imPaCt rePort 2008-2009

mIssIon LIFT’s mission is to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States. vIsIon We envision a day when all people in our country will have the opportunity to achieve economic security and pursue their aspirations.

TabLe oF conTenTs
Letters from the CEO and Chairman ...........................2 Introduction to LIFT ....................................................3 Theory of Change .......................................................4 Path Out of Poverty ....................................................6 National Highlights .....................................................8 LIFT-Boston .................................................................9 LIFT-Chicago................................................................10 LIFT-New York .............................................................11 LIFT-Philadelphia ........................................................12 LIFT-Washington, DC ..................................................13 Financials ....................................................................14 Thanking Our Donors .................................................15 LIFT Directory .............................................................20

2 | LIFT

LeTTers From The ceo and chaIrman
Dear Friends, I am thrilled to present you with our first Impact Report as LIFT. If you were a supporter of National Student Partnerships, I hope that you are as excited as we are to now be a part of the LIFT family. Our name may have changed, but our dedication to our mission has not. I feel more passionate than ever about LIFT’s work, especially knowing that the recession has catapulted so many families into crisis. This has been an important year for LIFT—one full of transformation and big decisions. We have decided to “go deep” in five of our metropolitan areas and have established a strong plan that will enable us to meet the needs of over 100,000 new families in the coming five years, while also strengthening the quality and impact of each LIFT intervention. In order to focus on this strategy, and as a response to economic realities that have also affected nonprofits, we made the very difficult decision to close four of our offices in Baltimore, New Haven, Pittsburgh, and Richmond. We worked hard to ensure that our clients in those communities had other supports in place and that our resources were shared with organizations throughout those communities. I am humbled by the truly exceptional people who continue to join and enrich the LIFT family. As always, I am deeply grateful to you, our supporters, for making our work possible. Please know that I’ll never be able to sufficiently thank each and every one of you for your steadfast commitment to our mission. With gratitude, Dear Friends, It has been a remarkable year of growth and transition for the organization that started as National Student Partnerships over ten years ago. As one who has had the privilege of being part of this journey from the very beginning, I am both grateful and inspired by the way in which the organization has met the challenges presented by the economic crisis we all have faced over these past several months. I have watched a strong team of individuals make difficult—but necessary—decisions, while ensuring that the fundamental work of helping people on the path out of poverty continues and that the organization emerges stronger than before. It should come as no surprise that the need for LIFT’s services continues to be great and I am more convinced than ever of the power of its model to support our communities as they struggle through these tough times. As you will read in the following pages, over this past year LIFT has had a tremendous impact on the lives of clients and volunteers in our core communities, and alumni from across the country continue to find ways to serve. Through the work and talent of individuals like these, LIFT is uniquely poised to serve the increased needs of clients and communities in the year ahead and beyond. I look forward to working with all of you as we dedicate ourselves to furthering the impact and reach of LIFT’s important work. With deepest appreciation for your ongoing support of LIFT,

Kirsten e. lodal Ceo and Co-Founder liFt

marne obernauer, Jr. Chairman liFt Board of Directors

2008-2009 Impact Report | 3

InTroducIng LIFT
LIFT officially launched its new brand in July 2009, thanks in large part to pro bono support and in-kind donations. We would like to highlight the efforts of those who contributed to our renaming process and thank them for their hard work.
BurSoN-marSteller aND PeNN, SChoeN & BerlaND aSSoCiateS

Several members of the staff at Burson-Marsteller and Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates worked closely with us to refine our language and offer name suggestions. “LIFT” was immediately the favorite contender. Don Baer Tracy Clayton David Hughes Beth Lester Mark Penn Andrew Nibley Josh Werman Shawn Westfall

gloBal PriNtiNg Jon Budington, LIFT National Board Member, and his team at Global Thinking in Alexandria, VA, donated all of the paper, printing, and services associated with LIFT’s new printed collateral. Armed with business cards, stationery, folders, this Impact Report, and many other materials, our offices have smoothly transitioned from NSP to LIFT. Over the next few months, LIFT is looking forward to collaborating with Global Thinking to redesign our e-communications and website.

roB giamPietro aND rumorS

Paul Bailey Jon Budington

Kevin Fay Jason Kowal

Tony Stuck

Our new visual identity comes courtesy of independent designer Rob Giampietro and his collaborators at Rumors design collective in Brooklyn, NY. Rob, Holly, Renda, and Andy were able to channel what we as an organization had already accomplished and what we aspire to achieve in the future. The mark conveys what we strive to do: “lift” communities across the country. Paired with a fresh color scheme, a bold typeface, and the ability to keep evolving, our external identity now matches the internal power and spirit of LIFT clients, volunteers, and supporters. Rob Giampietro Holly Gressley Renda Morton Andy Pressman

4 | LIFT

Theory of the Problem
Nearly 40 million Americans—one in eight individuals—live below the poverty line.1 According to the federal poverty measure, a family of four is considered below the poverty line if it earns less than $22,050 a year.2 This translates into an average of $15 per person per day to cover all needs, from food and bus fare to doctor’s appointments and utility bills. The implausibility of living on this amount of money in America today is alarming, but even more concerning is the reality that the number of Americans living in poverty will significantly— and precipitously—grow in the coming months and years as the economic downturn is fully realized.3 Poverty is a complex and multi-faceted problem and all of its associated issues—unemployment, homelessness, hunger, illiteracy, health care costs, and more—are interlinked. Yet our social services system does not reflect this reality. In order to secure needed resources, poor families must navigate highly complex and confusing bureaucracies, making access to basic services and benefits challenging. On the policy front, we have failed to make the elimination of domestic poverty a national priority despite the amount we as a country know about the persistence and growth of poverty in the United States. We have not prioritized the necessary policies and investments that could pull millions of families out of poverty.

Theory oF change
liFt activities...

Path 1

Clients and trained volunteers work one-on-one to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, make ends meet through public benefits and tax credits, and obtain quality referrals.

Theory of Change
With a mission to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States, LIFT’s model pursues two distinct paths. First, low-income individuals (clients) work with trained volunteers to obtain access to necessities—secure income, housing, health care, and education—that enable families to survive and thrive. LIFT’s services are free of cost and without eligibility requirements, ensuring that any individual in need can access resources. Second, LIFT trains a corps of volunteers in a variety of issue areas to prepare them to work within the context of client needs. Their exposure to the challenges presented to lowincome families serves as a transformative experience, and LIFT alumni go on to pursue careers across all sectors and become lifelong leaders in the effort to improve the practices and policies that aim to eliminate poverty.
“Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008,” U.S. Census Bureau “The 2009 HHS Poverty Guidelines: One Version of the [U.S.] Federal Poverty Measure,” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 3 ”Simulating the Effect of the ‘Great Recession’ on Poverty,” Emily Monea and Isabel V. Sawhill, The Brookings Institution
1 2

miSSioN: Combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States



Path 2

The LIFT experience pushes volunteers to grapple with our country’s most challenging issues related to poverty, race, inequality, and policy.

