_pou, qu_pou, of sweet complexion
qt qt qt qt or, whether.
qtptooi qtptooi qtptooi qtptooi to hang floating
qtpio, qtpio, qtpio, qtpio, early, with early morn
qtpoivq, qtpoivq, qtpoivq, qtpoivq, wheeling in mid air
qtpotiq, qtpotiq, qtpotiq, qtpotiq, of dark and cloudy look, cloud-streaked
qtpoti, qtpoti, qtpoti, qtpoti, hazy, murky
qtpotv qtpotv qtpotv qtpotv from air
qtpooii, qtpooii, qtpooii, qtpooii, walking in darkness
Page 282
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qtpoovo, qtpoovo, qtpoovo, qtpoovo, sounding through air, loud-voiced
qo, qo, qo, qo, accustomed to a
qtio, qtio, qtio, qtio, trusty, honoured
qto qto qto qto to sift, strain
qi|o, qi|o, qi|o, qi|o, of
qo, qo, qo, qo, a strainer
qooito qooito qooito qooito to form manners
qooio, qooio, qooio, qooio, forming character
qo, qo, qo, qo, an accustomed place
qio qio qio qio provisions for a journey
qito, qito, qito, qito, a youth just
qioti, qioti, qioti, qioti, with banks, high-banked
qiov qiov qiov qiov a sea-bank, shore, beach
q|o q|o q|o q|o slightly, a little, softly, gently
q|too, q|too, q|too, q|too, untouched by the goad
q|ioo, q|ioo, q|ioo, q|ioo, the gentlest
q|ioo, q|ioo, q|ioo, q|ioo, least
q|o q|o q|o q|o to have come, be present, be here
qioivo qioivo qioivo qioivo to wander, stray
qio|oo qio|oo qio|oo qio|oo the wool on the distaff
qio|oq qio|oq qio|oq qio|oq a distaff
qioo|oo qioo|oo qioo|oo qioo|oo to flee from, shun
qioo|o qioo|o qioo|o qioo|o to wander, stray, roam about
qit|pivo, qit|pivo, qit|pivo, qit|pivo, made of
qit|pov qit|pov qit|pov qit|pov electron
qit|pooq, qit|pooq, qit|pooq, qit|pooq, amber-gleaming
qit|op qit|op qit|op qit|op the beaming sun
qitoo, qitoo, qitoo, qitoo, idle, vain, trifling
qito, qito, qito, qito, astray, distraught, crazed
qiioooi qiioooi qiioooi qiioooi to sit in the court
qiioio qiioio qiioio qiioio a public place
qiio, qiio, qiio, qiio, of the sun
qiiooq, qiiooq, qiiooq, qiiooq, a juryman of the court
qiiooi|o, qiiooi|o, qiiooi|o, qiiooi|o, of, for
qiioo, qiioo, qiioo, qiioo, high, steep, precipitous
qiio qiio qiio qiio enough, sufficiently
qiiioo qiiioo qiiioo qiiioo to speak
qiiio, qiiio, qiiio, qiiio, idle, vain, random
qiiioq, qiiioq, qiiioq, qiiioq, folly, silliness
qiiioo qiiioo qiiioo qiiioo to make foolish, distract, craze
qii|io qii|io qii|io qii|io time of life, age
qii|ioq, qii|ioq, qii|ioq, qii|ioq, an equal in age, fellow, comrade
qii|ioi, qii|ioi, qii|ioi, qii|ioi, contemporary
qii|o, qii|o, qii|o, qii|o, as big as
qii qii qii qii of the same age
qiioiqo, qiioiqo, qiioiqo, qiioiqo, sun-stricken, sun-burnt
Page 283
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qiiotiq, qiiotiq, qiiotiq, qiiotiq, like the sun, beaming
qiio|ouoo, qiio|ouoo, qiio|ouoo, qiio|ouoo, sun-burnt
qiioovq, qiioovq, qiioovq, qiioovq, sun-mad, mad for love of the sun
qiioooi qiioooi qiioooi qiioooi to live in the sun
qiio, qiio, qiio, qiio, the sun
qiiootpq, qiiootpq, qiiootpq, qiiootpq, depriving of sun
qiiooiq, qiiooiq, qiiooiq, qiiooiq, sun-trodden
qiiotpyo, qiiotpyo, qiiotpyo, qiiotpyo, missing the work, failing in one's aim
qiioqvo, qiioqvo, qiioqvo, qiioqvo, missing the right month
qiioq, qiioq, qiioq, qiioq, of the sun
qio, qio, qio, qio, a nail
qiuyq qiuyq qiuyq qiuyq a shadow, shade
qiuoiov qiuoiov qiuoiov qiuoiov the Elysian fields
qiuoio, qiuoio, qiuoio, qiuoio, Elysian
qiuoi, qiuoi, qiuoi, qiuoi, a step
qooti, qooti, qooti, qooti, sandy
qoi qoi qoi qoi to be seated, sit
qo qo qo qo that which is thrown, a dart, javelin
qop qop qop qop day
qopqtvo, qopqtvo, qopqtvo, qopqtvo, faultily
qoio, qoio, qoio, qoio, by day
qtoo, qtoo, qtoo, qtoo, of our land
qtiqtvo, qtiqtvo, qtiqtvo, qtiqtvo, carelessly
qtv qtv qtv qtv as well .. , as also . .
qtpo qtpo qtpo qtpo day
qtptuo qtptuo qtptuo qtptuo to spend the day
qtpqoio, qtpqoio, qtpqoio, qtpqoio, for the day, by day
qtpivo, qtpivo, qtpivo, qtpivo, of day
qtpio, qtpio, qtpio, qtpio, for a day, lasting but a day
qtpi, qtpi, qtpi, qtpi, the cultivated vine
qtpopoto qtpopoto qtpopoto qtpopoto to be an
qtpopoo, qtpopoo, qtpopoo, qtpopoo, a courier
qtpo|oio, qtpo|oio, qtpo|oio, qtpo|oio, sleeping by day
qtpoityov qtpoityov qtpoityov qtpoityov by count of days
qtpoioyto qtpoioyto qtpoioyto qtpoioyto to count by days
qtpoioyiov qtpoioyiov qtpoioyiov qtpoioyiov a calendar
qtpoo|oo, qtpoo|oo, qtpoo|oo, qtpoo|oo, watching by day
qtpo, qtpo, qtpo, qtpo, tame, tamed, reclaimed
qtpoq, qtpoq, qtpoq, qtpoq, tameness
qtpoovo, qtpoovo, qtpoovo, qtpoovo, appearing by day
qtpoo qtpoo qtpoo qtpoo to tame, make tame
qtpooi, qtpooi, qtpooi, qtpooi, a taming: civilising
qttpo, qttpo, qttpo, qttpo, our
qiovpoo, qiovpoo, qiovpoo, qiovpoo, a half-man
qipo_q, qipo_q, qipo_q, qipo_q, sodden
qipoo, qipoo, qipoo, qipoo, half-eaten
Page 284
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qiytvtio, qiytvtio, qiytvtio, qiytvtio, but half-bearded
qiyuvo, qiyuvo, qiyuvo, qiyuvo, half-naked
qioq, qioq, qioq, qioq, half-divided, half-mangled
qiopti|ov qiopti|ov qiopti|ov qiopti|ov a half-daric
qitq, qitq, qitq, qitq, wanting half, half-full
qiouio, qiouio, qiouio, qiouio, a half-slave
qit|ov qit|ov qit|ov qit|ov a half-
qitiiqv qitiiqv qitiiqv qitiiqv a half-Greek
qitpyq, qitpyq, qitpyq, qitpyq, half-made, half-finished
qito, qito, qito, qito, half-boiled, half-cooked
qioiq, qioiq, qioiq, qioiq, half-green
qiovq, qiovq, qiovq, qiovq, half-dead
qito, qito, qito, qito, a half-god, demigod
qipouoo, qipouoo, qipouoo, qipouoo, half-broken
qi|iqpiov qi|iqpiov qi|iqpiov qi|iqpiov half the inheritance
qi|u|iov qi|u|iov qi|u|iov qi|u|iov a semicircle, the front seats in the theatre
qiitu|o, qiitu|o, qiitu|o, qiitu|o, half-white
qiovq, qiovq, qiovq, qiovq, half-mad
qiopovo, qiopovo, qiopovo, qiopovo, half-withered
qitivov qitivov qitivov qitivov a half-
qitq, qitq, qitq, qitq, half-drunk
qivoiov qivoiov qivoiov qivoiov a half-mina
qio_qpo, qio_qpo, qio_qpo, qio_qpo, half-evil, half a villain
qiqpo, qiqpo, qiqpo, qiqpo, half-dry
qioiio, qioiio, qioiio, qioiio, containing one and a half, half as much again
qiovtio, qiovtio, qiovtio, qiovtio, of, belonging to a mule
qiovo, qiovo, qiovo, qiovo, a half-ass
qioo, qioo, qioo, qioo, half-roasted
qi qi qi qi I say
qi qi qi qi half-
qitit||ov qitit||ov qitit||ov qitit||ov a half-axe
qito, qito, qito, qito, half-cooked
qiitpov qiitpov qiitpov qiitpov a half-
qiiiviov qiiiviov qiiiviov qiiiviov a half-plinth, a brick
qivou, qivou, qivou, qivou, half-breathing, half-alive
qiovqpo, qiovqpo, qiovqpo, qiovqpo, half-evil
qiupoo, qiupoo, qiupoo, qiupoo, half-burnt
qioooo, qioooo, qioooo, qioooo, half-pulled down
qiooioio, qiooioio, qiooioio, qiooioio, of half a stadium
qiopoioq, qiopoioq, qiopoioq, qiopoioq, a half-soldier
qiopoyyuio, qiopoyyuio, qiopoyyuio, qiopoyyuio, half-round
qiou, qiou, qiou, qiou, half
qioiovov qioiovov qioiovov qioiovov a half-talent
qititio qititio qititio qititio a remission of half the tribute
qititoo, qititoo, qititoo, qititoo, half-finished
qitiq, qitiq, qitiq, qitiq, half-finished
Page 285
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qioov qioov qioov qioov a half
qioo, qioo, qioo, qioo, half cut through, cut in two
qiuiov qiuiov qiuiov qiuiov a stout linen cloth, towel, napkin
qioq, qioq, qioq, qioq, half-shining
qioio|po, qioio|po, qioio|po, qioio|po, half-bald
qiouio, qiouio, qiouio, qiouio, half-knavish
qiit|o, qiit|o, qiit|o, qiit|o, half-burnt
qiooiioio, qiooiioio, qiooiioio, qiooiioio, worth half an obol
qiooiiov qiooiiov qiooiiov qiooiiov a half-obol
qo, qo, qo, qo, at which time, when
quo quo quo quo to bow down, sink, drop
qov qov qov qov a thrower, darter, slinger
qvtoti, qvtoti, qvtoti, qvtoti, windy, airy
qvio qvio qvio qvio reins
qvio qvio qvio qvio the bridle
qvi|o qvi|o qvi|o qvi|o at which time, when
qviooitiov qviooitiov qviooitiov qviooitiov a saddler's shop
qvioopoto qvioopoto qvioopoto qvioopoto to guide by reins
qvioopoo, qvioopoo, qvioopoo, qvioopoo, one who guides by reins, a charioteer
qvio_tio qvio_tio qvio_tio qvio_tio chariot-driving
qvio_tuo qvio_tuo qvio_tuo qvio_tuo to act as charioteer
qvio_to qvio_to qvio_to qvio_to to hold the reins
qvio_i|o, qvio_i|o, qvio_i|o, qvio_i|o, of
qvio_o, qvio_o, qvio_o, qvio_o, one who holds the reins, a driver, charioteer
qvi, qvi, qvi, qvi, a year old, yearling
qvopto qvopto qvopto qvopto manhood
qvo qvo qvo qvo gleaming, glittering
qv qv qv qv see! see there! lo!
qvuopov qvuopov qvuopov qvuopov the fourth stomach of ruminating animals
qoio, qoio, qoio, qoio, morning
qovio, qovio, qovio, qovio, on the shore
qovio qovio qovio qovio want
qop qop qop qop the liver
q q q q which way, where, whither, in
q q q q in truth, truly, verily, of a surety
qtovo, qtovo, qtovo, qtovo, weakly, infirm, halting
qtipoytvq, qtipoytvq, qtipoytvq, qtipoytvq, born
qtipovt qtipovt qtipovt qtipovt to the mainland
qtipo, qtipo, qtipo, qtipo, terra-firma, the land
qtipoo qtipoo qtipoo qtipoo to make into mainland
qtipoq, qtipoq, qtipoq, qtipoq, of the mainland, living there
qtipoi|o, qtipoi|o, qtipoi|o, qtipoi|o, continental
qtpotu, qtpotu, qtpotu, qtpotu, a cheat, deceiver, cozener
qtpotuo qtpotuo qtpotuo qtpotuo to cheat, cajole, deceive, cozen
qtp qtp qtp qtp in the same way as
qtp qtp qtp qtp than at all, than even
Page 286
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qqooooi qqooooi qqooooi qqooooi to mend, repair
qqq, qqq, qqq, qqq, a mender, cobbler
qioito qioito qioito qioito to have a fever
qioio, qioio, qioio, qioio, a fever with shivering, ague
qioivqo, qioivqo, qioivqo, qioivqo, softly-rolling
qioopo, qioopo, qioopo, qioopo, soothing by gifts, bountiful
qiouo, qiouo, qiouo, qiouo, gentle of mood
qio, qio, qio, qio, gentle, mild, kind
qio_tip qio_tip qio_tip qio_tip with soothing hand
qou qou qou qou or perhaps, as perhaps
qou qou qou qou I suppose, I ween
quo quo quo quo calling, crying
quo quo quo quo to call to, call on, call
qpoio, qpoio, qpoio, qpoio, of Hera
qpo|itq, qpo|itq, qpo|itq, qpo|itq, Heracles
qpo|itioi qpo|itioi qpo|itioi qpo|itioi the Heraclidae
qpo|itio, qpo|itio, qpo|itio, qpo|itio, of Hercules
qpo|ititio, qpo|ititio, qpo|ititio, qpo|ititio, of Heraclitus
qpo qpo qpo qpo Hera
qpo qpo qpo qpo acceptable gifts, kindnesses
qptoio, qptoio, qptoio, qptoio, still, quiet, gentle
qpto qpto qpto qpto stilly, quietly, gently, softly
qptto qptto qptto qptto to keep quiet, be at rest
qptqoi, qptqoi, qptqoi, qptqoi, quietude
qptio qptio qptio qptio rest, quietude
qptio qptio qptio qptio to make still
qpiytvtio qpiytvtio qpiytvtio qpiytvtio early-born, child of morn
qpiovo, qpiovo, qpiovo, qpiovo, Eridanus
qpivo, qpivo, qpivo, qpivo, of
qpiov qpiov qpiov qpiov a mound, barrow, tomb
qpi qpi qpi qpi early
qpioiq qpioiq qpioiq qpioiq early-walking
qpoi|o, qpoi|o, qpoi|o, qpoi|o, of
qpoivq qpoivq qpoivq qpoivq a heroine
qpoov qpoov qpoov qpoov the temple
qpoo, qpoo, qpoo, qpoo, the heroic measure, hexameter
qpo, qpo, qpo, qpo, warriors
qoooooi qoooooi qoooooi qoooooi to be less than another, inferior to
qooo qooo qooo qooo a defeat, discomfiture
qooqto, qooqto, qooqto, qooqto, one must be beaten
qooov qooov qooov qooov less, weaker, less brave
qou_oo qou_oo qou_oo qou_oo to be still, keep quiet, be at rest
qou_q qou_q qou_q qou_q stilly, quietly, softly, gently
qou_io qou_io qou_io qou_io stillness, rest, quiet
qou_io, qou_io, qou_io, qou_io, still, quiet, at rest, at ease
qou_o, qou_o, qou_o, qou_o, still, quiet, at rest, at ease, at leisure
Page 287
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qt qt qt qt or also
qt qt qt qt surely, doubtless
qoi qoi qoi qoi now surely, truly, verily
qop qop qop qop the heart
qpiov qpiov qpiov qpiov the warp in a web
qpov qpov qpov qpov the part below the navel, the abdomen
qut qut qut qut as, like as
qu_opo, qu_opo, qu_opo, qu_opo, with fair dances
qoiotio, qoiotio, qoiotio, qoiotio, of Hephaestus
qoiooovo, qoiooovo, qoiooovo, qoiooovo, wrought by Hephaestus
qoioo, qoioo, qoioo, qoioo, Hephaestus
qoiootu|o, qoiootu|o, qoiootu|o, qoiootu|o, wrought by Hephaestus
q_tiov q_tiov q_tiov q_tiov kettle-drum
q_tq, q_tq, q_tq, q_tq, clear-sounding, musical
q_to q_to q_to q_to to sound, ring, peal
q_qti, q_qti, q_qti, q_qti, sounding, ringing, roaring
q_qo q_qo q_qo q_qo a sound, sounding
q_q q_q q_q q_q a sound
q_i q_i q_i q_i where
q_o q_o q_o q_o a sound
qotv qotv qotv qotv from morn
qoo, qoo, qoo, qoo, at morn, at break of day
qo, qo, qo, qo, the morning red, daybreak, dawn
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo to sit
oqo oqo oqo oqo a sight, wonder
oipo, oipo, oipo, oipo, the hinge of a door
o|to o|to o|to o|to to sit
o|qo o|qo o|qo o|qo a sitting
o|qoi, o|qoi, o|qoi, o|qoi, a sitting, sitting-place
o|o, o|o, o|o, o|o, a seat, chair
oioqio, oioqio, oioqio, oioqio, of
oioq oioq oioq oioq a lurking-place, den, hole, cave
oioqoio, oioqoio, oioqoio, oioqoio, a chamber-maid, waiting maid
oioio, oioio, oioio, oioio, of
oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, oioiq, one of the rowers on the lowest bench
oioovt oioovt oioovt oioovt to the bed-chamber
oioo, oioo, oioo, oioo, an inner room
oioooo oioooo oioooo oioooo the sea
oioootuo oioootuo oioootuo oioootuo to be at sea, keep the sea
oioooio, oioooio, oioooio, oioooio, of, in, on
oioooo|oto oioooo|oto oioooo|oto oioooo|oto to strike the sea with the oar
oioooo|poto oioooo|poto oioooo|poto oioooo|poto to be master of the sea
oioooo|poop oioooo|poop oioooo|poop oioooo|poop master of the sea
oiooooioy|o, oiooooioy|o, oiooooioy|o, oiooooioy|o, made to wander o'er the sea, sea-tost
oiooooiq|o, oiooooiq|o, oiooooiq|o, oiooooiq|o, sea-beaten
oiooooopo, oiooooopo, oiooooopo, oiooooopo, sea-faring
Page 288
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
oiooooupyo, oiooooupyo, oiooooupyo, oiooooupyo, one who works on the sea, a fisherman, seaman
oiooooo oiooooo oiooooo oiooooo to make
oito oito oito oito good cheer, happy thoughts
oito oito oito oito to bloom, flourish
oitio oitio oitio oitio blooming, luxuriant, goodly, bounteous
oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, blooming, fresh
oiq, oiq, oiq, oiq, Thales
oiio oiio oiio oiio abundance, plenty, good cheer
oiio, oiio, oiio, oiio, a young shoot, young branch
oiioopo, oiioopo, oiioopo, oiioopo, carrying young olive-shoots
oiio oiio oiio oiio to bloom, abound, to be luxuriant
oio, oio, oio, oio, young persons
oiioo oiioo oiioo oiioo to be
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, warming, fostering
oio, oio, oio, oio, warmth, heat
oiqpio, oiqpio, oiqpio, oiqpio, warming
oio oio oio oio to heat, soften by heat
oiopq oiopq oiopq oiopq warming
oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio oiuoio the firstlings of the harvest, offerings of first fruits
oiuoio, oiuoio, oiuoio, oiuoio, of
oo oo oo oo often, oft-times
ooivo ooivo ooivo ooivo to be astonished at
oto oto oto oto to be astounded, amazed
oo, oo, oo, oo, astonishment, amazement
ott, ott, ott, ott, crowded, close-set, thick
oio oio oio oio to come often
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, frequent
ovo, ovo, ovo, ovo, a bush, shrub
ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, ovooio, deadly
ovooo ovooo ovooo ovooo to desire to die
