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ENoLL Activities throughout
the year 2013
2 Word from the President
3 2013 Year in review
4 Highlights 2013
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2 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
Word from the President

Fellow ENoLL members, friends and
As you may know 2013 has
represented for us all a crucial year.
With over 330 Living Labs today our
network is increasingly recognized as
a worldwide community with
members coming from the 6
continents. One third of the 25 new
members accepted during the 7

wave come from non-European
Notwithstanding this, an 8
wave has been already launched and new members will be introduced during
the 2014 ENoLL Summer School. Our organization is showing a worldwide capacity to adapt to different
localities and cultures while providing strategic support to its members.
Apart from increasing his presence in key countries all over the world ENoLL made important agreements
that position us well for future growth. The strategic alliance with the World Bank for instance is running
on and the preparation of the ENoLL-World Bank toolkit for cities was successfully announced during
several international events (CitiSense, World Summit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Smart City
Expo) and it will be published during 2014. New opportunities will also be guaranteed by Horizon 2020:
the European Framework Programme covers thoroughly the user and citizen driven approach and
different H2020 areas will offer funding for projects coping with open innovation and user-centered
Looking back at this busy and productive year we can confidently say that we have been moving in the
right direction: building a stronger, more open and worldwide network of Living Labs. The challenges
ahead are many and the ENoLL Executive board is working to define the right steps to build a sustainable
community able to embrace, cooperate and co-exist with other Living Lab and similar innovation initiatives
at regional, national, European and International scale. The activation of the strongest and most advanced
Living Labs in Europe in joining these conversations is crucial now.
I would like to sincerely thank all our members as well as the ENoLL Secretariat and Office for their
support and generous contribution. It’s now time to peruse the ENoLL Activity Report, which offers an
overview of last year’s network activities and achievements. I also encourage you to browse through our
website to learn more about further news and initiatives.

Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen
Chair of the European Network of Living Labs

3 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
How to Join Us
2013 Year in Review
The European Network of Living Labs
(ENoLL) is the international, non-profit
association of benchmarked Living Labs
in Europe and beyond, founded in
November 2006 by 19 Living Labs, today
grown to an extensive network of 330
‘accredited’ Living Lab members.
2013 was a special year for ENoLL for
many reasons. The network has grown
both in terms of new members and
global reach. During the 4th Living Lab
Summer School in Manchester (August
2013) ENoLL welcomed 25 new network
members in its 7th Wave. This growth
shows a continuing reinforcement of
ENoLL both in Europe and throughout
the world. ENoLL also elected its new
leadership board at the annual General
Assembly on August 27th, 2013.
During the year ENoLL has taken part in
a number of EU-funded initiatives, all of
strategic importance to its members in
fields such as smart cities, Future
Internet, open innovation, cross-border
collaboration, design and creativity.
ENoLL and its active members have
hosted events and workshops across
Europe, and participated in first-rate
digital technology events such as ICT
2013 in Vilnius, FIA Dublin, Smart City
Expo, Eurocities the Conference and
many others.
Once again the ENoLL community came
together to hold the yearly main event
on Living Labs, the 4th ENoLL Living
Lab Summer School. The four-day-
long event gathered more than 150
international experts and enthusiasts
to share and gain expertise on a wide
set of initiatives related to Living
Labs, Future Internet and smart cities.
The enhanced collaboration on Open
Innovation with the World Bank has
also to be spotlighted. The agreement
aims at bringing unprecedented
global expertise in the area of ICT to
help the World Bank and its clients
increase civic participation, advance
public administrative capacity and
drive green growth.
The results of the ENoLL survey were
announced by Piotr Krawczyk during
the Research Day of 2013 Summer
School. The outcomes gave an insight
into Living Lab practices and new
tendencies with regard to possible
future cross-border R&D
matchmaking initiatives across the
The Secretariat based in Brussels
dealt with multiple projects and
activities while guaranteeing efficient
and continuous support to the
members. During the last year the
staff has also welcomed two new
employees, Song Song from China
and Paolo Aversano from Italy.
All this work would not have been
possible without the enthusiastic
support of our members. The concept
of Living Lab was well promoted on a
local, regional and national level
thanks to the community members
who helped disseminating tools,
methodologies and best practices.
ENoLL Governance
Elections for the new ENoLL Council took
place at the annual General Assembly of
the association held in Manchester (UK) on
August 27th, 2013.