2008-2009 Impact Report | 5

Theory oF change
...create positive change
Clients make concrete and tangible progress on the path to opportunity including access to:
• Stable housing • Stable income/employment • Education and job training • Health care • Basic necessities (food, clothing, transportation, etc.)

meet liFt alumna Deanna Singh
In 1999, as a Fordham University undergraduate, Deanna Singh founded LIFT-The Bronx, now the organization’s New York City anchor. It was Deanna’s prior work as a youth program director and a tutor in the Bronx that compelled her to establish LIFT in her community. Says Deanna, “The whole concept directly addressed an issue that I saw over and over again with the families in the neighborhood. I did not know one person that did not want to work—they just had something in the way. I loved the idea of having an entire organization dedicated to helping them alleviate whatever that something was.” After graduating from Fordham in 2001, Deanna went on to receive her Juris Doctorate from the Georgetown University Law Center. While at Georgetown, she participated in the Washington DC Street Law Project, a program she later replicated in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI, where she returned after law school to become a public defender and professor at Marquette Law School. The project puts law students into local high schools where they teach introductory law classes, host a city-wide mock trial, and interact with the community on multiple levels. Deanna has since completed a yearlong fellowship with Building Excellent Schools, and in 2007, at only 27, she launched the Milwaukee Renaissance Academy, a public charter school designed to put students on a track toward higher education. Deanna says that her time with LIFT influenced all the steps on her impressive career path. “I have dedicated my entire career to serving underserved and underrepresented urban communities. Everything that I learned with LIFT has become part of my approach to that service,” she says. And to the benefit of thousands of families in the Bronx, DC, and Milwaukee, it was at LIFT that she became a social entrepreneur: “I started an organization as a college student. That gave me tremendous courage later on in life to embark on other ventures that people often considered unrealistic.”

ViSioN: One day, all people will have the opportunity to achieve economic security and pursue their aspirations.

Short Term: Volunteers are transformed and educated by the experience.

Long Term: Alumni become lifelong leaders in the fight to decrease poverty and expand opportunity for all families in America.

6 | LIFT

PaTh ouT oF PoverTy
LIFT believes that there are five essential asset areas—basic necessities, employment/financial stability, housing, education and training, and health care—that are vital for individual and family success on the path out of poverty. By working oneon-one with LIFT volunteers to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, make ends meet through public benefits and tax credits, and obtain quality referrals for services like childcare and health care, LIFT clients are able to holistically address their immediate and long-term needs while making concrete steps towards realizing their greater dreams and aspirations.

Community members come to liFt with a highly complex set of interrelated needs:

together, volunteers and clients take the following actions:

Volunteers help clients achieve:

Basic Necessities


Secure source of food, transportation, clothing, etc. Secure stable income through employment and/or benefits

Employment/Financial Stability


Secure stable housing

Education and Training

Secure entry into education and training programs

Health Care

Secure access to affordable health care and medical services

In the process of working toward their goals, LIFT clients develop an important internal “toolkit” for progress and resiliency that enables them to move forward independently and bounce back from challenges and setbacks. With the support of LIFT volunteers, clients strengthen their goal-setting abilities, problem-solving skills, knowledge of key community resources, selfconfidence, and ability to advocate for themselves and their families.

2008-2009 Impact Report | 7

PaTh ouT oF PoverTy
meet liFt Client maria Selamoglu

After losing her job in March 2007, Maria Selamoglu was struggling to get back into the workforce. With no income and little savings due to a recent divorce, she was falling behind on her rent and utility payments. She found LIFT-Somerville and immediately began working with volunteers to update her résumé and expand her job search. With LIFT-Somerville’s assistance, she soon secured part-time work at Massachusetts General Hospital. Despite receiving a regular paycheck, Maria was still struggling financially. Things took a turn for the worse in November 2008 when Maria’s landlord increased her apartment’s monthly rent. Maria could not afford the increase—already more than half her income went toward rent and utilities—and she was handed an eviction notice. After 15 years of living in her apartment, Maria suddenly faced the prospect of homelessness. She returned to LIFT-Somerville in tears, and volunteers were able to advise her about her tenant rights, including the fact that with a nofault eviction, she was not required to leave her apartment until a judge ordered her removal. Maria teamed up with Laura McNulty, who started researching housing options in Boston and then contacted the Volunteer Lawyers Project to help Maria obtain legal aid. LIFT volunteers accompanied Maria to her court appointments while a pro bono lawyer worked with her to negotiate an extension on her move-out date and settle outstanding payments with her landlord. Maria credits LIFT as her support system while navigating the stressful and confusing eviction process. “They helped me mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. I can’t stress this point enough, they were just there.” Laura then helped Maria compile the necessary paperwork for emergency housing and accompanied her to an interview with the Somerville Housing Authority. Maria was eligible to receive housing and soon found an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood, but she worried that she would not be able to afford the security deposit and first month’s rent. Laura reached out to community partners at Catholic Charities and the Somerville Homeless Coalition and secured funds that allowed Maria to sign the lease on her apartment in July 2009.
Client Maria Selamoglu and volunteer Caitlin Payne discuss Maria’s monthly budget.

Maria says, “[At LIFT] they work with you like a partner. They did so much more for me here than anywhere else I have visited. They really care about their clients.” She continues to visit LIFT-Somerville to work on securing another part-time job while she waits for her job to transfer to full-time. In the meantime, it is still hard to make ends meet on a part-time salary, so volunteers have helped her establish a monthly budget and payment plans with her bank to make living expenses more affordable. Reflecting back on the last two years, Maria says, “Before, my life [was a downward] spiral. I lost my job, got a divorce, and then lost my apartment. Since LIFT, I feel like I got my life back. I worked very hard to get where I am today and I did it with LIFT.”

“at liFt, they work with you like a partner. they did so much more for me here than anywhere else i have visited. they really care about their clients.”

8 | LIFT

Preparing for the Future
This year, LIFT focused on its “go-deep” strategy in five core geographies, consolidating resources and operations in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. As part of a heightened focus on local leadership, LIFT hired Regional Executive Directors in Chicago and Philadelphia, and their presence has already resulted in higher volunteer numbers, increased levels of client service, and a higher profile among community partners, funders, and local government agencies. Building on the strategic growth planning work started last year with the support of New Profit, LIFT spent the past summer working with a Monitor consultant to establish a detailed five-year operating plan, supported by a clear economic model, that will extend LIFT’s services to over 100,000 new families in need by FY2015. With the help of numerous strategic thought partners, including Robin Hood in New York City, LIFT has also significantly refined its overall approach to evaluation, with an increased focus on outcomes over activities. Much of FY2010 will be spent designing and implementing new client outcomes tracking systems.

naTIonaL hIghLIghTs
LIFT has been working on the front lines of our country’s response to the economic downturn since its outset, with volunteers serving as a rapid response force to help the growing number of American families facing unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. This year LIFT helped more clients than ever before.

Clients and Meetings, 12 Offices
PY06 PY07 PY08 PY09 19,576 14,698 16,631 16,847





Shining the Spotlight: National Service and Social Innovation
Earlier this year, LIFT was featured on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as part of a series on the economy’s effects on “Generation Next.” LIFT-DC Site Coordinator and AmeriCorps member Brian Marroquín and CEO Kirsten Lodal offered their perspectives on the growing spirit of service in America. After over a year of work as part of the ServiceNation coalition, Kirsten had the honor of representing LIFT at the President’s signing of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act in April. Only three months later, LIFT Vice President Tony Brunswick joined other outstanding program leaders at the White House for the official introduction of the Social Innovation Fund, authorized by the Kennedy Act, which will identify promising, results-oriented nonprofit programs and expand their reach throughout the country. In June, Kirsten served on a panel to discuss “Service and the Road to Economic Recovery” at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. She was also honored as a Scholar at the Aspen Institute’s “Ideas Festival” in July, where she had the opportunity to discuss LIFT’s innovative model with other thought leaders from across the country.