ovoqopo, ovoqopo, ovoqopo, ovoqopo, death-bringing, mortal
ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, ovoi|o, deadly
ovooti, ovooti, ovooti, ovooti, deadly
ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, ovoo, death
ovoouoio ovoouoio ovoouoio ovoouoio a feast of the dead
ovooo ovooo ovooo ovooo to put to death
ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, ovoooi, a putting to death
oooi oooi oooi oooi to wonder at, admire
oto, oto, oto, oto, one must bury
oo oo oo oo to pay the last dues to a corpse, to honour with funeral rites
opooito, opooito, opooito, opooito, bold, of good courage, ready, daring, undaunted
opooitoq, opooitoq, opooitoq, opooitoq, boldness
opoto opoto opoto opoto to be of good courage, take courage
opoqoi, opoqoi, opoqoi, opoqoi, confidence in
opoo, opoo, opoo, opoo, courage, boldness
opoouvo, opoouvo, opoouvo, opoouvo, boldly, courageously
Page 289
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
opouvo, opouvo, opouvo, opouvo, relying on
opouvo opouvo opouvo opouvo to encourage, cheer
ooio, ooio, ooio, ooio, of
oooov oooov oooov oooov quicker, swifter
oooo oooo oooo oooo to sit, sit idle
ouoo ouoo ouoo ouoo to wonder, marvel, be astonied
ouoivo ouoivo ouoivo ouoivo to admire, gaze upon
ouo ouo ouo ouo whatever one regards with wonder, a wonder, marvel
ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, ouooio, wondrous, wonderful, marvellous
ouooioupyto ouooioupyto ouooioupyto ouooioupyto to work wonders
ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, a marvelling
ouooto, ouooto, ouooto, ouooto, to be admired
ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, ouooq, an admirer
ouooi|o, ouooi|o, ouooi|o, ouooi|o, inclined to wonder
ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, ouooo, wondrous, wonderful, marvellous
ouoooito ouoooito ouoooito ouoooito to work wonders
ouoooiio ouoooiio ouoooiio ouoooiio conjuring, juggling
ouoooio, ouoooio, ouoooio, ouoooio, wonder-working
oivo, oivo, oivo, oivo, yellow-coloured, yellow, sallow
oo, oo, oo, oo, a plant
oo oo oo oo to suck
toivo toivo toivo toivo a goddess
too too too too that which is seen, a sight, show, spectacle
toov toov toov toov a spectator
toooi toooi toooi toooi to look on, gaze at, view, behold
to to to to a goddess
to to to to a seeing, looking at, view
topiov topiov topiov topiov the place where the
toto, toto, toto, toto, to be seen
toq, toq, toq, toq, one who sees, a spectator
too, too, too, too, to be seen
topio topio topio topio to bring on the stage:&mdash
topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, of
topov topov topov topov a place for seeing
tqio, tqio, tqio, tqio, divine
tqioo, tqioo, tqioo, tqioo, driven
tqoouvq tqoouvq tqoouvq tqoouvq contemplation: a problem
tioo tioo tioo tioo to practice divinations
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, practice of divination
tiotv tiotv tiotv tiotv from Thebes
tioi tioi tioi tioi at Thebes
tiiotov tiiotov tiiotov tiiotov a sunny spot
tivo tivo tivo tivo to strike, wound
tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, tiooo, built by gods
tiov tiov tiov tiov brimstone
tiov tiov tiov tiov the divinity
Page 290
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
tio, tio, tio, tio, of
tio, tio, tio, tio, one's father's
tioq, tioq, tioq, tioq, divine nature, divinity
tioo tioo tioo tioo to smoke with brimstone, fumigate and purify thereby
tiytoiuo, tiytoiuo, tiytoiuo, tiytoiuo, soft-speaking
tiyqpov tiyqpov tiyqpov tiyqpov a charm
tiyo tiyo tiyo tiyo to stroke
tiqo tiqo tiqo tiqo will
tiqoi, tiqoi, tiqoi, tiqoi, a willing, will
ti|qpiov ti|qpiov ti|qpiov ti|qpiov a charm, spell, enchantment
ti|qpio, ti|qpio, ti|qpio, ti|qpio, charming, enchanting, soothing
ti|qp ti|qp ti|qp ti|qp a soother, charmer
tiivou, tiivou, tiivou, tiivou, charming the heart
tiii|po, tiii|po, tiii|po, tiii|po, sweetly painful
ttio ttio ttio ttio the foundations, lowest part, bottom
ttiio, ttiio, ttiio, ttiio, of
ttiioo ttiioo ttiioo ttiioo to lay the foundation of, found firmly
ttpoi, ttpoi, ttpoi, ttpoi, of grave and serious aspect
tio tio tio tio to judge
tiit|o, tiit|o, tiit|o, tiit|o, rightly plaited
tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, tio|oo, seeing to law and order
tio|ptov tio|ptov tio|ptov tio|ptov reigning by right
ti, ti, ti, ti, that which is laid down
tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, tiotio, of law and right
tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo tiotuo to declare law and right
tioooio, tioooio, tioooio, tioooio, ministering law
tio, tio, tio, tio, allowed by the laws of God and men, righteous
too too too too to drive
tvop tvop tvop tvop the palm of the hand
NOM NOM NOM NOM motion from
toiotio toiotio toiotio toiotio madness, blindness
toioto toioto toioto toioto to offend the Gods
toioq, toioq, toioq, toioq, stricken of God, infatuated
toytvvq, toytvvq, toytvvq, toytvvq, begotten of a god
toyioooo, toyioooo, toyioooo, toyioooo, with the tongue of a god
toyovio toyovio toyovio toyovio the generation
toyovo, toyovo, toyovo, toyovo, born of God, divine
toqiqo, toqiqo, toqiqo, toqiqo, by which the gods are injured
toio|o, toio|o, toio|o, toio|o, taught of God
toqo, toqo, toqo, toqo, god-built, made
totiq, totiq, totiq, totiq, divine of form
toti|tio, toti|tio, toti|tio, toti|tio, godlike
totv totv totv totv from the gods, at the hands of the gods
toivio toivio toivio toivio the feast of the wine-god
to|iuto to|iuto to|iuto to|iuto to call on the gods
to|iuo, to|iuo, to|iuo, to|iuo, calling on the gods
Page 291
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
to|povo, to|povo, to|povo, to|povo, wrought by the gods
to|pio, to|pio, to|pio, to|pio, judging between gods
to|io, to|io, to|io, to|io, created by God
toovq, toovq, toovq, toovq, maddened by the gods
toovi, toovi, toovi, toovi, one who has a spirit of prophecy, an inspired person
too_to too_to too_to too_to to fight against the gods
too_io too_io too_io too_io a battle of the gods
too_o, too_o, too_o, too_o, fighting against God
toqoop toqoop toqoop toqoop like the gods in counsel
toioq, toioq, toioq, toioq, abominated by the gods
toopio toopio toopio toopio destiny
toopo, toopo, toopo, toopo, destined by the gods, imparted by them
toopo, toopo, toopo, toopo, of form divine
touoq, touoq, touoq, touoq, abominated by the gods
tooi, tooi, tooi, tooi, child of the gods
toto, toto, toto, toto, sent by the gods
tovtuoo, tovtuoo, tovtuoo, tovtuoo, inspired of God
tooito tooito tooito tooito to make into gods, deify
tooio, tooio, tooio, tooio, making gods
toovqo, toovqo, toovqo, toovqo, prepared by the gods
toptq, toptq, toptq, toptq, meet for a god
topoto topoto topoto topoto to prophesy
topoio topoio topoio topoio a prophecy, oracle
topoiov topoiov topoiov topoiov a prophecy, oracle
topoo, topoo, topoo, topoo, foretelling things by a spirit of prophecy, prophetic
touoo, touoo, touoo, touoo, detested by the gods
toupo, toupo, toupo, toupo, kindled by the gods
topo, topo, topo, topo, sprung from the gods, celestial
toooo, toooo, toooo, toooo, given by the gods
toottio toottio toottio toottio the service
tootq, tootq, tootq, tootq, fearing God, religious
tooto, tooto, tooto, tooto, feared as divine
toot_pio toot_pio toot_pio toot_pio hatred of the gods
to, to, to, to, God
tooqpi|o, tooqpi|o, tooqpi|o, tooqpi|o, supported by God
toouyq, toouyq, toouyq, toouyq, hated of the gods
toouo, toouo, toouo, toouo, sent by the gods
tooupo, tooupo, tooupo, tooupo, the god-bull
toti_q, toti_q, toti_q, toti_q, walled by gods
totpq, totpq, totpq, totpq, fit for the gods
totu|o, totu|o, totu|o, totu|o, made by God
toq, toq, toq, toq, divinity, divine nature
toiqo, toiqo, toiqo, toiqo, honoured by the gods
topto, topto, topto, topto, turned
toptq, toptq, toptq, toptq, feeding the gods
touq, touq, touq, touq, fearing God
Page 292
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toovio toovio toovio toovio a festival at Delphi, at which the statues of Apollo and other gods were shewn to the people
toiiq, toiiq, toiiq, toiiq, dear to the gods, highly favoured
toopto toopto toopto toopto to bear God within one
toopqo, toopqo, toopqo, toopqo, possessed by a god, inspired
toopio toopio toopio toopio inspiration
toopo, toopo, toopo, toopo, possessed by a god, inspired
topov topov topov topov godly-minded
tpooivo tpooivo tpooivo tpooivo a waiting maid, handmaid
tpotio tpotio tpotio tpotio a waiting on, service
tpotuo tpotuo tpotuo tpotuo medical treatment
tpotuto, tpotuto, tpotuto, tpotuto, one must do service to
tpotuq, tpotuq, tpotuq, tpotuq, one who serves the gods, a worshipper
tpotui|o, tpotui|o, tpotui|o, tpotui|o, inclined to serve
tpotuo, tpotuo, tpotuo, tpotuo, that may be fostered
tpotuo tpotuo tpotuo tpotuo to be an attendant, do service
tpoiiov tpoiiov tpoiiov tpoiiov a means of cure
tpovq tpovq tpovq tpovq a handmaid
tpoov tpoov tpoov tpoov a waiting-man, attendant
tptio, tptio, tptio, tptio, of summer, in summer
tpio tpio tpio tpio to do summer-work, to mow, reap
tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, tpivto, the summer
tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, tpioo, reaping-time, harvest
tpioq, tpioq, tpioq, tpioq, a reaper, harvester
tpiopiov tpiopiov tpiopiov tpiopiov a light summer garment
tpoivo tpoivo tpoivo tpoivo to warm, heat
tpq tpq tpq tpq heat, feverish heat
tpivo, tpivo, tpivo, tpivo, of lupines
tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, dyed hot
tpoiuoo, tpoiuoo, tpoiuoo, tpoiuoo, hot-bubbling
tpoouio, tpoouio, tpoouio, tpoouio, hot-tempered
tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, tpooq, one who brought the hot water at baths
tpovou, tpovou, tpovou, tpovou, heated in mind
tpouioi tpouioi tpouioi tpouioi hot-gates
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, hot, warm
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, a lupine
tpoq, tpoq, tpoq, tpoq, heat
tpoupyo, tpoupyo, tpoupyo, tpoupyo, doing hot and hasty acts, reckless
tpo tpo tpo tpo to heat, make hot
tpo, tpo, tpo, tpo, summer, summertime
tpoiq, tpoiq, tpoiq, tpoiq, Thersites
tpo tpo tpo tpo to heat, make hot
toi, toi, toi, toi, a setting, placing, arranging
to|tio, to|tio, to|tio, to|tio, marvellous, wondrous
toio, toio, toio, toio, according to law, lawful
tootto tootto tootto tootto to be a
tootq, tootq, tootq, tootq, a lawgiver
Page 293
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
toooito toooito toooito toooito to make laws
too, too, too, too, that which is laid down and established, a law, ordinance
tooouvq tooouvq tooouvq tooouvq justice
tooopioo tooopioo tooopioo tooopioo to keep the Thesmophoria
tooopio tooopio tooopio tooopio an ancient festival held by the Athenian women in honour of Demeter
tooopiov tooopiov tooopiov tooopiov the temple of Demeter
tooopo, tooopo, tooopo, tooopo, law-giving
toouio|t, toouio|t, toouio|t, toouio|t, guardians of the law
totoio, totoio, totoio, totoio, divinely sounding, divinely sweet
toioq, toioq, toioq, toioq, kindled by a god
toittio toittio toittio toittio oracular, prophetic
toio toio toio toio to declare by oracle, prophesy, divine
toioo toioo toioo toioo oracular sayings
toi, toi, toi, toi, having words from God, inspired
toioto toioto toioto toioto to prophesy, sing in prophetic strain
toioo, toioo, toioo, toioo, singing in prophetic strain, prophetic
toooio, toooio, toooio, toooio, a Thessalian
toooooi toooooi toooooi toooooi to pray
tooqioyo, tooqioyo, tooqioyo, tooqioyo, prophetic
tooo, tooo, tooo, tooo, spoken by God, decreed, ordained, appointed
tto, tto, tto, tto, to be laid down
titiov titiov titiov titiov the temple of Thetis
ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, ti|o, of
ti, ti, ti, ti, Thetis
to, to, to, to, taken as one's child, adopted
to to to to to run
topto topto topto topto to look at, view, behold
topqo topqo topqo topqo that which is looked at, viewed, a sight, spectacle
topqqpiov topqqpiov topqqpiov topqqpiov a seat in a theatre
topqi|o, topqi|o, topqi|o, topqi|o, fond of contemplating
topio topio topio topio a looking at, viewing, beholding
topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, topi|o, of
topi, topi, topi, topi, a sacred ship, which carried the
topo, topo, topo, topo, a spectator
totpo, totpo, totpo, totpo, more divine
qoytvq, qoytvq, qoytvq, qoytvq, sprung from Thebes, Theban
qoitu, qoitu, qoitu, qoitu, theTheban
qoio, qoio, qoio, qoio, Theban
qoi qoi qoi qoi Thebes
qoi, qoi, qoi, qoi, the Thebais
qoot qoot qoot qoot to Thebes
qqtv qqtv qqtv qqtv from Thebes
qqoiv qqoiv qqoiv qqoiv at Thebes
qyoito, qyoito, qyoito, qyoito, pointed, sharp
qyovq qyovq qyovq qyovq a whetstone
qyo qyo qyo qyo to sharpen, whet
Page 294
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qqqp qqqp qqqp qqqp one who gazes at, an admirer
qqo, qqo, qqo, qqo, gazed at, wondrous, admirable
qiov qiov qiov qiov brimstone
q|oio, q|oio, q|oio, q|oio, like a chest
q|q q|q q|q q|q a case to put anything in, a box, chest
q|o, q|o, q|o, q|o, sharpened
qioo qioo qioo qioo to suckle
qiooo, qiooo, qiooo, qiooo, a giving suck, suckling
qito qito qito qito to be full of
qiq qiq qiq qiq the part of the breast which gives suck, the teat, nipple
qiuytvq, qiuytvq, qiuytvq, qiuytvq, of female sex, womanish
qiuyioooo, qiuyioooo, qiuyioooo, qiuyioooo, with woman's tongue
qiupio, qiupio, qiupio, qiupio, a womanish, effeminate person
qiu|poq, qiu|poq, qiu|poq, qiu|poq, swaying women
qiu|ovo, qiu|ovo, qiu|ovo, qiu|ovo, slaying by woman's hand
qiutiq, qiutiq, qiutiq, qiutiq, singing in soft strain
qiuipq, qiuipq, qiuipq, qiuipq, with a woman's head-band
qiuopo, qiuopo, qiuopo, qiuopo, woman-shaped
qiuvoo, qiuvoo, qiuvoo, qiuvoo, of womanish mind
qiuvo qiuvo qiuvo qiuvo to make womanish, to enervate
qiuptq, qiuptq, qiuptq, qiuptq, befitting a woman
qiuoopo, qiuoopo, qiuoopo, qiuoopo, of female kind
qiu, qiu, qiu, qiu, female
qiuq, qiuq, qiuq, qiuq, womanishness, delicacy, effeminacy
qiuo|o, qiuo|o, qiuo|o, qiuo|o, giving birth to girls
qiuovq, qiuovq, qiuovq, qiuovq, like a woman
qiu_iov qiu_iov qiu_iov qiu_iov with woman's frock
qoioyto qoioyto qoioyto qoioyto to collect in a heap
qov qov qov qov a heap
qv qv qv qv surely now
qpoyptq, qpoyptq, qpoyptq, qpoyptq, a hunter
qpoo qpoo qpoo qpoo that which is caught, prey, spoil, booty
qpo qpo qpo qpo a hunting of wild beasts, the chase
qpooio, qpooio, qpooio, qpooio, to be hunted down
qpoto, qpoto, qpoto, qpoto, to be hunted after, sought eagerly
qpoqp qpoqp qpoqp qpoqp a hunter
qpoq, qpoq, qpoq, qpoq, one who hunts for
qpoi|o, qpoi|o, qpoi|o, qpoi|o, the arts for winning
qpopov qpopov qpopov qpopov an instrument of the chase, a net, trap
qpoo qpoo qpoo qpoo to hunt
qptio, qptio, qptio, qptio, of wild beasts
qptuo qptuo qptuo qptuo spoil, prey
qptuoi, qptuoi, qptuoi, qptuoi, hunting, the chase
qptuq, qptuq, qptuq, qptuq, a hunter, huntsman
qptui|o, qptui|o, qptui|o, qptui|o, of
qptuo qptuo qptuo qptuo to hunt, go hunting
Page 295
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
qpiov qpiov qpiov qpiov a wild animal, beast
qpioq, qpioq, qpioq, qpioq, the nature of a beast, brutality
qpioo qpioo qpioo qpioo to make into a wild beast.