ENoLL Council 2013
Chair Jarmo Eskelinen
(Forum Virium)
Treasurer Lauri Tuomias
(Finnish Network Living
Secretary Pieter Ballon

Council members

Alvaro Oliveira (Lightning Living Lab)
Artur Serra (i2Cat Foundation)
Dave Carter (MDDA)
Esteve Almirall (ESADE)
Piotr Krawczyk (JAMK)
Joanne Dobson (Coventry City Lab)
Juan A. Bertolín (eLiving Lab)
Hanna-Greata Puurtinen (TAMK)
Juan F. Delgado (CFR Living Lab)
Jokin Garatea (BIRD Living Lab)
Mark De Colvenaer (Flemish LL)
Tuija Hirvikoski (Laurea Living Labs)
Roberto Santoro (EsoCe-Net)
Ger Baron (Amsterdam Living Lab) *
Marco Combetto (Trentino as Lab) *
Adam Olszewski (Poznan LL) *
Annika Sällström (Botnia LL) **

New Council members

* Ger Baron, Marco Combetto and Adam
Olszewski were elected to the Council at
the General Assembly in August, 2012.
** Annika Sällström replaced Mikael
Börjeson as Council Member.

The ENoLL Office, Brussels

Ana Garcia
Paolo Aversano
Song Song

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is a community of Living Labs
with a sustainable strategy for enhancing innovation on a systematic basis. The
overall objective is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European
innovation system, with a global reach. ENoLL aims to support co-creative,
human-centric and user-driven research, development and innovation in order to
better cater for people’s needs.

4 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

The pitching and networking session was opened to all
participants of the Summer School with the opportunity
to pitch during the networking session.
During the ENoLL Summer School, 13 Workshops were
organised to explore the initiatives in relation to smart
cities, creativity, open data and reinforcing already
established linkages to areas such as e-health, e-
education, social innovation and future internet. In
combination with the workshops, the ENoLL community
organised 6 strategic meetings covering different themes
and focused on further exploring the links between living
labs and the academic community, SMEs, Regional
Innovation Strategies and Smart Specialisation. The
unique on-site visits organized on the 3rd and 4th day of
this year’s summer school gave participants a wider
insight about models, theories and technologies related
to living labs. The participants also gained hands-on
experience from leading experts on the subject and got
to network with other living lab enthusiasts.
All the reports and materials for the research day are
available on the Summer School Website. A selection of
videos showing keynote speeches and deepening Living
Labs methodologies/best practices is available here

ENoLL Summer School
ENoLL, together with the Manchester City Council
(MDDA), organized the 4th European ENoLL Living Lab
Summer School in August 2013, hosted by the
Manchester Metropolitan University. The Summer School
was a big success with a diverse mix of more than 150
international participants coming from universities, the
private and the public sector to share and gain expertise
on a wide set of initiatives related to living labs and smart
& creative cities.

The first day of the ENoLL Summer School combined the
Living Lab Research Day with the Horizon 2020
Matchmaking and Pitching session. During the Research
Day, various topics were covered and grouped in three
themes: Living Lab methodologies, concepts and tools;
Urban and territorial innovation with Living Lab; and Case
studies in Living Lab application domains.
has reached more than 77,600 accounts with around
700,000 impressions on Twitter.
111 contributors have been posting more than 420
tweets within 7 days short period.

5 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

ENoLL New Members – 7
As of August 30th, the 7th Wave of ENoLL brought
twenty-five additional network members. Most of the
new 7th wave ENoLL members come from European
countries with representation from Cyprus, France, Italy,
Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain and
Switzerland. Over a quarter of the new members are
from non-European countries with a strong
representation from Canadian Living Labs. Asia, Africa
and the Caribbean countries were also represented. The
result show a continuing reinforcement of ENoLL both in
Europe and throughout the world, setting the stage for a
stronger role of the Living Lab movement in the context
of EU 2020 Innovation Union and other relevant
European Union policies. The Wave process, dating back
to 2006, has up to today result in over 340 accredited
ENoLL Living Labs.

ENoLL - Re-election of leadership board

ENoLL elected its new leadership board at the annual
General Assembly of the association held in
Manchester (UK) on August 27th, 2013. Mr. Jarmo
Eskelinen was re-elected at his second term as
President and Chair of the Council. Prof. Dr. Pieter
Ballon, Director of iMinds Living Labs was re-elected as
the International Secretary of the Association and
Dr.Lauri Tuomias as Treasurer. Three new council
members have been elected: Mr. Ger Baron
(Amsterdam Living Lab), Mr. Marco Combetto
(“Trentino as Lab” living lab) and Mr. Adam Olszewski
(Poznan Living Lab). Finally, BSc. Annika Sällström
replaces Mikael Börjeson as council member (Botnia
Living Lab). More info maybe found here

