BMW was working with Matlock Advertising and Public
Relations, their agency for the African American market, to
promote the launch of their all-new, re-designed BMW 3
series, one of their most popular and best selling models. A car
redesign is a big undertaking, and BMW was looking to drive
favorability for the new line. Matlock teamed up with
Adfusion, a content-based online advertising platform, and
leveraged their Panoramic ad, which integrates original
content, multimedia, custom functionality and social media, to
create an immersive and interactive brand experience. Matlock
and Adfusion sought real-time brand metrics to assess how
effective the unit was at driving brand favorability.
Matlock and Adfusion turned to Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution to
get a real-time understanding of the brand-building
effectiveness of their custom content campaign, and its
performance against the primary marketing objective –
favorability. Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution is the leading choice of
brands, agencies, and publishers to measure and optimize the
effectiveness of online brand advertising campaigns across a
broad array of industry sectors, including Automotive.
COMPANY BMW and Matlock, with Adfusion
Promote the launch of the all-new,
redesigned BMW 3 series
Matlock and Adfusion leveraged Vizu’s real-time Ad Catalyst solution to
measure and optimize Brand Lift in favorability while the campaign was still
running, and maximize the ROI of the campaign. Specifically, Matlock and
Adfusion used Ad Catalyst to:
> Review creative, site, frequency, and lifetime performance in real-time
> Identify the ad frequency level that drove the highest Brand Lift. Just one
exposure to the Panoramic ad drove 109.8% lift.
> More than double brand favorability, driving an overall 111.3% lift amongst
those that viewed the BMW 3 series “Favorably” and “Very Favorably”
> Show that the creative not only positively influenced favorability, but also
decreased neutral or unfavorable opinions by 82.9% amongst those who
were exposed to the creative.
Automotive Marketing Success Story: Matlock Drives Favorability in African American Market for New BMW Line
Not Exposed
to Advertising
Exposed to
“Vizu gives us real-time insights into campaign ROI. Everyone with a
stake in the outcome of a brand advertising campaign should be
leveraging Vizu's brand ad effectiveness platform.”
- Edward Rutland, EVP & Managing Partner, Matlock Advertising and PR
Effective Online Brand Advertising for the
Automotive Industry

For most consumers, buying a car or truck is a major decision,
and one of the largest they will make with regards to allocating
their disposable income. Automotive marketers need to invest
heavily in shaping consumer brand opinions and attitudes on an
ongoing basis. Just as importantly, these marketers also need
to know their advertising is driving the desired result, Brand
Lift, in order to justify their investment. Leveraging the same
Brand Lift measurements used in the offline world, automotive
marketers can take advantage of a unique aspect of the online
medium to maximize their return on advertising spend – the
availability of real-time brand performance data on the overall
campaign, and on the creative, placement, and frequency levels
driving that performance. In the absence of this key data,
millions of dollars can be wasted because advertisers are
spending in the wrong places or on the wrong creative
executions. True measurement techniques to assess and
optimize the effectiveness of ad campaigns have proven elusive
for the industry. Until now.

Vizu Corporation | www.brandlift.com | sales@vizu.com | 415.362.8498 | San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles
Key Takeaways

> Informative and/or educational creative can
be very effective at driving brand metrics
for automotive campaigns.
> Automotive campaigns often focus on
brand funnel metrics, which must be
measured against appropriate Brand Lift
metrics. Direct response metrics such as
clickthrough rate are irrelevant.
> Real-time data on campaign effectiveness is
key to optimizing branding campaigns to
ensure they deliver desired results.
Vizu’s Brand Advertising Effectiveness Platform
Brand advertising effectiveness simplified – reach the right people, influence their opinion. Vizu Corporation
(www.brandlift.com), a Nielsen company, provides an enterprise technology platform that allows our customers to do just
that, and is utilized by leading brands, agencies, DSP’s, ad networks, and publishers to optimize the effectiveness of their
brand building efforts. The Vizu platform supports the measurement and optimization of all key processes in the advertising
lifecycle, from audience profiling to campaign measurement and benchmarking.
"At the end of the day, we need to measure and optimize audience
and impact, ensuring we are driving the desired Brand Lift metric
against our client’s target audience. The Vizu platform allows us
to work with our agency partners to do just that.”
- Josh Madigan, Vice President, Adfusion
Optimizing Brand Lift and Growing Sales with Vizu
Vizu Ad Catalyst
Vizu Ad Catalyst is the first real-time campaign
measurement and optimization solution that
allows brand advertisers to quickly and cost-
effectively improve the performance of their
brand advertising campaigns, increasing
effective media spend and maximizing the value
of their advertising investment.
Leveraging an intuitive dashboard, advertisers
can measure and optimize the performance of a
campaign against its primary marketing
objective in real-time. The performance of the
key components driving overall Brand Lift –
creative, targeting, and frequency – are also
highlighted, providing opportunities to improve
campaign performance. Ad Catalyst, part of
Vizu’s Brand Advertising Effectiveness Platform,
can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction
with Audience Incite, the industry’s first real-
time audience characterization solution.

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