qpioq, qpioq, qpioq, qpioq, full of wild beasts, infested by them
qpiooi, qpiooi, qpiooi, qpiooi, a turning into a beast
qpooito qpooito qpooito qpooito to slay wild beasts
qpooo, qpooo, qpooo, qpooo, where wild beasts feed
qpouo, qpouo, qpouo, qpouo, with brutal mind, brutal
qpo|ovo, qpo|ovo, qpo|ovo, qpo|ovo, killing wild beasts
qpoitq, qpoitq, qpoitq, qpoitq, slayer of beasts
qpoito, qpoito, qpoito, qpoito, slain by beasts
qpoiyq, qpoiyq, qpoiyq, qpoiyq, half-beast
qpovoo, qpovoo, qpovoo, qpovoo, tending wild beasts
qpoo|oo, qpoo|oo, qpoo|oo, qpoo|oo, looking out for wild beasts
qpoouvq qpoouvq qpoouvq qpoouvq the chase
qpoo|o, qpoo|o, qpoo|o, qpoo|o, producing beasts
qpopoo, qpopoo, qpopoo, qpopoo, feeding wild beasts
qpopoo, qpopoo, qpopoo, qpopoo, feeding on beasts
qpoovo, qpoovo, qpoovo, qpoovo, killing wild beasts
qp qp qp qp a wild beast, beast of prey
qooupio qooupio qooupio qooupio to store
qooupioo qooupioo qooupioo qooupioo a store, treasure
qooupioo, qooupioo, qooupioo, qooupioo, a laying up in store
qooupooio, qooupooio, qooupooio, qooupooio, laying up in store
qooupo, qooupo, qooupo, qooupo, a store laid up, treasure
qotioi qotioi qotioi qotioi sons to Theseus
qotiov qotiov qotiov qotiov the temple of Theseus
qotu, qotu, qotu, qotu, Theseus
qoqi, qoqi, qoqi, qoqi, of Theseus
q, q, q, q, a serf
qooo qooo qooo qooo a poor girl, one obliged to go out for hire
qo qo qo qo fera
qtio qtio qtio qtio hired service, service
qtuo qtuo qtuo qtuo to be a serf
qi|o, qi|o, qi|o, qi|o, of
iooop_q, iooop_q, iooop_q, iooop_q, the leader of a
iootuo iootuo iootuo iootuo to bring into the Bacchic company
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, a band
ioooq, ioooq, ioooq, ioooq, the member of a
iyyovo iyyovo iyyovo iyyovo to touch, handle
i i i i the place at which
i, i, i, i, a heap
ioo ioo ioo ioo to crush, bruise
iio iio iio iio to press, squeeze, pinch
vqo|o vqo|o vqo|o vqo|o to die, be dying
vqoytvq, vqoytvq, vqoytvq, vqoytvq, of mortal race
Page 296
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
vqotiq, vqotiq, vqotiq, vqotiq, of mortal nature
vqo, vqo, vqo, vqo, liable to death, mortal
ooo ooo ooo ooo to move quickly, ply rapidly
oivoo oivoo oivoo oivoo a meal, feast
oivoqp oivoqp oivoqp oivoqp lord of the feast
oivoi|o, oivoi|o, oivoi|o, oivoi|o, of
oivoo oivoo oivoo oivoo to feast on, eat
oivq oivq oivq oivq a meal, feast, banquet, dinner
oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, oitpo, muddy, foul, thick, troubled
oiio oiio oiio oiio a conical hat with a broad brim
oio, oio, oio, oio, a round building with a conical roof, a vaulted chamber
oio, oio, oio, oio, mud, dirt
oioo oioo oioo oioo to make turbid
oo, oo, oo, oo, swift
ooo ooo ooo ooo to make sharp
opi|ovt opi|ovt opi|ovt opi|ovt to Thoricus
opo, opo, opo, opo, semen genitale
opuoooi opuoooi opuoooi opuoooi to be troubled
oputo oputo oputo oputo to make a noise
opuqi|o, opuqi|o, opuqi|o, opuqi|o, uproarious, turbulent
opuooio, opuooio, opuooio, opuooio, making an uproar
opuo, opuo, opuo, opuo, a noise, uproar, clamour
opuoq, opuoq, opuoq, opuoq, noisy, uproarious, turbulent
oupioovi, oupioovi, oupioovi, oupioovi, a Thurian prophet
oupi, oupi, oupi, oupi, with which one rushes to the fight
oupo, oupo, oupo, oupo, rushing, raging, impetuous, furious
oooo oooo oooo oooo speed
po|q po|q po|q po|q Thrace
po|io, po|io, po|io, po|io, Thracian
po|ioi po|ioi po|ioi po|ioi in Thracian fashion
povtuooi povtuooi povtuooi povtuooi to be stretched on the tanner's board, to be tanned
poviq, poviq, poviq, poviq, one of the rowers on the topmost of the three benches
povo, povo, povo, povo, a bench, form
po po po po a Thracian
pooo, pooo, pooo, pooo, courage, boldness
poooo poooo poooo poooo a Thracian woman
poooo poooo poooo poooo to trouble, disquiet
poououio, poououio, poououio, poououio, bold in counsel
poouyuio, poouyuio, poouyuio, poouyuio, strong of limb
pooutiio, pooutiio, pooutiio, pooutiio, an impudent coward
poou|opio, poou|opio, poou|opio, poou|opio, bold of heart
poouo_o, poouo_o, poouo_o, poouo_o, bold in battle
pooutvov pooutvov pooutvov pooutvov bravely steadfast
poouqq, poouqq, poouqq, poouqq, bold of thought
poouq_ovo, poouq_ovo, poouq_ovo, poouq_ovo, bold in contriving, daring in design
poouuo, poouuo, poouuo, poouuo, bold of speech, saucy
Page 297
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
poouvo poouvo poouvo poouvo to make bold, embolden, encourage
poouovo, poouovo, poouovo, poouovo, bold
poouoito, poouoito, poouoito, poouoito, bold in war
poou, poou, poou, poou, bold, spirited, courageous, confident
poouoioy_vo, poouoioy_vo, poouoioy_vo, poouoioy_vo, bold-hearted
poouooto poouooto poouooto poouooto to be over-bold of tongue
poouooio poouooio poouooio poouooio insolence
poouooo, poouooo, poouooo, poouooo, bold of tongue, insolent
poouq, poouq, poouq, poouq, over-boldness, audacity
poou_tip poou_tip poou_tip poou_tip bold of hand
pouoovu pouoovu pouoovu pouoovu breaking wheels
pouoo pouoo pouoo pouoo that which is broken, a fragment, wreck, piece
pouo pouo pouo pouo to break in pieces, shatter, shiver
poo poo poo poo to set
pto pto pto pto a nursling, creature
ptooi ptooi ptooi ptooi to cry aloud, shriek forth
ptto, ptto, ptto, ptto, to be fed
ptqpio, ptqpio, ptqpio, ptqpio, able to feed
ptqp ptqp ptqp ptqp a feeder, rearer
pti|o, pti|o, pti|o, pti|o, promoting growth
ptpo ptpo ptpo ptpo the returns made by children to their parents for their rearing
ptovtio ptovtio ptovtio ptovtio a sound imitative of the cithara
ptt ptt ptt ptt the spirit's
pq|qtv pq|qtv pq|qtv pq|qtv from Thrace
pq|qvt pq|qvt pq|qvt pq|qvt to Thrace
pqvto pqvto pqvto pqvto to sing a dirge, to wail
pqvqo pqvqo pqvqo pqvqo a lament, dirge
pqvqqp pqvqqp pqvqqp pqvqqp a mourner, wailer
pqvqi|o, pqvqi|o, pqvqi|o, pqvqi|o, querulous
pqvo, pqvo, pqvo, pqvo, a funeral-song, dirge, lament
pqvu, pqvu, pqvu, pqvu, a footstool
pqvoto pqvoto pqvoto pqvoto to sing a dirge over
pqvoq, pqvoq, pqvoq, pqvoq, like a dirge, fit for a dirge
pqvoio pqvoio pqvoio pqvoio lamentation
pqvoo, pqvoo, pqvoo, pqvoo, one who sings a dirge
pqo|tio pqo|tio pqo|tio pqo|tio religious worship
pqo|tuo pqo|tuo pqo|tuo pqo|tuo to hold religious observances, observe religiously
pqo|o, pqo|o, pqo|o, pqo|o, religious
piotui|o, piotui|o, piotui|o, piotui|o, of triumphal families
piotuo piotuo piotuo piotuo to triumph
pioi|o, pioi|o, pioi|o, pioi|o, triumphal
pioo, pioo, pioo, pioo, a hymn to Bacchus
piy|o, piy|o, piy|o, piy|o, the topmost course of stones in a wall
piy|oo piy|oo piy|oo piy|oo to surround with a coping
piy|oo piy|oo piy|oo piy|oo a coping, cornice
pio|ivo, pio|ivo, pio|ivo, pio|ivo, of lettuce
Page 298
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
pio pio pio pio lettuce
pivo|iq pivo|iq pivo|iq pivo|iq three
pivo pivo pivo pivo a trident
pi pi pi pi the hair of the head
piov piov piov piov a fig-leaf
pi pi pi pi a wood-worm
poto poto poto poto to cry aloud
poo, poo, poo, poo, a lump, piece
pooq, pooq, pooq, pooq, like clots, clotted
povov povov povov povov flowers embroidered on cloth, patterns
povo, povo, povo, povo, a seat, chair
povooi, povooi, povooi, povooi, the enthronement of the newly initiated
poo, poo, poo, poo, a noise
puoiii, puoiii, puoiii, puoiii, a plant which
puito puito puito puito to make a confused noise, chatter, babble
puiio puiio puiio puiio to make a false note
puiiooo puiiooo puiiooo puiiooo to crush, shiver, smash:&mdash
puio, puio, puio, puio, a noise as of many voices, a shouting, murmuring
puo puo puo puo that which is broken off, a piece, bit
puov puov puov puov a rush
pui|o, pui|o, pui|o, pui|o, easily broken
puo puo puo puo to break in pieces, break small
pui, pui, pui, pui, a breaking in small pieces
poo|o poo|o poo|o poo|o to leap, spring
pooo, pooo, pooo, pooo, ground rising
uyoqp uyoqp uyoqp uyoqp a daughter
uyopiq uyopiq uyopiq uyopiq a daughter's daughter, granddaughter
uyopiou, uyopiou, uyopiou, uyopiou, a daughter's son, grandson
utio utio utio utio a mortar
utiio utiio utiio utiio a furious storm, hurricane
utotio, utotio, utotio, utotio, of Thyestes
uqo_o, uqo_o, uqo_o, uqo_o, receiving incense
uqti, uqti, uqti, uqti, smoking
uqiq uqiq uqiq uqiq the part of the victim that was burnt, the primal offering
uqoito uqoito uqoito uqoito to busy oneself with sacrifices
uqoio, uqoio, uqoio, uqoio, busy about sacrifices, sacrificial
uqoyo, uqoyo, uqoyo, uqoyo, devouring offerings
uio uio uio uio an African tree with scented wood
uio, uio, uio, uio, a mad
uivo, uivo, uivo, uivo, of the tree
uio uio uio uio to be inspired
uio|iov uio|iov uio|iov uio|iov a little bag
uio|o, uio|o, uio|o, uio|o, a bag, pouch, wallet
uitooi uitooi uitooi uitooi to offer.
uiqo uiqo uiqo uiqo that which is offered
uoivo uoivo uoivo uoivo to be wroth, angry
Page 299
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uoiyq, uoiyq, uoiyq, uoiyq, heart-grieving
uoio uoio uoio uoio a piece of burning wood
uo uo uo uo that which is slain
uopto uopto uopto uopto to be well-pleased
uopq, uopq, uopq, uopq, suiting the heart
upo upo upo upo savory
uptitivo, uptitivo, uptitivo, uptitivo, supping on bitter herbs
upi, upi, upi, upi, the Tiber
upooyo, upooyo, upooyo, upooyo, eating savory
utiq utiq utiq utiq a place for sacrifice, an altar
utii|o, utii|o, utii|o, utii|o, for the thymele, scenic, theatric
uqytptov uqytptov uqytptov uqytptov gathering breath, collecting oneself
uqq, uqq, uqq, uqq, well-pleasing
uioo uioo uioo uioo that which is burnt as incense
uioqpiov uioqpiov uioqpiov uioqpiov a vessel for burning incense, a censer
uioo uioo uioo uioo to burn so as to produce smoke, burn
ui|o, ui|o, ui|o, ui|o, high-spirited, passionate
uiq, uiq, uiq, uiq, flavoured with thyme
uoopq, uoopq, uoopq, uoopq, heavy at heart
uoopto uoopto uoopto uoopto to gnaw
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, eating the heart
uoo|q, uoo|q, uoo|q, uoo|q, biting the heart
uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, uotiq, high-spirited, courageous
uoitov uoitov uoitov uoitov lion-hearted, coeur-de-lion
uoovi, uoovi, uoovi, uoovi, prophesying from one's own soul
uoo_to uoo_to uoo_to uoo_to to fight desperately
uov uov uov uov thyme
uoiqq, uoiqq, uoiqq, uoiqq, wrathful
uopoioq, uopoioq, uopoioq, uopoioq, life-destroying
uoooi|o, uoooi|o, uoooi|o, uoooi|o, like a clever fellow
uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, uoooo, wise from one's own soul
uo, uo, uo, uo, the soul
uoopto uoopto uoopto uoopto to torment the soul, break the heart
uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, uoopo, destroying the soul, life-destroying
uoo uoo uoo uoo to make angry
uoo uoo uoo uoo wrath, passion
uvto uvto uvto uvto to dart along
uvvoo uvvoo uvvoo uvvoo to spear a tunny-fish
uvvtio, uvvtio, uvvtio, uvvtio, of the tunny-fish
uvvtui|o, uvvtui|o, uvvtui|o, uvvtui|o, for tunny-fishing
uvvo|toio, uvvo|toio, uvvo|toio, uvvo|toio, tunny-headed
uvvoo|oto uvvoo|oto uvvoo|oto uvvoo|oto to watch for tunnies
uvvoo|oo, uvvoo|oo, uvvoo|oo, uvvoo|oo, a tunny-watcher
uvvo, uvvo, uvvo, uvvo, the tunny-fish
uvo uvo uvo uvo to rush
uoo|o, uoo|o, uoo|o, uoo|o, receiving incense, full thereof, odorous
Page 300
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uoti, uoti, uoti, uoti, laden with incense, odorous, fragrant
uoo|to uoo|to uoo|to uoo|to to make burnt-offerings
uoo|oo, uoo|oo, uoo|oo, uoo|oo, the sacrificing priest
uo, uo, uo, uo, a sacrifice, offering
uoo uoo uoo uoo to fill with sweet smells
upot upot upot upot out to the door, out of the door
upotv upotv upotv upotv from outside the door, from without
upoio, upoio, upoio, upoio, at the door
upo upo upo upo a door
upooi upooi upooi upooi at the door, outside, without
upouito upouito upouito upouito to live in the open air, to camp out
upouiio upouiio upouiio upouiio a living out of doors, camping out
upouio, upouio, upouio, upouio, living out of doors
uptooi, uptooi, uptooi, uptooi, a large shield
upto, upto, upto, upto, a stone put against a door
uptoopo, uptoopo, uptoopo, uptoopo, bearing a shield
uptpo uptpo uptpo uptpo a door
upqi upqi upqi upqi outside
upiov upiov upiov upiov a little door, wicket
upi, upi, upi, upi, a window
upo|oto upo|oto upo|oto upo|oto to knock at the door, break it open
upo|oo, upo|oo, upo|oo, upo|oo, knocking at the door, begging
upoo upoo upoo upoo to furnish with doors, shut close
upooovq, upooovq, upooovq, upooovq, he who raves with the thyrsus
upoo, upoo, upoo, upoo, the thyrsus
upooopto upooopto upooopto upooopto to assemble
upooopo, upooopo, upooopo, upooopo, thyrsus-bearing
upoo_opq, upoo_opq, upoo_opq, upoo_opq, delighting in the thyrsus
upooo upooo upooo upooo a room with doors to it, a chamber
upov upov upov upov the part outside the door, a hall, antechamber
upopto upopto upopto upopto to be a door-keeper
upopo, upopo, upopo, upopo, a door-keeper, porter
upoo, upoo, upoo, upoo, with a door
uoovoti, uoovoti, uoovoti, uoovoti, tasseled, fringed
uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, uoovo, a tassel
uoio uoio uoio uoio the implements of Bacchus, the thyrsi and torches
uoioo uoioo uoioo uoioo to sacrifice
uoio uoio uoio uoio an offering
uoiooqpiov uoiooqpiov uoiooqpiov uoiooqpiov an altar
uoio, uoio, uoio, uoio, fit for sacrifice
uoo, uoo, uoo, uoo, sacrificial
utiov utiov utiov utiov a place for sacrificing
uto, uto, uto, uto, one must sacrifice
uqp uqp uqp uqp a sacrificer, slayer
ui|o, ui|o, ui|o, ui|o, of
uo uo uo uo to offer
Page 301
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
uo uo uo uo to rush on
uoq, uoq, uoq, uoq, smelling of incense, sweet-smelling
uoq, uoq, uoq, uoq, smelling of incense, sweet-smelling
uoo uoo uoo uoo that which is burnt as incense
oq oq oq oq a penalty
oiy oiy oiy oiy a cord, string
oo, oo, oo, oo, a heap
otio otio otio otio flattery, adulation
otuo otuo otuo otuo a piece of flattery
otuoio otuoio otuoio otuoio bits of flattery
otuo otuo otuo otuo to flatter, fawn on, cajole, wheedle
opo|tiov opo|tiov opo|tiov opo|tiov a breast-work
opo|io opo|io opo|io opo|io to arm with a breastplate
opo|ooio, opo|ooio, opo|ooio, opo|ooio, making breastplates
opo|ooiq, opo|ooiq, opo|ooiq, opo|ooiq, a dealer in breastplates
opo|oopo, opo|oopo, opo|oopo, opo|oopo, wearing a breastplate, a cuirassier
opo opo opo opo a breastplate, cuirass, corslet
opq|q, opq|q, opq|q, opq|q, armed with breastplate
opqooo opqooo opqooo opqooo to arm with breastplate
o, o, o, o, the jackal
ou|qp ou|qp ou|qp ou|qp a barker, roarer, crier
ouooo ouooo ouooo ouooo make a noise
o o o o a flatterer, fawner, false friend
ioivo ioivo ioivo ioivo to heat
io|_oo io|_oo io|_oo io|_oo to shout
io|_tiov io|_tiov io|_tiov io|_tiov a temple of Bacchus
io|_io, io|_io, io|_io, io|_io, Bacchanalian
io|_o, io|_o, io|_o, io|_o, Iacchus
ioitiopio ioitiopio ioitiopio ioitiopio a wailing woman
ioito, ioito, ioito, ioito, a wail, lament, dirge
ioiio ioiio ioiio ioiio to send forth
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, sent forth
ioo ioo ioo ioo a means of healing, remedy, medicine
iotio, iotio, iotio, iotio, iambic
iotiooyo, iotiooyo, iotiooyo, iotiooyo, a glutton at iambics
ioio ioio ioio ioio to assail in iambics, to lampoon
ioi|o, ioi|o, ioi|o, ioi|o, iambic
ioooito ioooito ioooito ioooito to write iambics
ioooio, ioooio, ioooio, ioooio, a writer of iambics
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, an iambus
iov iov iov iov an Ionian
ioooi ioooi ioooi ioooi to heal, cure
ioovou ioovou ioovou ioovou O Ionian
ioovt, ioovt, ioovt, ioovt, the Ionians
ioovio, ioovio, ioovio, ioovio, Ionian, Greek
io io io io a voice, cry
Page 302
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioo ioo ioo ioo to send on, put forth
iouyio iouyio iouyio iouyio country of the Iapygians, a people of Southern Italy
iouyio, iouyio, iouyio, iouyio, Iapygian
iou iou iou iou the NW
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, to be cured, curable
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, healing, a mode of healing, cure, remedy
io, io, io, io, Ionian, Ionic
iooi, iooi, iooi, iooi, jasper
iooi iooi iooi iooi in Ionic fashion
iooo iooo iooo iooo Iaso, the goddess of healing
ioqp ioqp ioqp ioqp doctor, healer
ioopio ioopio ioopio ioopio the art of healing, surgery
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, curable
ioptio ioptio ioptio ioptio medical treatment
ioptiov ioptiov ioptiov ioptiov a surgery
ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo a means of healing disaffection
ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo ioptuo to treat medically, to cure
iopi|o, iopi|o, iopi|o, iopi|o, of
iopoovi, iopoovi, iopoovi, iopoovi, physician and seer
iopo, iopo, iopo, iopo, one who heals, a mediciner, physician
iopot_vq, iopot_vq, iopot_vq, iopot_vq, a practiser of medicine
ioooi ioooi ioooi ioooi alas! ah! woe's me!
iouoi iouoi iouoi iouoi ho ho!
iou iou iou iou ho! holla!
iouo iouo iouo iouo to sleep, to pass the night
iotq, iotq, iotq, iotq, an archer
io_to io_to io_to io_to to cry, shout, shriek
io_qo io_qo io_qo io_qo a cry: the hissing
io_q io_q io_q io_q a cry, shout, wail, shriek
io_o io_o io_o io_o to cry, shout, shriek
ii, ii, ii, ii, the ibis
iyi, iyi, iyi, iyi, a mortar
iyvuo iyvuo iyvuo iyvuo the part behind the thigh and knee, the ham
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, of Ida
ioiio, ioiio, ioiio, ioiio, causing sweat
ito ito ito ito form
it it it it and
it it it it lo, behold
iq iq iq iq Ida
iq iq iq iq a timber-tree
iioouito iioouito iioouito iioouito to follow one's own counsel, take one's own way
iioyvoov iioyvoov iioyvoov iioyvoov holding one's own opinion
iioopo, iioopo, iioopo, iioopo, of peculiar form
iioooi iioooi iioooi iioooi to appropriate to oneself
iio, iio, iio, iio, one's own, pertaining to oneself
iioooio, iioooio, iioooio, iioooio, equipt at one's own expense
Page 303
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iioq, iioq, iioq, iioq, peculiar nature, property
iio iio iio iio to sweat
iiooi, iiooi, iiooi, iiooi, distinction between
iiotio iiotio iiotio iiotio private life
iiotuo iiotuo iiotuo iiotuo to be a private person
iioq, iioq, iioq, iioq, a private person, an individual
iioi|o, iioi|o, iioi|o, iioi|o, of
ioouvq ioouvq ioouvq ioouvq knowledge, skill
iov iov iov iov skilled, skilful
ivoooi ivoooi ivoooi ivoooi to bend oneself, double oneself up, shrink up
iotvtu, iotvtu, iotvtu, iotvtu, strength of Ida
io, io, io, io, violent heat
iou iou iou iou lo! behold! see there!
iptio iptio iptio iptio skill
ipi, ipi, ipi, ipi, experienced, knowing, skilful
ipoo ipoo ipoo ipoo to sweat, perspire
ipuo ipuo ipuo ipuo a thing founded
ipuoi, ipuoi, ipuoi, ipuoi, a founding, building
iputo, iputo, iputo, iputo, one must inaugurate
ipuo ipuo ipuo ipuo to make to sit down, to seat
ipo, ipo, ipo, ipo, sweat
iuio iuio iuio iuio knowing, skilful mind
itpo itpo itpo itpo a hawk, falcon
itpoooi itpoooi itpoooi itpoooi to be a priest
itpotio itpotio itpotio itpotio the priest's office, priesthood
itpotuo itpotuo itpotuo itpotuo a priesthood
itpotuoi|o, itpotuoi|o, itpotuoi|o, itpotuoi|o, priestly
itpotuo itpotuo itpotuo itpotuo to be a priest
itpoi|o, itpoi|o, itpoi|o, itpoi|o, of
itptio itptio itptio itptio a priestess
itptiov itptiov itptiov itptiov a victim, an animal for sacrifice
itptu, itptu, itptu, itptu, a priest, sacrificer
itptuo itptuo itptuo itptuo to slaughter
itpoyiui|o, itpoyiui|o, itpoyiui|o, itpoyiui|o, hieroglyphic
itpoyioooo, itpoyioooo, itpoyioooo, itpoyioooo, of prophetic tongue
itpoypootu, itpoypootu, itpoypootu, itpoypootu, a sacred scribe
itpouo, itpouo, itpouo, itpouo, offered to a god
itpo|qpu itpo|qpu itpo|qpu itpo|qpu the herald at a sacrifice
itpoioyio itpoioyio itpoioyio itpoioyio sacred
itpoqvio itpoqvio itpoqvio itpoqvio the holy time of the month
itpoqvio itpoqvio itpoqvio itpoqvio the holy time of the month
itpovqovto itpovqovto itpovqovto itpovqovto to be
itpovqov itpovqov itpovqov itpovqov the sacred Secretary
itpovi|q, itpovi|q, itpovi|q, itpovi|q, conqueror in the games
itpooito itpooito itpooito itpooito to offer sacrifices, to sacrifice
itpooio, itpooio, itpooio, itpooio, managing sacred rites
Page 304
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
itpoptq, itpoptq, itpoptq, itpoptq, beseeming a sacred place, person
itpo, itpo, itpo, itpo, super-human, mighty, divine, wonderful
itpoouito itpoouito itpoouito itpoouito to rob a temple, commit sacrilege
itpoouiio itpoouiio itpoouiio itpoouiio temple-robbery, sacrilege
itpoouio, itpoouio, itpoouio, itpoouio, a temple-robber, sacrilegious person
itpoupyto itpoupyto itpoupyto itpoupyto to perform sacred rites
itpoupyio itpoupyio itpoupyio itpoupyio religious service, worship, sacrifice
itpoupyo, itpoupyo, itpoupyo, itpoupyo, a sacrificing priest.