The Creative Ring at FIA Dublin and ICT 2013
2013 has been an intense year for the SPECIFI project
and the Creative Ring. SPECIFI first participated in the
Future Internet Assembly 2013 held in Dublin (7-10th
May 2013) organizing two different activities: The 1st
Creative Ring open session and the Creative Ring demo
(Watch the video). The Creative Ring then joined ICT
2013 in Vilnius (October 6-8, 2013) showcasing three
different applications: a paper prototype of the
forthcoming Belgian CreaCity App, an interactive,
annotated video for tourism made in Trento (Italy) and
an Internet-assisted music performance (watch the
video). ENoLL concretely supported SPECIFI during
both events dealing with proposals, communication
activities and exploitation of results.
Why Living Lab?
Living Labbing is fun! Living Labs provide communities and
enterprises with tools to engage people in the creative design
of solutions to the problems that they face.
Living Labs and Smart Cities. The work of Living Labs and
emerging smart cities are recognized as having the potential
for “disruptive societal innovation” as larger scale
developments are supported and new value creation models
are enabled.
Living Labs and Ambient Assisted Living. Living labs are
becoming more prominent innovation instruments for
addressing societal challenges and improving the quality of life
of elderly people.

6 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
Living Labs & Research

Living lab on TIM Review
The Technology Innovation Management Review
published two issues (November and December
2013) about Living Labs. The guest editors of these two
issues are both from the ENoLL community: Seppo
Leminen from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences
(Effective Member), and Mika Westerlund from Carleton
University (Adherent Member). Most of the selected
articles are contributed by ENoLL Members: Laurea
University of Applied Sciences, iMinds, Luleå University
of Technology, Carleton University. Read more.
Collaborative Research in the Real World - Review of
Living Laboratories
This review was undertaken by Dr Robert Salter of Curtin
University (Australia) with Dr Stephen White of CSIRO on
behalf of the CRC for Low Carbon Living, as part of the
Living Laboratories Framework Project (March 2013).
This review included descriptions of a number of Living
Labs (particularly European ones) and of the European
Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Information was
collected from European Living Labs and ENoLL as well as
from academic and web-based literature. Read more.
A Collection of Proceedings from the Research Day
ENoLL published a collection of Proceedings from the
Summer School Research Day on August 27th, 2013. The
Living Lab Research Day was structured in a plenary
session & two breakout sessions in the morning and
Horizon 2020 matchmaking and pitching session in the

In total 33 abstracts were received and 19 approved with
6 full papers delivered. Various topics were covered in
the accepted papers grouped in three themes: Living Lab
methodologies, concepts and tools; Urban and territorial
innovation with Living Lab; Case studies in Living Lab
application domains. Find the whole proceedings here
on Scribd.


Enhanced cooperation between ENoLL and France
Living Labs (F2L)
On February 19, 2013 the European Network of Living
Labs (ENoLL) and the France Living Labs (F2L) signed a
partnership agreement (MoU). Find here the
presentations by Ms. Brigitte Trousse, President of
France Living Labs and Mr. Jarmo Eskelinen, President of
ENoLL so as to discover the agreed joint initiatives.

Announcement of the Living Lab Toolkit at CitiSense

On November 17 and 18, 2013 Barcelona hosted the
CitiSense conference, organized by the World Bank, with
the aim to enable cities from all over the world to
exchange knowledge and information about smart cities,
open innovation, efficient mobility and energy saving.
During the CitiSense event the World Bank and ENoLL
publically announced the common production of a Living
Lab toolkit, which is planned to be published during
Summer 2014.
Partnership with European Youth Award (EYA)
ENoLL is a network partner of the European Youth
Award! EYA aims to select and promote best practices in
e-Content for young people and students under 30. It
demonstrates young Europeans´ potential to create
outstanding digital and social projects and serves as a
platform for promising talents to stimulate and start
social business ventures.
Mr. Jarmo Eskelinen during the 2013 ENoLL Summer School

7 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)'s participations
as an association in several EU-funded projects are
strategically important for the whole network.

CitySDK is creating a toolkit to enable a more
efficient utilization of the expertise and know-
how of developer communities to be applied in
city development. The toolkit comprises of
open and interoperable digital service
interfaces as well as processes and usability
standards. To collect more info about the
project, its news and achievements please visit
the official website. You also find CitySDK on Twitter via

The SPECIFI project aims at
demonstrating the positive
impacts of a European Creative
Ring of Smart Cities and
Regions, with real-life Future
Internet (Fiber-to‐the‐Home and wireless) infrastructures, with
real-life users and producers, and in 5 real (certified) Living
Labs active in 3 smart cities and their surrounding regions.
Follow the SPECIFI project on Twitter: @SPECIFI_project

MyNeighbourhood aims at
creating a new and ‘smarter’
conception of the ‘Smart City’
that focuses on people and
their well-being rather than
just ICT infrastructures and dashboards. In so doing,
MyNeighbourhood uses new technologies and user data to
help recreate a lost sense of neighborhood that is rooted in
local place, common ties and personal interaction. More
information can be found on the project’s website. Follow
MyNeighbourhood on Twitter: @MyN_EU

