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If you're the game's Creator, read the back for some Rules (p6), Monsters (p7), some Advice (p8), and a Character

Sheet (p9). A little bit of nostalgia in an even smaller package.

Start by making a character. Choose a Class (p2) and note your Attributes (p3). Pick up Weapons (p4), Armor (p4), and Spells (p5).

Console is a pen-and-paper emulation of console-based fantasy roleplaying games.

Console: Handheld

This is a tiny, folded roleplaying game designed to emulate some of the original handheld RPGs. The rules are simple, the gameplay is condensed, and the graphics are black-andwhite. After all, the memory card won't hold much.

It's a game in your pocket!

Weapons and Armor:
You start with the following equipment: Humans: Sword, Shield, Helmet, Armor. Espers: Staff, Helmet, Armor. Can't use shield. Monsters: Armor. Can't use weapon, shield or helmet. Robots: Punch, Laser, Forcefield. Can't use other equipment. Weapon Sword Staff Axe Bow ATK +40 +35 +45 +35 Protection Armor Shield Helmet DEF +10 +5 +5

There are three elements: FIRE, ICE, and LIT. Each has a spell that causes damage equal to MAG +50. The BIO spell poisons a character so that they lose 20% HP each turn after they act. CURE restores 30% HP. HEAL fixes poison and blindness. LIFE restores a dead character to life. CURA restores 100% HP. HOLY destroys a single undead monster. DARK gives its target 50% miss chance when attacking. FIRE, ICE, LIT, CURE, and CURA can be cast to affect a whole group, but do half as much damage or healing. Humans have to buy new spells just like they buy new weapons and armor. They cost their Level in gold, and take up item spots. Esper spells are always new (and random) each level, but aren't items. Esper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Random Spells FIRE ICE LIT HEAL CURE LIFE CURA BIO HOLY DARK MP Cost 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 20% 20% 10% 5% 10%

When you buy new gear, it has the rating listed here. Each level, your gear decays one point (really, all the monsters get meaner). Eventually you have to buy new gear. Weapons cost Gold equal to Level + ATK - 35. Armor costs Level + DEF. Robots never need to buy new gear (and can't use it anyway). They always have a Punch (ATK +40), Laser (ATK +35) (FIRE), and Forcefield (DEF +15) appropriate to their level. Monsters only use armor. Low-level characters get stuck with crummy equipment for a while, so the Creator might want to give them some extra Gold to go buy new stuff. High-level characters will have Gold to spare and should be encouraged to spend it on plot-related things.




Human: Can access all spells and equipment. Carry 8 items. Esper: Gets two free spells at random that change every level. Carry 4 items. Monster: At the end of a fight can copy the stats from a non-boss monster that was in that fight. They keep this until their next change, adding their own modifiers. Carry 4 items. Robot: Starting items scale with level. Weakness to Lightning. Carry 4 items. 2 You start at 1st Level. Add your Level to every attribute.

There are four classes: Human, Esper, Monster, and Robot. Each has a special ability:


You also have an HP Bar and an MP Bar. Both start at 100%.

Human Esper Monster Robot ATK +0 -5 +45 +5 DEF +0 -5 +5 +10 MAG +0 +10 -10 -10 SPD +0 +5 +10 -5

Here are the starting values for each one:

There are four stats in Console: Attack, Defense, Magic, and Speed (ATK, DEF, MAG, SPD).


Outside a fight, the story flows more or less as the Creator directs. There should be ample opportunity for the Players to explore branching plotlines, speak to NPCs, solve puzzles, play minigames, and so forth, but these are dependent on the skill of the Players, not the prowess of their characters. In a fight, the characters face several monsters. Play goes in order of Speed. Once everyone has acted once, return to the top of the order. Repeat until one side is dead or has run. On your action you can attack (dealing damage equal to your ATK minus the opponent's DEF), cast a spell (damage is MAG minus DEF), block (+15 DEF), or run (leave the fight). Be sure to use total ATK, MAG and DEF, not just bonuses from your item, class, or spell. There is no miss chance in this game. Standing in the back row during combat gives you +10 DEF, but you can only attack by spell or bow. You have to declare your row before the fight starts. After each fight, the winning side gains one Level and gets Gold equal to 3x the Level of the opposing monsters. Characters can recover HP and MP and overcome the effects of DARK or BIO in a town, for Gold equal to 1/10 their level.

Monsters have attributes equal to their Level. They get +45 ATK , +10 DEF, +50 MAG, and +0 SPD. They have 100% HP and MP at the start of a fight. They also have a Type that gives them a special ability: Beast: +5 ATK and SPD. Boss: Immune to DARK, BIO, HOLY. Takes 1/10 normal damage. Worth 2 levels. Often has another Type as well. Dragon: Immune to FIRE. Elemental: Immune to one kind of magic. Mage: Can cast two spells each. +10 MAG. Ogre: +5 DEF, but -15 DEF vs. magic. Undead: Immune to DARK and BIO. Most monsters attack randomly. Some are focused on one particular type of character, but very few use strategy in their assaults. Monsters should be equal in level to the characters. Many monsters, especially Boss monsters, drop special items that can be equipped and used in combat for unusual effect. Some make people resistant to an element, or allow them to dodge 25% of incoming attacks, or let them counterattack 50% of the time, and so on. The GM should be sure to hand one of these out after every Boss battle, and from time to time through the storyline.

Customizing this game is not just useful, it is key. Add house rules, a map, a setting, usable items, more classes and spells, add anything, but make it your own. If you play this game as just a series of combat encounters you lose half the fun. If you play it as just a forced plotline, you lose the other half. Being silly with Console works if you have people who've experienced console RPGs before. It doesn't work if your players aren't familiar with the genre. It's amazing what a bit of vague backstory can do. Toss in references to an ancient race, a great disaster, a golden age, a secret resistance group, and players will want to know more. There is no official “final level” for the game. You can play to level 99, level 70, level 22. It all balances out in terms of character effectiveness and damage. Look, one of you has to play the obligatory love interest, ok? No you can't shop around for the best prices; there's only one store in each town. You call it a photocopier, I call it a save point.

Character Sheet:
Name: ___________________________ Player: _________________________ Class: ____________ Level: _________ Total

Equipment ATK: DEF: MAG: SPD: Items 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Written by Colin Fredericks. CC-BY-NC 3.0 License. Art by Antifarea and Henrique Lazarini.


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