itpoovto itpoovto itpoovto itpoovto to be a hierophant
itpoovq, itpoovq, itpoovq, itpoovq, a hierophant, one who teaches the rites of sacrifice and worship
itpoovio itpoovio itpoovio itpoovio the office of hierophant
itpoovi|o, itpoovi|o, itpoovi|o, itpoovi|o, of a hierophant
itpouio itpouio itpouio itpouio a keeper of a temple, temple-warden
itpo_ov itpo_ov itpo_ov itpo_ov of hallowed soil
itpoo itpoo itpoo itpoo to hallow, consecrate, dedicate
itpoouvq itpoouvq itpoouvq itpoouvq the office of priest, priesthood
itu itu itu itu whew!
iovo iovo iovo iovo to make to sit
io io io io to make to sit, seat, place
iqio, iqio, iqio, iqio, invoked with the cry
iqi iqi iqi iqi to set a going, put in motion
iqoiqov iqoiqov iqoiqov iqoiqov a hymn
iqoiovio iqoiovio iqoiovio iqoiovio to cry
iqoou, iqoou, iqoou, iqoou, Joshua
ioytvq, ioytvq, ioytvq, ioytvq, born in lawful wedlock, legitimate
io|qvt io|qvt io|qvt io|qvt to Ithaca
io|q io|q io|q io|q Ithaca
io|qoio, io|qoio, io|qoio, io|qoio, Ithacan
io io io io a step, motion
iui|q, iui|q, iui|q, iui|q, giving right judgment
iupoo, iupoo, iupoo, iupoo, straight-running
iupi iupi iupi iupi straight-haired
iuo_io iuo_io iuo_io iuo_io a fair, stand-up fight
iuo_o, iuo_o, iuo_o, iuo_o, fighting fairly
iuvqp iuvqp iuvqp iuvqp a guide, pilot
iuvo iuvo iuvo iuvo to make straight, straighten
iuopo, iuopo, iuopo, iuopo, going straight on
iuiov iuiov iuiov iuiov straight-flying
iu, iu, iu, iu, straight, direct
iu, iu, iu, iu, a straight course
iutvq, iutvq, iutvq, iutvq, stretched out, straight
iuoiio, iuoiio, iuoiio, iuoiio, the phallos carried in the festivals of Bacchus
iuo iuo iuo iuo to go straight, press right on
i|ovo, i|ovo, i|ovo, i|ovo, becoming, befitting, sufficing
i|ovoq, i|ovoq, i|ovoq, i|ovoq, sufficiency, fitness
i|ovoo i|ovoo i|ovoo i|ovoo to make sufficient, qualify
Page 305
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
i|ovo i|ovo i|ovo i|ovo to come, arrive
i|opio, i|opio, i|opio, i|opio, Icarian
i|tio, i|tio, i|tio, i|tio, like, resembling
i|tioo i|tioo i|tioo i|tioo to make like
i|toio i|toio i|toio i|toio the prayer of a suppliant
i|toio, i|toio, i|toio, i|toio, of
i|ttio i|ttio i|ttio i|ttio supplication
i|ttuo i|ttuo i|ttuo i|ttuo a mode of supplication
i|ttuto, i|ttuto, i|ttuto, i|ttuto, to be besought
i|ttuo i|ttuo i|ttuo i|ttuo to approach as a suppliant
i|tqpio, i|tqpio, i|tqpio, i|tqpio, of
i|tqoio, i|tqoio, i|tqoio, i|tqoio, tutelary god of suppliants
i|tq, i|tq, i|tq, i|tq, one who comes to seek protection, a suppliant
i|o, i|o, i|o, i|o, moisture, juice
i|tvo, i|tvo, i|tvo, i|tvo, following, favourable
i|vtooi i|vtooi i|vtooi i|vtooi to come
i|pio i|pio i|pio i|pio the half-decks
i|op i|op i|op i|op following closely
i|qp i|qp i|qp i|qp a suppliant
i|ivo, i|ivo, i|ivo, i|ivo, a kite
i|i, i|i, i|i, i|i, the yellow-breasted marten, the marten-cat
i|op i|op i|op i|op suppliant
i|o i|o i|o i|o to come to
iioov iioov iioov iioov in troops
iioo, iioo, iioo, iioo, propitious, gracious
iiopo, iiopo, iiopo, iiopo, cheerful, gay, merry, joyous
iiopoq, iiopoq, iiopoq, iiopoq, cheerfulness
iioo|ooi iioo|ooi iioo|ooi iioo|ooi to appease
iiooo, iiooo, iiooo, iiooo, a means of appeasing
iiooqpio, iiooqpio, iiooqpio, iiooqpio, propitiatory
iiq|o iiq|o iiq|o iiq|o to be gracious
iiqi iiqi iiqi iiqi be gracious!
iiq iiq iiq iiq a crowd, band, troop
iiiooi iiiooi iiiooi iiiooi descendants of Ilos
iiio|o, iiio|o, iiio|o, iiio|o, Ilian, Trojan
iiio, iiio, iiio, iiio, Troy, the Troad
iiiyyioo iiiyyioo iiiyyioo iiiyyioo to be
iiiyyo, iiiyyo, iiiyyo, iiiyyo, a spinning round
iiiotv iiiotv iiiotv iiiotv from Troy
iiioi iiioi iiioi iiioi Troy
iiioppoioq, iiioppoioq, iiioppoioq, iiioppoioq, destroyer of Troy
iiio, iiio, iiio, iiio, Ilian, Trojan
iiio, iiio, iiio, iiio, Ilios
iiio, iiio, iiio, iiio, a rope, band
iiuoti, iiuoti, iiuoti, iiuoti, muddy, impure
iiu, iiu, iiu, iiu, mud, slime, dirt
Page 306
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iovivo, iovivo, iovivo, iovivo, of leathern thongs
iovotq iovotq iovotq iovotq a leathern noose
iooiq iooiq iooiq iooiq the thong
io, io, io, io, a leathern strap
ioooo ioooo ioooo ioooo to flog
ioio ioio ioio ioio to clothe.
ioio|oqio, ioio|oqio, ioio|oqio, ioio|oqio, a clothes-seller
ioiov ioiov ioiov ioiov an outer garment, a cloak
ioiouio|to ioiouio|to ioiouio|to ioiouio|to to take care of clothes
ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, clothing, apparel
itipo itipo itipo itipo to long for, yearn after, desire
itpoti, itpoti, itpoti, itpoti, exciting love
itpooiq, itpooiq, itpooiq, itpooiq, sweetly blooming
itpo, itpo, itpo, itpo, a longing
itpoovo, itpoovo, itpoovo, itpoovo, of lovely voice
itpo, itpo, itpo, itpo, longed for, lovely
iovio iovio iovio iovio the rope of a draw-well
iovioopoo, iovioopoo, iovioopoo, iovioopoo, a water-drawer
ivo ivo ivo ivo in that place, there
ivoiiooi ivoiiooi ivoiiooi ivoiiooi to appear like, look like
ivoio ivoio ivoio ivoio an appearance
ivi|o, ivi|o, ivi|o, ivi|o, Indian
ivoitq, ivoitq, ivoitq, ivoitq, Indian-killer
ivo, ivo, ivo, ivo, an Indian
iviov iviov iviov iviov the muscle at the back of the neck, the nape of the neck
ivi, ivi, ivi, ivi, a son
ivoq, ivoq, ivoq, ivoq, fibrous
ivo ivo ivo ivo Ino
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, bounding, springing
ituq, ituq, ituq, ituq, a fowler, bird-catcher
ituo ituo ituo ituo to catch by birdlime.
iiov iiov iiov iiov Ixion
iooito iooito iooito iooito to catch with limed twigs: to catch
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, setting limed twigs.
iotpyo, iotpyo, iotpyo, iotpyo, one who uses birdlime
io, io, io, io, mistletoe
iooptu, iooptu, iooptu, iooptu, limed
iu, iu, iu, iu, the waist
ioo|_o, ioo|_o, ioo|_o, ioo|_o, Bacchus invoked with the cry of
ioitopo, ioitopo, ioitopo, ioitopo, violet-eyed
iooito iooito iooito iooito to shoot arrows, dart
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, shooting arrows
iooopu_o, iooopu_o, iooopu_o, iooopu_o, dark-haired
iovtq, iovtq, iovtq, iovtq, violet-dark, purple
ioo|o, ioo|o, ioo|o, ioo|o, holding arrows
iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, iotiq, like the violet, purple
Page 307
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioti, ioti, ioti, ioti, violet-coloured, dark
ioiyq, ioiyq, ioiyq, ioiyq, mixed with poison
ioopoi ioopoi ioopoi ioopoi warlike
iovo, iovo, iovo, iovo, shaggy
iovo, iovo, iovo, iovo, the root of hair.
iovio, iovio, iovio, iovio, of
iov iov iov iov the violet
ioio|o, ioio|o, ioio|o, ioio|o, weaving violets
io, io, io, io, an arrow
io, io, io, io, rust
iootovo, iootovo, iootovo, iootovo, violet-crowned
ioq, ioq, ioq, ioq, will, desire
iouoio iouoio iouoio iouoio to side with
iouoi|o, iouoi|o, iouoi|o, iouoi|o, Jewish.
iouoio, iouoio, iouoio, iouoio, a Jew
iouio, iouio, iouio, iouio, the young hair at the side of the face, the whiskers
iou iou iou iou ho!
io_toipo io_toipo io_toipo io_toipo arrow-pourer, shooter of arrows
i i i i iota demonstrativum
iviq, iviq, iviq, iviq, baked in the oven
ivooio, ivooio, ivooio, ivooio, one who works at an oven
ivo, ivo, ivo, ivo, an oven
ioooi ioooi ioooi ioooi to be weighed down
io, io, io, io, the piece of wood that falls and catches
ioyptoi ioyptoi ioyptoi ioyptoi who chose
ioyoyo, ioyoyo, ioyoyo, ioyoyo, carrying horses
ioooi ioooi ioooi ioooi to drive horses, drive a chariot
ioit|puov ioit|puov ioit|puov ioit|puov a horse-cock, gryphon
iopiov iopiov iopiov iopiov a pony
iopooq, iopooq, iopooq, iopooq, a commander of cavalry
iop_to iop_to iop_to iop_to to command the cavalry
iop_io iop_io iop_io iop_io the office of
iop_i|o, iop_i|o, iop_i|o, iop_i|o, of
iop_o, iop_o, iop_o, iop_o, a general of cavalry
iooio iooio iooio iooio riding, horse-exercise
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, fit for horses, fit for riding
io, io, io, io, a riding-dress
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, fit for riding
iooi|o, iooi|o, iooi|o, iooi|o, fond of riding
iotoi, iotoi, iotoi, iotoi, the starting-post in a race
itio itio itio itio a riding
itio, itio, itio, itio, of a horse
itpo, itpo, itpo, itpo, horse-love, horse-fever
ituo ituo ituo ituo a ride on horseback
itu, itu, itu, itu, a horseman
ituq, ituq, ituq, ituq, a rider, horseman
Page 308
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ituo ituo ituo ituo to be a horseman
iqov iqov iqov iqov like a horse
iqiooio, iqiooio, iqiooio, iqiooio, a chariot-
iqioto iqioto iqioto iqioto to ride
iqioq, iqioq, iqioq, iqioq, a driver of horses, one who fights from a chariot, a Knight
iqioo, iqioo, iqioo, iqioo, fit for horsemanship
iqoiyoi iqoiyoi iqoiyoi iqoiyoi the mare-milkers
iiovo iiovo iiovo iiovo king of horsemen
ii|o, ii|o, ii|o, ii|o, of a horse
iio, iio, iio, iio, of a horse
iio_oiq, iio_oiq, iio_oiq, iio_oiq, shaggy with horse-hair
iio_opq, iio_opq, iio_opq, iio_opq, one who fights from a chariot
iooov iooov iooov iooov going on horseback, equestrian
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, a horseman
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, feeder of horses
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, grazed by horses
ioou|oio, ioou|oio, ioou|oio, ioou|oio, a horse-herd, horse-keeper
ioytpovoi ioytpovoi ioytpovoi ioytpovoi crane-cavalry
ioyuoi ioyuoi ioyuoi ioyuoi vulture-cavalry
iooo, iooo, iooo, iooo, tamer of horses
ioootio ioootio ioootio ioootio bushy with horse-hair
iotoo iotoo iotoo iotoo horse-bands, reins
iotq, iotq, iotq, iotq, binding horses
ioio|q, ioio|q, ioio|q, ioio|q, a driver
iopoio iopoio iopoio iopoio a horse-race
iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, a light horseman
iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, a chariot-road
iotv iotv iotv iotv forth from the horse
io|ovopo, io|ovopo, io|ovopo, io|ovopo, a horse-beetle
io|tituo, io|tituo, io|tituo, io|tituo, travelling by means of horses, a driver of horses
io|tvoupo, io|tvoupo, io|tvoupo, io|tvoupo, a horse-centaur, half-horse half-man
io|oto io|oto io|oto io|oto to groom horses
io|oo, io|oo, io|oo, io|oo, decked with horse-hair
io|oo, io|oo, io|oo, io|oo, a groom
io|opuoq, io|opuoq, io|opuoq, io|opuoq, equipt
io|poto io|poto io|poto io|poto to be superior in horse
io|poio io|poio io|poio io|poio victory in a cavalry action
io|pqvo, io|pqvo, io|pqvo, io|pqvo, tremendously steep
io|poo, io|poo, io|poo, io|poo, sounding with horses
ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, ioioo, with horse-hair crest
ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, ioovq, in which horses take mad delight
ioovio ioovio ioovio ioovio mad love for horses
ioo_to ioo_to ioo_to ioo_to to fight on horseback
ioo_io ioo_io ioo_io ioo_io a horse-fight, an action of cavalry
ioo_o, ioo_o, ioo_o, ioo_o, fighting on horseback, a trooper
ioupq ioupq ioupq ioupq a horse-ant
Page 309
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iovoo, iovoo, iovoo, iovoo, guiding
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, busied with horses
io, io, io, io, a horse, mare
iooooi, iooooi, iooooi, iooooi, a stable
ioouvq ioouvq ioouvq ioouvq the art of chariot-driving, horsemanship
ioq, ioq, ioq, ioq, a driver
ioooq, ioooq, ioooq, ioooq, a mounted bowman, horse-archer
iopoio iopoio iopoio iopoio a breeding
iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, iopoo, horse-feeding, abounding in horses
iouio iouio iouio iouio horse-pride
ioupi, ioupi, ioupi, ioupi, horse-tailed, decked with a horse-tail
ioopiov ioopiov ioopiov ioopiov a lot of horses out at grass, a troop of horses
ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, ioopo, a horse-keeper
ioq, ioq, ioq, ioq, horse-like
iovtio iovtio iovtio iovtio a buying of horses
iovto iovto iovto iovto to buy horses
iov iov iov iov a place for horses
iooi iooi iooi iooi to press hard, oppress
ipi, ipi, ipi, ipi, Iris
iooyytio, iooyytio, iooyytio, iooyytio, like an angel
iootio, iootio, iootio, iootio, like a brother
iooo iooo iooo iooo to make equal, to balance
iooiiio, iooiiio, iooiiio, iooiiio, equal in the race
ioopyupo, ioopyupo, ioopyupo, ioopyupo, worth its weight in silver
ioopio, ioopio, ioopio, ioopio, equal in number.
ioqyopio ioqyopio ioqyopio ioqyopio equal freedom of speech, equality
ioqii ioqii ioqii ioqii of the same age with
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, Isthmian
ioiov ioiov ioiov ioiov anything on the neck, a necklace
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, Isthmian
iootv iootv iootv iootv from the Isthmus
iooi iooi iooi iooi on the Isthmus
iooi iooi iooi iooi on the Isthmus
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, any narrow passage
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, like an isthmus
ioio|o, ioio|o, ioio|o, ioio|o, of
ioi, ioi, ioi, ioi, Isis
io|t io|t io|t io|t he said, he spake
io|o io|o io|o io|o to make like
iooooiitu, iooooiitu, iooooiitu, iooooiitu, equal to a king
iooyoio, iooyoio, iooyoio, iooyoio, like land
iooyovio iooyovio iooyovio iooyovio equality of kind
ioooiov ioooiov ioooiov ioooiov godlike
iooioio, iooioio, iooioio, iooioio, living on an equality
ioopoo, ioopoo, ioopoo, ioopoo, running equally, of equal length
ioouyq, ioouyq, ioouyq, ioouyq, evenly balanced: equal
Page 310
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iooto, iooto, iooto, iooto, equal to the gods, godlike
iootoo iootoo iootoo iootoo to make equal to the gods
ioo|ivuvo, ioo|ivuvo, ioo|ivuvo, ioo|ivuvo, equal to the danger
ioo|iqpo, ioo|iqpo, ioo|iqpo, ioo|iqpo, equal in property
ioo|poq, ioo|poq, ioo|poq, ioo|poq, of equal power, possessing equal rights with
ioooop ioooop ioooop ioooop like one's mother
iooo_o, iooo_o, iooo_o, iooo_o, equal in battle
iootytq, iootytq, iootytq, iootytq, equal in size
iootoo, iootoo, iootoo, iootoo, with equal front
iooq|q, iooq|q, iooq|q, iooq|q, equal in length
ioooipto ioooipto ioooipto ioooipto to have an equal share
ioooipio ioooipio ioooipio ioooipio an equal share, partnership
ioooipo, ioooipo, ioooipo, ioooipo, sharing equally
ioovtipo, ioovtipo, ioovtipo, ioovtipo, dream-like, empty
ioovt|u, ioovt|u, ioovt|u, ioovt|u, dying equally
ioovotooi ioovotooi ioovotooi ioovotooi to have equal rights
ioovoio ioovoio ioovoio ioovoio equality of rights, the equality
ioovoo, ioovoo, ioovoo, ioovoo, having equal rights
ioooi, ioooi, ioooi, ioooi, like a child, as of a child
ioooioioo, ioooioioo, ioooioioo, ioooioioo, a span long
ioooiq, ioooiq, ioooiq, ioooiq, equal in the struggle, well-matched
iootov iootov iootov iootov level ground, a flat
iooto, iooto, iooto, iooto, of even surface, level
iooioq, iooioq, iooioq, iooioq, equal in breadth
iooioov iooioov iooioov iooioov another Plato
iooiqq, iooiqq, iooiqq, iooiqq, equal in number
iooptou, iooptou, iooptou, iooptou, like an old man
iooppoio iooppoio iooppoio iooppoio equipoise, equilibrium
iooppoo, iooppoo, iooppoo, iooppoo, equally balanced, in equipoise
iooo|tiq, iooo|tiq, iooo|tiq, iooo|tiq, with equal legs, isosceles
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, equal to, the same as
ioooooio, ioooooio, ioooooio, ioooooio, in equipoise with, equivalent to
iootitio iootitio iootitio iootitio the condition of an
iootitoo, iootitoo, iootitoo, iootitoo, fulfilled alike
iootiq, iootiq, iootiq, iootiq, paying alike, bearing equal burdens
iooq, iooq, iooq, iooq, equality
iooiio iooiio iooiio iooiio equality of privilege
iooio, iooio, iooio, iooio, held in equal honour, having the same privileges
iooopio iooopio iooopio iooopio to match oneself with, be a match for, cope with
iooopo, iooopo, iooopo, iooopo, bearing
ioo_tiiq, ioo_tiiq, ioo_tiiq, ioo_tiiq, level with the brim
ioo_vou, ioo_vou, ioo_vou, ioo_vou, equally woolly with
iooqio iooqio iooqio iooqio equal right to vote
iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, iooqo, with
ioou_o, ioou_o, ioou_o, ioou_o, of equal spirit
iooo iooo iooo iooo to make equal
Page 311
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
i, i, i, i, a muscle
ioqi ioqi ioqi ioqi to make to stand
ioiov ioiov ioiov ioiov any web, a sail
ioootu, ioootu, ioootu, ioootu, the plough-tree
iooo|q iooo|q iooo|q iooo|q the mast-crutch
iootq iootq iootq iootq a hole
iooot, iooot, iooot, iooot, the long beams of the loom
iooovo, iooovo, iooovo, iooovo, working at the loom
ioopto ioopto ioopto ioopto to inquire into
ioopio ioopio ioopio ioopio a learning by inquiry, inquiry
ioopi|o, ioopi|o, ioopi|o, ioopi|o, of
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, anything set upright
iooovo, iooovo, iooovo, iooovo, stretched in the loom
iooupyto iooupyto iooupyto iooupyto to work at the loom
iooupyio iooupyio iooupyio iooupyio weaving
iooupyo, iooupyo, iooupyo, iooupyo, a worker at the loom.