Fusepool crosses
borders to provide data
for better product/
service development
and research. Fusepool enriches data using common standards
and tools for analyzing and visualizing data to get timely,
context-aware and relevant information. Learn more here

Coordination Action for
facilitating and supporting the Future Internet Public-Private
Partnership programme (FI-PPP). The 5-year project provides
structures and processes for collaboration between all FI-PPP
projects. Access the website and follow us on Twitter: @FI_PPP

The FIspace project, which is
one of the second-phase FI-
PPP projects, aims at
developing and validating
novel Future-Internet-enabled solutions to address the pressing
challenges arising in collaborative business networks, focusing
on use cases from the Agri-Food and Transport & Logistics
industries. Check out the official website or follow the
discussion on Twitter: @FIspace_eu

The overall aim of the ACE project is to
deliver targeted cross border services to
highly innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups
and SMEs in the ICT sector in order to
accelerate their growth. The ACE
programme is supported by cross border
finance experts and European innovation
support networks EBN and ENOLL. Follow
us on Twitter: @EU_ACE

InnoMatNet is a project funded under
the NMP (Nanosciences,
nanotechnologies, materials and new
production technologies) theme of
the EU 7th Framework Programme,
with the overall goal of promoting
collaboration, knowledge transfer,
and the creation of new alliances between materials
researchers, designers in industry, and others involved in
innovation. Check out the website and follow the Twitter
account @Innomatnet

The Integrating Design for All in Living
Labs, or IDeALL, project, which is
financed by the Directorate General of
Enterprise and Industry of the European
Commission, aims to bring together the
Living Lab community with the design
community through Design for All.
Follow the discussion on Twitter:

8 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

The EC-Funded ‘European Platform for Intelligent Cities’ (EPIC) Project is a recently ended
project combining innovation ecosystem processes, fully researched and tested e-
Government service applications and new cloud computing technologies to create the first
truly scalable and flexible pan-European platform for innovative, user-driven public service
delivery, along with a user Road Map.
In order to conclude the project, over 2 years of research and experimentation was shared
during the 2013 ENoLL Summer School providing attendees with a crash course in how using
the EPIC platform’s ‘Smart City in a Box’ can revolutionize the way to create, procure and
operate smart city services locally. The EPIC project results had a relevant impact during the
Summer School and two white papers were shared with all Summer School attendees: The roadmap for Smart Cites (EPIC) and the
Smart City Service Creation and the Living Lab Approach:Benefits & Challenges. EPIC also announced the launch of the post-EPIC
community. To get an insight into the project and its results check also the following video:
To confirm the quality of these results it was said that: "Tirgu Mures has consistently found EPIC services easy-to-use, intuitive and
highly practical. Tirgu Mures also found EPIC services very easy to adapt to our city’s unique needs, offering us a simple, ready-to-use
Smart City solution. In summary, Tirgu Mures would gladly recommend the EPIC solution to any city wishing to take the next step to
achieve their Smart city Goals”. Dorin Florea (Mayor of Tirgu Mures).
The idea of the
SMARTiP project was to
take the experience
developed by a wide
range of existing user-driven initiatives in Europe, particularly
those developed through Living Labs, and to apply this
experience to the challenge of transforming public services
by empowering ‘smart citizens’ who are able to use and co-
produce innovative Internet-enabled services within
emerging ‘smart’ cities. The aim was concretely to enable to
adoption of open platforms for the co-production of citizen-
centric Internet-enabled services in five test-bed sites,
Manchester, Gent, Cologne, Bologna and Oulu. The objective
is to enhance the ability of the cities to sustain a ‘smart city’
ecosystem that can support new opportunities emerging for
a dynamic co-production process resulting in more inclusive
and efficient public services, which can then be made
replicable for cross-border deployment on a larger scale. As
such, a series of pilot projects covering three thematic areas:
Smart engagement, Smart environments and Smart mobility.
The objective of PERIPHÈRIA was to
deploy convergent Future Internet (FI)
platforms and services for the promotion
of sustainable lifestyles in and across
emergent networks of “smart” peripheral
cities in Europe. The developed Open
Service Convergence Platform, an
“Internet by and for the People”, extends
and enhances the Save Energy project’s
Social Information Architecture,
integrating key new components – sensor networks, real
time 3D and mobile location-based services – with the FI
paradigms of Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services
(IoS) and Internet of People (IoP). Pilot projects in the five
PERIPHÈRIA Partner Cities – Malmӧ (SE), Bremen (DE),
Athens (GR), Genoa (IT) and Palmela (PT) – used Serious
Games to stimulate social interaction of “people in places”,
cross-city linking of Arenas and discovery-driven platform
convergence. Discover the project results on the website and
watching the video.