Client meetings

At a time when tax credits have never meant more to families struggling to make ends meet, six of LIFT’s offices offered free tax preparation services to a record number of clients and secured over $1 million in refunds.
oFFiCe ClieNtS tax reFuND eitC

LIFT-Cambridge LIFT-Evanston LIFT-Philadelphia LIFT-Somerville LIFT-Washington, DC

132 153 244 251 84 864

$180,000 $174,879 $296,000 $390,000 $58,563 $1,099,442

$29,000 $78,302 $103,000 $94,000 $21,183 $325,440

2008-2009 Impact Report | 9

regIonaL hIghLIghTs main heading subheading LIFT-boston
• LIFT-Boston enrolled 100 new clients in food stamp and/or WIC programs, a 35 percent increase from 2008. Many of these clients had never needed public benefits before and did not know how to navigate the application process. LIFT-Boston connected these clients to necessary food assistance resources so that they could defray the cost of other living expenses. • Over 500 LIFT-Boston clients received employment services. Services included creating and revising résumés, preparing cover letters, setting up e-mail accounts, filling out online job applications, faxing résumés, practicing interview skills, and locating resources for professional interview attire. • LIFT-Boston’s tax services yielded approximately $600,000 in returns for Cambridge and Somerville residents, an increase of more than $200,000 from 2008. $123,000 of these returns consisted of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). LIFT-Somerville is the only Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site in the city of Somerville and LIFT-Cambridge continues to serve as one of two throughout the City of Cambridge. • Four LIFT-Cambridge volunteers were selected to attend the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative University in Austin, TX in February 2009. The Harvard University students worked closely with community partners to develop a “Commitment to Action” to improve mental health referral services in the LIFT office and throughout the Cambridge community.

meet liFt Client george uwanawich
This past year, George Uwanawich became a victim of the foreclosure crisis that has swept through communities across the country. George was living as a tenant in a multi-unit house when he was received the news that what had seemed like a stable home was in the midst of foreclosure. He had gotten to know the volunteers at LIFT-Cambridge as a tax preparation client, so he immediately turned to them for help. Volunteers set to work with George to secure alternative future housing and to access disability benefits for which he qualified. Volunteers also consulted with a housing advocate in the Cambridge Multi-Service Center who suggested that George apply for immediate emergency housing. From there, George and various volunteers worked to reopen his case for long-term disability benefits and apply for emergency housing. George’s initial housing application was rejected by the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA). Confident they could appeal the decision based on his case, volunteers worked with George to compile his housing history, worked with his landlord to provide a reference and evidence of the foreclosure, and reached out to housing advocates for advice. After months of preparation, George presented his case to the appeal committee at the CHA, who overturned the original decision and granted him emergency housing. In that same month, George was also approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), providing him with an additional $1,000 in monthly income and over $10,000 in back benefits. George is now settled in a new apartment and is thankful to LIFT. “[LIFT] opened up a great deal of opportunities for me through their knowledge of community resources and they helped me make connections that were necessary for me to begin having hope again.”

“liFt opened up a great deal of opportunities for me ... and they helped me make connections that were necessary for me to begin having hope again.”

10 | LIFT

regIonaL hIghLIghTs LIFT-chicago
• LIFT’s two offices in the Chicago region helped clients secure over 200 job interviews, resulting in 110 successful job placements, despite severe job shortages in the Chicago area.
meet liFt Volunteer Nicole Davis
When Nicole Davis stepped into her first activity fair as a freshman at Loyola University Chicago, she was struck by a LIFT-Chicago poster that asked the question: “Are you a student leader?” Nicole immediately walked over to the table and wrote her name on the sign-up sheet to find out more. Two years into her volunteer service with LIFT-Chicago, Nicole has proven that she is, indeed, a true leader, both on-campus and in the community. Fellow volunteers and LIFT staff have come to think of Nicole as a “go-to” person when questions arise about a local resource need. Site Coordinator Nadia Shamsi says, “Volunteers appreciate Nicole’s knowledge of resources in the community. This summer, volunteers would often need advice from Nicole on ‘best referrals’ for clients. Nicole does an excellent job of checking in with a client, ensuring that they have support in other areas beyond their immediate needs, and then immediately connects them to the right resource.” Throughout the school year, Nicole manages LIFT-Chicago’s online housing database, a free, wiki-based website that allows both volunteers and other community partners to post affordable, subsidized, and transitional housing availability and information. The student-driven initiative has proven invaluable to volunteers and community partners by providing resources for harderto-place clients like people living with HIV/AIDS and formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as offering Section 8 housing lists and contact information for rental and utility assistance programs. This summer, as a full-time Summer Director, Nicole took even greater control of LIFT-Chicago’s housing resources. She trained seven staff members from four community organizations to use the database, and she plans on training more in the upcoming school year. She says, “It’s awesome to have community partners using our database, helping us keep it up-to-date, and adding new resources that we didn’t know about.”

• As part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, LIFTEvanston facilitated a panel discussion for the entire Northwestern University community. The event featured faculty as well as representatives from local partners, including Connections for the Homeless and the YMCA. • LIFT-Chicago partnered with Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Experiential Learning to train student volunteers from servicelearning social work classes. The office also guided the work of a separate group of research students as they conducted a comparative study of two neighborhoods—Pilsen on the West Side and Hyde Park on the South Side—where LIFT is considering opening new offices in the city. The study surveyed existing community resources geared toward low-income individuals in the neighborhoods and assessed service gaps that LIFT could fill. • LIFT-Evanston volunteers helped 153 clients receive nearly $175,000 in tax refunds, a 52 percent increase from the previous year. $78,300 came from the Earned Income Tax Credit for working poor families. LIFT-Evanston also partnered with the Evanston YWCA to host additional tax preparation sessions on Saturdays throughout the winter. • In March 2009, LIFT-Evanston moved into significantly larger office space in order to accommodate increased client flow, as well as a growing student volunteer corps. The new location also allows for greater privacy at client workstations and is closer to where many LIFT-Evanston clients live.