ioop ioop ioop ioop a wise man, one who knows right, a judge
io_oio, io_oio, io_oio, io_oio, staunching blood
io_oito, io_oito, io_oito, io_oito, thin
io_ovoo io_ovoo io_ovoo io_ovoo to hold back, check
io_ovo io_ovo io_ovo io_ovo to check, hinder
io_o, io_o, io_o, io_o, a dried fig
io_iov io_iov io_iov io_iov the hip-joint
io_voivo io_voivo io_voivo io_voivo to make dry
io_vooptio, io_vooptio, io_vooptio, io_vooptio, with withered cheeks
io_vo, io_vo, io_vo, io_vo, dry, withered, lean, meagre
io_voovo, io_voovo, io_voovo, io_voovo, checked in one's voice, stuttering, stammering
io_upiooi io_upiooi io_upiooi io_upiooi to make oneself strong, to be strong, gain force
io_upioto, io_upioto, io_upioto, io_upioto, one must maintain
io_upo, io_upo, io_upo, io_upo, strong, mighty
io_u, io_u, io_u, io_u, strength
io_uo io_uo io_uo io_uo to be strong
io_o io_o io_o io_o to hold, check, curb, keep back, restrain
ioo, ioo, ioo, ioo, equally, in like manner
ioiio ioiio ioiio ioiio Italy
ioiioq, ioiioq, ioiioq, ioiioq, an Italiote
ioio, ioio, ioio, ioio, Italian
ito ito ito ito a willow
itivo, itivo, itivo, itivo, of willow
ito, ito, ito, ito, one must go
io, io, io, io, passable
ipivto, ipivto, ipivto, ipivto, like a cake
ipiov ipiov ipiov ipiov a cake
io io io io be witness!
iu, iu, iu, iu, a circle made of willow
iuyq iuyq iuyq iuyq a howling, shrieking, yelling
Page 312
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
iuyo, iuyo, iuyo, iuyo, a shouting, shout of joy
iuy iuy iuy iuy the wryneck
iuo iuo iuo iuo to shout, yell
iu|q, iu|q, iu|q, iu|q, one who shouts
iio, iio, iio, iio, stout, strong, stalwart
iiytvtio iiytvtio iiytvtio iiytvtio strong-born
iio, iio, iio, iio, stout, fat, goodly
ii ii ii ii strongly, stoutly, mightily
i_uoo i_uoo i_uoo i_uoo to fish, angle
i_uoito i_uoito i_uoito i_uoito to strike fish
i_uoio, i_uoio, i_uoio, i_uoio, striking fish
i_uopo, i_uopo, i_uopo, i_uopo, fish-eating
i_uiov i_uiov i_uiov i_uiov a little fish
i_uo|o, i_uo|o, i_uo|o, i_uo|o, holding fish
i_uqpo, i_uqpo, i_uqpo, i_uqpo, fishy, scaly
i_uotiq, i_uotiq, i_uotiq, i_uotiq, fish-like, of fishes
i_uoti, i_uoti, i_uoti, i_uoti, full of fish, fishy
i_uoqpqqp i_uoqpqqp i_uoqpqqp i_uoqpqqp a fisherman
i_uoiuq, i_uoiuq, i_uoiuq, i_uoiuq, plague of fish
i_uopoo, i_uopoo, i_uopoo, i_uopoo, feeding fish: full of fish
i_uooyo, i_uooyo, i_uooyo, i_uooyo, fish-eating:&mdash
i_uoyq, i_uoyq, i_uoyq, i_uoyq, piercing fish
i_uoiiqioqp i_uoiiqioqp i_uoiiqioqp i_uoiiqioqp a stealer of fish
i_u, i_u, i_u, i_u, a fish
i_uoq, i_uoq, i_uoq, i_uoq, full of fish
i_voio, i_voio, i_voio, i_voio, following on the track
i_vtio i_vtio i_vtio i_vtio a casting about for the scent
i_vtioq, i_vtioq, i_vtioq, i_vtioq, one who pursues
i_vtuov i_vtuov i_vtuov i_vtuov the tracker
i_vtuoi, i_vtuoi, i_vtuoi, i_vtuoi, a tracking
i_vtuq, i_vtuq, i_vtuq, i_vtuq, a tracker
i_vtuo i_vtuo i_vtuo i_vtuo to track out, hunt after, seek out
i_viov i_viov i_viov i_viov a track, trace, footstep
i_votq i_votq i_votq i_votq fetter
i_voo|oto i_voo|oto i_voo|oto i_voo|oto to examine the track
i_vo, i_vo, i_vo, i_vo, a track, footstep
i_op i_op i_op i_op ichor, the etherial juice
i i i i a worm that eats horn and wood
ioyq ioyq ioyq ioyq shelter
ioq ioq ioq ioq any loud sound: the shout
io|q io|q io|q io|q rout, pursuit
ioviq ioviq ioviq ioviq a violet-bed
iovi|o, iovi|o, iovi|o, iovi|o, Ionic, Ionian
iov iov iov iov Ion
io io io io oh!
io io io io Io
Page 313
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
ioo ioo ioo ioo the letter iota
ioo ioo ioo ioo adscriptum
|otipoi |otipoi |otipoi |otipoi the Cabeiri
|oy|ovo, |oy|ovo, |oy|ovo, |oy|ovo, fit for burning, dry
|oy_oioo |oy_oioo |oy_oioo |oy_oioo to laugh aloud
|oio|o, |oio|o, |oio|o, |oio|o, an urn
|otio, |otio, |otio, |otio, Cadmean
|ooytvq, |ooytvq, |ooytvq, |ooytvq, Cadmus-born
|oo, |oo, |oo, |oo, Cadmus
|oo, |oo, |oo, |oo, a jar
|otipo |otipo |otipo |otipo a Carian woman
|ooyioo, |ooyioo, |ooyioo, |ooyioo, funeral rites
|ooyvio |ooyvio |ooyvio |ooyvio to purify, hallow
|ooio|o, |ooio|o, |ooio|o, |ooio|o, bloodstained, bloody
|ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo to make bloody, sprinkle
|ooio, |ooio, |ooio, |ooio, bloodstained, bloody
|ooiptoi, |ooiptoi, |ooiptoi, |ooiptoi, a pulling down, rasing to the ground
|ooiptto, |ooiptto, |ooiptto, |ooiptto, to be put down
|ooiptq, |ooiptq, |ooiptq, |ooiptq, a putter down, overthrower
|ooipto, |ooipto, |ooipto, |ooipto, to be taken
|ooipto |ooipto |ooipto |ooipto to take down
|ooiiooi |ooiiooi |ooiiooi |ooiiooi to leap down
|ooipo |ooipo |ooipo |ooipo to make pure
|ooov |ooov |ooov |ooov on the whole
|ooo |ooo |ooo |ooo once for all
|oo |oo |oo |oo according as, just as
|ooyio |ooyio |ooyio |ooyio to devote, dedicate, offer
|ooo, |ooo, |ooo, |ooo, bound with, equipt with
|ooo |ooo |ooo |ooo to fasten, fix
|ooptio, |ooptio, |ooptio, |ooptio, cleanly, neat, nice, tidy
|ooptuto, |ooptuto, |ooptuto, |ooptuto, one must keep oneself clean
|ooptuo |ooptuo |ooptuo |ooptuo to be clean
|oopio |oopio |oopio |oopio to make clean, to cleanse
|oopioq, |oopioq, |oopioq, |oopioq, cleanliness, purity
|oopo |oopo |oopo |oopo that which is thrown away in cleansing
|oopoo |oopoo |oopoo |oopoo to join
|oopo, |oopo, |oopo, |oopo, a cleansing, purification
|oopo, |oopo, |oopo, |oopo, clear of dirt, clean, spotless, unsoiled
|oopoq, |oopoq, |oopoq, |oopoq, cleanness, purity
|oopoo |oopoo |oopoo |oopoo to snatch down
|oopoio, |oopoio, |oopoio, |oopoio, cleansing
|oopoi, |oopoi, |oopoi, |oopoi, a cleansing
|oopq, |oopq, |oopq, |oopq, a cleanser
|oopi|o, |oopi|o, |oopi|o, |oopi|o, for cleansing
|otpo |otpo |otpo |otpo a seat
|otiopoi |otiopoi |otiopoi |otiopoi it is ordained to one's ruin
Page 314
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|otipyvui |otipyvui |otipyvui |otipyvui to shut in, enclose, confine, imprison
|otooi |otooi |otooi |otooi to sit down, take one's seat
|oti, |oti, |oti, |oti, one by one
|ot|to, |ot|to, |ot|to, |ot|to, one must keep back
|ot|o, |ot|o, |ot|o, |ot|o, to be held back
|otiiooo |otiiooo |otiiooo |otiiooo to wrap with bandages, enfold, swathe
|oti|o |oti|o |oti|o |oti|o to draw
|otv |otv |otv |otv one by one.
|otvvui |otvvui |otvvui |otvvui to clothe
|oti, |oti, |oti, |oti, a holding, retention
|otpo |otpo |otpo |otpo to creep down
|otoq|oo, |otoq|oo, |otoq|oo, |otoq|oo, steadily, calmly
|oto, |oto, |oto, |oto, let down
|otuqto, |otuqto, |otuqto, |otuqto, one must sleep
|otuo |otuo |otuo |otuo to lie down to sleep, sleep
|otupio|o |otupio|o |otupio|o |otupio|o to discover
|otioooi |otioooi |otioooi |otioooi to mock at
|oto |oto |oto |oto to boil down
|oqytov |oqytov |oqytov |oqytov a leader, a guide
|oqytooi |oqytooi |oqytooi |oqytooi to go before, act as guide, lead the way
|oquoto |oquoto |oquoto |oquoto to squander in luxury
|oq|o |oq|o |oq|o |oq|o to have come
|oqiioo |oqiioo |oqiioo |oqiioo to bring the sun down upon, to illuminate
|oqioo |oqioo |oqioo |oqioo to nail on
|oqoi |oqoi |oqoi |oqoi to be seated
|oqtpio, |oqtpio, |oqtpio, |oqtpio, day by day, daily
|oipuo |oipuo |oipuo |oipuo to make to sit down
|oitptuo |oitptuo |oitptuo |oitptuo to sacrifice, offer
|oitpoo |oitpoo |oitpoo |oitpoo to dedicate, devote, hallow
|oitpooi, |oitpooi, |oitpooi, |oitpooi, a dedication
|oiovo |oiovo |oiovo |oiovo to sit down
|oio |oio |oio |oio to make to sit down, seat
|oiqi |oiqi |oiqi |oiqi to send down, let fall
|oi|ttuo |oi|ttuo |oi|ttuo |oi|ttuo to beg earnestly
|oi|vtooi |oi|vtooi |oi|vtooi |oi|vtooi to come down to
|oioo |oioo |oioo |oioo to let down by a rope
|oioooi |oioooi |oioooi |oioooi to ride down, overrun with horse
|oioqi |oioqi |oioqi |oioqi to set down, place
|ooo, |ooo, |ooo, |ooo, a going down, descent
|ooiou |ooiou |ooiou |ooiou on the whole, in general
|ooiito |ooiito |ooiito |ooiito to conciliate by daily intercourse, to win the favour of
|oooioyto |oooioyto |oooioyto |oooioyto to confess
|ooiio |ooiio |ooiio |ooiio to equip
|oo |oo |oo |oo in so far as, according as
|ooqyto |ooqyto |ooqyto |ooqyto to guide
|ooiioi, |ooiioi, |ooiioi, |ooiioi, a mode of arming, armour
Page 315
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oopoo |oopoo |oopoo |oopoo to look down
|oopio |oopio |oopio |oopio to bring
|oooioooi |oooioooi |oooioooi |oooioooi to dedicate
|oooov |oooov |oooov |oooov in so far as, inasmuch as
|ooi |ooi |ooi |ooi in what manner
|oupio |oupio |oupio |oupio to treat despitefully, to insult or affront wantontly
|oupo, |oupo, |oupo, |oupo, full of water
|outpo|ovio |outpo|ovio |outpo|ovio |outpo|ovio to overshoot completely
|outpt |outpt |outpt |outpt from above, down from above
|outpoo, |outpoo, |outpoo, |outpoo, highest
|ouvoo |ouvoo |ouvoo |ouvoo to be fast asleep, fall asleep
|ouo|pivooi |ouo|pivooi |ouo|pivooi |ouo|pivooi to subdue by histrionic arts
|ouotpto |ouotpto |ouotpto |ouotpto to come far behind
|ouiqi |ouiqi |ouiqi |ouiqi to give up treacherously
|outptpo, |outptpo, |outptpo, |outptpo, above
|oo, |oo, |oo, |oo, how
|oioo, |oioo, |oioo, |oioo, a pit
|oi |oi |oi |oi for truly
|oi |oi |oi |oi but also
|oi |oi |oi |oi nay further
|oi |oi |oi |oi even if, although
|oi|io, |oi|io, |oi|io, |oi|io, the north-east wind
|oivio |oivio |oivio |oivio to make new
|oivov |oivov |oivov |oivov the New Court
|oivooq, |oivooq, |oivooq, |oivooq, newly suffered: unheard of
|oivoqyq, |oivoqyq, |oivoqyq, |oivoqyq, newly put together, newmade
|oivoqov |oivoqov |oivoqov |oivoqov new to misery
|oivooito |oivooito |oivooito |oivooito to make new, to bring about new things, to make changes, innovate
|oivooiqq, |oivooiqq, |oivooiqq, |oivooiqq, an inventor of new pleasures
|oivo, |oivo, |oivo, |oivo, new, fresh
|oivooo, |oivooo, |oivooo, |oivooo, of a new tomb
|oivoq, |oivoq, |oivoq, |oivoq, newness, freshness
|oivooto |oivooto |oivooto |oivooto to cut fresh into
|oivooio |oivooio |oivooio |oivooio innovation
|oivooo, |oivooo, |oivooo, |oivooo, innovating
|oivoupyto |oivoupyto |oivoupyto |oivoupyto to begin something new
|oivoupyio |oivoupyio |oivoupyio |oivoupyio innovation
|oivoupyo, |oivoupyo, |oivoupyo, |oivoupyo, producing changes
|oivoo |oivoo |oivoo |oivoo to make new, innovate
|oivu|t |oivu|t |oivu|t |oivu|t and now perhaps
|oivuoi |oivuoi |oivuoi |oivuoi to surpass, excel
|oi |oi |oi |oi and now, even now
|oivo |oivo |oivo |oivo to kill, slay
|oi |oi |oi |oi and
|oitp |oitp |oitp |oitp although, albeit
|oipo |oipo |oipo |oipo and so
Page 316
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oipio, |oipio, |oipio, |oipio, in
|oipootov |oipootov |oipootov |oipootov the close-woven
|oipo, |oipo, |oipo, |oipo, the row of thrums
|oipo, |oipo, |oipo, |oipo, due measure, proportion, fitness
|oipouio|to |oipouio|to |oipouio|to |oipouio|to to watch for the right time
|oioi |oioi |oioi |oioi and indeed, and further
|oio |oio |oio |oio to light, kindle
|o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, bringing ill tidings
|o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, |o|oyytio, caused by ill tidings
|o|ovpio |o|ovpio |o|ovpio |o|ovpio unmanliness
|o|to_oo, |o|to_oo, |o|to_oo, |o|to_oo, extremely bad
|o|qyopto |o|qyopto |o|qyopto |o|qyopto to speak ill of, abuse, slander
|o|qyopio |o|qyopio |o|qyopio |o|qyopio evil-speaking, abuse, slander
|o|qyopo, |o|qyopo, |o|qyopo, |o|qyopo, evil-speaking, abusive, slanderous
|o|qioyo, |o|qioyo, |o|qioyo, |o|qioyo, evil-speaking
|o|q |o|q |o|q |o|q wickedness, vice
|o|io |o|io |o|io |o|io badness
|o|io |o|io |o|io |o|io to abuse, reproach, accuse
|o|ioto, |o|ioto, |o|ioto, |o|ioto, one must bring reproach on
|o||oo |o||oo |o||oo |o||oo cacare
|o||q |o||q |o||q |o||q ordure, dung
|o|oio, |o|oio, |o|oio, |o|oio, living ill
|o|oouituooi |o|oouituooi |o|oouituooi |o|oouituooi to be ill-advised
|o|oouio, |o|oouio, |o|oouio, |o|oouio, ill-advised
|o|oyopo, |o|oyopo, |o|oyopo, |o|oyopo, for her wretched brother-in-law
|o|oyoiou |o|oyoiou |o|oyoiou |o|oyoiou for forming an unlawful marriage
|o|oytiov |o|oytiov |o|oytiov |o|oytiov a bad neighbour
|o|oyioooo, |o|oyioooo, |o|oyioooo, |o|oyioooo, ill-tongued
|o|ooiovoo |o|ooiovoo |o|ooiovoo |o|ooiovoo to be tormented by an evil genius, be like one possessed
|o|ooiovto |o|ooiovto |o|ooiovto |o|ooiovto to be unfortunate
|o|ooiovio |o|ooiovio |o|ooiovio |o|ooiovio unhappiness, misfortune
|o|ooiov |o|ooiov |o|ooiov |o|ooiov possessed by an evil genius, ill-fated, ill-starred, miserable
|o|ooto |o|ooto |o|ooto |o|ooto to be in bad repute
|o|ooio |o|ooio |o|ooio |o|ooio bad repute, infamy
|o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, in ill repute
|o|otiov |o|otiov |o|otiov |o|otiov ill-clad
|o|oqiio |o|oqiio |o|oqiio |o|oqiio unhappy imitation, affectation
|o|oqio, |o|oqio, |o|oqio, |o|oqio, imitating unhappily.
|o|oqtio |o|oqtio |o|oqtio |o|oqtio badness of disposition, malignity
|o|oqtuo |o|oqtuo |o|oqtuo |o|oqtuo a malicious deed
|o|oqq, |o|oqq, |o|oqq, |o|oqq, ill-disposed, malicious
|o|oqoouvq |o|oqoouvq |o|oqoouvq |o|oqoouvq disorderliness
|o|opou, |o|opou, |o|opou, |o|opou, evil-speaking, slanderous
|o|ouio |o|ouio |o|ouio |o|ouio malevolence
|o|oiiio, |o|oiiio, |o|oiiio, |o|oiiio, evil
|o|o|tptio |o|o|tptio |o|o|tptio |o|o|tptio base love of gain
Page 317
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|o|o|tpq, |o|o|tpq, |o|o|tpq, |o|o|tpq, making base gain.