9 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

It is argued that the Living Labs concept conventionally
based on the user driven and open innovation principles
has the capacity to boost the current set of tools and
methods for innovation policies. During 2013 a number
of policy-oriented publications, conferences and Action
Plans focused on open innovation and user-centered
design were debated and the relevance of Living Lab
methods was frequently highlighted. We propose you
an outline of the most captivating policy-focused
initiatives of the year.
Innovation Union Conference
The Committee of the Regions discussed the regional
and local impact of the Innovation Union Flagship
Initiative on a conference on 27 November 2013. The
event was the seventh in the series covering the Europe
2020 Strategy and focused on four core areas: Smart
specialization strategies; Innovation, enterprises and
jobs; Networking across borders and Open Innovation
2.0. More information available here
The Digital Agenda for Europe as a platform
The Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA13) offered the
opportunity to discuss the themes of the Digital Agenda
for Europe review and brought together all the key
stakeholders to go through the progress so far and the
challenges ahead. Several online actions have been
launched: (1) a new community platform to prepare the
discussion of each DAA13 workshop, also making use of
third party platforms such as Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn
and more. Then (2) a large scale gathering exercise of
inspiring high-impact initiatives that help achieving the
goals of the DAE. Check more information here

Plan I(nnovation) for Europe
The Plan I(nnovation) for Europe: Delivering Innovation-
Led, Digitally-Powered Growth sets out a seven-point
plan for making Europe one of the leading places in the
world to innovate, a region where entrepreneurs,
visionaries and optimists could more easily tackle the
challenges of the future. It was launched in Brussels in
the presence of European Council President Herman
Van Rompuy. The Plan is available online


EC: Implementing an Action Plan for Design-Driven
The European Commission published a Staff Working
Document "Implementing an Action Plan for Design-
Driven Innovation" on 23 September 2013. This
document describes current and upcoming actions
endorsed by the Commission and relating to
promoting design-driven innovation in different policy
European Commission seeks "Capital of Innovation"
The European Commission is in the process of
searching for the first European Capital of Innovation,
or iCapital. The prize will reward the city that is
building the best “innovation ecosystem”, connecting
citizens, public organisations, academia, and business.
An independent panel of experts will select the
winner in spring 2014, with the city chosen receiving €
500.000 towards scaling up its efforts. More
information may be found here
(Source: EU Press Release)
The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan
The Entrepreneurship Action Plan is a blueprint for
decisive action to unleash Europe's entrepreneurial
potential, to remove existing obstacles and to
revolutionize the culture of entrepreneurship in
Europe. Investments in changing the public
perception of entrepreneurs, in entrepreneurship
education and to support groups that are
underrepresented among entrepreneurs are
indispensable if we want to create enduring change.
Read the draft report by the European Commission

10 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
Below you can find relevant publications from ENoLL members and our Living Lab community. This includes original
research and project white papers, as well as other relevant and interesting publications of Living Labs:
Handbook of the Living Lab Methodology by Nordic cross-border Living Lab project SmartIES.
Collaborative Research in the Real World- Review of Living Laboratories by the CRC for Low Carbon Living, as part of the Living
Laboratories Framework Project involving two ENoLL members Botnia and Wireless Trondheim.
How to set up cross-border Living Labs by Alcotra Innovation strategic project.
Living Lab Manual for Universities of Applied Sciences by Network of Living Labs of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences
Living Labs in regional Smart Specialization strategies by GAIA (Bird Living Lab).
CoCo toolkit for adapting co-creation activities by Laurea Living Labs (SID Unit - Service Innovation & Design).
Living Lab Handbook: Race to Scale & People's Voice by CDT-Centre for Distance-spanning Technology and Soacial informatics at
Lulea University, Sweden.
Let's talk about Smart Citizens by FutureEverything.
Proceedings 4th ENoLL Summer School - Research day by ENoLL.


Why Living Labs?
Living Labs empower citizens, as end-users, to influence the development of innovative services & products that eventually will
benefit the whole society.
Living Labs allow industry to develop, validate and integrate new ideas, to partner with other companies and to increase their
chances of success during product and/or service launches.
Living Labs facilitate the integration of technological innovation in society and increase return on investments in ICT.

11 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

Key events in
ICT 2013
ICT 2013, the ICT event organized by the European
Commission, took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) from the
6th to the 8th of November and gathered more than
4.000 participants. During the four days ENoLL
supported the Creative Ring in showcasing three
different applications (see highlights section). We
then participated in the following project networking
 CitySDK: Shaping Open Innovation for Smart
Cities (Nov 6th)
 Connected Smart Cities and Future Internet
(Nov 7th)
 Fi-PPP: SMEs and web-entrepreneurs as
drivers for Future Internet Ecosystem (Nov
 FIspace: How Future Internet enables agile
Business Collaboration (Nov 8th).
FIA Dublin 2013
ENoLL and the SPECIFI projects participated in the
Future Internet Assembly 2013 event, which was held
in Dublin (7-10th May 2013). In order to make the
Future Internet community aware of the Creative
Ring initiative and invite them to participate, two
different activities were organized: The 1st Creative
Ring open session and the Creative Ring demo.
Especially the demo demonstrated the potential of
the Creative Ring in the field of performing arts.
Watch the video and discover more.