2008-2009 Impact Report | 11

regIonaL hIghLIghTs main heading subheading LIFT-new york
• In 2009, referrals in to LIFT-The Bronx from other agencies increased by 50 percent from 2008, indicating that there is growing community awareness of the office’s offerings and that agencies recognize the quality of services provided at LIFT. • In line with a heightened focus on community connections, the office ran Community Partnership Days, during which student volunteers made group visits to partner organizations, including food pantries, shelters, advocacy groups, and community action agencies. The visits fostered deeper collaboration with community partners, and helped ensure that volunteers are making the most effective referrals for LIFT clients. • LIFT-The Bronx collaborated with the Heiskell Enterprise Center for Technology to host a résumé writing workshop in July 2009 in response to growing unemployment numbers in the Bronx. Using the Heiskell Center’s computer lab, workshop participants were able to access a personal computer and receive individual coaching on how to properly format a résumé and use the internet to perform an online job search. The office plans to continue running the workshops in the upcoming year. • The office created a Local Advisory Board (LAB) mentorship program, linking student volunteers on the office’s Leadership Team with LAB members who work in a field they wish to pursue after graduation.
meet liFt Client Quaneesha Cutts
After her children’s father abandoned the family, Quaneesha Cutts was left to take care of five young children on her own. Not only did Quaneesha need help supplementing her family income, but she was also worried about her children, who were demonstrating behavioral issues due to their father’s absence. The children’s school offered little support, and without knowledge of any resources in the Bronx, Quaneesha began to feel overwhelmed. She saw a flyer for LIFT-The Bronx outside the Refuge House and contacted the office for help. Volunteer Catherine Groene worked with Quaneesha to create a strategy to find therapy resources for her children, secure legal assistance for child support, and obtain a job in the medical field. Catherine contacted community partners Good Shepherd Services and All About Kids for information on family services. Quaneesha’s youngest son was successfully placed in an Early Intervention Program, which provides therapeutic and support services for children under the age of three. Her other children were enrolled in counseling, as well as stable day care. With her children’s well-being secure, Quaneesha is now able to devote her full attention to her employment search. She has worked with Catherine to update her résumé and is applying for physical therapy assistant and medical office assistant positions. She has received multiple interview requests and recently enrolled at Bronx Community College to earn her remaining credits for her Associate’s degree. Of her future, Quaneesha says, “I feel hopeful. I feel less alone. I see a more self-sufficient me. I’m going to secure long-term employment. I’ll be able to pay for things, take care of my children, and have financial security. I will definitely have my Master’s degree and when my kids get older, hopefully be a nurse. The sky is the limit.”

“i feel hopeful. i feel less alone. i see a more self-sufficient me. i’m going to secure long-term employment. i’ll be able to pay for things, take care of my children, and have financial security. the sky is the limit.”

12 | LIFT

regIonaL hIghLIghTs LIFT-Philadelphia
• With improved student recruitment efforts, LIFT-Philadelphia recruited 70 volunteers to serve in its two offices, a 50 percent increase from last year.
meet liFt Client José ortiz
When he first arrived at LIFT-Philadelphia’s North office, José Ortiz expected to simply file his taxes and leave. But upon hearing about LIFT’s numerous other services, José revealed that he was living in a homeless shelter and needed help finding employment and stable housing. As a former food preparation worker, José’s first instinct was to pursue more work in a kitchen. Volunteers helped José draft a stronger résumé and introduced him to LIFT-Philadelphia’s co-locators at Philadelphia OIC, who were able to provide him with information about their culinary arts training programs. Armed with a new résumé and new information, José began applying for jobs. José applied for several kitchen positions, but soon realized he was more interested in obtaining a college degree in a field he enjoyed rather than trying to get “just another job.” LIFT-Philadelphia volunteers Tasnuva Islam and Meredith Dean encouraged him to apply to the Community College of Philadelphia and explained to him how he could receive federal assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program to offset his tuition costs. They helped José set up his FAFSA application and apply for several state grants, and he successfully secured over $8,000 in financial aid. Tasnuva and Meredith continued working with José to find affordable housing so that he could move out of his shelter and into an apartment closer to campus. He was ultimately able to obtain a clean, safe room in an apartment for $200 per month. He started classes this past August, and recently contacted volunteers to let them know that he is very happy in his new apartment.

• Client numbers increased by over 100 percent in Program Year 2009. With new office locations and increased leadership from two full-time Site Coordinators and its first Regional Executive Director, LIFT-Philadelphia was able to serve 1,200 clients and conducted 3,900 client meetings. • LIFT-Philadelphia was renewed as an official Community Outreach Center for Pennsylvania CareerLink, Philadelphia’s hub for workforce development. The offices partnered with Center City CareerLink to accommodate the overflow of CareerLink clients seeking personalized résumé and job search assistance. • Volunteers prepared tax returns for more than 220 clients, resulting in over $270,000 in returns, over $70,000 of which was through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). LIFT-Philadelphia also partnered with three local organizations—Project H.O.M.E., YouthBuild Charter School, and the Southwest CDC—to provide offsite tax preparation services for clients during evening and weekend hours. • LIFT-Philadelphia focused on expanding its Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) services by providing enhanced training to volunteers about this critical resource. LIFT also partnered with YouthBuild Charter School and UPenn’s Educational Opportunity Center to hold three “FAFSA Nights” for individuals seeking support in pursuing post-secondary education.

2008-2009 Impact Report | 13

regIonaL hIghLIghTs main heading subheading LIFT-Washington, dc
• In response to the surge in demand for social services brought about by the recession, LIFT-DC organized “Something for Everyone: A Social Services Fair” to connect DC community members in need with nearly 20 social service agencies in one place, at one time. LIFT-DC brought in partners from across the city to offer services from financial planning to food assistance and medical screenings. With the help of National Board Member Jon Budington, the office also recruited a corps of professionals from companies throughout the region to volunteer to provide résumé critiques and interview training for fair participants. • In April 2009, the George Washington University Office of Community Service presented LIFT-DC with its Outstanding Community Partner in Service Award, recognizing LIFT-DC’s exemplary work in engaging students in the Washington, DC community. • LIFT-DC provided over 630 clients with employment services. The office also worked closely with its co-locator, the Perry School Community Services Center, to refer LIFT clients to Perry School job training programs. In exchange, LIFT-DC provided résumé and application assistance help to Perry School clients. • LIFT-DC successfully expanded its summer internship program, which resulted in a 60 percent increase in summer service delivery compared to 2008. Between June 1 and August 31, the office conducted 1,030 meetings with clients.

Photo Credit: Chris Mabry

meet liFt Volunteer Collin Stevenson
Collin Stevenson was already a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, a cross-country captain, and an Alternative Spring Break leader, when he discovered LIFT-DC. While promoting the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program at an involvement fair at George Washington University, he saw a table for LIFT and immediately felt that he had to be a part of the organization. Now, after over a year volunteering with LIFT-DC, he promotes LIFT at ASB meetings to encourage others to get involved in their community year-round. This year, Collin will continue his dedication to community service as a Presidential Administrative Fellow at GWU. He will be working on an initiative to incorporate service learning components into more college classes, while also pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations. “I think community involvement is a crucial component of learning and feel it should be required in curriculums. I will be researching how students can learn academically through direct service in their community.” He says that his LIFT experience has given him insights he would not have otherwise had in his college career. “I have become invested in the DC community and the policy of this city. Going forward, I will take with me a new awareness of the power just one individual has to help his community. I know that I can give people hope simply by letting them know they have people in their corner.”

“going forward, i will take with me a new awareness of the power just one individual has to help his community.”