|o|o|vqo, |o|o|vqo, |o|o|vqo, |o|o|vqo, weak-legged, thin-legged
|o|o|pioio |o|o|pioio |o|o|pioio |o|o|pioio a bad judgment
|o|oioyto |o|oioyto |o|oioyto |o|oioyto to speak ill of, to revile, abuse
|o|oioyio |o|oioyio |o|oioyio |o|oioyio evil-speaking, reviling
|o|oioyo, |o|oioyo, |o|oioyo, |o|oioyo, evil-speaking
|o|oovi, |o|oovi, |o|oovi, |o|oovi, prophet of ill
|o|oo_to |o|oo_to |o|oo_to |o|oo_to to behave ill in fight
|o|otito, |o|otito, |o|otito, |o|otito, busied with evil
|o|oqq, |o|oqq, |o|oqq, |o|oqq, contriving ill, deceitful
|o|oq_ovio |o|oq_ovio |o|oq_ovio |o|oq_ovio a practising of base arts
|o|oq_ovo, |o|oq_ovo, |o|oq_ovo, |o|oq_ovo, mischief plotting, mischievous, baneful
|o|oiqo, |o|oiqo, |o|oiqo, |o|oiqo, imitating ill
|o|ooipo, |o|ooipo, |o|ooipo, |o|ooipo, ill-fated
|o|ovoio |o|ovoio |o|ovoio |o|ovoio ill-will, malignity, malice
|o|ovoio |o|ovoio |o|ovoio |o|ovoio a bad system of laws and government, a bad constitution
|o|ovoo, |o|ovoo, |o|ovoo, |o|ovoo, with bad laws, ill-governed
|o|ovou, |o|ovou, |o|ovou, |o|ovou, ill-disposed, disaffected
|o|ovuo, |o|ovuo, |o|ovuo, |o|ovuo, ill-married, of unhappy wedlock
|o|otvo, |o|otvo, |o|otvo, |o|otvo, unfortunate in guests
|o|ouvto, |o|ouvto, |o|ouvto, |o|ouvto, wise for evil
|o|ootio |o|ootio |o|ootio |o|ootio ill plight, distress
|o|ooto |o|ooto |o|ooto |o|ooto to suffer ill, to be in ill plight, be in distress
|o|ooq, |o|ooq, |o|ooq, |o|ooq, suffering ill, in ill plight
|o|ooptvo, |o|ooptvo, |o|ooptvo, |o|ooptvo, unbecoming a maid
|o|oopi, |o|oopi, |o|oopi, |o|oopi, having a mean father, low-born
|o|oivq, |o|oivq, |o|oivq, |o|oivq, exceeding filthy, loathsome
|o|ooito |o|ooito |o|ooito |o|ooito to do ill, play the knave
|o|ooiio |o|ooiio |o|ooiio |o|ooiio evil-doing, injury
|o|ooio, |o|ooio, |o|ooio, |o|ooio, ill-doing, mischievous
|o|oovqi|o, |o|oovqi|o, |o|oovqi|o, |o|oovqi|o, unfit for toil
|o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, ill-fated, ill-starred
|o|oou, |o|oou, |o|oou, |o|oou, with bad feet
|o|opoyto |o|opoyto |o|opoyto |o|opoyto to fare ill, fail in an enterprise, to be in ill plight
|o|opoyio |o|opoyio |o|opoyio |o|opoyio misadventure, failure
|o|oppoio |o|oppoio |o|oppoio |o|oppoio contrivance of ill, mischievousness
|o|oppqov |o|oppqov |o|oppqov |o|oppqov telling of ill, ill omened
|o|oppoto |o|oppoto |o|oppoto |o|oppoto to speak evil of, abuse, revile
|o|oppuo, |o|oppuo, |o|oppuo, |o|oppuo, very filthy
|o|ooio, |o|ooio, |o|ooio, |o|ooio, eating badly
|o|oo|tiq, |o|oo|tiq, |o|oo|tiq, |o|oo|tiq, with bad legs
|o|oo|qvq, |o|oo|qvq, |o|oo|qvq, |o|oo|qvq, of a bad, mean body
|o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, |o|ooo, ill-smelling
|o|o, |o|o, |o|o, |o|o, bad
|o|ooioy_vo, |o|ooioy_vo, |o|ooioy_vo, |o|ooioy_vo, faint-hearted
|o|ooopio |o|ooopio |o|ooopio |o|ooopio a bad sowing
Page 318
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|o|oooo_o, |o|oooo_o, |o|oooo_o, |o|oooo_o, with bad stomach, fastidious
|o|oooto |o|oooto |o|oooto |o|oooto to speak evil of, abuse
|o|oooo, |o|oooo, |o|oooo, |o|oooo, evil-speaking
|o|oopoo, |o|oopoo, |o|oopoo, |o|oopoo, ill-spread
|o|oouvto, |o|oouvto, |o|oouvto, |o|oouvto, ill put together
|o|oo_oio, |o|oo_oio, |o|oo_oio, |o|oo_oio, using one's leisure ill, indolent, lazy
|o|ot_vto |o|ot_vto |o|ot_vto |o|ot_vto to use base arts, act basely
|o|ot_vio |o|ot_vio |o|ot_vio |o|ot_vio bad art
|o|ot_vo, |o|ot_vo, |o|ot_vo, |o|ot_vo, using bad arts
|o|oq, |o|oq, |o|oq, |o|oq, badness
|o|opoio |o|opoio |o|opoio |o|opoio badness of habits, mischievousness, maliciousness, wickedness
|o|opoo, |o|opoo, |o|opoo, |o|opoo, mischievous, malignant.
|o|ou_to |o|ou_to |o|ou_to |o|ou_to to be unfortunate
|o|ou_q, |o|ou_q, |o|ou_q, |o|ou_q, unfortunate
|o|oupyto |o|oupyto |o|oupyto |o|oupyto to do evil, work wickedness, deal basely
|o|oupyqo |o|oupyqo |o|oupyqo |o|oupyqo an ill deed, fraud
|o|oupyio |o|oupyio |o|oupyio |o|oupyio the character and conduct of a
|o|oupyi|o, |o|oupyi|o, |o|oupyi|o, |o|oupyi|o, malicious
|o|oupyo, |o|oupyo, |o|oupyo, |o|oupyo, doing ill, mischievous, knavish, villanous
|o|ou_io |o|ou_io |o|ou_io |o|ou_io ill-treatment, ill-conduct
|o|ooi, |o|ooi, |o|ooi, |o|ooi, ill-sounding, ill-omened
|o|opoq, |o|opoq, |o|opoq, |o|opoq, bad in counsel
|o|opoio |o|opoio |o|opoio |o|opoio badness of counsel, folly
|o|opovto |o|opovto |o|opovto |o|opovto to bear ill-will
|o|opov |o|opov |o|opov |o|opov ill-minded, malicious, malignant
|o|ouq, |o|ouq, |o|ouq, |o|ouq, of bad natural qualities
|o|o_opo, |o|o_opo, |o|o_opo, |o|o_opo, rejoicing in men's ills
|o|o_pqoov |o|o_pqoov |o|o_pqoov |o|o_pqoov difficult to live with
|o|ooyo, |o|ooyo, |o|ooyo, |o|ooyo, malignantly blaming
|o|oo |o|oo |o|oo |o|oo to treat ill, maltreat, afflict, distress
|o|uvo |o|uvo |o|uvo |o|uvo to damage
|o|ooi, |o|ooi, |o|ooi, |o|ooi, ill-treatment
|oioo, |oioo, |oioo, |oioo, a vase-shaped basket
|oioivo, |oioivo, |oioivo, |oioivo, like the
|oioi, |oioi, |oioi, |oioi, a precious stone of a greenish blue
|oiooio |oiooio |oiooio |oiooio grasshopper
|oiotuq, |oiotuq, |oiotuq, |oiotuq, a reaper, mower
|oioq |oioq |oioq |oioq the stalk
|oioqoio |oioqoio |oioqoio |oioqoio a reaping
|oioqoyo, |oioqoyo, |oioqoyo, |oioqoyo, devouring stalks
|oioqopo, |oioqopo, |oioqopo, |oioqopo, carrying reeds
|oioivo, |oioivo, |oioivo, |oioivo, made of reed
|oioio|o, |oioio|o, |oioio|o, |oioio|o, a bit of reed
|oioi, |oioi, |oioi, |oioi, a reed fishing-rod
|oiooti, |oiooti, |oiooti, |oiooti, of reed
|oioo, |oioo, |oioo, |oioo, a reed
Page 319
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oioootq, |oioootq, |oioootq, |oioootq, covered with reed
|oioooyyo, |oioooyyo, |oioooyyo, |oioooyyo, played on a reed
|oiooq, |oiooq, |oiooq, |oiooq, like reed, full of reeds
|oioou, |oioou, |oioou, |oioou, a shoemaker's last
|oiooipi, |oiooipi, |oiooipi, |oiooipi, a long garment
|oioupo |oioupo |oioupo |oioupo a shepherd's staff
|oito |oito |oito |oito to call, summon
|oiqtpo, |oiqtpo, |oiqtpo, |oiqtpo, with fortunate days
|oiqop |oiqop |oiqop |oiqop a crier
|oiio |oiio |oiio |oiio a wooden dwelling, hut, barn
|oiio, |oiio, |oiio, |oiio, a hut
|oiivtooi |oiivtooi |oiivtooi |oiivtooi to lie rolling about
|oiioiov |oiioiov |oiioiov |oiioiov a cock's comb
|oiiiitopo, |oiiiitopo, |oiiiitopo, |oiiiitopo, with beautiful eyelids, beautiful-eyed
|oiiioo, |oiiioo, |oiiioo, |oiiioo, beautiful-sounding
|oiiiopu, |oiiiopu, |oiiiopu, |oiiiopu, beautiful-clustering
|oiiioio, |oiiioio, |oiiioio, |oiiioio, with fine, rich soil
|oiiiyoiqvo, |oiiiyoiqvo, |oiiiyoiqvo, |oiiiyoiqvo, beautiful in calm
|oiiiyoo, |oiiiyoo, |oiiiyoo, |oiiiyoo, happy in marriage
|oiiiytvtio |oiiiytvtio |oiiiytvtio |oiiiytvtio bearer of a fair offspring
|oiiiytupo, |oiiiytupo, |oiiiytupo, |oiiiytupo, with beautiful bridges
|oiiiyuvoi |oiiiyuvoi |oiiiyuvoi |oiiiyuvoi with beautiful women
|oiiiivq, |oiiiivq, |oiiiivq, |oiiiivq, beautifully flowing
|oiiiipo, |oiiiipo, |oiiiipo, |oiiiipo, with beautiful chariot
|oiiiovo |oiiiovo |oiiiovo |oiiiovo with beautiful reeds
|oiiittooi |oiiittooi |oiiittooi |oiiittooi to say in fine phrases
|oiiitpto |oiiitpto |oiiitpto |oiiitpto to have favourable signs in a sacrifice, to obtain good omens
|oiiiuyq, |oiiiuyq, |oiiiuyq, |oiiiuyq, beautifully yoked
|oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, with beautiful girdles
|oiiipi |oiiipi |oiiipi |oiiipi with beautiful manes
|oiiiuto |oiiiuto |oiiiuto |oiiiuto to offer in auspicious sacrifice
|oiii|opo, |oiii|opo, |oiii|opo, |oiii|opo, with beautiful fruit
|oiii|tpo, |oiii|tpo, |oiii|tpo, |oiii|tpo, with beautiful horns
|oiii|oiovq |oiii|oiovq |oiii|oiovq |oiii|oiovq fair-hill
|oiii|oo, |oiii|oo, |oiii|oo, |oiii|oo, beautiful-haired
|oiii|pqtvo, |oiii|pqtvo, |oiii|pqtvo, |oiii|pqtvo, with beautiful headband
|oiiiioytooi |oiiiioytooi |oiiiioytooi |oiiiioytooi to use specious phrases
|oiiiopo, |oiiiopo, |oiiiopo, |oiiiopo, beautifully shaped
|oiiio, |oiiio, |oiiio, |oiiio, beautiful
|oiiivoo, |oiiivoo, |oiiivoo, |oiiivoo, beautiful-flowing
|oiiivi|o, |oiiivi|o, |oiiivi|o, |oiiivi|o, with glorious victory
|oiiioq |oiiioq |oiiioq |oiiioq Calliope, the beautiful-voiced
|oiiioi, |oiiioi, |oiiioi, |oiiioi, with beautiful children, blessed with fair children
|oiiiopqo, |oiiiopqo, |oiiiopqo, |oiiiopqo, beautiful-cheeked
|oiiioptvo, |oiiioptvo, |oiiioptvo, |oiiioptvo, with beautiful nymphs
|oiii |oiii |oiii |oiii beautiful
Page 320
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oiiitiio, |oiiitiio, |oiiitiio, |oiiitiio, with beautiful sandals
|oiiitio, |oiiitio, |oiiitio, |oiiitio, with beautiful robe
|oiiitqio, |oiiitqio, |oiiitqio, |oiiitqio, with beautiful leaves
|oiiiq_u, |oiiiq_u, |oiiiq_u, |oiiiq_u, with beautiful elbow
|oiiiio|oo, |oiiiio|oo, |oiiiio|oo, |oiiiio|oo, with beautiful locks
|oiiiiouo, |oiiiiouo, |oiiiiouo, |oiiiiouo, adorned with riches
|oiiioii, |oiiioii, |oiiioii, |oiiioii, fair-city
|oiiiooo, |oiiiooo, |oiiiooo, |oiiiooo, of beautiful rivers
|oiiipopo, |oiiipopo, |oiiipopo, |oiiipopo, with beautiful prow
|oiiiuio, |oiiiuio, |oiiiuio, |oiiiuio, with beautiful gates
|oiiiupyo, |oiiiupyo, |oiiiupyo, |oiiiupyo, with beautiful towers
|oiiioio, |oiiioio, |oiiioio, |oiiioio, with beautiful steeds
|oiiipttpo, |oiiipttpo, |oiiipttpo, |oiiipttpo, beautiful-flowing
|oiiippqoouvq |oiiippqoouvq |oiiippqoouvq |oiiippqoouvq elegance of language
|oiiippqov |oiiippqov |oiiippqov |oiiippqov in elegant language.
|oiiippou, |oiiippou, |oiiippou, |oiiippou, beautiful flowing
|oiiiooio, |oiiiooio, |oiiiooio, |oiiiooio, with a fine race-course
|oiiiotiov |oiiiotiov |oiiiotiov |oiiiotiov the prize of beauty
|oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo exceeding beauty
|oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo |oiiiotuo to be the most beautiful
|oiiiotovo, |oiiiotovo, |oiiiotovo, |oiiiotovo, beautiful-crowned
|oiiioo |oiiioo |oiiioo |oiiioo most-beautiful
|oiiioupo, |oiiioupo, |oiiioupo, |oiiioupo, beautiful-ankled
|oiiit|vo, |oiiit|vo, |oiiit|vo, |oiiit|vo, with fair children
|oiiit_vio |oiiit_vio |oiiit_vio |oiiit_vio beauty of workmanship
|oiiioo, |oiiioo, |oiiioo, |oiiioo, with beautiful bow
|oiiityyq, |oiiityyq, |oiiityyq, |oiiityyq, beautiful-shining
|oiiioyyo, |oiiioyyo, |oiiioyyo, |oiiioyyo, beautiful-sounding
|oiiiio |oiiiio |oiiiio |oiiiio auspiciously burning
|oiiiovio |oiiiovio |oiiiovio |oiiiovio beauty of sound
|oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, |oiiiovo, with a fine voice
|oiii_opo, |oiii_opo, |oiii_opo, |oiii_opo, with beautiful places
|oiiovq |oiiovq |oiiovq |oiiovq beauty
|oiio, |oiio, |oiio, |oiio, beauty
|oiiuvpov |oiiuvpov |oiiuvpov |oiiuvpov an implement for cleaning, broom
|oiiuvo |oiiuvo |oiiuvo |oiiuvo to beautify
|oiioio |oiioio |oiioio |oiioio to make the face beautiful
|oiioioo |oiioioo |oiioioo |oiioioo ornament, embellishment
|oiioioo, |oiioioo, |oiioioo, |oiioioo, an adorning oneself, making a display
|oioioo|oio, |oioioo|oio, |oioioo|oio, |oioioo|oio, a teacher of virtue
|oio|oyoio |oio|oyoio |oio|oyoio |oio|oyoio the character and conduct of a
|oio|oyoi|o, |oio|oyoi|o, |oio|oyoi|o, |oio|oyoi|o, beseeming a
|oio|oyoo, |oio|oyoo, |oio|oyoo, |oio|oyoo, beautiful and good, noble and good
|oiov |oiov |oiov |oiov wood
|oiotiio |oiotiio |oiotiio |oiotiio wooden shoes
|oiooito |oiooito |oiooito |oiooito to do good
Page 321
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oio, |oio, |oio, |oio, beautiful, beauteous, fair
|oii, |oii, |oii, |oii, a vessel for drawing water, a pitcher
|oiuq |oiuq |oiuq |oiuq a hut, cabin, cell
|oiu|ootovo, |oiu|ootovo, |oiu|ootovo, |oiu|ootovo, crowned with flower-buds
|oiu|oi, |oiu|oi, |oiu|oi, |oiu|oi, like a budding flower in face
|oiuo |oiuo |oiuo |oiuo a head-covering
|oiu |oiu |oiu |oiu a covering
|oiutipo |oiutipo |oiutipo |oiutipo a veil
|oiuo, |oiuo, |oiuo, |oiuo, put round so as to cover, enfolding, enveloping
|oiupo |oiupo |oiupo |oiupo a woman's veil
|oiuo |oiuo |oiuo |oiuo to cover with
|oi_oivo |oi_oivo |oi_oivo |oi_oivo to make purple
|oi_o, |oi_o, |oi_o, |oi_o, Calchas
|oi_q |oi_q |oi_q |oi_q the murex
|oioiov |oioiov |oioiov |oioiov a small cord
|oio, |oio, |oio, |oio, a reefing rope, reef
|oioopoo, |oioopoo, |oioopoo, |oioopoo, a rope-maker
|oo|ivo, |oo|ivo, |oo|ivo, |oo|ivo, made of reed
|oo |oo |oo |oo a vine-pole, vine-prop
|oooqvt, |oooqvt, |oooqvt, |oooqvt, a kind of fish
|ooqpo, |ooqpo, |ooqpo, |ooqpo, toilsome, troublesome, wearisome
|ooo, |ooo, |ooo, |ooo, toil, trouble, labour
|oooq, |oooq, |oooq, |oooq, toilsome, wearisome
|oqio, |oqio, |oqio, |oqio, a camel
|oivtuqp |oivtuqp |oivtuqp |oivtuqp of a smith's bellows
|oivtuo |oivtuo |oivtuo |oivtuo to heat in a furnace
|oivo, |oivo, |oivo, |oivo, an oven, furnace, kiln
|oivo |oivo |oivo |oivo a furnace-woman
|ooviq |ooviq |ooviq |ooviq the reward of endurance
|oopo, |oopo, |oopo, |oopo, subject to destiny
|ovo |ovo |ovo |ovo to work
|oq |oq |oq |oq a bending, winding
|oio, |oio, |oio, |oio, bent, turning
|oqp |oqp |oqp |oqp a bend, an angle
|oo |oo |oo |oo to bend, curve
|ouio, |ouio, |ouio, |ouio, bent, crooked, curved
|oiou, |oiou, |oiou, |oiou, bending the foot
|ovoivo, |ovoivo, |ovoivo, |ovoivo, of
|ovoo, |ovoo, |ovoo, |ovoo, a wooden block round which artists moulded
|ovopov |ovopov |ovopov |ovopov a cane
|ovoopov |ovoopov |ovoopov |ovoopov a dish
|ovo_to |ovo_to |ovo_to |ovo_to to ring, clash, clang
|ovo_qo |ovo_qo |ovo_qo |ovo_qo with a sharp loud noise
|ovo_q |ovo_q |ovo_q |ovo_q a sharp sound: the ring
|ovo_q, |ovo_q, |ovo_q, |ovo_q, plashing
|ovo_io |ovo_io |ovo_io |ovo_io to ring
Page 322
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ovu, |ovu, |ovu, |ovu, a Median cloak with sleeves
|ovtov |ovtov |ovtov |ovtov a basket of reed
|ovq, |ovq, |ovq, |ovq, a mat of reeds
|ovqopto |ovqopto |ovqopto |ovqopto to carry the sacred basket in procession
|ovqopio |ovqopio |ovqopio |ovqopio the office of
|ovqopo, |ovqopo, |ovqopo, |ovqopo, carrying a basket
|ovopo, |ovopo, |ovopo, |ovopo, a Naxian boat
|ovqiio |ovqiio |ovqiio |ovqiio the panniers
|ovqiio, |ovqiio, |ovqiio, |ovqiio, a large sort of ass
|ovov |ovov |ovov |ovov a pack-ass
|ovvoivo, |ovvoivo, |ovvoivo, |ovvoivo, hempen, of hemp, like it
|ovvoi, |ovvoi, |ovvoi, |ovvoi, hemp
|ovvo |ovvo |ovvo |ovvo a reed
|ovovio |ovovio |ovovio |ovovio to measure by rule
|ovovi, |ovovi, |ovovi, |ovovi, a ruler
|ov |ov |ov |ov and if, even if, although
|ovoo, |ovoo, |ovoo, |ovoo, Canopus
|ovov |ovov |ovov |ovov any straight rod
|oto, |oto, |oto, |oto, a ditch, trench
|oqitio |oqitio |oqitio |oqitio retail trade, tavern-keeping
|oqitiov |oqitiov |oqitiov |oqitiov the shop of a
|oqituo |oqituo |oqituo |oqituo to be a retail-dealer
|oqii|o, |oqii|o, |oqii|o, |oqii|o, of
|oqio, |oqio, |oqio, |oqio, a retail-dealer, huckster, hawker, peddlar, higgler
|oq |oq |oq |oq a crib
|oiq |oiq |oiq |oiq a measure containing two
|ovio |ovio |ovio |ovio to make smoke
|ovioo |ovioo |ovioo |ovioo incense
|ovoo|q |ovoo|q |ovoo|q |ovoo|q a smoke-receiver
|ovoooi |ovoooi |ovoooi |ovoooi to be turned into smoke, burnt to ashes
|ovo, |ovo, |ovo, |ovo, smoke
|ooo|oi |ooo|oi |ooo|oi |ooo|oi the Cappadocians
|ooo|io |ooo|io |ooo|io |ooo|io to favour the Cappadocians
