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Annual report 2013
Our team of volunteers: Brigitte Caron Cook
(translation), Patricia Bellotto (account auditing),
Christophe Kurdi (website), Marianne Naegeli
(accounting) and Andrea Plasschert (graphic
The Gertrude Hirzel and the Human Salmon
Foundations (Switzerland);
The administration of the Geneva International
School for their unfagging support, and the
Parent-Teacher association (PTA);
The students of the International School and their
parents, whose fundraising activities in 2013
contributed to fnance a large part of the
orphanage’s budget: Armin Christian
Aschenbrenner, David Barmes, Erik Bergqvist,
Anna-Carolina Berlink, George Birt, Chiara
Camerana, Oliver Caron-Nowak, Daniel
Chouchena, Alicia Cornet, Ayla de Heney, Claire-
Anne Demole, Victoria Gruenert, Camille Hosotte,
Alexander Kennedy, Charles Larson, Svet Lustig,
Sebastian Mc Allister, Luisa Melendez, Andréa
Rodriguez, Nicolas Rojas, Sara Rytovuori, Chiara
Sheldon, Andrew Solomon, Marco Tenconi,
Carson van Uchelen, and Idy Watt.
The Camerana family for their greatly appreciated
To Philippe Musset, for regularly organizing rice
and dahl meals at the International School
cafeteria, the proceeds of which are given to the
orphanage; as well as to his wife Carine Musset
for organizing craft stands for the beneft of the
To all the people or businesses who made in-kind
donations: Elisabete Azevedo (Ecolint), the
Bergqvist family, Aurélie Boucard, Delphine
Ceccon Davidson, Cathy David-Raphoz, Anne-
Sylvie and Samuel Debard, Christian and Laetitia
Dutruy, Bernard Fracheboud, GHOL Nyon,
Laboratoire IVF Hartmann, Librairie Payot,
Philippe and Carinne Musset, Aude Muller Feuga,
Pharmacie de Coppet, Rémi Portrait, Phylak
Sachsen, Linda Scanio, Anne Sheldon, Isabelle
Seiler (Ecolint), Tradimage, and Tupperware.;
To those who provided wool and/or knitted
clothing for the children at the orphanage:
Christiane Cavin, Marlène Egger, Paulette
Forestier, Maryse Kalbfuss, Mariette Leuenberger,
Diana Pellolio, Sylvia Rodicio and Linda Scanio.
Nanda Devi (Centre de bien-être) in Founex, for
graciously hosting our craft sale in her premises,
for the beneft of the orphanage;
Deborah Berlinck for her pashmina sale for of our
Benoît Martinet for organizing the purchase of
school bags for the children;
Valérie Gaillard and Anne Boël for their musical
performance during the evening event organized
after the return of the Ecolint students;
The Swiss Embassy in Nepal and Jean-François
Cuénod for presenting the work of the Swiss
Confederation/DDC in Nepal;
The sponsors and other donors who have
supported our activities by making donations in
2013, and to all the others who contributed, in one
way or another, to help the Sagarmatha children
last year.
Beena, Phinzo and Sagun Sherpa, who run the
orphanage, for their welcome and generosity;
Francis Laune and Frédéric Cazorla, of the French
association of support to Sagarmatha
(Sagarmatha Aide aux Défavorisés), for their
precious help;
All those we have not mentioned here but who
donated to our association, as well as to those
who tirelessly work to help the Children of
Sagarmatha orphanage, so that it can continue
its work.
Acknowledgements for 2013
A great big thank you to:
An exceptional year
2013 will no doubt be an exceptional year in the history of
the orphanage we support in Nepal. Thanks to two private
donations to the French association involved with
Sagarmatha, a new building to replace the unsanitary dining
room and kitchen was created. The building work will be
fnished in 2014 and thanks to the Fondation Gertrude Hirzel
(Switzerland), the building will be furnished and equipped
with a new generator.
We are also celebrating another milestone, as for the frst
time, a group of six girls and one boy, Diksung, Chhokpa,
Laxmi Nani, Mana Maya, Manita, Sunita, Top Bahadur, can
continue their studies in college thanks to the generosity of
the Human Salmon Foundation (Switzerland). We are deeply
grateful to these foundations for their donations. Two young
girls, Rupa and Sabeena, returned to their families, having
fnished their schooling and we wish them all the best of
luck for their future.
2013 saw many groups visiting the orphanage. The
International School of Geneva (Châtaigneraie campus)
made its yearly visit at Easter and we wholeheartedly congratulate the
students who raised 23,056 CHF for the orphanage.