14 | LIFT

revenue and FInancIaLs revenue
Individuals ........................................................................ $696,423 Institutions ....................................................................... $706,600 AmeriCorps*VISTA ............................................................. $71,158 AmeriCorps*National Direct ............................................ $283,091 In-kind Contributions ......................................................... $87,032 Other Income ....................................................................... $4,237
LIFT-DC client Sheila Boykin addresses guests at the home of Nancy Jacobson and Mark Penn for LIFT’s Annual Spring Benefit in Washington, DC. Sheila worked with LIFT-DC to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant credentials and land her dream job working with veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Photo Credit: JB Yong, Sweet Dreams Studio

Total Revenue: ......................................................... $1,848,541

Program Costs ............................................................... $1,365,101 Management and General ............................................... $176,681 Development .................................................................. $327,667 Total Expenses ........................................................... $1,869,449 Change in net assets .......................................................$(8,890) net assets, beginning of year ....................................... $248,326 net assets, end of year ................................................ $239,436

(From l-r) Serena Potter, Kelly Mateo, Elizabeth Milbank, Michael Sobel, and Jessica Wyman support LIFT at the 2009 Annual Spring Benefit in New York City, hosted at the Rubin Museum of Art. Photo Credit: Max Flatow, Max Flatow Photography

2008-2009 Impact Report | 15

ThankIng our donors
LIFT is grateful for the support of the following individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and universities whose significant contributions make our work possible. This list reflects all gifts received between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009.
goVerNmeNt PartNerS
The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area The Corporation for National and Community Service/ AmeriCorps*National Direct and AmeriCorps*VISTA Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson The Polk Bros. Foundation Paul and Sarah Sohn Virginia Non-Profit Housing Coalition Wachovia Foundation (Baltimore) Lance and Lisa West Bob and Marilyn Mazur Michael McCurdy and Lisa Ripperger Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merinoff, in honor of Marne Obernauer, Jr. Al Pierce and Lola Reinsch Geoff Pohanka and Anne Kline Billy and Cassie Rahm Joel Ramin Wayne and Wendy Rhodes Rod Smith and Rebecca Mills Mike Sobel and Elizabeth Milbank* Beneficial Bank Will Yu* Lawrence and Lorna Graev Julie Ha Jeff Halis Herb Block Foundation (Athelia Knight) Harold and Bonnie Himmelman, in honor of Kirsten Lodal Anna Hoffman Mark and Karen Holzberg Mark Horowitz and Jen Koen Tim and Debra Howard Ellen Howe Jerry and Isabel Jasinowski JHL Capital Group LLC William Knapp and Jean Milbauer Rick and Nancy Kreiter Brian and Ali Kreiter Samuel and Susan Lehrman Richard Leventhal Douglas Maguire The Four Lanes Trust, (Wendy Makins) Chris and Nina McIntyre* Michael McNamara Susan Merinoff Jon and Lois Mills Kathleen O’Hare, in honor of Katie O’Hare Morgan Oldenburg*, in honor of Katherine Conway Bill and Lee Perry Clifford Pollan and Peggy Kriss, in honor of LIFT-Somerville Matthew and Tina Ripperger Christian Salomone and Suzanne Fine Michael and Diane Sapir Guillermo and Cecilia Schultz Brent Scowcroft Thomas and Bonnie Strauss Jake and Carrington Tarr Anne Thompson Donald and Barbara Tober, in honor of Marne Obernauer, Jr. Raymond and Jean Troubh Catherine Tyler William Wallace and Anne Evans Kevin Werner Alexandra White James and Suzanne Woolsey

iNVeStmeNt PartNerS
New Profit Inc.

Anonymous (2) Don and Anne Ayer The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Confidence Foundation Lee and Mindy Foley Eugene Keilin and Joanne Witty Nick and Gardiner Lapham Marc Lawrence Ronnie and Kelly Mateo Morningstar Foundation Annie Moyer* David Parker and Marian Davis Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC David and Susan Rahm Peter and Suzanne Romatowski Walter and Elise Haas Fund Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Bob Woodward and Elsa Walsh

Anonymous Don Baer and Nancy Bard Edward and Maura Baker, in honor of Amy Baker Richard and Amelia Bernstein Bob and Jan Billingsley Richard and Suzie Bissell Charles and Judy Black Joel Bonner George and MaryAnne Boyd John and Amanda Cali Richard and Heather Cass Armeane and Mary Choski Philip and Carolyn Cohan Louis and Bonnie Cohen Donna Cusimano Dominic and Rita Cusimano Ivo Daalder and Elisa Harris Dalio Family Foundation Inc. Stephen and Brooke Day John and April Delaney Albert and Claire Dwoskin Hossein and Dalia Fateh David and Elizabeth Fischer Julian and Suzanne Flannery Frederick and Suzie Fletcher Patrick and Patricia Ford Chris Foreman* Fred and Susan Forman Kenneth and Ellen Forrest Carol Fox

Anonymous ECMC – Educational Credit Management Corporation Global Thinking Inc. Laurence and Susan Hirsch The Bromley Charitable Trust The McCormick Foundation

Anonymous Bernstein Wealth Management Bob and Nancy Blank Jay and Nina Bliley Dennis and Shirley Bloomquist Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn David and Katherine Bradley Joe Brodecki/Bernstein Wealth Management Colbert and Mary Cannon Richard and Suzanne Carroll Centerbridge Partners Foundation George Chopivsky and Clara Brillembourg Rubenstein Family Charitable Foundation (Eli and Virginia Grace Cohen) Bob and Sara Cusimano Dirk and Caroline Degenaars Phil Deutch and Marne Levine Kevin Downey and Michele Jolin Ronald and Beth Dozoretz Tim and Elizabeth Dugan Ricardo and Isabel Ernst John and Marie Evans Stan Freeman and Cecilia Parajon

The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Marne and Peggy Obernauer Larry Robbins John and Rachel Rodin JPMorgan Chase Nate and Margie Thorne

Beverage Distributors Company, LLC Capital One The Charles Jacob Foundation Chichester duPont Foundation Claneil Foundation, Inc. Glenview Capital Management The Goldhirsh Foundation The Gray Charitable Trust Richard and Carol Hochman Modestus Bauer Foundation (Marc Lawrence) Jan and Elizabeth Lodal

Anonymous (2) Carl and Tammy Allegretti Peter Cherukuri and Emily Lenzner Dan and Susan Christman Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation David and Debra Eichenbaum Irving Foundation Peter and Martha Kellner Kenilworth Union Church Henry and Charlotte Kimelman Terry and Margaret Lenzner