|oopi, |oopi, |oopi, |oopi, the caper-plant
|ooopo, |ooopo, |ooopo, |ooopo, marked with a
|oupio |oupio |oupio |oupio to catch, take fire
|opoo |opoo |opoo |opoo to be lewd
|opio, |opio, |opio, |opio, a wild boar
|opo, |opo, |opo, |opo, the boar, wild boar
|opoovo, |opoovo, |opoovo, |opoovo, killing wild boars
|oo |oo |oo |oo to gulp down
|oupo, |oupo, |oupo, |oupo, dried by the air, dry
|opoopoooo, |opoopoooo, |opoopoooo, |opoopoooo, with the face of a
|opoo, |opoo, |opoo, |opoo, the stag-beetle
|opoo|to |opoo|to |opoo|to |opoo|to to watch with outstretched head
|opo|oiiov |opo|oiiov |opo|oiiov |opo|oiiov a hood
Page 323
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|opovioqp |opovioqp |opovioqp |opovioqp beheading, capital
|opovo, |opovo, |opovo, |opovo, a chief
|opovoo |opovoo |opovoo |opovoo to achieve
|opo |opo |opo |opo the head
|opooto |opooto |opooto |opooto to cut off the head, behead
|opooo, |opooo, |opooo, |opooo, beheaded
|opovo, |opovo, |opovo, |opovo, outlandish, foreign
|opoivoi |opoivoi |opoivoi |opoivoi shoes of undressed leather, brogues
|opoov |opoov |opoov |opoov cress
|opio |opio |opio |opio the heart
|opioyvooq, |opioyvooq, |opioyvooq, |opioyvooq, knower of hearts
|opioq|o, |opioq|o, |opioq|o, |opioq|o, gnawing the heart
|opioui|to |opioui|to |opioui|to |opioui|to to draw the heart out of the victim
|opoo, |opoo, |opoo, |opoo, a kneading-trough
|opq|ooovt, |opq|ooovt, |opq|ooovt, |opq|ooovt, with hair on the head, long-haired
|opqvov |opqvov |opqvov |opqvov the head
|opi|o, |opi|o, |opi|o, |opi|o, Carian
|opivq |opivq |opivq |opivq a Carian woman
|opi, |opi, |opi, |opi, a shrimp
|op|oipo |op|oipo |op|oipo |op|oipo to quake
|op|ivo, |op|ivo, |op|ivo, |op|ivo, a crab
|op|ivo_tipt, |op|ivo_tipt, |op|ivo_tipt, |op|ivo_tipt, with crab's claws for hands
|opvtio |opvtio |opvtio |opvtio a festival held in honour of Apollo
|opoo, |opoo, |opoo, |opoo, Carpathus
|opoio |opoio |opoio |opoio a mimic dance
|opoiio, |opoiio, |opoiio, |opoiio, swift
|op |op |op |op a Carian
|op |op |op |op hair cut off, a lock of hair
|opio |opio |opio |opio to make fruitful, fertilise
|opio, |opio, |opio, |opio, fruit-bearing, fruitful
|opoytvtio, |opoytvtio, |opoytvtio, |opoytvtio, fruit-producing
|opo, |opo, |opo, |opo, fruit
|opo, |opo, |opo, |opo, the wrist
|opoo|o, |opoo|o, |opoo|o, |opoo|o, bearing fruit
|opooyo, |opooyo, |opooyo, |opooyo, living on fruit
|opoopo, |opoopo, |opoopo, |opoopo, spoiling fruit
|opoopto |opoopto |opoopto |opoopto to bear fruit
|opoopo, |opoopo, |opoopo, |opoopo, fruit-bearing, fruitful
|opouio |opouio |opouio |opouio watcher of fruit
|opoo |opoo |opoo |opoo to bear fruit
|opooi, |opooi, |opooi, |opooi, use
|opo |opo |opo |opo very, very, much, extremely
|optpto |optpto |optpto |optpto to be steadfast, patient, staunch
|optpqo |optpqo |optpqo |optpqo an act of patience
|optpqoi, |optpqoi, |optpqoi, |optpqoi, a bearing patiently, patience
|optpio |optpio |optpio |optpio patient endurance, patience
Page 324
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|optpi|o, |optpi|o, |optpi|o, |optpi|o, capable of endurance, patient
|optpouo, |optpouo, |optpouo, |optpouo, stout-hearted
|optpo, |optpo, |optpo, |optpo, strong, staunch, stout, sturdy
|optpouvo, |optpouvo, |optpouvo, |optpouvo, strongly, stoutly
|optpo_tip |optpo_tip |optpo_tip |optpo_tip strong-handed
|opo, |opo, |opo, |opo, strength, vigour, courage
|opuoi |opuoi |opuoi |opuoi a place in Laconia
|opuoio |opuoio |opuoio |opuoio to dance the Caryatic dance
|opu|q |opu|q |opu|q |opu|q a Persian dish, composed of blood and rich spices
|opu|ivo, |opu|ivo, |opu|ivo, |opu|ivo, dark-red
|opu|ooito |opu|ooito |opu|ooito |opu|ooito to make a
|opuovouq, |opuovouq, |opuovouq, |opuovouq, one who sails in a nut-shell
|opuov |opuov |opuov |opuov nut
|opoito, |opoito, |opoito, |opoito, dry, parched
|opq |opq |opq |opq dry grass, hay
|opqpo, |opqpo, |opqpo, |opqpo, of dry straw
|opiq, |opiq, |opiq, |opiq, built of dry straws
|opo, |opo, |opo, |opo, a dry stalk
|opo |opo |opo |opo to dry up, wither
|op_oito, |op_oito, |op_oito, |op_oito, rough
|op_opoou, |op_opoou, |op_opoou, |op_opoou, with sharp, jagged teeth
|op_opo, |op_opo, |op_opo, |op_opo, sharp-pointed, jagged, with sharp
|op_qovio |op_qovio |op_qovio |op_qovio to side with the Carthaginians
|op_qov |op_qov |op_qov |op_qov Carthage
|op_qoiov |op_qoiov |op_qoiov |op_qoiov a drinking-cup
|oooioo |oooioo |oooioo |oooioo to abuse in harlot fashion
|oooio, |oooio, |oooio, |oooio, a courtesan, harlot
|ooo, |ooo, |ooo, |ooo, a carpet
|ooio |ooio |ooio |ooio cassia
|ooiyvqq |ooiyvqq |ooiyvqq |ooiyvqq a sister
|ooiyvqo, |ooiyvqo, |ooiyvqo, |ooiyvqo, a brother
|ooi, |ooi, |ooi, |ooi, a brother
|oooitpit, |oooitpit, |oooitpit, |oooitpit, the Cassiterides
|oooitpo, |oooitpo, |oooitpo, |oooitpo, tin
|ooouo |ooouo |ooouo |ooouo anything stitched
|ooouo |ooouo |ooouo |ooouo to stitch
|oooptio, |oooptio, |oooptio, |oooptio, of
|ooopit, |ooopit, |ooopit, |ooopit, hounds
|ooop |ooop |ooop |ooop Castor
|ooop |ooop |ooop |ooop the beaver
|oooqv |oooqv |oooqv |oooqv going down
|oooo, |oooo, |oooo, |oooo, a descent
|oooivo |oooivo |oooivo |oooivo to step down, go
|ooo|_ioooi |ooo|_ioooi |ooo|_ioooi |ooo|_ioooi to be full of Bacchic frenzy
|oooiio |oooiio |oooiio |oooiio to throw down, overthrow
|oooo |oooo |oooo |oooo to dip down into
Page 325
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooopto |ooopto |ooopto |ooopto to weigh down, overload
|ooooi, |ooooi, |ooooi, |ooooi, a going down, way down, descent
|oooto, |oooto, |oooto, |oooto, one must descend
|ooouo |ooouo |ooouo |ooouo to bark at
|ootoioooi |ootoioooi |ootoioooi |ootoioooi to affirm strongly
|ooioooi |ooioooi |ooioooi |ooioooi to constrain
|ooioo |ooioo |ooioo |ooioo to make to go down, bring down, bring down
|ooiooto, |ooiooto, |ooiooto, |ooiooto, to be brought down
|ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o to eat up, devour
|ooioo |ooioo |ooioo |ooioo to bring life to an end
|ooioo |ooioo |ooioo |ooioo to hurt greatly, damage
|ooito |ooito |ooito |ooito to look down at
|ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, fit for throwing off horseback
|ooiq_oooi |ooiq_oooi |ooiq_oooi |ooiq_oooi to bleat loudly
|ooioo|o |ooioo|o |ooioo|o |ooioo|o to go down through
|ooooo |ooooo |ooooo |ooooo to cry down, cry out against
|oooq |oooq |oooq |oooq an outcry against
|oooqoi, |oooqoi, |oooqoi, |oooqoi, a crying out against
|oooiq |oooiq |oooiq |oooiq a throwing
|oooo|o |oooo|o |oooo|o |oooo|o to feed flocks upon
|oooopu_o, |oooopu_o, |oooopu_o, |oooopu_o, with flowing locks
|oopotuo |oopotuo |oopotuo |oopotuo to give judgment against
|oopt_o |oopt_o |oopt_o |oopt_o to wet through, drench
|oopio |oopio |oopio |oopio to be heavily laden
|oopo_io |oopo_io |oopo_io |oopo_io to gulp down
|oopu|o |oopu|o |oopu|o |oopu|o to bite in pieces, eat up
|ooupooo |ooupooo |ooupooo |ooupooo to cover quite with hides
|ooyytiio |ooyytiio |ooyytiio |ooyytiio proclamation
|ooyytiio |ooyytiio |ooyytiio |ooyytiio to denounce, betray
|ooyytio, |ooyytio, |ooyytio, |ooyytio, denounced, betrayed
|ooytio, |ooytio, |ooytio, |ooytio, in
|ooytio |ooytio |ooytio |ooytio Gela
|ooytiooo, |ooytiooo, |ooytiooo, |ooytiooo, ridiculous, absurd
|ooytioo |ooytioo |ooytioo |ooytioo to laugh at, jeer
|ooytio, |ooytio, |ooytio, |ooytio, mockery, derision, ridicule
|ooyqpoo|o |ooyqpoo|o |ooyqpoo|o |ooyqpoo|o to grow old
|ooyiyvooi |ooyiyvooi |ooyiyvooi |ooyiyvooi to abide, dwell
|ooyiyvoo|o |ooyiyvoo|o |ooyiyvoo|o |ooyiyvoo|o to remark, discover
|ooyivto |ooyivto |ooyivto |ooyivto to bring down
|ooyioio |ooyioio |ooyioio |ooyioio to glorify
|ooyioio |ooyioio |ooyioio |ooyioio to be talked down
|ooyo |ooyo |ooyo |ooyo wool drawn
|ooyvoo |ooyvoo |ooyvoo |ooyvoo to bend down
|ooyvoo |ooyvoo |ooyvoo |ooyvoo to comb away, lacerate
|ooyvui |ooyvui |ooyvui |ooyvui to break in pieces, shatter, shiver, crack
|ooyvooi, |ooyvooi, |ooyvooi, |ooyvooi, a thinking ill of, a low
Page 326
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooyvooto, |ooyvooto, |ooyvooto, |ooyvooto, one must condemn
|ooyoqtuo |ooyoqtuo |ooyoqtuo |ooyoqtuo to enchant, bewitch: to cheat
|ooyopoo |ooyopoo |ooyopoo |ooyopoo to buy up
|ooyoptuo |ooyoptuo |ooyoptuo |ooyoptuo to denounce
|ooypoo, |ooypoo, |ooypoo, |ooypoo, embroidered
|ooypoo |ooypoo |ooypoo |ooypoo to scratch away, lacerate
|ooyuvoo |ooyuvoo |ooyuvoo |ooyuvoo to exercise much, discipline
|ooyo |ooyo |ooyo |ooyo to lead down
|ooyoyq |ooyoyq |ooyoyq |ooyoyq a bringing down from
|ooyoyiov |ooyoyiov |ooyoyiov |ooyoyiov a place to lodge in, an inn, hotel
|ooyoviooi |ooyoviooi |ooyoviooi |ooyoviooi to struggle against, prevail against, conquer
|oooivuoi |oooivuoi |oooivuoi |oooivuoi to devour
|ooo|vo |ooo|vo |ooo|vo |ooo|vo to bite in pieces
|ooo|puo |ooo|puo |ooo|puo |ooo|puo to bewail
|ooooooi |ooooooi |ooooooi |ooooooi to subdue utterly
|oooovoo |oooovoo |oooovoo |oooovoo to squander, lavish
|oooo |oooo |oooo |oooo to rend in pieces, devour
|ooopovo |ooopovo |ooopovo |ooopovo to fall asleep
|oootooi |oootooi |oootooi |oootooi to divide among themselves, tear and devour
|ootq, |ootq, |ootq, |ootq, wanting
|ooti |ooti |ooti |ooti there is wanting
|ootio |ootio |ootio |ootio to fear greatly
|ooti|vui |ooti|vui |ooti|vui |ooti|vui to discover and make known
|ootiiioo |ootiiioo |ootiiioo |ootiiioo to shew signs of fear
|ootp|ooi |ootp|ooi |ootp|ooi |ootp|ooi to look down upon
|ootoo, |ootoo, |ootoo, |ootoo, a tie, band: a magic knot
|ootuo |ootuo |ootuo |ootuo to wet through
|oot_ooi |oot_ooi |oot_ooi |oot_ooi to receive, admit
|ooto |ooto |ooto |ooto to bind on
|ooto |ooto |ooto |ooto to want, lack, need
|ooqio, |ooqio, |ooqio, |ooqio, quite manifest, plain, visible
|ooqoyoyto |ooqoyoyto |ooqoyoyto |ooqoyoyto to conquer by the arts of a demagogue
|ooqoopto |ooqoopto |ooqoopto |ooqoopto to consume publicly
|ooioioo |ooioioo |ooioioo |ooioioo to decide as arbitrator against, give judgment against
|ooioiioooo |ooioiioooo |ooioiioooo |ooioiioooo to reconcile again
|ooioi |ooioi |ooioi |ooioi to give away
|ooi|oo |ooi|oo |ooi|oo |ooi|oo to give judgment against
|ooi|q |ooi|q |ooi|q |ooi|q judgment given against one: the damages awarded
|ooio|o |ooio|o |ooio|o |ooio|o to pursue closely
|ooo|to |ooo|to |ooo|to |ooo|to to suppose
|ooouioo |ooouioo |ooouioo |ooouioo to reduce to slavery, enslave
|ooouiooi, |ooouiooi, |ooouiooi, |ooouiooi, enslavement, subjugation
|ooouto |ooouto |ooouto |ooouto to fall with a heavy sound
|ooouoi |ooouoi |ooouoi |ooouoi the Cataracts
|oopto |oopto |oopto |oopto to strip off from
|oopoq |oopoq |oopoq |oopoq an inroad, raid
Page 327
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oopoo, |oopoo, |oopoo, |oopoo, overrun, wasted
|oopuo |oopuo |oopuo |oopuo a tearing
|oopuo |oopuo |oopuo |oopuo to tear in pieces, rend
|oouvootuo |oouvootuo |oouvootuo |oouvootuo to exercise power over
|oouoi, |oouoi, |oouoi, |oouoi, a going down into, descent
|oouooto |oouooto |oouooto |oouooto to put to the blush by earnest intreaty
|oouo |oouo |oouo |oouo to go down, sink, set
|ooo |ooo |ooo |ooo to sing to
|ooopoo|to |ooopoo|to |ooopoo|to |ooopoo|to to take presents
|ootvvui |ootvvui |ootvvui |ootvvui to clothe, cover
|oooivo |oooivo |oooivo |oooivo to make quite dry, parch quite up
|oooo |oooo |oooo |oooo to live on
|ootuyvui |ootuyvui |ootuyvui |ootuyvui to yoke together, yoke
|ootui, |ootui, |ootui, |ootui, a yoking together
|ooovvui |ooovvui |ooovvui |ooovvui to gird fast
|oootooi |oootooi |oootooi |oootooi to be astonished at
|oooo |oooo |oooo |oooo to bury
|ooopouvo |ooopouvo |ooopouvo |ooopouvo to embolden
|ootoooi |ootoooi |ootoooi |ootoooi to look down upon, watch from above
|ootiyo |ootiyo |ootiyo |ootiyo to subdue by spells
|ootii, |ootii, |ootii, |ootii, enchantment
|ootoio |ootoio |ootoio |ootoio to curse
|ooto |ooto |ooto |ooto to run down
|ootopto |ootopto |ootopto |ootopto to contemplate from above
|ooqyo |ooqyo |ooqyo |ooqyo to sharpen, whet
|ooqiuvo |ooqiuvo |ooqiuvo |ooqiuvo to make womanish
|ooito |ooito |ooito |ooito to exercise oneself much
|ooiio |ooiio |ooiio |ooiio to press down, press out
|oovqo|o |oovqo|o |oovqo|o |oovqo|o to die away, be dying
|oovqo, |oovqo, |oovqo, |oovqo, mortal
|oooputo |oooputo |oooputo |oooputo to cry down
|oopouo |oopouo |oopouo |oopouo to break in pieces, shatter
|oopqvto |oopqvto |oopqvto |oopqvto to bewail, lament, mourn
|oopoo|o |oopoo|o |oopoo|o |oopoo|o to leap down
|oouto |oouto |oouto |oouto to be quite cast down, lose all heart
|oouio, |oouio, |oouio, |oouio, in the mind
|oouo |oouo |oouo |oouo to sacrifice
|ooopo|iooi |ooopo|iooi |ooopo|iooi |ooopo|iooi to be armed at all points
|ooioq, |ooioq, |ooioq, |ooioq, as descending in thunder and lightning
|ooioo, |ooioo, |ooioo, |ooioo, by which
|ooiyio |ooiyio |ooiyio |ooiyio to rush down like a storm
|ooitooi |ooitooi |ooitooi |ooitooi to feel shame
|ooioioo |ooioioo |ooioioo |ooioioo to burn to ashes
|ooiuooo |ooiuooo |ooiuooo |ooiuooo to wave
|ooio |ooio |ooio |ooio to burn down, burn to ashes
|ooi|io |ooi|io |ooi|io |ooi|io to wound severely, to spoil utterly
Page 328
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooivtoi, |ooivtoi, |ooivtoi, |ooivtoi, an agreement: a betrothal
|ooivto |ooivto |ooivto |ooivto to agree to
|ooipo |ooipo |ooipo |ooipo to come down, make a swoop
|ooioovooi |ooioovooi |ooioovooi |ooioovooi to come to full perception of
|ooioio, |ooioio, |ooioio, |ooioio, all righteous
|ooio_uvqp |ooio_uvqp |ooio_uvqp |ooio_uvqp a dishonourer
|ooio_uvo |ooio_uvo |ooio_uvo |ooio_uvo to disgrace, dishonour, put to shame
|ooiioooi |ooiioooi |ooiioooi |ooiioooi to accuse, arraign, reproach
|ooiu |ooiu |ooiu |ooiu a low helmet
|ooioptooi |ooioptooi |ooioptooi |ooioptooi to hang down
|oo|oy_oo |oo|oy_oo |oo|oy_oo |oo|oy_oo to laugh aloud at
|oo|oio |oo|oio |oo|oio |oo|oio to burn down, burn completely
|oo|oito |oo|oito |oo|oito |oo|oito to call down, summon, invite
|oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo to cover up
|oo|oo |oo|oo |oo|oo |oo|oo to bend down
|oo|opooi |oo|opooi |oo|opooi |oo|opooi to wither away
|oo|ou_oooi |oo|ou_oooi |oo|ou_oooi |oo|ou_oooi to boast against
|oo|tioi |oo|tioi |oo|tioi |oo|tioi to lie down, lie outstretched
|oo|tipo |oo|tipo |oo|tipo |oo|tipo to shear off
|oo|t|po|q, |oo|t|po|q, |oo|t|po|q, |oo|t|po|q, one who cries down, a bawler
|oo|tituo |oo|tituo |oo|tituo |oo|tituo to command silence
|oo|tpoivo |oo|tpoivo |oo|tpoivo |oo|tpoivo to make gain of
|oo|tpoio |oo|tpoio |oo|tpoio |oo|tpoio to change into small coin
|oo|tpoto |oo|tpoto |oo|tpoto |oo|tpoto to rail violently
|oo|qito |oo|qito |oo|qito |oo|qito to charm away
|oo|qpoo |oo|qpoo |oo|qpoo |oo|qpoo to cover with wax
|oo|qpuooo |oo|qpuooo |oo|qpuooo |oo|qpuooo to proclaim
|oo|ioio |oo|ioio |oo|ioio |oo|ioio to bewail loudly, lament
|oo|ioo |oo|ioo |oo|ioo |oo|ioo to break down, break short, snap off
|oo|iti, |oo|iti, |oo|iti, |oo|iti, an instrument for fastening doors, a key
|oo|itio |oo|itio |oo|itio |oo|itio to shut in, inclose
|oo|iqpooto |oo|iqpooto |oo|iqpooto |oo|iqpooto to distribute by lot
|oo|iqpovoto |oo|iqpovoto |oo|iqpovoto |oo|iqpovoto to obtain by inheritance