In July and October, several members of our committee made their way
to Kathmandu accompanied by Swiss and French visitors. Their stay was
rich with emotion and sharing. Seeing the children grow up and being
greeted by their warm welcome, as well as warmth of the Sherpa family
who runs the orphanage, is always a moving event for us.
A heartfelt thank you to the new sponsors who have joined us this year.
Thanks to them, the fnances of the orphanage are slowly stabilizing even
though Sagarmatha’s fnancial health remains somewhat precarious.
You will fnd a list of the people who supported our activities in 2013 at
the end of this report which includes both individuals and businesses.
Sylvie Nahum,
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 1
Message from the President
Easter trip
On 22 March 2013, 25 students from the
International School of Geneva (Châtaigneraie
campus) and two students from other Geneva
schools few to Kathmandu. Olivier Revaz
organized the trip, and Conchard and Cathy
David-Raphoz took care of the teenagers.
Francis Laune, Philippe and Carinne Musset
who are members of the Organisation Suisse
Sagarmatha, also travelled with them and were
joined by several others who were interested in
the project.
The visitors brought tangible help to the
orphanage. They took care of many tasks such
as distributing the things they brought (books,
clothes, games, etc.), signing the contract with
the local school the children attend, setting up
the supply and laundry room, painting the
exterior of the buildings, the toilets and shower
rooms, changing water flters, purchasing a
supply of gas tanks to last the year, and
purchasing equipment (washing machines,
bookshelves, etc.). The Swiss Committee
members also oversaw the construction work
of the new building.
The Swiss team also gave the nurse that visits
the orphanage every week some natural
remedies for particular health problems, as well
as the vitamins she dispenses at the start of
What the students from the International School
experience during their stay is a reality that is
very different from the one they know. The
children are up at 5h00 in the morning.
Discipline is strict and everyone participates in
household duties such as washing dishes and
washing clothes. Distractions are a rare thing.
Before and after school, a tutor comes to help
the children with their studies so that they get
the best grades possible. All these children are
lucky : without the orphanage they would not
go to school and some would live in extremely
precarious conditions.
2 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
Distribution of supplies brought by the International School.
2013 at a glance
The Swiss committee keeps in touch with the
Sherpa family about changes at the orphanage.
Many children arrived there when they were
very young and are now fnishing school this
year. Many of them want to pursue higher
education, and this will have a signifcant
impact on the cost of running Sagarmatha.
There is also another point that is of concerns
to us. The new building meant to replace the
current unsanitary dining room and kitchen was
made possible by two private donations. While
it is a very welcome addition, it is a source of
envy, and nearby Maoist groups are now
seeking to place their children in the orphanage.
Many English-language books were brought.
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 3
2013 at a glance
For Swiss students, the trip is a unique opportunity to discover a country that is completely different from theirs.
Other visits to Kathmandu
Carinne and Philippe Musset went to
Kahtmandu in April/May and in October with
small groups of visitors. These trips were a
chance to raise the awareness of visitors’
awarness to life in an orphanage and all that
comes with it. As a result, these visitors often
sponsor a child. Carinne also organized several
craft sales and the funds raised enabled the
orphanage to distribute fresh fruit to the
children twice a week.
In October 2013, Silvie Nahum Palayan,
President of the association, Carmen Palayan
and Catherine Christ Revaz, member of the
committee, went to Kathmandu. The
inauguration of the new building was the main
highlight of that short trip. They also took the
time to run through management issues as well
as address the ever growing number of visitors
to the orphanage throughout the year.
“The funds raised enabled the orphanage to
distribute fresh fruit to the children twice
a week.”
4 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
2013 at a glance
Money raised by Swiss students enables children at the orphanage to go to school.
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 5
2013 at a glance
Highlights at the orphanage
The contract to build the new building was
signed on 10 December 2012, thanks to two
women who made donations to the French
Sagarmatha support association. Work began
on 1 January 2013 and under good
management. Despite strikes in Kathmandu
during the autumn, work went ahead but the
completion date which was initially scheduled
for the end of 2013 was extended to the frst
quarter of 2014.
For the frst time, six girls and one boy, Diksung,
Chhopka, Laxmi Nani, Mana Maya Manita,
Sunita, Top Bahadur, can go on to pursue higher
education in college. Two young girls who have
fnished their education, Rupa and Sabeena,
have returned to live with their families.
In Nepal, college starts after high school
(starting at 18 years old) and lasts two years. It
is an essential step for those who want to go on
to study in university.
Claire-Anne and Chhoti.
6 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
2013 at a glance
Greeting guests : always so welcoming
Funds raised by the International school this
year beat all records (23,056 CHF) and includes
proceeds from rice and dhal meals organized at
the school cafeteria. As a result, the school fees
for the children at the orphanage were paid off
for the entire year.