16 | LIFT

ThankIng our donors
Paul Frazer and Tina Alster Elizabeth Gaffney, in honor of Katherine Conway Dennis and Holly Galgano Michael Geraci David and Elizabeth Gould Doug and Mary Clare Gourley Anderson and Mae Grennan Patrick and Sheila Gross Mark Haggarty and Amy Stone Burton Haimes Tom Hardart and Virginia Shore Lover and Tizgel High* Jeff and Karen Holway Roger Horchow Joe and Lynn Horning I Do Foundation Garry and Kathy Johnson, in honor of Megan Johnson Paul and Teola Jones Paul Kalb and Susan Ascher Robert Kallen David Karabell and Paula Moss Joseph Kenny Martin and Carol Kolsky David and Karen Levites Elliot and Lenore Lobel, in honor of Annie Lobel William Maguire Jacqueline Mars John and Gail Marshall John and Joanne Mason Ed and Dale Mathias Theodore and Margery Mayer Matthew Mazur and Zehra Dincer Stanton and Lindsay McCullough Thomas and Eileen McIntyre Kirk McKeown Daniel and Ellen Meltzer, in honor of Anne Romatowski Rob and Mary Jo Milbank Kunal Modi* Amreesh and Asmita Modi Edward and Linda Morse Doug and Denise Nash Thomas and Sarah Neff, in honor of Owen Mack Day John and Gail Nields Michael Nussbaum and Gloria Weissberg Phillip and Marge Odeen Howard and Gail Paster Michael and Nina Patterson Scott Pearson and Diana Farrell Arnold Penner Phil and Nina Pillsbury Dale and Kay Pittman Christopher and Diane Pohanka Mary Raiser Jason Redlus Jack Ripperger and Kathryn Lodal Eric and Laurie Roth Philip and Janet Rotner James and Heather Ruth Darryl and Alicia Sargent David and Lisa Schertler Stephen and Wendy Siegel Kevin Simmons* John and Sally Simms Leslie Simon Stephen and Martha Smith Howard and Mindy Sontag Charlie and Libby Speth Mark and Katie Sullivan Kevin and Betsy Sullivan Diane Tachmindji William Techar John and Nina Toups Oltac and Cecilia Unsal Antoine and Emily van Agtamael Robert and Margi Vanderhye Peter and Jennifer Wallace Theron Ttee and Letitia Smith Bob and Pat Wilburn Mei Xu Darwin Yeung* Salvatore Zizza and Patty Theis Michael Abramowitz and Susan Baer Matt and Mary Adams Robert Alexander, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Vann Tom and Barbie Alt Rodolpho and Claudia Amboss Jim and Terry Anderson, in honor of Janelle Rae Regina Anderson Melissa Anderson* Louis and Dena Andre Susan Andrews Scott and Teri Angstreich Susan Lucia Annunzio Warren and Sue Ellen Appelman Robert Armstrong, in honor of Kyle Armstrong Eric Arnold Rita Axelroth* Daniel Backo and Eleanor Winter Ken and Darcy Bacon Robert Baizer, in honor of Brian Kreiter Carrie Baizer Liz Baldick Howard Balikov and Lisa Rosenberg Maynard and Barbara Ball Eugene Bang Alison Barad John Barker and Anne Witkowski William and Cassie Barnard, in honor of Stan Freeman Michael Barr and Hannah Smotrich Thomas and Patricia Barron Steve Barrows* Maurice and Fran Baskin Marcy Baskin* Cricket Bauer Jonathan Bauer Albert and Kay Bellas Adam Benforado* Anna Bennett Heidi Berenson Michael Beresik and Beth Brummel Adam and Tracy Bernstein Deborah Bers, in honor of Katie O’Hare Matt and Lauren Biel Jake Blair Jonathan Bliley Keith and Jacquie Bloom Zachary and Corinne Boisi, in memory of Luke Boisi Stephen and Cathy Bokoff, in honor of Jennifer Bokoff Jennifer Bokoff* Esther Bokoff Joel Bonner William and Irina Booth Roger and Susan Bottum, in honor of Caroline Degenaars Karl Bourdeau Elena Boyd* Bruce and Laura Brancheau, in honor of Lisa Brancheau Kevin and Susie Brandmeyer John and Jane Brickman Stephen Broache and Miriam Boyer Mark and Andrea Brodin, in honor of Meg Newman Robert Broeksmit and Susan Bollendorf Mary Brophy Katharine Brown Sharman Brown, in honor of Gini Christman David Browning and Nancy Lax, in honor of Shannon Murphy Edward and Marnell Bruce Robert and Kay Brundige Nancy Bubes Mike Buchwald* Susan Burk James Burns and Lucy Owen Jennifer Burton Nathan Byer Claudette Calder John and Holly Caldwell Adam Caldwell and Dahlia Neiss Corey Callahan Rene Canezin David Caprara Chris Carlson Robert Carmona Brian and Kristine Carney Stuart Carrol Nancy Carter* Sharon Cascone* Steven and Beth Catlett, in honor of Samantha Catlett Frederick Cavin, in honor of Cory Sorensen Logan Stephanie Chak* Joan Challinor Lily Chang Robert Chartener Haejin Chung Gail Claffey, in honor of Rosellen Marohn Donna Cloninger Sheryl Cohen Jessie Colgate William and Cathy Colgazier Stefanie Conahan Jeanne Connaghan Kevin and Janet Conroy Greg and Donna Conway, in memory of David Conway Elizabeth Copeland* Lindsay Copeland and Carol Goldberg K. Don Cornwell Tom Cosgrove* Anna Constantino Claire Constantino* Robert and Jamie Craft Jon Cross and Rachel Whiteside Geoffrey and Barbara Crowley Lucy Claire Curran* Richard and Suzannne Curry Rim Curry and Mary Garver Walter and Didi Cutler Bernard and Laura D’Avella Andrew and Celia David Michael and Antigone Davis

Anonymous (29)