|oo|iqpoo |oo|iqpoo |oo|iqpoo |oo|iqpoo to portion out
|oo|iivq, |oo|iivq, |oo|iivq, |oo|iivq, sloping
|oo|iivo |oo|iivo |oo|iivo |oo|iivo to lay down
|oo|iioi, |oo|iioi, |oo|iioi, |oo|iioi, a making
|oo|iuo |oo|iuo |oo|iuo |oo|iuo to dash over, flood, deluge, inundate
|oo|iuoo, |oo|iuoo, |oo|iuoo, |oo|iuoo, a deluge, inundation
|oo|voo |oo|voo |oo|voo |oo|voo to scrape away, make away with
|oo|vio |oo|vio |oo|vio |oo|vio to pull to pieces, shred small
|oo|oioo |oo|oioo |oo|oioo |oo|oioo to sleep through
|oo|oivovto |oo|oivovto |oo|oivovto |oo|oivovto to make
|oo|oiouto |oo|oiouto |oo|oiouto |oo|oiouto to follow after, obey
|oo|oiio |oo|oiio |oo|oiio |oo|oiio to run into a bay
|oo|oiuoo |oo|oiuoo |oo|oiuoo |oo|oiuoo to dive down
Page 329
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|oo|oiq |oo|oiq |oo|oiq |oo|oiq a bringing down to the sea-shore for exportation
|oo|oio |oo|oio |oo|oio |oo|oio to bring down
|oo|oo, |oo|oo, |oo|oo, |oo|oo, with long falling hair
|oo|ovo |oo|ovo |oo|ovo |oo|ovo destruction
|oo|ovuiio |oo|ovuiio |oo|ovuiio |oo|ovuiio to buffet sharply
|oo|ovio |oo|ovio |oo|ovio |oo|ovio to shoot down
|oo|oo |oo|oo |oo|oo |oo|oo to cut down, cut in pieces, cut up
|oo|opq, |oo|opq, |oo|opq, |oo|opq, satiated, glutted
|oo|opo, |oo|opo, |oo|opo, |oo|opo, to excess, intemperately
|oo|ooto |oo|ooto |oo|ooto |oo|ooto to set in order, arrange
|oo|ouo |oo|ouo |oo|ouo |oo|ouo to hear and obey, be subject to
|oo|poo |oo|poo |oo|poo |oo|poo to cry down, outdo in crying
|oo|poto |oo|poto |oo|poto |oo|poto to prevail over
|oo|ptovvui |oo|ptovvui |oo|ptovvui |oo|ptovvui to hang up
|oo|pqvio |oo|pqvio |oo|pqvio |oo|pqvio to throw down a precipice
|oo|pqvo, |oo|pqvo, |oo|pqvo, |oo|pqvo, steep and rugged
|oo|pio |oo|pio |oo|pio |oo|pio condemnation, judgment
|oo|pivo |oo|pivo |oo|pivo |oo|pivo to give as sentence against
|oo|puo |oo|puo |oo|puo |oo|puo to cover over, hide away, conceal
|oo|puq |oo|puq |oo|puq |oo|puq concealment: a subterfuge
|oo|poo |oo|poo |oo|poo |oo|poo to croak at, croak down
|oo|oooi |oo|oooi |oo|oooi |oo|oooi to get for oneself entirely, gain possession of
|oo|tivo |oo|tivo |oo|tivo |oo|tivo to kill, slay, murder
|oo|o, |oo|o, |oo|o, |oo|o, to be sunk
|oo|utuo |oo|utuo |oo|utuo |oo|utuo to lose in dicing
|oo|u|ioo |oo|u|ioo |oo|u|ioo |oo|u|ioo to encircle
|oo|uiivo |oo|uiivo |oo|uiivo |oo|uiivo to roll down
|oo|uo |oo|uo |oo|uo |oo|uo to bend down, stoop
|oo|upituo |oo|upituo |oo|upituo |oo|upituo to gain dominion over
|oo|upoo |oo|upoo |oo|upoo |oo|upoo to confirm, ratify
|oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo |oo|oiuo to hinder from doing
|oo|ooo |oo|ooo |oo|ooo |oo|ooo to burst riotously in upon
|ooioovtuooi |ooioovtuooi |ooioovtuooi |ooioovtuooi to boast
|ooioito |ooioito |ooioito |ooioito to talk loudly, to blab
|ooioiio |ooioiio |ooioiio |ooioiio evil report, slander
|ooioio, |ooioio, |ooioio, |ooioio, a slanderer
|ooioovo |ooioovo |ooioovo |ooioovo to seize upon, lay hold of
|ooioto, |ooioto, |ooioto, |ooioto, to be arrested
|ooioo |ooioo |ooioo |ooioo to shine upon
|ooiyto |ooiyto |ooiyto |ooiyto to suffer much, feel sore pain
|ooityo |ooityo |ooityo |ooityo to lay down
|ooitio |ooitio |ooitio |ooitio to pour down
|ooitio, |ooitio, |ooitio, |ooitio, anointed
|ooitio |ooitio |ooitio |ooitio to leave behind
|ooitioupyto |ooitioupyto |ooitioupyto |ooitioupyto to spend all one's substance
|ooitii, |ooitii, |ooitii, |ooitii, a leaving behind
Page 330
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooitoioyto |ooitoioyto |ooitoioyto |ooitoioyto to waste in subtle talk
|ooituo |ooituo |ooituo |ooituo to stone to death
|ooito |ooito |ooito |ooito to grind down
|ooiqyo |ooiqyo |ooiqyo |ooiqyo to leave off, end, stop
|ooiqooi |ooiqooi |ooiqooi |ooiqooi to forget utterly
|ooiqto, |ooiqto, |ooiqto, |ooiqto, to be seized
|ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, |ooiqi|o, able to keep down
|ooiqo, |ooiqo, |ooiqo, |ooiqo, to be achieved
|ooiqi, |ooiqi, |ooiqi, |ooiqi, a seizing
|ooiioo |ooiioo |ooiioo |ooiioo to stone to death
|ooiivoo |ooiivoo |ooiivoo |ooiivoo to make into a lake
|ooiiopto |ooiiopto |ooiiopto |ooiiopto to entreat earnestly
|ooiioyq |ooiioyq |ooiioyq |ooiioyq exchange
|ooiio|i|o, |ooiio|i|o, |ooiio|i|o, |ooiio|i|o, easy to reconcile, placable
|ooiioooo |ooiioooo |ooiioooo |ooiioooo to change
|ooiooo |ooiooo |ooiooo |ooiooo to crush in pieces, make an end of
|ooioyoqv |ooioyoqv |ooioyoqv |ooioyoqv by way of conversation, in prose
|ooioyiooi |ooioyiooi |ooioyiooi |ooioyiooi to count up, number, reckon
|ooioyo, |ooioyo, |ooioyo, |ooioyo, an enrolment, register, list, catalogue
|ooio|io |ooio|io |ooio|io |ooio|io to cut into furrows
|ooiouooi |ooiouooi |ooiouooi |ooiouooi to spend in bathing
|ooiootio |ooiootio |ooiootio |ooiootio on the neck
|ooio_io |ooio_io |ooio_io |ooio_io to distribute into
|ooio_ioo, |ooio_ioo, |ooio_ioo, |ooio_ioo, distribution into bodies
|ooiuo |ooiuo |ooiuo |ooiuo an inn, lodging
|ooiuoivooi |ooiuoivooi |ooiuoivooi |ooiuoivooi to ruin utterly, destroy
|ooiuoio, |ooiuoio, |ooiuoio, |ooiuoio, to be dissolved
|ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, a dissolving, dissolution
|ooiuo |ooiuo |ooiuo |ooiuo to put down, destroy
|ooiooo |ooiooo |ooiooo |ooiooo to rest from
|oooytuo |oooytuo |oooytuo |oooytuo to bewitch
|oooio|io |oooio|io |oooio|io |oooio|io to make soft
|oooioooo |oooioooo |oooioooo |oooioooo to soften much
|ooovovo |ooovovo |ooovovo |ooovovo to observe well, examine closely
|ooovtuooi |ooovtuooi |ooovtuooi |ooovtuooi to divine, surmise
|ooopyoo |ooopyoo |ooopyoo |ooopyoo to be stark mad
|ooopo |ooopo |ooopo |ooopo to catch
|ooopupto |ooopupto |ooopupto |ooopupto to bear witness against
|ooo_ooi |ooo_ooi |ooo_ooi |ooo_ooi to subdue, conquer
|oooo |oooo |oooo |oooo to scrape over, pile up, heap up
|ooiuvo |ooiuvo |ooiuvo |ooiuvo to blunt
|ootuo|o |ootuo|o |ootuo|o |ootuo|o to make quite drunk
|ootito |ootito |ootito |ootito to take no care of
|ootiioo |ootiioo |ootiioo |ootiioo to spread over with honey
|ooto, |ooto, |ooto, |ooto, blamed by all, abhorred
|ootooi |ootooi |ootooi |ootooi to find great fault with, blame greatly, accuse
Page 331
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooti, |ooti, |ooti, |ooti, a blaming, finding fault
|ootvo |ootvo |ootvo |ootvo to stay behind, stay
|ootpio |ootpio |ootpio |ootpio to cut in pieces
|ootpto |ootpto |ootpto |ootpto to measure out to
|ooqioo |ooqioo |ooqioo |ooqioo to put in a probe
|ooqvuo |ooqvuo |ooqvuo |ooqvuo to point out, make known, indicate
|ooioivo |ooioivo |ooioivo |ooioivo to taint, defile
|ooiyvui |ooiyvui |ooiyvui |ooiyvui to mix up, mingle the ingredients
|ooiooopto |ooiooopto |ooiooopto |ooiooopto to spend in paying
|oooo, |oooo, |oooo, |oooo, liable to blame, inauspicious
|ooovoo_to |ooovoo_to |ooovoo_to |ooovoo_to to conquer in single combat
|oot_o |oot_o |oot_o |oot_o to encompass
|oouoi, |oouoi, |oouoi, |oouoi, a closing of the eyes
|oouooo |oouooo |oouooo |oouooo to tear, scratch
|oouotuo |oouotuo |oouotuo |oouotuo to make mincemeat of
|oouo |oouo |oouo |oouo to shut
|ooi|oiuo |ooi|oiuo |ooi|oiuo |ooi|oiuo to put all round
|ooo|oooi |ooo|oooi |ooo|oooi |ooo|oooi to mock at
|oovoy|oo |oovoy|oo |oovoy|oo |oovoy|oo to overpower by force, confine
|oovoto |oovoto |oovoto |oovoto a curse
|oovotoio |oovotoio |oovotoio |oovotoio to curse
|oovoio |oovoio |oovoio |oovoio to make to dwell, settle
|oovoiio|o |oovoiio|o |oovoiio|o |oovoiio|o to use up, spend, lavish
|oovop|oo |oovop|oo |oovop|oo |oovop|oo to be slothful towards, press heavily upon
|oovoooo |oovoooo |oovoooo |oovoooo to stamp
|oovouo_to |oovouo_to |oovouo_to |oovouo_to to conquer in a sea-fight
|oovto |oovto |oovto |oovto to distribute, allot, assign
|oovtuo |oovtuo |oovtuo |oovtuo to nod assent
|oovto |oovto |oovto |oovto to heap up
|oovpo|io |oovpo|io |oovpo|io |oovpo|io to burn to cinders
|oovpo|oooi |oovpo|oooi |oovpo|oooi |oovpo|oooi to be burnt to cinders
|oovio |oovio |oovio |oovio to cover with snow
|oovoto |oovoto |oovoto |oovoto to observe well, to understand
|oovoqoi, |oovoqoi, |oovoqoi, |oovoqoi, observation: means of observing
|oovooi |oovooi |oovooi |oovooi to be used up
|oovoio |oovoio |oovoio |oovoio to bedew
|oovo |oovo |oovo |oovo down-hill
|oovq, |oovq, |oovq, |oovq, down-hill, downward, steep
|oovqoiv |oovqoiv |oovqoiv |oovqoiv so as to face, right opposite
|oovi|pu |oovi|pu |oovi|pu |oovi|pu straight down from
|ooviov |ooviov |ooviov |ooviov over against, right opposite, facing
|oovito |oovito |oovito |oovito to pour
|oovui, |oovui, |oovui, |oovui, stupefaction, slumber
|oovuooooi |oovuooooi |oovuooooi |oovuooooi to be sorely pricked
|oovuo |oovuo |oovuo |oovuo to bring to quite an end
|oooivo |oooivo |oooivo |oooivo to card
Page 332
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ootvoooi |ootvoooi |ootvoooi |ootvoooi to be received as a guest
|ooio, |ooio, |ooio, |ooio, quite
|ooioo |ooioo |ooioo |ooioo to deem worthy
|oooio |oooio |oooio |oooio to mock at
|ooo|o, |ooo|o, |ooo|o, |ooo|o, shutting downwards
|oooioio |oooioio |oooioio |oooioio to throw in wrestling
|oooiiooi |oooiiooi |oooiiooi |oooiiooi to vault
|oooooo |oooooo |oooooo |oooooo to besprinkle
|ooooo, |ooooo, |ooooo, |ooooo, besprinkled
|oooto |oooto |oooto |oooto to trample down, trample under foot
|ooouo |ooouo |ooouo |ooouo a means of stopping
|ooouoi, |ooouoi, |ooouoi, |ooouoi, a putting to rest: a putting down, deposing
|ooouo |ooouo |ooouo |ooouo to lay to rest, put an end to
|ootoo |ootoo |ootoo |ootoo to fetter, hamper
|ootio |ootio |ootio |ootio to persuade
|ootiito |ootiito |ootiito |ootiito to threaten loudly
|oo |oo |oo |oo down, downwards, with gen. or acc.
|ootipoqpio |ootipoqpio |ootipoqpio |ootipoqpio a sounding-line
|ootioo |ootioo |ootioo |ootioo to overrun with light-armed troops
|ootto, |ootto, |ootto, |ootto, to be sent down
|ooto |ooto |ooto |ooto to send down
|ootvto |ootvto |ootvto |ootvto to mourn for, bewail
|ootpo |ootpo |ootpo |ootpo to break wind at
|ootooo |ootooo |ootooo |ootooo to boil down, to digest food
|ootovvui |ootovvui |ootovvui |ootovvui to spread out over
|ootooo |ootooo |ootooo |ootooo a curtain, veil
|ootooi |ootooi |ootooi |ootooi to fly down
|ootpoo |ootpoo |ootpoo |ootpoo to stone to death
|ootpovq|oo, |ootpovq|oo, |ootpovq|oo, |ootpovq|oo, contemptuously
|ooqyvui |ooqyvui |ooqyvui |ooqyvui to stick fast in the ground, plant firmly
|ooqoo |ooqoo |ooqoo |ooqoo to leap down
|ooiiqi |ooiiqi |ooiiqi |ooiiqi to fill full of
|ooipqi |ooipqi |ooipqi |ooipqi to burn to ashes
|ooivo |ooivo |ooivo |ooivo to gulp
|ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o |ooipoo|o to sell outright
|ooio |ooio |ooio |ooio to fall
|ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo to cover with pitch, to pitch over and burn
|ooiotuo |ooiotuo |ooiotuo |ooiotuo to trust
|ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo |ooioooo to plaster over with
|ooiooo, |ooiooo, |ooiooo, |ooiooo, plastered over
|ooit|o |ooit|o |ooit|o |ooit|o to entwine, plait
|ooito, |ooito, |ooito, |ooito, quite full
|ooito |ooito |ooito |ooito to sail down
|ooiqi, |ooiqi, |ooiqi, |ooiqi, amazement, consternation
|ooiqooo |ooiqooo |ooiqooo |ooiqooo to strike down
|ooiq |ooiq |ooiq |ooiq stricken with amazement, astounded
Page 333
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooioo, |ooioo, |ooioo, |ooioo, a sailing down to land, a putting ashore, putting in
|ooiouio |ooiouio |ooiouio |ooiouio to enrich greatly
|ooiuvo |ooiuvo |ooiuvo |ooiuvo to wash by pouring over, to drench
|ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, |ooiuoi, a bathing in water
|oovto |oovto |oovto |oovto to breathe upon
|oovoq |oovoq |oovoq |oovoq a blowing
|oooitto |oooitto |oooitto |oooitto to war down
|oooiituooi |oooiituooi |oooiituooi |oooiituooi to subdue by policy
|ooovto |ooovto |ooovto |ooovto to subdue after a hard struggle
|ooovo, |ooovo, |ooovo, |ooovo, tired, wearied
|ooovio |ooovio |ooovio |ooovio to throw into the sea, drown therein
|ooovioq, |ooovioq, |ooovioq, |ooovioq, one who throws into the sea
|ooopvtuo |ooopvtuo |ooopvtuo |ooopvtuo to prostitute
|oopoooo |oopoooo |oopoooo |oopoooo to accomplish, execute
|oopouvo |oopouvo |oopouvo |oopouvo to soften down, appease
|oopqvq, |oopqvq, |oopqvq, |oopqvq, down-turned
|oopqvoo |oopqvoo |oopqvoo |oopqvoo to throw headlong down
|oopio |oopio |oopio |oopio to saw up
|oopoioi |oopoioi |oopoioi |oopoioi to betray utterly, leave in the lurch
|oopoiooi |oopoiooi |oopoiooi |oopoiooi to do
|ootpo, |ootpo, |ootpo, |ootpo, winged
|ooqooo |ooqooo |ooqooo |ooqooo to crouch down, to lie crouching
|oouoo, |oouoo, |oouoo, |oouoo, to be spat upon, abominable, despicable
|oou_q, |oou_q, |oou_q, |oou_q, with ample folds
|oouo |oouo |oouo |oouo to spit upon
|ooo_tuo |ooo_tuo |ooo_tuo |ooo_tuo to reduce to beggary
|oouyoouvq |oouyoouvq |oouyoouvq |oouyoouvq brutal lust
|oouyov |oouyov |oouyov |oouyov a lewd fellow
|oouo |oouo |oouo |oouo to make rotten
|oou|vo, |oou|vo, |oou|vo, |oou|vo, very thick
|oou|voo |oou|voo |oou|voo |oou|voo to stud thickly with
|oopo |oopo |oopo |oopo a curse
|oopoooi |oopoooi |oopoooi |oopoooi to call down curses upon, imprecate upon
|oopoo, |oopoo, |oopoo, |oopoo, accursed, abominable
|oopyto |oopyto |oopyto |oopyto to leave unemployed
|oopyio |oopyio |oopyio |oopyio to make to tarry
|oopyo |oopyo |oopyo |oopyo the first offerings
|oopyupoo |oopyupoo |oopyupoo |oopyupoo to cover with silver
|oopo |oopo |oopo |oopo to water
|oopiyqio, |oopiyqio, |oopiyqio, |oopiyqio, making
|oopito |oopito |oopito |oopito to count
|oop|to |oop|to |oop|to |oop|to to be fully sufficient
|oopvtooi |oopvtooi |oopvtooi |oopvtooi to deny strongly, persist in denying
|oopoo |oopoo |oopoo |oopoo to plough up
|ooppouto |ooppouto |ooppouto |ooppouto to lose from carelessness
|ooppo|oo |ooppo|oo |ooppo|oo |ooppo|oo to tear into shreds
Page 334
H.G. Liddell, R. Scott, H.S. Jones R, McKenzie - A Greek and English Lexicon (1940)
- A Simplified Edition , by Didier Fontaine - -
|ooppo|q, |ooppo|q, |ooppo|q, |ooppo|q, down-rushing
|ooppo|o, |ooppo|o, |ooppo|o, |ooppo|o, a trap-door
|ooppoo |ooppoo |ooppoo |ooppoo to stitch on
|ooppoo, |ooppoo, |ooppoo, |ooppoo, sewn together, patched
|ooppto |ooppto |ooppto |ooppto to pat with the hand, to stroke, caress
|ooppto |ooppto |ooppto |ooppto to make to incline downwards, make to fall
|ooppto |ooppto |ooppto |ooppto to flow down
|ooppqyvui |ooppqyvui |ooppqyvui |ooppqyvui to break down
|ooppivoo |ooppivoo |ooppivoo |ooppivoo to file down:&mdash
|ooppio |ooppio |ooppio |ooppio to throw down, overthrow
|ooppoo, |ooppoo, |ooppoo, |ooppoo, a running from the head, a catarrh
|ooppoto |ooppoto |ooppoto |ooppoto to gulp
|ooppuq, |ooppuq, |ooppuq, |ooppuq, falling away
|ooppuo, |ooppuo, |ooppuo, |ooppuo, irrigated, watered
|ooppoto |ooppoto |ooppoto |ooppoto to fear, dread
|ooppo |ooppo |ooppo |ooppo jagged, broken
|oopoi, |oopoi, |oopoi, |oopoi, a landing-place
|oopoo |oopoo |oopoo |oopoo to hang down from, hang on
|oopio |oopio |oopio |oopio to adjust
|oopioi, |oopioi, |oopioi, |oopioi, restoration
|oopioqp |oop