The Fire Forum
The first FIRE Forum, organized with an open
workshop and networking event, was held at iMinds
in Ghent on October 24, 2013. The Living Lab
community was presented by Jarmo Eskelinen, Chair
of ENoLL, and Dave Carter from Manchester Digital
Development Agency. Presentation and media files
can be found here

InnoMatNet Workshop on Materials and Design-
driven innovations

The workshop was held on the 31st October 2013 in
Guimarães (Portugal ) during the PORTUGAL SB13
Conference. The fifth workshop of InnoMatNet
provided the necessary ecosystem for networking
and promoting new alliances and collaborations
between materials researchers and industrial

ENoLL at the Smart Grids, Smart Cities Conference

The 3
Annual Smart Grid Smart Cities Forum 2013
was held on March 20-21st in Nice, France, and
brought together experts from both public and
private sectors to discuss the future outlook of
Smart Cities. Ana Garcia from the ENoLL office was
invited to give a presentation on the vision for the
future of Smart Cities while introducing some of the
European initiatives in which her network has been
working on: Future Internet PPP, CitySDK, and
SPECIFI European Creative Ring.

12 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

Key events in
The Participatory Innovation Conference

The Participatory Innovation conference was held in
Lahti in Finland on 18-20 June, 2013. This conference
brought together researchers, artists, designers and
practitioners. The innovative 3-day programme
included presentations by leading keynote speakers,
research paper sessions, applied theatre, a hands-on
innovation session with industry cases, and artistic
interpretations of research. More info maybe found
here (blog of Tim Tompson, one of the participants).
The ICE & IEEE-ITMC Annual Conference
The ICE & IEEE-ITMC Annual Conference was held in
the Hague (Netherlands) on 24-26 June 2013. The
motto of the conference was “Responsible Innovation
and Entrepreneurship”. Several scientific, experts and
practitioner networks met to discuss technology and
innovation management topics while presenting
papers and participating in workshops.
The 26th annual Bled eConference
The 26th annual Bled eConference was organized from
the 9-13 June and featured the theme of eInnovation.
It attracted speakers and delegates from business,
government and universities. This year four different
sessions related to Living Labs were organized giving
the possibility to deepen themes such as Living Labs
governance and user-driven innovation.

PERIPHÈRIA Final Conference

PERIPHÈRIA organized the project final conference in
Rome from the 29-30 May and saw the participation of
the ENoLL office. This conference was organized during
the ForumPA 2013 event and was mainly focused in
enriching the impact of the project and leveraging the
Human Smart City vision to global scale involving in this
movement a selection of the main thinkers of Smart
Cities and representatives of cities like Lisbon,
Barcelona, Milan and Rio de Janeiro.
The XXIV ISPIM Conference
The conference entitled Innovating in Global Markets:
Challenges for Sustainable Growth – took place in
Helsinki, Finland on 16-19 June 2013. This conference
brought together 480 innovation experts from 41
countries. In addition to the invited speakers, the
conference included 250 academic and practitioner
presentations, 46 'hot topic' roundtable sessions, a PhD
student lab and visits to innovative Finnish companies
such as Rovio Entertainment. (Source:
EPIC final event
During the 4th ENoLL Living Lab Summer School the
EPIC final workshop took place (August 28). The
discussions focused on EPIC’s roadmap and practical
advice on using the platform’s offering “Smart City in a
Box” to create and run smart city services. The main
attraction of the workshop was the interactive
presentation, which used Manchester itself as an
example of EPIC’s Smart Environment Service.

13 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
The Living Labs model benefits citizens, industry and
- Living Labs empower citizens as end-users to
influence the development of innovative services &
products that will benefit the whole society.
- Living Labs allow industry to develop and validate
new ideas and to increase their chances of success
during product and service launches.