2008-2009 Impact Report | 17

ThankIng our donors
Louise Davis Lawrence and Carole Day Rudy and Cynthia DeCanio Thomas and Barbara Decker Carlos Del Toro Peter and Ruth Demmin Michelle Devereux* Neil Dhillon Robin Diamond Gary Dibianco and Sczerina Perot Margaret Dimeling Todd Dimston Michael and Linda Donnelly, in honor of Colleen Flynn Marguerite Donnelly, in honor of Colleen Flynn Kristen Donoghue Christopher Dorval and Elizabeth Britton Andi Drileck David and Angela Duff Dan and Karen DuVal Robert Eager Dillian Edick Michael Edwards and Jennifer Urquhart Ray Eigelback, in honor of Janelle Rae Robert and Jessica Einhorn Pablo Eisenberg Arielle Elliott Mary Emerson, in honor of the Emerson family Lucinda Eng Garcia Tom and Kristine Evans, in honor of Tom and Beth Evans Rebecca Fabbro* Jacqueline Falk Parker Farrington* Loie Fecteau, in honor of Katherine Conway Michael Feldman William Fettweis* Richard Fiesta Dennis Fischman John and Catherine Fisher Erin Fitzgerald* Janet Flowers MaryAnn Flynn, in honor of Colleen Flynn Jim Fogel and Beth Jacob, in honor of Anna Fogel William and Elizabeth Folberth Patricia Foo* Derek Fox and Erica Brindley Bob Franken Michael Fraoli Kathleen French Peter and Caroline Friedman H.E. Claudia Fritsche Robert and LouAnn Frome Cory and Tara Gaffney Shelly Galli General Electric Company David and Anne Gergen Andrea Gingrande, in honor of Adam Stoller Michael Gitter David Gleave Eric Glostrum Daniel and Anne Goldman David and Felice Goldman John and Sherri Goodman Steven Goodman Goodsearch John and Marilyn Gordon Joshua Gotbaum and Joyce Thornhill The Granoff Family Hillel Center at Tufts University Karen Gray Joseph Greco Michael and Marcia Greenberger Marcia Greenblum Rhonda Greifinger Ginny Grenham Eric and Elizabeth Grossman Marc Grossman and Mildred Patterson Perry Haaland and Pamela Timmons Stephen and Sharon Haberfeld William Hagner Elizabeth Hague Barney and Julia Hallingby Jessica Hammerslough* Frances Harden Mandy Hargitt Heather Harr Roland and Donna Harrid Henry Harris and Rebecca Fishman Dana Hart Robert Hartheimer and Nancy Golding A. A. and Donna Hartman Harvard Undergraduate Council Val and Sophie Hawkins David Hawkins David and Barbara Heiner Joanne Heisey* Brian and Pamela Henjum, in honor of Matt Henjum Jason Herrick and Lindsay Smith Kathleen Hickey, in honor of Bill and Jamie Buehl-Reichard John Hickey and Susan Epstein Tiffany Hicks* Michael Higgins Ernest Higgins David and Marja Hilfiker, in honor of Tony Brunswick and Rachel Dickerson Stephen and Joslyn Hills Benjamin and Lauren Hilyard Ken and Caroline Himmelman Fred and Mary Hitz David Hodges Kevin Hodges and Andrea Miano Ann Hollick, in honor of Amanda Hollick Pauline Holmes Linwood and Jinks Holton James and Holly Hoscheit John and Marian Hosmer, in honor of Caitlin Krieck Michael Hotopp William and Miriam Howard Hunt and Janet Howell Horace and Ivy Howells Benjamin and Gisela Huberman Lindsay Hughes Lim Hui* Eric and Tiffany Hunsader Robert and Jean Hutnick Michael Iannuzzi Jason Idilbi* Redmond Ingalls Matthew Jacobs Rachel Jacobson David James and Rebecca Burke Kate Janeski* Thomas Jarrett and Martha Ann Burke Laurie Jochum, in honor of LIFTChicago Benjamin Johns and Deborah Waterman Johns Brad Johnson Collister and Carrie Johnson Jack and Sharon Jones Natalie Jones Claudia Jones Peter and Beverly Jost Mike Iacavone and Alexandra Jost* Linda Jun* Tom Kahn and Susana Sanchez Nathan Kamesar* Gerald Kane and Priscilla Bijur Angi Kang Ronald Kass Fran Katz Gerry Kavanaugh, in honor of Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson Matthew Kaye Billy and Ann Kaye Peter Keane* William Keen Chris and Judy Keller Carrill Kelly Peter and Amy Keogh Jim Kessler Bruce Kieloch Caitlin King Rossman* Ian and Michelle Kleier Rebecca Klemm Gina Kline* David Kline Allison Kornstein* Ross and Kaye Kory Jennifer Kovach, in honor of Carolina Madinaveitia Laurie Kramer James and Linda Kreider Harry and Ruth Kreiter Alan and Kusum Krishnan John Krugle and Kim CariotoKrugle, in honor of Caitlin Krieck Gail Kruzel Sarah Kuhn Alex Kumin Ronald and Nancy Kurz Ruth Kyle Lenard Lacy* Anne Ladky and Karen Fishman Cheryl LaFleur Nona Lambert Elisabeth Lamotte William and Laura Lamson Joseph and Stephanie Lanasa Zach Landau Ben Langworthy Malcolm Lassman and Camille Thornton Jenna Lawrence Richard and Susanne Leach Miriam Leder Susan Lee* Jeffrey and Roberta Lee David and Becky Legge David Leiter and Tamara Luzzatto Marc and Jacqueline Leland Amy Leveton, in honor of Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson Katherine Levine* Molly Levinson Lauren Levites*, in honor of LIFT-

18 | LIFT

ThankIng our donors
Chicago Noah Levy James and Betsy Lewis Lawrence Libera and Corinne Husten, in honor of LIFT-DC Sarah Licht, in honor of Katherine Conway Matt Lieppe and Valerie Green Tom Liguori William and Dale Lipnick Larry and Lainie Lipsher Frederick and Marguerite Lodan Josh Logan and Cory Sorensen Logan* Paul London and Paula Stern Natasha Lonnon, in honor of Janelle Rae Loyola University Center for Experiential Learning Lane Luskey Matthew and Candace MacDonald* Susan Magee Gabrielle Devorah Malman George Marcou and Karen Barker Dan and Rosemary Marohn Dorothy Marohn, in honor of Rosellen Marohn Kenneth and Louise Marshall Raymond and Luann Martin, in honor of Tony Brunswick and Rachel Dickerson Larry and Lena Martin Chris Martinelli Jeffrey May William and Gretchen Maynes Brant Mayo* Thomas Maza Melissa Mazur* Paul and Margaret McElligott James and Donna McGee Daniel McGee Ryan McIntyre* Joseph and Kiki McLean Daniel Mehlman and Margaret Shirk, in honor of LIFT-The Bronx Mark Mellman David Mercer William Methot and Margie Conway, in honor of Katherine Conway Meredith Metzler Michael and Mia Meyer Charles and Sylvia Meyers Tom and Janice Milone Deborah Minor Harvey Eric Misbach Robert and Jill Monk Linda Moodie Michele Morales Michael Morgenstern Lucy Mullany* Kevin Mulvaney Edward and Sarah Mundy Genevieve Munoz* Frederick Mutter Rajeev Nath and Marisa Giorgi* Jim Neal, in honor of Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson Joseph Neale and Marcy Oppenheimer Randolph and Nancy New Meg Newman* Eugene Newman and Maryellen Cunnion, in honor of Ruth Cunnion North Shore Community Bank and Trust Northwestern University Mr. and Mrs. Rob Norton Steve and Ilene Novack OT and Linda Nuttall, in honor of Katherine Conway Adam O’Byrne and Laura Smolowe, in honor of Kirsten Lodal Ralph and Jane O’Connell Mike O’Donnell* Howard and Joan Oestreich James O’Hare, in honor of Katie O’Hare Kathy O’Hearn William Okun William and Pilar O’Leary William and Elena Olin Gregory and Elaine O’Loughlin* Melissa O’Neill Lana Orloff Charles Orr Kathryn Pappas David Parades Bruce and Amy Pascal Robert and Margy Pastor Jonathan and Marni Pastor*, in honor of LIFT Alumni Association Scott Pastrick and Courtney Clark Pastrick Shilpa Patel William Pearce and Sarah Alexander Jordan Pearlstein Jeffrey and Lisa Peck Matthew Perault Elizabeth Perkowski David Perlin Robin Perry Gregg and Julie Petersmeyer Michael and Monica Peterson Philadelphia Fresh Foods, LLC Verena Phipps* Thomas and Alice Pickering Elizabeth Pierson John and Lynn Pohanka Gene Pokorny and Beth Lodal Elinore Pollan, in honor of Lisa Pollan Cynthia Pollan, in honor of Lisa Pollan Lisa Pollan* Eileen Pollan, in honor of the Pollan family Daniel Pong Sangeeta Prasad* William and Dana Pratt Edward and Leland Prince Frederick and Diana Prince Rob Quartel and Michella English Victoria Rollins Janelle Rae*, in honor of the Rae family Peter Ragosa Rajeev and Rachna Rawat Pat Read John Read Tommy Reiser Stewart and Anne Rennie James and Ellen Reuler Jessica Reveri* Greg and Christina Rice* Charles Riedel and Meredith Broadbent Morgan Robinson* Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling Charles Rockefeller Justin Rockefeller Dahlia Rockowitz* William Roe Roger and Fran Rooney William Rosenberg Martin Rosenblum James Rowe and Lisa Adams Jon Rubin Miles and Nancy Rubin Donald and Carol Rubin, in honor of Arianna Rubin Pearl Rucker Rick Rys, in honor of Katherine Conway Jodi Sakol Dan Sallick and Elizabeth Miller Paul Saltzman Lisa Sampugnaro, in honor of Victoria Sampugnaro Angela Sampugnaro Betty Sams Ruth Samuelson Sharday Sanchez, in honor of LIFTThe Bronx Jeffrey Sandman and Nancy Sanders Timothy Sawina and Jane Kennedy Sawina, in honor of Tony Brunswick and Rachel Dickerson Dr. and Mr. Larry Schack Jill Schuker Blair Schwab* Andrew Schwartz and Amy Goldberg David Seeberan Margaret Senese* Susannah Shakow Robert Shapiro Mark and Maura Shapiro Monisha Sharma* Jeff and Kristin Sharp Hillary Shayne* Elizabeth Sheldon Michael and Lysbeth Sherman Peter Sherman and Tina Toll Andy and Kimberly Shiff Jemmy and Anne Shih Charles Short Sarah Shrewsbury Carrie Shuchart* John and Stephanie Shuchart Gwen Shufro Amandeep and Jasmeet Sidhu Robert Siegel Scott Siff David and Diane Sigman Dick and Patty Simon, in honor of Lisa Pollan Warren and Florence Sinsheimer Larry and Rebecca Sipos Maral Skeisey Craig Small, in honor of Erin Small Eilliam and Erin Smith Christa Smith Thomas Smith Mary Shernell Smith Gerard and Angela Smith, in memory of Paul Francis Smith David and Bernice Smotrich, in honor of Amit Smotrich Lawrence and Judi Sobel Maya Soble* Arlo and Carol Sorensen Gene and Allison Sperling James and Cameron Speth John and Patricia Stack Kent and Nancy Stansberry, in