In 2013, we asked for fnancial support from
two foundations. Even if the number of
sponsors grew in 2013, there are still ten older
children at the orphanage who have not yet
been sponsored.
Our association is now a registered charity, and
so we provide receipts for donations of 100
CHF or more for tax purposes. Administrative
work is entirely done on a volunteer basis. All
fees (banking, printing, etc.) are at the expense
of members of the committee so that we can
make sure that 100% of donations go directly
to the orphanage.
appartment. Soon after, another ten children
came to live with them in their 70 square meter
appartment. The family grew with every
heartbeat of those that the orphans still call
Mum and Dad.
For safety reasons, it was decided that more
spacious accomodations were needed, and so
the whole troup moved to a large blue house in
the Arubari neighbourhood, west of Kathmandu.
Today, there are some 50 children and teenagers
(the young children who arrived in 2002 have
grown up) from varied ethnic origins and from
very different situations.
Beena Sherpa is a smiling and vigorous
Nepalese woman in her ffties. This diminutive
bundle of energy is in charge of the Children of
Sagarmatha orphanage, alongside her husband
Phinzo and their son, commonly called Babu.

The orphanage was created in 2002 under the
impetus of Francis Laune, member of the
French association, Assistance Médicale Toit
du Monde, and of Phinzo and Beena Sherpa.
All three were moved by the plight of
Kathmandu orphans and decided to do
something about it. From one day to the next,
the Nepalese couple, already parents to three
children, took in two more children in their small
Mother to 50 children
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 7
Mother to 50 children
Beena is always on the move. From morning to
night, she takes care of the children who relate
to her with deep respect and sometimes with
even a hint of fear. Indeed, Beena runs the
orphanage with a frm hand. She believes it is
important to create a strict environment for
these children who need structure.
Even though she admits being sometimes
exhausted by the daily challenges of raising 50
children and teenagers, Beena’s energy never
falters. She dearly loves her work : ‘I love living
with these children, taking care of them’. My
main concern is to relieve them of some of the
burdens in their lives.’ As well as ensuring they
have a roof over their heads, food to eat and an
education, Beena, Phinzo and Babu enable
them to live in a stable family environment. The
Sherpa family teaches the children values close
to her heart, integrity, respect and a good work
‘Many children need help in Kathmandu. The
orphanage is a haven where a few of them can
grow up in a safe environment.’ Just as she
speaks these words, she holds Chhiring,
rocking her. The little fve month-old girl who
recently came to the orphanage, had been
close to dying. No one in her village was able to
take care of her when her mother died. Two
months after arriving at the orphanage, the tiny
infant transformed into a baby full of life, doling
out big smiles to everyone who comes near her.
Thanks to the constant care from Beena and
the teenage girls who keep an eye on her,
Chhiring is now healthy and fourishing in her
big adoptive family.
Beena decided to take in more children, ‘as
many as we can under good conditions’. Some
teenagers are getting ready to leave the
orphanage in a few months once they fnish
their studies. So other children will come to
take their place. They will be able to grow up
with dignity and have a better future than they
were predestined to have. But it is not only
thanks to the big hearts of Beena, Phinzo and
Babu that the lives of these orphans were
transformed. The sponsors of the orphanage
are also agents of change. Without their
support, nothing would be possible : ‘It is the
sponsors who make it possible for us to take in
these children. We thank them with all our
heart !’ Beena grins. And off she goes to take
care of things. The baby needs feeding, dinner
needs to be prepared for the guests, water
levels must be checked, a fallen child needs
consoling, teenagers doing their homework
need to be looked in on, tomorrow’s Puja
(religious cerermony) offerings needs to be laid
Evening falls on Kathmandu and Beena’s day is
far from being over. When she fnally sits down,
after one fnal task and one very last cuddle
with baby Chhiring, Beena will continue to take
care of her 50 children. Thank you Beena for
your unfagging committment to these orphans.
And thank you, dear sponsors, for helping the
entire Sagarmatha family with your donations.
As Beena put it, without you, none of this would
be possible !
Katmandou, April 2014
Phinzo and Beena Sherpa.