Key events in
Skills and Post-Secondary Summit 2013: Developing
the Talent We Need for a Competitive Nation (6-
7.11.2013). Presentations: “Global Best in Post-
Secondary Education: How the World’s Top-Ranked
Countries are Making Post-Secondary Education a
Priority and Succeeding as a Result; “Concurrent
Dialogue Sessions: Series A—Exploring International
Best Practices,” Toronto, Canada

Open Info Day - Horizon 2020 'Health, demographic
change and wellbeing' – first funding round, Brussels,
Belgium, 22.11.2013

Setting the Scene for Learning Regional Living Labs
presentations and consultation for Puglia Region
DHITECH, Italy, 18.6.2013

Sustainability of Living Labs presentation and
consultation for Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec, Canada,

From Digital Literacy to Innovation Literacy, at Spark
2013 conference - 4th Global Forum on Telecenters,
28.5.2013, Granada, Spain

Social Innovation and Impact Assessment, at European
Union JRC-IPTS MIREIA Experts' Workshop: Measuring
the impact of e-Inclusion intermediary actors at
Spark13 Conference - 4th Global Forum on
Telecentres, 29.5.2013

Sustainable development – the road to prosperity at
DON’T MISS THE TRAIN - Manager’s role in the first
half of the 21st century, Czech Management Association
(CMA), 25.4.2013, Prague, Czech Republic

Consultation with Korean national innovation agencies
and companies, 18-20.03.2013, Seoul, Korea

Living lab approach and recent developments of
innovative services for older persons living alone, in
particular, focusing on applying living lab methodology
at Innovations of Social Services for Older Persons Living
Alone: Living Lab Approach Conference, Hallym Aging
Research Institute (HARI) of Hallym University, 21.3.2013
Chuncheon, Korea

Living lab as the engine to animate smart communities
at European opportunities looking at our territory: Lecce
Smart Community International Workshop, the Living
Lab of Puglia@service, Dhitech, 14.4.2013, Lecce, Italy

Source: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland

How to Join Us?
ENoLL is an open community -
anyone can join!
1. Become a ENoLL Living Lab
If your organization wants to
become a member of ENoLL and
become a certified Living Lab,
contact us in order to discuss how
to join through the ‘8
Wave’ Call
for Membership (Feb-May 2014).
2. Become an Associated
Are you a university, company,
research institution, regional or
local authority or other
government organisation and you
support the philosophy of user-
driven open innovation? Contact
us on how to become an
associated member of ENoLL.
3. Become an Effective Member
If you are an adherent member
please remember that you can
upgrade to ENoLL effective
membership so as to contribute
to the definition of its strategy.
Contact the ENoLL office for
further information.
4. Join the ENoLL friends open
ENoLL is on facebook and on
twitter @openlivinglabs and
publishes a monthly newsletter
on all things relevant to living labs
and user-driven open innovation.

from ENoLL
[Street Address]
[City], [State][Postal Code]
City Lab Coventry on Le Monde
A recently Le Monde article was
dedicated to the City Lab Coventry
describing its latest development and
achievements. (READ the article here).
The Coventry City Lab uses ICT such as
cloud computing, the Coventry City
Urban Traffic Management Control
System and others to support users to
develop and test innovations in Low
Carbon Vehicles (Transport) and
Sustainable Buildings.

On Sunday October 13th, a living lab
methodology developed by iMinds
Living Lab(iLab.o) went live during the
Ghent Film Festival. The Living Lab
methodology was used for iCinema
project to develop an interactive
application satisfying the customers’
needs. (Source from iMinds)
ENoLL Living Labs on TIM issues
The Technology Innovation
Management Review has recently
published the November issue with the
theme on Living Labs (more info here).
The guest editors of this issue were both
from ENoLL community: Seppo Leminen
from the Laurea University of Applied
Sciences and Mika Westerlund, from
Carleton University. Among the five
selected articles, four have been written
by ENoLL Effective Members. Then in the
December issue about Living Labs and
Crowdsourcing again 4 articles out of 5
were written by ENoLL members: iMinds
(ENoLL Effective Member) and Laurea
University of Applied Sciences (ENoLL
Effective Member), Aalto University and
Carleton University. Discover more!
Living Lab tools presented at the
Hannover Messe 2013
ENoLL was invited to attend the
InnoMatNet workshop took place on April
11th in conjunction with the Hannover
Messe 2013. Our community showcased
some tools and best practice examples
coming from the ENoLL Living Lab
network: ENoLL Living Lab Knowledge
Center, Living Lab Methodology Handbook
(Botnia Living Lab) and the CoCo Toolkit
(Service Design Unit, Laurea Living Labs,
Laurea University of Applied Sciences).
Living Labs in regional Smart
Specialization strategies
ENoLL member GAIA (Bird Living Lab) has
published a working paper on Living Labs
in the framework of Smart Specialization
policies for regions, also spotlighted in the
Publications section. The paper examines
the Urdaibai Bird Center as an example of
the potential of entrepreneurial
discoveries as opportunities within the
framework of smart specialization for all