2008-2009 Impact Report | 19

ThankIng our donors
honor of John and Peggy Sadler Kenneth and Alice Star Patrick Steel and Lee Satterfield Bernard and Sally Stein, in honor of Brian Kreiter Virtre Sterling Brooke Stetson Max Stier and Florence Pan James Stirn Stuart and Ann Stock Judith Stone Howard and Janice Stoodley John and Appy Stookey Edwin and Mona Strassburger Kimball Stroud Duck Suh Wendy Susswein Stephanie Sutton Alan and Patricia Svendsen Kara Svendsen Mary Svenstrup* James and Terry Svenstrup Rachael Swanson* Alexandra Taber William Taft Robert and Hope Taft Jonathan and Alisa Talisman Derek Tarsy William Taylor Ryan Tetrick* Evan and Osceola Thomas Anne Thomas Leonard Thomas Mary Thomas* Dan and Sue Thomas Suzy Thompson Justin and Debra Thornton James and Nancy Tierney, in honor of Anne Romatowski Howard and Lorraine Tischler Margaret Touborg Sina and Elizabeth Toussi Emily Treleaven* Gardner Tripp* Isaac and Anne Tripp Leo Tully, in memory of Mary Ann Fanning Joan Turadek*, in honor of LIFT-The Bronx Raymond Uhalde John Uhar University of Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Richard Urraro, in honor of Terese Tornincaso Richard Verville Robert Victor and Lexa Edsall Carroll and Nancy Voss, in honor of Alix Brown Carol Wait William and Sheila Walker Jenonne Walker Stuart Walker and Nicole Bagley Bradley Walker and Valerie LoCascio Roger and Judy Wallenstein Faye Walsh Haiyan Wang Fanta Waterman* Leon and Mabel Weil David Weil, in honor of Marni Pastor Craig and Shari Weil Ari Weinberg and Charlotte Kaiser Weinberg, in honor of Anna Hoffman Richard and Joann Weiner John and Linda Weiss Lee Wells* Shawn Westcott* Sharon White Kevin and Judy White Susan Whitney* Zach and Michelle Williams John and Constance Wilson Jennifer Wilson* Lyric Winik Adam Winkel Ellis Wisner, in memory of Christopher Makins Harris Wofford Jeremy and Becky Wolsk Michael and Jennifer Wood Kenneth and Dorothy Woodcock Jessica Wyman* Joanne Stone Wyman, in honor of Matt Cohen and Jessica Wyman David Wyman Jason Yeung, in honor of Verena Phipps Colina Yip Laird Yock Michael and Mary Young, in honor of Tony Brunswick and Rachel Dickerson Ameer Youssef Alex Zakupowsky and Anne Collier Michael Zeldin and Amy Rudnick Emily Zimmet Francisca Zizumbo* Lauren Wilkins Jill Zuckman Khyati Desai* Famous Dave’s of America, Richmond VA The First Korean Church of Richmond Food Lion, Richmond VA Foodmaster Super Markets, Inc, Somerville MA Fordham University Cafeteria Fordham University Community Service Program Guerrero Grocery, Bronx NY Harvest Co-Op Market, Cambridge MA Iggy’s Bread of the World, Cambridge MA Illinois Worknet Johns Hopkins University Economics Department Johns Hopkins University Public Health Studies Program Kimbrick Knox* Kroger, Richmond VA Luna Café, Cambridge MA Michael Masullo Michael Matthews The Melting Pot, Richmond VA Met Food Markets, Bronx NY The Middle East Restaurant, Cambridge MA Mmm Kupcakes, Cambridge MA Modern Food, Bronx NY Monitor Mr. Que’s Down Home Southern BBQ, Washington DC National Womens Law Center, Washington DC Lek Noci Panera, Watertown MA Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Cambridge MA Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates Picante Mexican Grill, Cambridge MA Pioneer Supermarket, Bronx NY Clifford Pollan and Peggy Kriss Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC, Washington DC Qdoba Mexican Grill, Richmond VA Redbones Barbeque, Somerville MA Ropes & Gray Jordan Seltzer* Talha Shamsi SHARE Food Program Smith Rothchild Financial Springfield College Starbucks Coffee, Richmond VA STRIVE Jackie Stewart* Stop-N-Shop, Bronx NY Taproot Foundation TEAM Sound and Vision, Inc (Jody Weiss Gillanders and Peter Davis) Robert Vanderhye Whole Foods Market, Washington DC Merle Wolf WPVI-TV / ABC, Inc.

iN-KiND SuPPort
1369 Coffeehouse, Cambridge MA Andre Black Blackfinn, Richmond VA Boloco, Cambridge and Somerville MA Burson-Marsteller Capital Ale House, Richmond VA The Case Foundation Chipotle, Somerville MA Cinderella’s Restaurant, Cambridge MA City of Cambridge Human Services Department - Citywide Senior Center City of Cambridge Human Services Department - Multi-service Center for the Homeless City View, Philadelphia PA Comcast, Richmond VA Compare Supermarket, Bronx NY Renee Cook Edward Cunha Danish Pastry House, Medford MA DC Central Kitchen Dick Blick Art Materials

matChiNg giFtS
Arrow Adhesives Company The Boston Consulting Group Citi Foundation ExxonMobil GE Foundation Glenview Capital Management Goldman Sachs Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kingdon Capital Lumigent Technologies National Starch and Chemical Foundation Pfizer Foundation United Services Automobile Association United Technologies W.W. Grainger, Inc. * Indicates client, volunteer, alumni, or staff gift

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Heather Decker


Mark Greenberg Susan Hirsch


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LIFT-Philadelphia, North Office

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Marne Obernauer, Jr. William D. Rahm Elizabeth Riker Arianna Rubin


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