8 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
Accounts 2013
Bilan au 31 décembre 2013
Actif CHF
Actif circulant
Caisse 0.00
PostFinance 12-648345-6 44’824.81
UBS 228-108612.40N 23.80
Total de l’actif circulant 44’848.61
Actif immobilisé
Actif immobilisé 0
Total de l’actif immobilisé 0
Total de l’actif 44’848.61
Fonds étrangers
Passif transitoire 0.00
Total des fonds étrangers 0.00
Fonds propres
Capital 44’848.61
Total des fonds propres 44’848.61
Total du passif 44’848.61
Comptes de profts et pertes de l’exercice 2013
Produits 2013 (CHF) 2012 (CHF)
Ventes (Noel, etc.) 1’575.00 2’318.70
Dons 61’694.61 22’580.46
Parrainages 10’550.00 3’225.00
Cotisations 0.00 50.00
Produits fnanciers 5.05 2.50
Total des produits 73’824.66 28’176.66
Aides et charges
Missions Népal 37’558.00 22’963.00
Frais bureau et admin. 332.65
Frais Postfnance, UBS 250.00 39.40
Total des charges 38’140.65 23’002.40
Bénéfce reporté 9’164.60 3’990.34
Bénéfce de l’exercice 35’684.01 5’714.26
Bénéfce a reporter 44’848.61 9’164.60
Le bénéfce cumulé de 44’848.61 est reporté à l’an 2014
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 9
Accounts 2013
10 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
Looking at the budget fgures
The proft on the 2013 balance sheet amounts to 35,684
CHF and the capital carried over to 2014 represents
44,848 CHF. This positive result must be nuanced as it
• An unusual donation of 25,000 CHF from the
Fondation Gertrude Hirzel (Switzerland), which was
reserved for the 2014 budget to cover the equipment
of the new orphanage building (generator and
• The rest of the sponsorship revenues and donations
received in 2013 will cover the orphanage’s budget
for the frst quarter of 2014.
We should nonetheless be pleased with the results
achieved thanks to the sponsors as well as the excellent
fundraising done at the La Châtaigneraie campus of the
International School of Geneva, which enabled us to
contribute 33,558 CHF to the orphanage’s regular budget
and 4,610 CHF for the purchase of non-budgeted items
(blankets, fruits twice a week, etc.), representing a total of
37,558 CHF.
Much to our satisfaction and despite higher school fees
and the increasing cost of living in Nepal, we managed to
balance our budget without a defcit. We should remind
you that two other associations in France raise funds for
Children of Sagarmatha: Sagarmatha Aide aux
Défavorisés and Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde.
In 2013, the orphanage’s accounts showed a much
higher proportion of funding being attributed to school-
related expenses. Seven children have now fnished their
studies at this school and thanks to the Human Salmon
Foundation (Switzerland), their college fees were covered
for the 2013-2014 school year. Enabling these students
to continue their education is a great source of
satisfaction for us and we hope to be able to fnds ways
to continue fnancing them.
Our goal for the coming year is to increase our cash
advance as well as fnd more sponsors.
Olivier Revaz
Message from the Treasurer
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 11
Overview of 2012 revenues and expenses of the Children of
Sagarmatha orphanage
NPR 2’049’500
CHF 18’464
Support staff
NPR 999’520
CHF 9’005
NPR 1’654’951
CHF 14’909
Building and
(electricity, gas,
fuels etc.)
NPR 655’645
CHF 5’906
celebrations, etc.)
NPR 298’216
CHF 2’687
NPR 106’701
CHF 961
NPR 106’733
CHF 962
Contributions 2013 au budget ordinaire de l’orphelinat CHF
Contribution Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha (Suisse) 32’948
Contribution Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde (France) 18’264
Contribution Association Sagarmatha Aide aux Défavorisés (France) 8’686
Total contributions à l’orphelinat 59’898
Exchange rate 111 NPR to 1 CHF
Exchange rate 1.20 CHF to 1 EUR
Accounts 2013
The children of the orphanage as of 31.12.2013
12 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013
Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2013 13
Marianne Naegeli
Patricia Bellotto, Accounts checker
Patricia Bellotto
Brigitte Caron Cook
Christophe Al Kurdi
Marianne Naegeli
Andrea Plasschaert
Netra B.
Orphanage staff as of 31.12.2013
Committee members as of 31.12.2013
2013 Report production
Graphic design and page layout: Andrea Plasschaert
Texts: Anne Kerisel and Catherine Christ Revaz
Revision: Anne Kerisel, Sylvie Nahum
Photo credits: Carinne and Philippe Musset, Catherine and Olivier Revaz
To contact us
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President of the Swiss Organization Sagarmatha
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079 219 42 84
Olivier et Catherine Revaz
Committee members
Grand Rue 23
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022 364 03 94 (domicile)
079 244 12 93 (portable Catherine)
For all donations or sponsorships
Account holder: Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha
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Post Finance account number: 12-648345-6
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Thanks for your support!
Because every child deserves a future
Swiss organization

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