15 ENoLL Activity Report 2013
Announcement of the
Living Lab Toolkit at
CitiSense 2013

On November 17th and 18th,
Barcelona hosted the CitiSense
conference, organized by the
World Bank, with the aim to
enable cities from all over the
world to exchange knowledge
and information about smart
cities, open innovation, efficient
mobility and energy saving.
CitiSense attracted more than
250 mayors and representatives
from the cities and innovators
from around a hundred countries
to not only share experience and
knowledge with 69 experts, but
also suggest good practice
measures tailored to each city.
The ENoLL Living Lab community
was very well represented in this
event with input and speeches
from the ENoLL President Mr.
Jarmo Eskelinen and other ENoLL
Council members who acted as
experts and supported the
networking/knowledge exchange
activities (see picture). During the
CitiSense event the World Bank
and ENoLL publically announced
the common production of a
Living Lab toolkit for Cities that is
planned to be published in June

from ENoLL
[Street Address]
[City], [State][Postal Code]
Enhanced cooperation between ENoLL
and F2L
On February 19, 2013 European
Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and the
France Living Labs (F2L) signed a
partnership agreement (MoU). In this
video, you will see the presentation by
Ms. Brigitte Trousse, President of France
Living Labs and presentation by Mr.
Jarmo Eskelinen, President of ENoLL and
find out more about the agreed joint
An introduction to smart cities
In this short video made during the
Creative Media Days held in November
2012 in Ghent, MIT Media Lab's
Professor Kent Larson gives a short
introduction on how cities are being
designed as a Living Lab for businesses
to showcase new technologies and to
test out emerging smart innovations.
Introduction by ENoLL Chair Jarmo
TEFIS portal for easy testbed and LL
access and management of FI
ENoLL member Botnia Living Lab is proud
to launch the TEFIS-platform, which is a
new e-service that gives experimenters
easy access to forefront testbed
infrastructures. The portal includes
features to plan for and run Future
Internet experiments by using services
provided by the TEFIS connected testbeds
including Living Lab support - all available
via one single access-point individually or
in a combination. The services are used
today in different experiments in the
fields of Mobile media, e-Health, Network
performance measurements, e-learning,
Collaborative content distribution in
mobile networks and SDN. More
information maybe found here
Living Lab Manual for Universities of
Applied Sciences by Neloskierre
Network of Living Labs of Finnish
Universities of Applied Sciences
(Neloskierre) has come out with a
publication which looks into how Living
Labs can operate as an model for bringing
together RDI-activities and teaching. This
document is only available in Finnish. See
here for more information.
of the Living Lab
toolkit featuring
Jarmo Eskelinen
(President of
ENoLL), Edward
Anderson (World
Bank), Ilari Lindi
(World Bank),
Jesse March

16 ENoLL Activity Report 2013

 Innovation Convention 2014.
March 10-11, Brussels. Living
Lab session (March 10, 14:00 –
 Human Smart Cities conference,
March 13, Lisbon (Portugal)
 FIA Athens, March 18-20,
 EDF, March 19-20, Athens
 European Conference on Future
Internet (OCFI-1), April 2-3,
Brussels (FI-PPP)
 ACE Project Summit, April 29-
30, Brussels
 7th InnoMatNet Workshop,
May 7, Barcelona
 The XXV ISPIM Innovation
Conference held in Dublin,
Ireland on June 8-11, 2014
 IoT week, June 16-20, London
 Smart AgriMatics 2014, June 18-
19, Paris
 OKFestival 2014, July 15-18,
 ENoLL 5th Summer School
2014, September 2-5, 2014 in
 Smart City Expo 2014,
November 11-13, 2014
 The 9
Biennale Internationale
Design Saint-Etienne, March 12
to April 12, 2015

2014: What’s up?

Join us next Summer -
5TH ENoLL Summer School 2014

Ready to join us at the 2014 ENoLL Summer School? The 5th edition
will be held in Amsterdam from the 2
to the 5
of September 2014.
This Summer School will examine Living Labs-inspired methods,
technologies and policy implications through workshops and lively
discussion panels organized by both European and non-European
experts. Come and add your talents, skills and energies to ours: this is
the place to be if you want to set up a Living Lab, know the most
experienced organizations or just learn more about this research field.
Registrations are open on the official website. For more info shoot us a
mail at or follow us on Twitter!

The 8th wave is officially open!
Public and private organisations from all countries in the world are
invited to apply for membership of the European Network of Living
Labs as of February 3rd 2014. Completed applications must be sent by
May 14th, 2014 at 12:00 CET. Approved new members will be officially
welcomed at the 8th Wave Launch Ceremony during the 5th ENoLL
Summer School in Amsterdam, first week of September 2014.
The application form can only be obtained through pre-registration
with the ENoLL Office (please contact Note: All
applicants will be informed of the outcome of the evaluation 30 days
before the publication of results at the 5th ENoLL Summer School in
Amsterdam. More information about evaluation criteria, terms and
conditions can be found on the ENoLL’s website.

Find out more about ENoLL!
ENoLL uses different social media tools to engage
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community. Follow us on Twitter (@openlivinglabs)
and Facebook. We also regularly use other social
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